Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 23, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1908
Page 1
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1 Tho Roblmimr Hmm Gireuimaon la Allen County of Any MowmpmgBpr Publlmhetlln tho • z-K rr VOLHIK X. M MIJEH fisV SIX TAOKS. IOLA; KANSAS, SEl'TEMBEK 191»S-\VEnXESI)AY EVEM>«. iSIX PAGES. EVIDENCE IS CLOSED AVIIITMW I'KlMinY ( VSr. IS KVI'- IDLY XEAKI.N*; A.\ I:M». AR6UVIENTS :\RE NOW ON CASE WILL riSOHAllLV (JO TO THE JIIIY AT SIX O'CLOCK. Liltlc >Mv EvitU'KCf Sulpiiiitlcd Toriay —Big' Crowd Listt-niii;; U> Al- lonirjs PIfiis. TJio evidciic-i' in the AVIiiilow cast; wasj' closed at noon today. WHieit court convened this afternoon .Indge Foust read the instrnctions. the readi ing Iconsuniinpr nearly an honr. After a short recess Chris Uiiter opened the argument for Uio state. Carl Petr ersoii and Frank Forrest will also ad!dress the jury for the i)ros;eculion. For G. R. Card.. Capt. H. A Ewlng and F. .T. Oyler will siieak. Thi case will probahly go to the jury ahout six o'clock. There was a larirer crowd at the trial this afternoon than at any time .since the case opened. Nothins of importance was developed in the lostiniony tliis niorniii::. HoUidpe Whitlow, the youiiR son of Sam WTiitlow. tesliliod and lolil prae- tlcaUy (he siyno slory as he did in tl -o milrder tria^ He tolil iif ih<- nbi.<;e in- their yard at niiiiii. of th<furniture in tlie house and eliairs on the porch beinu misplaced and of some woman coniins to tlie window and Unocliini; on it and his fatlier KPitins up and sioins om. .John Teel, sr.. was idae-d on tli.> stand this mornin;; Iiy the defense in an effort to prove t'at the state hail used inflnenci' to induce l>is son. .Tohii to leave the rountry liefore the murder trial. The deiense liad caused a summons to be issUe .l for .Tohii. jr.. •o testify in the miiide- ease, but !ie failed to show up al tlie trial., .\ftrr the trial he relurne.l ar.d was lirout 'e into court for contempt and lineil $7.r>0. In liis testimony yesterilay : e said that sonie of the attorneys (••,•11- nected with the stat^ had told liir.; iv substance that neither side woiild iveed him in| the case, this b<>in" lils reasoh for not cominjr into coiirt. Tl is niorninc .iohn Tee!, sv;. !f:(i- fied [tl:at he had a talV vviih Mr. .S.ip-i recently in which tlie fine of his son for contempt wa.s mentioned, and Mr. Sapn said in siii'stance that he wot'Id settle,tho $7 ".."o. The court wou'd imt albiw the lu,--'- ier of yoiinjr Teel ITIU;; persuaded to leave the country lo lie ^nw into, le any extent, ruling that it was ineoiu- petent. This mdtiiiiiK th" n'torne'.s eiicaff- ed "in some per.-^ouaTities wl'.i'-h; w <Tf not intcrhdi'd to l)e eompliniontafy and Judge Foust rebuked tl i.'in.iiuliiiy. FIFTY MEN INJURED Fo(r ('•un>rd Tr«in>. on a l'< niis) Itaiiia Hailroail li> Co!Jid<-- M «rfci>ii'n Virlitn'*. i Philad '-lpb!!-, I '.i.. .<ei.t L':-.. -!•>;•. responsible teilay fur ;i liea <l>iu <id- llsifm iMlweeu two <-ai.s on lli.- Soiitli- weslern Ti ;iriiiiii i<uni <;iM >'s iijn- be- IWWMl Ibis <il> aiiil Cbe'ler in wliieb itl'out (ifty peiMin-- 4uo >il> iiieeliaitirs Were Injured, seveial pi <diably falaliy. (illAMKU A l{l)l.'IIT-t»K-M AY. Lrnij C<»iii|tuiiy Wjlnts ti) I'lite tiw i'nm Allen (IMIIII). The rt>;jimlssioin r- iml.r. -.i iii!'<i .< IM»litton from llie Slurbmnk liat. .;iid VltrtfuMl lliick e<ini|';ni> I'f im a rlsht -of-way lor a pipe line uver ih«' luiblic lil^hway ilnt)iii:li the western part o fthc ctuiiit>. Tlie" pipe line is to run fnini a pidn; >even mi e* snuil; west of tola to the plant at l.iirny. IN A SULPHUR TANK Paul Yantz Jfcsciic^ Fclh.n Kmpl'ijr From Ilealh by Snndheriiip. Bui for tlu' liiiioh a.s.