Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 21, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 21, 1908
Page 5
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1' There always ^have been soda crackers; there always will be soda crackers But There never were and never will be ^ny other Soda Crackers to equal Uneeda Biscuit The Soda Crackers of . National-Biscuit - Goodness Sold only in Moisture "Proof Packages NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY Short Stories OF! lola Happenings y -Dr.jJ Elsmore School Opens. The BIsmore schools o:ion«d liiis mornlni:. The school began later tiian usual. Work on the now Klsnioro school house is iiroKrcssins rapi lly! Prof. canijlltia will adcl k. Pepper.'Dentist Phone ICS. Humboldt Twp. Has Macadam. ' Al Abrains has secured the contract to macadam some roads for Humboldt town, tiie contract cUIHTg^r almost a mile or macadam. Mr. Abrams has just finishfil a contract for the town ship. The now macadam is an extf.n- sion of that which he has junt com-' Idotoi!. j says: NXTiy would it not be a good lilan to have a Booster Day here, the merchants to offer inducements to the lanu'-is on that day an<l in tlie af- teriioou for a couple of houi-s give ihoiii several .woil hors<' races? Ir v.diilil he a bis tliin.s: for fiarnett. —B. |i. Cnnnlnglum, 6 per cent WW], I Demos Meet Tonight. A. J- Baker, the Dotiiocratic :e for cotinty superintendent, ress the 'faithful" at the Wvy- an headquarters tonight. Saturi'.ay night the Demos, held a ineejiuK at Gas City which was addressed by John Goshoru and \V. D. Cope. . The flnest ami freshest line of candies In town fs al Mundis's. Granted a Charter. Among the e' which were granted charters by the statx? board Saturday was the lola Mushroom and Production company of this city. It Is capitalized at $lft .noft. —It—Our Way Soda Water. — P:iper !l;in?il!L', I'll..!..- IIJS". Kred Itowden Outgrown its Quarters. i The Sunday school ot the Llttlo Huililer.s Chapel has outgrown its (piarlers and -Mrs. IC. X. .lones has secured a vacant building neat" the church in which a part of the Sunday; scl.ool will hold their sessions. They Spoke Here. .1. IC. liidJii:^ and .Tohn .Marshal of Topel;a. botli nf whom spoke at a teniperaiK-e rally hero la.<! winter, are to -ipeak al a rally at Salina tliis week. -Merchant's Lunch at Our Way. Published Otttcial Vote. Tlie State .lournal Saturday evenini: publislied the otlicinl vote in the .\usiist primaries. The .lournal is ;h-' otlicial stat-- paiter. i Xf w jiost cards. .Mundis druK store. —Six per cent money; no commission; no delay.—Smith & Travis. Here on Business. .T. J. Arnett. of .Springfield. Mo., isi in |the city on business. He is con-j nected with several lar^'c enterprises^! at Springfield, one beini? a iialeiit | washer, Now at Independence. .\ plague of bnss was on last night. Myriads of th"^ little green pests swarmed about electric bulbs and bui;- gy riders and autoisis. got into the ice cream at the fountains and crept dowi) the backs of those so unfortunate as to have to labor at desks or counters. Xoihing like it. has been Seen in many a summer.—Independence Star. —FMsprraW .Storage and Transfer Co. Household and piano inoTlnir; Innrest and be !4 store room in the city. PlioneS2«. Fined Geo. Seibert. .\ ChaiiuTe paper says: t;.-orge Sl- bert was in <'<)url tiii.-; inornii:;;:. cliarg- ed Willi associating with immoral women, lie pl.>adc(l guilty, and was fin- ei! am! cos 's wliicb he jwiid. The alleged offense wa.