Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 23, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1908
Page 2
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' New Belts. Because of:tl>e fashioh for gaudy coltm. tbe ietabroidcred belt is th (aahton pf;i»anj'. -j Ji<wili bi»-,woni all wiutcr with tcklth .<^at ^uits.- as --welt as with l|bor tklpUBe frocks.- It is made on lin f ^Vror "silk, or-satln. ' ' Liberty velvet is also i used, but 8IHK(I( oiblyibp vrorn by the girl who bAaita really round waisti '\nSdte isi used as the foundation bat it cannot be worn excbpt on gowns ^^rBUe::oif^;pa8tel shades, iThe'deslgii Is strong and forceful nbftilaigr'florated Is used.i ,The 'colors we jscarietr yellow, black, dull blue, parple ^nd gold and brown. I^, as itdops not then poOrlnto V stringr around tbe waist. It is^^nm ttRonsli a slender ornatucutal Iraekle in front. • •'•v , . : -•• •! * • 4. •. . Club Womenl Invited. Wtchlta'Beacon: The club women offKuisas h&ve been invited to take Iii)0iB'th<B annual I cofaference of char- iUiS8<-and corrections which ^jill b^ lieM arwiclxlta November lS-20i It is nioboble: that Mai^rct Hill McCar- j«rr .i «ine of the best-known di Kan- '{^'lidab^women will have a paper on M&iw. phase of charitable or rpforni- T |C{3«y''work'and that Mrs. Nestor Moore of Wichita and several lothers ' ijHlF?discuss this paper from various \ pbintii «f Tieir. The Judges of thei Juvenile courts are-l&kliiR-an active j interest in this c6ari»«^ce and It is likely thnt iiearl\ it >Tori^ ijudge of these courts in the stafe'will;iittc&d. ,r ^!tb(>*'OtBclaIs of the coufercnco arc trrfce "to^ secure Judge Richard Tut- blll ijipf: the 'Colorado Juvenile court. ^GrraUaia" ilioltnBon. general secretan- of tli^ national conference for address e$-''ai'tho cveiilbs sessions. 'j j .-yrbe business sessions diiriu;; the day ! will )i& discussions of mntter.s thai are of particular concpm Kansas. Ffell AllHinery Opening. Friday Sept. 23 .all day and evening.—Miss Ooggeit 'Si successor tp Miss Prlboth I ' c' ' To Colorado. >lr8. George'Derby land Mb. L. A r /. Critlenden.Jeft today for J^Tunta. •, iColorado.'alter a visit here wiili Mrs 'liiVT, Wjifson. ' , I ,, Mrs. Curnutt Leaves. j ^'^p.,;nai6.Teturbeii hbine after a. visit . , !Fltt;iJicr'iasKSe.''Mi«'i Walter Davis. J Announce Wrth. r-. MdlMnk" Melvia Fronk have jjqut" canis to ' tKelf frieftds an ,,._^pajf, |Ae birth of their son.i The fl^Uii:'has.-been given the name of 'Hairjird aalre. \ Mission Band. . The, Mission hand of tbe Reformed church vrin'Ve entertatne 1 on Sat- ttniajTiAt^be Miss Myrtle' AI- leaTonl West street -' ' • - • ^ • • •• Called Meeting, j The Progressive club of! Gas City will'meet in a. called session tonight at4|ie:iia«i <L^ JlrB..Frazer. Theiloffi- "'•ftw jpMr slflii; to - ^ ,J"1t never Mrarred i|lkitA ^4efe (^iR\«^lt;ii< bob as > M tte .eye. v» '^^UlNlMi-'wMck die pra|»elr l{'wlll >1ft 6Bl ]r iaievr. bat atiay eaiTy 'iU ^lit restoi^, ' sfn^^'^iiMiiaclies. ib'" , ermntfi «tnila t TelleVed ire '-iiTcii ^rkaps fifon -•^iryiiwlttte >ye treabk li^ndaate oiitfcian. i cers will be selected for the year and to Cbanutc on Friday night for Miss general business disposed of. Return to Pittsburg. Tressa Lee and her guests. Mis.s Burgees and f Miss Moore. Xac boys In tlie party will he Harvey Howard. Eugene .Miss Mary A. Barton has returned , Haiuilton and Otto Hough. At C'banute to Pittsburg after a visit with rela-.'