Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 23, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1908
Page 3
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NEWS OF LA ME MASOHS JIM IMdtSKY, FOKMKKI.V (IF TjlllK riTY, l> IMU.UK roi KT .VT1 «>I.A. FaiEdLY MAKES COMPL A I N T THK I.MiUKH or IMVM. STOI{^;^> t (IXKKSJSKS AT Oh I.AHO.MA;. MI-> LiIiH (JriL 'iSltj L«'f( YrstiTday for .Nrrndn. Mo., niirrr Sin- lYIH liilliHtiiii; II Kill. ('. \V. I-'rifillcy ycsii-nlay'swmo to a (-•>mi>l:ii»l in ixjllt'e rourt in lol;i (•harBin>r .Hill IHirsoy. a MHcksinith (if iliaf rliy. with ;iss;iiilt. lU; says that wlieii hv asU<'iI Ummy KJ pjiy hin> ttliat he iiwi'il h>ii>Jii» iDursi'v) Ripw aiiKiy aiul unlercil Iiiiii mit (if his^ slKip. Hocaiiso he liiil nm iiiovi? fasi CIIOIIKII Mr. Fiinllcy says that Horsey struck Iiidi in ilie sjdi" wi))) a liawuiier. Hdrny iilcaili'il imi t;iiiliy lo Uii'^ eliHi {;e aiiil ii:i\o lioinl fur liis «ii))i\nr- aiiee for iria! i ^aUiKlayi iimriiiii^ at » ii'ciiick. As sciiiii as it \vas:l\uown ihal, luu- seywas Knitii; lii In- airesleil lie! lili-il cliaifies ai:ainst Mi\ ieilley cliavsins lifiu Willi ilislurliiii^' Iris [leacc )>> (lie Use (11 olTensive laili:iiaKe. His case is set I'm- tiialuexl M<uiilay nKiriilfij; ai (I'f'iiuk. I A ( I.KA> An 'H| means ^imil llllle lit Inil XiMl's tii ciiliie. 'Pile ileliiMd- (tails ilOiim illtli'- sii itialile wmk nil .-Dim ilesliny 1lu >ll IllKJI lilltsll ami l<elieet lit W llell IIHI- lUiiK^ ill aecMiiiiilatiiiu ilirl and I'aiieitI oil, Our \siuk is jiiiaiautei'*!. . Uii(«>r> .V l >iiui'<ir |li liru;;s and .lewelry, Itolilter Ctiiiffsxsl. The mlilier wild eiiirnMl the Uieal stiires iilie week aun last Saltlldaj nishi ennVessed to S. .Maleolln. dlle (if the merehauts he is alle^eii tn have riililieU. .Mr. .Maleoliii was called last Saturday td l'a\\nee. Okla , Where the alieijed nildier was under arrest. A <-(im|>:e(e aeeiiiint ii|" llie stiiry will lie idund in other pans nC tlic paiier. Will Aftnid ( olliui-. Miss Lelia (;ri .:;sliy left .vesK-rda) ' fur Nevada. M".. where she will attend Coila t'liUe'ce. Miss c;ii;.;sliy will .srailuaie this .vear. U(*rk (in SCIKIDI Itiiildiiiir. tlenrse hoiiald and H. Ileaiiier left yesterday lor IClsnuiri'. Kas.. where they wil.l finish t))i> tin Wdrk on the KIsniore sclmdl luiildins which is lie- ifiK crerled there. Kuliler (if this eit.' j^ecnrcd lite ciintraci for the iiliinihiit and lift wniU. ; IVHJ Br K«'i»ri.seii«i«fl. The local seluio! will I«e reiiru- senied at a iiieeihj;; of the .Mien Cojni- ly Hish School Athletic assdciatioi). wliich will he held at lola lieM Sal'ur- day uioriiitii:. At this nieetiiic ar- raiifiojuont.s will likely he made for a preliniiiiar.> iiieei in tennis, hase hall. Fmskiit hall and tiark work. At ihis meet contestants will lie chosen rrotit the difTiMi'tit teams to tcpreseiil this cotiiity ill the liii<>r.-(')iolastic .Athletic meet which will lir licM iji l.aitience. Kas.. sonic lime iie\l .-ptii;i;. Court to Drclde If thrr Sbvntd I 'aj- t»x^ ToiH'ka. Kns., Sejif. 2.1—Whether the fan that the Miksonlc lodKW of Kali- Biis are on {;a!;tM] tt> a certain exteiU. tu lieucvoleiu and charilnble work e^- cniiUK the real estate owned l)y th» lodKeti from taxatlpn under the new lux law. is a question that was ar{;ucd In the ishawnee county dlsirlrt c^wirt yesterday jn the suit of. Henry K. Mason, grand maaler of the Kansas Rrantt lodse. A.' K. & .\. >!.. to enjoin Samuel II. Zlinmennan, county elevk ot Shavt- lice cDiiiiiy, and ine state ia.\ coniniis- -sion from iilaciti;; upon the tax rolls the lut.s and hiiildinK at the northeast ci>rnpr of Ki^hth avenue and Harrison -tteel.s. Topekn. tised «iri the si^te headtiuariers of the srand iodfie. After tile testimony of two wirness- e.s had heen mkeii ujid the case ihor- itiKhly arsued liy attorneys for lioth side.