The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 5, 1986 · Page 51
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 51

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 5, 1986
Page 51
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Saturday The Salina Journal Entertainment Sunday, January 5,1986 Pagelft» (S) Movie ** "Unfaithfully Yours" (1984) Dudley Moore, Nastassia Klnskl.'PG'(CC) (U) Check It Out I 6:30 QQ Three's Company GDS)B3 Sneak Previews O At The Movies Roger Ebert and Gene Slskel announce their choices for the 10 worst films of 1985. O Wheel Of Fortune (9) At The Movies 9 Action-Packed Cliflhangers (10) 10-11 Magazine: Etc. IB WKRP In Cincinnati Q Guns Of Will Sonnett (N) Dangermouse (U) Cover Story Guest: Melba Moore. 7:00 QOOSDES Gimme A Break! Nell has a mutiny on her hands when she's unable to book a concert date for her fledgling rock band. (Part2of2) ®(S£B Newton's Apple S)(SBOD(3)13 Hollywood's Private Home Movies BUI Cosby hosts a look at some never-before- seen home movies of Hollywood celebrities including Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Burt Reynolds. (R) (CC) 4 Dance Fever OOOQ®00)|B(B Airwolf San- tlnl's reunion with a Korean War buddy (Ken Curtis) Is ruined when he gets Involved In his friend's domestic quarrels and the activities of a drug-running gang. (Postponed from an earlier date.) Q Bless Me Father (9) Movie " "Change Of Habit" (1969) Elvis Presley, Mary Tyler Moore. A young novitiate and a doctor become deeply attached while working together In a ghetto clinic. 9Q Live From The Met James Levlne conducts this production of Rossini's story of unrequited love, "L'ltallana In Algeri," starring Marilyn Home, Paolo Montarsolo and Douglas Ahlstedt. (English Subtitles) 89 Wrestling CD Centennial Pasqulnel (Robert Conrad) leaves his bride (Sally Kellerman) In St. Louis and returns to the wilderness, where he takes a second wife, Clay Basket (Barbara Carrera), hoping she can lead him to gold unwittingly discovered by her late father. (Part2ofl2) (C) Movie *" "Once Upon A Time In America" (1984) Robert De Nlro, James Woods.'R' (CC) Q Movie ** "Song Of The Open Road" (1944) Jane Powell, Edgar Bergen. A child star runs away to |oln a group of youngsters Involved in saving a farm field from ruin. (E) College Basketball Pittsburgh at Syracuse (HBO) Movie *** "Mickl & Maude" (1984) Dudley Moore, Amy Irving. 'PG-13'(CC) (N) My Three Sons (U) Movie** "TheNesting" (1980) Gloria Grahame, John Carradine. A novelist rents a secluded Victorian mansion where she begins having strange, erotic dreams. 7:05 IB NBA Basketball Philadelphia 76ersat Detroit Pistons 7:30 BBOGDfD Facts Of Life The girls pose as undercover cops to Infiltrate a counterfeiting ring at the store. (CC) (DCSS) Grand Generations 4 At The Movies Roger Ebert and Gene Stskel announce their choices for the 10 worst films of 1985. Q Dad's Army (N) Donna Reed 7:35 (D) Mouseterpiece Theater 8:OOBBO(DS) Golden Girls Rose's attempt to keep her roommates In the dark about her new boyfriend falls when tragedy strikes. (5CSG3 All Creatures Great And Small II "Plenty To Grouse About" Illness and trouble strike Lord Livingstone's grouse moors while Tristan teaches Kitty to play the guitar and James and Helen chase a cow. GDCSOffiJOB'S Lady Blue Katy encounters the psychotic leader of Anthony Michael Hall (left), Joan Cusack and Terry Sweeney have joined NBC's "Saturday Night Live" at 10:30. a motorcycle gang. (CC) 4 Movie ** "Convoy" (1978) Kris Kristofferson, All MacGraw. Truckers and cops attempt to outwit one another in a rough-and- tumble war on wheels. BQ(H»fB Movie ** "Agatha Christie's 'Murder With Mirrors'" (1985) Helen Hayes, Bette Davis.Based on an Agatha Christie novel. Amateur sleuth Miss Marple investigates murder at an elderly friend's ancestral home, an ancient castle that now serves as a rehabilitation center for juvenile delinquents. (R) (CC) O(H)(B Miss Wichita Pageant Q Mystery I 83 Rich Man, Poor Man: Book I Tom Jordache (Nick Nolte) returns to America to find his son; Rudy (Peter Strauss) and Julie (Susan Blakely) learn that they are too late to win the affection of Julie's boy. (Part 6 of 6) CD Movie "** "The Man From Laramle" (1955) James Stewart, Wallace Ford. A man seeks revenge on the gunrunners responsible for his brother's death. (D) Movie ** "Daisy Miller" (1974) Cybill Shepherd, Barry Brown. Based on the story by Henry James. A turn-of-the- century American socialite sparks a scandal arnong members of European royalty. 