The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 5, 1986 · Page 50
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 50

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 5, 1986
Page 50
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Saturday The Salina Journal Entertainment Sunday, January 5,1986 Page 18 MORNING 5 : 00 (Q News CD Topper Q Take Time (D) Donald Duck Presents (E) Sportsline (N) Dangermouse (U) Movie "The Chase" 5:30 (?) Superman CD Cisco Kid (C) Movie ** "Swing Shift" (1984) Goldle Hawn, Kurt Russell. 'PG' (CO (D) Mousercise (E) Skate America (N) NICK Rocks: Video To Go (S) Movie *•* "The Escape Artist" (1982) Griffin O'Neal, Terl Garr. •PG' 5:35 (D Between The Lines 6:00 BIB Dukes Of Hazzard (9) Cartoons S) My Favorite Martian CD Speak Out B Superbook (D) Wish Upon A Star (HBO) Life On Earth (N) Powerhouse (U) Jimmy Swaggart 6:05 (Q Saturday Funnies 6:15 (9) Buyers Forum 6:30 Q Romper Room (DEOID© 13 U.S. Farm Report 4 News QOO) Kidsworld © At Issue (9) Issues Unlimited EQ Munsters CD Mighty Mouse Q Catch The Spirit (0) Welcome To Pooh Corner (E)SportsCenter (N) Kid Writes 6 : 35 Q Get Smart 7:00 BOOED Snorks GDOQ) Market To Market SXDOQ3GD1 3 Scooby's Mystery Funhouse 4 Cartoons QOO(S)(1<»GHB Berenstain Bears (T) Transformers (9) U.S. Farm Report 9 Sesame Street (R) (CO Q) Woody Woodpecker CD Popeye Q Robert Schuller (0) Good Morning Mickey! (E) World Class Women (HBO) Movie " "Fire On The Mountain" (1981) Ron Howard, Buddy Ebsen. (N) Out Of Control (U)AliveaWell 7:05 IB Cimarron Strip 7:30 OOQSDED Adventures Of The Gummi Bears QDCllEB Outdoor Nebraska (D® BOD OS 13 Bugs Bunny Looney Tunes Comedy Hour Q MacNeil - Lehrer Newshour (9) Wild Kingdom B) Super Saturday CD Woody Woodpecker (O Movie "** "Another Country" (1984) Rupert Everett, Colin Firth. 'PG' (D) Dumbo's Circus (E) Tennis Magazine Reports (N) Belle And Sebastian (SV Movie " "Your Cheatln' Heart" (1964) George Hamilton, Susan Oliver. 8:OOQQQ(T)Q)Smurfs QXSEQ Magic Brush Of Gary Jenkins BQOQ3)(10)(BQ Jim Henson's Muppets/ Babies & Monsters (9) Garner Ted Armstrong 9 Sesame Street (R) (CO ID Return To Iwo Jima EQ Hello Mrs. Phipps CD Tom And Jerry B James Robison (D) Adventures Of Oziie & Harriet (E) Tennis WCT World Doubles, semifinal matches. (N) Star Trek (U) Cash Flo Expo 8:30 (DCSEB A House For All Seasons CDGDQBiKSIU Ewoks And Droids Adventure Hour 4 George Of The Jungle O Washington Week In Review (CO (9) Minority Business Report EQ Space Complex 24 CD Pink Panther Q Zola Levin (D) Donald Duck Presents (N) Mr. Wizard's World 8:35 fB Wrestling 9:00 (SQ[)EB Square Foot Gardening 4Terrahawks OOO(3)<'<»(EMB Hulk Hogan's Rock 'N' Wrestling Q Wall Street Week "Still the One?" Guest: Peter Lynch, Fidelity Management & Research Co. vice president. (9) Charlando 9 Sesame Street (R) (CO ID Sneak Previews E{) Movie * "The Bees" (1978) John Saxon, John Carradlne. Swarms of highly intelligent killer bees. Intent on halting man's destruction of the environment, attack helpless people. CD Puffin' On The Hits (C) Movie *** "Royal Wedding" (1951) Fred Astaire, Jane Powell. Q Cisco Kid (D) You And Me, Kid (HBO) Inside The NFL (N) Lassie (U) Japan Today 9:30OOOOQJ Punky Brewster GDQDffl Frugal Gourmet (T)®O(D(S)13 Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians 4 Cartoons Q McLaughlin Group (9) People To People fD This Old House CDFTV Q Movie ** "Justice Of The West" (1956) Clayton Moore, Jay Sll- verheels. The Lone Ranger and Tonto Investigate two separate gold robberies and clash with an outlaw gang who gunned down an elderly marshal. (D) Movie "Jiminy Cricket: Storyteller" (1985) Animated. Jiminy Cricket plays emcee and introduces some stories by well- known spinners of tales Including Aesop and Hans Christian Andersen. (N) Dennis The Menace (S) Movie ** "The Clown" (1953) Red Skelton, Tim Considine. (U) Credit Card Millionaire 9:35 03 Movie "* "The Naked And The Dead" (1958) Aldo Ray, Cliff Robertson. Soldiers in World War II learn the value of courage and quickness at the risk of losing their lives. 10:00 OOOGD6S Alvin And The Chipmunks CEGD6B Business Of Management S)©OOi)(3))3 ' 3 Ghosts Of Scooby-Doo OOO(fflno>(BCJ Richie Rich Q Firing Line (9) The World Tomorrow 9 Mister Rogers (R) OJWoodwrighf'sShop CD Star Games (HBO) Movie " "Breakin' 2 Electric Boogaloo" (1984) Luclnda Dickey, Adolfo (Shabba-Doo) Quinones. 'PG' (N) NICK Rocks: Video ToGo (U) Hollywood Insider 10:30 QQ Kidsworld QDCSEfi Business Of Management OS) Kidd Video 4 Penzoil Sports QQBGI){ 10 >0!) Dungeons & Dragons (9) Star Games 9 Polka Dot Door Qj) Kids Incorporated 01 Here's To Your Health 0 Whizzo's Saturday Circus EB Tom And Jerry (C) MaxTrax (U) Beat The Pros 11:00 Off Mam Street ©ODES New Literacy: An Introduction To Computers OSIMr.T S)(BOID®13 Weekend Special "Cougar I" Alble and Sarah triumph over their kidnappers, the elements of the wild and a raging river. (Part3of3) (R) (CO 4 Greatest Sports Legends OOamno)fBID Tennis AT&T Challenge Cup, men's final. Q Woodwrighf s Shop 9 John Curry Skates Peter And The Wolf And Other Ice Dances (D Magic Of Painting Keepsakes EQ Telephone Auction ED Kidsworld CD Lifestyles <* The Rich And Famous Featured: Tammy Wynette; Tony Danza tours the Bahamas; composer BUI Contl; modeling agents Eileen and Jerry Ford; the Cattle Barons' Ball In Texas. (C) Movie *** "Barry Lyndon" (1975) Ryan O'Neal, Marlsa Berenson. 'PG' gLaredo (D) Huckleberry Finn And His Friends (E) Rodeo Winston Tour Team Rodeo from Lexington, Ky. (R) (N) You Can't Do That On Television (S) Movie " "Unfaithfully Yours" (19S4) Dudley Moore, Nastassja Klnskl.'PG'(CC) (U) Movie * "The Living Head" (1961) Mauriclo Garces, German Robles. An archaeologist discovers the body of a great Aztec warrior, removes Its well- preserved head and foolishly takes It home. 11:30 GOODS) New Literacy: An Introduction To Computers OH) Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends CD (SO©'3 American Bandstand Guests: Ta Mara and the Seen ("Everybody Dance," "Affection"), Kurtls Blow ("If I Ruled the World"). 4 Great American Outdoors O®ra 6e' Along Gang O This Old House (9) Movie ** "The Man From Button Willow" (1965) Animated. Voices of Dale Robertson, Howard Keel. In the days of the Old West, a government undercover agent tries to find a missing politician. 