Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 21, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 21, 1908
Page 7
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ijifLA PHSPARES TO ROYALLY RE- CBITE AUTO ENDURANfE PEOPLE. "JOHN D." IS TO HELP, TOO iStANDARI) OIL CASOLiyE WAI.'OV TO BE AT DISPOSAL OF IVISITOHS. : WAjrnr Roliinsnn and Mr. H IH -L, \'n<l j dent i»r BiMtslppi. An> to \\Wc\ Uiv Poiij at Yiiti's Centfr. Groat proparations an' Ijcing inaiU' for the. ease and ronifort of ilir iin'in- iliers of tho party who aro uiaUiiiK thi |auto wndurancu run tliroiiKh Kansas I and Oklahoma, when thoj- arrlvo in this city Friday t-vonlug, Si'pt»>mbt?r 25th. The Booster cliili Is doing I'V- icrythirig wiihin Its power, lint of course; thoy will need tlici lioarty operatjon of <'Vfry public spirited citizen in tho city. . j Dr;. S. 1*. Mlloholl lias ln'on niad* chairman of the committo on entertainment. He stated this morning tftat arrangeinonts had-been made to lave 4 Standarfl (111 gasoline wagon It the chcclving point for the use of iiie visitors. A'rrangements are also being inadc to secure the use of tlie City water for the endnrance runners. Ail merchants around the square who have city hydrants and hose will be requested to leave them at the disposal of the autoists. It has been su>:- g^Stod that tliesi? nieiehants |)laei! a sign- over tho hyilranis bearinir the Inscription. ."Welcome, Water for the nse of visitors." 1 A party of autoisis inrlnding Mayor Robinson and A. W. Reek president of the Booster ICluh will go lo Yates Center and mi-et the tourist.^. .\r ijangenionts are also being made f<. tiftke tho hand ; in aulouioblles out four miles in the co\intry to the vii^Itors here, j Every town nloiig the rout>' of the I 'nn Is making tho day upon which the jintolsts arrive in tin- respeetive oities fli sort of holiday. Iteports from all these towns are sent to the offieial paper. The. Kansas fity Star, and the dtlrens of Iida are hoidng that fh<' report from lola in one of the best s|nt In by any town aloniT the oourre of 'the run. jProni tho reports n'ceived by thi- members of the Boostir Club and A,utomohile Clubs it is probable that there 'will be about 1T>M people, who are very much interested ~iu autos. alrivo in the city on that dale for the ptirpose of looking over the macliine-- wlhlch are making tin- raoe for the siar Cup: '"'^r-^ " C. E. Nowtorv return.-d SatiirdnV evening from a; trip to Wichita an I Kmporia at which points the .•into party was entertaii»<'d. Mr. Newton i says the niombei-s of the party appro- dlate the efforts; of thi- several towns ; toward entertainment but the priiici- -pkl tblnss thoy an- looking for are about welcome I6th National IRRI6ATI0N CONGRESS Interstate Indiistrltil i:xp «i >iti»n and New Mexico Territorial Fair AI.I. AT Albuiquerque. N. M. .SEP. S» t« 01 T. 10 Come and see the prosperous Saivta Ke Southwest—where alt the way fnun Color.tdo to Oall- tnrniu water' is kint:. The V. S, tiifvei iiment Is now i«l>enUln): mllll <its of dol.i.ii:. to Kol H perm.