^isiance of PaulYautz. a furnas<,inau at the liiii- ed Zinc and Chemical company.. Will .lim Horsey was arraigned in police court yesterday afternoon on charges of assault made by C. Fricdley. Oorsey is n lilaek.smith who recently moved liero from I^Harpe. Mr. Friedley says!that when lie went to norsey"s blaclcsmitli shop to collect a till Dorsey ordered him out of his place and whiin he did not go struck him in the side with a hummer. Uor- soy pleaded not sullly. Hi.< trial was set for Saturday morning at o'clock, Dorsey iloes not deny that IK' hit .Mr. Friedley but says that he was justified. He swore to a comidaint eliars- ing -Mr. Friedley with disturbin,^ hi-peace by tin- use of offjuisive Ian guage. His trial is set for ne.xi .Mon lay mornin:: at !t ocloci;. Orticers I»on't Helicu- Slory—Hid >dl Enter City Store, lie Says. .Van Meter, another Iconij -any. wotild hav(|- employ"' df th been smoHirrod from hydrogen sal|(iiate fumes this morning. Young Van .Meter wlis ing one of the suip!iur tanks \i'hen he accidentally ioEt his bal.iiiei- and ff ' into thp lank. One »f the (iMleer.- <:i the coiiipan.v. happened m !»• ;i:;(nd::i- Mear at the lime ofjilie ;iei-i'!(;in and made an effort 10 r'esciie Vair .Met(-r but <ui acounl of the Iieavy tulphi.'i fumes he was si> nearly asph.\ xiatei; thai he was compelled to f:ive:tip 'he task. .MJOUI this time Paul Yam/, hai pened upon the scene of the a>cideni -and rescued yonn.« Van Meter. 'The jyoung man was revived and taken to .'Sti. John's hospital. No serious sultikare anticipate/1. •r-Tlie Richardson Dry Goods store gtye^ every lady of lola a spWial in- Tttatitiu to attend their optjiMng of |,PIU« MlUinerx. Dress Good^. Silks, Stifins. CloakvJ^a^j^^es' Furuishingu ^JVIday afternoou aud etSDlng. and con tlB )ilag all danSatiirdamkBeM their / annouQoem ^t / . FOR USING A HAMMER. Jim Dorsey Arrested on Complaint of C. W. Friedley. BY A LONE ROBBER HAS. |{. FOX < <»>FESSKS TO E>- TIIKINt; SIX LA 5IAKPK ST05!KS. If liie >'i >iy 111 Cli .-is I! r <i\. uhii was ;nre.-^(,(l al P;'.win ,e. Okla.. a few la>., .-..i^ci and who had tlothini; in liis •(•.-:s •.-ion taken f.-om ihe L ;i Harpe s;(!re.j •eeenlly. is 10 lie lieliived. the >ix l>:iMi:ess liciuses in La llarpe were .ltd bv oij.. iiiin. It .V il be reuieiMbered that .Mr. Mai c'i''it. i> lie .'-e store was one <:f lht >.-e euiei'ed. .vas eaiied tn .Muskoilee Sun- 1 1.' identify the <-lolliin,c found on l"i;\. MaUdIm sueeeeded in gei- liiig a ciinfession from Fox in which lie said thai he periieiVated the rob- iiery of thi- si.\ stonis abnie. Me says thai after the ndibery of the stores he link the Kaiy train smiih 10 Okla- i V'i.y lb airs enierir,g ilie tl'as '.•\' ••> The ntVu -ers arc- ent in- i-..' ' M '.. !'V.> hi:-. >i.ory thai he did •..I rk Tln-y .say that il looks iice ilie wiirk m a ;,aiiu:. IMI\ isaid liMii I'cri ill I,;: il;ir ;:e some tinn- HtDie I he. rolibfry 'ox w-^s c;iiiuh; ;:t '"leve'an:!. Okbi . in the aci of roii'dlii: a store ilicre. le v.ill ;;iii;f lo ilie charge. Kox .-eciired i|u;i'- ;i lii'!.- money ;i-;ii liie sloie.; in l^i jlaipe. .vboiit Ji'i w:i..^ I'l^jHid oil luiii a: Ilje liaie of i.. eiMiliui'. wliicii. il i.- si'ld. is a pan r Ilia! r.ikea treni ilu- .'-laleoiin store, riie iiiHiii V will 111 tti >]•'. Xiix]- I;i:. OLD SOLDIERS TAFT CLUB. Chairman Dolley Plans Organization of Veterans in Kansas. Tojieka. Ka.s.. Sept. I'L'.— Chairman lolby id" tl '.e iU^pnblieau state coni- i 'itt '-e today inaugurated a inove- ni'-nt to or.::ani/.<' all ihe obi soldifr> of Kansas for Tafi. M<- will apfioint ;ui ICx-rnioii soidier in each voting preeince. The nalionni (•oiiimilt '^e is piepa 'iii- soiin- lit -ratiire tor the e:.