Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 21, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 21, 1908
Page 4
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^t«r«d at lo]&i Ranau, Postoffics. as SecbndTCIau Matter. AdTertlsIng Rates Mads Known on Application. HDBSCRIFnOir BATES. Jj Carrier In loin, Gaa CItj, Lmjn TlUe or LaUarpe. )ao Week 10 eenta 3ao Month............ .44 cents Uae Year...., 16.00 ByMaU. .Oa»' year Inside> county. 12.00 l»ae year ontsl^e eonnty.....,..|l.00 Three Months, In advance.. ll.OO One Month. In advance ....i. 44 9FFIGIAL PAPER. CITX OF BAS- Telepbonei Business Office j ----- - 18 Editorial Room j 222 PEOPLE iSAtlSFIEDI rrord of Republiran Party as Out )In «Nl by t'oogrcs.sman .Sp«itt. .*|t- plaiided at ELsmoroj it was a large and eniliiisiastic crowd that greeted Congressman Clias P. ^cotc when he was infrodiiced to them at the Republican rally at Els mdxf Saturday night and began to dis cuss! the issues of tbe campaign. As hei progressed in his remarks the crowd lisienrd more Infr -ntly anil in- lerrupted his talk wiih api)laii.<o. .Mr. Scott took up the record of ibe Republican party for ihe iiasi icn or fifteen years, enumerated the laws that had been pas:?ed at ihe reqiiesi of the American people and told how thtjse taws w?re iiroving beneficial to the country. Tho crowd espres.'-ed its satisfaction wi'h: t^ie. record of the party b.v many I <'xiiressioii .>i of approval and hnndclniiping. This was the nT>-\ poliiical meeiing held at Eksraorei this year and the lai^niors drove^ iii for many miles to attend it. The ElMu'ore band furnished music for th? evtinin.::. 15. K. i'ns acted "as chairman.; Qiiiiv ii number of lola people went clown in .antiininbilos, ampnjf whom wei-e many of the candidates for county oflices. A GREAT DISCOVERY \ Certain Inai*<'dients That R<>ally Groir • Hair When Properly ('ombinod.' Re.sorcin is One of the most effective •germ destroyers-ever discovered by science, and in connection with Beta N'apthoi. which is both germicidal and antiseptic, a combination is formed which destroys the germs which rob .the hair of its natural nourishment, and also creates a clean, healthy condition of the scalp, wliich prevents the i development of new'gerins. Pjlocarpin, although not a coloring matter or dye, is a well-known ingredient for restoring the hair, to its natural color, when .the of hair has ..been cau.sed by a;disease of the scalp. These ingredients in proper combination, with alrcliol didded as a stimulant and for its well deHned nourishing properties, perl'ert the most effective remedy that is known for scalp and hair troubles. We have a remedy which is chii-fly composed of these ingredients, in combination with other extremely invaln- ab!e; niediciuaj agp,iii.< We gnaraiiiee il to positively cure daiidnitr and to grow hair: even ibough iln- :.<:il |i in sjiots is bare of hair. If tin re i> any vitality left in the io<its. il will jutsi- liWly cure haidii ^h If the scalp lias a gfazed shiny a |i |)earaiici>. ji's an indication thai baiiliK-s.-; i.s |i)'rin :u:i->ii. but in cviM.vl o(h( r insiafK.. h.iiilm ;>is curable. AVo want everyone tronlilr.l with scalp disease or loss of hair m try Rexall llair Tonic. If it does not cure dandniff and grow hair to ilie satisfaction of thejtiser. we will without que.stioii or quibble return every ct-ci paid us for it. We juint this guarantee on every bottle. It has effected a iio .5iiive cure in 9^ per cent of cases where put to a iirdctical test. Rexall '0?" liair Tonic is c"flr«.-ly unlike, and in every particular better, than anything else we know of for ifie puri>ose for which it is prescribed. We urge you to try this i)reparation at our entire risk. Certainly we know of no better guarantee to give you. S. Ri Durrell. Kunkle and EIHs Star.—Lost Satur day's '<j|«me.—Base Ball Notes. Tho Sprlngnold Home Rnn hltter.i cot busy ligaln yesterday, po|indIng Rnfd's pitcher^ at will. Harry Ellis and .Tohnny Kunkle both got home runs for the Midgets while Isbell and FYantz for Enid did the same. Kunkle got fotir hltsCottt of as many times at hat.- Tamer Gray landed three out of four timds while Ellis got three out of six aiid Grady two out of five times. Erloff and Merideth failed to Wt.