Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 21, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 21, 1908
Page 3
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K IMir The exhibition of new fall ^oods now has the center of the stage, and the new creations in their many styies and qualities and colors make a very interesting: exhit>it. Aside from the superb showing of new merchandise we are closing out at astonishingly low prices the rummiaging odds and ends from the good old summer lines. Low prices is the feature that make these short lots wantable. They will be with us but a few days. Whether it be hew Fall Styles or an economical bargain purchase that you are thinking of. this store will supply you. The people of lola generally appreciate this latter fact which explains th6 reasons for the splendid crowds of visitors seen in our aisles daily. New Silks A stock truly imposing ia dimensions—but dimensions don't ni «ke quality—quality makes dimensions. It's be.:ause every yard of sJlks we sell gives satisfactory service that ours has grown to be the chief «ilk btdre of lola. Here you will fird all the new weaves and new shades;of taupe, conard, green, blue, brown and dark red, from 1.45o to SfmOO Black guaranteed Taffeta, 30 inches wide, s;;ecial S5o Hlack guaranteed Taffeta, 36 inches wide, sold everywhere for $1.25, special price .. . .$1mOO The best guaranteed Tafleta we can buy, special this week, per yard ^#a2ff Fall News of Dress Goods That won't be passed over lightly by women in search of tlie newest fabrics at less than prevailing prices elsewhere. Ivlegant suit­ ings in the new heningbune weave, browns, blues, reds; regular 25c goods, special this week tSo Double (old, 36 lachis wide in new stripes 2So All wool Suitings in every new weave am! cour. sold ir the cities for f>5c. Sptrjal lor ibis week. .SOo Imported Wool Dress (icod-;, 42 and 44 inches wide, regular $1 25 materials. Special. '.^#.00 FALL MILLINERY .Artistic millinery at popular p-ices is a feature at ibis *lcre. I'sual'y artistic millinery Is too high priced, or popular priced millinery is inartistic We lead in presenting a romlNnatioD of art with low prices. Our Miss Crockett and assistants working early and late \ we now have every utw style in j smart Street Hats for you to choose from. Visit this department It yon are in search of style and low prices; 25 Summer Hats, take your (boioe tor 48oand98o Ladies', Misses* and Chil- ren's Coats Never before have we shown so many handsome coats—coats to fit every si/e— $2,000 w;orth (or ; you to select from. Here you will find every new ctyle and ., every garment all so fairly priced. We advise yon to buy early as tlie »'hoicc garnitnts aUvajs first. Summer tVash Goods • AT HALF PRICi:. USE. Mladison l»ICn4RD»0N'» 113 E. Madison OF U HAltPE THE K41BBER WHO EXTERED MAL- «'« -WAT HE Form NOW IN CHARGE OF OFFICERS THi: FIR.MKKS EXHIBIT WILL BE THE BE.sT YET .«<.VY .KEBfHANTS. A ilul) Kill B<-ilriranlzed in Tbi<i City til Look After the Interests of the Hf|tiiMiraii I'artjr— PirsonaK Will Drxanlze RepnIilieaD flob. Ir was annoimrwl Sanirday that a Roimtilioari cliih woiilil \ic organized in fVf ^ry 'vmini? prpoinor in the coiin- i .v. .Already .steps have l»een started toft-.Tnl br.!?anizinK here. T.a Harpe Is one of the Republican poinr.-i in the rouniy aniX this e'lib will likely be one uf the largcist. IMBBELLA.S. The fioesl^line of Fancv Cold and Pi -;irl Handle ftnbrellas and Para.sol.'i ever .-ihowii in the city are now on display al WniiT.'t A- Ilanfortb. Drugs & Jewelry. I Thorpe & Bosgh Contractors, Engineers, .SiirTcjors. Fijlly equipped for all kinds of Eorvieying, estimating, patent drawing, blue prlnt.s. maiis, sidewalks, curbing, and farm drainage. Office Orer "Faiuou.s." ^ BLOCK THE PAVING Ft. Soot; Connrll Won't A«Tept (Jil- tillan's Hid Altliouuh II Is the Lowest. i The Fori SCDU Uepublicati sii>s: I 'l"b<' pavinB of Second .stri-i-i Irol Sent I ;iveuue to I.iiwiiiun street may • .•|;t lilockrd cvvii ;ift( |- the bids liavf '-jlji-eii iiilverii.sed for :iiid received a; "•[llie tir^l bills xviMf aljove ilic estliii jjauv-: pf-cpareil by ihc city eiifiiiit i;r. ain REUNION OF COMPANY F. Soldiers Were Entertained at j Home of Ed Cain Saturday. ^T!i>- sixth annual r.-iiiilciii of com- l>any F. eighth Kansas volunteer infantry which was held al the hotn<' of Kd Cain three miles north of this eity was a decided success.j^Tho battles of 'CI to T..", were n-fouglit. pranks of cHuipIif'- were recalled and the frieiid- .'