.he lola Heoirc will be honor guests tives here, iler niece. Miss Willie]at ia skating rink partj-. Wirth accompanied her. , + * + Leave Kansas City. Rev. and .Mrs. 1^. C. Harnish who were in Kansas City for a several days' visit have continued their Jour- nev to their home in Connecticut. * •> * Mrs. Oyler's Guest. .Mrs. Ella Burton. Democratic candidate for the office of Sui>eriutendent of Public Instruction for the state yas bciMi a guest of Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Oylcr during her stay in the city. * + * Missionary Meeting. There was a business meeting of the Missionary Society of tlie First .M. €X church.yesterday at the parsonage. The reiKjrt of the treasurer showed that the thank offering for this year of t'iie society's work is $100 and a portion of the afternoon was occupied In devising plans for its use. The society is entitled to confer a life membership upon tlirce women and several names were presented yesterday. Deflnite settlement cannot be made until a report is given by the general secrctar.v. * + * First Tea. Thi- Woman's Foreign Missionary Socitey of the First Methodist church will have the first!tea of the season on the first Wednesday In Octobier. Mrs. .1. .M. .Miison will ciitortain the society at th ^ parsonage and thus open -the year's social life and work. Have Social. To ontertaip meml»era of the congregation and!their friends, the Young Peoples socic^ty of the United Bre- thoren rliui-ch Is planning a social. Tbe exact tlnic is not y«-t known though the event will be anionj; tlio .se pf the near future. + + Y. P.I C. U. Meetlnq. The Y. P. C. IT. of the U. B. church held a meeting last evening to enjoy the lesson study of the week. The references were read and after that a quartett. Miss Lillie Adams. .Mr. Chas. May. Mr. Cha-s. Courtner and .Mrs. \A>\tic Adams sang some api ropriatc music. ^ • •> Family Dinner. iMrs. A. P. rtarris gave a faniil; dinner party today for her mother, Mrs.- .Mark Hilles, Miss .Mary Hilles and Alaster David Hilles. The honor caputs left oh the afternoon train for their home in Sapulpa. + • + Visit Relatives. Miss Hope WTiite of Cliicago will be here tomorrow ;to visit her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. William Gates. * Sorosis Club.. The season for the Sorosis club will be formally opened on October 14. At that time the members will be entertained at tbe home of Mrs. W. D. Wolfe and will renew friendships and acquaintances previous to the business hoiir. There will be two ad- i dresses diirinc the afternoon, one by the incoming president. Mrs. \^ H. \Vi»;'ard and one by Mrs. A. V. I.odgc. who Is retiring from that offlce. There will also be a small luncheon as a finis to the day. The year books »-ere received from thej printers some time ago and have hepjn distributed among the participants in the year's work so that many To Kansas City. >Vs. W. E. Redfeam will visit in Kansas City tomorrow. •s* * • —Fail .Millinery Opening. Friday Sept. J.'.. all day and evening.—.Miss Do-is«-'successor to .Miss Priboth. Sewing Club. .Miss Nettle Brigham entertained girls of her Sewing club thi.-^ afternoon Informally. •:• •:• •> In Lawrence. The .Misses Fitzgerald and .Mr. Bert Fitzgerald wi o are touring: part of Kansas in an auto are now in Law r«>ncc. They are guests of several K. U. sludentiJ. They are expected to return home in a few days. •:- • To Geneva. Mrs. S. I.. Charles of Oklahoma .who has been visiting Mrs. X^. Root here for a week, has gone to Geneva to spend a week before going to her hoiui*. .Mrs. Root also went to Gen eva to visit for a short time. <• •:• -:• Wrong Again. Till- ";ossips are trailing a fal.s« ,„...