Petaluma Argus-Courier from Petaluma, California on July 15, 1920 · Page 1
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Petaluma Argus-Courier from Petaluma, California · Page 1

Petaluma, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 15, 1920
Page 1
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51 'Lt'''"lJj 1 VJBT EDITION - --j. -..iy IfLJL)!1 L' 'J1 " j t ' - 1 liuuii ttt at nil i romni nm nr nnimiTDV hi ruLLcniuiu uui ur uuuiMini CHICAGO STREET GARS (By 'United Press) CHICAGO. July 15. A Strike of , 350 Electrical Workers . has completely tied up Chicago's street car service. Efforts are being directed towaTd getting the stalled cars oft the streets. The strike Is Indirectly responsible for the death of one girl and the injury of ten other persons In accidents to two automobiles carrying' workers to the downtown districts. "The trouble arose following the settlement of the recent trainmen's wage controversy," Williston Fish, general manager DRAMATIC INCIDENT (By United Press) . . CHICAGO, July 15. Parley Christensen, a member of the Committee of Forty-Eight and presidential nominee of the Farmer-Labor party, threw a hold-over meeting ot the 48'en into confusion today when he suddenly strode into the hall. About 200 of the original 1200 delegates were present. Half of those cheered Christensen while the remainder raised a counter-shout of "La Follette!" Granted permission to interrupt a speaker. Christensen said: "You and I and all the rest wanted La Follette. and if there's any way to get him I will not stand in the way." of the Chicago surface lines, declared today. "It was understood that all the trades would be accorded a settlement after the trainmen were adjusted." Mike Boyle, business agent of the Electrical Workers' Utyon, refused to discuss the Btrike early today. The tieup caused Jams on the other lines and. elevated stations early today and trains were pack-ed more stardine-Uke than ever. Suburban lines were heavily taxed by the overflow from the surface lines and additional cars were placerLln service early. . - NOMINEE i -IS GIANT KNICKER- Shower Bath prays ... A shower, shampoo, massage and rub down all in one. The quick sanitary way of bathing-. . $2.50 to $4.50 each Herold Drug Co. Dependable Druggists Kentucky St. Petaluma, Cal. (By United Press CHICAGO, July 15. -r Parley Christensen, . the third, party's presidential candidate, was plumb tickled" when the first news of his nomination reached hvm today. He is 49, and at bachelor. He is 8 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 287 pounds. He was forced to leave school when 16 years old to support a widowed mother and five brothers and sisters. Later he graduated from Cornell University. "Ha said: "The first thing I'm going to do is to go home to my mother." Early Morning Fire Alarm The alarm of Are at 3:30 this morning from Box 5 at Liberty and Washington streets was caused by a bonfire at the As chrrman home mr Keller street. The fire had been burning on the previous day and was rekind !ed to & blaze by the wind iho flunieti causing-a bright re flection which was seen by Offi rors Rudolph and Masten, who 'rang, in the alarm. The services of the firemen were not needed ;is the fire was not in a danger ous location. When the officers saw the glare, they of course thought that a fire was in progress. ' Attorney J. V.; FilippM and J. Tognacca of San Francisco and J. Lepori of Napa were here Tuesday for the- meeting of the board of directors of , the Swiss- American Bank. (By United Press) CHICAGO, July 15: The Farmer-Labor Party, shortly before dawn today entered the political field with a national ticket. Parley P. Christensen, Salt Lake City, who had been permanent chairman of the Committee of Forty-Eight convention, was nominated for president by the new party. Max Hayes, Cleveland, O., chairman of the executive committee of the Labor Party -ws chosen the vice-presidential candidate. Nominations came, after a group of 48'ers, disagreeing with the platform of the convention, with drew, announcing today they would eontinu their - own convention today. (By. United Press) FULLERTON. Calif., July 15. Roy Trapp, a wealthy rancher, was today found . brutally raur- dered and his wife beaten into j unconsciousness. Two Mexicans are under arrest as suspects. The slayers entered a rear window at midnight and crushed Trapp's skull with a cement pick as he was sleeping. Mrs. Trapp grappled with them. She was choked and knocked senseless. DIES ran v 4 BLUE WHITE DIAMONDS Diamond Rings Diamond Broaches Diamond Pendents Diamond Scarf Pins A. H. BOSS Jeweler and Optician MIystic Thea- - YOUM FOB AMUBBMKKT J.3L McNear, Jr.. Manager PWatuUSk,: Calif . THURSDAY, July 16th. Ethel Clayton in .. "ladder 6f LIES"' The great romance ot a girT-wiio lived a lit tor another: a girl who sacrificed her love and