Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 22, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 22, 1908
Page 4
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Matter. 'ItetM Matfs Known '"iSLspUcttlon. ^/ '•SO:'*.?mm MM on W-*^miith ...44 ^i*'On* 'Jtu.t < > tarttftt InMe MUtr ..,-K iHwiJTMur^MtaMe twnty i thTM^oatha. la »dranc« |l{.00 Dn>5p:oath; In mdymca 1.44 WnCUL PAPEB, CUT OF BA8- Jaine* Soh*olcraft ^rman, tha Oritinal "SunnySilm." Wise, VaraatUa, Ezpartaneed Stataaman Who Has Bhapad mitloaal LegialKtlon. Tel^koaet fiuInMs Offlee .COltdrlal Room ...... OFF THIS DIVISION RingHngs Ctrcua Was Moved fourj Times by- Southern Division of the "Santa Fe. ' After.having imovea u four iim(-^ the -Southern Kansxis division of tl |e Santa Pe railroad system has thn big Ringllng circus' off its hands. The ~t!hanutc officials think they made !a "good record in handling the circiik while it was on their. division. Satui'- t shouhl bo re|- movinjr tlie trains •day.night they haulj>d it four Iraink froni--,Coireyville to Wlrfnclil. a ditf- tance of one hundro] mil<>s, and dl|l It !BO quickly thaii th k last train wais Tall unloaded at 10:3Q o'clock Sunday moming-^this. too. membered. after through the Flint liills and ovor ti road where there Is a constant Kraile] • . The handling of a! ciioiis, is sonu-- thing that a railr«>ad jcomiiany Is vcnj partlcniar about. Tiic trains havi' W rushed as much as iiosslld««. amj at the same time they have to bo haadted with care. If ihero is u. wreck or even if the cars are slammed around harder by a switch en-j glne than thoy ought to'bo, sonio val-' uable animal IK liable to be criiipliMl and then the damages that i\u' rail:;] road company ^ would have'to iiayj would take up all the profits out of the Job^ and more, too. J. F. McNally, assistant superintendent of the Southern Kansas division, travjeled with the circus all the time that it was on this division. He returned from Wlnfleld yesterday. Prom Winfield the circus ]BriU go south. The Whea Vice Presidential nomluea, Janca Scbaolcraft Sherman, returned horn* to Utlai,: New York, after harliw hg j been nomlmted by the Republican Con— ' VMtton at Oblcago, It Is said that in ihe vsit throng of his home people who turned o^t to meet him was pn old woman. Ifeut with the burden of eighty yaars. She approaelied Mr. Sherman, whom abe has knowd almost since his birth, and declared to him that he had been selected b.v Providence to his new office of honor. In order to teiicb the .\mericnn people the gospel of geo.1 cheer and sunshine of kindness for all -Vnierioans. , It is not defiuttely known that she Is In the confidence of ProvldeDi-e, anil so speaks by the card, but .'^hernwirs ciireer up to date has shown his laiui- bllltles in that line. He is the original "Sunny Jim." and wenrs "the smile that won't come off." . Tba Orlslnal "Sunnr Jim." This Is not a superflilal attempt to look pleasant. It di>es not se«|uester itfiplf In the wrinkles of his uioutti ^r the ilnes around his eyes. This genial, expansive, irradiating smile speaks of jniiHl dlKestlou, H 8unn>- teroi »eni- ment and a ivmplacent mind. |Kisw.