Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 22, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 22, 1908
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The Rm^mimrHam tbm\Lmrg^ Glnult^lan iit Aiica Gmmtsf cfAmy Kmwmtmpmr PtMImM Im ihm Gom^. SIX PAGES. lOLA, KANSAS. SEPTEXBER 22, laK -TIESDAY E¥EM>(J. SIX PAGES. PBicK Tiro CKfm. FOR THE BIG RALLY ItErrHLIlAN COMMITTKE (JET KEADY FUU MADISON fSrELt 'll. THOSE REPUBUCAN CLUBS MILL BK (HMJAMZED IN EVEHY I'HECI.XCT 1> ( OlMY AT KALLY. T. A. 3Ic><nl Jo (OHIO Too—-First Yolers Tafl Ihilis" to IW Orgafl. izcd ill Tliis founl}. The ofliit -r 1 of tin- npiniblicaii toiiii- ty ceiiliat coniiuittcp; arc busy today arranging for tlip bis rally her« Tliurs- (l«y evcninjr wliicii will lie artdresseU by ConsrosKnian Kd Mailison and T. A. McNpal. 'I'liiirsday afiprnoou Ijoili Mr. Madison and Mr. McXeal will'ad­ dress a Ba'.licrlnK at Hiin»boldt iuid will at Uio^flosio (if (hat niretinp ibo drivon across country lo ioln. I.. J... .\cr(liru (i. <-|i;tiin).i)i of llii' Iti-publican coimiy «oniral coninilllrr. nind(>; ari '.inwonli 'Dls Dil.s n)ori)iiiK to liavi> Uic MicaJtlnn In HIP .Mrdonu-. 'I 'lip Kuininpr tlicatpr will bp an pxpplluit lilacp for tlip luppiiuK as it is WPH IlKlitiHl and at tlip same tiinu is pool and iilcasani. A imnd will also bo pngaRcd to furni.xli music during the cveniup. Mr.Madison is one of thp most PIO- quput orators in Kansas and is in Krpat dpnuthd for imlitical nippiinjjs (>vpr the stall'. Mr. .McXpal ha.s sjiok- cn frpqupntly in tliis county and lias always made a liit. Voters wli^» desire to hPur the iHJiitical Qucsjiiuis. wliich now confront tlip stafp and na- lion. discussed exhaustively and iii- tciliKontly wil.l do well to attend the rally.' ' • i Reports from over the pounty indi­ cate'that this will be one of the biggest political nieeiinfis of the year in loia. Every piecinifr in the county is expected to be re }>reseuled I>y a Inrse delegation. , ' . This meeting is important in that the mavement louard the organization 0|f RopubIi<-an clubii in every precinct in the county will take form. Preliminary steps fur the organization of these cinb.s have'already Iieen taken and great interest is being nianlfesled. Kepublican clulis are being organizp4l rapidly in every county, in tlic stale. Chainuan Norilfiup has rrreivod a reciuest from the stale central coniiuit- tpe to send in a list of all "tirst voters" in ihis county aiultliPir iirobaiile pnii- lips. < Mr. Nortbrup and otlipr uirm- bprs (if 111" county will b'-glii ^ll (l^<ly orgHilizIng "lirKt vntei.-^ Tafl clul 'S." In this cuiiiiei 'tfon a di.-.p.i(cli sa.*.^; T 'lj 'plta, Ka::.. .S<'|'i. KCU> ral (HO»<-i»eiii tV<r lijp or «ai )i /.iitioii ot •Kirsi VoiPih-' Tafl ChiliH" tliiouKliout Kantiaii IN iiow bplu;; iiiade by ilu- Ui- pu1ili <'aii (•tale prill ral ponituiticr ICach ot till- piiiiniv chaliiupu lii ib'' ^tatif lias IHH'U rpqupwt.ed lo hPiid l<i fiat^ headquHrtpih a list lof all tin- IlrM voters In hlH i-ouiVty. ' tot ;<lliPi wltii ib.- pidbublc piilhjps 111 HIP vofrr -.i and ipolltlcs of Ills, fathpr. Tlic county cliairitieii will aticinpi to organize ilie linst volern Into Taft clulif, and i;ep that they are supplied ivith tho right kind of HepubliPaii reading iiiaier from state headijuart- ers. The state committee luis secured a large supply of special buttons for the •Viral Voters' Taft League," an-l these arc being disiribiitcd throuch the county chairmen. BRYAN UP NORTH Democrat Is to Addre >!i Aadipiiri>!> In AuD Artwr and Detroit Today. Detroit. Mich.. Sept. 21'.