<«n III water su|>|i).\ tor the senil.-a id lands It, means million.^ i>i° aeren iwade tillable and t»i for boiiie.i. \ national evi-nt, woiib e^o^•;Inn a evuttlnent to see. -lAiri'lun dl|llonint>:, (lovenuneut ollleials, trrlgntlun experts and Catilalns of InduHlry will atiend. A great exiiosillim of SMitifh- west farms, ranches, mines and lndU8tric9. Indians, too. and cowboys—IT. S. Cavalry. Tickets on sale Sept. '2T> to Oct. 5; final return limit Oct. :'.l. 190S. if desired an application to agent Albuquerque, tickets will be honored for return via Clovis. N. M. and Amirillo. Tex. Attractlre slde-trips to I'. S. Re- clamatlon Projects and (iruiid Caufon of Aristona. 4> i.Sania Fe •1 W Agent. W. E. BAISTOX, lolB, Kans. Ailt tor JrHgation Booklet. Remarkable Pay Day Setling ^iow Going On $1 Corsets 29c One h\g lot of odd Corsets, for- ni«?rly sold at $i.oo. white and drab, choice each ^/C 50c Cashmeres 39c RcRular 42 inch new fall Cashmeres in red, bine, black, 5a fast colors, yard w"C 40c Damask 25c firt inch full bleached Table Damasks, splendid patterns, ^-i while 3 pieces la^t, yard... .-wy School Hose, 15c \o do7eii bovs' .ind j;;''''^ schi-tl Hose, double knee, j . values, pair *'»^ One Week Of Bargain Demonstroting Seven Days Of Proving that Frishman's sell for kis THE STORE THAT HAS THE GOODS A Grand Showing Of Ladies' and Children's New Fall Outer Garments Years of experience lias taught us, and more than ever convinced are we that the "reeolleetion ot quality remains long after price is forgotten'—theretcre we have used even more than usual care in the selecting of our fall lines of Ladies'. Misses' and Children's garments. A. look through this enlarged ready- to-wear section will readily convince you that from a standpoint of excellence of finish, ciualities of materials used and thie style, fit and workmanship ot each garment, and at the extremely low prices we .have placed on them, *'Frishman's" really merit the increased volume ot business they are receiving in thjis department. - Ladies'Suits ore now on sale from $10.95 to $40.00 Over 400 Ladies' Skirts on sale From $2.50 to $20.00 100 pieces ucw Clinglianis, Percale^!, Madras Cloth, isliirt- iujf?, etc, for children's school wear, choice of the entire ltd, per yanl, only iOc EXTRA PAY DAY SPECIALS 7". pitccs new Shirtiut^-;, Giughamy, PcrcalMS, Oulinjj;.'?. h'cacheil and nnblcached mus:- lins, per j'ard, only il fe W.J Your choice of about Ladies' Walkintr Skirts, worth S4.r»0, ycur choice in this spec- sale, only $1.95 fiO pieces new J.ip Silks China SilkH, fancy M U C U'ai.^i- ings, etc., woith up to 7.~> • per yard, yonr diMioe in this .s :r ,c, per yard, only ' 50c lioii^l nrcoiDiiioilaiions, a jilacc for liatlis aiiil a .paras'" whore ann) r.