^ committed several da>s ai -o. uiien tjfficir Runisey Taylor found Sil)eri at a liouse on North Rv <Tgreen in coniiiany with Kd- ith Roberts. The couple were arrested by Olhcer Taylor. Edith complained of being sick. Sil)ert volunteered to teleplione for a cab. He went on his mission anil then disapneared. Edith paid a fine of %\« ninl <-osis for llie c)fiense. —Bo a Booster— r [ome lndt!stry— Neosho River Cat at Our Way. —Anto Gamge and Repair Shop for all kinds of repairing. Antemobile llverj. Plione 893. Want a Booster Club. In nrsing that a racing matinee be held at narneii ihis fall. th« Xews Ten ttmasonB Why You Should Curry u Bunk Acoouni It helps your credit. It guards you against exlravagance. It will create business habits that will increase your savings. It makes a clear record of your business. * It furnishes the best receipt for all money paid out. It will prevent yon from paying the same bills twice. It protects you against loss by lobbery and personal injury oy robbers. It is the best burglar Insurance you can carry. It enables you to pass over periods of sickness without embarrassment. It is not only a luxury, but a necessity J o a successful business man. State Savings Banl^ Kan-Jis City residence '•> trade for Tola luoj..! !y. ilnod lioiise wjlii liarn to tent, on pave<l sTre-.. P..sir room lioiise fur sal-, fo,- \niilaker & Don lie!'. —Soda Water, the'Our Way kind, .Mason Mill Taliiintr. Crevision isni a remarkably com -l nion name, bur it has bol)b»^d ui* '"'p^ciSo connection with two murder cases ini Ktini^as within ' i few month.''.—Erii- I>oria tlazet-te. HrLstow Was Euroute. lion. .1. L. Hristow, candidate ror r. S, senator on the Uepii!>:ican ticket, passed lola ever the .Mis.'^ouri ye/iei -ijay f-nroiiie lo Wichita. .Mr.'l;ri>iow sp<ik- a! lironMiii I'fiday ev»^;:iut. Mundis now has the ag>'ncy for —Drs. Ijitlirop, Osteopatlis, Phone 488. jLowney's chocolates. ' (ireatest in IThiorjr. \ut .Hedirine Bottles-. The preiiiisi tiling seen in Kansas in a long time is a new lithographed portrait of .lerry I'.tukin. which Is now bi-ing di.-:rili!ited wh.-re h - who runs m:\\ read. I; i.-^ (juiie hirge. and done in handsome color--, and no medicine lionles appear in it.—Emporia Gazette. —Sign p :i:ii!:nt;. plioue 1 I'red Itowd.-n. .\re llaulini; ^>uter. Hepre^eaiative .1. "I". Trcdway who was in Mnvn .Saturday to atti-nd the K:irrue;v' I:i.-:i:ute. :.ild iliat m-.ny pi'op .'e in ilii- vlfidiiy of.!/- llaipe are hauling '.va!-:• Tli" p.-i.-lnre-; are e.s- |)teialiy .viiffii n!g fionr lie' dry S|>e !l! "It will lie the greatest \<s.v in tlio university's liistiu'y." was Clumcellor Strong'j conimeat Saturd;!;" morning to a rfnu.'er for a Lawrence paper, ar; \w toialiNl up tlie regtstration tar ahead of las: year's enrollmeal. '"I have predicted L'.::r.O as the mark we wil! reach tliis fall, and I am more confident than ever thai we will i^ass tliat mark. Kverythii:g i.< ce.ming along ni<ely. The iiudeiils are (v.iniilg in f;i.'-: ai>d e;u!y and w •• wilt .:;<•; :i •Ji'n>\ .-!;>!• i.u the winter's yvirk." Warren Kobinson Uere. Warren Kobitison. a- brother ' of Frank and .1. X.. came in yesterday from rieni)ialii>-r,' Ind.. cAlled here by ;!ie ilines.s ni l-'rank. li has been sev era; years since .\Ir. Robinson visited here and he is very nuich gratified at he improv*mei,! of the city. if y.)u want the latest and nicest post cards on tiie marker. ;;ef them at .Mundis dru? store. F«r best and iinickest results Bse the Register Want Colnmns. Preach »» .sliatinif Kinks. Rev. u. II. Elicit, pastor of the' Christiati cliiirch. atinounced yester- ilay liiat on \u-\\ .Suiulay he wpuld preach a spufal sermon on skatlns rinks. Ihrii: Has a Horse. Cotis'a 'ile \V~. ,1. Iliri:^ has a hq" *-0 day. "iliis lining he went out In Jhe country and took into custody, under a[i aitachtnent. a horse belonging to Wii! .Mesenheinierj R. W. Stanton lirought tl-e action. He claims that .Mcserih-inier agreed to pay $60 for ; he lior .se bin after paying ?15 down, |.s :op ;»d the payinem.s. The action will be heard on iile LTjtli. i —Our. Oyj^ters. Way. .--» To Dss Moines. .1. R. Lnitgnlin left yesterday for Des Moines. Iowa, where he will be employed by the Hunt Ensinenring company in the construction oi a ^oal liiini-r cenie'nt planf. Towser masticates the toughest bone, The constant wooing lover carries away the blushing maid. And the Constant Advertiser Is the since she visited the old lionie. O.ssie ; v.;,^ GETS the trade. tloward atid Harry Crieve.-. ti i-nils Vif | . ; _ . iier.^ who ar.