-Tbi:; Bryan day for the democracy of. Michigan and W. J. Bryau.'s arrival here this morning found the Detroit bptei^s crowded with Democratic leaders from all over the state and a large rep- reseniaiiou of the rank and tile. Mr. Uryan will leave for Ann Arbor lo address an afternoon meeting, rpiuruin to Detroit lo deliver a speech tonight. File a lAfwe Today. Henry. Mohle, of HumlKildt. has leaised to the Kausas & Texas Oil. Gas and Pipe Une company the aouthweat .quarter of.tJle soutbeast quarter 28-2618, tfnd, the iK )ut|i seivni>«ishtb8 of MUtfa half southwest quarur 28-26-18. EMANCIPATION DAY FllfISH TOMORROW COLORED PEOPLE ARE CELE­ BRATING AT RIVERSIDE TODAY. A, Bici. Crowd is in Attendance.'—Judge Foiict, Dr. Hilscher and Others Arc to Speak. I • Several hundred colored people arc out at Riverside park this afternoon attending the E:itianci|)ation Day cele bration. Among those who are in attendance arc many froiu the siirrougil- ing towns. This morning at n;3i> there was a parade from the scpuire lo the park. led by the "\V. O. W. band. In the parade wei-e nil of the colored lodges of .the city. ,-Vn es|)ccially strong program is arranged for tliiit ifteniooii aiiil Is as follows: ;!.") p. ni.—••.Xiucrica," W. (). W. liaii.l j.M'i p. m.—Invocation. Kcv. II. Shepherd, pastor Pirsl A. M. K. citui'ch. l:.'\ri p. m. -Reading Kmancipation Proclanuition'. .Mrs. .1. \V. Ciordon. 2:tir< p. in.—Address. Hon. C. 11. Apt. assistiint pounty attorney. •_':•-'.•> |i. in.— -.Musip by the band. •l'::i."i p. in.—.\ddres;<. Judge :;:riO ii. .m.—.V.ldress, Dr. S. S.,- Mil- SPhlM'. .MUSIP by the band. :!: Ill p. tn. —Address, lion. .1. Marnes :;:ri.""> p. m.—.XiUlress. Dr. J. M. Uass. Music by the hand. 1:00 p. m.—Address. Rev. A. l-'airfax, D. P., Par.-ions. Ka.s. Then- will be a'grand musical on- leriaiiinient at night in C. A. R. hall. .\ nunihi-r of colored people wont to ft. Scott this morning to atteiid a nig coiebration there. Payi e's mill- •ary baud will furiiisM the i |iusic <'or tills ci 'Iebralion. The Fort Scott Re- 'I 'lbllcan. .sjieaUin;.: of the cdlebratlon ihi.s uiornin .t;, say.<: The jiicnic will be giv.'n unfler the viuspices ef the Kni.s;hts of Pythias. Kastern Star Xo. 2 and Court of Calantha Wesieir. Star .No. II. The par^••dc. which will bo b<>aded by Payne's .Military band of jola, will consist of ihc eolorert resident.;^ of the city, tt^e Uniform Rank of lola and Vale. Kan.. who will he hero in force. After irarchiug through the busines:; section of the city they will go to Bridal Veil iiark. where a barbecued beef and mutton will bo served. The amusements at the park will consist of dancing and boairiding. which will he indul!;ed in during the ntiro da..-. A band conce't will also be given by f'e lola band. BY A RUNAWAY CAR iiAir ri.>Li ;Y. \(;i;n ttn.«»HKi» MAS IIAIH.V i>.ir«Ei». DP ^^lt.^ CHiiaht Ittlnei 'U 'I wo CiirN and ills Kiitlif l.or Urokcn. 'li ;id" Kiiiley. aii-rldTly rolorpd mail ju, the iiniiloy of the lol.i Pori- imid. surfeted a In nkeii . limb while at' •M )iU on ;i dcniilcd ear e .iri 'y (lil.s inorniuB; One the cars on the iracx ru!i!ii:ig to the nuarry had hccti derailed aiid I'inley wa.-. assisting in get- tintc the car b :iPk on she tl .ipk. This 1> ratlier a'steep pradp at this point of :)ie roarltp'J and an eiujity car which h:id been unloaded was standing ai ihe io |i <.r the grade. In some' unknown manner the breaks on this car v ,-erc released and the car came down ilie grade crashing iniq^ the derailed •ar. Kinley was caught between the two ears lireaking his rislil limb below the knee. !'i:iley was brought to th- cit .v. the lirokrn limb set and «a.> later taken to the hospital where he is doing u;> well as could be txpectcd under the circumstances. "Dad" Kinley has l.