Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 22, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 22, 1908
Page 5
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Tmn Rmmpmli^t^ You ShouM. Oatvy a Bank Aoopuht It helps your credit " , It guards you against extravagance. «^ It will create business; habits that wilt inorease your savings. It makes a clear record of yonr business. It f urnisheB the best receipt for all money ptid out. It will prevent you frpm paying the same bills twice. It protects you against loss by robbery and personal injury by robbers. - It is the best burglar Insurance you can carry. It enables you to pass over periods of sickness without embarrassment. It is not only a luxury, but a necessity ^to a successful business man. Stole Savings Bank Mm, IteJiM* Opeii from 7 to 8 p. ni. Saturdays and Pay Nights Fryer Bros, WHOLESOME GROCERIES Our stock nf OiiHciies and Meats arc-."-old on fho luerits of their high standard as to qual- Hy. Tbcy are pure, wholesome and always can he relied upon. Try a sack of Xo. ~ Flour, per sack .1... flJO Japan, Imperial or Gunpowder Tea, per pound ...; 4io The best in town for the moneyj Fryer Bros. FbORfa S08-S01. Evans Bros. firm Otft^mammmllmm • • Wli«r« qaallty la m»tn eonili- •raUoD w* boy Ui« beat Wliara dsmandi wUl JnaUty. wa mrry aU gradea and prKiaa. MnHk IMa •qun, late. —Dr. J. R. Pepp«r. DenUat Phone Mt. Ki |ual Days and Mshts. The days and nights are equal in length now. and it will not be long until thp days grow shorter and the nights become the longer of the two rsiiaJly there are ei]i)lnoctial storms, and a good many people are looking for thi» breaking of the dry s^pe!! and a change in the temperature as a result jof the atniosjiherir disiurbances that are duo to take place just at this time. —R. ST. Conntngrliain, tf per eeat fflonej. (umphHI Will Not DilMte. The socialist district committer' in- vito<J Congressman IV I*. Campbell t <i meet Kenjamin K. Wilson, the socialist candidate, in joint ilehatcs over the district. Chairman Vincent has re- ceiviMl a reply fn>iu Mr. Campbell's commltiee. declining the invitation for tht"! reiison that .Mr. Campbcli's itinerary has been arranged right u|i to the (late of the election and could not bi- broken in tijton —Chniiiiie Sun. The finest am! freHhcHf line of Oian- dies In town in nt Mundiii's. ilU Kari>wi>ll H«-rmon. ItiV I H I'ulllam fiuiiierlv pawior nf till' M K. church, preached hl^ fare- ttill sermon at Chaniite Sumluy cven- itiH lie >{oes to lloiilder. Colo, thl> week where he acce|(t!< the |iii!-t(iratr of the church there. —Mrs Turners Millinery Opening. Friday. September 2.'>ih THE Golden West LondCo Offers you better, oppportuni- ties jo sell or exchange your farm or business through its cooperative agencies. Office Otct Iowa Store lola, Kansas. Kor a >>w (burrh. Garnetf .Methodists took steps Sunday evening toward the erection of y new church. movement for a church there has been on foot for some time. r-SIx per cent mnney: no comml* slon; no delay.—Smith & Travia. ( ollPPted Board Bill. Chief of Police William Gates went to Humixjldt. Kas.. this morning and collected a board bill which (ra Collins of that city owed Mrs. Hutchinson who conducts a boarding house on South State .street He went to Humboldt with a warrant for Collins arrest but when the latter paid the amount of the board biii he was allowed to go. —Merchant's Li^nch at Our Way. —Soda Waiter, ths Oar Way kind. Earl Cox Here. Bad Cox vaa ap txom Bismore yes-| terday on bitsiBeas. He said Uie raOy Uiere Saturday nUbt waa one of the moet aucceaaful in yeara. —rrank 8. BeatUe. V. 8. Pbone 139. Allen CMId Dead. The seven weeks old •on of Mr. and Mrs. Prank Allen died Saturday. Cholera