Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 22, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 22, 1908
Page 3
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BOTh KKPlIBLIt'AXS AIjiI) DK.H«- CRATS XUK ECOSOillCAL. CaDipaiK" Tliis Your Is Irt Tost Uss Tbaii for Mauj Sc-asoiis—Hani Work iu (HtolKT. ! leans UQJily ;D ispets' inna «temEf|ect- ildsondnead' tf. CiiifJigQ. Suiil, 1'2 —l^ss inonoy wilt be spr-Dt by tbo inniniial coiniiiittons tif the two parties tliis year tliaii iiiiany polltlcii) ratii|wj.i,'ii sincf 1S7i'. Pr;iiik H. Hitchcock. < lialitnaii of tin- It"'|.mb- licau national ooiiiinlllt'e. fniiikiy (!x- l)lalne<l the sinuuioii to a jjroup of cor ' responltients-who tiri'd «iucstioiis ar hiiii tbilay covcriiij? every fwitiire of . • the Republican campaign. Tlii' cross " queslionin;? was called forth by ilic sensational MOHCS sent out from Cm- .'cfrinatl l;ist ni^Ja ilia( SiJialoi- Crane / of Massai'lniscf IS was lo succeed! Mi-. Hitchcock as tin- real power in tin; Ue- pnbliclKn liaiional committee. The day's develoiunens proved , thai this story was made out of whole cloth. Senator Crane lias an einiinvy ililTert^nl duty io perform frum that iiidlt'ale<i iirtlie Cincinnai.i dispalihes. Ills ihissioli In the west is to <'ii-i>per- ale with Frederick \V. ri ,.liaiil. Ir<fasn- nrer for the Western division of tin- l(e|)nblican coniniiiiee. in raising: fiinds ' for thn nati<m:ii c(>iniiiiii «M'. .\s u part ot llie history of 1 he political campaip:ti of r.'i'S. the story of^ the fund at tile displ^^al of the Demo<-rats. which is lieiiiK rairi'ii by r-npu- ticKeSjclue to^CdnstipoTion; I jcts tiaturally, acts Truly as Best b»'Men\^men onci Cnil* lo gel lis Denejicial JDijecT! Alvvov^ LuY the Genuine wKicK KasjTne jull name oj the Corn- puny i ^ CALIFORNIA pc> STRUP Co. bywhum it !<• m«inufacturocl,printec{ oM tlie SOLD BY ALL LEADING DRUGGIST& one iiizt* only, ifgutar price 50'-' per Loltle WANT NEW HEARING i;iis ScliiMtl Hoard Mould lU '^h Slo'iil IVtilloii for Transfer l-roiM l »i>tricl. u the larsubscripiion sin uection with the l!<'!; uld \>i- lold ilVcotl- .nbUoaii camiiait:" i! fund, .lust as in the yi;ar \S<M\\ the hiph wat<;r maik I'l <Mtfiiiati;n extra- gance was reached, so .lilbs marks the return to <!xpenditiues by the iiaiiotiai cominiiiees limited to absoliiielv iiec- e.s-sar.v and Jctitiniaie expenses. Sir. Hitchcock introtinced ili,e subjecl to- da.v with the remark that it .-ilways )v ,ul been his idea i<i restrict a;;!.:res- sivp cain|iaii:n work to October. "I decided tipun thl--^ prdicy." he: said, •"only after a conference with llie wisest leaders in (iiir party. \V,. were agreed that for many reasons ihere should not be a protracted canipai.;?n. -•Vs cliaintian of the iiaiion;tl conimit- tee J was nnwillin;; to contract, the exiieiise which such a campai,:;n would call for. Tlioii. too, it wniiid have liecn • snprenie foll.v to a:tcmi>f to make a canipuisn in stales where the .slate conventions had not been held' and Uepublicdns were divided over their local issues. West Virginia will 1 the last Republican state to adjust i,.differences, but I look f this week." ' "Is it true that your committee is in need of funds?" .Mi. lliiclK'ock was askwl. "I will answer that i |ii.sti (in ai)sointi:> frankness. The receipts of the OOinniiltee in S. pteniber h:i\ bt>eu suliicieni to p.iv ih liecess;ir> riiiinij-. c\pen.