'G' (N) Movie (S) Movie ** "Uncommon Valor" (1983) Gene Hackman, Robert Stack.'R'(CC) 8:30 BBOGDED 227 Brenda lies to her parents and sneaks away to meet her boyfriend at a dance. 9:00 BBOGDEB Hunter Hunter pulls out all the plugs In order to thwart a ruthless hired killer (Vernon Wells). (DCSQ3 Live From The Met James Levlne conducts this production of Rossini's story of unrequited love, "L'ltallana In Al- gerl," starring Marilyn Home, Paolo Montarsolo and Douglas Ahlstedt. (English Subtitles) (THSOODtDU Love Boat The Love Boat hosts a private-party wedding in which the bride is one of Ace's former girlfriends, the father of the bride is going bankrupt and an obnoxious Intruder joins the wedding party. Guests Include Lydia Cornell and Denver Pyle. (CC) B All Creatures Great And Small II "Cats And Dogs" Work at Skel- dale Veterinary Surgery continues apace, but It almost literally rains cats and dogs. (9) News Q 1986: A Year Of World Destiny How the Bible relates to the future is the basis for this look Into 1986 hosted by Lester Sumrall. (E) College Football Ricoh Japan Bowl. (HBO) Barbra Streisand: The Broadway Album An Inside look at the making of the versatile per- former's latest album that features Broadway songs Including "Putting It Together" from "Sunday in the Park with George" and "Somewhere" from "West Side Story." (U) Alfred Hitchcock Hour 9:20QSanford And Son 9:30 (D) Wild Geese Calling After being wounded by a hunter, a Canadian gander Is nursed back to health by a young boy. 10:00 BBOEHBCSO (SOOJDE)(io)(B(D QD1383CD News Q Movie **** "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (1935) James Cagney, Olivia de Havllland, Dick Powell, Victor Jory, Veree Teasdale, Jean Mulr, Mickey Rooney. Based on Shakespeare's play. Love creates confusion for several hapless people. (9) Twilight Zone 9 Sneak Previews Jeffrey Lyons and Michael Medved host an Informative look at what's new at the movies. 83 Black Sheep Squadron Q Success'N'Life (D) Movie *** "Never Cry Wolf" (1983) Charles Martin Smith. In 1963, a biologist learns to live among wolves and Eskimos In the northern wilderness and discovers that, contrary to popular opinion, the wolves have not been responsible for the depletion of caribou herds. 'PG' (HBO) The Hitchhiker (N) Turkey Television (S) Movie " "Mistress Pamela" (1973) Julian Barnes, Dudley Foster.'R' (U) Movie ** "Urgh! A Music War" (1981) Concert footage filmed In London, New York, California and France spotlights the performances of 34 New Wave groups, Including The Police, Devo, Joan Jett and The Go-Gos. 10:15 CD Movie " "The Evil Of Frankenstein" (1964) Peter Gushing, Peter Woodthorpe. Baron Frankenstein brings his monster back to life after years of lying dormant. 10:30 BBOCEEQ Saturday Night Live Host: Chevy Chase. Musical guest: Sheila E. ("Holly Rock," "A Love Bizarre"). (R) CS(T|(w)13 ABC News (CC) 4 Alfred Hitchcock Presents Q Movie ** "Force 10 From Navarone" (1978) Robert Shaw, Harrison Ford. During World War II, several oddly assorted military experts are teamed In a mission to raid and destroy a bridge vital to the enemy's strategy. OQ3 Movie OtnOfB Movie ** "The Domino Principle" (1977) Gene Hackman, Candlce Bergen. A strange conspiracy engulfs a convicted killer and his wife after the man is sprung from prison by mysterious "businessmen" to execute an assassination. Q Movie *** "The Sterile * Cuckoo" (1969) Liza Minnelll, Wendell Burton. A lonely, mlxed- up college co-ed tries to manipulate a naive, sensitive freshman Into a romantic affair. (9) Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous Featured: Tammy Wynette; Tony Danza tours the Bahamas; composer Bill Conti; modeling agents Eileen and Jerry Ford; the Cattle Barons' Ball in Texas. 