- i.'i-ial iiit'-i'-si of tin- soldiers. Mr. Dnile. ha- asked the vailoti.s oiitiiy eliairtiM'ii to .-'.nd him al one.- le- iiaiiii' of a .>(ddi<'r in each pt <elnc -t ttlioni le- can appoin; as pieejnci !;aili/el. or TWO BIG MEETINGS Congressman Matlison and T. A. McNeal Speak flt Humboldt and lola Tomorrow. LAWYERS WRATHY mLEi: AV» FOKICF.ST KXJAliE IN AKta MENT I> .11 STICE COl HT. riOUGH CALLED THEM DOWN TIIKEATE.XED TO FIXE THE BAH- KLSTEKS FOIt CO.NTE.MrT. Occurred IMirinir Hi-:iriiii; of John Fo^ll•r for Contempt—Ca>c Was Contiiiucd. Inning the progress of the Foster assault case in .liisiii-e Hough 's court yeslerday aflernooii, a .scene was enacted which would have given piay- writtjrs .grounds for an excellent comedy in which F. J. Oyler and Frank played the lead roles. The aiiorneys were unable to agree as lo tiie manner of procedure and after taking up cimsidcnible lime in a hot ii'guuieiii .liisticii iliiiigh informed the ittorneys that unless Ihey con<1ii(t<'d themselves as attorneys and genile- iiien they would be liable i <i a line for eonienipt of eonri. Ilu- pro.-ecaiion illeii liiaile appir<'alioii for a coalin- e.inee. This was afler Ihe evidence !iad been ial I odiiced. The deiense .naiie no objiclion and ilie caM- v.a;- .'onliniiid 10 Tuesday. Sejiii-inber li'.'th (jatlier. the coiiiiaftor. wlio alleges iliai.Hny Foster assaulted liiin wlih intent to kiil and ibai h" wa.s aided by his lallier. .loliu Kosfcr. testitieil that as he was geliit;:; on the .street car at tias City. >ot'.ng i-'osrer approirhcd him and began asking iii;e.-iii:;i.; aboui .i mailer ihai he knew tnuhing >»'. and ihal he lold F ,)Sier ihat he did not k'unv uliat lu- w :is Talking aii..u;. Mis ^iirllier ie.-i!!iioa.- was lo ili;- effe.'l ;ha> young Fo.-ier l!ie:i called him a iiar and be-iaii sirikiag hini in iln- face v.-:ili hi^i lists. Coniinuiag. hr stated that at this time yoinii; POSK : .father a.piiroacheil and liebl bis bands whil- 111 - .lounger man l'e?t liiiii al- liios; to insensiiiilii V Oih-'i ! »\ I'lne^.'-es who were o;i ttie car ai Mie lime ihe affair oceurred iesiined lhai tlivy IK ard soni" one say. "Cive i! 10 him or get him." and s;'w a man pnling riaiheisn:; the car 'lie eld..;- Foster |e tii'.-d thai he nm j-rr.-eni wlii-n ib" I rouble be- l-ut arrived later and iiailid llie a eio;a'.;ed in the li.u'i; Wis t»-s < 01 ruboraled by wii?ies.-"s •re -landing on llie rear |ilal- was ;wo :iit iinioii> v.-in- w •t ill! ear wliile the iighl was in lb' 1 forr: pi OL- Yeli ::-4 i -i .-ler d; ..ijiji'Viird .•ii 'ier ihe alieged as.^r.ilt ;pd .-i'lee li.^ra apprehended. Tin e-yciiine eoiisiiierabie inlere .;i. e.-;|ieeial iy among iieop!e at f;.;s City. There wa.j a large crowd in aliendanee al !'ie licaiini:. ila.i lias not ca.-- is A FINE CELEBRATION THE WEATHEi:- MONNETT BACKS UP SAYS HASKELL'S .>A.ME W EN Hl.n HY t HAS. H. S <M ,S <iIV- IKE. CANT FULLY EXONERATE HJM BIT CANNOT COMJE.MN HL.M OF CHAK(;ES < <»NCEKNIX<; .ST.I'NDAKH Konrast l'«>r Kan«ia>! loui-.:li( and Thnr>day. (•'cMcn 'Ilj fair FIND NO FOUL PLAY CORONERS JURY SAYS SHULTS BABE DIED OF NATURAL CAUSES. Nothing Ocvctoocd to Father of II- legitim.ilc Child.—Case Seems ! to be Closed. W4- III Francfs death by ' jniv tiiid iliat X>''lii' Shells came to her natural caus'-s (apj«ar- reutly bowel trouble. 1 \V. H. ..Mcrinre. C. .\. Fionk. \ N. Swi'jart. Wm. Oberdorff. t). lliiMi -r. .1. A Fie>. r. Tbi- above v.- Ilie impiesi lie) r '-irains of tie- Em-M.r.ipation Day Was Appropriately Celebrated Here Ycster- na siK- M-rv oilier Two l .ii: political, meetings will .be held ill! -Mien counl .N tomorrow, both adtliessed bv Congressman ilvd. .Ma-ll- son and T .V Mc.N'eal. Tomorrow al Tl 'i- llMiaiieipalion Kay ci-Ie!iration lii-rc, ..