*, the in:itt(!t' was taken under advisement hy Iiisirici .IndRe .\. \V: Dana and a decijsion wiJl prohahly he lorihconiins within a few days. This injiiJKiloi) .suit is In the nature of a lest case to determine whether or not ^he .slate and .the various counties therein may levy taxes ai;ainst real pstult' owned h.v the Masonic lodges under the new law. As lliere ate :JUC> .Masonic lodges in Kansas, many of which own their own lodKe hiiildin^: :ind olher leal estate, a vast amount o property will be atTeeted by .Iiidpe Dana's decision. .\ siniliar action has hecii cdintnenced In the district court of Sedgwick coitjil.i to eiijliln Ihe idac iiiK upon the la.v mils of the state .Mii- soiiic h(fine at W'iciiii.i. The p'l.-iinlilT in the .Shawnee conn- ly action cotiteiids thai ihe .\lasdiin lod^e (s ill realii.i a cliarhalile and luiievdltMii (M '^aiii/aiioii. ill that most It its funds ale devoted lo cliarll.lli'e ind lielievoleiif (Uirpdses. 'I"l )e ile- I'eiidants assert that, inasmuch as the Masonic lod ?:e is a secti't oraalii/a- tioii. closed l)< Ihe inildic. it can not be . diisldereil. under Ihe law. a cliarlliilile issociation, as the chariiics of such in or;:ani/.atidn should ho disirilnited uiioui; the (leiieral puli.ic. re ;:ardless •f whether'or not tlie hcnffii iarie.s were Masons. .Vdmittin^ that most o* (he Iiene- tlclaries of its henevolent work are iiieiiihers of the order. I he plainiiff I 'ontcnds iu re |ily to the del'end;«lll"s itiswi'r that endui;h of the heiieticlar- ies are not .menitiers] of tlsc order to make the iir ^anizalion a iienevolenl society within the tueanini; of the new ?iate tax law. whitdi jipecifically stales iliai the Veal iiroperJy of lieuevolent and charilalile orsani/alions shall lie xenipij from taxationi .Indije Danti's decision on the apidi- ,ation for an in.iuns'tioii will he awaited with interest Uy iver.v .Ma.soiiir tod.ue in Kansas as well as loilv;es of .arions other iralernal. and Iienevolenl irdcrs. which niay Ininii suits to se- .•itre their own exeiniitioii in case ihc maud lo(i;:e wins in the present action ' ADDHIONM, SllOltr STOIllks. * Gordon to Speak. •'• f.onlon. pastor of the "• ! • ' hiirch, Iciives Satnr- . ,;• .\1 M <1> I .:;ee, where he will at- teiiii a Itafitist convention in .session there ne.M. week. He is hilled for an ailiiress ue.xt Thursday. But Will Accept Leases. Kvery fanner who owns land in the Xeosho river valley believes that there is eifher fias or oil under lii.s land, and lo prove hip faith he is witt- Int; to give leases for a propi-r consideration.—-Wichita Kagle. LOC^L FIKI^MEX IKK ATTE>DI >i«H| STATE TOUKSAMEST. IT MEETS AT BELOIT, KANSA^ PHOfJBESSIVK CLIB .MET LAST .MUliT A>U ELECTEII OFFK'EKS. John Eslcs Is Koiiortrd as BeJajf Ser- lously III at II{.<* Home in Tlilii Citj —Mnt. Wll^on'si Mother Is* 111. OSTKOrATHY- l»K. \\ M. \UUUii \n. Kesi.slcred OsieupathU- I'hssiclun. Stale Hunk llldR. »'l"iiie 1 Otil.x Osteopath in I«i Harpei llefejiled ill Huiihles. Prof. 11^antes and I'lof. Itaker wen vesterda y ddiihU<s b score.. lal'leriiooii deleaied in tennis MiMlidiiald and t)lsdti. The Had timA Tinte. -Ml, and Mrs. O. I). Ilaillev nliirned. ye.sjeida.v )'n»» a three wi-oks trip through the'easlerii stales. WhiU; :iway tliey visiied the most of the more important iilaces in the eastern part of tlie Tnited Stales. Thoiuas Hi>l>evv- shaw who aecolniianied ihein. remained iu ,N"ew York for a visit' with- relu- tive.s. J'ersinials, Miss l.aiiia IVet feft yei;lerd;iy for I.eKoy, for a few d.iys visit with friends. j -Miss KIsie Stevenson is in Pt. Siott tliie piiesf of relative!. in. S. Uod.uers. of •nartlesviile. Okla.. Way; here yesterday on a business visit. I Lawrence Pithan. of St. l.oii!.si was iik'ie yesterday on business. : .laines H. I.