9 Movie "Treasure Island" (No DateO 01 To Be Announced Q) Solid Gold Guests: Mac Davis, Whitney Houston, John Waite, . Robin Glbb, Cameo, The Judds, Kenny Logglns (Interview). Q John Ankerberg (HBO) Movie " "D.C. Cab" (1983) Mr. T, Adam Baldwin. 'R' (CC) 10:35 (10) Hee Haw Guests: Charley Pride, Becky Hobbs, Jim Varney, Stonewall Jackson. 10:45 (T)(T)(il)13 Movie " "Young Mr. Lincoln" (1939) Henry Fonda, Alice Brady. Abraham Lincoln's early legal career Is profiled. 10:50 |B Night Tracks: Chartbusters 10:55 (C) Movie * "Angel" (1984) Cliff Gorman, Susan Tyrrell. 'R' 11:00 4 Movie ** "Charlie Chan In Honolulu" (1938) Sidney Toler, Phyllis Brooks. The famous sleuth Investigates the loss of some valuable jewels. Q| David Susskind L 83 Movie ** "A Little Sex" (1981) Tim Matheson, Edward Herrmann. A newlywed commercial director tires of his bride and becomes a philanderer. Q Larry Jones (N) Route66 11:30 (9) Police Story (Q At The Movies Roger Ebert and Gene Slskel announce their choices for the 10 worst films of 1985. B Take Time 11:35 (10) To Be Announced 11:45(D)DTV (S) Superstars Of Comedy Salute The Improv Byron Allen, Dana Carvey, Billy Crystal, Andy Kaufman, Robert Klein, Bette Midler, Joe Plscopo, Richard Pryor and Robin Williams salute the innovative club that helped launch the careers of some of today's top comic talents. 11:50 O Night Tracks 12:00 BBS) Puttin' On The Hits Q Star Search Guest: Telma Hopkins. (D Rocky Mountain Inn |Q Entertainment This Week Interview with actor Richard Dreyfuss. B Children Of The Streets (E) Roller Derby (N) My Three Sons 12:15 (HBO) Movie ** "The Naked Face" (1984) Roger Moore, Rod Stelger.'R'(CC) 12:30 BBFTV 4 News B Harry 0 (9) In Search Of..."The Titanic" |0 Soul Train Q Movie ** "Sudden Terror" (1970) Mark Lester, Susan George. A young boy known for having an overactlve imagination can't convince anyone that he has witnessed the murder of a prominent black man. QJFTV CD Puttin' On The Hits Lip-synced renditions of New Edition's "Mr. Telephone Man," Bananarama's "Cruel Summer" and Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York." (C) Movie ** "Porky's" (1981) Dan Monahan, Mark Herrler. 'R' (N) Donna Reed (U) Night Flight "Some Bizarre" 12:35 (10) Tales From The Darkside 12:« (S) Movie *** "Norma Rae" (1979) Sally Field, Beau Bridges. 12:50 Q Night Tracks 1:00 Q Movie ** "Murder In Mind" (1975) Richard Johnson, Zena Walker. (9) Tales From The Darkside (QNeWs 83 Movie ** "Hudson's Bay" (1940) Paul Muni, Gene Tlerney. CDFTV B Jewish Voice Broadcast (E)SpeedWeek (N) Movie (U) Night Flight "Take Off T a . Politics VI I" 1:05 (10) News 1:15 B Mad Movies With The L.A. Connection 1:30 BID ABC News (CC) (9)FTV CD Star Games B Heritage Singers (E)SportsCenter 1:45 O Christian Children's Fund 1:50 B Night Tracks 2:00 (9) Independent News B700 Club (U) Movie *' "Urgh! A Music War" (1981) 2:05 (HBO) Movie ** "Weekend Pass" (1984) D.W. Brown, Peter El- lensteln.'R' 2:10 (C) Movie **• "Against All Odds" (1984) Rachel Ward, Jeff Bridges. 'R'(CC) 2:15 B America's Top Ten 2:30 (9) Movie ** "Rider On A Dead Horse" (1962) John Vlvyan, Lisa Lu. CD Movie ** "Life Pod" (1980) Joe Penny, Jordon Michaels. (E) Tennis 2:45 B This Week In Country Music (S) Movie ** "Uncommon Valor"* (1983) Gene Hackman, Robert Stack. 'R' (CC) 2:50 |B Night Tracks 3:00 83 Movie *' "A Day Of Fury" (1956) Dale Robertson, Mara Corday. (N) Turkey Television 3:15 B Melba Moore's Collection Of Love Songs 3:30 B 700 Club 3:40 (HBO) Barbra Streisand: The Broadway Album 3:45 B Ebony - Jet Showcase 3:50 |B Night Tracks 4:15 B News 4:30 CD Three Stooges Children's video market is expanding LOS ANGELES (AP) - This year will be even bigger than 1985 for children's videocassettes, predicts Richard Fried, director of marketing for Disney Home Video. Fried looks for the VCR market to continue to expand, with machines now selling at a rate of nearly a million a month. Children's programming, with more than 2,000 titles currently available, accounts for 12 to 20 percent of the home video market. For the best in home entertainment THINK! and CLARK'S T.V.and Communications 2140 S. 9th Salina 825-7172

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