Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 22, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 22, 1908
Page 2
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il: i For Mrs. Hides. j.W. T. Watson gave adeHght- fiiii afternoon entertainment yesterday tb women of the P. E. O. chapter. I5 ^|ere were i three honor guests, Mrs. iiUi-k Hitlcs. Mrs. George Derby and llife. L; A. Crittenden and the occas- icw was a farewell to the three ladies, . ^iilii*^ "l^e^lfpitroacTilng depart^ iijfetf ifiti^i Hliles for Sapulpa and the reitnu of &irs. Derby and Mrs, Crlt- tfiDden to iCoIorado. The afternoon was spent in reviewing many happy creats ithe club has given and In en joymeni of a novel plan the tiosiess ptit intt) use. the description or each gi ;est in rhyme written in a souvenir booklet. Mrs. C. L. fJvans who was liiioBit U)6 guests sans several solos wttk her own beatkttful style of Inter- l>h)Ution and expression and Mrs. Vniilson scrred five o'clock tea with tie. WsistaDev of her' niece. Miss l.u> clji* CopeUnis. \monR thoa* present i wijw Mrs. Mark HUlcs. Mrs. A. U ' BA^umlMUfli. iMrs. P. & Mitchell. Mnv W. R. Hejiiaun. Mn«. A. P. Hards, lint C. R. KdKorttU).* Mro. J. W. llol IM. Mn. CliNOTi W«nfy. Mrs. Flunk lUddlfv MrskjC. L IRvan*. Mr*. O. O. SMottA.. Itwu Urton. of l^HartH". Mrs, U A. CWtt*hd«nj .Mr*. G. T. I>»rb.v Miss BeU«t» McCanc^v ;M». HUtei aTDomc the promhv Mt tinb women here and her connec> itHiB vlUi the P. R O. chapter has beea amst helpful, it was she who or- glAlxea the t ^ptcr three years ago and because jof Us ^method of study aiid .~the cot^eniallty of those w%o . 'ta^d mieimbersbips the' work land social Ut&ttf the organization has been most I pleasftnt^ Aar'a token of the esteem of the iChat^ter sisters and a souvenir of this: parting entertainment Mrs. Hllles was.gliren a^aiidsome spoon yesterday ^ariog the aftemoon'6 i pleasures. i ; ^lAdge Celebrated. . 1 .^Xhe,Rebecca lodge celebrated the saolversaty of ItK organization on RWtuhlay with a picnic banquet at . Electric park.. The trees had been - hViifvwit}! pmall electric globes for flie..occas]on sind the grove was ipret- Hlr,JI«hj;id. The tables were set for smfiferous members of the lodge who WlBi 'tfr jtat>up| of »ther guests were serr^with an elaborate menu. There was a prograna of interesting and appropriate' toasts later in the evening. , - '' i j * • • . : r • -.' Ex-'feachers' Club. I 'I Thtere wlU lie a uarty for the Er- '.H'fTeaiBheTS club jon Thursday afternoon KJffei»jK5trIc park; with Mrs. Lloyd Coe. h Mrk. H. U Doudas and Mrs. U H. ^- 'WltRlard will enterUIn with Mrs. Coe. IThls Is the | ilrst meeting of the ciftfi'-itiKie thel summer adjournment iiijUUkeh andjthe guests are antlcl- pating a delightful occasion because Iv. of the'outing and the reunion of ac- ^uUatances. For Visiting Fritnds. S. It. Holmes gave an last evening for their ' iVliiitWt, Mr, aiid Mrs. E. J. Sawyer. i.M^Tuka. Thesftj friends were Invited >ito;«reet the lioDor guestis: Mr. and ItMi W. D.. Wolfe. Dr. and Mrs.'A. V. IMgB ,Mrv and Mr«. B. C. Eakin. i; .: Alta jSeU Club, i : The AlU Seta dub of the First Tnttbjrterian church will have the fl^fil^neBs meeting of the fall on TllfiraSay eTeoin^ at the home of Mrs. 8. ®. Hilscber on South Washington Arepne. There .yill be an election of oBwrs and other business of importance for consideration. ' Visit Mjns. (Joedwln. j (.laiogene fMitdbell of Jefferson ^jjyfaBi^ i8;a guest of Mr. and Mrs. • • • • ^ DJnrier:P«i]t/< sifr. and Mrs.j "W. F. -Bixler enter- of relatlTes at 4in- i^JBB for out-of-town „ I ,Mr. and Mrs. Wmal party A aumber; -ejren pjests. The table was attractively decorated and set for these guests: ilrs. A. h. HIckox and .Miss Ula Hlck- of, of Toronto, Mis^ Lena HIckox of Brio. SIlss Ethel Blxlor, of Humboldt. Mrs. Charles Rowc and Mr. and Mrs. \V. F. Blxler. * * * . Return Home. Mrs. .K. L. HIckox and daughter, Llla. of Toronto, and Missi Lena HIck­ ox of Erie, have returned-home after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Blx­ ler. Eli.el Bixler who is at Humboldt for the present has also returned hom^ after spending: a few days at her home hero, j -f + + MJTS. Hunt Home. '-Mrs. Leigh Hunt and children are at home from u pleasant Yistt with frionds and relatives In MichiRun. • • • Visit Mr. and Mrs, Holmes. Mr. and .Mrn. K, .1. Sawyer of TUIHJI. Uklahomu, nrv i:u«>tits of Mr. and Mrn. 8, L, Holmes. • • • Missionary' Meeting. Tho .