Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 21, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 21, 1908
Page 6
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GEO. rgain^ at II?>II9 West Street lola, Kansas n. A. Jones, Manager gpods arriving daily. Oct JD on the good tliihgs. Weselithemfor less the same as cash with us in any department of our big store. Buy Dry Goods. Shoes. Clothing or Groceries. Read on: NOTICE TO TARMJERd:''''""""^ ! MEN'S SrSPEXDEKS. M«a's Tac Susponders going at ..40c Men's 00c Susjmnders going at...3«c Men's 26c SuspentWs going al-.-loc .MEVS HOSE. 50 dozen Jlen's Cotton Hose worth 3 for L'r>f. on sale at. i)er pair , 'n: Men's :'.">(• Hose at 1 "?6P Men's J.'.i' lliise al lOp MEN'S SHIItTS. Jlen's .'lUf and <;it<; Work Sliirts going at -lOc LTi'O Men's $1.U0 Sliirts on sali" at .'lOe Men's fancy dn-ss slilrts. worth %i.*M to |l.jr>. na sale, at «."»r MK\'S OVEKAI.LS. Men's Ovi-ralls as good as any yon can laiy. lor 'tiic and $1 on sale at '."ir Men's $l.tM> Ki Ki Pants iiu sale at «ic One l.ot of Meus Ulb Overals going at 4Ji* MEN'S rNHEinVtAK. r.iin Men's l-'jiney rndorshins. worili r.Of to 1 M: on sale at' Sir Men's iT .i- uudt-pvear on sale at 2 <lr MEN'S SHOES, Mei.V $tiKt Hliii'her style Men's Sl .iHi pat«|nt leatU.'r. al! styles in laet- and |uittous Men's ii.(M «;ui> Mtt;tl. in si^es 6 to iVj i Men's Viel Kid \\i all sf>lfs and worth jl.-'itt. ij.itt). going at ...iSiJJi AIE>ts I'ANTS. Men's PanCs, wcjrth $4.0i) to $4 .r.O. on sale at 1 stir-l Men's all wool Pants that others ask . $4.00 to $.5 lie for. on .sale dt.. iB.T.'» All our 52.0j0 pants on sale at...$!.00 jfl.OO pair of tronsers on sale at-.TSc .MEN'SjCLOTHJXfi. I D thn foHonrbift you vIH find fhP Krenle .st hurgaiiif anywhere on earth. The niuil order iioasen nn> a tliinic o( the pust in any |Hne that HRIRIlt i: rO., Iiave f<ir yoji must rememlier we sen It for less. We do It. .Men's all wo<d s«jrge snitsfl sizes ."SC to 40, worth $! on sale at. .It9..'>4l .Men's all wool iiiiponed worsted suits ill folors. sizes .''..I to 40, worth goiii.^' at *10.0«» .hist a few suits in light colors worth 111" to $lN.ti(i, g<i!ng at . .ijS .OO All pure wool worsted suits worth $1 nil to $IL'r.ii. on-.«ale at *s.«MI ltl;nk flay worsted suits that .sell everywhere for ?Ht.Ou. al ^7JM .M.-n's $S.<ii» Suits-going at $j.0« Men's all woiil (ariry worsteds, siz- .'s II. 40. were $IS.Oti. now . .f lOJW .MENS HAT.S. I'o Hats going at ^JM) KMing at. *iO« going a I iH.Ti M.ii's Men's .Men's .Mens Men s .Mt'ii's Men's now . Men'.s *l 00 lints $::.">!» Hats Sl'.-vO Hats $:!i>0 Hats $L'i«i Hats going at going at going at MEN'S WORK SHOK.S. Tan Kik Skin, worth .$1.00 I ran Klk Yflli.wstoue fair worth J:!.i»it. now i^ld Men's .Nevi-r Kiji Work ShiK>s. wortll $L'.-'.-.. now iJl.Ti Men's (.'ongress and' Plow Shoe< worth $2 .0". now ^1 .4^ .ME.N'S EAM Y VE.STS. Men'.s $2 .r .0 Ve.-;t> going at fttflO Men's S2.0<t Vests going at ilJi*t .Men's Sl-.'-O Vests going .-it iflJMI .HE.N'S CAP.S. Any Cap in the honse at factory pricpK. Try us and see.' MEN'S BEI.T,S. Men's 2.'.c and :!.'ic Melts, going at I5r MEN'S TIF.