-een working at the Concrcio jilant all summer and just yesterday came over lo tlie lola Portland to work; In order that he uilghi be nearer his home.' \o Dcrtiopnienlii Tuday. A member of the Manu family said today thai they had heard of­ velopments in the «earch of the Oklahoma City officers for Harry Parker ,who is alleged to have murdered their daiuliter. Mrs. Pearl "^aan-Pearsbn. (there a few days ago. WlHTLtMV CASE PKOIiAKLY Tit Jl HY MY rCKMOKKOW EVEMXi THE WEATHEU. NOT ON THIS AFTERNOON AlViiK FOrST HAII T« .MAKE AX AUDKE.SS .VT (ELEBK.VTi^lN. Defense Fet'ls That it Strent^h<-ii«>d Certain I'arts^ of Case Today— . 'J'rels TcsliuivH}. The Wliltlow perjury case will probably go to th»; jury tomorrow evening. An attorney for the defense stated this morning that they would likely finish their testlmon .v by tomorrow noon. Unless the state jiiits on a large number of witnossos in rebuttal the case will be given to the jury lie- fore tomorrow evening. T'le trial is not on tills afternoon as .ludgp Koiisl aceeplPd an invitation to uddreBS the polored people at the Kmancl|ialinn Day celebration at Riverside park this arteriioon. The case will be resuuifil In the morning. Rut little new evidence has IK-MI brought out thus far. The attorneys tor the defense fe 'el ithat they have strengthened In rhisi trial, certain parts of their testimony in the murder trial. This moriijiig .lolin TeeJ testined that he had seen Whitlow go to the Sapp homo and whistle. May answering the call. Thi^- supports \\niiti (iWs contention tliat 7 :e met the girl freqncnfl.v. Tool wa.s siimiuon- ed in tb«> thiirder trial'bul could not he found. .Mrs. Frank .Messin.ger of .Moran. who testified In the murder trial by deposition, having lieen in Washington state at that time, also went on the stand this morning. She testified to starting down town the evening of the murder to meet her daughter. Gertrude, who was at t'^e .Messinger store. Her way led her past the Sapji home. WTieii she reached the house she thought she woiilij .co In and phone hiT ilaughtor to tuei-t Icr there. She did not see anyone in the* house, however, and ilid , not go in. The window shade of tlie room where Mrs. Sapp says the family sat the evening of the tragedy before Mjiy went out into the yard, was up. Sl :e could see into the room. No om? was there. Till? was about seven o'clock. Thede- feiiHo introduced this evidence In p.-ove that .Miss Sapii niiiht havo IH-OH, out in the yard as long as Whitlow says sh<' >vas. talking to him. iusd'a-l of a fow Isoroiids a-; Mrs. .Sapp t>'sli fied. .1, Varnor also ti-stifiid tmlay. Ilisa\v a woinaii go past his house at ilislil several tiiui-s in l !ie dlreclioit of liw Whitlow house. He was not tins- live who K1U> was but Kavi- It as hi*-" jiidgiiiont that it was .May .Sapp. In the foriiu-r trial he was not allowcil to give his opinion on this point but was permltti-il tn do s<i today. SHULTS INQUEST ON COKO\EK*S JIKY IS iXYESTlUAT- IMi KAilY'S DEATH TODAY. irS BEHIND CLOSED DOOAS KEr(»RTEK .S RAKItED Flt».>l KUUJI —(;iKL 0> THE ST.iXD. , ForiTiisI ,for Kansas: Fair tiniighl and Weiiiiesdiiy r«>oler. TO CHECK DISEASE r. S. I.NSTKICTS OFFICIALS T(» WATCH FtIK CIIOLLKA CASES. !u .Manila Ihc Hiilv lirpord Is l.oner Thnc Are .Maii> Caso in i:n>siu. \\'.i.-<|iltlgliili. Sept I'".', -liepaUM- m ilii- liij'iil .-prtjil i :f rliiiler .i in;]. Siirgpon (.'•lUfial Wyiiian of the public boallh and marine hos|iital service, has decided to i^eiid to that country .an llgi'lll of Ihe bureau who will bp ;• choliMa I'NiM'll He will bi> <-xp »Tle <l tojipiki- a .-itiiily iif till- .viiuation aiitl not only lo advise the lioiue olliei- as to the sliiialfnii, but also In take .