Infantum vaa the cause of death. —Oysters any style at Our-Way. Ga* City Hat a Problem. The board of e<lucation in Gas City Is having trouble with some of the lutt- rons of the schools there with reference to fares. ThP school board has been faying the fares of some of the pupils who live near the itower house and now certain people In Gas City thlirk the board should pay the fares of all pupils. I5c New Fall Dress Ginghabis, Wednesday, per yard —Mrs. Turner's Millinery Opening. Friday. September 2jth. Mita Hartpence Returns. Mrs. Nellie Hartpence of Vernon, left for lola today, after visiting her father. F. U Simpson and famll.v.— Chanutc Tribune. —Our. Oysters. Way. state Officers Here. State Treasurer Mark Tulley of Independence, and State Auditor .1. M. Nation of Brie, passed through lola yesterday afternoon on theiir way to Tppeka. —Sign painting Fred Kowd.-ti. phone Ill's. Kelfer Gets Back. \ Frank Keifer returned to I.ila to day after- vlsltiug Georgp Pal.n and family. Mrj Keifer is employd by Dr. Harry Brown in lola.—Chanute Tribune. —Dn. Ijitkrep, Osieepatht. rtieae 4 (IR. Dr. Murphy to Baldwin. Dr. S. S. Murphy, pastor of fh.- M. F. church in Paifsons<'.| through lola yesterday afternoon on bis way to Baldwin to atteml an •executive tn'-eilng of the Baker t.'nivetsify di rectors. —Be a: Booster—Home Industry— N'cosho River Cat a* Our Way. The homo a( Chanutc is niifat.-.l .dii nractically the same lines as it ner er refused to accept destitute child ren. for whose support nothing can t>e coniribiiled. and in return for this service It should be entitled to regular appropriations frooi the county funds. .Vpparently the matter of soliciting an a)ipropriatlon from the county has nnver pccnrred to thetuan- Hgers of the home, and iHisslhly If the matter was taken up It wotiM re. celvr favorahte action.—Chanutc Sun. J, D, THOm ^gtlm'^f ^eamily icitmi on til, wod PkcM ni^ lafc «• •. Backer*. Sanla h' m w —lulat *• havhc T. 8." near. Gets an Idea From lot«. \t lola, wh»'ri> thei;.' Is an oriili;iu •ige Hiipiiovted by both iirlvatf and state contributions, the county commissioners have voted to donate $lon annually from flie fun<is of th'- rmiti ty towards Its maintenance. .\t (h- regular boanl meeting last we.-U tlio commissioners made an appropriation of J10i>. to be paid quarterlv in suni« if J2i>. The home, is consideration of the approtiriation. Is to care for any nauper children sent to theni free of charge. —Anto Garage and Repair Shop for ill kind* Af rrpalrlof. Aatomohile llrery. Phone Stt; Chanute Begins Work; The work of oiling South Lincoln street began this morning. It will b>> given the same treatment as South Steithenl. The macadam w;is swept off before the oil was applied, and the sweeper raised a great cloud of dust. —Chamite Tribune. 12 l-2c New fk Shirting Cheviot?, Wednesday, per yard I8c New Fall Mercerized Ginghams, Wednesday, per yard Wo fSo One lot Apron Ginghams, short lengths, Wednesday,, per yard 5o Yard wide L L good quality Muslin, Wednesday, per yard. New Side Band Calicoes, so much in demand, per yard 3o 61-20 50c New fall [^ress Wool Suitings, 36 inch, Wednesday, per yard 39o 52 inch wool Tjaffcta, regular $1.00 value, Wednesday, per yard New Side Band Percales, Wednesday, per yard Dark and light Outings, worth 7 l-2c, Wednesday, per yard 12U20, IBo \ T So 36 inch black taffeta Silk, $1.00 vauc, Wednesday, per yard 25 New Fall Jkkcts, regular $5.98 values, Wednesday, 69o $3.98 60 inch Turkey Red Table Linen, good quality, Wednesday, per yard 2Bo lOc yard wide Bleached Muslin, fine quality, Wednesday, per yard $5.00 all wool! fine Panama Skirb, blue, black, brown, Wednesday, 7 U2o $3,98 October Home Journal Style Book Free for the AsM^^^ —.