<<. .Men's .'.Oc Tie.«. going :ii 2.> Men's 2.'ie Ties going at i 15c MEN'S OXKOBll.S. Men's'patent liiiilon Oxfords, worth $1,^10 at ) ...^ f2J".9 Men'.s' U'hiie, Canvas Oxfords,' worth tl.'iii. now- I.:id i.\i»il:,s' o.vFORri.s. r.s' Pateni |S:';>'T Tie. worth $:*..:::. g< ing at , $iJJi lji«li«s' jjetiuji.c Patent 0>lt worth till ija.wi 1 .AIIIES' TAN OXFOKDS. ian Calf, sailor lie, all sizes, .rih $::.<>'• $: Has w Mark. Coffee i-oliuiil Oxfurd-s, worth »:! Utd ft I-Id Old t'O ^IJtt • s' Clin Metal sailor tie tii sizes nil 4 til worth $1" 7.".. now fUMI es' Patent Plu.lier llnikle. wi.rtli I '.'i, now 1 -idies' Kiinifnit sli<«-s. $117.".. now I worth EAItlES' PETTUOAT.S. Uidr-s'$s O'l Cilk Peliiicats at ..$^00 I-idie^' $i;iiii Silk PeiiiiiutS at..iM.^i Uidiks' $::ito HiatherlihMini Skirls gi>- ing a! fiOO Ladies' $J i"i ili-iitherlilooni Skirts going at I.«dies' $1 !'."> Peitifroats going at ..75e Indies' Kiniouas. worth up to $I.1'.">. OH sale ai 7-K" LADIES' SKIRTS. .Inst received a line of skirts that are far above those offered elsewhere at $12.r,0 and $l.-..rtit. on sale at *IO.OO I..adles' $I1'.00 skirls in and voiles on sale at tILWt I.adies' $8.00 skirls going at sMAI Ladies' $7.00 skirt."* going at... l.adies' $4.00 skins going at ftJ.Otl Uidies' $J .0<» skins going at T9r -LAIUE .S' SriTS. l.adies' $l'i'i.'.0 Suits, fancy hroadclotli. going at P.niwn's only ..iJH».(M» LAIUE .S* HOSE SI TI 'OKTEK .S. Your choice of any Ladies' Supporters, going at 19r CHILDREN 'S SHOE .S. Children's schiMil shoes, sixes from 11 to 4. Children's iXM shoes on Kile at #1.90 Children's $2..'.o shoes on sale at Children's $2.-'.'. shoes on s;ile at ilJii Children's $2.< MI shoes on s;ile at #1.30 Children's $1 77. shoes on sale at #I.ii I 'ALM 'O.S. r. r.iiii yards of Calicii. all siandanls, «<irili »;«• and 7c, «iii sale ;it. .i.d. i'iC ROY 'S SrH«K>L SHttES. Sizes I Pi to 4 «4. liovs $:;.Oii shoes going at #IJW H«>y's $2.">0 shoes gtdng at #I.I M It-ivs $2.2.'V shoes going at.......#I.i0 Poy's $2."0 shoes going at #IJW lUr.'s $1 .7.'. shoes going at #lJiO BOY'S snxs. Hi.y's School Suits thai are worth $4.o0 are going at ijaiW I!<:v"s Muster Mrown Suits going here al #1.^^ NEW FALL DUESS 000D». Fancy Dress. Goods, strictly all wool and fancy stripes, worth 75c; on sale at 50« I'ancy Serge in stripes and plain, all wool, r.4 inches wide, worth up to $1..".0, going at, a yard |l.«0 (JROCERY ITE.MS. iJ'ic high grade canned Peas at.. lOe l.'>c high grade canned Tomatoes 12r . 12c high grade canned Tomatoes.. IO P H'c high grade canned Tomatoes.. 8f! 1 2c high grade canned Corn at Sc I.'.c high grade canned Corn at 12e s bars Silk Soap for .... 28e Trilliy Soap going at 9e Mlg Four Soap going at per box ..8e Clycerine Morning S<iap goinj; at ..8e Tar Soap going at '. 4« Fairy Soap going at 4« Pinn.-> Soap going at 4« I^iva Soap going at .4e K. C. 2r .c cans goin^ at K. C. ir.c cans going at Calumet 2.