„ • " » w „ .. .... , I .J. „,,j;j;,|,j5 trailing a of the ladles have begun preparationK , stenographer on papers or readings to be pre-sent- ^.j^jj' parents and reed to the club. I 2,... _«•• „ ^_ To To Kansas City. Mrs. A. E. Balliett and Mrs. A. L. Mobrehead will [go to Kansas City to- inorrow for a short visit. • * • W. C. T. U. Speaker Here. The local branch of the W. C. T. U. has announced that thriy will present to the public a national speaker, Mrs. WIntringer. early in October. The dates selected are October fifth and sixth and in addition to the semi-public meeting It is probable that an in formal reception will be. tendered the visitor. Mrs. Wntringer^s subject has not been announced though she will of course give the work of the organ- Ixatlon she reurcseuts some promin ence in her talk. . + J* + Mothefl's Club. Till- .Mother's club, .an auxiliary of Little Builders' Chai>e1. is in session today. <!••{• « To Cotta College. Miss Ix-lia Griggsby, of LaHarpc. who hi<s visited here numerous times w^th gift friends: will attend CotU Cd^ge at Nevada. Mo. .this year. MU&Grigisby is a senior and will be graduated in .Tune. ^' • From Chanute.. Miss Letha "Slack and Mr. John Heath of Chanute -were guests of Mr. and Mrs. E- P. Slack of this city on Tuesday evening. * • • For Visiting Girls. There will be an'automobile party ed to the club. K\ an early djrtc the club will Vave n reherasal of their playette. "A Gentle [.lur.v." so that members of the cast may be familiar with all .scenes before iho presentation to llie audience of club women here in October. • * * Ex-Teachers Club. Because of the rain the party which was to have licen given at E'ectri;- park for the Ex-Teacrcrs club will not be- given there hut will occur at the home of Mrs. L. H. Wishard tomorrow afternoon. Mrs. H. L. Douglass and Mrs. Cole will entertain with .Mrs. Wishard. <-uperate after a strenuous summer of pencil pushing and everyliody says siic will return here a bride. About the only cause they have for thinking so is the new diamond she wears and they are mistaken as to the dale.—the wetldin? Is not to occur for a year. JEWISH NEW YEAR. Holiday Will be Celebrated on Saturday. •:• • • Home From Lawrence. Rosh Hosl:ono. the .lewish New Year, will be celebrated by the |ieo- ple of that race in ToiM 'ka on September 26. The celebration which will l)e a very quiet one. begins at sun- Florence Hobart has returned down Friday and continues until snn from I.awrence where she was a guest down Saturday. .Xccording to the Je.w of fricnd.s. reckoning, the year which will be* + giu next week will be r(fiC9. the .lewlsli To Kansas City. calendar dating "back STtil years be- .Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Palnur arr in fnre the beginning of the Christian Kansas City .for a brief visit. | era. which is employed In all civilized countries today. Tlie .Tewish Xe^" Year is a variable date, ntnning a> the time of Ihr first new moon after Current Event Club. •Th'" first iiieptinc of tlie Cur-enl Ev^nt club for the fall will occur on'the .lutuinnal solstice of the siih. Ac the first Monday in October. The 1.o.