>ssod by a man who Is pretty well satiadeil wlUi the past, and reasonably sure of the future. A man of cheerful yt-stiT- days and mutideut t«>morrow». Ho has been laughing good humor for a Utile more than half a it-ntury. Now the world laughs with him. Ills sun- shluu and good chei>r, as bread last uiHUi the waters, relurneil to hhn jMiuhd cake, as Josh UllltugH would su.v, and out of (his and other aiis «>t8 he has. lieen cmtbled to rise, ntid bo uomlnatiHl U> the sei -oiiii highest position withtu the gift of his (xnintrynicu. lilioriaaa, Srrmuar, ConkllnBt Uura nt VI lea. bapi ciqaany cniuditt*; Oi|e oif kit bUto aa a iataibar of .tba OoamlttcMon Intar- •Mte and! Foreign Oonaiwcel was the False BrilbdiBc Bill, which h«a prorad WfectlVe in proteottng the AflMrican (4ieese I mauufactarers. He made the first favorable report to the Hduae on the Nicaragua Canal ba- rore the Panama project had davaloyetf. and has ^trongly supported tha lath- uilan C^anal enterprise. He was the father of the PhUipplne Cable Bill and of the hiUifor the reorganlzatl<m of.tha revenue cutter senrlce. He holda third place in the itnportaut Coomiittca ail ItulcH. and has been looked to as oaa of the beet counselors la gnldtng tka business of the Houses . DIatlncnIakaa ServiM t* titmtf. Mr. Sherman's party services oatalit the halls,of Confess hat% been diatU' gulshed and extenaire. He has bean the xice-chairnian of the Congreaaiooai Campaign Committee in several campaigns and the chairman in one; aad in thofie positions has earned mach credit fpr executive ability. He is a convincing camiKiigu orator, ' and in Cougresjilonal and Prcsldcutlai campaigns has spoken to the iieople of many states. He presi<Ied over the New Yilrk Republican State Conventions of i 1895, 1900 ahd in the present ycsr. I K^ead at All lh» P»«|ile. lie is:|approacha'lile. genial and damo- craiic. His home iH >ople. Ilk* his bi-ofher I Congressmen, call him "Jim," which appeilutlou expresses their ap- pre<ia(lon of bis peraonni qualities and their sense of bis nearness to tliem as their true and- tried. Representative. He Is A staunch friend of the Grand Arniy of the Republic, and has a genu- bie; regard for those veterans of thu army who Jeo(iardlzed their lives to preiscrve the LTuion. and Is nlwaj -a solicitous for their interests at Wnslilug- ton. No old soldier ever found -Mr. Sherman too busy to give attention to .. r Remaina of-Weil Kn^>wtt liady Laid tja Rest In lota Cemetery This Afternoon. The fttneral services over the remains of .Mrs. T. M. Bartels were con ducted from the residence at 2:.10 o clock this afternoon. The Ea.sterA Star lodge of which order .Mrs. Bai tels was n member, had charge of th^ ceremonies. R<v. S. S. Illlscher o the First l*resliytt'rian church, preaeli ed the sennon. Thi- remains were lai<l to rest in the <ild lola cemetery. / large number of friends of the fan • ily attende<I the, services. "Sunn.T Jjjn" Sherman Brst appeared on earth at Ihe villHge of .Sew Hartford, New York, a suburb of I'tica, on the night of Octolwr 24, l -SVi, two years before Mr. I'aft saw the light In CiiK -inuati. Utlcaiwas already at time pointing with Hride to one of her illustrious sons lu the iter.son of Horatio Seymour, and was soon to point with increasing pride to another still laore illustrious sou lu the pers<m of Roecoe Conkllng. Mr. Sherman's father \\aa a lawyer of prominence in Central New York ami determined that no "pent-up Uti«i" should restrict the powers of his son. and so be sent him at tlie proper time to Wbites- Itown Seminary and Hamilton College. He came out a busky youth—he welgh- Sontbern Kansas'tifvision moved it from Pittsburg to lola, from lola fo Cbanute, from Chanute to Coffleyviilp 'and from Coffeyville to Winfleld. The method the circus has of handl- ^ Ing things contributed to the excellent recbi-d ihade by t'ue railroad offic- 5.ds. For instance, the l,ig show was |^ P«»"ds at sixteen years of age, ,. , . , ' , ! with oratorical talent and a reputation all t)n the trains and ready to leave good student /Hianute at ten minutes after midnight Saturday morning. The remark- "rfooK. to oid American F .miir. >ble tilns was that not a word was i His famUy runs