•••sti 'iday was fairly well alti'ii-l- and .III i -xcelleii( program was i dt-red. W'bib' the i|;iy was not ei'.>-s liiiaeeially, il was |iarii<-iilai. ; Th'- iiroui.'tin «.is givi-n ,-is .-iiinoiiiir. i -il .11 nitinbe;- of promiiienl lol,-i eiti- /"•lis tosethej- with IJev Frank Fair- tax of Par.soOS. delivered addresses .Ijidi-e Foust Kmanelpatloli of the ileii it was an a"t this connir.x ' .\braham r lict was iln- nvsiili of l>l yesterda.v OV.T Ihe illegitimate child born to l-Mitii Shuils. t e yoiin:; daughter of .lohii Sliults. who lives two and one- half miles west of lola. ft will be rem'-mberod thai the fieiuhbors of the ShuUs fauillv went lo the cori)ier- and iirgi-d Ihat tin- ileaiii of lie- i-lnld hf invi-slisated on the urounds that there were sn.-ipi:-- ious j-irciiinsi.-iiices in connection wiih it. Air aiitoiis..- v-jis hr'ld after which • vid'-nce was t:>!:en. SeVi -ral mepi- liers of tho ShiiUi: familv lestined Tliey, insisted that tile ehiM di'-d of what • apprai'-l lo be .-iimmer corn plaint. No doctor was called iliiring t'e child's illness. The nu.llier of ilie child while on t !ie stand y .'.-ici -.lar- niorniiip in an- sw>-r to (|i:eslloe., a.s to w!io was the falhe- of her '.-ab.- sail: "I ilo not know." No fiirtlier aiiswi-r could be si'cnred. llow.'ver, to Ih*- ofliff^rs shf made a staieiiu-nt liiat last fall she was iissiiiilt'd by an unknown .voung man w. lie she was aioiie in a pasture on a farm in-.-ir I'iqua wh<-re ihey wen- llifii liviii'.?. The :iiilops- d>-veloped nofiiing t 'l show that there was foul play an.l the ilMpieSt ili -\i |op«d lei Ill- falb'-r of T' »• cas" si-»-li:;i *o In t s.-iit -i> I'-a«;t. very si roll-.; si>oUe of 'the laves He said of <;<»! Ihat gave Lincoln who NO DECISION TODAY t omtaiN '«lt>i:cr> IMiVr Vcllon 011 Ajipli- ration >u' C'i«l>crlll Stiicltcr- Srhoi'! • a,"!' Too. t e shackles from the race of ai>pl«<itb "1 (slaves. His (i -marks wen- beartilx Hon. J. I. Ilitriies spoke ol the nro , gress of tin- r;w" in every d'part- •nool, Ihey .s.,„.:,U at ihe Kepubli-.,,.,,„ „i,„i,„. ,„„ ,,„, „„^.,,^ can Dav .•xeieises at 111.- Humboldt!.,,,,, ,,i..,i„„ ,he colored ,»M ,ple had air., coming 1 ere m the evenin--- lor: ^j,,^,. j,,..;,. omancipaiion. !>.. he bk rally al the Airdome. Hum.; , boldt is planning tb entertain a large, a,,„ro,.-,at.. crowd imnonow and if good weallvei is :perii.ilte,i ih.. town will not be di.s did <". re H town appointed. Many will co down from li.'ie. Roberts' band will help furnish the ninsb- at Humboldt. l-;veryiliing is in I 'eadiin for thy ra'ly here in the evening. The iii'lica- tioiis are crowd. that then A BIG BRID will be :« Frci'.:M Train rni-Jlicd Tiiiihcrs Part of Uriikcjn Miitchiiiiin Injured. 5E FALLS I .Stnicture— Wilmiimton. Del.j eastern span of the railroad bridge over i -iver at Perryville. r this moriMiig while .Snpi. Jaitimore t thi' Siis(|iiehaut!ia Md.. oilapsed the east bound freight train was pas.sing over it crd a locomotive and lifleen car.-, • •• e dashed to Hie river below. I'.:ngine( r dashed lo the river below. The section of the bridge which gave way waa being repaired. William Watson, a walchniuu was injured and may die. iiiji;I<s on the occasion, as .\i>i Or. S. t'. Hiischer. pastor of ihi Pi*e.sbyterian cliurch. spoke on iln now emanciinilion. He iirgej that both the whiffs and blacks euianci pate themselves from th>* slavery' of iiiMeoial and vicious habits. "'^ i The celeb-atioii closed last ' witli an able address' by Rev. ) fax. of Parsons, a colored minisier lot thai city. He spolce of the iirogress i of the race. Commenting on th( jthat the white race had lent jtlie colored people, ho urged li'at rhey iioi leave ibe race to .solve IIH own ''jihdbleins hut continue to gram that assistance. He asks that the ineiii' hers of hi.