-- jiairs aiiil siii>|i!i<'s may I K - liaO. • Tli'> far 111 arrh'o li<-."f is s"ln'ili!lf>.i for I:. ".II |i. in.. T T H' rciiiaiiKlfr of llif paiiy arihiiij; uiliiiii tin- iiPxt two liiims followiiitj. MAY PLAY AT STJOE Kit: Foot i::ill (.aiiii- M:ij I"- ArraiiLTfl for llial l*lin»' riiaiik-- l'.i:iM> Ut.r SKVTIM3 ( KA/.K. Ilit- .MiNNOiiri riiriii 'd Sfhool (ijiiina^iiiia Into u Hink. S. . Sf(.l. LM. -Thf ^tUllilil:: :.t ilif MiN.-Diisi Mliiml for ilu- liliiiil. on .Ma^zimlii aVi-:ii:.- iit-ar IJraiiil avi-niir. li:ivi- laki'M 1.1 Mil- r.iMrr skatiiiR crazo. aii.l liavt- in>-istfil (in Siipcrinii-iiilcirt M. S.Cn-. n tniiviii^ all ih.- riiniiiUJi- i.ii til. :;\iiiiia>umi llimr. \vlii<-li t!ii> li i\ >• I 111 ii< tl iiiiii a r':iik. Il.'iif I I .ilio larRiT >lnil «-iil< Ijm.'i l.:>'i: and ui^niu':i, siiciiil srvoral tnnii.- »-a<-li (lay ^ka^ln.l: alxinf tin- >;.Miiiia >iiini IVrs.ius pri-'-ciii al tln'^skaiiii;.; won!.; diiiilil iliar the' .Miiiiif; ' lu-ixiiis wi -it- liiiml. 'III.' I.H-: ili;(f iJi.'V wiili iiid acciiU'Ul or >-olli.-~iiin is dii.- t.illn- 1 <-liiaik .(til> (levf!.i|i(i| •••i -iisi' of li ^iir- iiu; 'llicv JIOSM'.-.-'. iuu-ndi-iii <ii.->a i.- oi. iji<\ c;! Willi 111!' iii.v<'l:\ lie ^a.^In- lia; loiuitl Ih:;; ilif l':iiii! '•'1^'* i;ii«ii>;li cXi-rciM- and Ilu- iiMi.t |4 ihal Ihi-x arc inor.- or less iii imor. pliy- slc.'tl t'lindliion Tin- lM.-iiitli i«'«ij li"..: I'i'oiii Ihi- sU.iliiiK IS i^r«'at«'r th;!!5 ai'.,\ oih.'i fill 111 of cViii'ls.-, a> ihi- xoiiir.: IiH'ti .iiid vv.>iiii>li lind idiM^ili.' :i !i.l i i,- i'o\iiuiil III It h\>r -N-viMal lioiii* cat II dax !(u< nii.U'inni i iliiowu Ol'l'!! lo 111,. Sliulftll-. who C.(If l.l vk.lti' Sim-.' v,h<M<i oinnii-.l l;o.| rhiii --d,>> iioi oiif of Ihi' sk.'lrr- ha> iiu-! will', an at'i'ldi 'iil^ ovc-iiiilii; a fi'« fall' wliiili rcMilit 'il ri.nii follliliiii: with th .oM* !ikalrrs who Millcil loo fast, lo-In;; nark ot' iho ipi-cd !o he inalnlain- i>d ill Ihf liJiII. l-'i»u rolllsioiis rcsiil!. as ihi' siiidriii.-; have df\t'i (i |K'd tlicit st 'MSP of lu 'ariii;; to stirh an cxtcat thai liiey sr'ide by larh otin^r as ilh<>ii ;:'i thi-y could soe. Law r'-iii'i'.. Kii- Si'|.i J •.t'i>in of Ka!l^.l^ aiiil>!i hi'ii- Sa;iirda> IN ; :!;i:::' to f:maK(' Ariliiir'' Aic • Tin- Milk P\TKO>S PAY FOR FKKI>. I'rlre Man B OO >1 M I Today. llH- Alter today all "iiatrons of tli<? loli ^.dairymen will pay six and one-foarih cents a ijuart for niilk. It is now necessary to bcjtin feeding; tho. cowi hJ-ucc the jirice was raised. In the sunimer time when the cows run on the fjrass tlie can a:rord i<". |;»ell milk cheaper than in the fall and winter. ; - riu' I iii- I' lio:iiil III! I ail.I d .-i 'iil. d ol l .i-.lVt'Il- worih a> a>si?ta !ii I 'ooi ti.ill coai-li to IS.Ti K.^t:in.'.|> . II >'ii.i;-ii:('.l ICii.c who ^'.a> capiaiii cl l.i>i Xf .ir'r. .'