Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 21, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 21, 1908
Page 8
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PARKER^YINWAifi TH€ THEORY OF MANN FAMILY A8 TO SHOOTING OF DAUGHTER. Not Captured ! Yet.—Mrs. Pearson's Body Burled Here Saturday.— . Husband Returns. ^ \ L The body 'of Mrs. Pearl Mann Pearson, who left a dying statemen/ that Harry Parker.a grain inspcc(or. had lured her to a lonely spot, in 01;)a' •homa City and there shot her three times because she refused to elope with him t<-^ Mexico. arn ?Pd here Sat- uriday afternooii on the 2:20 Santa Fe train, accompanied by her husband ania mother, Mrs. .T. D. Mann, and was Interred In the jHighland cemetery.' Prom the train the remains we're taken to the residence of her jiarents on West street,j*here short services were helil, conducted by Rev. .1. M. Mason, pastor of ihe First M. K. rhureh. A numlier of ^In friends Allowed the body to the urnveynrd. On Frldny services jirnper were held at the Penrson home in Okln homa ^)ly and were In eharce of the Mffthodlst pastor'I here. A InrBo num her of friends attetuled the funeral services, (he nujuibers of the l.ady Maccabees, of wlilch (ho deceased was H member and in which order she held a tl .oOO lnH «rnnc«» imlley, attend Ing In a body. iMany ni >iiil trilniies were In evidence; Xo trace of Parker has yt been (secured. The ofllcers in every town In Oklahbma hove been advised to be on the watch for stranpcrs answering the description of the much ^s-anted man, but this far Parker has eluded capture. But little additional information as to the details of the shooting have been secured. Parker was here August | 20th, and called at the Mann home. ; He had known the family for a nnmber of years and 4ip- on his remark that he was going ito Oklahoma City shortly Uiereafter, they requested hiin to call on Mr. and Mrs. Pearson. On last Monday morn-, Ing he appeared at the Pearson residence and visited them a short time. They urged him to remain for dinner but he said that he was going to Kansas City a few hours later and de- c'ined the invitation. Kothing more was seen of him except as to'd in ^'•-s. Po.irson's -ttsjtement and the Ok'•hf: n City offliers tave been un- aHc to learn where ho stayed between Monday and \Vcdiiesi.iy when the tragedy occurred. Mrs. Pearson In hor dying statement said that ou the afternoon of ^Veduesday she went down loyn to set some material for ;i sUo wai; making arid luet Parker, lie ;i.skod her to aecoini)any liiiii to looK at some properly for which lie waiili-d her to act I 'ss asont and s!v i oiisrnt.d. She said iliat when he liail coiuiuote'd her to a remote place he asked her (o so with him to Mexico, and upon her refusal shot her. The unfortunate wonian '.=i family ijn- Heve that in so niiich as his whereabouts between Monday and '^'edneft- day of last week pannot be le.irned that he was lying in wait for an opportunity to commij the terrible deed with which he is charged. Mi-. Pearson returned to Oklahoma rity today where he will resume his capture Parker. Why You Should Buy Your Floor Coverings and Draperies Here and Now! There rt several good reason; why yoj shauld. buy Rugs, Lace Curtains and Draperies NOW—HERE—because you can save good dollars on every purchase. -:- •;- •;• BECAUSE—We know where and when to secure our stocks, /and we watch the market and bought at the right time-r-during a decline in prices. That means ECONOMY for you. BECAUSE—We buy our Rugs, Lace Curtains and Draperies direct from the makers—been doing so for years—and they know! better than to try to sell us the doubtful kinds We demand their BEST invariably, that means SATISFACTION for you. 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Root, W <Miley. .4bbotl and Breniian of Toi»eka were talking when Root bcfian to cur .si' Hol- Jaad vipleutly, Holland kuock<'d Root down and Cole hit Holland in the cyei. Cole was knocked do^yii and liystand- ers Interfered and the crowd separated. Neither Cole nor Andrews wen' at the ball park todiy. Holland is wearing a plaster-over his eye. The condUton of Cole could not be learned 88 be did not show up todav. Shortly before the flghi Andrews told Miller he w«6 going to leave the crowd before anything happened. ; When the light began Holland was Surrounded by Topeka pla .vlers. .Miller having been pushed outside the rtng. Umbrellas Prepare for rain.v nealher. 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With this announcement spoken in the deep bass voice of Umpire Brwto ,l.ane. one of the best. If not thi besa ball sanip, played on the Electric piU'k grounds this .season came to a close last aiKhi just as the cows were com-^ liii; lihm" and the frogs were crawl- • iuK out of the water onto the banke of Rock creek, heralding th« neair approach of night. •That was some game,** a specta. • tor .salt! as he hurried through th« gate to his cold spuds. "Aye. aye." answered every one in his hearing. It was some gaiue, too. It had eT- erythlng to make it interesting—ex- Ira Innings, fast fielding, superb pitching, timely hitting and all the other f'-atures that go to malte up a fast exhibition of the national sport. • in th" box for the Go-Devils wae Rnscoe .lohnson of Oswego. The southern K,tnsas boy has done good work for the lola team several times this sea !5on. but yesterday he was at his very be .