--e.- tiine. The t'las City school Iidard of edit ctition ha.-; aski'd the bo;ird of com inissioners to j;r;int a re-hearlti the W. Iv Stout petition. .Mr. Slout asked his latnl in the (Ins (.'it s<-ho<d disirl<l be detached front that district and aiUled to the l,a Harpi' ilistiici. claiinina; as his urottnds thr hvs land was nearer l.a Harpe lha (ias fiiy. .Mis l-"iinsn<n refii>ed peiilitiii when it was pi«'senled t <i hi on the i;!onnds that the l/i Harpe school was marer bis land tliiin the Cas City schols. Mr. Stout not bavin made it plain to her. The commission ers found for .Mr. Stynt when he cited the ;irounil.- of his reijuesl. Now comes the C.-is City board education and says tiiat under the la not stillicieiit notice of an appeal wa^ ntade anil they, thiiikinjr that the com niissroiiiMs won'd nui i)ass on the case until the October iiieelin.:;. did not a pear airainst the petitiiui. They ask that the coniniissioners v;rant a nt; hcarii!!; and ^ive ihi'ii) an opportiini IO make a showinir. FUNERAL DATE NOT SET. The Go -DievHs u^tryitiiB tbget '.s (fame with Independence j here next Sunday to play off the tie! Manager Renfn .has already taken up the mat ter wi^h the Ramhlers and expects to get an answer In a day ,or two. If thej;atne is played not later than next Sunday Roscoe .lobnson, \he crack twlrler,"will be in the bosi Johnson expects to leave Sunday evening for Misifonri where, he will go to school. Iti was? letirned here yesterday that the Go-Devils had some difficulty In KOtting the • services of .Johnson this summer. His father who lives at Os- Wego. Is educating hlni and hopes great things for the lad.i He Is only (•iBhteen years old and the elder .lohn son would not let him coiud here to remain this suinmer without someone to look after him. The Oo-Devils paid the expenses of an Oswego man selected by the father to come hpre and see Ipiat the youngster did Jiol en nstra sr.- I I I I r \ • I :7t .4^ 4-1 I • I I I I. ANXIAI, KKPOKT <»F KATV. rresldent JollnV Report Shows a lliiss In EnrniniT!) of SJ Mniion. I L I I ! J L I . I I • I • t I- 1 I J__i i_l i ! I__f I L 1 ! I ,1^ Not Known- When Body of Dr. Snow Will Reach Lawrence. Lawrence. Kas., Sept. 21—(Special. I It is not knowii when the funeral of (lie late D.". F, H. .Snow will be held.' : Professor W. H, Carrnth, vit ?e chancellor of theimiversil.v. said this afternofoi that no details are known i),,. :iri-ival of Vr. Snow"s • funeral will he held. • ii> ... y,, ^, ^,. . ^, .,,,,,1 .,], to,];jy. hut will (ir a solution 11„.„|,.,,,, J. ,„„ „„,j| ,o,„or. In I his annual report for the year endliJK .lune :!(». l!nis. Pre.^itlenl A. II. .loline of the .Missouri. Kitnsns & Texas liailway. says that a commercial and Industrial revival Is in propress and that the track movement will he-come heavy tigaiu. He stiys that the road has invested $:'.l'..S81.0t)i> in the I )ast eisht years for equlpnieni. aildl- tlons and hettermeuls: of this nnioiiut. $!l.(M)o.f>(W w-a.-i derived f ,rnn» eariilnifs and $2'.>.S.St.(mit from lionds. , Present indications point to a large volume of hnsine .ss for the year." stiys .Mr. .Itdine. "There are sijrns of a revival of industrial and commercial activity, and the a ;;ricul- turnl conditions alone the system are at this tliiie excellent. ; "Crop specialists report that the cot Ion in Texas, will he one of the largest in the history of the state. Oklahoma is expected to produce an average cron of that staple In sjdte of the floods and wet weather. . "The sross earninss of Hie year as•.