*.c c.ins going at ... Calumet I."c cans going at ... Calu^net 10c cans going at ... Tea iiose lOc cans going at Sopi» Lye .ate .lie .9le .ISr ..8e ..Se ..U l^wls Lye going ai 8e . Red Seal Lye going al :..8e: K:igle Lye going at 8e The above and thousands of other bargains fill our grocery department with an.xions buyers. All phone orders will receive prompt attention and delivery. Rub Xo More at ..%e ; White Line Powder at 4e' .Vine O'clock Tea at i I« Capital Scouring Powder 8e ; NAME A TAFT DAY ! CILIIRMAN liOLLEY SELECTS «l( I TOBER a AS RALLY DAY. CELEBRATE WITH REPUBLICAN Jl'DGE TAFT MJLL JIEET LOYAL; FRIENRS IN KANSAS TOM NS. Bristuir lu Sinithive?>t-f-Other Itepub- IIcMUM «i Suuiluner Slate Are Busy. Topeka. Kas., Sepi 21 —Chnlrnian Dolley of the Itepnlilieiin state eoin- llllltett-hilM dexiKnaled tlclober 11 nn "Tafi day" lu l\iiu«>iin tin iliui day .liidge Tiifi will Illlike II tour aero»H llie Niale, leiixlim lii'lllliit II ll'llll of iiill-oiid Hpei'dii'i.. mid will wind up with u big niei 'liiik: nt 1'i >|iekii. He will come Into the xiale from Colorado ov> i<r the Sunia l'*e. aiid will iiiiike i<liort speeclii'B at l)od »:e City. KiiiHlei-. Lam ed. Urcat Mend; Sterling, lliiri liiiisoti. N'ewton. Florence. Strong Cit r, ICni- liorla and Osage Ciiy. Ill will be an all day's trip, but the iiiitiera y will IH' arranged so that he will re: ch Topeka In time for the night inee ing. ' Arrangements will be[ made for an all-day Republican rally 'at each of the b(g towns where .ludgei Taft, speaks that day. All of the big orators of the state will be strewn aloiig the Santa Ke and will Uike up wheije Taft leaves off and keep the hall rtilling. Plans are on foot to draw peoii|e to the var­ ious towns from all the siirroundin.g country and just make one great Taft rl.iy of it along the oid Santa Ke trail. After his Topeka speech .Judge Taft win remain here over nighi and go ; Ka;isas City Suuda.v niornin.:!. where he will deliver an address to ilie V. M. C. .\.'s of the two towns. He will leave there .Monday fur a speaking tof.r at Kansas City. Kas.. I.eaven- wiiiih and .\tchisoii. and will wind up ja; S;. .Io.<ei)h. .Mo., for a tii^ht meeting .1. L. Mristow starts out tomorrow Ion a streniKHis trip ihroiiah the ex- jtreine southwest. Most of his towns iwil! have to be made I IN aiiionioliile. t He speaks at Havilan, .Monday morning; (ireensbiirg. titiernooii. and .Mal- linsville at night. On Tuesday he hpeaks at .Meade in the afteriioon and Liberal at night. Wednesday at Hugot(Ui in ihe ufternnoii and IJichtleld at lliglil. Thuri«dii,\ III* will speak at .lohiiMiii City In the ittieriiooii and riyHxeH ai tilKhi, I'lidii.x III Santa Fe; Siiiiirdiiy III .letmoie In the ntiertinoii iinil .Senn Cliy at nlubi W. It Sliilili»> !t|ietil<K 111 lltiiiiiin^'Oii TiioYlay afternoon and at NIrkersoii al nlMllt: Westphalia. \Vediie >:da.\ ; llal' Klead. I'ridiiy. and I'arsotin. Saturday iilglit. Senator Curtis sjieaks at Yates Ceii- ler Thursday; Leroy, Friday, and .lop- lin Saturday Congressman IC. II. .Madi.-^oii for I.,;iwrence on Wedlie .<day; l.iiniilii- ville. Thursday: Wabaiit '>ee. Kii.lay and Cardner, Saturday. .Making Ip l'art>. Cincinnati. Sept. 21.— Still maintaining his determination not to be dr;iwi: into the Hearsi-Foraker controversy. -Mr. Tal 't spent the .:;re:iler iiortion of the morning at his residenco working on the speeches he is to make throii-jh the west. Colonel Oaniel J'ans.i .