Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 22, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 22, 1908
Page 6
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r- NEWS THK lOIA DAUT KEGISTEK. imsoAY ETBimraJ OF LA rifilA^ CUB OBGASiZEOi^Tm m XESBEBS LAST JflGHT. lOU ORATORS WERE PRESENT PHILLIPS AM) aiACDOJi ALD WOA' IS DOUBLES TESTEBDAt. Tom LoTlog Who Returned Yesterday From XeTada, Mo, Says That His Mother Is Much Better. Rerolrers Are VisslDir. - ; A. H. Hines ycfsterday niiesed two TCTolvers from his stock of hardware "It Is DOW believed that the robbers who entered the store about two wpeks ago made away with these also. They : yere not discovered at tirst. ; Mother Is Better. I Touj Loving canic in yesterday from i Nevada, Mo., where he was called jsejeeral days ago on account of the illness of his, mother, lie reiwrts her las beini; much better. A CLEAN MATlIl means good time to >ou for years to •come. The delicate parts doinj: indescribable work wil soon destroy their 4ilgh finish and perfect fit when run- [niitg in accumulating dirt and rnucid \oll. Our work is guarantoed. Waters A- Dani'orth Drugs and Jewelry. Organbed Night. A E^rVan club was organized in this • cltj- lost night. The officers are: George B. Hanna, president; Pete Jury, ivice president; \V. S. Grissby. - treasurer, and C. C. Wilder, secretary. I John F. Goshorn. Chas. H. Apt and F. i. J. .Oyler were the speakers of the ; evening. Won in Douhles. .Phillips and MacDonald yesterday j affemoon took three straight sets in tennis from Prof. Baker and Prof. Hyames. They score: 6—;{. fi—2. fi- WIU Give Dollar Soeuil. The'ChrisUan Endeavor of the Chris tlan church of this city will this even' fng hold a dollar social in the church. TBecause of the unique method of rais- jing money and the manner of cnter- itaihment it will be well attended. One month ago it was announced that the dollar social woiild b« held in the hear future at which time «ach raoiuber 'was expected to give a dollar, but was (to earn the amotint in some way \>el«ides their regular vocation. In prc- jSentlng this dollar the member must recite a poem of their own comijosi- tloh telling how the money was earned. m OSTEOPATHT— DB. W .H. ALBKHJHT. I ) Registered Osteopathic Physician. y state Bank Bide. Pliono nr.. "Only Osteopath in 1^ llarpe. :-'ir,i I lY .1 I In on Fonr D«y>* I'lmti. GhM. Unie« cmw In ytnun'dny froi\i / Le»ven «'urih when' lu« in HiiuloiiiHl in /'the resulur itnny. ii« u on u tjnuV dayil PAHS iiud ciitnt* IMTO for u VINIJ, Ho Nectirtid iliii piiNx ho rhm li« tiilisli utifM th(« fi |n «'rul of IIIM Knimt-iiioijii'r 'In Mound (.'My., ill , IN-nuniilit. Mr. nhd >in. .1. It, Smith linm n- Ittrned from « Ncvjitbi IMH) I3ui- lor. Mo'. E, O. Bruijw w/ia hri" ycBlPKl.iy tm a bu8lne88 /»1lHli. , "Will Mlnef who has been 111 for Ihi past several days has rciMrntMl to work. ! Mr. and Mrs. .1. \V. Lawrence will leave this eaening for Hayard. Kas.. "tor a few da .v8 visit with relatives a:id friends. Mtes Addle Deen. of Mound City, is Bere the guest of Miss Millie Ward. Rufus Peters of Lamar, was hero yesterday on real estate business. li. F. Lane, of Neosho Ftflls. was here yesterday on a real estate business visit with Llneback Bros. A SPECIALIST SAVS. "Piles'Can't Be Thoroughly Cored by Outward ^Treatment.'' Dr, J. S. Leonhardt .of Lincoln, Xeb.. the celebrated specialist,, who has studied every phase of piles, says: "PUes can't be thoroughly cured by "ointments, nor any other outside treatment. The cause is internal, and needs internal treatment.'' Dr. Leonhardt perfected Hem-Roid, the first internal pile cure. Itjfree^ pirculatiou in the ^ lower, bowel, and. has cured 08 per " cent of case.