\li(i!t|oniir> ss»H-l<-tj th»' Klrs^t M. K, rhwrch hold » buslwosa nwfi- luc tvHlA,v at thr«H« oVlwk tU(> lio«u> of Mr«. J. M. .Mason. • * • Endeavor Entertainment. On Thursday o%-«n(ag the Christian Kndeax-or qf the Christian church will tai«ment of men friends of vthe girls have in charge a lecture given by Rev. •^«» F>«> the exception of members of Ellet of that pastorate.. The lecture orchestra those in the dance room will feature the events of a child- ''"^ Slrls and young women. » hood in the Southern states. Pro- of the girls who will wear ceeds will go to the treasury of the Endeavor society. \ . * + * • Home Thursday. tailored white blouses and black skirts will leftd the dances and they arc keeping the "iihones busy asking their particular friends lor 'dates.' Airs. W. F. Dewey will arrive on'The first dance of the sort was given Thursday from her visit in Ohio and last season and everyone had such Michigan. ioUy evening that a similar event has 4. been arranged for this week. The Miss Dingman to be Married. ' 'guest list will probably number forty. One of the weddings of the early * • • • falirOrJll be solemnized within the' To Kansas City, weekwben Miss Hazel Dingman. the' <Mrs. E. C. McClalngoee to Kan- first daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will- sas City tomorrow for a few days' lam Dingman will be given in mar- stay, rlage to Mr. A. E. Curtis, of tliis city.j " * *> The engagement of the couple was' Entertaining Friends, announced at Easter tide at a dinner' ^^''^^^ entertalninr given to a group of girl friends of the««sle^ and Miss Rllla Eagle oi bride-to-be at the home of her cousin,' ^""'"''^ M^^e Eagle of Miss Gladys .Xorthnip. After a wed- X- today. « • • • . , Return to Fort Scott. ding journey the couple will receive! their friends at 501 South Chestnut street in a home which is being furnished for their use. * • • Dance Friday Night. .Vcrowd of girls,and young matrous will have a dance on Friday evenin;; In Masonic hall. Notice those flrst lewlisfords';—that means that In cele- hratJon of Leap Year and to prove to masculinity their Independence the towiji boj-s will .IH» ignored by the hos- tessfs. The measures of dreamy valtkes and the inspiring notes of two .Miss Urdce Hasklns of Fort Scott wi|] return home tomorrow after a visit with Mrs. C. 8. Culbertson. - 4. W. C. T, U. Meeting. The Womans Christian Temperance Union will have a meeting on Friday afternoon at the East Jackson street rooms. * • + To 6t. Louis. .Miss Florence A\1ttenberg and Miss .Mary Korthrui> left last evening for St. I^uis. Mo. MIss^N'orthrup will be step^ will not be played for the enter-{absent from tier home here nntll the Llbtifiy '9 Ciki Ghtma The scInHlltiitinKibriUiaiicy of LIBBByS Cut Gla«. ihe shartv n«s of each line^ carrjiSng the light from point to ipoint. hare owS it to be cherished in every hone where beauty is appreciated. h '^oste no more than other alass. qasHtyconsidered» / . Vo. tw, 8aata F» aai V. %, A T. Watefe laspeclM*. Chrlstoias season comes. | Both' she and Miss ivattenberc were gne its at several small dianer parties. ubrlni; the days Just precedhig their departure. . Ante Partite. Two auto parties have been jgiven during the week for Miss Tress i Lee and her gtiests. Kiss Moore and Miss Burgesij of Kansas City. Mr. and Mrs. Grant H. Miller were host and btjstess of a pa^y on Sundays anernoon. and last evening a halt dozen young; people motbrcd to Chaaate. • • + Mrs. Lord Her*. Miss Lena L^rd enterialned her