The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 22, 1946 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 22, 1946
Page 11
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MONDAY, JULY 22, 1046 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION SStlOQ/"'* '** ""* "" •°" <> " lt " •»' Ulalmua Ckltft ______ _ *__ l»t J ."•• P« U». ------- , Hi J {£•• P« >!»• t« *»J ---- ,- Ul I IIKM p*r l!n ptp fey _ „-._, §• ?.,"?"' p " IIne »'•' *W _____ *• II llmei pw ij n , „„ ^ 7 j, 1 Moul jxi u»» _____ i ___ »0> COOM *Y. tvent* wordt t* *« 1U«. A«t ordered for tlirM or >Sz UBM u4 •WPDM Ulot« uptnllo "111 fc *•'*•• » OK bet of tlm» tb. id and «d)oilin,ai of bin m«d«. Hire your «'usMii£ .'one at OOS S. S«ll<'.l wWlf tail)- will loop hol amnll family. Conuct al '.i'^ Svu-ojiJ St. 1 House? movcil »nj (emulation! repaired, full .102 or >e» Crocked. 18l!> and Vine. 1||.pk-B[2 , bj penwi r«iidiu B outild* of tk> city amit be «tcomj>».led by uik. BtlM J»»y »• M»lly oo in 11 «ted Iroia lh« *tcr» AdV>rllilsi onUr f.r lmc*lu UMI- tlDM V»k M Ib, on, Om« nl>. No miwctlbility will be l«fc«n formor» tun eae Incorrect Iniertloft of uy •!*»• id. for Sale Hot water tiidk unil roul ht-.-ilt'r. Ilcip ojinlil... i'[,on>. S7I. 14-foot Jioal with trailer. City (iuni^, Troilt-r. 1C HUB, L>y.,,k -2. fOlullllun. ti liox.'s Call ;Jilr> Illlbiiu-s. Jnliu Deci .Masse) -Hurris. 5' tinil li' nit. l.n mocltls. Uvvlflu StnllU. IK. -I. MK JIIOH. 'IVxat. Could Ui'livfr. '-'O-iik-: Klberla pratlies, trulls, melorLB, K rm>rr I'lenly at lot'Kt. New localinu—So DivisLun St. riiuiiu 2li'J2 fur deliv JOK J\KH'1'KB CHO. IBV'P your voice recorded. Wo liave the latest eqvilprtient for rerorJhiK voices. tAEid «nd orehestrn inu*lc Rnj nies- &&lfel. Indoor tart, outdoor lo\ind sy*- teniA for rent and for «Ale. Rlytljovlllc- Kadlo Sujjiily, ivliolesnlo onlv, 112 So. F!r*t. plione 4C7. 7!<-6|» GI LOANS ] If you want a 4% GI Loan' to buy a-home, see MAX LOGAN, LYNCH BLDG. I'hone 2034 or 502. i 6-14-ck-tf ! fter you oil ttorc B««<U .. ,. retiring Mil 8904. All work guaranteed. *wa mowtrt ifctrptned And repair*. L All typei tad ktndi. We •v*cl»U»* in power mower »b*rp«B)iDK ud motor overhauling. T«». try pick up »nd deliver. BlyUwTlU* kUchl&* Bkop. Tractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Delta Implement Co. Phone 864. 3-15-ck-tf Bw&p what you have and don't wt for what we kave you do. want. £at' isfsctlon guaranteed. KUjert Huffman Swap Sliop, 401 Kent Ualn Street. I'Luue 859. 8-ck-tl Business Opportunities Ini il 4 miles S.W. o/ "£MI. (i-jo.l . olu licjuso, 2 trlialil lioiisi's. c'k'ttritilv $100 iJer a. Mrs. J. 1-. Lewis. Dc-ll, Ark. 17-iik-2-l •mtliriEKle roinul |>mcRp|']e »I«si(iii t:iW»-- cKxlj, 72" En ilitundcr. Also Curoim condition. I'lMinu 17J Sleek-, .Vc^ Julitt Deere and AUis Chalmers new niiii useJ coiubiiLcs. For information ?i'.i BriK« Hyrd, Leachville, .Ark ltii>k"3 7- NcTcASH f MONTHLY TERMS FALL TERMS Paint Body Work, Recondition motors, Simonizing and Seal Covers. Wrecker Service, Night and Day. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Ford & Mercury Dealer 5th & Walnut Sts. Phone '153 79-ck-tf HOME AND AUTO STORES Franchise and merchandise available for new associated stores. Representative will be in Memphis, Tennessee at Peaboily Hole! from August 1 to August 5 to interview interested parlies. Investigate before you invest. Write, wire orj call Keriyon Auto Stores, Dallas 1, Texas, for ap- j pointment. 7-15-i>k-26 i Must sell 70 tons of gooc egg coal cheap at once due to change in locatipn Phone 517 or 2526. Pride & Usrey Coul & Construe (ion Co! 7-15-ck-22 Tin- laborulury t!i:it recently Uevutoi»i!« I'inu Foam, "the iu'W fosim 'cK'nner lo russ nucl nplioUiCTy )i»s l>con orlyi iiiilint qn.i.iLv cliL-Jiiical i»ruilu«ts '" over 1UU vctirs. Oot l'in;i Fomn a Deal's I'liint" Jiiiil \ViiIIi>i»l'vr Slorc. JO4 aoulh First ^t., HLvthevillt-. 15t For Fine Portraits It'a O'STEEN'S STUDIO 5-25-ck-t Picture frames made to orde O'Steen Studio. 4-24-ck-t Sin nil uroct-ry suire on SonUi Hi^i til. Stock (or sale, btiil<]intr witli ins 'jiiftru-rs in Ijack, for rcul tense. Taylor's Uroccry. IS-pk-2 [.AND FOIl y.\],K arn-s i'Mr;i X"!" 1 !LII| I!. J lls t > lnrt id t-ii-l of r-Nlli' lim- :irr!i, r.'lil^l'i I-L-.-. Tins is one of the nicest -I0'3 :«<• U»il fur |.»K- in •' tons li""-'fn, .'.ant a r,i.- hinnu this is it. Hl.M.KS I.A-S1) CO. llnU> HUB.. i.|'l«>!-il« City Tl.ill i Ijnllcry rliar^er. W»oil Urotlirra corn vickcr. New. 10 F k-rnili drill. nn»ss stoj attncUniullt, A couililiun. Uulnry lino,, troocl conilitio i-inc fi'i-'i >niii; 5 lllcu> ' wi " u ' tronslis; a ste<M v.-ntcrnig lrovj£ns, 3 toti FttMIU Ijonc liii'.il it Sell to PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. While Prices Are The Highest Bring Your Car or Truck to Phillips, Where You Can Get The Highest PRICE Ro Red Tape—Come in Today!! Political Announcements flu Coarkr H*v* •utliorlvM to uviouiMw the follow- uiK cuidlrtAto, subject la ib* Democr*tlo prlmur: eiiKRirr AND COLUKTTO* JAOK rnajx Rosmsow WILLIAM BERRYMAN CODNTT /nno« QENK E. BRADLXT ROLAND artEEW FOR TAX A8BE88OB DOYIJ! HENDERSOW W. W. "WINK" WAT8OH CIRCUIT CLEKK HAHVEY MORRIS COUNTY COtlRT CLE RUZABETH BLYTHB COUNTY THKAHUK1B UELLA P0RTUI •TATIt UKPRESKNTATITB AIJENZ! WORD X. O. PLEEMAM IJESIJi: "DDKIB" 8PBOK Ii. H. AUTRY w. j. ^^roNDERUc^H (For re-clcoUon) 6TATK 81NATOK J. liEE BEARDKH JEFFERSON W. SPECK CIRCUIT JUDGE E. Q. WARD I. M. QUEER w. uairr PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark. Tel. 453—454 FOR SALE Concrete Culver! Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Hwy. 61 :it Stale Line IMion: Illy 1 lieville 714 For Rent firtrrifMil. 401 K. AK.I, room /urmshcil npnrlmpnt nt-wly i.t-to- C'U. Close* in. I'rione L'002. : >0[.s'J:! edrootn ndjolcliig L»tk. Call 2739 25<uk-8|25 cilroorn close Mrt Wnlnnt i>lio(ic- . Ice l»rfre b«droom, cloi» In. 310 Walnut. 25-plc-7j25 cilroom 314 N. 9tb, Phone 2338. 2pk3]3 Cilrooni for two nu p. Plione 2514, ront liedrotun, [,! mitslile etilrnnrc, ailjiuii.s IjQtli. Mc-n or i'iiipli>yi'it rniipU-. 027 Wnhmt. phone 21 10. ' 16-[jk-:M RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Types Except Cancer DRS. NICS&NIES CUnlo 514 Main, nlyllicvllle, Ark., Phone zni M. D. TULLOS Refrigeration A; r Conditioning Service Engineer 1211 W. Alain I'hnne Day 22(10; Night 2808 LiufuraiRheil rooms. 