.\i -ii a.- I iiai h for III.- iri"-liii >.-ii Jiiiil ili.- iiiai- :«-r of wiitr.- till- .-(iMiiial t liankN^i^'n^. •.'olllcr-I |.<l« .'l -II III.' K-|II .-<I ; IIIliviT- .-^hy and tin- .\li-.-o.iii ii:im'r>it\ .-h.iald l-.i- iila.>i-d i.:k«'!i iiinicr i-oii-i'!.-;a- :jiill .•'!:(! >. il. :i :..i;l- ii:i.-;.-d ..a ii"\I 'I 'll. -.-(In ^ ' Wli. r. -Ill- I |l..';l^• —;•. in!' s.i.'iii- • pia^i.l 1: li'...... K.lll^a- City aii.l • .li'-.-i'ti A I'u'.i :. 1.1 llii"i-<- K::ii- l-i llll!».,s;H ;iiclll:lil. i i'!! -. ~l:!l;: 'ol lit- T .i .l.i. 1« 11. Si .11-.'. I and r .1 l-'au.-l of Si .l.i^.'j !i. ».-i.' .'•.-Ill. 111'. \<->ii-ida.> to iiP -.t With Ih.- atir»:;i- I'oard Till ••• f. . ti .ii>- a;-:iai; a., a cuinniiltii> of till- Kan.-ias iiiiivi-r.-iiy aliniiiii al St .loM-ph and .tri- woikmi; III (o-oiMia'ioii With iiif I 'oiiiiiii I'fi .i dull of Ihal pJacc Tin- alnimJl losn- ii.;;..' Ir .t" St .lo -.-|ii iniult- a propo- ^lIioll lo diildiiali' llii' > hiT of !a>! .\i-ar. Uls! ,M'!ir St .lo -.i -ph linni->h <i| aiid lliii 'il up il :i' i:iotinih> fni' ol >'liHr;:t-. paid llu' liot.l and laMro^.l I.U.- lol' '.w.-ni,^ ll\>' li.> II. whuli III > liliii-il III!' t.'aiii .iiid .111' llii-ll ,i<-i '.i :n pan.Mlu-. iliiMii pill ii|i poMi'iN.tiiil i ;.»i' li.wvp .ip,'! .iiUi 'i ,1^111'.; irc.« and ••l.-'i •oi.iU'H d>-i-.>i.It. .1 llu' luwti Willi I..!. 1. Tin- In •~l pr.iporition ,\l ,1liaK <'C luali of the A-^<ciaiioii pur'k In Ka:i .•ia> »";t.i vslU offi'i- i-; for 111.. ,\li >siiiir; and K.i!'-.i>- i:!iivi 'r .-ii;.^ lo Nt .-iti .I ilu-;i o.. II raiinad and li.'!.-: fx.i.'ii.-o for IT'j p<M' f.'.'ii of th.' :; M .'>- ri.<-ii ;i|~ of ihc u.init' to i;o (iir l!ic ii>.' of ili. patk. lii-piri- ilie fart liiat St .loscph •il^'M's ta.'i.- ••nririn;' i.roiiositioa. \V I' I.:'nr'doii. niaiiaiz .r of tho atlil.-ii-,-!^ It li;.- K.••'n:.•l^ iiiiiI••!.-ia.». .-aid fiida.i ; • I think il has alr.'ady hi -fii ai.'r .»i -d thai !li<> t'air.i- wi I !.<• play.-d in Kansas Ciiy. and I liiiiik lli>-r.- is liitio doubt Liui what ihi- hoard will ratifj ihe Kaiisa.-* (ii.v .irrant.-i'iiii'nf, tthcn I T meets for liiial actiijii'm.-xt Tue.-day. In niy mind there is no doiilit at all hut what ih.^ same •will hf- pla>ed in Kansas City." After His Diamond. .\ riiamitc man toVs of an all. -nipt jto lift a .ILiiciinil stu.l \vhi( h li.- -.v:t II. >s. .1 in ihf liri-iis i-niwds Friday. .\ wt il di' f.lhr.N il up lo ;i i -oiiiiiwri-ial Irav.-l.r. wiio i- ain. <l III li.> Wearing a diamond in his shin front. Till- rilow had !iis .-oat ihr.iwn (i\.r his loft arm and tonih • •li a-IPow-: wilii hi-, vic'.ini I'li l.r co;<'r of III.- i»oal hi- ri-'.lii lian.l was tr.xiim hard to clip oal lU' j.-.-ni. lilaiK -Ini: around, the thi.f iiolic.-.l th.- i'haiiiit.- man va/ini; at liini and with a kiiiiwin.: sinih- and wink turn.