\lways lime to eat at O'li iv .iy. j \u Sh"»»'» lor l'Hr »«n». ; r.u «iiiis .-••till- !<> baVH iji- Pill' f;niii Ml'- riiiii- tii.iris (h!» .>••.!: \\,:n~ liiiu Itiiitli-r-i •.xtin !.tio»<-d at ;> ••ii'\;\\ iiiil iiiTiil'-':i .•'liipi; jtiiii|i tj' t'ii.i- nii!'- tin- lieM. nit itu.-. rv\ «-lit i..> out if rji.-ii i-;i!'-'i!ati<iii.- ;i:id «>-iir "(i rii Ctiff.'; vi'i!.- wli-re rhfy. ai»- -j W.\.\Tl-:i> -Clean cotton rags at thl« otlice. li>'.\ Hi Son enients Making L. Sleeper & ttiisive Improv store ro<nn. Whejn •nr tinii-^hed the d;ife i:i every iia Inipro^^™™*** are malting ex... In their old the improvements noni will i)e up to lar. rilic.ul tOlOM.HT R.iTE.H CelUomla, Arlioiuu YM. Dail; nntll UrUber 91. I90«i. (QOJN) from lola, Kan. Uberal stopover privileges. I'er- konally contlucted pxcur»lonH..TI«:kPl8 acepted In tourlct slccpera on payment of Pullman rate, and in chair car. No belter way of­ quainted with the Great Southwest, irtaere small farms yield aicoiniwtence. than by traveling over the Santa Fe. Let me send yon some liternttirc «boat'California. Arizona, etc. W. E. R-ALSTO.V. Agent. lola. Kansas. Give your Subscriptions for MAGAZIXES A>D PEBI0DICAL8 TO. i. E. UendersoB '.ho deals with the publishers and faroishes them at the lowest price possible. Pbone 98. 414 N. Buckeya Fw bcfi wU 4sIdtMt rcnU* ue If yiu want \]\p lafe.«t and nicest po.-ii cards on the market. s<ii them at .Mundls druc jafore. Kite .>rti siudeni* EurnIL • KUe new students were enrolled In the lliislness Odlece vesterdav They .Mary I.lpbconili. Rich IIIH. Mo.; Iliirrv Huzli'v. \j\ Harpe: Chester I.«ach. Rhin.-h.iri. .Mo ; M Hrll'vv, fan- ih<'. .Mo. and Mnv (•rt.*tlHr. Inlsr - Mrt. Tiirtif-r's .Mllllnei y Opi -nlnc Kriduv. Si>pt«'nilier ii'ith lte». ShQlU U lAperled. Rrv. .'^hiii'i'. flio new iiaiiior of the Iti'fornied ihurclf. Is expected In from OliloMitiip fitne this week with his fainl!.'. to tak«» up his work h»^rp. —Fresh Oysters—Our Way. Bank RrlRir<< .<«n{t. Th" Alien Tounty bank has hroupht, •-nit acralost the lola Oil antj Produe- fini) romi >anv to recm-pr t^.\^X.Wl. It is in the nattjre of a friendly action. —Patter Hanginft. Fred Rir»wden Phone H-'S. Yesterday's Transfers. .M. Carrier and wife to Mary J. Wafers, a lot In block 6. Caldwell 's aJdltlon. Moran. Consideration. $60. Chas. F. BrtMTk to E. H. Leitzbach. lot 12. block 6. Brock ft Hosfonl's addition. Humboldt. Consideration. $125. Vnadia noir has^^ the aeeoer for lamoiitm diooolatei. —Kansas Cit.v residence to trad«> for Tola property. Good house with barn to rent, on paved street. Four room house for sale, for $1.10. Whitaker & Donnell. Visiting in Ottawa. Mrs Bert Taylor and small soti. Ralph, and Mrs. H. K. Nelson, of lola. are Rtiests of Mr. and .Mrs. Ernest Smlt^h.—Ottawa Rep^iblic. New ^ost cards, ilundis dniB store. Mr. Lomax Comet Home. H. K. Lomax of Allen county, who had spent several rlays In thp cmm- try around Ottawa on hiislnpss. left for home at noon today.—Ottawa Republic. —.Mrs Turners .Mllllnprv Oin'iiliti:. Filday. Spptemlier i.*.ih —FIliKtrald .Storaire snd Trani/er Co. Household and piano niovinir; lartfrst and best store room In the citj. I'ltone 3^ nitu 't Hnrt |ol8*< railnc!. i:pi-.ii!^f the lo.i'l^-^d circii.; ivascu • wp!" ;<!(> Ii-avy ih>' city oflii-ia!:.- la-:;. S ,(t-Mii:t.-. tu'uruii- s:o|ip '^'l t|itt Ftitm-; i-irc'isM"i III. ii;tu In-.; its; pafiiph'T- ijiiii .'11 K;ni sTieet from Sf -v .^n'ii imrth tn Kir.-i »(iere the loar.s w>-i«. I'iichf'l r; urts .-.aid that the; pitvini; hfTP !> niip ri)i:r.-c itiick and t}ia: tlit? l)p;!\> \vL>:i()n> with ilielr narri'W tire^ Ji)ii;ii^ •.nv:.if v. Th»- rirrii.s : [if<ii'.o hfi h .tn 'fl tlivii wfts"!!.- o'lj. I'iiIkij •;;r'er to Kii-.