^re^'ate ?2n .l'S:!.r,H9.Sr. a decrease of $2 ,{t0i1.289.0:;. as compared Jwith the nrecedlnir year: operating 'exnenses 5ItK :t42.1it7.7:!. a decrease of $2!4S .4.".:;.'•>%. and net earninRS $fi.S.Tl.r .fi2 .12. .a decrease of $2 .i;ni.83.'«.0T. The ratio 'if expenses to earnine: was;70.r.7. per cent.jan increase of fi.07 per Vent.". MRS. ELLA BURTON SPEAKS. At Bryan Club at 7:30. O'clock Tonight. i I I. Ll. J L J 1 L Just so will the thousands of other daily readers of THE REOIST^R read ybur advertisements—either Want or Display—if placed within Ita colnmns. THE REGISTER goes into more homes in Allen County thjan any other paper in the county. Hence, ' il you want to Rent, Sell, Bay, Exchange, or want. Help, a small capital invested in the Register's. Want Colnmns will bring hasty returns. Phone iSj. ill 1- I ' L I I i I I I 1 \ I. T ! I ! I I I M 1 1 I I \ J- BOOSTERS INVITED llnnilHildt WantH Them t«. Come to Fair aw SIronar. A. W. Heck, president of the lola Itoo.ster club, has received from the oininittee on arrangements for lije Humboldt fair, an invitation for the ..nb to come there Friday. 2 The. nvitatlon reQuesied the' club to at-' tend at least two hundred strong. The city of Humboldt is making elaborate preparations for their fair his fall. Special arrangement^ for he reception of the club will be'made the local members decide to attend At the regular meeting of the clul the matter of acceiMing will be taker I and considered. Uvilh of no! alisoliili' f,.r that 1 di, not mean b.x this that we will not -liuvi' eliuuuh icotiev to defray our e.vpeiises. We «il; lai^e ctn>u.i;h inouey tu defray our necessat-v expenses |ii mainiainini:' lieadnniirtors und seniJiiig out speakers and literature. In view of i>ur linancia! ifojidi- tion 1 was tinwilliii::: that' we should pile up u bi.;; e.vpense doin.:; wi|ik in Aiieilst .and September which w-i have to do all over asaiii in Deiobei "' Sptijial Notice. On account o)r the Hebrew hoMday. i Xew Year. Saturday. Sei'tember ;>'. my 1 place of bnsil.e.-^ will t.e cl.-ed. Wi.b- i V frieiids and patnms a nf»' ing all m happy and prosperon.-^ respectfully your. .Mrs. Ella Burton, who has bi^en in the public eye more or less of late, will speak at Brysin headquarters this evening at 7:^0 o'clock on the topic. "Tlie Rook Trust Exposed." .Mrs. 'Burton's home is in Topeka. and she is the nominee of the Democratic party for state superintendent of public. Instruction. She has a national reputation as a S4 >eaker. and patrons of the schools and mothers are especially invited to hear her address this evening. .Mrs. Rurton got into the limeliiiht by filing two suits against former Stale Superintendent Oayhoff. lit a civil suit foit defamation ot character she was awarded largo damtiges which she was unable to collect. Mrs. Rurton then iustltutod a suit against Duyhoff for criminal slander, and Governor Hwh slgne«l tradition pa pers to bring his former official back frt»ni Missouri. This case is now pending. Oayhofrs alleged slander- otts!'statements were circulated by hlin in defense of Governor Hoch. in the matter of the American Bool^ Con cern's contract and Hoch's appointees However, the governor made it possible for Mrs. Burton to push her suit, by brin.sing Dayhoff b.iek into the state. ii..