*!. \ , Sold under iguarahtee at Chas. li. ' Spencer & Co .'s. Price $1. Dr. I^eou- 'hairdt Co.. Station B. Buffalo, N. Y..' i wop. Write for booklet. HOT^EftTHEB mARRHIA In thdsommerpeopIe'biaU ofi^aie'veiyjttibjec^lo '-numingliiEtli ^binitit.^' Germs sr^.int0 thefood or ii!»ber, fioditbdr ireyl&to^the^iatesQiJ^^aM-lteep irritating them so tliat ^lere'is a constaot desire tCKhave hxoTtajteaiL" It is very HSE weaKenJng. destroys 'appetite, distorbs sleep and DR. GAUiwELL'S t^^'^ll^tZ'^^jt^^-^^^^^ SYRUP PEPSIN piles. There are many ''quick aggravated form of dysentery, ' fortbts It they osnally .bnttberbara coDtiUn a narcotic, and tliat is daiwerons. Othen try calts and laxative ermanent effects. It takes a remedr with Insredient* snch M an combined in Dr. Cald- c Syinp Pepsin to drive ont the tronbleHsaasiac senns, to dean, out the intestioes. to strenetbea the stomach and enliven the liver, i Ordinarr xemedies cannot do this, bat it is a well-known fact that Dr. CaldweU's Syrup Pepem does do ft. Thousands nse It every snm- mer for this very purpose. It is nnqneistionabiy Ibe greatest laxative for ypu^and oM. and the most perfect disestive lesnlator thnt can t>o obtained. Go to yottrdmsxist today and buy a SO cent or $1.00 bottle and see what St wffl do for yon. It is Kuaranteed «o do what we claim or money will be refunded. It fs the surest ctae for the least money that yon can set. It is so ffentle fai action that a child can take it. and yet effectivs cnousb for the strongest. It has enabled thousands'of families to cure themselves of simple aOmeots and prvvent the more serions aihnents. If you have never tried Ur. Caldwell 's Symp Pepsin andwisIitodoso.8eiidypnraddressfora rKESAMPtEBOTTU to_ 1 PEPSIN SYRUP CO..«MonticeIIo. m. GET BUSY "ANTIES" Craw/ford County A. H. T. A. Laying Plans to Secure 1909 State Meeting. It behooves the local order of the A. H. T. A. to got busy if they expect to land the 1909 state meeting of the A; H. T. A. There has been some talk among the Antics in this county of making a fight for the meeting but thus far no dcfinilo plan has been decided upon. The Crawford county .\. IL T. A. is now at work on plans to pouro-the The Pittsburg Headlight says: ' : The local members of the Anti- Horse Thief association arc going after the state meeting to be held in 1900. The delegates selected by Xo. nifi have been instructed to go to the state mooting this year and work untiringly for Ibis meeting as Pittsburg not only possosses a strong membership but also possesses more advantage for the lueeliug thap any other city in the state. At the meeting Friday night arrangements wore made to \mito the forces of Crawford county in an effort to secure the state meeting next year, and to this end it was arranged to have a large meeting o* Friday evening. October 2nd. There will be a large class to bo initiated, a season of social pleasures will be arranged for. and a bantinot will be served. The local secretary has been instructed to write each lodge in the county asking the members there to meet with the Pittsburp: Council Friday evening. October 2nd. enjoy the pleasures of the evening, and then discuss the plans for going after the state meeting systematically. If any member fails to receive an invitation tlirongh his local lodge they are requested to consider thomselvoB invited and be present THKY XKVKK FAIL. [fhat N What They Snv VImiil Thini in lohi, and If U Thm-fore, Itelliible. Aiuillur inoof. more e\ III.MKT. IOI.M IfslllMonv to Kwell the loug lUl of lo- f'.ll people wlio end 'Ti.!' ihe old (}im- Uer ri'MM-dy. Umu'tt Kidney I'lIU HCMI IIIIH coiivlnclMK endorHeineiil of iluii i '<»iuiuk «lili' picpuriiiliiu: MrN Ida Hnillli. <>t .'