•liip of comrades of forty years a^o was reiieweil. .Members of the old ciiii'paiiy were present who had not i.'ei for the past twenty-five ye.Tr.-». .\ lett.r fiom r. S. iJiibiiry.of Baker City. Oregon, who was a member of I'le company but who was uii.-ible to I e inesent was rea4. .M. jlart ! .nltboiiirh nut a member of the coni- I pany has attended a nnmbi'r of thf- j reunions and yesterday extended an linvitation to the company to hold the j next riMinion at his home. The invita- ; tion was acct>pte(l. . .About" thirty-five I iiersons were present yesterday. May Be the Itohber. A ni:iii who was arrested recently at I'uwme. OkJa.. may be the man who e .'iieti'd the stores, here one week ago SiiiMlay nighi. The robber was arrest•;I <iii the charjje of knowing som^- iJiisi^ of ibe whereabouts of Harry I 'arker. ihe man who is alleged 10 have killed .Mrs. Pearl .Mann-P^arson. iJi .rniiTty of lula. The suspicion of the otiicers was . arou.sed when upon searchiiie (he s.ispeei they found that he wore clot lies bearin.? the label "ft. .Malcolm & Co.. llarpe. Kas." Mr. -Malcolm wa.'< noiitii-d at once and yesterday -he left for Oklahoma to try to identify the goods. . M.-s. Wells Returps. ; Mrs. Haiti'- Wells retiirned Friday : to loia. after visiting .Mr. and .Mis. jfleor-e Wiia t a few day.s.—WinfiQ'd i Co\irier. I 1 U ^ ul^A ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. {Maaafacturers, Wholesale > and RetoB Dealers CRYSTAL ICE And IHstilled Water He|W ;C «M Stort^ Beid; for RIDDLE. Mgr. FOR EXCHANGE! lori acre farm In Houslas Co.. Moi. well improved: price $14i>o. Want a 4 t>r .". room hotise in lola. Chaiiute or Parsons. .\ liverV barn and stock and a good business, in I'ranklin Co. KaK.: price l.iOiHi. Want .so or ICtV acres land of equal value. >!0 acres land in Linn county. Kak. miles t' a gt)od town. SO i acres cultivation, balance pasture: all good land, except about l'> acres': price $l<"iU(i: inc. fori %fM\. Want cottage in lola for, equity. J. T. MILES. Koom lU. Old (.'onrt House. lOLA. KANSAS. _ I ithe coiitraJ'tors refuse to enter n<>v. : bids lor a lower amoun;.' At the M•'•cent special iiieeiini: of the council thi 'iiKitter w .Ts :i :;ain broii^iht before tbeui .1<:|; all adjiiiiniiiielit was lakell be Jure any a<'t!oii was <-onipleteil. j .\ petition was clirulaii-il several llioiillis a.!;o a .--kiii^ that this se(;tloi. Hftlie sireei be pavi d. and a lesolu •Ilnl! passed and liiils were adveillsec jfor. Two bids were entered, one 1>> illie I'ort Scott Stone ami Ciuistructioi. c<uiipany. the other by U. S. (Jilllllan Wlio al that lime was paving Nortl ICrawfonl streci. Kasi Wall street am' !National avenue. The biil i-ntered b> : .Mr'(lilllUali was Ihe lowest bv a i-o::- •sideiable amount, but it was aboiii jJli'U above the estimate of the exi)en.<c Iba: 1I:MI been prepai»»d by Ci'v Kii ;Vineer .McKInA. The bids Hvere re |jecled by tli.' CMiinci!. Willi Ilje lllliler- st.andini; ihal .Mr. Ciinilaii uoiild re jdiice bis bid lo conform wiib the es liinaie. as he said he could ilo it a' itiiat price aiKl make money. It wa> lliriiiiht that he would file a new bit' al the rejliited li:;urr a( the last iiieel- iii;r of the council, but niuie was received. • Hefore the spet-ial meeiint was held a re(ireseiiT ;itive of .Mr. Gil.- fillan I'.otilied Mr. .Miller, councilman f ;o :!i. the Second ward, that i'. woulri ;be iinpossiWe to do (he work :it that — , I price. They bad entered^ no new bid j land wlie:: the mallei was <-alled up Our Stove .Department bow con n,, ,i,e <-ouiicii ineeti,,;: „„ acti..n could { tains the finest line of •)„. .\ii efTor; was made hy members oi the city coiin<-ii 10 have the estimates if ihc ciiy eiir.;iiieer lai.-ed to coiiforiii lowest bid. , , „ t ,„l,. .u-1"' ihere was much objec- look theni over. It»a treat to the . ; eye. to say the least A fine line!""" '•'"«>""•'• -M^-'-lroy was cal ed on ot healers, too, in a few days. Cook Stoves ',4.|' the ciiy (•iif;iiieer raised to ever exhibited In sonlheasternkan-,.^^^.^^,,^ „„. sas'. You are invited to step lu and; IIG^TORES statement of ihe matter, and 'told the members of the council ihal ilijs estimate bad been similar 10 iliore llik'd on other improvements, and (ha; Awhile the Second street work is tiot a> jdltlicult as; other jobs; of paving, east jWall street included, the (lay to the coniraclor woiibl be as lartre under his estimate, and lie could .see no reason why it could not be properly done at hiij liHiire, .