\v \ear. I ;im :;24-:;2<; H. S. U.MINAIIH- .\-onh Hnckeye. i Moat of otir aiiiLitioils young Atiieiii-aii ^irls w«>ik lt)0 hanl ni sdliKiL : .Many tcii<her.s have little or no child JUDGE FOUST ON JURORS. Intimates Not Sufficient Care Used in Making Up Eligible List In exciising a special venire of jurors a few days ago. .ludge Oscar Foust took occasion to make some comment on the manner in which the trustees and other officers make up the list of men eligible to sit on the .jury. In trying to select a Jury In the case then pending, many men had been excused who were past the age limit or were not. tax payers, or Whose names for other reasons should not have been handed In as eligible jiir- T G Siuii'i' was arr-.-ted this morn-' •',jy""fjfri'i-"-^ --^--(0rs. Judge Foust spoke of the delay - : over tillscnlleal i^'ihKi,ainl been pre- 1 in court resuliiu? from this state of affairs and sugsested to the men then i I PIWICHAW/I'S ' i^rors to use their influ- ON A LIQUOR CHARGE. jjiid^twiit alioiit lui.sliiiij,'- a child j to know tlmt ffirls esjifciaily IniAe a I iltiiifrtT ivriiML Often, Mo nften, T. G. Smith was Arrested by Police "Itcf j.hy.sical iiollui Ls the result, Todav ' ttikes years aiul years to ^' ivttiver lost vitality. Mtiiiy 11 youiiK jfirl lias been helped . ' M- 11- 1 • tl'ij*critical iH.'ri<Kl,aiHl been pre- ing by Pol.cemta. William Todd on ^ j,,^,.,.,, for u iK-ulthv wutiuiihood hy warrant sworn to by William Gates..; »IMl#iJ*MJ* chief of police, chatgiii.t; him with| LTUIA E.PINKHAIVIS mahitalning a ntiisance aiid k 'lling'. VEGETABLE COMPOUND Intoxjcaiins T:.,uor on West Madison : JHss Elsie I. H(H.k,of i'helsca. Vt., street. He ideadod not. guilty to i''*': writes to Mrs. J 'iiikhaiu: . charge and save bond for bis appear- j ..j „n, only sixteen years old. but I ance In conn at in o'elocU October \%-.nnt to tell .von that'Lydia K.: Pink- bain's Ve ;;ctHblc Coinixnind and vour advice cured nu- of .sidcachv, peri 'oilii: Smith is aill.'ge.l to be ti partner id j,.,-,,,^ ^^p,.,,l,.s^nc ^H. also of » ner- J. A. Morrison who wn.-^ arresl<,*d sev- vims, irritttble condition after't-verv- eral davs ago. He was arrcsl«d at ''""O! •I-""" I'"'] f,"i^''I. "nd I w.ujt io I hanl. von for ll. the. time Morilson was tiiKen into enstody imi got otJl of the cnrtoily ot FACTS FOR SICK WOMEN. For ihiily yeiii's l.ytliii K. l*ink- Hiumi, iiindo curie toward getting the officers use more care In submitting the naiees of men who might under th law sit as jurors. the officers'without Klvinu bond lor his aitpi-arance. EQUINOCTIAL STORMS DUE. The Weather Wise Say There Will be Ralni This Week. The wenlhor wise say that there win he rtilus this week. It Is the lime of the autumnal equinox which ns everyone should know, always pnv dutvs storms. The sun crossed the eountor on Its trip sonlh yesterday and the ei|ulnoctlHl storius are due nl Rain will b«« wel A New Policeman Anollior pollcctntin wit;; inMi'd tiio inorpInK jMcAlle G. W. Adamt at Humboldt O. W. Adams. organUer for the M. haul's Vci^tal.le O'lu Hdiiul, ina.lo | n^ist a«>.v »•">•* ',''**',„,„ „„„„ f,.r iwi slaiulard ivine|ly for Icuiale j ^Vr ,tse, j -are henvv with dust. When ami has I-^^^^t-ly e.nv. ih.itb;;. u A « ri^ns begin they will probably .