The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 5, 1986 · Page 42
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 42

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 5, 1986
Page 42
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Television This Week The Salina Journal Entertainment Sunday, January 5,1986 Pace 10 Sunday MORNING 5:00(9) Superman IB News ED Movie ** "Buffalo Bill" (1944) Joel McCrea, Linda Darnell. The famous hunfer, trail guide and peacemaker, William F. Cody, becomes an American legend. CDRhoda (U) Night Flight 5:30 (9) Editor's Desk (Q World Tomorrow CD Topper 6:00f| Insight Q For Our Times Q Jerry Falwell (9) Greatest Sports Legends IB It Is Written CD Speak Out (U) Cartoons 6:30Q Daybreak H)©(B)13 On Target 4 News Q Jesus In The Inner City (9) Three Score - Community Calendar Q Bugs Bunny And Friends CD Wall Street Journal Report 6:45 (9) What's Nu? 7:00QQ Perspective O Let God Love You QD(BQ3)13 Calvary Temple 4 Cartoons Q Kenneth Copeland ©JimBakker Q Leonard Repass 0(390309 Jerry Falwell Q Africa: Cry Of The Continent (9)Q James Kennedy 9 Sesame Street (R) (CO 03 Uncle Bill Reads The Funnies - (10) FCO CD My Favorite Martian CD Sunday Mass 7:30QQ James Robison Q Jerry Falwell O TV Altar (9) Robert Schuller Q3 Turn Around CD Munsters CD Thy Kingdom Come CD World Tomorrow 8:OOQQ Robert Schuller CD(9)9|DCD Sesame Street (R) (CO CSGDH)(n)13 Larry Jones OQOQDGS Sunday Morning Scheduled: the Statue of Liberty's 100th anniversary; women who lost financial benefits after divorcing career military men. Q Reality Living With Jeff Adams (9) Sunday Mass (QQ Kenneth Copeland OH Day Of Discovery CD Rejoice In The Lord CD Lowell Lundstrom CD Wrestling 8:30 QQ Larry Jones OGD Oral Roberts (SEQIJIS Jimmy Swaggart (9) Chicagoland Church IB Herald Of Truth ED Robert Schuller 8:35 (B Andy Griffith 9:00 QQ Herald Of Truth (SGDIDCQ Mister Rogers (R) 0 Robert Schuller 4 Cross Tracks (T) Day Of Discovery Q The Tripods Q Dimensions In Black (9) Cisco Kid 03 Jimmy Swaggart (10) Sunday Morning 03 Oral Roberts EQ Funtastic World Of Hanna- Barbera CD Wild, Wild West 9:05 Q Good News 9:30QQ Oral Roberts SHSEBOWL-TV S)(B(S)13 World Tomorrow 4 Kids Incorporated Q Face The Nation (T) Sunday Mass OOQO)K3 Day Of Discovery Q Newton's Apple Q This Week With David Brinkley (CO (9) Lone Ranger 9 Polka Dot Door 01 Today's Special 09 Larry Jones Q) Jimmy Swaggart 9:35 Q Movie ••* "The Birds" (1963) Tippi Hedren, Rod Taylor. 10:00 QQ Success In Life (DOB) In Concert With The Denver Symphony Orchestra Q Jimmy Swaggart EII2Q3)13 Kenneth Copeland 4 At The Movies Q Minority Matters (T| Robert Schuller Q Faith For Today OQ3QS) World Tomorrow Q Wonderworks (9) Rawhide 9fD Sesame Street (R) (CO Q Guidelines 03 To Be Announced CD Maverick 10:30 QQ Lowell Lundstrom 4 It's Your Business QEQ World Tomorrow O To Be Announced 001)03 First United Methodist Church O NFL Week In Review 03 This Week With David Brinkley (CO (10) Face The Nation ED Voyagers ll:OOQQEg Jack Hartman OS) Meet The Press S)[6)(13)13 Jerry Falwell 4 U.S. Farm Report O OWL -TV Q Larry Brown (9) Wild, Wild West 9 Mister Rogers (R) CD Star Trek (U) Wrestling 1 1 : 30 QQCDEQ T° Be Announced C£E)£0 Bix Festival 4 World Of Photography OOO(DOO)03CD NFL