back to Roger Sber- spoken during all the time the tear- ^^"S ""^ of the signers of thu ing down, packing and loading was go- lD«:l«^'-ation 6f Independem-^. and back Ing on except when some teamster said •^Get np" to his horses. That was about all t^e teamsters said—there jWas no profanity. Hare V Baby «irl. Mr. and Mrs.' E. T. Mwudls. of 42 North .Kentucky, are fin* pj-oud par cnta b fa baby .girl which arrived at their home this morning,. He Enoek*oiit Blow. Tha: blow which knocked out Corbetl vaa • revelation to the prixe lighten. • From'the aarlleft days, of the ring tbs fcnoek-oQt blow was aimed for tito Jaw, tlM temple olfiho jugular vein. Stomach IRUiehM «'ere thrown la to worry and .^traurr.the fighter, hut if a sclentlGc man liltdltold ona'Jot the oldvfightcrs that the noct VQlnerable spot was the region of rlaa'itoinaeh.liheM have liaughed at him ^ ttrjin Icnoranns ^ Dr. Pierce is bringing -hajmbUc a parallel fact; that Vts the inost vulnerable organ oQtlbr^^pma rini as-well as in It* Wo , tikioats, feet and longs, «ra are ntterly Indiffer- /nhtU dla^bnLfinds the splar plexua ^agdjtaioaa m Make Tonr stomach stomacU," Indigestion,' or . - diyqpii4iia.'toiii^ Urer.lnd, thin and im. ^pata^Uood and otha diseases of the or" * ^^iini^JUgiestlon and nntrition. - iX]il?,GoldimUedIcal Piscovery'hasa ipittifiB^«raial|Te'<elrect npon all mucous '^clamcliia^liajidjlh^^^cnies catarrh, no or what stage it s realebedj In Nasal Catarrh it IC^^amse fbe passages with Dr. i€atiji&:Beiiaedy flnid while using rrery," aft a constitutional rem- *6oiaen Medical DIseoT- i^yitairhd diseases, as of the iorarol8,hladder and other pelvic l^]bo'Plain to you if yon will '^Htxtncta from thewrit- iT^neaieal authorities en• and explaining 8.* It is maUed iDr. B.V. Pierce, ipittlteridet gives all the- beseenthat alcohol, pura, paedinstead.* jof him for more than one liuiidrcd lyears to 1660, when the first Sherman came over from England to this couii- try. with a strain of stolid Dutch in bis veins. John Sherman, the Ohio Sena- toi^, and Wlliam Tecuniseh Sherman, the great Civil War general, were from the same original stock. Edward Everett Hale is also a distant coiinei.-- tlon. Schoolcraft, the historian of tlie .\uiericHn Indians, was "Sunny Jim" i Sherma n's grea t -gra ndf a 1 her. j G»tB latu Polllira Karlr. I One of the first thlngri the VU>e Presidential uumlnM did when he rv.>- turneil from college was to aiwpt the [uouUnatlou for State Senator on the lltepubllcau ticket, and was beaten t>y ionly one vote. He was elected mayor of IJtIca at the age of 2a He was the $lnerr«aral noalaoaa Sian. At home "Sunny Jim" Shermau Is oue' of the leading business meu of his counuunlt,\. He Is president of the I'tlcu Trust and I>e|>osit tVunpaoy,— not an organization In resiniint of trade, but| to enrtninigj' thrift and e»'on- luny—nnd' vlc«>-presld(|ut of the I'tica Cit^v National Rank. {He Is also president of the New Hartford Canning Company and the t'tica Ice Company, two Industrial «"oriK >ratlous. His polltl-! cal foes de»-lare him to Iw w^l^lb $750.- IKK). but Ills fhmlly sjiys that ^-JOO.QflO would measure fully all of his earthly possi >ssioiis. la Foad o( Clean Spuria. Mr. Sherman is a pretty fair billiard- iRt. He trlwl some years ago to play baseball, and got uji u ninivat Whitestown Seminary In bis youth.-but one of the tli-st things It dhl after he provldi -d it with uniforms, bats and balls was to get together and vote bini off the team. But he makes up for lack of skill on tba field by enthusiasm in the grandstand. He is a lms<'bnll fan. and it is repiirted that he attended three games ill Chicago before they uomlnntctl him. and had arranged to attend another when the convention Interfered with his plans. , .