^n- '"Xwouieii who have Iteeii tiotihled \Mlli force lodiiv . lie was borl.i tl> W ljis ,,|i ,eell|.Mlt«. iiiHiiininsil loll. Illtl'lU- „lnR at the home ..f ofrieef t '.aiu «/|i.,n. lil.ii.i.l ;>;,'-«'»;'"J"7^^^^^ ' , , ^ ,K riiHli- nuns. I 'uekaehe. that lK*ar. "'^'^**""' ' i i--^ il,-.(lu\vll|•ee^«^v,iIldl>Jes• lio!l.(li27.ilK•Rs,I^^Il<!rvo^Isl)I•ost^atlon. Whvdoii't youtry it V Mrs. IMnklinui invites all «jek W.- A., left yesterday for HtipiboUlt write her for advice, where he will work In the Interest of, jj|,e Jias {rnldcd thousands to the order this week. heiilUi. Addreitu, JUyuu. Muiw. tMine for several days, and wHl he at tcfuled hy cooler weather. Tlie constant dropping water wears I away, the hardest stone, Tlje consiant gnaw of Towser niastl I cates the toughest bone. The constant wooing lorer carries . away thd blushing maid. And the Constant Advertiser Is the : man who GETS the trade. ODD FELLOWS MEEl WATCH BI6 LEAGUES I^iral Fans Interested in Pennaol Itares—CleTHand In First Place. The local base liall fans are watching the pennaut races In the National and American leagues which are grow ing closer and more excltlnp each day. Chicago, by winning aj double header, crept closed to the Giants yesterday, vhile Cleveland In the American eagne pushed up to first place. :>,tMHI Delegates and Visitors .ire in I >enM+ to Attend 8 «h Annual (ou- tentton of .Sovereign Lodire. Denver. Co'o.. Sept. 21.—Fully five .housand delegates and visitors, members of the order are heri* to attend the eighty-fourth annual se .<:sion ot the Sovereign Grand l..odge lnde|)en- dent Order of Odd Fellows. The ctnt- ventlnn began this morning in the an- dltnrlunv and will conclude Sunday mornlUK. Coincident with the Odd Fellows meeting. Inforniat meetings of the Reltekahs are being held In Kljehet Temple. THE .MKiliTY POWEIt OF MI-O-NA. Ml-o-na. that extraordinary and i>er- fect stomach tonic, will relieve dyspep sla in twenty-four hours. t will cure, and Is guaranteed >y Chas. n. Spencer & Co. to the readers of lola to cure the most pitiful cases of dyspepsia, if taken acoori^in:; to directions. .Mi-o-na tablets not only cure dys- rteiisia. but all stomach disturbances such as vomiting of pregnancy, sea or car sickness,' and the stomach sickness after exces.sive indulgence. Mi-o-na ctires l)y strengthening and invigorating the flabtiy stomach walls, and after a course ot Ml-o-na treatment, constipation, if there is any, will entirely disapiiear. Read this from the president of a New York corporation: "I have been a terrible sufferer from d.vspepsia and gastritis for two year,s. The most eminent physicians pre.scrib »?d for me with no effect. I have been absolutely cured by your Mi-o-Ua tablets. The first' one gave me a relief almo .st incredible."—Herbert H. Taylor, ani West It.'l Street. .Vew York City. .Ml-o -na is a most economical treat- jnent— a large IKIX of tablets only costs .'.0 cents at Cha .s. R. Spencer & Co.'s.and the dyspeptic. ner\'ous or otherwise, who does not give them a trial, is losing an opiHirtunlty to re- f;aln health. WHEAT SWELLS. KILLING HIM, Little Boy Eats Many of the Kernels and Olea. Cew York . Chicago ... Pittsburg .. Philadelphia Cincinnati . tost on ... Brooklyn .. 5t. t»uis .. Standing of the Tenms. N.\TION.A,'L. LEAGITE. W. I.. 87 48 SS Uebanon, Pa.. Sept. 21.