her own good name that another's love, another's home, might not be shattered - - PARAMOUNT MAGAZINE ' BURTON HOLMES TRAVELOGUE FRIDAY, July 16th. Shirley Mason in "LOVE'S HARVEST" A dramatic comedy of love and the stage in New York and Paris, and of a girl who fled from fortune and found love PATHE NEWS "SLIPPERY SLICKERS" Rolin Comedy SATURDAY, July 17th. Tom Moore in "DUDS" A thrilling mystery drama picturing the adventures of an , amateur detective with smugglers FORD EDUCATIONAL BRAY PICTOGRAPH SUNDAY. July 18th. Mary MacLaren in --"BONNIE BONNIE LASSIE" The American Beauty In her greatest role A picture without a dull moment "SIMPLE LIFE" 2 reel Larry Semon Comedy MONDAf ,' July 19tB.' Anita Stewart in "MIND THE PAINT, GIRL An entertaining tale of life 'among the stage folk A of London "PENDLETON ROUND-UP' 2 C Reel Novelty - ' . " . t - - Feature Mrs. Rosa Keiser, widow of the late Mlne-rnd Keiser, who for many years has made her home in Petaluma and who of late has been living with her daughter, Mrs. W. H- Jones of Santa Rosa, died at that place on Thursday night after an illness of some time and the news will cause regret among the many Petaluma friends of the. pioneer woman. For, some time she made her home here with her daughter, Mrs. Frank Straub, recently returning to Santa Rosa, where she had also lived for years. She had resided in the county for many year and was a native of Switzerland, aged 69 years. The funeral took place at Santa Rosa today and was attended by Petaluma relatives and friends, j Besides her daughters, Mrs. ACCIDENT GIVES DACE V IflS 1 (By . United, Press" ABOARD V". DESTROYER GOLDSBOROUGH (via wireless) July IB. The first race in the series of five for America's yachting cup today went to Shamrock 4. The Resolute, defender of the cup, was Torced to withdraw from the race a few Prices Said To BeTqo High SANTA ROSA, July 15 Following an . inquiry by a grand jury committee Wednesday into prices being charged by a Pet' aluma store for grocery provisions sent to- a crew of highway builders on the Petaluma-Valley Ford road. County Purchasing Agent Harry Fish announced Wednesday evening that he will make a trip to Petaluma today and unless priees -are held down according to agreement he will purchase goods elsewhere. minutes after she rounded the half-way mark after showing her heels to the challenger tor 15 miles. i, . The snapping of the Resolute's throat halyards, which brought the mainsail half way . down, caused Capt. Adams to withdraw when he found it impossible to repair the damage at sea. IS. IBEIi CALLED BY DEATH Jnnes and Mrs, Straub, deceased ' JT.""" . 1 f j w iiA..,nr Me arrangements to buy pro is survived hy tne children: Mrs. P. Kathriner, Miss Mary Kejser, E. and A. Keiser, all of Petaluma. She wus a sister of Mrs. Joeeph Keiser ot Kenwood, Mrs. K. Fink of Petaluma and J. Flogle of San Francisco. """"ft i ,..., . aar.i ra.... n Laid To Rest Loved One on a basis nf cost-plus two- per cent. The Petaluma firm was receiving cost, plus ten ' per Cent, but it was Intimated" at the grand Jury committee's' hearing that the firm in question was oharg- A telegram received today by H.' R. Campbell, acting secretary of Petaluma Lodge No. 30, I. O. O. F., announced the-death on Wednesday at the Odd Fellows Home at Saratoga, Santa Clara, of Mrs. Emily Wiswell, widow of the late J. A. Wiswell, Petaluma, who also died at the home gome years ago. The remains of the pioneer will be brought to this . city and will, be laidto rest at Cypress,, Hill beside the grave of . the late hUBband. J C. Mount wjll have charge of me lunerai nrraueiueinB. Mrs. Wiswell was one of the (By United Press) SAN DIEGO. July 15. De partment of Justice operatives here say an negotiations ior me return to this country of Jack Johnson have been dropped. The trip planned to, Tiajuana to con- WILD TIME IN IRELAND (By United Press) DUBLIN, July 15. Fifty armed men raided the main post-' office, seizing all government mail. Several police and constables were wounded in a fight with Sinn Feiners in County Limerick. fer with the ex-heavyweight champion has been abandoned. The officers indicated that he, aeked for a bargain they are not willing to make. He is wanted in this country on Mann act charges. BATTLE ON NEAR BORDER TO KEEP ON FIGHTING (By United Press) BERLIN, JJuly 15. A dispatch from Moscow quoting the government newspaper Pravda, declares the Russian soviet government will not order the Red armies to halt their advance until the Bolshevik-Poland armistice has been established. (By United, Press) SAN ANTONIO. July 15. Advices report that rebel forces u der Ricardo Gonzales have at-" tacked Neuvo Laredo, an important Mexican" state capital across the Rio Grande. HAWAII'S STARTED ON LONG FLIGHT (By United Press) MITCHELL FIELD, L. I., July 15. Four army air service planes left today on a