\ Bin, V«raatlle American. So we have In "Sunny Jim" Shcr- luaii, Vli.>?-i*resldential Republiran nominee, an .\tiierlcau among .\merlcans, who can trace his .Vmerlcau ancestry back '2i>0 years, oue of whom signed the Declaration of Independence, and others have taken some of the leading and niost hontirable positions in American history, Iwth in pea<-e and war. His versatility is representative Of the true resoiircefulness of the typical .A.mepicau. • Hs is a lawyer, a scholar, a^ successful business man and tlnan- cinr at liome, a; statesman, parliamentarian and valutNl public servant In Cuiigre;s, a man oC domestic habits and a ino«lel hubband and father. niffht Blaa la Rlsht Plac*. His mauUuess and human instincts know no nuv or party. He is a bu inauitnrian and statesman before he li a jKilitlclan. The (leople of his home town of L'tica turned out eu-ulasite upon ills leturu from the Chicago convention. fsabelle .Anderson was born in Col(<- waler. Mich.. November 14th. isr.ij, and dieil at Tola. Kansas. Septembe 2oih. VMIH. Her early life was spen in the city of Coldwater and in 1S7 in company wiili her brother W'm. An der.son and her sister. Mrs. C. H. De^ Citite. came to lola. Intending to sta.v about a year, nr'nntil they conlil dis- Iiose of ilie millinery stock wliich wa; moved from Coldwater to this place On November 2Srd, ISSft she was ma ried to T. -M. Bartels of this city an(^ has reniaiiieil ji resident of Tolajsinc that time. In ISSS she wa« stifick* with an acnti' attack of rheumatism Her siifrerings gradually grew worst and since February of ISItl she lia been unalde to walk. Thronsfli all ihi year.'^ ti{ suffering .Mrs. Bartels nevei) complained. Slii> was a woman higli inlellicl and devoli -i| the gn'nl er luirijon of her linie to the study iilt lileraliiie. Ily her kindly IIIS|>OBI Uon and even tempered manner shi' wini the love iif ;ill who knew hi iPresideiit. A. IT. BECK, yieejPresident. DlrecU rsi U. E. HonrillO. A. W. Beck. J. A. RobInsoi«J Geo. R. NIcbolaon. H. U iiender^m, Frank Kiddle, J. H. Campbe I. lATEREST PAID OJT TIME DElfUSlTS Safety Deposit Boxes for rat. ---- <*• V --. ' ] Cashier. L. C. bOBI>'S6x. : Ass't Caahiar. Stockholders. L. E. Horvile.. ' A. W". Beck. Fran 'K. Riddle. H. I.. Hcntierson, J. A. Kniiiuson. I.. U I'oualer. Geo. K. Nicliolson. U C Robinson. L. A. Uobiurion, H. T. Evans. John T. Walkins. Frank Wood, J. H. Campbell. THE KANSAS DATES of >« .Shiiki-up in roniiuiltc4>. I'hlcaiiii. Se|ii. I 'L'—Senator Crani- oli Ma ^s 'ielinseiis UKMIO a staieim -ni lotta wliieli efleeiiMllv ilis |M «.-fd of (be w iili ly |inlil :slietl ^tmy that his visit l< we .-<i)'iu ii<'.id (|u ;iilirs of tile national Uepnlilican cnuiniittee ju-e .-vmes a r«' organizatiitn and the sniHirdinaiiiin <ifj Chiiirniaii llilchrocks auihoriiy t< !hat III' oilier Ivepiililican leaders. In i >rder ihai lln 'ie should l )e no nii.<uu- dtMsianding eoneernin;;' his vi .^iii lo Chicago at iliis time. Si nainr Crane dictated ilie follnwing: "I came liere at llie e.-^peciul rei |ue .<;t of Cliairnnin llltchcfick wlih whom I .ini. as a nienilier of ilje advis <i ?-y coni- iiiitlee as>'(iciai>'il and who wished to consult with me regarding the cani- ;iaign. .Mr Tali, whoni I recently met Lit CinciniKili. expres .sed himself as IK- injt ihiMoii^ilily saiisfied with Cliair- inan Ilii.-Iicoek'.^ nian :i :.'eiiient of the ranipaiijii." i'inf;inna;i .S«|rt. i':;.