Playoffs NFC Divlsonal Playoff Game. New York Giants or San Francisco 49ers at Chicago Bears. Q The Prisoner O Wrestling 9 Polka Dot Door 03 Wall Street Journal Report ID Secret City ED It's A Living AFTERNOON 12:00 QQ To Be Announced OCSOJCD Washington Week In Review (CO Q Movie *** "Silk Stockings" (1957) Fred Astaire, Cyd Charlsse. ,An American film producer becomes involved with a female Russian agent in Paris. (T)(FJ(j5)13 Lowell Lundstrom 4 News CD Movie (9) Movie *** "The Hound Of The Baskervilles" (1939) Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce. 9 Colorsounds 03 M.T.X.E. Basketball ED Movie •* "When The North Wind Blows" (1974) Henry Brandon, Dan Haggerty. EQ Meet The Press CD Movie ** "Tarzan And The Great River" (1947) Mike Henry, Jan Murray. Q Gentle Ben (D) Disney's Legends & Heroes (S) Movie ** "The Alphabet Murders" (1966) Tony Randall, Anita Ekberg. (U) Movie * "Kung Fu Inferno" (1984) Yasuakl Kurata, Chen Kueng. 12:10 Q Movie *** "Madame X" (1966) Lana Turner, Keir Dullea. 1 2 : 30 CSOOlEa Wall Street Week (T)(S(njl3Q Kids Incorporated 4 Movie ** "Tarzan, The Ape Man" (1932) Johnny Weissmuller, Maureen O'Sulllvan. Q Black Forum O Movie *" "Stage Door" (1937) Katharine Hepburn, Ginger Rogers. 9 European Journal 03 Sunday Magazine CD Mother-Daughter Pageant (HBO) Movie " "The Bounty" (1984) Mel Gibson, Anthony Hopkins. 'PG' (CO (N) Lassie 1 :00 dXSSJ Grand Generations SJgjfJJia This Week With David Brinkley (CO Q Tony Brown's Journal 9 Quiz Bowl 03 At The Movies ID Adam Smith's Money World Q Movie ** "Jack Slade" (1953) Mark Stevens, Dorothy Malone., (E) PGA Golf Bahamas Classic final round. (N) Stanley, The Ugly Duckling !:30QValDeLaO (9) Movie ** "Batman" (1966) Adam West, Burt Ward. 9 American Interests 03 Babe Winkelman's Good Fishing ID Tony Brown's Journal (C) Movie *** "The Double Man" (1967) Yul Brynner, Brift Ekland. (D) Disney Family Album (N) Welcome To Miami, Cubanos (S) Movie *** "Testament" (1983) Jane Alexander, William Devane. 'PG' (CO 2:00 QQ To Be Announced CSCECS Great Performances "On the Razzle" (THBQI)13 Movie ** "Bikini Beach" (1964) Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello. (S Wild Kingdom •9 Newsfront 03 >n Search Of... "Glenn Miller" ID Market To Market ED Movie •** "The Day The Earth Caught Fire" (1962) Janet Munro, LeoMcKern. CD Movie *** "Ma And Pa Kettle" (1949) Mar|orie Main, Percy Kilbride. (D) Movie **• "Peter Rabbit And The Tales Of Beatrix Potter" (1971) Frederick Ashton, Alexander Grant. 'G' (N) Special Delivery (U) Movie "* "Jungle Book" (1942) Sabu, Joseph Calleia. 2:15 Q Movie ** "Back Street" (1961) Susan Hayward, John Gavin. . 2:30QaO(DED NFL'85 4 Muppets Q Financial Enterprise Q Movie ** "Operation Petticoat" (1959) Cary Grant, Tony Curtis. 9 Living With* Animals Q3 Secrets Of Success Of Color 3:00 QOCKDED NFL Playoffs AFC Divisional Playoff Game. New York Jets or New England Patriots at Los Angeles Raiders 4 NASA: At Work QOQ5)00)Q3 To Be Announced Q(Q CBS Sports Special Mercedes Horsejumping Championship Finals. Q Great Performances "Brides- head Revisited: Et In Arcadia Ego" Based on Evelyn Waugh's novel. Captain Charles Ryder returns to Brldeshead Castle in 1944 where he recalls his friendship with Lord Sebastian Flyte