-M^rideth was more effective than thovEnid twirler.s, the filial score be inp'ir» to 7. With nrennan pitcliing. Okl.ahoma City beat Springfield Salnrdny, al though the Lalfarpe Boy had the best of the famous Baiidy. In the hitting. Tamer <;ray secured two out of three limes, Kimkle out of three. Ellis One out of fpiir and firnd.v one out of four. The final score was 0 to 4. Oklahoma City hofrling the big end of the stick. i^er Jimmy McLear. Isn't t about time to do something with Iff l ^ar? For six weeks he has been solBierin.? and throwing games. V fine ojf $100 and suspension for life is aboiit the dose he needs. He has done th4 same thing with every team he was ever with.—Hutchinson \ews. "Flea" Won Again. Fleharty was bumped for ten hits in his last game at Birmingham but his teammates got fourleen of the bingles and Flea won out by a score of .S to R.—Hutchinson! Xews. "Rusty" Returns Home. Mr. anil Mrs. Chas. Rhoades retuni ed Wednesday from Omaha, Nebr.. where ••Dusty" has been pitching the nast season.' Charlie will leave .Monday for St. Louis, roturnlng in a con- ole of weeks, after which he will start ho erection of their new home here.— Cauey Chronicle.- Olson a Jolly Swede. Mr. E. Olson, who, when snowballs are ripe, is a genial clerk in his father's nierchandi.<;e store in Savonhnr.s:. Kas., U. S. A., put the Wichita pennant ])ossiblIities at half-mast yesterday aftehioon by two giant swats. Pap" Roai-h's saliva slants, coupled with Wright's home run and E. Olson's home; run in the sixth inning, which was encored in the ninth, lost the gamp, 4-2, for Wichita, and iios- sibly the pennant. In Savonburg, which town is noticeable only by a slight crook in the road. Oliion's variable qualities are appreciated. It is a known fact that he can cur a pound of country butter three halves with the same dexterity that he dilutes fluids in the embalming department of his father's general store. But hereiofore he has been known in Wichita only as a jolly little swedi' .who cuts \ip al Sack Xo. , and occasionally However, hard it was to lose. Emory Olson wa« certainly e.vtended the wekonie wave. —Wichita F.a8lo. That have the .style, fit and workmanship. A unique showing of Men's and Youns: Chaps' ready-to-wear clothes for fall. Made by the best skilled tailors of the east—to retail at the same, prices that inferior makes sell for. See our showing of the new "Browns"—the new alive shades—they are simply swell. All the newest cuts and patterns. Our exclusive line for the Young Men made and tailored to their taste. C^me and see our Clothes before you make your purchase. Prices ranging $a75 ,$IZ50, $14 .75, $18.00, $22.50 and $25.00 P( polar Price Clothiers KAUFMAN ••'PRE-SHRUNl?^ Monarch and Cluett Shirts.$|. 00 to $|.50 W. L. Douglas Shoes, pair $3.50 Ralston Health Shoes, pair $4.00 Hole Proof Plose, six pair in box. Quar- anteed for six months ...... $2.00 Stetson Hats $3.50 ASK OVERTIME PAY Old Letter Currier* Are InUTr .«.lMl ini Bill—I'onsressnian Scott .»<ay<»; j Cliilms .Vro .lu>t. SmokelOLABQOSTER The Fori Scott llepublican says: A good many years a^o ibe government letter carriers wor often when they bad a Finally the govtMMinieiii the eight-hour law and ni> carrier i.- allowed to work more than ei-'ii; I hours now. .Vficr this II«MV ruling ;i large number of leiier carrier.-; HW»'K up their claims fur (ivfriiiui- v.iili the. court of claims, where ii \\;t-i lU-Vided that the claims weie valid. .•\ law has been peudini; in coii^r. providing foi- the p.-iyni.-iil >tf .'in-." claims. Several bieal iiieu will t;el some back pay if Mie liill p:-: Several days ai; who has iniere.'iieil ter. wrote a I.-ti Scot I. asking lor ; ing the bill aisd l;i following lepl.v: Inla. K .-i:^.. .Sejit. 1.". Mr.. Dear Sir: I iiave vi.iir laviir of September IJili in whioli yoti c:ill I of letter carriers for overtime Work iked overtime!''""'" •"'"'••'^ """ ^'•'»""'> "'^'•^* heavy null '"'i'" nble lo cDllcct. There is estal)li.=hi'd •"" ^*''n'»'ver that the jirinciple lit the liill i... just and ri.cht. When the pre-.cril)es a oi riain number of J hour.- a.-; a day 's work, men wno in the disiharire of a ptibifc onry work lon.c- er iKiiirs are undoubtedly entitled to !;;:•.