-II of Itidian- apoli-:, sergi'ant -at -arnis of the fniied Stales senate, will I M- in charge t>f the Taft special train. He is expe <-ied t<i arrive Sunday. The Itev .lohn Wesley Hill will accompany .Mr. Taft on the tour, lie will deliver some of the addresses l>r. Hil will arrive in the city lonlght. H I ,1. .1. Richardson of Washington will acoinpany the iniiu as throat spi clali>>i. Dr. KIcliiirdson has taken part in a number <if President ISiHiseveii'.-, loiiiii In a Hliulliir citpaiiiy. Priuilcally the entire slalT of ih Tuft headiiuarters, iiiiiiidlUK the rhlel of staff, ,\. I, Vor>s. will go niotiu on hU trill The Taft head.|iiariers at the Slnii.n THE RINK TO OPEN AT 7 O'l LOCK rOMCIRROW NUillT imoK.S HILL BE THROWN OPEN. .Mani IiiiproieHienfs Hate Been Made Uhirh Will Help IpprMRiure «;reall}. will remain open In char^V of a sieii oiiraplier. Circus Team Ran Off. .\ circus team of eight, horses draw of ing a wagon loaded with poles, ran iJodge City will go outside liis district for tlie week and make some speeches away while the shovf was petting on iKiard its trains last night. It startoi: in the Second and Third disirict.s. lie-near the Santa,Fe railroad crossing. will speak at Hiiiiiboldt Thursday af- day afternoon, and lola that nishf. | da.v, and Erie, Saturday. | Timi .Mc.Veal will siieak at Centerville Wednesday: Hiiinboldi. Thursday afternoo. and lola that night. | . Attorney Oeneral .lack.«on is slated The front trucks were knocked from under the wagon and poles were strewn all the way to the boiler sliop on North Santa Fe avenue where the horses tore themselves free from the outfit. They ran a mile north before being captured.—Chanute Tribune. Ton.orniw night The .Viidiloriiiiu. lota's po|iular skating rink, will b<' opened for the M -ason of i;ii>s-!i For the past week painter^ iia\e been working there and iiMlay at BO<MI the llnlshiug toucles were put mi Instead of rough ugly boariK confront- lug the J pie. nice while wii!!.- will «iare at ihein and with ihe briUlaiii eleclilo UKIIIS the rlllk presents a Ver .N Iiaiul.<ome aplHSiraiice. in addition to paititlUK the link while the lighting .•.ysietii has IHCU changed from iwo arte arc lights lo twelve liio-candle power Tiingston lights. The many lights dlHlribtiie the limiting niiich belter than the two in addlion lo being more oriiatiiental. Kaeb iiuht is equip ped with a handsome shade and the ravs will not bother people who sit in Ihe balcony. .\ large circular Hasher sign lias been ordered for the front of he rink but it has iM-en ilelayed in ransit anil will not be here for the opening. These improvenieiit,s while they do not seem big. cost considertible money (lit the owners w;ere very much encouraged by the imtronage received last .vear and are determined to give iola >ne of the. best rinks In skating has without a dmibt V •: ;o stay as the better class of • \,.c are taking it up. No effort witi l.