mother. Mrs. Lord of Lone Elm yesterday. • + * Detum This Week. Mrs. A. W. Beck will return late in the week from Argonia. where she Is visiting friends. • * • To Kansas City. Miss Elizabeth Boner leaves oni Friday for Kansas City. She is to jbe a pupil In the conservatory of music and dramatic art there this season, •r • • Skating Party. A group uf girls will entertain |.Miss Mary Hillcs with a skat)n;r party tonight at the rink opening. • 4"t New Hair Ornaments. Ramsays arc showing some unusually attractive ornaments tor hair dressing now. There arc small crowns of tortoise studded with brilliants and carved in Imitation of fila gree work. Then for side garnitures there-are some beautltnlly enameled butterflies in tints of green with the wings set witli small stones, brill lants and an occasional topaz. There arc also some barrettcs in plain tortoise | and some trimmed with designs of Jewels which would put an effective flnishing touch to a coiffure dressed for the evening. • • • Camp at Bandsrs, These ladles' will spend a |>art OI next week at the camp at Bandera: Mrs. Bruce 08boru«>, Mrs. Marj- Bird Mrs. Johu.Delap. Mr«u Sadie Thomp- sKWi. Mrs. John Moore. Mrs, R. St. GH Allan, Mrit. A. a GllSUan and Mnt. F. E. Hageubuch. Art tittb. A meeting of the Art Hub has be«n calh?d for September 29 at the tome of Mrs. Sadie Thompson on South Walnut street The president. Miss Mar>- ChamberlalB will be In town for the day and among the important work of the meeting will be the election of officers for the season. THE JIJONEY BOX IS FOUND BOBBEB^ EX.1MI>ED THEIB BOO- TrilTHE KATt TASOS. TONIGHT ISTHENI6HT Auditorium Doors Open at 7. —Band Begins at 8 O'Clocfc. Manager Wharton with a number of assistants has finished all of the details of getting the rink in ^ape to open tonight and that event will occur at 7 o'clock. Already many people have' sent In reservatlonii for skates but the skates will be given out to the flrst comers. WTiile no spedal attraction will be put 00 this evening it is expected that there will be plenty of amusement Old skaters say that one forgets to tkate easily and leam^ eas- II.V and tonlglit there will doubtless be many amusiofr situations. The band has a lot of new music. fflo«t of wliich will be played this evening, although they already have many requests for some of the familiar stuff of last yeaK Prices at the rink will remain the same . as last year, althougta the rinks in many places have raised their prices. At Kansas City especially where there are a targe number of rinks the price lias been raised to flfty cents. Here It will be ten cents admlssioh and twenty-flve cents tor skates. ' A N^GRO LYNCHED. Georgia Mob Took the Life of a Man Who Shot a Sheriff. Atlanta.; Ga.. Sept. 32.—According to reports received here today Geo. Thomas, wbo «hot Sheriff W. W. Beard, at Fort Gaines. Qa.. yesterday, was lynched by a mob In the Central of Georgia railroad station after the tf&ooting. First reports said "i^omas was killed by the sheriff. Beard may recover. ' tCMik^ KUTUr FBONK, AM^ CaakkA #ij2O40PO ENTER IRON KOBBBJtS 8ECUBED IMS, FBOX yiVt^dOME TIME LAST kl^HTr Believed t* Have Been the IKmA ef Tnwp»>Chedu aijvl Bccelpts Were Becaveied. j^H' Some tline hut night robbers looted the United Iron Works offlce on North Kentucky street They entered the big money vault and m^de away Vith the cash drawer containing several small checks, receipts and $43.. This morning, after it was noticed that the robbers had entered the oflBce and a search was'begun. the money box was found near the Katy tracks, two and one-half blocks away from the office. It had been broken open, and the cash, till and a few cents, was gone, but the checks and receipts were undisturbed. The officers, who were notified as soon as the robbery was discovered^ believe that the thieves entered the: offlco by means of a window which had been left open. The big doors of< the vault were not loclied and once on the inside it was an; easy matter to get to