<! race rcsDt -ci tin- while iT 'ans wife and the whitij man s datigli ler. and then urged that tl.e whlfn man accord ti:Is same respect to the wife and daughter of' the colored man. During the evenine the \V. (». W band furnished music. niuht Fair- fact aid to - Tl p Ohio Palmer In KaMM City. ^ Mout Palmer of the Ramsay store-church bad charge of.the service went to Kansws rity today on hMsl- torment was .made ness. .. i ; jc^jnetery. The Lane Funeral. Funeral services o\-er the remains of the infant child of Mr . and Mrs Hrooks !-ane were conducted from the family residence. 205 North Sta'tc .^kreet at 2:.10 o'clock this afternoon liev.. Gordon of the Second Baptist In in the HiKhlatid lalioiiia .Vonneil Sa»s S|HTclirs hi .\r«* Fair and Adiiih of U('uou|nfui- iioii If Ncccssarj. ! (.'oiuHibUf. O.. .Seid. — -if ed Cov. Char .es .\ Haskell wn it was bt-cauco Cha.-i. li. ocpi me his name." Frank S. fonntr aitorney general of ( day hiade this statement on vale car of Itr.vau curoiite fioi peci. Ohio, to Columbu.4. .Mo: clart-d. however, thai he could] onerate (iovernor Haskell of char.ges thai had been .hade was a parly tji the five tiioiisai bribe fund i.f the Standard pany. nor could be condemn ".Ml Ihat I have against Haskell " he .-aid. "'is heresay and I have suggested that, if were presenteu to .1 grand would be shown whether ( charg- ngfully re gave lonnett. hio. to-' Mie pri­ ll Pros- nett de- not c.v- ihe few that ne d dol'ar <l>il coni- liiu. ovcrnor vidence he ca;«- jiiry i' overnor Haskeil has been wrongfully a|<-ciiied. " speecii- Haskell. ilovernor hjid come es were |i!ah(>ma ice him. ^lonnett denied he had mad e.s] in Okiaiunia exonerating lull that in fairness to ihe he had stai'j'l facts as riiey lo iiiin amlisaid that if ehar; piiived he Would return it> O ;'.t liis owi' expense and deliou Joe UKATll, PI IJSFES FA.^lll.Y. ItrlioNst- lalUd Cr, St. I^.onis 'illnth 01' Sou. morning received si.sii-r in Soiitb. St. bi-r son .\Iex had at ;» o'clock this Mr. \Je!fos^e will leave !o- for SI. Uuii.--. TUi< is the .loi l >eMir>se ihis a lele-.;rain from his L'.ui.- siaiii'.g iha: dii-d at thai fdaer iiioriiin: morrow third liaie during i|{e past month he has been called out of the city on account of a death in the famiiy. APPEALER FUU-M REYSOLDS. fiat Cotiinii.sNiontTs Hrrisinn Wm^ Afllrnird by loinitr Clerk. The (luestion of whether a fox si|iiir rel is a red s<|uirrel is a much Uis- piitcd one among pimruds in .Mien county. The iiuesiion was raised when Del Travis, state game warden ruled that tiiey were one and the -sanii .irid that they were bofh prole.-tet' by Ihe law. The fox srniirrel ia vei; pieniiful this year, so much .so according it" soniej that they arc a nuisance Siveral rn.en were discussing thf tiiicstion at the Orcn sales yesterda.^ in Salem iownshi|>. 'the matter, was I.naily left .to Coiiimi.-si«»ner George fCevnolds. He ruled that the fox and the red .s<iiiirrel were one and the same under ihe law. His decision wa> appealed from, the case being taker ap to Coijiiiy C'erk Culbert.son wh' iifirmed the decision of .Mr. Reyufdds WANTED THE FUNDS IMILO THIEF E.VTEIJEII ( Ol.. J. B. ATCHISON'S UO.ME I.AST NH.'HT. I king for Ucniocratic Contributions to Ki'iiuliliran Cause Which rotals T«c«lv Cents. Six Drills Going. Tlie i;as City drilling company is very busy now. They have six rigs running, five of which are in the I.a Harpe field. One is on the Cline farni north of town. Mr. Esse Very III. .Mr. i:. C. Ksse. failicr of County Snpennteiident .