nearly 20 years earlier. (Part 1 of 11) (CC) 9 Working Women Q3 Rocker '85 Kenny Loggins and rock journalist Paula Yates host a year-end music review. The top videos of 1985 are featured as well as news stories, concert footage of Madonna, Bruce Springsteen and Tina Turner, and Interviews with Phil Collins, Bob Geldof, Julian Lennon, Tina Turner and Stevle Wonder. ID Firing Line Q Wagon Train (E) World Cup Skiing (HBO) Movie ** "Charlie Chan And The Curse Of The Dragon Queen" (1981) Peter Ustinov, Richard Hatch.'PG' (N) Standby... Lights! Camera! Action! (S) You Can't Take It With You 3:30 (7)(TJQD13 Movie ** "Devil's Angels" (1967) John Cassavetes, Beverly Adams. 4 Star Games (9) Movie " "The Adventures Of Frontier Fremont" (1976) Dan Haggerty, Denver Pyle. 9 Computer Chronicles (C) Movie •** "Top Hat" (1935) Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers. 3:35 (D) Edison Twins 4:00(5](T)E0Tony Brown's Journal Q Preventing Nuclear War 9 Moneymakers Q3 America (DValDeLaO Q3 Eight Is Enough ED Star Games CD Movie ** "Little House On The Prairie" (1974) Michael Landon, Melissa Gilbert. Q Movie ** "Carson City Kid" (1940) Roy Rogers, Dale Evans. . (D) Movie ** "Love Leads the Way" (1984) Timothy Bottoms, Eva Marie Saint. (E) Crosscountry Racing (N) Route66 (U) Alfred Hitchcock Hour 4:30 (TUBES Adam Smith's Money World 4 Start Of Something Big Q Firing Line 9 Adam Smith's Money World (E) Fishin'Hole (HBO) Fraggle Rock 4:35 Q Wild, Wild World Of AnimaIs 4:45 |D Su Communidad 5:00(T)(E)9£B Firing Line CSCSCDl3 Weekend Magazine OOQ3) To Be Announced O(10)Q3Q9 CBS News Q Preventing Nuclear War QNews 03 ABC News (CC) ID European Journal CD Street Hawk ' Q Alias.Smith And Jones (HBO) Movie ** "Just The Way You Are" (1984) Kristy McNIchol, Michael Ontkean. 'PG' (CC) (N) Movie " "The Sin Of Harold Diddlebock" (1947) Harold Lloyd, Frances Ramsden. (S) Movie *** "The Goodbye Girl" (1977) Richard Dreyfuss, Marsha Mason. 'PG' (U) Monroes 5:05 Q) Undersea World Of Jacques Cousteau 5:30 (D(6]Q3)13 ABC News (CO 4 Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous 000030900)0303 News O Bluegrass Ramble O » On Kansas City (9) Fantasy Island ID Shungnak: A Village Profile (C) Movie "* "All Of Me" (1984) Steve Martin, Lily Tomlln. 'PG-13' (CC) (E) Outdoor Life S:40(D)DTV EVENING 6:00 QQIDED Punky Brewster Punky's terrified that a neighborhood killer Is going to murder Henry. (CC) SHDffl Classic Country Q Star Search Guest: Telma Hopkins. CSOOSQD 13 Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Segments include reports on the memorabilia of author James Joyce and a conceptual artist who uses rockets as part of his sculpture. (R) (CC) OOOQH<10)Q303 *0 Minutes Q Austin City Limits Ricky Skaggs performs "Heartbroke," "Don't Cheat in Our Hometown" and "Uncle Ben." Naomi and Wynonna Judd sing "Mama, He's Crazy" and "Why Not Me?" Q Small Wonder 9 Wonderworks ID Wild America A survey of the varied wildlife In America's southern swamps. (CC) CD What's Happening Now!! CD Rocker '85 Kenny Loggins and rock journalist Paula Yates host a year-end music review. The top videos of 1985 are featured as well as news stories, concert footage of Madonna, Bruce Springsteen and Tina Turner, and interviews with Phil Collins, Bob Geldof, Julian