03 America's Top Ten QI Crockett's Victory Garden EQ Muppets (D) New! Animal World (N) Little Prince AFTERNOON 12:00 BQOODEQ To Be Announced ®®EB Business File OS) PGA Golf MONY Tournament of Champions final round live. 40) News Q Funny Business: The Art Of Cartooning 9 Madeleine Cooks (0 College Basketball Bradley at Drake ID Sesame Street (R) (CO ED Movie ** "The Great Texas Dynamite Chase" (1976) Claudia Jennings, Jocelyn Jones. Two fe- ~ male bank robbers outwit police as they ravage the male populace with blazing shootouts, dynamite blasts and outrageous disguises. CD Lost In Space Q Cimarron Strip (D) Mark Twain's America: Thomas Edison The early life of Thomas Edison Is dramatized. (E) Roller Derby (HBO) Movie ** "Metalstorm: The Destruction Of Jared-Syn" (1983) Jeffrey Byron, Tim Thomerson. 'PG' (N) Belle And Sebastian 12:15 Q9 Your Question Please 12:20 Q Movie *** "Mirage" (1965) Gregory Peck, Diane Baker. A psychiatrist doubts his patient's amnesia, but agrees to help him after becoming Involved In a series of strange events. 12:30 QB Wichita Wings Coaches Show SK3EB Business File (Tl[BQ3)13 America's Top Ten 4 Muppets B Sneak Previews B Babe Winkelman's Good Fishing 9 House For All Seasons |Q To Be Announced (N) Lassie 1:00 BO College Basketball Southern Methodist at Kentucky S)(3ED Vietnam: A Television History Through years of violence and controversy, American opinion moved from approval to dissatisfaction with the Vietnam War. (CO SHSQSU Sports Dateline: 1985 A month-by-month review of major sporting events of 1985, hosted by Johnny Bench. 4 Lome Greene's New Wilderness BOOGSfEHD College Basketball Georgetown at St. John's 8 Victory Garden College Basketball Southern Methodist at Kansas 9 German Americans (10)EB College Basketball Southern Methodist at Kansas CD Shakespeare Plays "Titus Andronlcus" Trevor Peacock, Anna Calder-Marshall, Eileen Atkins and Edward Hardwlcke star In this tragedy of jealousy, lust and revenge in ancient Rome. (CO CD Greatest American Hero (D) Hopakmg Cassidy (E> Wrestling (N) Movie ** "Tuck Everlasting" (1976) Fred A. Keller, Joseph MacGulre. Based on Natalie Babbit's novel. A young girl meets an Immortal family known as the Tucks. (S) The Sky Is Gray (U) Movie ** "Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter" (1972) Horst Janson, John Carson. A fearless vampire killer and his hunchback sidekick save fair maidens from a fate worse than death. 1:304 Hollywood Ctoseup B Magic Of Oil Painting (9) Movie * "The Wistful Widow Of Wagon Gap" (1947) Abbott and Costello, Marjorle Main. Lou accidentally kills a man and Is forced to take care of the deceased "helpless" widow. Q Branded (HBO) Movie *** "Yentl" (1983) Barbra Streisand, Mandy Patl- nkin.'PG'(CC) 2:00 GDC5ES Programming For Microcomputers GQ d} 03(31)13 PBA Bowling (Season Premiere) $150,000 AC- Delco Classic. 4Q) East-West Shrine Classic Allstar football players from eastern and western colleges meet in this 61st annual game. B Ken Burns: New Hampshire Filmmaker This interview with filmmaker Ken Burns provides insight into the creativity behind historical films. 9 Nature A visit to Brazil's national park Emas, home to a unique collection of rare and unusual wildlife. (CO CD Incredible Hulk B Wild Bill Hickock (D) Wonderful World Of Disney (E) Bodybuilding (S) Movie *** "Norma Rae" (1979) Sally Field, Beau Bridges. 