^• tp.sjs|has riot yet been announced. • • •:• To Manhattan. cording to I. Gilberg. a prorainciil methber of the race in Topeka. the .Tewish New Year was formerly a pagan festival celebrating the birth ot UTijiends of .Miss Inez Nelson and. autumn, when the earth ceases" from Miis Gertrude Nelson of Savoiiburg. production for the year and begins will be interested In knowin? tlie.v to store up energy for the following have, gone to Manhattan to enter the | siding. Us origin is in .some w.iys ^Vgricultural college for a year's similar to the <christian anniversary work. Both the young ladles hare of Christmas, which is an adaptation tVlslte4 In^^^^^uewtly. ofjan^nclent hcalhen^estlvaL^ WANTE»—A quick buyer for a bargain, a desirable 8 room house, gooJ location. Ebst front, city water. Price 11250 In paj-ments. S. Heller, 204 South Sycamore street. WANTED—.Man and wile or twij girls tu cook and wai'h dishes, iiotel and cafe, steady work, good wage!«. Cull at South Side lluiel and Cafe. Humboldt. Kas.. Wan. Baiic.v. Prop. WANTED— .V »ir .st class s;ilosinan to sell oUr teas, coltecs and specialties direct to the consumer in and around Iota. .\ good paying business to ri.ght parties. Write or call on the Ciand Union Tea Co., 704 Kausas Avenue. Topeka. Kas. WANTED— .".00 good hedge Apply at Claiboruts .Mili. W.VNTED—^To trade ecinity in new four room house for team. Addre.-s G. care Register. mvXTED—To buy a light surrey.— lola Land Co. PERSONS WANTING boy or girl to work for board while attending .school apply at lolj Business College. Phone 495. With till' miliiner.r openings scheduled for next Friday, the feminine element of lola's popalation is beginning, to anticipate a solid week of pure, unalloyed enjoyment. The small hoy Is In his zenith today, mother and the girls Will be tranfiported to the realms of rapture next week—and poor father will pay the bills. Dad Is the only one of the family to wt:om pleasure pays no visit. Tiie newspaper man. finding dearth of copy on tie streets this morning, turned in de.sp«*ration fo the millinery stores, aijid this is what he learned. The terms uiled are strictly scientific. If adjectivc^s are lacking supply your own. Tliere were few shoppers in the store^ this morning and the reporter was able to replen- ls*i his own stale stock. As near as the bewildered newsman could learn from t le nninternipt ed flow of explanations from the high ly pompadonred saleslady, the winter millinery will resembi! hash. That is. remnants of severa' seasons have been combined like tlie dishes left from the Thanksgiving dinner. Styles of all shapes, sizes, qolors and' ma terials are in vogue. The more original and startling tbe effect, the higher the price. Some milliners are putting their hats together In the dark and these creations bring 50 cents' more than those after accepted forms. The itenis which appeal to the fem- Ihiue buyers as newest. In fancy feth er lines atje the coronet or band effects. I.,arge gorgeous wings and touch-me-not quills are also -extensively used in what is known as the Pocohontas effect. Pocohontas. the dusky Virginia maiden, would probably be greatl.v surprised to learn that she had originated the. style of twentieth century hat. esiiccially creation so weird and grotesque to a man's eye. so fetching and dear to a woman's. Wings are from twelve to fifteen inches lone and profess many odd shapes. Those which look as though they had been stepped on in a bargain counter stampede 'ummand the highest price. The very big wings produce a grand effect on the hat and ver>- flat, appearance I in father's pocket book! Bands of smaller wings, presumably chicken, arc cleverly ns ed in a pbrtra>al of what the milliner enthusiastically described as Indian head dlresses. As the Register man never seen an Indian -head dress he accepted her word without dispute. It is to be a big ostrich' season, due to the extension liat. A very pretty style, described as "simply a per feet love." Is produced by combining ostrich feathers and the aigrette. From the Parisian standpoint—and what woman does not dote on things Parisian?