The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 16, 1946 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, December 16, 1946
Page 8
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~ "• *••* * <r i» • 8 ; December 16, J946 tgfc ^aforflffrio California! pr. a Black refan,- blucher! ">• Riveted* steel shank! . • Leather ,Tnidsole! • B,!ack Composition Outsole Sizes'6 to 11- 4 'BE" width. . , MAIN FLOOR ^Big- Mac" Quality! • Heavy 8-oz. Denim! • Sizes 32 to 42. , •^Sanforized', Shrinkage less than 1%! , MAIN FLOOR Mean^!f|i^ '••v- ',-,•'"-,V-•<.-,•„.., T%,V n " .^CLARKE, BEACH---" -_<-f- fjjnds ^ and .'jriterest'v are- considered hv ^fiscal i m^>tnt*tf toe ati "n««rt« efc. ; -fA ^ large cut in the Federal 'iiudgeViucb, ^ as -Senator ; Taf t not be f operation, , ~. ^, - -* ^_ \ '' — ~ .. • —i— —>*-.«-"•. »«w.a»~j.wi tt-uw ^.vi/cj^uiLULc: noying'.to-«Qvernment m bure6.ucpats.- under, social.'security, "such as unem It would necessitate'.major-changes " ' — -.<*-in national ^policy-regarding-sticli vast porgrains 'as, federal aids - to self ,would^have s lo ahpuiaer ; thjs«' responsibility? "v -. , "• "\ '^ ^ -The Ohio EepubU"caii- leader advocates "a, federal 'budget- between 2a and 30 billion—at 'least sfven.billion less than- the 'budget'Tvhich;-it is're- ported President-Tru man'will recom mend Tor, the coming "'fiscal year. Taf t ,has not detailed how 'he would bring e'xggnses, down^to- his figure. Why It's, Difficult of the government amount' to only SI.9 billion in., ihe - current liscal year. This covers the payrolI L office supplies," and,--upkeep, J travel expenses" 'etc. -"A 20 , per cent cut here-\voufd reduce the bill by only 3SO million^ " Ohviously enormous - reductions must be-made 3n other categories if seven billion <is to be saved. The choice must be among- these items, which comprise, the budget? bureau's breakdown of federal expenditures 6,200;p'09,000 a,sgo,6,oo,ooo 5,0*00,000,000' ^ by iiscalj 'authorities as -"uncon-- tro 1 ilable,," J not' subj_e' reduction, j -. most-Vbf '"the .expenditures] ployment -relief j lowancej;,? befaltered. retirement al,- Budget prnning fnust be applied. I*\JL&LJ*IU& as_ leuereu aids-to: rt -^M«sei. iwrujuiug: jnusi oe appnea. agriculture, reclama'tion'and: develop^ therefore; or-another of the ment of .publict power/ ''Congress-'it- Prpgraois ..administered by the va- self Iwould • have "to shoulder -the;re-1 wo " s "• Apartments if substantial rious -"departments if substantial savings 'are to JJe made. J ' - Since . all , oE _ the departments' •svork is*° specific authorization of' Congress, it ""is-Congress Which must, decide which program is to be eliminated. A, glance* at" the interior department budget ^ho-vvs that" about half the total consists s of construction projects such as "extension of Bon-1 neville flower transmission lines and Purely administrative ' expenses] the billion-dollar reparation program ' •fllO rvr\ \ro-t--MTViia-n-*- n-mn-tiv+4-' -*--. 1.. \-n <^*rtTS-r^-w,-« J« -J 'in, the current year: Veterans' Program 4 Refunds on Taxes Public Debt Interest Agricultural Aids Socialecurity National Defense isi&oo'ooojdoo 1,200,000,000 .„ ' 1,20<J,QOO,000 ._" 1,000.000,000 .... 