.iiT N'.irih Si. loin, lOiH.. hiiy*!: "I run voiieli fitf Uoiitrn KldlKV I'IUM IM'IIII; II v<'inillli< H'lui 'dy foi Itiijiiey coiMpliiliii ,\l,v liituuliiiT. !•! vi 'Hi R of imt'. hill; iiiiiri'ved II creal di'iil rtmii lli;il r-otnpUilnl wlif <'li I 'ltiiii' oti luT diiiliiy li 'T In Vynfv. Ati iliii<' weiil on IHT rondiilon f.rrw woix' TIKTO well- uli.nrii paluf riViT her eycK iiiiil .•leroKK the I'llidonieii In the reuioii of Imr kidneys. Al llliifK the parts iirouiid hei' eyes were so twollrn and the pain was so InlenKo that she ii ;is come Into the house from srhool scre .'iiniiig and crying. IJiirln;.' the night she had terrible dreams and was very restless. A physician treated her and although there was some improvement, it only lasted for a short time. We tried different remedies, but In no case were the results satls- factor.v. I finally sa^jv, Doan's Kidney Pills highly recommended by people in Tola and I went to Chas. B. Spencer & Co.'s drug store and got a box. The benefit received, was altogether satis- factor.v. My daughter has not bad the least sien of pain over the e.ves since taking this remedy and there has been a general improvement in her condition in every way. I most heartily endorse Doan's Kidney Pills." For sale .by all dealers. Price .''.0 cents. Foster-Milburn Co.. Buffalo, New York, sole agents for the I'litied States. Remember the name—Doaui:-|-and take no other. EXPECT 300 PUPILS lOLA BUSINESS COLLEGE HAS PROMISE OF GREAT YEAR. Great Increase Last Year. Arc Very Convenient ase. in r.-JTh« Enrollment Over he New Quarters FOBFEITED THEIB I BU>DS. if] I i Lunonyon-and McHugh Did Xoi Sboiv Up,;CoUlns Says. I Police Judge J. M. Cpllins last Sat- lurday'afternoon declared the bonds ;of Emmett Lamunyon and C. K. &Tc- 'Jtliish forfeltetl because they failed to appear for trial and ordered them rearrested. Lamunyon and McHugh f were 'arrested Wednesday night on a qharge of selling Intoxicating liquor. -They-"gave bond for their aiipeanincc for.trial at foitr o'clock Satfurday. Wlien' tbey failed to apear Judge Col- llnB declared the bonds forfeited, y .'lie. officers iarrested the two men 'duiEsiil; yesterday afternoon on the same 'f4ib;^jn. Otto Hinze was on both Mc- iHoA'and Laxoiunyon's bond. Lamun- >^B^t)bnd was |300 and lilcHtigh's In l-lumboldt. C>. W. .Adams was in Humboldt yesterday on business in connoction with the M. W. A. lodge. Wo are oounlin .m on an enrollment of 3il0 for the year, and wo do not bv lievo the estimate is too" said John Tyler, vice president of tho lola Business College yesterday afternoon while speaking of the prospects of the lola Business College. The jirosont onrollntent scents to boar out'Mr. Tyler's prediction. 1-ist year at this time thor<' was an enrollment of alxint :>:.. Today the enroll- uiont is fil. an inoreaso of about one- half of what it was last year. Moreover sttidonts are rnrolling 'mory da.v. there being five j'.ow ones-.Jj-osterday. Wlion the effect of the panic of last year is taken into consldiiration the enrollment for this year fa remarkable and certainly speaks jn glowing terms of the growth of th(j school. An encouraging feature of this year's enrollriient is that; many of the students come from afar.: A few years ago the college drew nearly-- all of. its patrons from this iniinediate vicinity. The reputation for turning out well equipped students has spread over the country so far that among the students now are boys and girls from distant states. All of last year's graduates have gooil positions and the report from tt.ose. under wlioso employ they are. is complimentary to tJii' course and the in.struclors hero. The school now has applications for oompetent book- !<eopors and stenographers, showing what is in stove for tin-, boy an;', girl wl '.o laki's .