The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 5, 1986 · Page 48
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 48

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 5, 1986
Page 48
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Thursday The Salina Journal Entertainment Sunday, January 5,1986 Page 16 EVENING 6: oo BBBBGDBBB CQ(S)(10)(B(QSJ News OCD'OIB) MacNeil - Lehrer Newshour 3X3(31)13 ABC News (CO 4 Star Trek 6 Newsroom 6 O Doctor Who (9) Barney Miller B) Bosom Buddies CD Mork And Mindy Q Alias Smith And Jones (D) Movie "Jlminy Cricket: Storyteller" (1985) Animated. Jiminy Cricket plays emcee and Introduces some stories by well- known spinners of tales Including Aesop and Hans Christian Andersen. (E) College Basketball Virginia Commonwealth at Alabama- Birmingham (HBO) Inside The NFL (U) Wild, Wild World Of Animals 6:05 O Mary Tyler Moore 6:30f)f)M.A.S.H BID Entertainment Tonight Interview with James Farentlno. (33(3Q3)13 Price Is Right B To Be Announced ©Taxi OOOQ®no)(B0J Wheel of Fortune O Business Report (9) BobNewhart. (Q P.M. Magazine Playboy photographer Kerry Morris; John Hlllermanof"Magnum, P.I." {Q $100,000 Pyramid CD Private Benjamin (N) Dangermouse (U) Radio 1990 6:35 O Sanford And Son A fun time Is had by all when Grady serves his friends. Including two policemen, a salad made with marijuana. 7:00 QOOtDS) Cosby Show Clalr attends an auction where she hopes to purchase a portrait painted by her great uncle. (CO (SOB) Boyce Goes West Max Boyce goes through the rigors of advanced rodeo training: steer wrestling, bull riding and bronco busting. (DCDQIDQD13 Shadow Chasers Jonathon and Benny Investigate when It appears that a botanist was murdered by his plants. (CC) 4 Start Of Something Big QOOG3)(10)(B(Q Magnum, P.I. Robin Masters' precocious nephew Involves Magnum and Hlgglns in a potentially deadly confrontation with a killer. Q MacNeil - Lehrer Newshour (9) Police Story 9fQ Military And The News Media A panel of military, media and legal specialists discusses the Issue ot whether and how to Involve the U.S. press when an invasion is planned to support the right-wing government of a hypothetical Central American nation. (R) 03 Trapper John, M.D. Ql Fantasy Island (C) Movie ** "Hot Resort" (1985) Tom Parseklan, Debra Kelly. 'R' 0 Wackiest Ship In The Army (HBO) Movie *** "A Soldier's Story" (1984) Howard E. Rollins Jr., Adolph Caesar.'PG'(CC) (N) My Three Sons (S) Movie ** "One From The Heart" (1982) Frederic Forrest, Teri Garr. 'R' (U) College Basketball Louisiana State at Alabama 7:05 IB Movie *** "Will Penny" (1968) Charlton Heston, Joan Hackett. A cowboy tries to stay out of trouble while a new frontlerswoman tries to build a new life. 7:30 BBBGEICB Family Ties Alex helps Jennifer write a speech then regrets it when a panel of judges asks her to repeat the performance. (CC) (DCS® Australian Wildlife (D) Mouseterpiece Theater (N) Donna Reed 8:00 QOO (DEB Cheers Sam's crushed when he donates his baseball jersey to a charity auction and nobody bids on it. C5jfjQfiB Movie *** "Elizabeth The Queen" (1968) Charlton Heston, Judith Anderson. The stormy romantic and political relationships between England's Queen Elizabeth I and the Earl of Essex. CBQDOIDQD'IS The Colbys Powers flirts with Sable; Miles learns about his father's affair with Francesca. (CC) 4 Movie *** "Viva Max" (1969) Peter Ustinov, Jonathan Winters. A group of Mexicans relive the Alamo in present-day Texas. OOOQB)(10)|aia Simon & Simon O Nature A visit to Brazil's national park Emas, home to a unique collection of rare and unusual wildlife. (CC) (9) College Basketball Pepperdine atDePaul 9fD Mystery! Q) Rich Man, Poor Man: Book I After an unsuccessful search for his wife and son, Tom (Nick Nolfe) returns to the ring and becomes a sparring partner for Joey Quales (GeorgeMaharis). (Part4of6) CD Movie * "The Harlem Globetrotters On Gllllgan's Island" (1981) Bob Denver, Alan Hale Jr. The island people are visited by the Harlem Globetrottres and a mad scientist. Q700 Club (D) Movie *'* "Invitation To The Wedding" (1983) John Glelgud, Ralph Richardson. An aristocratic British family's scheme to save their ancestral home from developers goes awry when their daughter doesn't marry Into the wealthy family they expected. •PG' (E) College Basketball Louisville at Memphis State (N) Movie «" "The Fallen Idol" (1949) Ralph Richardson, Bobby Henrey. Based on a story by Graham Greene. A young boy tries to help his Idol when he thinks he's guilty of murder. 