1,900,000,000 .... ~'4,200',000,000 General Expenses International. , Finance ____ i:7. Total Included in ?41,000,000,000 "national, • defence" Is the cost of terminal leave,T>ay for enlisted men,' amounting- to''$2.400,- 000,000. _"International, R Finance" Includes-foreign loans. -These items are not continuing «spenses.,_ ~ • ,- , . , ' The * veterans'! Program,' tax re- in California. Further Complications ' In the'- agriculture department budget Itho > chief items-are agricultural, research and the "various crop adjustment activities, designed to aid the farmer to Increase his income.! The r larg"estf expense_in the latter! category f already,has ben eliminated — JT-lTtfL felll^e-trTijiH - ' ,„ „ alaotnmu->LA ietcpbotij FAMED FLIER MARRIES—Colonel Uoscoe Turner, pioneer speed . flier, poses with his bride, former Marsaret Madonna Jliller. after their marriage in Xew' York City. Turner i« pre>ident of Turner Aeronautical Corporation of Indianapolis, Iiul. ^ subsidies. , . Congress .could ^-hittle on such f 'activiHe's as the forest service, which i controls forest fires, maintains roads, i ' „" ^ Commerce Department. etc._ In-- the Yankee Industrialist Puts in 7-Hour Day at 95 in Temperate Life Policy Congress would have to decide, to curtaP or eliminate >such agencies'as the weather bureau, the coast and geodetic survey'the bureau of stan-i -dards/'tbe census'bureau *or the civil aeronautics; authority. The department's statistical-land informational services, for 'Jmsiness are minor items; .*•>.'* "^ '" ', "*~ Some of t^hegovernihent's top administrators definitely; opose a blanket cut, reducing the" budgets of all agencies ofua flat percentage basis. This would have the .effect of spreading their,,funds thin, they say, and reducing efficiency. They would prefer<some,of the agencies eliminated, entirely. BAST ICAMPTOX, Conn., Dec. IB. I NBA) — Chauncey jQriswold Bevin admits he doesn't work as hard as he used to> After all, he's 95 BOOKS Give More Joy and Value for Your Money FOR— Grandmother—THE WAY E. Stanley Jones Grandfather—HAPPY THE LAKD........ ; .......Rich ;Uncle—BALZAC Zweig Aunt—THE JOY OF COOKING Rombauer Mother—NEW ORLEANS WOMAN * Kane Father—THE EGG AND I. '..MacDonald Brother—BEAU DARE ....... : . Crowell Sister—THIS SIDE OF INNOCENCE—Caldwell Cousin—ADVENTURES in POETRY, Ted Malone Niece—TODAY IS HERE Don Blending Nephew-sGREEN GRASS of WYOMING, O'Hara CHILDREN Age - 1 Cloth Books • 2 Look Here 3 • Tenggren Mother Goose ' . 4 Kitten's ABC 5 Tell Me Ahout God 6 The Little Lost Lamh 7 Katy and the Big Snow 8 A Child's Book of Bible Stories 9 Paddle to the Sea 10 Thimble Summer 11 The Singing Tree 12... The Arabian Nights : ' )_ ^r V" Bdautiffiil Bronze 6 x 8 meh size . . . Proofs to select from Have your,sming : ltnade and obtain your proofs before Christmas. Your family and friends.^will en joy" selecting , jusfctfie pose'and expression they like best. Pictures can : be finishedrimmediately after Christmas. " - • _'".. "" . .v^awil,, t ~ AUSTI\ STUDIOS NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY AIL STUDIOS OPEN 9A.M. TO 8 P.M. DAILY ^AND^SUNDAYS,12 TO 6 P.M. 'TIL XMAS V BRING THIS AD 1615 Nineteenih Street Bakers|leld ^ " Phone 3-0930 , But as ; active directing head of Bevin Brothers Manufacturing Company, he's at his desk by 9 a. m each day and stays until 5 p.~m. "Of course I don't woxk aS-I used to. Try to be_. temperate dn-^all things. Always was," he says. Long life and hai'd woric is in the^ air at East Hampton, even as much as the ringing of the bells, manufacture of which has made the town famous. . Down the-street from Bevin's office is a brass compafiy whose working president, X. II. Hill, is 84, President of the Gong Bell Company, is Clifford M. Watrous, 74. Howell Conklin, secretary-treasurer, is a youngster of 71. Plenty of Tradition ' East Hampton is a 20-year-old } town of 3300 persons, stepped in Yankee tradition, that