--UPli step.s a .>i iiiav bo c(„i.sidered dpsirable ill pi'i-viniiing the hpread of the ili.-itase the I'liited Slates. There is a .stroug |xi ;-!-ibi iiy i ;r ihi^ sjirrad ihroimli iin- liii;-'r;inls. The I'niied Slates (-(UISHIS in a number of Kiiropean ports from which Russian immigrants are most iikel.v to embark have been iiistrH;-tod to detain ail Russiui) Iniiuigraii's shipping for the I'nited Slates for fivi- days, in accordance with ihe re.i;ulations. The rules provide not only .f (ir the holding iof all eiiUi'T.'; for livi- dayj:. but for an iaddiiioiial deleiilion of live days more in case, in the nieanlime. -ihey become liable to infection, and also require that the bag.cagp "i" immigrant.^ be dis- infeetpd; .Manila. Sept. 2'/.—A vi .^orous eitm- jiaigu for the eradication of cholera i:j bfliived to be preventing the spread of' the ili .-i:!Kr. The av is ab .(Hit fifty new's daily. a'ihi>ui;ti today pn .iiii .-fs to il'ow tli<' leeord i.s materially i.iwer. A LIFETIME SAVINGS Wcnl Un in Stnoke When Mrs. "Vie" Smith's Home Burned This Morning. Th.- lltib- dwelliUL- liousi- of .Mrs. VletoVia Smith of South Chestnut i .St net whie ;i was • bunwd to tin There was not v.>ry many peoplo In . „,,, „,„„,,„p. the court ro»m:t.ilher today or yosler-j^.^^^^^.^,.,^,^ ^^^.j,,^^ ,ife.t,„,<, day. A good jpart of the spectators „„. „, ^j,,„,.,.„ nsldents Tells Jury She Dors .\ot Know .Who Child's Father.Is—Another Story. are witnesses ;or parties directly In-: lerrsted In tV.e caSu. POSSE GETS THREl of Ihe li'v. "Vie' Smith has always l .ii 'U poii.-i'l-f_-l oiii- of the most hon- ist and truslworthy of lola's colored po)iulatioii. Only recently she made ,tho last payment on her little home. jTh.' nion<-y wh!c:i paiil for ilie home ! 1 >• «i.<-i--li1wt'ar<1 Mtlil 1 )V The iiKjiie.xi h< Id lo in.juire into the death of the girl baby of KAMi Shults. who dhdj last Thursday under mysterious circumstances. i» l>eing held iu County Attorney Carl .1. Peterson's office in the court house lotlay. ANTien the ofliceis began to take testinioiiy this morning the reporters were excluded and the informaUon secured is nuagre. I'p to niMMi only two>s had bfpii caileil. tMith Sliults, tlx- tiioiher of Ihc dead baby, and lii-r mother. .\ir.'>. Shuiis. Ktlilh Shults! ibi- lirs-t wilii..-s called, .•<aid she xiiis i)ie mother of the de .id bab.v. Cpon being asked wh <i its faihpr was .she replied: "1 don't know.'" She said the baby was born .Inly I'Jnd. but to every other tiiie .stiou she gave thp ^aiue answer "i doril kniiv.." \V. 1>. Copd. acting county ••'iiiirMi-y. resorted to every tactic ui get lipr lo answer his r|uistions as did a).-o the different members «»f the jury ."I but their efforts were fruitle .s.s. .Many times, it is said, she would wait several minutes before answering Ihe «IUe.siioiis. However, rcgardlefas of the length of time she seerail to study over the question ways the same. called to the stAnd she told the jury she was 17 years old the loth of this month. She. however. looks to he much .\ounsr--. |.ludgiiig from her ai>- nearance .and manner she is not more than ITi years. .Mrs. Shults who was the next witness called declared that the baby came to its deat^i naturally. She told the jury the child first took ill one week a,--o Monda.v. According to her story ii was suffering from summer complaint. .Mrs. Shults said that ihey did not believe in physicians and con- scfiiiently none was. called ' when the baby was sick.. She was asked by Attomoy Cope what her husband said wln-ii a e 'rild was born to their ilauglitor. "lie said it was some .tough guy who was ri 'sponsihle and lie would no* lei him marry h'T any wa.v." wa.