<"wis, of Moraii, wa.- here .vesterday visiting relatives. ; .lames .Miichell. of Kansas (.;)t.v. was here on hiisiness. «»YKItL<M»KKl) I> I'Kt K'.S m»K. KHn>as I 'riihihitiiin Sot .>l «-nth )tM-<l in Hi<i I 'riullrewerv i'timiihlet. Topeka. Kas\ .'^ept. . 2'-''. —("lOVi riior (leorge W I 'eck .id' Wisconsin, anihor of I'eck i- Had llo\. lias slighted Kai\v;:is. Iteceiiilv he made a trip ihrongb the west; .nid south at I hi- (>xpet\se of i the Mllwfmikee liietteries to gailier iip material; showing that proliibit toil is the wrojig way to lialld:e the ll(|llor iratfic. ; He S |ietil one whole illi,'' in Topekll «llh (iovci inir lloch. .Vlloiiu>y tleliernl .iHcksoii and other olllcnils. gettlui: dai.i loj- 11^.,. in his ptihpinlei. His paiiiphlci iciiched here today and It d (Hs not rontain a single wowj JIIMUII Kansas. The prohibit liui law Ivas »>vl- deiitly working too w(>II heri>' lo Ite criticised. ' j ! Ill Calalogue lliii(li«. \c:tt rd.iv the lola lihiar.v Mceived •ii.liiKl ciil ,ilii :;iie ctirds wliii 'll will be iiseil in coiitpiliitg a calalogiie for Hie 'iMdks of the library. Kaeli card is to ainiiii;cd for aiiihoi:. title and snh- ircl. This work is being done by the To Attend .Hrel. KM HuiHer. chief of the UH-H ) tire dvimrtmeiit. Iteti .Myers and Williiim Vaughn, ihenttK'rs of (he department', left yesteroay rbr UeloU, Kas., to 'attend the State Kircnten's Toiirnanieiit which meets the next three days. They will not panicipate in any «if the con lusts. j ] ; Sunirisc Party. Tile ne'ighliorhuud friends of Mr«c Heovge Wood lettdored her a delightful surprise party In honor of her fortieth birthday last evening. Ther- time was )iassed informally with games and music. At ten o'clock delicious refnNshinents were .served hy .Mrs.jr. Denny. .Mrs. .lohn Utssley, .Mrs .I(din WiHidy. .Mrs. Walker Long am. .Mrs. .Mcl 'liLsky. The following guesti were present: .Mrs. S. LonS. .Mrs. <'. A Meeker. Mrs. Otto I'apper. Mrs. l"nr mean. .Mrs. Wt .'liain Hrowti. .\!rs. Kred Urady. Mrs. WlUiani llrady. .Mrs. .lohn l-'resel. Mrs. Ceorge I'haiidirr, .Mrs. .1. Doleti. .^nlher Is .Mnrh Morse. Mrs, Iv T. Wilson left yesterday foi fleiirtield. la., in response to a telegram slating that her luoiher was nineh worse again. Several ttuys agi .Mrs. WCson iciurncd ffoin the lied' side of her mother thinking she wa> much heller and would recover. She .suffered a relapM-. I 'nurri 'sshe Tluh |o . MITI. The Progressive club will have tni lirst nieeiing of the year ((Uiigiit. John Ksfe<i Very III. .loltn Kstes wasltist evening lyinj; in a very .sriions condition at Ills' hoiiu in this city. It is ,belii<veil that he is .suffering from inljterni.'osis. ' M ') I • >• J I ij;fij;>R - 'r'''\ I - I- I'i'r !in »ul .>i. II. .M<-|iowell is reporieil on the sick list. Irving Long is moving here from L .I I In till- .1. N. .\danis. is not alile lo work at the mill (Ui acc(ninJ of illness In tht family and his hroilier. Dell, i.s working in his idace. W. It. Hnice. of Morati, is here visiting her daughter. Mr. ami .Mrs. Wllliuni Donnell, of I'aney. Kas., were In the cily yesterday !iu husittess. Miss I'earl Huckett or .Veodesha 1.- he giier ^t of friends here this week. A. v.. ,Stover is this week visliinf.- •elatives in Yates t 'enter. Kas. COBB THE CHAMPION. Big Detroit Player Leads the ^meri can League Batters ' Lanyon No. 1 to Open. .Vews has been received llial I'res- l .'Ut ,1. t), Uoilgeiis and .\ed Hale, ot the l.iiii>on Zinc ciunpany, wilt re- i turn li 'Mv this week from (*lev(>iund. vm^v. ">n ""ii ........ - .tnd It Is then expecled that the Lnu- two n day to Keep his present posl yon wot'ks No. 1 will start up. Detioil. Sept. L'.;.—With the Atnerl ..III league sea.spfn hnf a trlfhj over two weeks more to Ko. line can; prae- tieally sidect the chainplon hatier of the .\mericaii league in TyrnsCohh. rif Detroit. Wliether he isi third if others arc ahead, lie .>iht)U ]d hp i-ntitled to the honor, as he has playi^H in the Kiciiiest nntnher of ganieM. Ira Tlioinas tif Detroit, of Detroit Is how lending (he league, but it must he r <Muemln>red that he is favored like Willier (Jood. for he has played. In hut II tew games and a hit maki>R ijiide it (ffffereiicc in UonnUnp hia «v- rage, luil with Cohh, he must inHko tlon. i Arizona and New Kfexiico Every day iuring September "and October you can buy, one-way Colonist tickets to California and. intermediate points at about half the usual fares. Proportionally low rates to the North West and Mexico THROliCH TOURISTSLEEPER to San Praccisco-via San Antonio and £1 Paso leaves St. Louis on • Tuesdays of each week on the "^aty Flyer" 3 See Katyj Agents or Write Me for Particulers W. si ST. GEORGE General Paisenser A S«B C* M. K. A T. RY. Woiawrisht BMs.. Lonb. Mo. VpHISexbibition is looked forward to annually by the ladies of lola and snrronnding towns, as an examplcd showicg of new, corrert styles, and this simple annoancement will pro' bably be sufficient to fill this store each day with crowds of visitors. How- c%'cr, fn addition to the style attractions, we shail offer special price inducements in every department. The store will l*c properly decorated for the occasion and cvcrjr effort will be wade to cause you to feel welcome and at home. Tbe Honor of Your Presence is Requested^ 113 EttLMttdison 1 f •••» •1, •.J ..a liaSastMadtooi^ 1 WOLLIVER IS DEAD I i llf: III CI) OK IIE.VKT IlISK.lSi:. ! I'utirrai tti Kx-t'hwnrelliir Simw tu He llel«l TburMtay. K. C. Ca!<e, a dauKhter. and her two stuis. all arrived this afteriuHui. .\liss Kdith Snow, a daughter, will arrive i"day from .N'orwich. Conn. Out of iiriu inurMifij. I ('»*iu» ii*#ni .ti'i »»v.^im. . ., J l.iiwrence. Kas.. Sept. 2:'.. —l -'uneral "respect to the ex-chancellor every Jias yvell Known Ball Player F^ell Under a • , , . . .. ,. ... _ ...... —„ u...... .... Train at Colombus.-^round to Pieces. the «Hly person with Dr. Snon- jtt th^ time of hi.>j death, said that he ex- chancellor (!ied suddenly of what .ip-. jieared to he heart disease. Stock Sold Well. 'Oren Ix>ng bad a sale of his stock aiid forming implements at his. plac^ nea- Salcni .vesterday. He expects^td move to Illinois shortly. Stock sold very high. A six months old' mtile M ivices for the late Dr. IVancis Hun-, in L.;iwrence that was hoisted todav. linj;ton .Snow will he held from the was at half-mast. Work at the iiiii- faniiiy residence Thursday aheMiocm ; versity wi I he sii.>:pended diiriiiK the ;••••« ochiek. Charles .\. Si'er. a per- time of ilu inneial. Th.- .loidin Herat.l sa)H: j -'Uial friend of the dead man, arrived ) Chancell ir Krant; HiroiiB .said Ia.-,i \ ilisiiile'.i received here laf ve...''^"'^ tJ"lali<-»<>. Wis., at utRht that in a week or ten days llie", ..... „ _ ,. r .1 r- y ,.c.,, . .,' •" i" " jCniversity of Kansas wi'l hold mem- sold for »8« whiie.a veariing 8<dd for •erday tells of the frtshtful death tn t .Mrs. Snow. Krank Snow, a stm: Mrs.'oriul services. Charles Siler. who was ' $137 5 «Ma tor Colnnihiis. Ka.s.. yesterdav of I'r.utk' , i j Woidivcr. a well known 'Wehli Cllyj •nan. haseliall player and ex-'meiul>eri •»f <lie /ire deparfnient. Ili.i holy wai;| eiil In two and wa« found lieneath lht») wheels of a freight train. Wooliver was here, iineniplo.vcd. Itisf week, and left town Saturday. It is sni»posi>it he was ridin): the freight tr»in wlien ho fell to his diuTlh under fl'e wheels. Tht! lioily \vill he shipped to this city and wilt he Iniried at OroonKo. \Vooliver had played hall here ahimtj lift I years on the old Wehh CitJ! •?tars. .Missouri Valley lenpiie. lnter.