—Clarence the :t year old son of .Moses Light, a Jackson township farmer. dl«d today after a brief Illness, as the reauK ot eating wheat. The child was permit* led to play with the grain wbllo^ht* father was threahlng. and ate a large quantity of It K. r. ClMb to Take \ethm The K. U. club at Ih^lr next meetihK<| will iHtss resolutions of condolence tor the family of ex-Chancellor Snow who died day before yesterday. rUrfc Tbonas Here. Clark Thomas, the .Moran iiostmast er and editor. Is here today as a wit neaa in the Whitlow perjury case ...87 .. ji;7 ..--oT ....48 . ... 47 .•v.; r,4 G:*. I 82 90 !>2 Albert Fllley, Payed. Penalty For, a. Triple Murder 'att St, Joseph, . Today,.^ "IT WILL HELP r .S," SAY.S HOCH. Pet. .C4.'. .624 .BI7 .:,?,& .482 .410 .:;48 .:::ts Ixnt Worried Over Threat to Print His Bonk .Statement.. AMERICA.N I.EAC.ITE. i W. L. Cleveland .. Detroit ... Chicaijo ... St. Louis ... Bosloin Philadelphia Washjington . .\ew 'York . ..St ..7H . - SO .^..".9 ...41; no r.2 ill Pel. ..-.74 ..-.72 .r.i;7 .isr.t .478 .474 .4:t7 ResBJt!| Trsterday. I National League. Pittsburg 2: New York 1. Chicago 3—3. JPhlladelphia 1 —2. ' Rrpoklyn 8. S^. Louis Cincinnati 8. Roston 5. AMERICAN IJC-Vd'E. Rosioh 4, Detroit T.. Cleveland New Y<irk ::. St^ Ixjuis "., Washington 0. Chicago 2. PlilL-idefphia 0. To|ieka. Sept. 21.-^overnor Hoch heard today that the Democratic national committee had decided to print and to circulate 1,000,000 copies of his statement in favor of a bank gttaranty law. j "Of course I can't help it if the Dent ocrats circulate ICansas Republican doctrine." said the governor. "In fact it may help to get the ]>eople of the country act|iiainted with a Kansas Republican idea which liryan has stolen and is tryiuK to make a |>aramonnt issue." THE JOPLIN ORE REPORT. Zinr Closed .*«tronc Ltat Week. Bat the Lead .Varket Wa.« Weak. Jopliu. Mo.. Sept. 21.—The highest price paid for zinc ore last week .was |40.aO a too on an assay 'basis of iSS. this being the highest figure of the year: The average selling twse price was $37.,->0 early In the week. Lead was weak at $37 a ton for 80 tier cent mineral: the highest figure reported was for extra quality ore. Rl'RTO.X TO ADDRCSS KAXSAXS. Ohio roncressmaii te Spend Fonr Days in .Sunllower .Stale. St. Joseph. Mo., Sept, 2lL—jUH^. : Pilley. who one year a^ iiard8t&''^ his wife, his baby, her broai«^'dS^^' and iattemeted -to kiO hU 'bntOnirirf wife! was hanged at Kinsstm^:!!^. earli" this iiomlng. - "i St] Joseph, Mo., Sept. 21.—Udevep. ope^ today: that had ^GoveVnor If^v^ Issued a cdmmntatibn to FUlej ^V tlift^: murderer probably w(Mifai-baT|q 'jbeft4)>^ lynched. A.:mob otitarpaen g/uiu^d ^j: about the county Jail last.nlgS^^Ut^ awaited a final message - fnnn^^CHli'i^'-: ^ ernor Folk. When it'came'atia^^stfld'^' he declined to Interfere, the tnob'ijitj^ persed quietly and let the lav iake^iv-'^ coui^e. V . , '.^^ ^ Ai«'T «K »-..Pfo>Bifiv.-; • '-' V"-> If not you -ar» niinitaCi:rluU%t!i[^^r' pleaure of lift. It may.not.yetljbeiitila. late. Just oriler from -Jj&^-rtfr^-: few packages bl "OtlR-Pl!S"-r how easy it Is: to iiia^«JieitMa?Cbo($-^' late and CnsUrd plea, that •ts^i'^"'"'''" please all who. taste.tli^.^~ cent package. contains tba' quantttr of the choicest pl« Where They Play^ Today. AMERICAN LE.