=ir. He had tremendous speed and great breaking tmrVes. The visitors were lucky to hit Bim at alL At the end of the ninth inning be had struck out 1" men. At the end of the game he had whiffed twenty- five, certainly a remarkable record In the strike out line. He • was good in pinches, fanning the visitors easily when men were on. Opposed to him was one Duncan who was also some pitcher. He did not have much speed but he was heady and hard to connect with. At the end of the ninth inning the sjore was a tie, 0 to 0.. Everybody leaned back in their seats and prepared for a long drawn-out contest, for the teams were evenly matched. Things went on this way until the nth when the visitors got two men on by bits, the runners reaching sec- !ond and third. "Rdf Gnibbs. who bad caught a great game up" to this limt-, let one of Johnson's fast drops get through his glove and the two runners trotted home with what appeared to be the winning rnns. The home team looked sick, mighty sick. But in their turn to bat they picked ! up in spirit. "Shots!' Turner secured a walk, and then "Rat" Gmbbs mada up for bis mi.splay In the previous .sr -.ssion by lining th*" ball Into the cane fieUl. By the time the fielder bad .separated the ball from the ciilntz bugs, two Go-Devils had snorted acros.s the jdate and the score was tied. Two more innings w-ere played in the pathering darkness without a score. Umpire 7.,ano finally calling the pame on account of darkness. If Roscoe .lohnson had a white skin he would be in the Western Assocla^ lion or higher np. NEWS OF GAS CITY Jack Root pitched for the lola Missouri Valley league team two years. JACK. Till- PEEPLIf, ISEPORTS KK k'EIYED A(;AI\ TODAY. The Bryan Club Held Another .Meeting Atniln Saturday XIpht—John Gosh- orn Was Principal Speaker. Some "Scat^ring Remarks." The Demioc:nts of LaHarpe will organize a Bryan ci:ib this evening. F. J. Oyler of this city will make the principal address or in his own words he will make % few i "sensible' and . ncaxieTixig remarks." M'ulred Preliminary. T. W. Pl^tsenberger who was arrested several days ago on the cluirgc of forger}', Saturda yafternoon waived his preliminary hearing which was to have been held before Justice F. W. b''reveri. He gave bond for his appearance in district court. I. Peeper Ajtpears Again. Reports were received this morn- &ig| that .Tack, the-Peeper, was busy again Saturday night,. Although the ofllcers and citizens have been wafch- iUK for this person he managed to escape eapture. Somebody lias been working .here for ibc jiast several weeks but ^o far jill efforts m catch him "red bunded" has failed. Thosse who know .>;ay that the identity of (lorson is known but there i.< not enough evidence to warrant an arri -rft. where thf»- have been visiting fcr rl.e past several weeks. Hen Johnson an.-; sister returned with them and willf visit here for the next several days. J. T. Townsend of Wiiilielil. Kas.. i MB. SCOTT AT EOGERTON TODAY. He Speaks at Back to lola. Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Leonard rettim- ed to lola this afternoon, after a ifls- it with .lohn Cannlcki and family.—Chanute Snn. ! BACK FROM DETROIT Local Cement Men Return From Meeting of the American-Attocl- ation Cement 1 Mfga. Places This Alter .the Doss. War. it is siiid. ha?; been declared on several doi ;y in ihe norih i-art of the city. They killed four pet rabbits belonging to John .\pple;r:iie. The neigh bors are said to be layjns for the dog- to kill them if th«'y bapiien around again. Twelve Week. Conpefsman Chas. F. Scott left he ! was here ;-'aturday on businc.. •""'•nins for Edgerton where he F. I>. Johnson is prepariu...o n.6-.e fP^""joda.v at a Republican Grove Mo "»^<'t'nB- He will also fill engage- '"M^^N^"eonard and son U!' yester-> ments at Gardner and Prairie Center dPv for'their home in Cedarvule. Ka... «"da.v. The following are his speak- after a few dav..; vi,ir with relatives. big .lates for the rest of the week: l.saac Carl is todav moving in the; Tuesday. September 22nd—Monti- house recently vacated by D. C. Kakia. • cello. Bryan Club Met. The Br.van club met in this city last Saturday evening. John Goshorn ad- dre-ssed the meeting. Wednesday. September 2:5rd—Cen- terville and Lenexa. Thursday, September = 24th—Louis-'Jar. ^ * Personals. Mrs. John Foster and daughter returned yesterday from Findley, Ohio, Will Visit Here. Mrs. Lunsford Williams left yfster-!|„,^ Frida.v, September 2J5th—Xew Lancaster and Fontana. Saturday, September 26th—Lane. Greeley and LaCygne. A number of the officials of the local cement plants have returned from the quarterly meeting of' tfie Ameri* can Association of cement manufacturers which was called at Detroit last week. This was the.first meeting of the association ever held in the west, heretofore the sessionscoa* venlng in Xew York and other east- em cities. Of late the cement Industry in the west has grown to such proportion.s that it was decided to hold a meeting farther west. The lola Portland was represented py J. A. WTieeler of lola and E. IL ^apleton, of Kansas City, while tta« United Portland was represented by George Nicholson, E. C. Champion^ and W. S. Gootlin of tola, and B. E. .\llI.<;on of Kansas City. Tlie meetias of the cement manufacturers was a ver>- successful one in every particu- day for lola. where she will visit her brother for a few days before going to Cincinnati. O., to accept a position is one of the large hospiial.<;. Mrs. Williams was quite ill with nervous trouble during her stay here, but Is some Improved now.^PIttsbnrg Headlight. - Miss Anna Hitikox of Toronto, went to lola today after a visit wlt^ Mrs. Henry Cobnm .-r -Channte Tribune. Vislteg Park* Hehnlele. " ' W. W. Sain returned to bis borne in Neosho Falls today after a vistt with his daughter. Sirs. Parks Hetanl^; and husband. He went to< Independence to attend the 'RmptMemn raOr and stopped off ber» in iSsit oa Ma way home.— cauurate Trfibi^e..

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