has grown old gracefully. At E:30 in the'morn- ing, -the working day starts when the bell at Bevin's factory first tolls. The town's nine factories "turn out, besides hells, toys, gla&s racks, fish nets, folding boxes~ and nylon thread. Xot one train runs through the town to disturb the general peace. By 9 p. m. everyone is*ready for bed. - " " To most of those living in East Hampton, Bevin is "Uncle Chan." the man who last summer, when the temperature was BG in the shade, pitched in on his farm to direct the work himself because he thought some of the boys were loafing a little. He wears his age well, stands an erect 6 feet, weighs 150,pounds. "Don't= drink," he says, speaking First Report of Economic Council "f on Promoting Employment Scheduled B,v IXAYTOX 3IOORE * "WASHINGTON 1 , Dec. IK. (UPJ — \ ment, production and purchasing The first report of the President's •' power." council of economic advisers \vlil be i Mr. appointed the three made public Wednesday— at a time ; members of the council last Aujrust when the new C. I. O. wage drive is in accordance « ith the so-called full gaining- momentum. •' employment act passed by the last Government economic outside ^^ ^^o^er virc . the council generallj- considered the m . esideiu o[ Bankings In.-titution; threat of labor-management disputes Leon H. Knserslinp. ;!S, \ice-chair- next year'as the most serioutg^eco- i man. former Columbia University nomic issue confronting the' admin- 'economist; John D. Clark, E-, former istrittion, I dean of the College of Business, Uni- General Kecommendations . versit - v of *ehr*sk». Council Chairman Kdwarci G. : Reconversion Complete Xourse said the fiist report would' The record of this > ear's, economic deal only in general terms with lhe I trends shows that the nations m- He s.ud Uu™*"'" " , ie:a . e bv , m ,].\oar. The most re- economic situation. . specific recommendations on legiv lation and government policy would i cunveisinn difficulties were espe- not be disclosed until President Tru- '^enenced in the automotive aful man sends his economic message to construction industries. ' Congress early next month. j income Mai tod nt an an- The C. I. 'O. Sunday urged the ( n ,, a | rate 0 £ ?134,«00,UOO,OOU in tin- council to support a "high-wage poi- [n ., t fl ,, a uei- and now i.-, estimated icy to maintain purchasing power," at a ,.. lte of jn.^oyO.oOO.OOO a year In>the union's economic protrram _ an all-time high submitted to the council. .C. I. O. ! Gross national product— the nwr- Pytepdent Philip Murray charged | ket vallle ot llU goods produced and that management has been keeping 5el -vi c ,. a rendered— wa« at an annual too large a share of national in- KUe of $|,- vi ;,ooo,000,UOO in the first come. He described the present di»- > qliar t er ] t iio\\ has reached an esti- tribution of national income as "in- nl;lled annual rate of $205.t>Oli.OOO.- equitable." I n(10 Jllst j. nort o f t j ie record hifih o. Some leading management i-ppre- > $20X,000,0(W .000, in the second quar- sentatives are aheadv on record ter o j 291~> with vigorous contentions that ad- ' j;.,i es Vp dUional price increases will be nee- i R , ., snles ' mcl . Pased fl . om $6.695- essary to compensate tor any „„ Janimiy to -a record further wage hiico*. , , St770 . 000i00(1 in October. Prosperous Year ! Employment increased from 61 Mr. Truman will release the conn- 420,000 to d7.lMn.000 Unemployment oil's report while go\ eminent ecu- , declined from L'.lMlO.OOO to, nomists are compiling preliminary j The fedoia! respr\p industrial pru- statistics on the must prosperous duction index zoomed from loti peacetime, year in The nation's his- to IS.'