\lande Fnnston, \ is <liiite ill wit': typhoid fever. His condition was almost alarming last evening. ' . -. Coi. J I!. ..Mcbisoii is ni'V. a lira lieli'ver in tlie oid ada.:;-- iha? i: pa>> to .idverlise. Keceat issue.-- of Tiu Uegislnr have contained reiMuls of tin donations to the Kepublican campaisii. fund V. hich have been contributed lo friendly Itomocrats. Yesterday even- ir .i; in:.- fund had reached the iweaty- .••eiii ni.irk and gave every indication of i :j<-re-.ising rapidi.v. liirly thi? monii'i'j; an intruder was discovered ir. the .\:ehison home on South Washing- loa. presmiialily io<ikiiig for the fani- paiun i'mid.s. The hold roldier niadi his eniranee through tiu- ie:'r doot v.hich was standin-.: open. HonabI Olivet, a graiiilsoa oi Cot. .\tchisoa. was awakened alioiit ffin- 'I'cJock Ibis niornin-.; and glanciu;; dowii the liaMway in tlm .seeond stor- of the rc:^drnce li-- s.iw a' man directly under a gas light. He at oate called If) his father who wa.- rathi r I 's-ow in answering and as the weiilii- he robb.>r didn't stop to armi." IS'- matter, he easily ma ie his 1 scape. invesifjiation the orly ii;:ag missiijii. was a silk sKiru but ihi.s was later found .-ibour half w;-.y down ihe stairway. <"ol. .\;chisoii state:! tills morning thai, he hadn't ih" le:;^t idia wlui: the iiiair wan'ed as lie bad pas.-e.l up soiiK valnab'e jfW< Iry and some lit; nioii '-y inc 'i ;:ling the colleitions from lh<" Democrats. READY FOR MEET nolbin: as 10 111.- .-hi''!. • el0s ..,J. for tho The . i-s nil orl;i;i • porl.iii-' Tb- iie-ilir-. lo lll !e ;ls- !::iail 1 rVei M' ii.i;-:' ' pi' in- - •••1 -! -he:' lo I ill ll.l c ;:v be i-eii'illiss. o t!i;.ik ir o..-r 'i '1-' applie:!'!- I! ol ;!!cp .-I i;as'< ic f. !'i !' !•: Sii ;il 1'. I . oiisi<h .i i -d at .''i;!. isk.-d I'l b::v. Iw". •'roil! il,.' i;-t- '.•;;> Ill' I ..1 il;iri e i',i:-'i aissiiie: s g,a!.""! .•r>' i:i ^••s^^^>a ilin'- '••;!; did :;-iiee.- uvo i a l)e ;iv >>i liu'elins <: Coekr:!!' -i .|i. tl-- liiiii:,- i:"' ;i 'b . !<bd i.llt • •! 1 I.-re .Mntiinr ol \llcn Count.* Athletic |VN«oriatio:i l> Called for. Next Saliiniuv. V. 11 .\ •M"i;!;:; of Iht- .MIef: ('.jiititv \l!t- •eiie .\.--f<i.iii.iii li ;is !.(.-n caJ'''.l l<-r ::i-.\i .'^•iiiril .iy iiiomin:; ;;i ijn- oO'ne o> •be lol.i hiuh .-eh 'io! .\i this meeting 1: i .iimiie. Ill - will !ik< I;. b<- made fo; .1 preijniiii.n' ne -'i at wiiidi time .niu- tesl ;i:iis in Ur -ke: Wail. Uisi- l^all. ten:ii:< and iiaek woi k. will be c)io .-->'n lo represent this co'int* in the liUorscho- brsiir nice; to lie held in fiiwrcnce ;:i\: .-juing r!:e .Mien Comi!.\ .Mli.etic .\s ,-»Qcia- Mon !; e (.ru)io .-ed of Povs froi'i IliC (las '"!!>. l .;i H.irpe. .Movaii. Humboldf ami bd.i high Mdioots There are iii ;.n.v v.-eil alble;>-s in Iln- eoiiaiv ;i !id a ;;oO(l te:im for e;lcli event • •11; :>•> .-electeil ! THEIR GOVERNMENT BY i PROXY. Substitutes Are Now Running Tilings for Oklahoma Citizens. •he ''(i;::.! •>: e-Iii- .r i\ le-lnanni; of i'io'i w;!' also be lime. .Mr Sioiii ;,:lid.; tr:iiisfi rred seb 'X .I di.slliet lo and :h'> com- •;t. Tbr t -is City ;t llool bi .I 'ld :.:i.\S rn--> W ill'- 1 • :il;<ia uiniid be b; nil riiie: of 'b<- < ominis isUe.1 fo! :i r>-'.:eariir.: KANSAS WATER SUPPI-Y SHORT. If Drouth Don't End Soo|i. Missouri Pacific Will .R'Jn Wate le no'tifted .-aid at Ihe ieiiers and Trains. Tope!,a. Kas.. .Se|.t. The .state atii'inistration of f)UIahonia| Is being run b.v proxy ih'se days. A veijuisi- tioii was received he-e today from Oi.taiionia. It was signed by an act ing governor. ' countersigned liy an a -till'.; secretary of state and the com- piaint was sworn to by an acting jud.«^. C.overuor Hoeh honored (t was for the retuni of | ICav. wanted ih tirant counf^ iing C J. HJ«I1. McKlty is'l .