the place the money was kept In a tjox car which was standing on the side tracks . in the Katy yards near where the money box was found this morning, wcro several half burn ed up matches which Indicate to the ofllcers that the booty was examined here. The condittotis about tho car also lead the olBcers tu believe that the thieves had spout; the night In the car. Whllo the. oAcprs haw nothing det Inlfe as yet, on Which to base a so*- picion they believe the robbery was committed by tramps. Two suspicious dtaracters have been hanging about the United! Iron Works r6r several days. Bay Fars >»w. And enjoy*) a tult season's wear. The VanDyke FUr Ca. of Kansas CRj*. will have a representative in Tola this week with all the newest ideas from 'he fashion centers o fthe world: manufacturers and importers. U you are Interested .vJon should call at Mrs. Turner's Millinery and sec the Van Dyke Fur C0 .'8 fine display. Remodeling and renovating a specialty. Jl.! N. A. Meeting. R. N*. A. No. 365 will have the usual meeting jtonisht TO TEACH POSTAL WISDOM. School Children Will Learn How to Mail Letters and Study PosUI Laws. Washington. SepL 32.—Postmaster General Meyer Issued an order today directing alii postmasters to unite with their local school authorities with the view of adopting the inost ffectlvc method of instructing school children as to the organization and operations of'the postal service, particularly the proper addressing of let- ers and thej importance of placing return cards on envelopes. Postmasters are also directed to -irrange. If possible, to deliver personal talks to the pupils and give teachers access to the postal guide and the postal! laws, and render them every assistance In securing ncces^ sary Information. NEW PLAY TOMORROW NIGHT. Hoering 4 Smiley's Scotch Irish Yankee in IWaJestIc Theatre. Ik r;BaUuM latprarfag. B. F. RoUtttoh who has been aer- lonsiy ill with! typhoid tevei* is slow^ |y improving and it is thooght that wllhin a short lime he will be past the danger point ! 1 After several postponements. Hoering 4 Smiiey'jS musical comedy. "A Scottdi Irish Yankee is ready for presentation and from the.interest being manifested the Majestie theatre viB doubtless be. {iaeked tomorrow night Veen the work oC the local writers will be given.its Initial production. Among the! original song nnmbers are the "Princess of the Plains." "Amazing Mazie." "My Telephone Glri." "A SonglFrom the Heah." and a half dozen others. The proceeds of the sale of Che song. "A Song From the Heart." wih be given to the Orphans Home. 'This song is one of the prettiest ballads ever written and win be. doul>UMS. a hit with the hearers. SeaU for'"AJScotOb Irish Taake^^ are now on sale. Telephone 216 f^r reservatlMis. Read Registw want adt. ' WAKTED-i-Iola property to exchange for Kansas and Missouri land. Golden West Land Co. Office over Iowa Store. lola. Kas. WiVNTEU>— Housekeeper for small family; middle aged woman preferred. Address H. W., this office. WANTED—A quick buyer for a bargain, a desirable .8 room house, good tocation. (But front, city water. Price ||123» in paynwnts. S. Heller. 204 South Sycamore street WANTED—Man and wife or two girls to cook and wash dishes, hutel and,'cafe,-steady'work, giiod wagds. Call at!South Side Hotel and Cafe. Huibboldt Kas. Wni.'Bailey. I'rop. WANTED—A urst class salesman to sell I our teas, coffees and specialties direct to the consumer in and around lolai -A good paying business to right parties. Write or call on the Grand Union Tea Co., 704 Kansas Avenue. Top^ka, Kas. WANTED TO BUY—Low one-seatnd phaeton. A. R. Thornton Realty Co. Room 7, Old Court House. PERSONS WAJMTtNG boy or girl to work for board while attending school ajiply at 101a Business College. Fhooe 495. WANTED TO BUY—Pour *.r five acres, improved Or unlmpTOved, close to good town. Address W. E. K., 702 South Washington, lola, Kas. SALESMEN & AGENTS—$ f i $50.00 p>ir week and over can he made sellibg New Campaign Novelties from now until election. Sells to Stores. County Fairs. Picnics and Private Kkmllies. Complete line of samples, charges prepaid tor 60C Order today. CHICAGO NOVELTY CO.. 60 Wabash Ave.. Chicago. von SALE—GtHKl horse: »1S North Stato. FOR 8.