-i^ and thencp wp -'j tn 'h": .-h"w uvn'Hid'; Con)in« har^ the;; wen; to rh.- ;:,tlu liv thp s^m" rniitp: Th- |>;ii.-idp. Iiowpver. was hailed oii K!n) str^-^t tioth cotnluK dnwn tow.j ind retnrnins.— Coffe .viMirc .lo'irnal Mrs. Ray West Back. Mrs. Ray West and little daiicht.-r returned to Tola today after a wcks visit with Mrs. West's parents. .Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Aldrlch.-Ottawa Rp public ^ rnr»«u» T«»« llich. Tlf liltiulitiK Itrnthpt- lll^^l.»•a»- «d uiili r ir--.i>ii.>*. I'latniitii: that thi- <;•> <-h.<i th.-iii t.x. tiiur^h li..'tis»- Th-;. /i.e.'' ••vliif>'r»'/l );i .-ilijio.-t rji>- ,arKP .'nWMs In thi> .•jpptloii tlii-i I.'tt ii.i- i:iv»-n this citv tli- j:'.»-''y — i'^r- -'•i;.- Kclip-p. SuliurlHin llniuf for Sale. Tiii.^ i.- a fine ."• acrps sitiiared at thp jitnction !>:' two i:f thpni",-f imblic r(.:(.li in .\ll,-n rmintv. only .six l>l'K-k >i fintu ih'- l.ii-inpss r'-ntpp nf Moran and oiiy fciiir hlocks t'roiii tn" piihiir .-I hool hulldinc There i.- .t nc* 7 ^rdoni lottaqp dwe.TInc wfh cifwet. |i;';i;!> ami ihn'*'' porphp?^. a uucmI small l >.iri!. .iiii'ik*- house and chi(-k'»n hou.sp, Thp l)iiildinc.> .ire all new. boinn litiilt .-j .rins. ih" dwellins !.< hiiilf >.f thn Ui^i-; of luaferial and is wpii fini>hei|. Tlit'i" is fine shade by large trcp.-^. fh" and lays smooth is well fenced and i^ a sood quality of soil. VVrite .1 O. S.MITH. .Morait. Ka^ —It— Our Way Soda Water. Leases Yesterday. A. F. Fdnk. et al to A. B Cr^kpriH east one-half. sotJthwesf one-fourth of north one-fourth and northeast oif- fourth of southwest one-fourth. !::25-1?. Leroy A. .Ayers to S. E. Splilman. southwest one-fourth. l-l'.VIH. This lease was assigned • to the Portland Pipe Une company by .Mr. Spillraan. W. S. Cochrane assigned to H. B. Scott et al. a lease he held on the following land owned by Henry Roebl. south one-balf of southeast one-fourth. 17-26-19. TO KEEP BACK THE KAW. A Drainage District in Southern Leavenworth County Authorized. l.t-avenworth. Kas. Sept. 21.—T;...- farni'T!' in thi- vicintiy of i-enape, a villas-- in thf extreme southern part of this county, have formed a mutual agreement for the protection of their lands from the ravages of the Kaw rever floods. and today the formation of the Lenapo drainage district was authorized by the board of commissioners of ly^avpnworth county. The county board set October I as ttc datn of the' first ^-ipction of offict-rs of the corporation. The organization of prot«>ctivt- incorporations of this kJn<} was authorized by the lecislaiure of li">5. The propprty in the district ran be taxed to a maximum of '.JO ppr cent for tht constriiction of dikes and drains. WIS in.>Dmo> .S4TI.SFAIT0RY, Depend on Us for Medicines i We fill doctor's prsacrlfv tlont with the greatest ac- cttracy and care. There's Ino. carelessness. Kuesaworlc jor Indifference about the way tre make up a prescriptijon. Our prescription clejrka •re expert, careful and cpn* identious. We not onl |r lol- low doctor's directions with ri|dd precision, but we use ouy the purest and freshest *S5 ^ ^ „.J.. lest, qtiite reasonable. We sell many e£Fectfve, ready-prepared remedies j^for epecific ailments. If ytoo are troubled with constna- tion. you will find REXALL FRUIT LAXATIVE a de- Uffatful and reliable prepara* tion, sure in its action.fnd free from erfl after-effects. A true laxative and a positive core for constipatton. Sold with the Kexall goaian* tee. . ' i BURRKLL 'S PRCG STCIRK. Ito RexaU StOTc. w West SHib S^aarr I .ttBTons to Jnplfn. K V I,.-inyon and i\. K. Lanvon and il.i-ishf'r. .Mis.« Rosalie, werp in .lotilin .Sjituiday nicht. Whilp thpre Mis- Ito- -saiif wa.