\ cotiipraliil had been tiled ' nenenil t'oatrnctor. FlUKHlOfie and Cement Sidewalks aDd|i,v the Clllilaiis thai the haul of dirt i.-n i.^ '^'•«^"' ••^••"V.'fonK on the .tree. i'iiaaa SM. woub! be too grent bul to thlx Mr. \ Mel'!!!ii\ respomled that ll would oiilv i be a ti-w bUickh iind no further (ban t Ivr .vonr SubHcrlpIloim for ,^ jtlie Maiilh on oiher Hiieein. MA( .»/l>ES AM) i'EKIOlMJilJ ^ — TO J. E. llendefKon Heard Prof. Billbe. An iiiiiiHunlly large crowd of boy« j J. r.. iienuerRHu 1 wbo <icalB with the publl»her« ana wag prewnt at the Y. .M. C. A. yester- furnUfces thetn at the IOWOBI price /afternoon to hear Prof. Blllbe'ii •'Thote 98. AXA N. Buckeye '•«'"«'" «" ' A"" " PET Wc have mo^e Ruq» and Carpet* for oar fall Opening Sale than we ever had before I^oom Sized Ingrain Kugs '.•.\'.) up lo l-2xl"» feetfnmi.. S2.BS up Tapestry Brussels V)x12 feet ... SiO»90 up to S22.50 Great Bargains in Hearth Rugs Double faced Smyrna, '^eds, j^recn •, blaes. oOxWJ inches, sale price only Sflc Beautiful Axminsters Floral and Persian PatleniP. size27.\<i3 inclieP. sale price only St'SS Axminster and Wilton Velvet Carpet Made With Border As a large sized rug or to cover the whole room from St*O0 to St'7S per yard. This includes making, sizing and laying. Axminster Rugs .1x12 feet S22.80, $28, $27.30, $30 and $33. Wilton and Wilton Velvet Rugs tlx 12 feet $t9k30 1 o $60 Animal Rugs :^Oxl>() inches of the best extra heavy all wool Smyrna rugs, these rugs are the same on both sides and the animals shaw just as well on one side a^ the other. Sale price only $2,63 Ingrain Carpet If you want an Ingrain Carpet we can surely please you in both price aud pattern. We have more than seveaty-five patterns priced from 28o to 380 per yard. The- Best Yet. "The indication.s are that we will have the be .sf Farmer's E.xhibit ever held in this city thi.s year." remarked a La Harpe merchant last Saturday. ••.\nd .sitjco v .-e have had .stime good oii»'s. that means a whole lor but we Ir.ive the i;oods this year and can back :i;;y:liin« we say. •This ,.vear prize;; will be given for slock. .Already we have had word froiu different farmers from different [larts of the county. in(|uiriuK for prize lists and saying that they intended en- iijrins their .stock. .And besides more intere .st is being shown thl.'s fall. Every otlofr city surrounding here has had ail exhibit but w«' expect to have ihi' best because we will profit hy their misiakv.-." Will Orcantxe Tonlirht ,\ Hiyan dub will be organlied In this cirv' lonlghi. .lohn F\ C.tMhorn will make the prin<ipal addres.^; of the ev- •iiiiig. (KVrKtH'ATin — IIK. H .11. .VLBRIGHT. Uegisiere«l Oste.ipathic Physician. Slate Hank Uldg. Phone Hf.. «)ul> Osteopath in XA llarpe. We have one of the latest carpet makiug machines an^ extra good carpet layers —and can"guarantee satisfaction in making and laying your carpet. I'rrsonalo. .Miss Flossie t!roves came in yesterday uftern<K>n from Parker, Kas.. for a feiv days visit w'ith relative.^ and Iiionds. She formerly lived here. .Miss Clara Harris who ba.s been III f«>r the : past .several days is .rei)orted a.s being mucli better today. Her condition, however, is yet quite serious. Lon Burton who has been working for the lola Electric Street Railway company as motorman. will leave soon for Shawnee Okla.. where he has a l^io.sition with the Shawnee Traction company. W. H. Hallenback of .Vebraska City. N'ebr.. is here on business. • .Mrs. .Mary Riling Of r .^wfon. Okla., who have lieen here the guest of her sister. .Mrs. Oonatd. left yesterday for Piti.^burg. Kas.. where she will visit for several days hefore returning to her home. Karl Abby came in yesterday from Oakwood where he has.been visiting for the past'iseveral days. U. B. CHURCH PICNIC. Had Fine Time Saturday at Rivertlde Park. The p. n. ehurch held it.>i annual pl-nlc Saturday at Ulversido park. Tie picnic hnil been |>oRtpoued twice Ibis Hiiaimer l»ecnu»o of rnju, hut Saturday wai« an Ideal tiny ifor the oveni. A ball game and a number of horseshoe contest! wer# ionjoyed while a Halt on thn Neosho on it ateam launch rurnlHhed| much pleasure to the members of j the church.^ There was a good attendance. Kosislfir WntlAds. BrliR RMslta.

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