-r Ihe inolber 's answer. Ill a conversation wpb ihi- rKimty atioriK-y this limrning the Slmlis giri told a dirfereiit .-^toiy than she did whi 'M hhe was on the wiltie.-s stnlid She ;.aid that last fall wlnii" the family lived nivir Pldiia. s-lu- was out in the pasture away from the house when a joiinc man suddenly ennfronted her. She said that before .-he could escape he grabbed her anil assaulted her. After accompllsniiig his purpose, she said he disapeared in a corn (icld. She said she did not tell her mother of the affair iiaiil long aiier as it humlitated her greatly to even think of it. BOOSTERS ^BANNER WILL BE PLACED A( KDSS HHiDCiE BEAHIXt.' WORDS -WELCttME." Thi» Will Br Lola's l.'rrrtiug t» the 1 " Anto Endurance Kuii Partiri- panLs. I>ast evening at a meeting of the committees,.from tiie Booster and Automobile clubs, it was decided to take the large i banner of the Booster's which bearsrthe word ."Welcome." and place it acrtfes the river bridge west of the cit.v/ where the ronresiants it! the endurance run for the Star cup will cross the riv#r on cnterin .g the city. . Banners are being (lainted for decorating the sides of the machines which will go to Yates C^enter to meet 'he pan .v. .\ .'special commillee from the clubs will call u|H>n the merchants .isking thai they |sut out biiitiing aiifl make ap|iropriate windowSdisplays for ;he occasiion. Kverythiiig/posslblc •leiua done to Kivi; the VIKUOVS a roii .s'- lug welcome when ihey enter" Ihe city .lud is i.- to be hoped.that the eiidiir- ince runners will be'ini |ire.>sed with lola Hs being one of the foremost cities <if the stale ' The big key which will be preseuted o the participants in the auto run as in cxpre.-^siou <if assurance to Ihe vl.s- itovs that the city i» theirs, was finished Ibis niDrniiig and turned over tn the committee. 'I'he souvenirs from llie lnla Portland Cement company which will be .iiven' 111 the "•flip Clia.sers" for the Kansas City Star cup .wi -re delivered o the comniiitce on eniertainiiipnt this morning. The committee isj now working on a plan for an elcetrieal display to !»«• placed on Washington [her answers were al-j'^'^'""' '^^ U-hen she was flr'sth"'"^ ^ has ..Jthai. the top pipe on the park fence .>e plutnbtii for gasiand holes i>ored for R?.r .'Its abtnit every thirty feet around ihe ;'|iiarp. This could be done w^ih very liiile expense and couUI be kebt in teadine^s for all simitar occai^iotf.- when ;he city is entertaining visitors. The captain also suggested that the big >:uir' which was loaded with gas at the gas carnival held in this city a numboi- of years ag«i be used during rl:e everiiig the autoists are in the city. Kansas llichniiymen I'ursnrd liy l .'iO i Farmers for Ifolibin? a Tele?- . iraidirr. (;raiiifield. Kits.. Sept. Aflir ;ni ail-day chase three highwaymen accused of holding up B. .\". Devinsky. night telegraph oiierator here, were captured liy a po.sse of one hundred ind flfty farmers. The men followed ) Devinsky. robbed him and left him gag- 5ed and boumj to a telegraph juile. LS A mjOW DEAL. . ,„lwa .s earni'd over a wa :ihlM )aril and by doing ndil job.