•idvanlar.o of llie work of linsiness collcuc sucli as is ImMte hero. The now qitarlors (if ()'e oolloKe iir< as eonvouioiil and wo|| planuoil IIH any r<iuillar rtdloKo in ihls pari of (In i -ouniry. The mi'i|n room IH a spai loiiH Olio Mild hi\H gooi light while ih iirniiiRonn-ni for K 'X 'd lir<'ozo In tin hot iiioiilliM could not lie bolter. Ther IN aliuiidMiiri> of nioiii for till llii< di liuiliiicnih of I ho Kl'liool, The fn'-iili liflN iip'todiiio i<-oO |iiloii and prival DitlcoM. llnl' of Mil' I'ltjoyiililr fenliiro^ of ilii orhocil ilil:i fall will b» iho liinr«ry sorli'ltfs. l,;i!<l yi .'iir Iho tioliool dii not li .ivo a Kiiilahb- room in whioh lo hold the prograin.s and the sorieiio.s wore not orcanized. The pre.sont quarters include a liig room and the soci eties will bo organizeil shortly and Programs arranged for titc fall. These societies afford good traiaing for the students. The collew also lias a; piano so that musical selections may- be rendered with the debates and discussions. «Evory Friday moniing some well known pibfessional or business man makes a brief talk to the students along lines that are of especial benefit to the students. -The general work so Tar this terra has been very .satisfactory to the faculty and proniLscs to oxeoll any previous year in the nine yo.-irs of tin school's !)isfor>-. NEWS OF GAS -ff THE ikOSEr BOX ST0LE5 FROM LAMBERTOX WAS FOOiD TODAY. CHECKS AND RECEIPTS IN IT SCARLET FEVER HAS ACAIX BROKEN OUT IX TOW.V. Lecture Course Committee I.H Today Stlering Talent—Five Lectures and Tbrrr .Vn^iral Xnml>ers. Found Money Box. While going to work this morning fleorge Na.«h found the money box which was stolen from Lanibeiton's bardwjtre store one week ago last S.tturda.v evening. The bos had I)cen taken lo the rear of the city barns near the Prime Western smelter where it had been broken open and looted. However, tlie cliecks and roceipis originally ."^ovoral dollars, were undlsturlie<l. Mr. l.,:nnborloii had ordered all but one of these olierkt. cancelled; The finding of the box saved him the amount of this check. The bos when stolon contained $lOn in money'and several checks- and receipts. Has Scarlet Fever. The home of .Mr. and .Mrs. Henry on North Stnuley street was this morning qiiarauliiiod for scarlet fever. The live y«'ar «>ld daughter is re- porttii as iioing quite seriously i'l with the malad.v. l•^•ory precaution is being taken to previ-iit the <li<ease from siireading. Ormni/e Foot Ball Tram. .\ fiKit ball team will be organized hero. There are enough good players n town to form a toani that will make a good showing wiili the l>ost in the stale. Will Meet in Sperial Session. A business meeting of Ilie IJryan club has been called for We«rnc>sday evening. The meeting will lie hold in h*. \\\ Freven's olhce. Dlsmi-ssed Ciitlrell (ii>e. On motion of tbe complainiiiK wlt- n (s.s. the rase of the eiiy vs. i;eorge Cottrell. i•har.^ed with di -sturbing ihe pence, was dismissed. The defendant liuid ihe '(josis of the action. ISING many other painfuf and distressing ailments from which most mothers suffer, can be avoided by using Mother's Friend. This remedy is a God-send to expectant mothers, carrying them through ;the critical ordeal with safely. No woman who uses Mother's:Friend need fear the suffering incident to birth; for it robs the ordeal of its dread and insures safety to life of motjier and child, leaving iher in a condition more fevorable to speedy recovery. The child is also healthy, strong and good niitiirAH book contaiiilnc valtu- naturea. bletofonnaUouwUnieemt f rde by wriUng to BKAQFIELD REGULATOR CO. Atlanta.C|a. ,.l..v Is SehTtinir Talent. The committee that lias btoii working up a lecture oour.--.e for tJas City thi.