—nothing Is too large or too daring. The most massive are hat ornaments, thd most picturesque is the Paris decree. AH colors are good, but among t'iie n^'w ones are the mulberr>- and pi;un»: .shades. Iho I.,ondon smoke, the khaki brown extensively used with black and white, the elephant gray, fMpRnvp-n «IVTV ^ ai^d the directoire pink, a natural flesh WELL. I.MPROVED SXXT\ near color. The new idea In color schemes |S«>«1 t*"^" i«» Vomon Co., Mo., for extras sea.son is the contrasting of j change for lola properly. Grace E. • • • • • JCDBXIS OR. 3IILDBED PfeysicJan and j^argcon. Office over Ba>-rell's Drug Store' f Office Phone 5M. • Residence 214 G. J^cksoa * Phone 669. • DRS. REID It VXOii • Physicians and 8Ut(<Mi^ ' .* X-Ray and Electrical ApfiJlaacM. • Eye. Ear. Nose and lliroat * Office Phone 357; RM. S96. * DR. McMILLEN, • Special attention given to tlis treatment of all Chronic Dlseaa- es and Diseases ot Children. Telephones: Oiffice 32, Real 232. Office over Barren's Drug Store WestlMadison... ,- i • • • Phone 687. Res. 701. • DR. 0. L. COX, . • Eye. Ear. Nose and Throat • SpecUcles Properly FfttAd. • Office A. O. U. W. Bids; • WANTED TO BUY—Four or five •.icres, improved or unimp.mved. to good town. Address W. E. K.. 702 South Washington, lola, Kas. SALESMEN & AGE.NTS-r$ $ $ <50.00 pjr week and oyer can be made selllLg New -Campaign Novelties from now until election. Sells to Stores, County Fairs, Picnics and Private I<>milies. Complete line of samples, charges prc- pa;.1 for 50c. Order today. CHICAGO NOVELTY CO:, 60 Wabash Ave., Chicago. •OtfS van TK.VDE—A delivery horse for good milk caw. .Main lOI'i. FOR SALE OK TRADE—Four roinu house, for horses or cattTe and fariu- ing iuutlciucnis. E. S. Baker, 11» .\orth Third. , TOR SAI.£—Phonograph and records for sale cheap; 318 North Cottonwood. FOR SALE—Good horse, at 606 North First Inquire • • • • Offica Tel. 1083. Night Tel. 40t • DR. R. O. CHRISTiAK • Ptaysician and! Sirg«0i * Rooms 7 and 8. ^ Evans Bids. .* F. H. MARTIN; Surgery and Diseases ot Women. Office and Residence Phone 67f Offlce 7 North Jeffersoa. JEWELRS.' B. F. Pancoast, old reliable Jevfller. 110 East Street Lodge Dffe^furyv KKIGfiTS OF FfT^IA&rrt^^pik* Lodge N'o. 43 meets mtxj night at K. of P. Hall. YlsiUngTw' thcrs invited. W. S. Thompiinn.^ JBCl'.iS. Chris Ritter. K. ofR.. and S. .", KMGHTS OF . MAGCABEB&r^ Knights of Maccabees of th« World meets in K. P. Hall, second and fourth' Saturday nights ot each ,month .r J, W. Postwait. commander; It B.:iPor> ter, record keeper. , ^-x--\ FOR RENT—Three room house 212 South Third. Inquire ot Mrs. John Smith on premises. FOR MXOHAMBE lots of good lookiu? rivtlies tblx fall, hoi juu won't »««• any that nill compare In sljle and tiniyh with the ''llenle>r ('lotbe«. t' made specially fvr u». Thp>e rlethet certainly haie, e »er.v. tliiug eiM" "Ijeat H mile." when they eater a race. .ill weol fabrics Miwa}>— ]au*n' not sare «f it in any etbrr riolbrM. Correct style, perfect tailurlBff, riebt Ht Thr >e thiniri }»n are !>nre of when it's a -Henley." .Val^e it a iwiat to »e« oar SIMO. fin,QO, ti£JM and 9£iM Salts. CO. rrjie Hoase af Qaaiuty.