-; of housecleauiiig or other worii that she wa.s able to do. The only thing In the house which escapeel the flaiui's was a little cloth- in.g wVicli the family was able to pick ui> while aiaking a hasty exit. While the intrinsic value of the iiroperty lost .was very little yet it meant more to this aged colored woman than would th" complete destruction of the palace of a king or ?. luuUi-millioimire. Of Hate J ears "Vic" has.been ver>- iioorly i' Joe Inthuru, of Greenwood county, jand has depended largely upon her 'aas deeded to E. E. Bennett of Polk [two boys for support and the pros- county. Iowa, lot 4 block 9 in das City jjtecta of Iteing thrust upon the mercy for a consideration of tlO.noo. This ,of ti:e world to i^ke out an existence in property is the second building north jthe fall of life is anything but bright. of the hotel In Gas City. , | Tennis Players Attention. All ivenibers of the lola Tennis ditfo and all' tennis enthusiasts are requeist- ed to jiieet on the Pennsylvania hotel courts tomorrow evening at S o'clock Ciwhier Lun^rford RdrniLs. J. G. Langford, cashier for the Cnit ed Iron Works; has returned from Springfield.. AIo.. where ne has been recuperating from a spell of sickness, for the purpose of making arrange- He wa» the flntt person to discover jnients for a tournament to be held this morning that the U. I.' W. offices here. ' had tieen entered by robtiers last night Read Register want ads. FOSTER CASE IS ON. Assault Action Called in Hough's Court. Judge The hearing in the caw of the ^tatc vs. John Foster.'who is charged jwith aiding and abettiug his son Rciy in an alleved ,assault upon tjeorge'^ath- ers. a street car conductor, several vrceka ago. Is on in Judge Hough's court this axfiernoon. The caVe Is the result of a figtt at the McRac street junction in which Gathers received several blows about the head and face, presumably from a pair of knocks. The next morning after the skirmish warrants were issued for John Poster and his son Roy. Roy was charged with making the assault. The officers could not find htm. however. The father was arrested cbarg- eil with aiding the son in the alleged assault. He denies the charge. He has been outj on bond. Knid. Okla.. Sept. 2:;.—As a result, of poi!d.«. large and .small, the run to Knid. which seemed so easy last ni^ht when discussed in the loiiby of the An: Ier.s hotel in Wellington, turned «iiii to I.e an entirely differeii; tnatier a! "the chain of lakes." Ihe e<)ii!estatils In the Soiithwe 'Nt niiitor reliability run have :.:iiiec iiaiiied the deep water. Speakinp. of water, there were :\ fpw sidr?h"ws. siieh a.'i <|uicksand, Ot lie eekoiieil wilh. In the case of some cars, the .-laiid wa.-. even more in-aeh- crtiiis than lh«' water. .More than mie ear. fearing the water, made a eirriiit l<i avoid the bad spot.s. Uesuliiint upon thi .-i, there was a spirited discussion hetwei-ii the committee in charge as to whether such cars should not be penalized. It was argued that the cardinal principle of an endurance run was to follow the pilot car. no matter where it might lead. On tlie other hand it was said that the pilot sent back permi.s.sion for the detour. However, this peniiis.sion did n(;t reach any but. the cars in the conteat. It was suggested jthat every one be given a clean score for today. The committee spent a lot of time deliberating. ; VAULT TOO STRONG HIS PUY TIME ENDS PR4SIDENT BOOSEVELrS SUM- .HEK VACATIOX IS OVER. GOES BACK TO WHITE HOUSI OY.sf^R BAY HAS CEASED TO BE SCMSER CAPITAL'OF C. ». >1 .-.8 Chief Exreutive Has EnterUdned Mne Yisitors During: Summer Just Cl«8* ;f \r Ing Than for Screral Years, >sl Oyster Bay. Sept. Ji:.— President Ko<iseveli's final summer vac^ipn'dnr ing the present term came to! .ail end .his mornin.g when with jhis,family, ind members of. the ,suminer "White liouse executive statT hc'departjed .amld •heers from a throng of residents, for lie Wliitc house at Washington. Oya• er Buy has ceased, to. be, the!; plainer, .^apitoi of the I-nltcd".State .s,'.n tlUe It. probably has held for .seven ycarfk In <«;vcral respects it has licon, iW cicep-. iouai vacation for the. prc »li(eiit.