- Koing lo f'!,:<ai;o lo at-' Uoiidi .Ire Dnsff. Nobody With Him. H. P. Farrelly is tellins the following story with pood effect in hi.f political address. There is a suspicion that he was one of the principals in the incident, but he. with his usual diffidence says it happened to somebody else. It goes like this: A political speaker put in close to two hours of a hot afternoon talking in a crowd.- ed tent. After he had finished a crowd of liis listeners came up to shake hands Willi him. He felt, of CMUrse;, that he must keep talking, .so he said, as h<' was tuopping his face: ".Maybe you think it doesn't make a man hot to stand up there ami talk for an hour and a half or two hours." "Yes." said the man to whom the remark was addressed, "and maybe you think It does • not make a man hot to sit and listen j to you for an hour and a half or twp j hours." aii'l he pulled a bandanna ; handkerchief out of his pocket and (proceeded to give his face the same j treatment that Mr. Farrelly—or some other fellow— was accoriling his own. —.Always tl'!ie to eat at Our Way. I.'epaii- .Holor C.vcles. Tw<» motor eycle.--. owned i»y rural roiiK' carrier- at Co'uiiy. are tiring re- jiaired liy ttie Hastin^.s garage people this week. T!;e cairieis say liiey eat. make ver.v. i)U 'x^ tri .is on tl'.e motor cycle;s wlien ilie roads are in good condition. iid medical her .1.- tar us W.\NTEn- ofUco. —Dr. P. E. Wangb, DenUst. Phone S2. nine firass in the FalJ. "Tallow Dick'. Combs, who helped Governor Taylor to get out "of Ken- tuck.v preceding the Ooebel trouble says he can disprove the theory thai irooil tiliie' Krass can no' iie growiubt^ sowing in the fall. Dick come.s from the blue grass state atid says he knows the secret to sprout iiood lilije ura.s.- in the fa!!. lystcrs any style at Our-Way. Mm, M^ammm ^pen from 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nigjbts —Insist on baTlni; T. 8." flow. Mit Wilhite in Cliarae. Mit Wilhite. brother of George Wilhite. former owner of the Our Way here, has charge of the entertainment of the Kansas City Star auto endui^ anec run participants trheh they reach Elsmore. Miss McKinney Home. Miss -M^iude McKinney is at hon^e from a six weeks' outing in Colorado. She has resumed her work in th Ewing, Card & Gard office. —Frank S. Peattlc. V. S. Phone 139. \o nKtcr Than «urs. Mrs. T. ,T. -Xjiderson. who with -Mr. .Anderson, atirrrided the state fair at Hntchinsoii last week, says that the iromen's d«'j>arunent made no lietter showing so far as quality of exhibits than did the department at the .vnea County fair. ' The cor :s :ant dropping wafer wears Kuck (<> Old Home. .1. C. Coffield leaves this evening for Roclivil'e. iiul.. iier "!d home. vher- she wi! .-pend some time vi.sii-, •'stonfe. in.g. -Mrs. Ciifiield wliile nor iiaving The co?i.^ta;;t gnav.-'of Towse been Iwrn there, went there very .voiing and was jiractically ia ;.sr :l in the town. It has been forty-iwo year.-s schorl, v.iil St. l,oiii«. aceoiiipaiiy t Til.- au 'omobile party that drove to ; ElMeo!— Satu ;-day night, report that it Ms ver;. I 'ny in jibe country, the roads Clean cotton rags at this _b .ii :g e ::cfrediiig!y du.siy. When th» 'party leMched El .-iiior'e they were cov (-red with <lii-: and each took his turn K«i!e on .Sidewalk. .Albert I>»vis was arraigned in .-oiirf : Kwfeping the dust from his clothes this morning on the ciiarge of ing on the sidewalk. He w:!s rid- 1 . I I with the minimum fine of $1 and cosr.s. ail : amounting to ?:>. 1 i Finish the Fill. i 'he city has finished hauling dirt to | he court house yard. .At the lust meeting of the commissioners the city took a contract to fill the hole in tiie west side of tlse court house yard. IlunilKtldt Blen- I'p. The Kidlet ball team was defeated by the Humboldt, kid team yesterday ai Humboidi by a score of 7 to C. Humboldt blew up In the seventh, the local boys getting six run?. LoyuHy -Fresh Orsters—Our Way. L begets lojalty with ail. fair minded people. We have always striven to be loyal to the best interests of our patrons, and we are receiving fresh evidence daily, of the public's" appreciation of our riolicy. You should join the contented throng, if you have not already done so. and call tip the lulu Laundry

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