• l':.r i !ie I 'xerss. Ki:;hi btiiirs is a da;.'s work in my uliice and \\lie;i a (••Mil!.'.- !ii;;i ci .nipels me lo a.'^k ihe ir) wi;ik lo:iger T not only i>ay liieni It r i!ie overiinie. Imi .i;ive iliem a l.<.i'ni.~ nf •>» cell! in adilii.ion to ilieir v »aKes. :inil I b.-liei-e ihal lira 'Mjee is sseiieral. I; has ahvays .•ii -eiiiec! Ill ine a.'^ if tiie l.'nited Slale.^ Iroiilil alfosd lo-be a.V-generous to its About Kelso's Contract. son:.'-, according to the depth of dirt Its all settled now and Caney wiUJtak <Mi from the street. The total soon be walking on streets paved witli amount of the contract is $o3.;>04. > .Ind .tAe ('. t: <".,r;- Iiiniseir in ihe mat- •r 111 ('on'.;rossnian :fatenieiit concern h.i .s received t!,e|'-i'il'!'i.v <'S as I believe this claim of the ni::il carriers i.< a jus! one .-inil I shall cei -iain'v do all I can lo si -cnn- ilie passiitie «if Ihi jlilM fur iis alliiwance. irivate ein[iloyers are. I Abbott is Captain. Spencf-r .\bbotl. who is now cap- tainintr the tf >ain, made a wl.^e shnke l> nf the batting order for the same Vblioii: was never known to get a hit ff S |H 'er so he moved iiims.lf from fifdl to SPVentli place ill I lie IJiiiMip — ^laie .lonmal. \ my aliention to :•. bill now peudlng j before the house of represeiuaiiv«-..-r for the payment to ieiier carriers lor overiiine. I i>resiinie this is senate Mil Xo. 2.S02 and rehires to theciainis ("!I.\S. 1-. SCfJTT. Milton's Mistake. One of Topeka's bitterest enemies this season has been Mana.aer Milton of the Webb City team. Hut be wit Jtingly gave Topeka a groat boost .when he released Dad Roach. The veteran txvirler is 7 years of age. but during ihe past two weeks, he has bet'n tlii» most consistent winner on the team. His splendid pitching took two of the tliree games that were taken fixim Webb City during the recent series. .\nd right now he is showing the best form of the .seaRon. —State .Tournal. COMPL.U> OF DKY WEATHER. Farmers Can't Get Fall Wheat Sowlnjr Done. Farmers are complaining of dry weather. The ground Is so hard and baked as to interfere with getting ir in condition for wheat sowing. George Fry who has several farms over the county, says that- farmers are considerably worried. Shortly after the last rain$ Jiiany of the farmer;; got their wheat, Eoved bnt there are yet many who are waiting for some good soaking rains. I "OX THE .MOKMXO AFTER."- Three Drunks Wm> Fined $1 Each In Police Conrt "Spec" Lax-man. Robert Pucket an Sam Harris were arraigned in polled court this morning on the charge of being intoxicated. Layman and Puck- eft were laid out in the middle of North Waehington street near the Missouri Pacific crossing Saturday evening. Saai Harris who is a farmer living In nenara townshiii. was found asleep In JinfHills' restaurart on the north side. Each vas fined |5'. . 1 : Retclsfer Want Ails. Briaifr Besnlt^.. OLD GOLDEN —COFFEE— MAKING CIDER IN KANSAS. Heavy Crop of Defective Apples the Central Fruit Belt. in .So delicately flavored that only a taste can tell its .wonderful excellence. The special process of blending and roasting brings OLD GOLDEN to its full maturity, driving out all the unwholesome bitlemess and leaving that arcmalic, full- bodied richness found only iti coffee of highest quality. Ask for OLD GOLDEN —a coffee surprise. Caney made lirick. The couhcil let the contract on'the Inth. and the lucky man was .1. W. Kelso, of lola, who is a practical man and one who claims, to know how to do the work. The cost of the paving i!s.-:f will bo $I.:;ii per square van!, for the jiavin?. cents a foot for ili'> coiicr'.-te ciii,-!>- ing and -Vi cents a ciifiic yard for removing the dirt. That will make the the total cost- ri.ght at $l.i;i» a si|iiar.' yard for the paving, which \xil! vary Tli'^ work is to be completed in ni!!.-iy :Iays from the tinn- the work bciiins. and Mr. Kolsrt has a contract witii the Caney Brick Co. for the brick. The paving will be.cin at the corn.r of High street and Fourth avenue and will ext. •;;il west lo. Fawn str .^et. with a. blo-k of jiavin?; ea.?h way from Fourth avenue on east Of State street and Sj.ring street. In all there will be ei:;ht blocks of paV- ii!''.