—.Tudue Taft today yciit Ihe |-|ii :()wing teicstam lo Frank II. Ilitehiiick. chairman of iln Reimlilican iiMtional coiiiiniiiee at Chi- caRo. and ni:iile it public here: "Iht not be disturbed liy piiblicalion'^ with reference to xoiir inaiumenient of the campaign or siaiements of an Intention lo .supplant you in eontrol. The Iiresence of Senator Crane here save rise to inferences which I attempted to deprecate. 1 have every confidence in yon and in the succcs.s of your mannsenient and I welcome the assistance las .vou do of .Senator Crane and of the auxiliary coinniittee, but yon are in supreme control. W. H. T.M-T. yoiiugest municipal head the city had! anJ Irrespective of party, gave him ever had. From that date politics has E oiied him away from'his profession ' law. He was elK'ted to Congress, liiid lias served his constituency with hut one excepted term ever since. He Is now iuhis tenth congressional term, triiere is a "big fire" in the lower |iouse of Congress, who do things and largely shape the legislation of the ^untry. As Adept ParUaaieata^IaB. Mr. Sherman was a particular friend •tf Thomas Bracket t Reed, formerly Sjieaker of the House, who considered nim the best parliamentarian on the floor. He often turned over the gavel ti> "Sunny Jim," wlw ocAipled the cjialr during some of our most import- abt legislation in recent years. He ppesided fr«4uently during the famous debate on the Dingtey Tariff Bill and on the Coban W«r Revenue Biir, each «f which accupied many weeks. Mr. Reed app«iiMed him chairman of the Committee on Indian Affairs in such a reception as comes to fe>v men tn life. During the midst of the fanfare the Mayor of Utlea'remarked. "We have an insane asylum at the top pf the bill, and we are thinking of aicklng the Legislature to enlarge it The town has gone crazy over Jim's nom- luatlon." Successful in buslncM. eOlcient and influential in statesmanship, and possessing the confidence of his fellowmen, should the emergency ever arise, James Bchotdcraft Sherman conld, with coufideiice. if necessary, take up the rc- }• sponsible duties of chief executlre for which as Vica-President be would be next in line, in case of emergency ci*at> Ing a vacancy. (laeatloa ot lajaactloaa. You ask me what I think of provision that no restraining order or injunction shall Issue except after notice to the defendant and a hearing bad. Tbia was the rule under the Federal the j sututes for many years, but was mbie. 55th Con9«BS, a place he has since quenUy abolished. In the class of eaaea filled with distinguished success, and' to which you:refer I do' not see any also toaevibership on the Committee oh Inteastate and Foreign: Commerce. objection to the re-enactment of that Federal atatnte. Indeed, I hare taken Mr. SbaBnan's most Important l^la-j occasion to say In public qMCchea tkmt wave wock baa perhaps been done on, the iwwer to issue injunction er parte tdt Indian Aflaira Commltitee, f{e IB has j given rise to certain, ahnaes end oWltad wltto a better understanding of . Injostlc* to=tte laboretaW a peac«Ue ioij TMloOi aueeUona connected with • strike.—Hon. Wip._H. Taft, to ewcr^ ' tovawMnfa obltgaUons to the la-, aijoadence l^l ^l ^^I^Jf^j"*? • J piiaa an« tta efforta to fulfill them. Lewlfc at tha OM O ITH MW H W Roosters .Mtentiun. TlW-re will be :i special nieetins of the c.nb tomorrow nifiht to make ar- rangtjnients for the trip to Hnniboldi FrhWy. All memliers of the club are ie(|iiesti-d to altend. Judge Taft Makes First Speech Dodge City.—May Go to Garden City. at The will IH- Topeka. Sept. L'L* —Ciiairman Dolley of the Republican slate central coiii- mittei- loilay aniioiin I the stops ol: the s|iecial Sanlli Fe train bearing Judge Tafi lliroitgli Kansa.-.'. October first r«-ar|eiifl iilalforiii speeeb made at jDoilge CJiy at 9 oclock: Kinsl. V. lint.-, a. ih.: fjirneii. Ir .'iO a. in.