-.I on his ht -el and walked awav. DR. SNOW IS DEAD Gym. Class Tonight. The youn.i? men gymnasium class of the y M. C V will meet tlils evening. "Attorney" E. W. Hoch. Tit.- jok.- si-.-iiis l.i III- (Ml <;ov.-nKir lloi'li. Al Ih.' tim.' l)i(-k l.indji-y wa:. hrou^ht ii.t.i dislrier, coiirl li«-r.- to aii-w.T lo I'i- chai^ • .if r.cilinc hooz.- t!i.> f.iliowin;; dialog;!!.- aci'orr.^l h<- Iw. .'11 l.ili.!!.-v .-ilid .l,i!.|u.> .Meckel: ••';iii!!> ..r not •.•iiii:,i"" a::k.-i( tii>' court. ••.\..| !"iiiltv •• ! •|la» •V.s. sir •• • \\ ;.'. 11. ••Ito.-h." •\\"ln'i.- il.i.'-; h>- liv.'-' "Top.-ka ll.'s i;.i\".'rn(ir. 1 ihink " ,V!id tli'ii 111.- coiiii ap|.i>iiil('.( an oiliir allorii.-\- and also appoint. .I » l •o>|1lll|^<sioll to tinpiir.- into l.!ii.ll.'.\ •iiniiy ' Itiiilin;.'toii piitillcati At Pltt^buiQ Now, A .lis .'.'tM' hat: hiol..i-ii out aiu.ui • lii>« li.irs.-. on l'ilt>iMiri; iiual inule N .i ilial so far pu /.l.'il thi< v.-t.-i in.iry pr.'fi'ssion. aiiioiu: rlios.^ who tia\* s.'.'U ill.' sick anlina';' Som.- of the hoi;.-; ha\>- di. d \\hll.> oth.-n: nic not . \pi>i>i.'il to i.'(>oy.T froiii ihi> at- •ack - lI.a.lilKht. Ill an attornev' Changi^ in Boarding House. On accoiiht of sickn.'-.<? .Me.-daiucs SJiatik an.I Ilaniilton nr.- nhlise,! to •x'y itti their bo.-irrtinsi house in Tola. • • • .Mr. Randal and family will soon I^ke pos-sep.rion of the hoarding bo'tS(> in lola which was formerly occupied t<y Me.sdanies Shank & Hamilton.— Cenlt^rvill'.' Item in liliie Mo-and Sun. For Rev. I. B. Pulli.?m. .\t the conclusion of the wei-kly pray.r m.-erlnz In the First Methodist chnrch of Chanute Friday evening, the oflieial lioard met for a few moment:! in the pa.«tor's study and adopted resolutions expressInK their admiration and esteem for Rev. PuUiam andi acknowledging their r<?jrret at hjs ap [proacting departure, ^ Fnraicr Chancellor uf Kaii>a<' >it.( \ictiiu III l.onir Illness Suiiinier Uoiiie. J nher- al . S.-i t yi - l >r. :ii< 1 ii'liii, -f'liai .Sl!. I.>;v •. t!. -. K;, ili.-.| .-I s:i'.. ilii S..'.-:- •• Til.- f.!i.-'.111.:,' i-r .iiii. r.-i-ei. .>d I o"i';.irk v.- :.-!ija.\ ;iIi.-iiioo:i troi-. lJ .':;i :i.-lil. Wi.-.. l..<. riiaiiiellnr ir;i!i;: Siroac. of thf I iiiversily of K:in.s:is W .I.-, Ill,' (ir,-t n^-ws h.-ri- of tie- deal:, ol i-;i I 1 haiK-.'il-ir F'rai!ii> iluiiiiiit;- :..ii ;:a..w • f,,r rhe ta.-t Iitcc:: iiioiiili;. I>r. Snow had 1.1 eii : uif.-riii.i- from :: lu-rvou.-, Iireak.lowii .-aii.-.d !>;. overwork :t: .\pril of last tie siiffi-n>il a seV!T.' ati.-ick wa.- t.-ik(-:: to a ho.-piial al r .onn.r Sprir.-.. K:.riy llij.-, s.iiiini.-r he wa.- i .-anivot;. to a saiiilanuni a'r liclali.- .1. Wi.. wlien- it wa- tlioii.;li: !u- wo Id - e.Tp.' till- n.iriii:: ll;.- t^ri pai- of thi.. li'ii..- .\l-s .Snow- ai:il d:!ii.;ii:"l -.'dith liav.- I.. (II (-oastaii! la .i!! :i.! ;:lu>'- !o !»;• Snow It is tioi W. MOW, w!ieil:.-r ili.'.\ w.-r.- in fii-'al;. 