—CaiH-y Chronicle. ^^^^^ ' ^^^^^ " \ ^^^^^ '^^^^^ ^^^^^ ' ^^^^^ Crac»r«-25e. TONE OROS.. DM Mcines, COLONIST R.VTES California, Arizona, Etc. Daily nntil October 31, lINiA «30.00 from lola, Kas. Liberal ; stopover privileges. Personally cdnducied excursions. Tickets acepted In tourist sleei<ers on payment of Pullman rate, and In chair car. No better way of becoming acquainted with the Great Southwest, fberc small farms yield a competence, than by. traveling over .the Santa Fe. Let me send you spuie literature «bout California, Arizona, etc. W. E. RALSTON, Agent. lola, Kansas. nnichlnsiiii. Kas.. Sept.lll.—(Spec- .More ilian l.tiOn.OOO bari-ifis of apples are now bein.g converted into cidi-r in the Ceiilral fruit belt. This is practically the eiitiiv n|iple crop. Never in thi> history of this fruit belt have the orchards produced a heavier crop "f apples than this .xear. llii' till' a |i :il's ar>' deO'ctive. I till in;'. Ilie siininie-'. when li.e a|>pl .'S wei.' aboJil the si .re nf a walnut, a terrific liailslorin pass .-.I ov.-r the entire fruit li.-lf. So rjttirdv were the | stems comparatively few aiiidos I. w. I .MDikeii from the trees. But; iliey •<ere all pecke.l on one si.le by i!i>- liail.^toiies. ili 'foruiinK thein as tiiev niainred. One half of each apple is Just as fine as ever grew, but the . other hn'f is anar|.<d. which complete- : Iv destroys them for marketabh» pur- noses. ; Thf only use to which they can lie ; piii is in niakif.': vincRar and the ap- i til<» growers are grinding them up by the whol.'SaU. Nearly every owner of a big orchard has put in a ciler mill of his own to work np his crop. J Those who have not established mill:: are marketing their crop at the vine- aar works. The ruling price for ap- ! pies is 'I't cents- a hundred. This is equivalent to 12'-1. cents a bushel. What few perfect app'es that are culled from the hail-beaten orchards are selliii'; for 7.". cents a bushel. CURES SKIN DISEASES W'hen the blood is pure and healthy, the skin will be soft, smooth, «nd free from all blemi.shcs and eruptions; but when some acid humor takes root in the circulation, its presence is quick!}' manifested by some form oi skin disease. The skin receives its neccssar\- nourishment and strength from the bloo<l. When, however, this vital fluid becomes a humor-laden str^nj. itcan no lon}»er prc.ser\-e the healthy, natural appearance of the skin, but by its acrid, ihipurc nature continually irrit.ates and inflames the delicate ti.ssues and fibres and kc<.ps the cuticle in a di.seasetl and disfigured condition. E.xternal applications cannot reach the blood, and therefore are beneficial only for their ability to reduce inflammation, mid assist in ketpinjj the parts clean. To cure any skin trouble the blood must be purilied of the humors that are causing the trouble. S. S. S. drives out the humors from the blood so that the skin, instead of l>eing irritated and diseasetl. is nourished by a healthy, cooling stream. S. S. S. goes down into tiie circiilation and removes everv- particle of impure matter, all acids and humors, and restores the blood to its normal, pure condition, thercbj'' curing every form of skin • disease or affection. Book on skin disexses and an v mwlical advice free to • all who write. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLAHTA. GA. $30 Labette County Gauer. ^ The I.abetie Coiuity Gas company has at last been rewarded with a gasr ser. .\ hole punched near Chetopa this week tests three-<iuarters of a liiillion. which looks very big to the company. Shale'gas is found in several snots in this' county, having been bobbing up for a number of years in small quantities. The well has nineteen feet of gas sand. to CALIFORNiA Arizona and New Mexico Evtry day iariug September and Ocioljer you can buy one-way Colonist tickets to California and intermediate points at about half the usual fires. Proper:iunallv low rates to the North West and Meiico THROUGH TOURIST SLEEPER to San Frarcisco via San An'onio and El Paso leaves St. Louis on Tuesdays of each week on the "Katy Flydr" See Katy Agent, or Write Me for Particnlar; W. S. ST. GEORGE General Passenger Agent M. K. (fcT.RY. Woinwright Bids., St. Lonis, Mo.

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