8:30 BBBtDEB Night Court Dan moonlights as a paid escort; the wife of a Russian Immigrant (Yakov Smirnoff) Is arrested upon arrival in the U.S. (C) Movie *"* "Citizen Kane" (1941) Orson Welles, Joseph Gotten. 9:00 OOOdJQJ Hill Street Blues Hill, Renko and Buntz have only four hours to find a stolen human heart; Belker may miss his own wedding. (DCEQIDQD13 20 • 20 Scheduled: a report on the way some communities deal with homeless vagrants and former mental patients: bus tickets to a destination of their choice. (CC) OOfJ(D(10)|BE Knots Landing Lllimae's lies leave an Innocent man suspected of murder; Gary dates Jill Bennett; Ben has designs on Cathy. (CC) Q Elizabeth R "Shadow In The Sun" Elizabeth's hand Is sought by kings and princes. 9 Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World (HBO) Movie ** "Blame It On Rio" (1984) Michael Caine, Joseph Bologna.'R' (S) Honeymooners: The Lost Episodes When Ralph tries to help an old friend find a wife, an unknowing Alice suspects him of being unfaithful. (CC) (U) Petrocelli 9:20 fQ Movie ** "The Big Mouth" (1967) Jerry Lewis, Harold J. Stone. A fisherman catches a big one, the secret to a fortune In diamonds. 9:30(2(2® Dateline Nebraska 9 Innovation Q} Sneak Previews B To Be Announced 9:40(D)DTV 10:00 BBBSXBCDB |<9)(BQ3)(io)fB Detective Belker, played by Bruce Weitz (right), may miss his own wedding on "Hill Street Blues" at 9 p.m. on NBC. B Th (1977) Richard Dreyfuss, Marsha Mason. 'PG' (U) Tennis 10:15 O Benny Hill 10:30 8BBQDS) Tonight Host: Johnny Carson. Scheduled: pianist Llberace, comedian - film director David Steinberg. QJ®£0 Wild, Wild World Of Animals dj®Q3)l3 News 4 Comedy Tonight Trapper John, M.D. tSSIEl WKRP In Cincinnati Japan Through Women's Eyes hrough profiles of Japanese women, this documentary provides Insight Into the changing role they play In their society. OM.A.S.H 9 Country Express (B Entertainment Tonight Interview with James Farentlno. (10) Barney Miller ID Business Report Q Barney Miller Bt Hawaii Five-0 (D Matt Houston (C) Movie ** "New York Nights" (1983) Corinne Alphen, George Ayer.'R' 10:45 (HBO) The Everly Brothers Reunion Concert Phil and Don Everly reunite for the first time In ten years, performing such hits as "Bye Bye Love," "Wake Up Little Susie" and "All I Have To Do Is- Dream" from the Royal Albert Hall In London. 11:00 (SCUffi SCTV S)(T)nD©13 ABC News Nightline 4 Movie ** "Cyborg 2087" (1967) Michael Rennle, Wendell Corey. In the society of the future, Earth is Inhabited by strange beings which are half-human, half-machine. _) Business Report ID Who's Taking The Heat? B) Comedy Break Guest: David Steinberg. (R) Q Man From U.N.C.L.E. (D) Dr. Joyce Brothers (E) College Basketball UCLA at Washington State (N) Turkey Television (S) Movl* *•* "The Goodbye Girl" B Military And The News Media QTaxi (9) Odd Couple 9 Lone Star Q| The Women's Decade: Beyond Beginnings An overview of the International Decade for Women, conceived by the United Nations, and featuring the largest gather- Ing of women In this century at the 1985 World Conference In Nairobi, Kenya. ID T.J. Hooker Q Best Of Groucho (D) Norman Rockwell's World: An American Dream A nostalgic look Is taken at the late artist's life, work and hometown of Stockbrldge, Massachusetts. (N) Route M 11:30 BBCSS) Late Night With David Letterman Scheduled: comedian Jay Leno, songwriter Irving Caesar. Q Newlywed Game fD®®" Man From U.N.C.L.E. O All In The Family (9) Movie "* "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" (1969) Jane Fonda, Michael Sarrazln. A Depression- era dance marathon Is entered by a young couple In need of the prize money. S Love Connection Movie *** "Run A Crooked Mile" (1969) Louis Jourdan, Mary Tyler Moore. A teacher becomes Involved with murder and Intrigue after discovering an underground sabotage plot. § Bizarre Lost In Space Bill Cosby (D) Scheme Of Things 11:35B"ockford Files 11:50 (HBO) Movie ** "The Rosebud Beach Hotel" (1984) Colleen Camp, Peter Scolarl. 