Lennon, Tina Turner and Stevie Wonder. Q Doris Day's Best Friends (D) Wonderful World Of Disney (E) SportsCenter (U) The Virginian 6:05 Q) Wrestling 6:30 QQCSB) Silver Spoons Rick helps give a bag lady a new lease on life but her past comes back to haunt her. 4 High Country Q Too Close For Comfort (9) Movie ** -'Fast Break" (1979) Gabriel Kaplan, Reb Brown. A delicatessen clerk is given a once- In-a-llfetime chance to become a ma|or success by organizing a group of oddly assorted characters intoa winning basketball team. ID Profiles Of Nature CD It's A Living Q Movie *** "Elizabeth The Queen" (1968) Charlton Heston, Judith Anderson. The stormy romantic and political relationships between England's Queen Elizabeth I and the Earl of Essex. 7:00 OQOGDEB Amazing Stories A frustrated Jamaican baby-sitter (Mabel King) uses voodoo to calm down her mischievous charges. (CC) GDGDED Wonderworks ,2(7)003(31)13 MacGyver MacGyver goes to extremes In order to rescue a photojournallst from some ruthless South American thugs. (R) (CC) 4 Rocky Mountain Inn QQO(D(10)03Q9 Murder, She Wrote Jessica attempts to solve the murder of a woman at a cosmetics company. Jayne Meadows and Robert Gulp guest star. Q A Walk Through The 20th Century With Bill Moyers Nineteen Americans who lived through the 1920s talk about the decade when an old America was vanishing and a new urban nation was forming. (CC) 9(D Nature A visit to Brazil's national park Emas, home to a unique collection of rare and unusual wildlife. (CC) CD Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous Featured: interviews with Kirk Douglas and oil magnate T. Boone Pickens; a tour of Cannes, France with Cher; a London shopping spree with Dlahann Carroll. (R) (C) Movie ** "Runaway" (1984) .Tom Selleck, Cynthia Rhodes. 'PG-13' (CC) (D) Movie ** "The Apple Dumpling Gang" (1975) Bill Blxby, Susan Clark. In the 1870s, a cardsharp agrees to take possession of some valuable property for a friend, learning to his surprise that three orphans are included In the deal.'G' (E) NFL Films Presents (HBO) Movie *** "The Cotton Club" (1984) Richard Gere, Gregory Hlnes.'R'(CC) (N) My Three Sons (S) Movie *" "The Shining" (1980) Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall.'R' 7:05 Q) Movie *** "The Savage" (1952) Charlton Heston, Susan Morrow. A white man raised by Sioux Indians Is torn between his loyalties when war breaks out. 7:30 QQOtDCD Alfred Hitchcock Presents A young social outcast fakes her own attack to gain media attention. 4 Lome Greene's New Wilderness (E) NHL Hockey Minnesota North Stars at Chicago Black Hawks (N) Donna Reed (U) Lancer 8:00 OOOdDCD Blacke's Magic (Premiere) Illusionist Alexander Blacke (Hal Linden) gives up show business to lead a quiet life but the police approach him and his fllmflamming father (Harry Morgan) for help when a fellow magician's coffin trick leads to death. ©(SEQ Nature A visit to Brazil's national park Emas, home to a unique collection of rare and unusual wildlife. (CC) (£)(6jQB3Qi)13 Movie "The Defiant Ones" (Premiere) Robert Urlch, Carl Weathers. Two convicts on a chain gang overcome their intense hatred for one another and join forces In a desperate flight to freedom.

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