-s winter is now busy selecting talent. They say simio of the best speakers and nuisieal nunil'evs to \<o >,e- curod will IK - liroiighi hero. There >viU bo eight tiumber^. live lectures i.ind three niii.^ieal iiiinitier.-i. Will lltild Special Sissh.ii. 'Iho lio.uil of ediuaijon of the •it.'' .•icIiiMtIs will iiiooi ill special s<)p.->ion VV'oilnivday o\onln«. Tin- qiie.-iion n( |iiiylii,'< the faro-i of piipll.-* to Jind fnini Hi -hool will ooini> up lor ooii.'>ldi'nitl<iii RPET SA Wc have more Ruqs and Carpets for our Pall Opening Sale than We ever had before I^oom Sized Ingrain l^ugs Dxt) up to 12.\I5 feetfroiu.. .S2.SS up Tapestry Brussels 9.\ 12 feet SiOiSO up to $22,50 Axminster Rugs '.>xl2 feet S22.S0, $23, S27.50, $30and$35. \ Wilton and Wilton Velvet Ru^s '.'X12 feet $19.SO to $60 Great Bargains in Hearth Rugs Double faced Smyrna, reds, greenj, blues, 30xG0 inches, sale price only 9Sc Beautiful Axminsters Floral and Persian Patterns, size 27x1)." inches, sale price only $t.33 Axminster and Wilton Velvet Carpet Made With Border As a large si;:ctl ruj; or to cover the whole room from $1*00 to per yard. This includes luakiug, ii/iiig and laying. Animal Rugs 30x<>li inches of the hest extra heavy all wool'Smyrna rugs, these rugs are the same ou.both sides and tlie animals show just as well ou one side as the othet. Sale price onliy- $2,63 ingrain Carpet If you want an Ingrain Carpet we can i surel}^ please ytnx in both price and pav" tern. Wc have more than Pevcnty-liye patterns priced from 2Bo to 3SO per yard. W c have one cf th«? latest carpet making machines and extra good carpet layers -and can guarantee satisfaction in making arid layiug your! carpet I I I'l r*i «Miiih. I .«uinl<' .Mc('ja«:l<iu. of Chiiiiiiio, Ir lioix vlxlilnt! IIIM hioilnr .Mr and .Mir. .\ •' h<hiill<'r ri'tiiMn< Motidiiy inornltiK Itoin Kaiii.jf> <'ii> wliero Hioy r«peni i-^iindtiy. Ailliilr .Miadr. of i.'srV. K,i . .v.i lietM .\ rsiiM il;iv. rlir .1 I.J III. lu'ith IT • H. K. Iiloui >f:tiMdiiv niovi 'd lih larbiT i-liiip htippllH... IriT'- fiiiiii |i ;la. (lertlia .Sliiri-k left .'io.'-ierda.\ for Arkans;i.x llity whore yln- will visit her sister. The .>iix-year-old son of .Mr. and .Mrs. Sauk Woods is roporleii a.s boiiiK ijuitr serlon.siy ill. Chas. Uallard who has been :M foi (he past several days is s;ii<l li>.l>p. .some better. Dcniorrats JIake Small Iincsliiioiil- t;««d rsuise. ill Col. .1.^11. .Mchi.son .say.s IIM lielievod n° publisliiiiK the names of die d<>uor.< and the amounts fnven l>y each toward the Kepiiblican oaliipai^n fund, lie thinks this is an exceptionally Ijood Idea when Ihe dnuatiou.'s are ri- •eived fnun Democrats wlio art friends of tJit> Hepiiblicaii party. C;irl Peter.soii not ti> be outdone by ("hair- man Coshorii of the Democratic central cuiiimitiee. came ihrotii;li with n five-cent piece this morning and Jud"C J. .M. Collins has promised the Cobmel that within u short time he will donate two ceUt.-<- for the BOIMI of the cause, c Col. fVtchison sa.vs he intends to collect the lwi> cents if lie has to place the ac^.-ouut in the hands ol a promlneut ctillectiou iiKcucy. YOUK STOMACH'S SAKE TAKE MCEST rSVORKS ANY. oLo TIMr» lest Ever for'Constipation.;Jndigeslion and DyspcpsTa PREPARED ONLY. BY S. H. WACN^K COMPANY. FORT MADISON. K Cumruiteed Under Food and Drus* A« RAWLINGS AT CHANUTE. Has Five Millions Pledged Intcrurban' Road. for. His Tl;-' (.'iMliii!'' ."-^-in .<;i...^: K. i'. K;iw- |in:.;s ••.iiu'' in from {)ii4nv ;t yi-si»-rilay lo .spend a fi-w dnvs visiting lii.s fan.i- ly hero. "Are you liown nn i.'ti.-in'-'ss con- ii>'i-t.-(l wiiii tl Ifctric roari?" bo w;is askoil t>y :i n''.v.*<pap'^r man t .'iii-: mornin?. •"Oil. no. 1 iii 'T 'ly came honn' to I 'ln v.