'R' 12:00 B >-ate Night With David Letterman B ABC News Nightline (0 Charlie's Angels B) Star Games QDobieGillis (E) Fishin'Hole (N) My Three Sons (S) Movie *** "The Shining" (1980) Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall.'R' 12:10 0803)00)13 Movie ** "The Gentleman Bandit" (1981) Ralph Walte, Julie Bavasso. Based on the true story of Father Bernard Pagano, a controversial priest who was arrested for a series of robberies in Delaware. (0 Movie " "Deadline" (1980) Barry Newman, Bill Kerr. Nuclear terrorists threaten to blow up Sydney, Australia, unless their demands are met. 12:20 (C) Movie *" "The Last Star- fighter" (1984) Lance Guest, Robert Preston. 'PG' (CC) 12:30 BOS) Gene Scott B Let's Make A Deal CD Movie ** "A Little Sex" (1981) Tim Matheson, Edward Herrmann. A newlywed commercial director tires of his bride and becomes a philanderer. B Father Knows Best (N) Donna Reed 12:40 B Movie *• "Brimstone" (1949) Rod Cameron, Adrian Booth. A U.S. marshal goes undercover to halt robbery and cattle rustling. l:OOBME)News S)(U) Gong Show B 700 Club (E) Sports Look <N) Movie *" "The Fallen Idol" (1949) Ralph Richardson, Bobby Henrey. Based on a story by Graham Greene. A young boy tries to help his Idol when he thinks he's > guilty of murder. 1:15 (HBO) Inside The NFL 1:30(10)(0 News 03 Dating Game (E)SportsCenter (U) Wrestling 1:35 Q) Movie *** "The Hoodlum Priest" (1961) Don Murray, Clndl Wood. A priest tries to help criminals by becoming a part of their world. 2:00 BIB CBS News Nightwatch (9) Comedy Break B) Rawhide Q Movie ** "Dark Journey" (1937) Vivien Leigh, Conrad Veldt. War-torn Stockholm Is the scene of a love affair between a French spy and a German agent. (E) Horse Racing Weekly 2:05 (C) Movie ** "Hot Resort" (1985) Tom Parsekian, Debra Kelly. 'R' 2:15 (HBO) Movie ** "The Lonely Guy" (1984) Steve Martin, Charles Grodln. 'R' 2:30 (9) Independent News (E) Arm Wrestling (S) Movie ** "Repo Man" (1984) Emlllo Estevez, Harry Dean Stanton. 'R' (U) Room222 2:45 CD News 3:00 (9) Movie *** "Monsieur Beauc- alre" (1946) Bob Hope, Joan Caulfield. Based on the book by T.H. Tarklngton. A barber attempts to maintain his existence In the courts of King Louis XV of France. S Wild, Wild West Tarzan "Perils Of Charity Jones" (Parti of 2) (E) College Basketball UCLA at Washington State (R) (N) Turkey Television (U) Movie ** "The Reward" (1965) Max von Sydow, Yvette Mlmleux. A bounty hunter's actions result in the deaths of most of the five men In a posse. 3:30 B Movie ** "The Glass Alibi" (1946) Paul Kelly, Anne Gwynne. A scheming journalist must come up with a treacherous plan when the wealthy but seriously ill woman he married regains her health. 3:400 World At Large (C) Movie ** "Beat Street" (1984) Rae Dawn Chong, Guy Davis. 'PG' 3:50 (HBO) The Everly Brothers Reunion Concert Phil and Don Everly reunite for the first time In ten years, performing such hits as "Bye Bye Love," "Wake Up Little Susie" and "All I Have To Do Is Dream" from the Royal Albert Hall In London. 4:00 fg Dukes Of Hazzard B Bob Newhart 6Q Emergency CD Gomer Pyle (N) Route M 4:10 (S) Animal Talk Dramatized segments from Jack London's "The Call Of The Wild," Sterling North's "Rascal" and Mel Ellls's "Flight Of The White Wolf." Museum to honor 'Masterpiece Theater' NEW YORK (AP) - The Museum of Broadcasting will begin a 10-week 'retrospective Jan. 24 to commemorate the 15th anniversary of public TV's "Masterpiece Theater." The exhibition will include segments of 36 of the 80 mini-series broadcast since "Masterpiece Theater" was introduced Jan. 10, 1971 with "The First Churchills." A number of stars from past presentations, including Susan Hampshire who appeared in three, "The First Churchills," "Vanity Fair" and "Barchester Chronicles," and Jean Marsh and Simon Williams from the long-running "Upstairs, Downstairs," will attend a birthday gala on Jan. 20.

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