| stjite leaiiiio and Western .\Ks(H -iatinn ' teams. For some lime he was a niein- her of the lire departtnenl. ••.\'i>:" Woollver was well known in this city, havin;; pla.ied lier>' with (llf- ferent visUlnK teums for manv yeara.j Ijtst spvinK he worlicd out iviilt lljiy- den's team Imt heeutni- ilissaiislled and was released. He was a Rreut eoac 'hcf finil his mttivs nn ))ri' .side lines miule a wreui hit wlih lhi> fans. We have more Rugs and Carpets if or oar f all OJieninq 9afle thao we ever had before •ft STAMPS BEING MARKED. Letters Received Here With Perfor. ated Monogram*. Ohservant persons may hav>> notl«> ed IMI their letters ."^tanip.s with pei^( forations in them and wond«»rcd vhat" they meant. This is In accordance with a rule of the nostoffiee department allowing individuals or compaii- le« to put marks of identification on stamps which are often hoiishf in large quantities and are in danger of being stolen. In ease the marked stamps are stolen it would aid the owner in recovering them and prolj^ ably lead tn the identification of th^ thief. The following extract from the ITiilted States Postal Guide related to this subject: "Tnited States postage stamps, to he accpptahle for poatiige. mnsf lie without dPiaceinent: Provided. Tliat for the puriKJse of identificatiotfonly. and not for advertising, it shall be permissilde to puncture or perforate letters, numerals or other marks in United States po-'taii^e and special de> livery stamps. The ptincturos or iiet* foration shall not exceed one sixty- fourth of an inch in diameter, and the whole space occupied liy the identification dcvicp shall not exceed one- third inch square. The puncturing or perforating must l>e done in such :i manner as tn leave the stamp easr ily reragnixalde as genuine and not; previonslv <ised. The use of ink of; other coloring matter in connection with such nuncttirlng or perforating is prohibited." Mrs. Ella Burton Spokt. Mrs. n>l\H S. Burton, the Democrat; ir canftiilat«> for state suiterintendent itddretuned « good hniiHe at the Br>-aiii clnh roiim last eveninx. She spoka tf the s hooi liQok trust, devoting bu^l Utile tine rn politin>. She held thf Mow ntientinn atul of h«T audience and garf an interentlng talk. Room Sized Ingrain Rujs <.)x'.l up to 12 .KI5 feet from.. .$2 ^BB up Tapestry Brussels Ux 12 feet SMM up to S22.B0 Great Bargains in Hearth Rugs Double faced Smyrna, reds, green 5, blues, 30x60 inches, sale price on]yS8o Beautiful Axminsters Floral and Persian Patterns, size 27x63 inches, sale price only .... .Stm38 Axminster Rugs .1x12 feet $28, 827M, 838amtmS8, Wilton and Wilton Velvet Rugs :)xl2 feet.......... StBuBO to MO Animal Rugs 30x60 inches of the best extra heavy |f; all wool Smyrna rugs, these rugs are the same on both sides and the animals show ^ just as well on one side as the otlier. Sale|^ price only ...... Axminster and Witton Velvet Carpet Made With; Border As a large sized rug or to cover the whole room from 8tmOO to $1,78 per yard. This includes making, sizing and laying. ingrain Carpet { If you want an Ingrain C^pet we can': surely please you in both price and pal- i tern. We have more: than seventy^five patterns priced from 28o to 880 per yard. ' . . • - J We have one of the latest carppt making machines and extra good carpet layers -}-and can guarantee saUsfaction in making and Izying your carpet. it I f

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