\orton. Kas. , ' IIASkEI.I. HI TAKE STi\Ml'. Oklahoma tiovcrnor Spccclie- (.111 brie. Okla. Win tihh). .Hak; Sept. —tbiv. C. .\". |l:!skeH anpoti;iced lliis niorninv thai iie wouid depart o;i Sunday not for Ohio to make a speakin.u tour in llial .-laie. The governor s.iid he ex- jiected io be away irom Jk'ahonia soni time but uoiild icnirn on twenty-four laan-s' noiie.- to nieol any Rcpi:ii!ifU i in tie- siaie in .iolni dtdiai". On Professional Visit. Hr K. () ( hristian will Ica\*' evniiig on a I'irofessiotial visit through northern towa. this business TO GO TO HUMBOLDT lola Booster Club and -Their Friends Will Go There onj Friday. Sept. 25.! Tonig'ii a. •> o'clocK t^e Ho.».st. r lull will meet at their ihall on South Arrangements will I K- com- for the trip i<» Humboldt on street, pletcil CHICAGO JIDGE" TAFT BEC!DfS FIRST SPEECU-XAKISfe TOUR; i WILL AHEND A BARBECUE AT BKOOK.. I.ND, REFUBUCAlfS WILL rfAVE RALLY TOniAY. Sjircphcs at Chicago audi Plai»» ^« twet'D DoMTer, Fargo, X. D, aiiii - St. Loni».l I " : Cincinnati. Sept. I'S.—Judge Taft to- iay began the first of three speech- fnaking tours h'e is to accomplish before election day. He left Cincinnati his morning ih a siieciat train .an4 vill reach Chicago in time to'address I meeting there tonight.' In the mean- i lime he will attend at Brook. rnd..tliis; ifternoon. a unique i>oliticaI rally. I 'Jeorge Ade has arranged the date and details of a meeting which will- be-^^lon his farm and he is to have a barbeque. and eiitertainment features. The can:f didate will make a short apeccli. ^ The . trip is to extend to F^rgo. N. D.', on'^h& . north: Denver on the west aihd St^' J .onis on the sonth. FOUND THE BOY'S FATHER. An AtchiRon Lad Locates Here Today. His Parent ! Uite last evening the police pick* ed up a kmall boy w~hci; was wandering the streets and brought him to police court. ; This monung when Police .Iitd^e J.' .M. Collins came to his office e asked the boy liis name and was tol.i it was Ballard Collins and that: he came here from ..\tchison. Ka^ to live with his father. B. M. Coll .liidge Collins took the boy to hr fast with him and then^ii^an taelpipi; him to hunt his father, who was fQitnd after.a ssearcli of several boors. T&e boy came in on the night Santai; FB. ELECT DELEGATES TONIGHT. A. H. T. A. Will .Make an Effort; t9 Get iState Meeting. I • .At the meeting of the A. H. T.i.A^ which will be i held this evening delegates will be: elected to the state meeting which is to 1^ held In Saliina,. Kas.. some time in the near fntn^. The delegates will be instructed tojdo' everything-within their power toiae-- cure thtf lt »ii9 meeting for lola. The different orders ;in the county have n.srreed to help the local order t6 ':se> cure the lueetinr. tola is bidding for it against Pittsburg. Kas.. TO SHIP THE PIECES Remains of Wright's'AlrsWri WilliiM - Sent to Plant in Dayton, Ohio. Washington. Sept; Si. —Pijof. Alex* : andcr Graham Bell. Mr. Cortlss and-) Mr. .WcCnrjily. members of tho Aerial .'^ Rvpcrimeut associatloUi of which the Into Lieutenant Thomas E. [Selfrtdce was secretary, visited the sccjoeol tbe / accident to the Wright aeropIaaQJi at ' Fort .Mevor to «iay. Tho eOgfaie, Ud^! ^uch parts of the wraokcd, aeio|dMie •'• as .Mr. Wright believes xaayi iM Of uu^:; value to him liercaftor were''iHU!i(e4'. and will be shipped to. D«ytoiC|0.. ' where the plant of the Wri^tbr^itk-: ers is. The track for Ole aeropliiitii and Ihe starting apparatus wQtjilNi- stored at Fort .Myer for the (acaro-' use of .Mr. Wright. I - , ? ^4 BREWSTER AT HOME it. Will Meter stab- in jail at .Vtchisoii. Kas.. Sept. i;:.—It was announced authoritatively Ih-re today tbat if the drouth in Kansjis does not end soon the .Mis.souri i'ajrific- would establish water trains! 