| Ho la.s. eniertained at Sagamore ^Hiil iMire visitors than before and!a( the ^amc lime has done much more work .lian on previous vacations. i , , SOUL MATES MATE AGAIN- Mrs. Fffderfck Pinney Earle .Secretly Betoriis to Her Husband.! .MonroL'. .\. Y.. Sept. 22.— Again the. dovc of peace is cooing" in the household of Frederick Pinney Earle. I Eluding the villagers and met I only by the husband whom she accQSed 9, few weeks ago of beating her,| and- Hwa .v from whom she has since been . living. Mrs. Earle arrived at Oxfprd station, ihe first one above this placer at «::{!) o'clock last night. She, car- rie I i:cr baby and was nnaccompan- ied. .Mr: Earle. acting as his own coach^^ man. drove from Monroe to ?>xford to) meet his wife and bundled her |Ui2.° her luggage ijito the carriage qniddy': •o avoid attracting attention. Hns-ban'! and wife then drove' to the Earle home without it b'comine;. "Known iu the village that Mrs. Earle' had returned. This morning the news | spread through the village and started considerable comment. "The numeroits { and spectacular changes in the E>arle\ domestic affairs have brought the- .\r «nroe villagers to a point of resentment against the artist and his see- ond wife.: : Noii« of .Mrs. Barle's rela-V ti\-. who were charged by the artist t^ith bringing about Ihe M> en him and his wife, which result-' >i| ill Karle spending a day in Jail, la^ »t the Earle honW-. . ' '' Thi- niorl er of the artist; howmep, 'i Is there and. since her return front.;' Europe recently. I.s .said to have boetfif lustriimental in ro^lorlng peace tot her sons domestic establishment STOP Chillirotfar Bank Entered ljy,KoW»ers— Two Explosions of Dynamite I'sed and Door Henuiine,u Closed. Clark Thonjas. postmaster of Moran. is In the city today attending the Whitlow perjury trial, and looking after other business. ; j «»Ro TJ ^t- Chillicoihe. .Mo.. Sept. Three men forced their way iuio the Farmers and Merchants bank at Wbee'iijg, six miles east of Chillicoihe early today and made an unsuccessful attempt to enter the vault. Two explosions cf dynamite damaged the rauic door and bank flxiures. One robber flred at the first citizen to arrive anil then all escaped in a stolen buggy with, a posse in pursuit. Haskell Cvmimg Home. Guthrie. Okla.. Sept. 22.—Governor Haskell, treasurer oX the National Democratic committee, is expected home here this morning from a Chl- .Vn Exfiosition Planned in Cenae With tiic Tnliercnioshj Coagress ; Wa.Hhington. : Washingioi.. Sept. Everythlag 4 is in readiness for the formal opeping t at the new national museum tonigjht 6C what has Httiugly been termed a. |ii world's exiiosition on tubercniosts. nie -^^r^ occasion, which will be ceiebraited a*.-!?!" "municipal and government empioj^ "^i ees'" night, will mark the beginning^ ^ of au educational campaign will be waged for three weeks agaiii8itS|| the great white "plague. Practically^ f every civilized nation is represented ; the exposition with ^alwrate dlspIaXSj^^ the e.xhibits have been..all instaU^.'| and the demonstrators who will ^ghre ^f daily lantern, talks in connectiotr vltlt^ some pari of ifr will illustrate 'tkei'^ methods by which the fight aga&u^^ tut>ercuIosis is being carried -:oBj throughout the,world. The official opei^ng of the hiterhi tional congress on tuberculosis not be until one week hencej < while many of the foreign del^g have arrived in the Cnited tSateis. on"! ly a few have' reached WashingtoiK;^ The majority of them are not exj ed until the official opening ot ; congress. , Stm Twin Late. The southbound ;SanU Fo 1^ train wa$ over an hour late todeyl

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