- ;K <piaint;inc>' v.itli my ilWi:. Il.iv." iji -i ^n away .so 'on.;; v.:is: afraid If would not i<-cn:;[!i/.f lue and prove vicious." n-turii'-il ilo- raihviiy iiro- iiolor. "Xo, tlioro is iioii,iii'.r iii''W r<:;aril- na, the ro:'(l which 1 an- .-ii liliiMty \>> ;;ivc out for iiulilii-atifiu. V»'o are Sour Stomach for lh« »*>t l<r('3» * ^*"»^'' still in tbe Dark. fjfllcers of both the lola I'oriland nd L'liitoi Portland CeiiienI eoiu- panies stated today that they had received uu word as to which of the local plants had received the l»iR sov- ernment contract for fiir'nishlnK cement for the IrrlRation project in the Shoshone valley. A dispatch Sunday stated U>at the lola Portland got tue contract but the plant has not been ailvlsed IC sadi Is tlie case. for thd *asi l «ri.3i Afs. 1 h.-tvp'l»..rt ttkius mxli* ••inn»n.| nll \<r nriiK». l-i'. ' .'liJ i-> r<'.i«I "nlr fiT • Phort Hwl*". I ni!i "... .1,.....'(. -1 0.....-ur -l* lo coy fni^liJ. m< «h" fiity ^^tt!^; f..r it 'Irt -t siifin «n <l •"t»r stitvft.'h uil<t l.» III.. I ....V .U lu e*ja* dttion. Thty an. v.rv" \UiTi Siuukloy. Much Clinok. Pa. Ber-it For r Thobovt'cis jg wnikiiiL: li.-iiil eiri ili<- financial rml '.f Ih'- |i !l )j >'l ilU'l i-Xp '-Cl to liinl.l lid- mail •• ! "Wiial lon .-iiilt 'rauoij \\>\\ W si. own' (•haiiiiti^ in the location of c ;ir siioiiH, pnwiTliouscs. etc.?"' iw wa.-i ;i.<ic <i!. • ••\Vi-ll. "that il<>piii <l;> •iiliivly iiiioa the n-port of our oiinin-'iMS .:>ni| tli'.'. citi/.ons of Clianii:'. Toi.-.onoliy. ;f am favorini; llv town nil f i-.\n. Our. iiowfrlious!-. til hi- iimsl i!fi ctiVif.' sliouM lie )iii-;in il .'Siinii \vIi'-:-i- iifiir ilio fi-nti -r of ti-js IiraiMli. which V.OMM! lie at Coliuiy or <;ariiott. HowetiT, ^ .^as i.'! an imporlaiit' faotor in th'fj filial sclofiion of a .-ttf and Chaiius-r • is :;l .ont il;i- farihist iinrtlt thai .1 THEllOLA ICE AND COLl|> STORAGE CO. Manoflacbirers, Wliolesalc iai RetoB I>ealers CRYSTAL IGE And Distilled Water Heir Cei4 Storage Seadj Ux VHshiesm Phoae UC FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. siirricioni .supply e;:i> XMarailtCfi!. Thorpe & Hoogh .Mr. IUiwlin>;s wi!l ntMrn ID Kansas fiiy ilnripK ihf .\ ',m ,,1. his pnij.used line-from fi.y: to Ti>iM-)i,-i and In<lo|)endon(-|. I'-^titlvd ill Th.- Slid" of last v.oeK. roSTI '0 >E I .K^KHt < ASKS. 11 hil- f'oi:lr:!rJ(irs, Eucineerii, .SurTcyors. FuMy. etpii-.iped for all kinds of surveying, estimating, patent draw- ins, b 'lue prints, maps, sidewalks, curbing; and farm drainaso. Oliico OttT "Famous." r'lliro ( ourl Is Uuiliuu' iiii lh< I'nv rir.iiirj Ca-.e. CANOVCATMARTX Pl*u»nt. fiumh:-.. fount. Ts:it« r-c* ii-*<.i<l la bulk. Tll-* fc'-I .ain.l t.M»* .T ;%r. i-*.! C U C. StefUce Remedy Co., Ciiitijo or N.Y. '99 AMMUALS/U^,TE3I MIUiOK BOIES .J!'!<:iil .sr IMIll .V 1-' • HI!!. I Ill- It IS iltl('il ilili fill ( ir .! (».. Ill- !,i ;itti-iul nil! rates of I'n- riiv a'.,aiii.-' , Oiir Stovo Dcp-irtment now con- taiuk the finest line of I ! I'l oo!(ij-',f i>i-|ili-i at L* o'cioi-k Ihe fjyler Is Ini-y it which is beinc tt CookSioves ever exhihiied In sonthcastern Kansas. Vcu arc invited to step in and look them over. It's a treat to the eye, to say the least A fit:e line the Whli 'iiw ni.»i !o*l»«=aters, tpo.inafewdayii. ed in district court A. .Morrison :i:ii| .hni .Mil's. ii'..l! Iiarsed with uiaiiii.siiiitm a -n. lilid l-i-IIini; inlo'^n-alii'^ Inionr... ur 1- po-i iKino,!. .Mm i>i:-i>n will lie IMIC! iilit-r .'!"lh H.v-! .Ms!!.-, same d ly. .\;:i>fni -y Brotherli «cd .•feetintj. The officers of the Methodist Rri .T'.>-i erhood were!installed at the res:u!ir| Bervicea .;Si^da.v evening. .Iud;.'o( JFoust presided. TORES' Register Want Ads. Brins Besnlts.

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