0,n the west end of the central branch and on both tie north and .south SoloiPon branches the rivei-.^ are lower than they.have ever been before in the last twent.v? one \enrs. and the water supply is short. The Missouri Pacific is experiencing a water shortage on the Omaha division. Loiltfs .Vcetinf. The Sons and Daughters of Justice will meet tomorrow evening in .Masonic hall. The regular busine.^s will oonie before the members.: HOLD A CONFEIJENCE .''icn Who .»rci Trying lo Chrjck Tuber- nilasis Are Mpeting in.Phila­ delphia. fbiladelphla. Pa.. Sept. | I';;.—Men who I'glii in the loremost rankci In the word wide war agi-insi the "Great white plague" are gatherinj^ here today to utieud the seventh annual mee: jing of the International Conference on Tut»ercu!osis which formally' opens ti>- uighl in Horticultural hall. The opening session wil^ he devoted entirely to a lecture by Prof. Qottbojd Hanna- wiz. of Berlin, seereta^' geoeral of the international confereace. "The coQter- en,ce will adjourn Sattirday | night. Friday >he J.Mh. Th" Roberts band witjh a full qiiol.t of players will h«•.^d• th'J procession to Humboldt and will lead the proces ion in iii<' paradi- wluu the Boosters arrive :io help our si.>ter city cele- braie its .Mst aiiniver.sary. Kver> vehicle that can be spared in lola i.s' lieini; pressed into service. The livery barns ha\e asreed to chargi" only ."•'> cents for the round trip. It is.;>articiilarl..- re'iuested that all wheth»'!- private own.-;d rigs or autos assemble at '.h<{ Nev.- corner a few mi'-cites before 9 o'clock tlie morning so that the start can may join all to be made in good order, and arrive in Humboldt in shape the parade. .Mreaily about .":'i<i have notified t'-e committee' that they are going and by giving early notice ample arrangements can be made for all. The ladies will turn out in force and will not only be -givttu good ac­ comodations but will have a leading place in the paradt; through the streets of Humboldt. Xobody should wait for a siiecial invitation. Humboldt says she is 31 .vears old on Friday next, and it's Leap Year. LcCs all go down and see about ii. He Lost a Horse. Comirissioner Tom .Anderson lost one of his horses used on his drtHlng outiii last night. The animal «?aa a good one. Mr. .\nder30n having, paid $10 for it last spring. Returns Front Two Monthsi' Trifag^ ; Thinks Cement Market Con-|! 1 ges^ed. \ . [. . 1, l.ast night F. W. Brewster got; a fro^ California, whither he andji 'ti C. Clark went eafly in Jnly.> Tft« jf ' went out via St. Poul, WinnepeK fVi ^ ^ toria. Seattle, San Fran |l8CO awtSMO fT.~-'' ped at Los Angeles. After> Mr^.CUA 4' . return. Brewster remained -fqr.'all^ it with his mother and other relatlTi ifl in Pasadena and put in m<sti qClftliB time at the Beach. He says tItat|SaiL'-d; Francisco is a revelation' ofmo^nic'f building, scores of tall balldlBSS-Iooil^:' ing up in the burned district a great^^t,! many of them concrete.-'^but that^lfet--^ seems houeless that the old dtyt|^aniv ever be fully restored. Th(| ceiaQQti 4;-^^ business in the west is 'ba ^r deiiaor?r^^f->>:<^ allzed. for' local production. mt^k^-^/iMM fices for. the needs.of the O—«'i««>J'ti*i-ia betwefn it and importations cement has a haird time -' market. At present practi ery western plant :is on half less, with no immediate proi. improvement The effect 6 {j^: market in the 'Wiest^ shon^ ' central district, a .nmnler rado and Kansas plaat^--Itdln down.' Only; the other idar. so ha* «», the BoBner*'Pottlsiu^ " sas City was- compelled & so lola:, is' forttmater ^-dariw/^ dtill, perlod-.ta-. tea' plants operate the amdClng. iadoatirki^ adverse-'^martcet^.

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