-: fhp cu«>st of friend-—f'itt,- hiir-.; lloadlicht. A Charivari Last Night. Mr. Rov Griswold and .Miss .Mary Hisor xiTf kIvph an old , fashioned r'artvarl in Lincoln park last nishf. For Mr*. T. M, Bartles. j T!i>^ niyanic!uh did not hoi I It* rpc ^ m>-.tine last nlcht.' ndjouriilni; j out «>f rPsptct for T. .M Hai'le.-*. on- of the prominent niemhpr.s, «ho.-i- wife died yeHtprday. A rotnuilttpp ->lraft>'d TPsoliitl (>n> of rmidolPti'-p A Flr»> Thl« ftiornlm. !-'iri-. ahidi cauilif frmii l.r.tiids 'he p )tht <<-n jear old .>«iii nf .M-ji iJcill StiiI'li. rolor 'vl. wa.-* iislnc to k'-'!i awa-. nios*|iilto«'s whi|p h" sl"i>t. t<>- t;i!'> ,-troyod tli" Smith lnni«> at T"i .<i .ijfh Chostnut .str «»<'t 'hi." niortiiiiE aliotit two oVIock. Onillp Wriffht tontinue* to Improve at Fort .Mjer Ho^pilul. WashingtiHi. St-pi*. —Orviiie Wris;ht showed signs of improvement today at tiip Fort .Mypr hospital, and his condition is very sali.-ifactory. .Miss Katharine Wripht. sister of the aria- tor, vlsltpd hpr brother twice today a«>t 'cvpral arniy offlcpr.s -ind friends, permitted to see hint. The body tif ljputeu;int Seifridge will I.e Klven a military funeral probably on Thursday. j|ls father lett San Franci.MO Kxlay for Washington and until his arrival thp l»o«ly will re- itialn In the K-K-ivltiK vault at the .\r- liiipt'iii cpni<-lPt>. wli <T<" Imi- .i! »iil pijoli.-ilili lip. iitadp Tp|f(truin!- • if r'itiili>!.>iirp fr"lti a!t ovnr thp world !i.ivo lir.-ii r>T.>i\i-.l 11! th«- war i|i-[>art- W. D. Cox Ca«e is Ne«t. Tli'^ <-asP of W. n. Cox J?- Poti r- th" .in action und'*r thp-d'-:t;'irrris:e Ijiw. is to come up in dis'tv.ct co'ir^ fnHowinjt th«» Whitlow ca .se. which is now on. The Katy casp is belnK wan.V eVj closely As it Involves some Important Ipgal points. Ureistpr Waat Ads. Bring Kesalts. mrst Published Sept. 22; 1308.) .Votire of Appointment Administrator. State of Kansas. Allen County, sit. In the matter of the estate of Phoebta E. Hammood. late of Allen County, Kansas. Notice of Appointment. Notice* is hereby given, that oh. the 14th day of September. A. D. 1908, the undersigned was by the Probate Court of Allen County. Kansas, tiuly appointed and qiiaiified as Administrator •jf the Estate of Phoebia E. Hammond., late of Allen County, deceased. • Ail , parties interested in said estate wijl take notice and govern themsetres accordingly. T. .V. FI.-.NSTO.V, 0-22-23-«; Administrator. Published .Sept. 22, 1908.)^ Notice of Appointment Admhilstratm:. State of Kansas. Allen County, ss. In the matter of the estate of Willfam F. Hammond, late of Allen County, Kansas. , 5utice nf Appeintment. Notice is hereby given, that on the nth day of September. A. D. 1908. {be undersigned was by the Probate Court of Allen County, Kansas, duly ai^ pointed and qnallBed as Administrator with the will annexed, of the estate of William F. Hammond, late of Alien County: deceased .^11 parties Interested In said estate w-lll take notice and govern ihPDisclves accordingly.. T. N, FU.NSTOX. D -22--!»-»> ' Administrator.; R Ketby was arraigned in police •.-ouri this morning on charge of being InioxicatPd. ilp was lln<!<l »nd ctists all amounting to $7. He paid the flHp and was released. .Vttfrncy .\ F. Florence was .In Vate.-^ Center. Kas.. yesterday on legal biisiiiess. I LoyaUy Basinrss Xra PUy ToBhthL The business men's volley ball teams I of the Y. M. C. A. will play on the as- sodation court this evening. begets loyalty with ail fair minded people. We have always striven ti> be loyal to the best interests of our t»atrons. and wp are receiving fresh evj- dtnce tlaiiy. of the public's appreciation of our l>olIcy. You should join the contented throng, if you have not already done so. and call up the Mm U^mtry

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