** many different shades. Ir ^ie shapes range from the small tailored street hat. very few of which will bo seen, owing fo the conservative size, to the large directoire tied uijder the chin with a big segment slashed out of one side ot the circum fercnce. The Charlotte ICorday and mushroom hats arc to be vcrj- styl Ish. i^'rom the average size iof the head piece on display in the shop the reporter concluded that the fnnny nian wqu'd not be forced yet to lay aside his hat Joke, the frame work of which is !something like: Clara—^"Wen> they sitting very close together?" Nell—"Well, she had her hat on. H.iWKINC! jr.lCHIXES Catarrh Safferers' Are Xathiar Bnl Hawking. SpHtin«r aadjBlowiag Xatiibirs .Says aa Aathorlty. Is it' pos.sibIe that in these days when cleanliness and sanitary reform Is being preached in the' churches, schools and at public gatherings, that thousands of people will continue to julfer from catarrh, when there is an ibsolutely certain remedy ; always on hand. H.vomei (pronounced Higlh-p-mei is pleasant, medicated audi antiseptic air. Ilreathe It in and it wi^l core catarrh. It will stop foul beeath. watery eyes, and crusts In the fluse. In s few days. i I "I snlTered from catarrh for two years: tried numerous remedies which failed: used one and one-hitlf bottles of Hyomei and am entirely cured."— C. N. Unday. 407 East First Ave.. Mitchell. S. D. A complete Hyomei outfit, consisting of a strong, barti rubber pocket.inhal­ er and a bottle of Hyomei. costs only 11. and extra bottles, if afterwards needed, coat only 50 cents each. Cbas. B. Spencer & Co. sells it and guarantees it to do exactly as advertised. Hyomei also cures asthma, bronchitis, coughs, colds and Infants cranp. Arnold, old court hoase. TO IX)iVN—$5,000 private money on farm land at C per cent.—lola Land Co. W. 0. W^amp No. 101 mtetll-lh K. of P. Hall every Friday! nIghtrlW. T. Steele. C. C A. H. Davia. CIa» Visitors cordially invited. ^ t^' . M. W. A .r—The M. W. A. ^liods% meets every Friday night in H. W.;: A,. H &ll. Visiting brothers invited; - Fii-C Coffleld. V. C W. A. Cbwan. Clerk. KOTAL XEIGHBOBS ^Iola Camp . No. 365, Royal Neighbors, ineeU|.ip(&^. ond and fourth Tuesdays > of 'jMck month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, ondiL Mrs. Mary Hutton. 413 West 8trwt Recorder. • FRATEB.VAL i BROTHESXOOiBi;— Fraternal Brotherhood N6L S80 auata second and fourth Thnrsdkjr oCileii^' month in A. O. if. W.-HUI. Vfimig members cordially InviteOI W^^'Kfw!^ ,'derson, president; Golda SPaaL MdM ^y OUR TELEPHONE is constantly ringing these days. September, you know, is the time to have the summer dust cleaned lut of carpets. We arel^busy, but your onler will receive'prompt and careful attention. Phone us today. ioU RUG FACTORY r: • niNH '-ut;' I boooooooooooooooo o o O K. C. WEA.K. O O WiehHa. tiansas. O O WESTERN LAXD8 * RAXCHES O O Por Sale or Trade: O O $3.00 an Acre. Up. O O O ooooooooooooooooo LEIGH HUNT COMES HOME, Tbe end of September, will see practically all ot the loians who spent the summer away from town returned home. They arc getting in on every train now. Mr. I.,eigh Hunt arrived home yesterday afternoon from Uicbigah and his big Whit0 steamer will arrive in a day or two by rail from Chicago, where, bccanse of the mud he took to' the railroad^ to. finish his trip, one of the most delightful Imaginable. Mrs. M. Meade of Lawrence.' la a gnest of her annt. Mrs. Virginia Thw- 1 is of South Chestnqt atreetl Visiting .Aunt. No Clue to fiobbers. Up to date the officers have no evidence In the robbery of the United Iron Wiorks offlce. on which Ithey can I base an arrest TO CALIFORHttA OLD MEXICO TUB NORTHWEST AND BRITISH COLUIIBIA VIA ON 8ALB Sept. 1st to Oct. 3 Itt Ask for FoU laforaufUk. C Pi Half,

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