'PG' 2:30 [DQDES Computer Chronicles B Saving Energy (C) Movie *** "Auntie Mame" (1958) Rosalind Russell, Roger Smith. B Rifleman 2:35 IB High Chaparral 3:00 QQ(10)EQ College Basketball Missouri at Iowa State (DfTjEB Victory Garden OGD Hula Bowl The country's top college football stars compete from Honolulu. BOfS College Basketball Regional coverage of Notre Dame at DePaul or Southern Cal at Washington. BQSlfD College Basketball Notre Dame at DePaul B Mechanical Universe B College Basketball Missouri at Iowa State (9) America's Top Ten 9 Painting With Elke Sommers CDBattlestarGalactica B Rifleman (D) Movie " "King Of The Grizzlies" (1977) John Yesno, Chris Wiggins. A Cree Indian working on a cattle ranch has a mystical tie with a grizzly bear that Invades the ranch.'G' (N) Standby... Lights! Camera! Action! (U)DickCavett 3:30 (DBGDS) Motorweek (D830a(D13 Wide World Of Sports (Season Premiere) Scheduled: Live from Kansas City, Mo., The Harlem Globetrotters, featuring the first woman member of the team, Lynette Woodard. (9) Soul Train 9 Magic Brush Of Gary Jenkins a Wagon Train Fishin' With Orlando Wilson 4:00 (TICSSD Great Chefs Of Chicago B Newton's Apple 9 Motorweek ID American Children's Television Festival Clips from award- winning children's programs produced in the U.S. and abroad plus a historical look at past favorites, from the 1940s to present day. CD Buck Rogers (E) NFL Superstars (HBO) George Burns In Concert (N) Livewire (S) Movie *** "The Escape Artist" (1982) Griffin O'Neal, Terl Garr. 'PG' (U) Cartoons 4:05 Q} Roland Martin 4:30 (DCBEB Aloha China B Blake's 7 (9)FTV 9 Last Chance Garage (E) World Cup Skiing 4:35 Q) Motorweek Illustrated (D) Pluto And His Friends 5:00 BOB! Hula Bowl (Joined In Progress) CDGDEB Movie *** "International House" (1933) W.C. Fields, Peggy Hopkins. An Oriental produces a wonderful "talking box" that becomes an International rage. GDO(3O(S8IB(S)i3 Music city U.S.A. 4 Solid Gold B Wild Kingdom B The Ropers (9) Puttin'OnTheHits 9 Matinee At The Bijou Featured: Leo Gorcey and Huntz Hall In "Million Dollar Kid" (1943); a 1944 short starring Edgar Kennedy; and Chapter 4 of "Zorro's Fighting Legion." (R) 03 ABC News (CO (10) FTV ID New Image Teen Theatre CQ At The Movies Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel announce their choices for the 10 worst films of 1985. Q) Animal Express CD Black Sheep Squadron (O Movie " "The Black Stallion Returns" (1983) Kelly Reno, Terl Garr.'PG' B Gunsmoke (D) Juggling Shields and Yarnell take a look at the art of juggling from its origins In China and Egypt to Its current popularity. (E) World Cup Skiing (HBO) Movie " "Martin's Day" (1984) Richard Harris, Lindsay Wagner. 'PG' (CO (N) Out Of Control 5:05 O Wrestling 5:30®(SB®13ABCNews (CO aOOQSKioiOlfB CBS News B The Tripods (9) Fame Qj) News ID Newton's Apple EB Dance Fever CDFTV (N) Star Trek EVENING 6:OOQQBQU°) News QQB031QEB Hee Haw Guests: Charley Pride, Becky Hobbs, Jim Varney, Stonewall Jackson. (T)QD(i)13 Greatest American Hero 4 Star Search © Street Hawk B Outer Limits Qj) Entertainment This Week ID Wonderworks Q) This Week In Country Music Scheduled: Interviews with the Gatlln Brothers, Carl Perkins and T. Graham Brown; performance by Dan Seals. ED Fame CD Solid Gold Guests: Mac Davis, Whitney Houston, John Walte, Robin Glbb, Cameo, The Judds, Kenny Loggins (Interview), B Campbells (D) Movie *• "The Ghosts Of Buxley Hall" (1980) Dick O'Neill, Victor French. A student teams up with some ghosts to save a military academy from financial ruin. (E)SportsCenter (N) You Can't Do That On Television

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