<- spared on tlie pari «)f the managers of the rink here to conduct it along the most moral lines. .As they have often said, if they cou'dtjt run it right they would close it up. Music will be furnished hy a ten-j piece band made up of practir-ally the same people wht> made tiji last year's band. Professional skaters wiio visited the rink last year .say iliat iola has Ihe Itest rink band in this section of the country. In speaking of roller skating, the Ladies' Boudoir in a rewnt Issue says: ".\s a fashionable exercise for ladies, there is nothing so well adapted to the development and display of u line flg- nre as roller Hkaiiug: and lu no way can .t laily preHent i>i|iiul elegance and grace as when circling alMnii lui Hkaies. The ncconi|illi«hineni IH be. coming n very liit|>oriui)i pari of wery young lail.>'<» ediieailon " FAYOR METERS >0W. Chanute iieU Pointers From tola ou Electric Light Plant. ^ •)i i Watch fte|>air You may trust your watch to us in full confidence that it will receive only expert attention. We arc skilled watch makers, our materials are as fine as those nriginally used. THK RESULT IS GUARANTEED. If your watch varies, send it lor exemination R. C. Havenhlll, general saiierinteii-' dent of electric lighting in this city, has returned from a trip to Ida. says the Chanute Sun. The object of the visit was to gain ideas about the meter -system in use in Iola and which is to be i>ui in general use in Chanute. .According to the staternent given oat. N. K. Stone, superintendent of the jlola plant, finds that the meter sys-- teiii is a most satisfactory method of operating a plant, as -the' actual amount of running expenses below the proceeds can be accurately deierm iiied. The expenses of the Chanute plant are necessarily high, and it is believed that meters will have inudl the same effect In rrdudnc expenaM as they did in Ihe gun de |Hirtinent. The procee<ls from private cumtuniern prM tically \>ny» for the ruhnlog o( tht plant., The lateit on Ihe current nrw now eight ceuiH a kllowMt h»n». 10 ccntit Hi lola. u ce(Rit In KaiUMM City * und I coiiiH at ('offe)>v-|||«, Th* rnta at chiinute xhoiild ht> c <Ht «ld«red very KiK )d. «« ui Cuffeyyllle the ctiy |i«y» for the current In ktrent ftrci. and at Kansas City there lit a larger demiiul for electrical powcf. The loeal rate will remain Ihe aan^ for a time, h(R a change wilt probably be recommended later by the ftu |>erintendent. Stntta- tics show that lhc :demand for electrical iiower Is growing and before long the ahiount ns ^d by private parties will have been tripled here. The f meter rates also compare f&vorably with those of other cities, it in each case being aboui half that, of the lighting rates. The motor rates are made lower for the same reaison that"* the gas rates are made lower, it stimulates manufacturing. Mo. P BC .» Hants Fe" and M. K. & T. YVatch Inspector!!. To Enter Collegie. Ro.scoe Johnson, the colored .boy who pitched for the Go-Devils in the great Kl-inning tie game yesterday, will leave Sunday eveoing for Missouri, where he will enter a colored college. lmtK)rtant Anniial September At The MEW ST&RE NOW IN IMJI^I^ I^KOGRKSS i -.-I ^•4 •

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