crowa con-lltipnt flight to Nome, Alaska. POPUIATIONj. (By United Press.) WASHINGTON, July 15. The Census Bureau has announced corrected population - figures tor Hawaii at 255,912, an increase of over 84,000 or 33 - per. cent - -over 1910. Grand Jury 1 In Session The grand jury of Sonoma county, assembled at Santa. Rosa Wednesday In . response to the call of the chairman and was in sf-Ksion during the day, all of the Petaluma members being present. -The nature of the business transacted was not given, ouU Rachman's Jazz Orchestra will Will Brady, formerly of this furnish the music for the Grand oUy and now of San Pedro. re- Dance at Holy Ghost Hall, Sat. turned to his home on Wednes-Nifilit, July 17th, 1920. j day after a visit with ' relatives.' cent The remains of the late Mrs.. Winnifred Schmidt, who passed away at Oakland on Monday, arrived in this city on the noon train Thursday and were accompanied here by the members of the family and many friends, while other friends from this city awaited th funeral party at the depot. The casket was borne to Cypress Hill,' where Rev. B. L. Brittan, pastor of the Two Rock Valley Presbyterian Church conducted impressive services at the graveside, following which the silent form was reverently laid to rest near the grave of the late Rollin Franklin, eldest son of the pioneer mother. Many beautiful flowers ware placed on the new made grave and the loved one peacefully sleeps, her suffering and troubles o er, and B Is reunited with her loved ones on the other side. John C. Mount was In charge of the funeral and six friends officiated as pallbearers. " in ten iwr cnt over the rptaii best known of the older pioneer residents 01 mis cuy ana maue her home here for years. Her husband conducted a large paint store here and the family home was what is now the site of the George P. McNear. home below this city, where they lived for years. Mrs. Wiswell was splendid woman and she leaves many friends in this city. price instead of ten per oyer the wholesale price. Fish declared that .too much had been ' charged for. se vera 1 items, but said the difference would not amount to more than 15. Hereafter, the Petaluma firm will have to sell on a closer margin, he declared, or lose the county's patronage. Food For Prisoners. The supervisors voted Wednesday to increase the allowance of Sheriff Petray from 20 cents a meal for each prisoner to 25 1 nM,. h iOQH NAPA. July 12. Dr. and Mrs rrm '..r'- oLr- Laurence Welti of this city re- Were Fired At While Motoring Of provisions. Sheriff Petray told the board that the county is saving considerable by his system of having one of the prisoners do the jail cooking. K.-x J.- Pteterson Is home for a visit of a few days with his parents. SAYS PITTMAN WAS SANE (Py United Press) FRESNO, July 15. Alien tets, testifying in the trial of Marion PlUman, charged with the murder of Andrew Nicholson, a wealthy alleged bomewrecker, declared that PIttman was sane at tho time of the crime. The case is expected to go to the- Jury before night. ported to Sheriff Joe Harris that they were shot at by an unknown man while motoring toward Napa on the Napa-Vallejo hlgaway. According to Dr. Wei ti, the shooting occurred near Soscol. He says a man who had been hiding in a ditch arose and fired directly at him, the bullet pierc ing the hood of his machine. Welti says he speeded his car and soon lost sight of the gun wlelder. He believes the man planned to hold him np, Sheriff Harris and a deontv hurried to the scene of the al leged . shooting, but could find no-man - answering the description of the gsnman as given bv tne aoctor JOH W DEER E MME SPKEAMR V- 'Scl' Model Brassieres Form and Conform To Your Figure STOOPING, standing, dancing, riding, lounging i any activity, any poise, any position your Model Brassiere reaoily adjusts itself without . binding or hindrance of any kind. Made in five perfect fitting types, indudingthepcpularbandeauxstyks. Plain 0mW-b Hook-back of Hook-front smkUs (Ugh. ; tediuin, er low bsck) wkfc olncie Gf vbitk Iwss fntiy, givng comtt,f - a,t- jj, " Fmmc$ BUmv!rO( Cotton Good, Fsacy Msttrisb sa4 lcmmi SiUc. Cup sod SMtat. W.TOUGjH;",, Camm & Hedges Co. Headquarters for Lumber, Mill Work, Beaver Board, Cement, Tanks and Silos. The only Spreader with beater on axle. L IF. Tmniastai I Hill Opera House - A. McNKAR, jrn Manager Friday, July 16th. VAUDEVILLE 6 HIGH CLASS ACTS Feature Picture Constance Talmadge la "ROMANCE AND ARABELLK" Orchestra 60c Balcony 35c War Tax Paid . All Star Cast in "LUCK OF THE IRISH" The story of an Irishman who falls heir to f fortune and takes a trip around the world In 1 search of adventure. He finds -it aplenty - and love and romance in the bargain, -.r.T, , "OIK .DOCTOR"Christie Comedy Adults SOc Children I5c War Tax.' Paid '.V 5. ,. i '"ft

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