-. «!re :it Rend. i:::T p. m.: Sterling. 1:1'!' p. lii.: Mntchin.xou. l':iC p. 111.: Newtini. ;i;:ii .''i p. m. Floreii<-e. t:n;: p. in.; Kiiiixiria. .".tin p iii : us- aue (,Mly. (;:i'T p in. The train will arrive ur To|»'l ,:i :it :Jo |i III., where Jiului- 'raft is .-i •tied for a iii.Klit speceli at <li>- \ii<li toriiim. Judge HnlrliesiVn and .Inline lli-nry F. .Mason call .Mi |at t!..- Republican state! Iieadtpiarte:!: tmlay and iir^ed the managers to'arran-.:e ihe train scheiiiiie so llial Taft roiild make a short siieecli at '.i.-inleii f'iiy. Cliair- niaii rvdiey said li" would do it. if possild'^. I'nde^ the schedule fi .\i 'd lip by the Sant:i F<' Taft will l^ave l).nver ar 11 p. lii.. on the iiisht of October 2. and wll City arj'ivin;; there at o'clock Moun- le. If this time can lie short- ler -n miniiii-s a slop at Car y will lie madi That question is now up to the rail- rcKid officials. By leaving lViil»;e City |(»:l.') Ceiilra^ time, which would give him <inly nilei>n niimiles in that place, he will be able to rt>ach Topeka at 7:::o that iii«hi. TThis will enable im to review the tore li lishi iirocess- ion. it is iK -iiig planiu'd for him to head the proressioii until the hall is ll.i'>-k<-ll as oiH' of the ii!. n who atr ltiii|iii-.| to hrilie him in 'li>- .•siiiielard ease. -'Mr. Haskell's pro|)osiiion 'i> ;irlii liai'> the matter now sliovv.^ iha' In lias a si-iise of liilnior. 'Vli if ie- .i; not a .s> list- oi" I 'mnor. • W.\l. n. IIE.AKST.' DRIVE BARK ASHORE Star of Bengal .i Total Wreck—13G Men on Board. tain til net! n len Cit Ft. WraiiKel. .\laska. Sept. L'lV—The .Vnierican bark Star of Bengal, in coin m.-iiiil of ('apt. TlKiiiipson an.l helonj;- iim to tie- .'-iaiiiioii fie. t, h;i;- I Ii Irivt II :i -Jliil'<- nil I 'nl'olKil ion . Island, ami is :i iot:il \\ri-il;. Ttii->- i .f III"' iillii-eis and elew of llie wrei'ked !..irU. olie liuiiilred and sixty men in :il!. is not kiiowii. but tile presiimt)- lioii is ih;it 'liiv ;ir.' .still safe on tile Viss 'i. ATTACK PRESIDENT ached, then aleli it pass. nioiiii a stand .iiid j Bryan Defended Governor Haskell—A Remarkable Spectacle. I>'lrnit. .•^<-!>t. 2_'.—Tlie reiuarkalde s))ci-lac!e of a I'lesid-iiiiiil eamiidate rebiikin;: ilie evi'-f i-.-erative of the nation for making: stafeni.etifs deem- eil iinjiisi ilieii -(x^s witnesse;! to;Iay when IJr.vaii an;iek 'MlI Roose-.-elt and defeiideil »;ovenior llaslcell. treasurer of tlie D'-mocratic National coniinit- tee against the charge that he had iiiilav.-fiil connection.'; with the Standard fJil eoni|iaiiy. serves not- ic-'s on the president that as the can- didatr- of tlie l)'-niocratic party. "I shall not (."i-niit any respon.^ible member of f 's.' R"piiijl!can organi/ation !o misrepresent :t;:e IV-rnocralie jinc- ty in ilie iiresi'iit cani|iai .5ii." Hearst Issues Statement. earsi refuse..; to '»ee»-|it the ill of an <'ditori:il^ board of Tjhat the Pianos we sell are tlie best in the world at the i)rice. and leatn our terms J.VeRfliisrtsMi^icCo. 12 N. WaFhingtoa New York. .Septii 22.MV. U. Hearst returned to this city tr night and soon bfterwurdri i.ssiied ; a ;tatement con- Icerning the challenge nf Governor ('. N. Haskell, of Oklaho na. In his recent siM-eches Mr. Hesist had cliarg- jed that Haskell, who s now inasiir- r of thi* Democratic national coininit- had sought in l.*i!'!» to influence .Xttorni'y General Frank S. Monett |ijf Ohio to dismiss certain siiiis then •ending against the Standard Oil Co. II a telegram lo .Mr. Hearst which jiie made imblie last ni;:bt. (lovern- iir Haskell invited Mr. Hearst to piib- idy prove his cJiargi-s befori- :iv eoin- liniltee of editors. Mr. Hearst suggest ion irbltmtion in the followin;^ language: To rl:o .