\LK OR TRADE—tXmr muu huw*i\ t«r hwr*^* wr ratn«> and f«rnt> Ing lniplemrut». •I S, Itakvr. U» North Thinl. FOR SALK—rhonngraph and r«c* ords tor sale cheap; SIS North CoUoa> wood. FOR SALE—Good horse. Inauire at 60« North FIraL FX)R RBSCT—Three roan house 212 South Third. Inquire of Mrs. John Smith on premises. WELL IMPROVED SIXTY near good town In Vernon Co.. Mb:, for exchange for Tola property. Grace E. Arnold, old court house. lOSW mmit FOUKD LOST—Pair, gold fraisie glasses between 306 North Buckeye and W. C. T. U. Rest Room, in frame with Dr. Cor'8 name on it Return to 5()6 North Buckeye^ OUR TELEPHONE Is constantly ringing these days. Sep- temt>er. you know, is the time to have the summer dust cleaned out of <^r- pets. We are busy, but your order will receive prompt and careful attentioo. Phone us todfty. iOlA RU6 FACTORY tit. Busiiicss Ditcctofy. * • • DB. XtUUtBD CUBTiS - • PhjaleiaBlaad Sargcea. • Office over Barrell's Drug.Store * Offlce Phone 654. * Residence 214 Phone 569. BL Jackson • • • • • DBS. SEB) * BED, • Phytleitns and Sotgeeat. • X-Ray and Electrical AppUancea. • Eye. Ear.'Nose and Throat * Offlce Phone 357; RM. S»S. ^ Special attention given: to the * treatment of all Chronic DUeas- • es and Diseases of Children. * Telephones: Office 32. Kes. 232. " Offlce over Barren's Drug Store • West Madlaon. > • • • • • Phone 687. R««. 701, • DB. 0. L. COX, • Eye, Ear. Nose and Throat * Spectacles Properly Fitted. • Offlce A. O. U. W. Bldg. • """•^ 'il Offlca Tel.; 1083, Night Tel. 408 ^ DB. B. 0. CHBI8TUH • Physician and Sargeea • Rooms 7 and 8. E^ans Bldg. * • • • • F. H. HABTUr, • Burgery and DIaeaaea of * Women. • once and Residence Phons S7< * Offlce 7 North Jeltersoa. * JEWKLRS. a F. Pa^coaat. old rtUahle H«a)«r, no Bast BtrW: KKICIRTS OF iPTTHIAS^eoa* tiOdge No. 43 meets every Monday night at K. ot P. Hall. VlattlBC hro- thers invited. W. S. Thonpaon. B. C. Chris Ritter. K. ot R. and S. KKICOITS OF MACCABEES^ Knii^ta ot Maccabees ot the World meets In K. P. Hall, second and fourth Saturday nights ot each month. J. W. Postwalt commander: R. B. Porter, recordkeepen \i, 0. W«—Camp No.- 101 meets in K. of P. Hall every Friday nli^t WT. Steele, C. C, A. H. Davis. Clerk Visitors cordially Invited. M. If. A*-The M. W. A. Lodge meets every Friday night In M. W. ^A. Hall. Visiting brothers Invited, r. a Cotfleid; V. C. W. A. Cowan, Cleric BOTAL NEIOHBOBSU-Iola Gamp NO. 365, Royal Neighbors, meeta s^ ond and fourth Tuesdays of eadi, month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oraeltk Mrs. Mary Hutton, 413 West Strs^ Recorder. FBATERKAL BBOTHEBHOOO.^ Fraternal • Brotherhood No. 380 meets second and fourth Thursday of each month In A. a U. W. HalL Vlsttlng members cordially invited. W. K. Aa^ derson. president; Golds Elam. aecre^' tary. doooooooooooooooo Q O O ILr.WEAB, O 6 WIehita, Eaasas. O 0 WESTEBX lAKDS * BA5CHES O 0 For Bale or Trade. O 9 13.00 an Acre. Up. O O O 00000000000000000 BROOKS I^NE'S BABY DEAD. Child Succumhed to Bronchial Pneumonia Today. Helen, the fifteen months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Lane, of 203 .Vorth SUte street died at the residence at 9:15 o'clock this morning as the result of a severe attack of) bronchial pneumonia. The funeral services will probably be held from the residence, tomorrow afternoon| with Rev. J. Vf. Gordon of the Second ^ Baptist eburc^ in cSiarge. Mr. and Mrs. Lane are among the most prom-j tnent of lofa's colored population, and a host ot friends extend their sympathy to the bereaved parents. Read Register ,Want ads. LOW COLONIST RATES TO CALirORNlA OLD MEXICO TUB NORTHWEST AND BRITISH COLUMBIA VIA ON SALE Sept. 1st Oct. 31 St Ask for FeU lafenaalioaw

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