1916 W, Yin Lost if.Hitm- SK:it-ffer fount:,in pi-n lost '..-- (M-PPH Tnylor KrtH-mfin's nnd llruv.-n- ti-t-'s S!ori>. Iteward.' fall f»(l ]. lHjik^:! A fi£i\ 72 hours. live under water lor Radio Service Tig" Angel ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. 3. W. Adams, M(rr. Phone 2071 20G-08 \V. m : ,| n TERMINIX TERMITE CONTROL Triple Guarantee IfaGaaranteed by Brace Tenntnix Company. 2. Guaranteed by E. I,. Bruce Co. 3. Guaranteed by Sun Insurance Office. BRUCE TERMINX CO. Licensee of E. L. Bruce Company Box 1270 Memphis, Term. IILLIII|I ,i| Jdlt. Vnrii ltlf <lrn IJuy your water softener from a dealer who does their own installation and guarantees s » 1' 1 water from now on. Planter's Hardware Co. 7-10-ck-tf Help Wanted Millwrights & Mechanics for regular maintenance work. Contact Superintendent. Swift Company Oil Mill lilylheville. Ark. 7-10-ck-7-24 1^01! colnro<l \vonmrt lo cnre for •l.ililn-ii ni»l fcclp ^ilh housework. C^ll .r urite "Kd," c-o Courier NewA. Wonted to Rent W.inled : Three or four room unfurnished apartment for newcomers to Hlythcville M No pets oilier than two ^ small children. Call Courier News, Phone 4(il. I7-tf HK\V\H1> for :M or more room arirtrl iilrnt or. house. Call 24A3-M, Cairi III., colli'ct. L.inns 1'ronst. J6lk^ Wontcrf to Buy DONT TAKE A LOSS. Get the top price for your car or truck from PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Today. &-3-ck-tf O'Stecn'i Simtto, p*rts 7-ek-i e pay casTi for nked f. p!M« or » knni> full. 0.11 2301, Al Tin lUrd? Furnitort Co. «]10-cl-t CHAMBLIN SALES CO. STUDEBAKER Sales — Service Guaranteed Ice Cold Watermelons Peaches Blythevilie CURH MARKET 130 East Main Street Dial /Oil For Complete Protection • ACCIDENT & HEALTH • HOSPITALIZATTON • FIRE • AUTOMOBILE • LIABILITY • BURGLARY • PLATE GLASS «TORNADO • SUIIETY BONDS » AVIATION FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 N. 2nd CHAS. BlTrNER W. J. Pollard Agency Safe, sound insurance protection, properly op- plicd. Thane SMS Glmcoe Hold Illdj. CHAMBLIN Appliance Go. "The Appliance Center of Blytheville" . 'honogrnplis — Records srul Accessories. Battery ana Jilcctric Rndios 219 W Main Phone 3443 PAOff NW» Expert WORKMANSHIP There is nothing that will give your car that "New Car" appearance as much as n beautiful new paint job. Your car is worth real money, today and you will be proud to drive ft after it hils been thoroughly repainted in our well- equipped paint shop. You can have the choice of latest modern color* and be assured of a class Drive in and Let Us Make i) , li a Price on Youf Car /s SEAT COVERS FENDERS It'« nice to<ltlve * car with new seirt •' cover*.' Dirty, wont -out Mat coven/ or upholstering are am *Vye-aor i e*Sj and soil your clottrea aa well. If your fenders are ftl! bange<l up . . . and ithnliby looking 1 , our body men will Btra.ffhten them. all out . . . rcflnitih them like iiewl We arc well to'liniulle all types of body, work. _ Thrt U B»rt iw Gar, , WASH AND WAX Wljctfier H fa Motor wot Jr. Body, work or a^ythlnc th'at your needi . . . w» are tervico headquarters. Drive in tor free inspection and estimate. " !!:*•/• • -• < H your car li well w.ixcd the dirt and grime will wash' off with . any effort at ill. Save the finish by. letting on Wai your car. -,.. Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. 30V W. Walnut We Buy and Sell GOOD USED CARS Bill ChambUn — Lex Chamblln Railroad & Ash Sts. Phone 2195 "JIMMIE" PARKS Quality Cleaners Prompt Pick-up and I'Xilivery Service * Phone 3555 for Better Cleaning-Pressing' 428 West Ash WASHER SERVICE Phfflp Fire! Vtcnani Cl«»n«r«, F»TIIC, Iron* toi Smfcll AppliAnceB Repaired. ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. 3. W. ADAMS. MRT. Phone 2071 20S-08 W. Muln To Our Service Department For a Check on Your New or Old Car The very best in Body Repair and Paint Jobs — Complete Motor Overhaul and Tuneups — Our Super Service Station is fully equipped with trained personnel to take care of your needs. Langston-Wroten Co. Sales—BUICK—Service U. S. Tires Mobilgas OPEN 24 HOURS WRFXTCER SERVICE Walnut & Broadway Telephone 553 CITY GARAGE & Welding Shop Atito Repairs, Welding h. 87-1 -100 E. Main "End of the world" rumors cnn c IrncccI linck to cnrltcst antiquity. frrftri repulrhig for todkf^u ex- riiiLsUft funlwear ftciured wten ra- buUl tn »r modern ihop. jUBtttY SHO€ SHO1S .Nar 1 ,w. MftiN ST.- DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" ROYAI« SMITH, CORONA ^nd KERnNGTON FORTABLE 110 N. SECOND ST. PIIONE 338V! (Every Transaction MUST DE SATIHPAOTOHY) See us about your service on Chrysler and Plymouth. Tune-ups and lubrication makes your car function properly and more economically. Have your brakes checked for safety. We have | a complete lubrication department. We carry all sires of Dayton Tires for cars arid trucks. T, I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Complete Stocks of Parti For Chrysler Prodiet*' 1Z1 R., Main ' MIMM Z1SS BOOTS AND HTCR BUDPTRS Heck Von S;iv BY EDGAR , BftCX.,HONS '. v\ i VQU FKKCKUiS AND HIS KK1KNDS n Dale BY V. T. HAMILTON flvAiSNE THAT.' MRS. K*NF , |TfUTS Of-'AV, I W.V-JTS Mr AS A PARTNER •'/BUCVC----AND i TiJM.ii/e A t-or, KIOS / r — ^susoonsur ' f> EVEM KNOVV ABOUT -jc£ V \, THE SHOP' ' BUT MOW CAM we INVITE HER TO ThlE GRA.NP PENING WITHOUT MAK'M<S HER. SUSPICIOUS? ..!..„ ~r I WE'LL BE- CASUAL APpur \T!—I'LL ,\ PRETENP 1 HAD AN AFTER -THOUGHT.' tV..| >€. <? ^l tSS ItW WASlT ) WE'RS To TAKE .VE „. I PUTTING otJ 6Uf WHERE-? ySORTOrAM / PRODUCTION.' ^ \\\4 H. T. M. BCC. U. S- PAT. ALLEY OOP ITS YiCBNIN OKAV, OXAV.' DON'T f3REAK CXDWN TH' y DOOR... JUST CO\(E f So Have We All HT= LAST NIGHT.' NO>V STAY PUT, COP...VDU AND I HAVE TO HAVS ALITTi-E TALKJ' _ _BY_MERRILLBLpSSEB. AV; IT WAS ~KA"V#>3 " 7 WE"^" M3U'R C LOO«hN7 Wa.L 1 AW,VAV,IT 1VW5 7CJK..Y/,Vt-u (IVCYCJU^I ; SHARP, DOC.../ AN CPPCtfTJNrtV TO DO [.CAN COUNT V ABOUT !2Uf THOSE FEW I SQV\E THINKING...O^l A I • ON MS .' _ > OHIiSf/ ' ' DAWS IN TH' \f£K\OUS PROBi-SM THAf \ WHAT5 yAMONEV.'y DAVSINTH HOSPITAL N^NWliA'OIVB GOT TO jMUSTA DO\S , :<>> *

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