!. tory. Estimates show that some i Pi ice incieusfh nccotiulfd for phases:' of economic activity— rlike na- ! some of the hikes .in national in- tional income — are even better than come, gross, national pro.duct and at the peak of war production. ' retail t-alev. Factories are turning out more The commerce depai tment s retail civilian goods and people are mak- , piice Index for all commodities in- ing more money than ever hetore. I creased from 143.1 in January to 167 The council is charged with mak- 1 for October. The lahur department .-> ing recommendations to the Pi eM- j wholesale pritv index went from dent on what the government should , lt)7.U at the becin-Tins of the year flo "to promote maximum employ- 1 to ],i!) on Xo\ ember "DC. Striking Students of his health. few years ago The atomic changes here. "Cut out cigarettes a I felt better." age has made ~ few . Work is work, says Bevfii. and , you can't change that. and fortitude and thrift. "Patience . up. They're Yankee traits." "Business?" They add WORKER—Chauiieey 0 riswold admits-hp doesn't work as him! as he used to but he's at his desk from 9 to ~i each flay. "Can't fill my outers. Trying now to catch up with my 101 oilers,. ' As fur strikes, "\Ve don't have those things around here." Xo unions either. "Folks -work for us SO to CO yeais. "We tieat help cie- eently.' Robert Rich, one of the expert niolders at Bevin's plant has been on the :ob do yenrs. Charles Christensen has rung the factory bell three times daily for a quarter of a. century. Religion plajs an important part in his life.. He's the oldest member of the Congregational Chjurch and gets to service just about e-\ery Sunday. "I've made a hahit of it all mv life." Private First Class Harvey Malone, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. R Malone of Kernville, was lion- PETALUM A. Dec. 10. - orably discharged from the army air, school sllldenfs reltlrnerl to c , K « es corps recently, at Camp Beale. He; here today as lt f lve . m ; m neuitral entered the sen-ice in March, 1944,. committee investigated their two- and spent the last eight months in , day-strike last week to demand tlv Okinawa, where he had many vis-! removal of their pi incipal, Miss Ellen its with the Reverend Dwight Me-' Trueblood. Queen, former pastor of Kernvllle ' The board of education agreed t» ,.,..._. , .„, accept and abide !>>• the rqcommen- Methodist Church. • Malone was , daUo " ns of tllp M)ecial CIU/ens . con . I awarded the Asiatic Pacific, Occupa-, mittee appointed by Major Jasper H. r lion of Japan and American Theater i Wnndsen. i Ribbons, and the Victory Modal. The entire student body walknl | Private Lloyd V. IJvengood, Jr., ° llt '"^ ThumUy in proton ny „ ,, ; _ , . '„.' Miss Trueblood s notion m nxpfl'in • bon of Mrs. Jennie Livengood, 18i,l an lntel .. cla! . s ] Mske ,iull plnjer vhf i Qumcy street, has begun an eight-, h e refused to obey hrr oider to lea\ • I week basfl^ti-aining program at the the cafeteria. The basketball Ban." training center at Fort Dix, X. J. had extended beyond the- noon peric"! A former student at East Bakers- j and the student wont to the cafeteria field High School, he was employed for food before returning to class. as photographer for Dorman Studio! The students also are demniulin^ before going into the service last the removal of two other facutt; November. members. PRIVATE Ted a Hinkev, son of! Mr. and Mrs. John P. Hinkey of I Kernville, is now stationed in Pe- Holiday Special 2 , for the -j- Price of JL Bring a -friend and share in the sariKgSjdnriig this 2 for 1- Holiday Permanent event'. ' Why _ not Jet" this '•extra' permanent" solve one of your 'gift' problems. AM permanents-gnaranteed. All service.