\GI'K. Philadelphia it Chicago. Washington a ttoston at Detroit. New York at NATIO: Chicago at Nt w York. Pltt.sburgiat Brooklyn. St. Louis at Ifoston. Cincinnati at dispatch refers iver who playej lola O. K. leajidne team St. I^uls. Cleveland. tAL LEAGri:. Philadelphia. Ball Ptoyei- Killed by Train. Columbus. Kks.. Sept. 22.—Frank Wollwer. a proljesslonal baseball play er. was killed by the Wichita train on the Frisco railway this morning. Woll wer's lK>dy Is here In charge of a local undertake Many local f»ns lielleve the alwve tp Frank "Nig" Wool- il for a time with th«' womwiandbalie*- Accept only Wak»- fi^a. FuU m » botUe 56c ivorywherfc Topeka. Sept. 21.—Congressman Rurton of Ohio will spend four days next week in Kansas. He will speak at Kansas City. Kas.. and ICniporia and two places in the Fifth coSgres- slonal district. The exact dates; for his meetings have not been fixed. Congressman Smith of iowa will speak at Osage City September 28. Marion September 29 and Wamego September 30. He will s|iend the three days following in Caiderhead's district. • Mooney. .MISSOIHI SHERIFF DE.V'D. _ i Shoetfaigi Virtim of Today. Died West Plains. .Mo.. Sept. 21.—Sheriff Mooney ot liaxter county. Arkansas, who fell yesterday at the firj:t lire from the barricaded monntain cabin of John Roberts, a mile south of the state line, died early today. Mra. Roberts who aided her husband ID resisting arrest for the murder of Obe Kttelnger. is still alive but cannot survive. , .VYHTKKIOl'H WOINDS. Employee of femeat Company Ponnil on Oklakoma KaUroad Track. Rartlesville. Okla.. Sept. 21.—James Nicholson, an emplo.vee of the Deweyj Cement company, was fonnd badly^ wounded and uncontclons beside; th« tracks of the nartleavlllo-Dewey 1 In-^ teru'rban Railway last night. Bntlsea on the bead led to ibe belief that Nlch-j Olson was assaulted and thrown oh the tracks. ' A Few at.I* Haiipcv Too. : A Bryan ,clnb was. organ ^ed at Li| Harpe last night. C. R Apt. John Fl Ooshorn and P. J. Oyler of this dtjf furnished the oratory. "1 I entsready forinstantuae. Iifebid«B»f.- ^ ed thoiisands and will surelr " yon. If yonr grpcer wont supl^qr go to one who wUL : .VaMigemnt of Rnwiblierti Caii#Mli#^ WUMfet Be ChMge* S«^S<|» RaBter. li • t Chicago, Sept 31.—Stories to the ^ effect that there has.ben'or !a ,to 1|«4 a change made-in the nMinagMrtatiHBl^ the Republican national ; :| pear to be wttboat'tbe 'SIi ^tarttiiOSl^^'^'^ daUon. The Associated; Pi^^'fiS^i'^ caused inaolries to be'-nnidtt^lN^^^^f'<j| place expected-to..<Mj^l.-..v>^ ply reliable ioformatltoijoag'friu^li ^t iect and it Is declared: ' being omdacfe^: originally plaiinedf»andK^dik.«,p ;!i^ji,..^ gram will continae witboO^ilUMtioqta 'f^^t-'^ ^ • --:-KW^^V>-,: Nofteeil I9lafmanm1ikl^>- y-i- -'^ Erastus Moaley. of .BandOB^iiy^jof*^^^^ the first settlers on the. ^i ^iji^ ^ ross the liiie^ in' Andersodlieii^ili ^^p^ vfais In the city todav- on •biMtMt4i^i^{^Ti Hosley commented odox.npon^tli^ri^^^^^^ markable gtowth' of,I<*u.- jJ:-;::- j.; Mr. and' If«. Btl 'Be«gDiM ^,^=,WSBiU .-.V.fa , visited Sit. the hoai^fl Dressier yesterday. Frratfil _ went to western Kansas-w%«||^*^^\;? tu visit relatives! and ttaeitrSAjjt; lahoma for a short vlslt^i *m EX€HAK(»!OI^ List yoar.j vtoftftf- me. I have « lafa^ match froaiL No expmif |imii pi less a deal'I« AMUMI idr.-yQ<KA'^| 1 bave tW aerttt ta, N««h?^ stao'^coQBty. K«^'to^'eKtoiigvi^l for good loik - '

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