\ssociatea Press: "I address this communication to •ou as I cannot have the slightest cor- •esiiondence or controversy with a man of Mr. Haskell's character. ".Mr. Haskeir.s proposition reminds me of a well known story of a burglar who was caucht in the act by the JHilice. When the police burst in iip- n him they found him in front of a ^iafe which had been blown open, with his tools In bis pocket, a dark lan- tjefii in one blind and his other hand n the valuables in the safe. The i>o- Ic-e dragged the burglar to the court ijoom and the jiolice judge said to tJie ilprit: .' f;- "Well, what have yon to say for jjourself?" The burglar said: ' ••'l-ook here. Judge, let's arbitrate t^ls case.' "The court recpnls. the complaint of the ex-attomej- general of Ohio. Mr. :ionott. the afildaivit of thir iiresent sslstant to the pijesent attorney gen- Bumett. the court I.IVE.S YEAR WITH BROKEV NECK. .Milwaukee Man .Says Mending It Is Harder Timn. Work. Milwaukee. Sejit. 2:;.—-| would rather work than si; .-vroiind like ibis, Tlii.'i is the niost^liresoiiie job I ever had." said. Witliaiii .Maiiiii.s at liis home. SL'I: .Ninth .^treer ioday. On July I !MI7. .M.irt^ris fel' .i sc;ifford in the mill of .1. i:. .\. Kerii ii Sfiiis and broke his mc';. When fellow workmen came i<, bis assisiaie.- be was conscious, but iin :!l>l>' li> n :i>vi- or speak, il.- \\a.-- i.ik.-n lo ili'- Mi!- waukei- hospii :il WIHTI' h-- \v;is ir.':i! 'il for two inolllll-. .111.I liu-ll Hll|..\fll to his liiiiiie.: For a whiil.- >.;ii- iir !ra.- lie.'ii .madn ally i;aiiiink' stieiii;:!'. i .i.i >'» sl.iwly that lie is llnw iii |l.\ to walk aUnit a liliK-k :ii :i time. -| waik .-i Iruek or -i> in.j.-t every day." be .•<aid. "i>i;: •leii iltal miu-b exercise makes ni- .w.-jik. and after I walk thai Kjr I can hardly make my I6th National IRRIGATION ral. of Ohio. .Mr. t^'cords-of the stake he Prairie Oil a^ccuse Mr. Haakilt and not H 'Haskell'has h4d Gas company case «hich to ane Monnkt If that gent^ man commit* a lUei of Oklsihoma. in many years in naming C. N. Hoering & MUSICAL COMEDY Inlcrsfi'ite Indnstrial E.\positIon and .\ew Mexico Territorial Fair Al.r., AT Albuquerque. N. M. SEP. 29 to (K T. 10 Come and see the prosperous Santa Ke Southwest—^where all the way from Colorado to California water is king. The I'. S. Government is now sjiending.millions of dollars to get a permanent water, supply for the sepii-arid lands. It mean's niiilibns of aci^ made !i!!able and fit for homes. .\ national event, worth crossing a continent to see. Foreign diiiloniats. Government ojficiais, irri.iiation experts and Captains of indti.stry will attend. A preat exposition of South- wf.-i farms, ranches, mines and industries. Indians, too, and cowlioy.s— •}'. S. Cavalry. Tickets on sale Sept. 23 to Oct. final return limit Oct. 31, IMS. If desired an'application to a?:ent AllnKpierque, tickets will be honored for return via Cloris. .N. .M. and Amirillo, Tex. .Itlractlve side-trips to U. S. He- cbimatlon Projects and Grand Canyon of Arizona. Sania Fe W. E. RALSTdX, Aet-nt. lola, Kans. A.-k for Irrigation Booklet. ti-av.l.' [Martins, was sittiii;; in a shady place in th.- r.-ai' of his ti-.nH.j.riable cottage, lie liHiked the [lii iiiie of lieaith. His col sa ev iip,!>':;ii.ii is ruddy, fie looks strong, s thai !(• weiulis as much as he r did and i- mi at ail sick. H|s I>b[vsician Miys he eventually will en nil o:d irii.-i r.i.'V.r. iiui it may be ma^y iilhs IH!..;.- he is able to .take his acf a! she niill.^ Smiley 's "A Scotchttli Yaiikee" MAJESTIC THEATRE Wednesday Nigbt, Sept. 23

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