^ given, under di-^ recc superv4Sion "of instrnc-" tors. :f^-sXl A -' "'-•"--'-' /% ^APPROVED , ' 1- 'j; NFmrvr. '• ~ r ' - SCHOOL ISU-aChesterlivenue (,TIpsta'irs)/*f" ^Phsne' 2-7341 ,J:>Ij. St. flilaire, Managing Owner For a urry, Select Your FUR COAT FUR NECK PIECE FUR TUXEDO FUR COLLAR . FUR CUFFS ' FUR MUFF , FUR HAT FUR TRIMMINGS Where Your Ctiarge Account is Invited at GREECE PLAN'S PROTEST ATH-KXS.'Dec. 16. Iff)—All Greet-p king, China. He is with the United isi scheduled tu come to a four-hoi.. States marine air coips. standstill \Vednosdav in prote.M D. A. Bradphaw, IS.11 Lotus t,ane l"*?" inst , the , fol ' ei * n ministers conn- has been selected for training in the 1 "^ S ref ^ ' l ", «''«"t demands t- naval reserve officer training corps cha , nge the Rulganan-Greek border at Stanford Universitv, Palo Alto. '" Greere s favor ' PERSONALS 1823 Chester Avenue = i FOURrTEENTH SEASON jmAI^PERFORMANCE VENETIAN BLINDS , Manufactured and Installed DIRECT FROM ^ACTORY TO YOU LIFE TIME FLEXIBLE STEEL SLATS " ALUMINUM'STJEEL SLATS Complete .Renovating , . Window Shades Drapery Cornices \Free Estimates ; DAWN VENETIM BLIND CO. ^Kern County's ONLI^BHad Factory' 731 East Twenty-first , ; :I - Phone 9-9894 r#M*ffttf*£*#**t«***'*W+tt& ROBERT H. HIETT, Sr., of rural Delano is spending several days at his cottage at Seal Beach. • MR. ANT3 MRS PAfL COIlE pud Mr. and Mrs. O W. 0?all of McFar- "* land transacted business in Delano Friday. MR.' AND MRS. L. L BROWX of Delano had as their recent guests, i Mr, and Mrs. Bill Mulkey o£ San ' Bernardino. ' &&**&( Si » * Simple Rut**! core may *• all you ixmd Daily cleansing with pure Resinol Soap can do much for pimples, externally caused. Try it and see! Then apply medicated Resinol Ointment to relieve itchy, burning irritation and so quicken healing. Stan today towsrds tuning « lovelier skin. If you're short of cash and haven't finished your shopping UIP beat *o- Jution may be to see "Personal," the company that likes to say YES to-loan requests—no matter how small the amount ($25. $."», $300 or more) nor honr quirkiy it's needed We don't waste time In deciding to make the loan—It's YES 4 times out of 5. Loans made on salary only, auto, truck or furniture. Outsiders not Involved. Everybody •welcome—men and women, married or single. Come in or phone—today. FINANCE CO. Room 340 Sill Building 1508 Eighteenth Street Under the Big Coca-Cola Sign Phone 8-6595 WALT VERHAAG, Mananer ^ WINTER-IZE YOUR HOME With Rock Woo! Insulation Weather Stripping Be sure your price Is right ... do not buy anywnere without^first getting a free estimate from CHAMBERLIN CO. Phone 3-4333 ' Monthly Payments JDon.'t lie awake tossing, tumbling and! get up in the morning worn out, exhausted. If you do not sleep well /i because of nervous tension, : nerves need quieting, try SEDA- TABS InRredients uspd by Doctors. Dse only as directed. Satisfaction or money back. Available at iruiidage Pharmaey "The Rexall Store" 15 Chester Phone 5-5019 FOR RENT Powerful Heavy Daly Vacuum Twenty" tifties"' more efficient' than ordinary machine.-Attachments for rugs, upholstery, drapfes. wails, Venetian blinds, floor furnaces. Phone 3-0143 BUSINESS LOT Chester and Foarteanfh Sirseh PHONE 3-O283 s^g*g®afe*g p S 8 5fe^

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