1.! wi:i--' de.itii i-aTii'- •"niiries .\ Si!>-r. ilo- -.a .(.-;• .if 111.- tfi>'4l':ini. 1." a I'lrei-; utn- •..-TitN .-.tin!.:!! who has t.. . i: ;:iii.-i:i_ /',' ."^t.ow ^•;Ill •• hi-<!oH II |)r I" !l Siii.w had li.i-n fot'....ct. •! Moli III.' I i';\(i'.jtv .1 K iii'-.i- II'.'11 111.' .Ilia.' veiii.d of Hi lll-•.•.•^ ir.ili I)..' ll..'.- II in l.r.akili'.Mi II" li:.-' i.ot tii.h :..ii :ii 'd :i i .piit .i! Im; as a K:ili --,i-. ii .iiural -li.-ntil. I.ill put oi hi'. V'tiiU I N a^- f.iiiiil'.ar i'» r!n ' • iii i*> Km 1 I'l- :i-- lo \iin'i Icaii-i Wh .il l>, S'.iw li.f^ ac('' !i'd i? 11, rhip- 111 -I -iimiiiitd up I" I ti i .a . i 'oi riiiiil. Sii..|ir, :|.ii-i lli.ili >-.•':.>•. .-.ii.'Hi; ,,1.1 ! ; »i ,-'i'i>iv w.i- i-ji»» t'f l!i.''llla' foil ui. 1 .^1 Ili.- I i.A.-; i:< ... K.,1!' I. Ill . .1. I 'll i'!:i . i:..- r.i I Ills .'ll p, I. .. II ..: il,,> In It 1!'ioi.- M.- h,i .•..nil' III wIMl >'\« i> oiie , I .''I ''•111 ^l•|ll^u'- tli.ii !i..v.' l>,-.'.i al tl ;i- ;ililv.r>in diii'liiL' ll - 111..- In III'.' lit In-- hid an oiiportiiui!V of iiiipi.- -.iitc 'ii(ti-'-ll 'ill ,1 l .iri 'e 11 iiiil'.-r of edui-al.'d nil II :ind wciuell ' , Kan.-^as owes niiuh t.i I 'viHi .-i'. II Snow, loini .'i I 'iia 'i. .-'.[..r of iln' t'li'.- Vi-rsity of Kasa.--. who •,v;;s pi-ii;".' of iir'.;,i:-,ic .-volution, sy.-ieniatii < a'osi) uli'ity and nie'eornloL-y. He liad heen euaiecf.'d wi;li th.' university (-i/lil ilav-^ nuire than forty-two >i:u-.s. :iii(l throiiu'i! his- a(-tiV!i;.-s as a sritiii!.-:. 'iiiritr-' th'is.- y.'prs. he irav.- Kansas a riaii! • lii'- world round. \<»tire to (.•, A. |{. .Ml oi.I soldier.* are re.pie-Ted to ni.'.tt at the .\. K. hall ioni()rri»-.v. •J'lie.tilay. L'l'nd. .-if 1 p. ni. sharp to :;t- leiid ihe anpual Kniaiicipatioa day ce eiiratiiiii in Kiver.>-ide I';irk. -.Vr- raiitremeiii-s have hrtn made for trans portalion o fthose unable lo walk to tlif p.irk. Ira Smith in Town. Kx-Policcinan Ira Sinitli. who iA now in tie secret service of the Mia.souri Pacific, spent yesterday here Willi h family. He returned to Coffevvi'le bis Liadquarters tbU afternoon. Fryer Brojs. WHOLESOME OROCLRIES j (iiir ' .sto'.k of I and .>if.;t.^ ar.- sfii.l oii 111.-, merits of the::- hi-^h st:indanl as to qitalr iiy. They are pure, wholesome and al'.va.\s. can he r;-;ied upon. Ti; sai-k r-k . r So. Flour, per iijio .iapaii. Ini'iieria! or Ciinpow- der Tea. per pound 4 .»c The li.-:t in town for the monej'. Fryer Bros. Phones Evans tfros. wUm mimmk m—km Ifiuivn.t* win juDtirr, w» oarrr aM |tr«<1»i and prlcM. IU«U IMf> »q *u^ lola. taW». THE Gblden West Lond Co Qfr.;>rs you hetter oppportuni­ ties tu sell or e\c;..'.!i'"e your farmor Imsiness through its cooperative agencies. ' UAice (Her lonu Store i lobi, KansaLs. fafaiar ai»d Papmr Hamgor ^matm thmrTvnj gttm on «jj vra« PtoM 111. let. tfH 1. ftKkenb

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