Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 21, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 21, 1908
Page 1
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Tk9 Rm^lmtmr Ham ibe Lmrgmmi GireuSaliom g„ Cmuaty mf Jlj^ Mewm/mpmr PubtimM In ihm Goua$y» VOLl'MK X. Xr .MBF.ll .2S3. EKJIIT r .VRES. lOI-A. KANSVS. SEPTE.MBKK SI. 198}!.—.HOM»AY KVEMX«. EIOIIT IMCES. FRICS TWO €SKT8. TRY OILED STREETS (ITY nECmi 'S TO .MAKE TEST ON TWO m .<H kS 0\ IMH K STHEET. T^E OIL IS FURNISHED FREE \\\U. Isr^OnTllNEI) FKOM WOOD fy .MrPartjs Kxluuist Pipe Hakc'; T<M) .Murh Nofac, it is Sttld Olhir Tola is to. ollod streots. T^P mailer was rpfcrred to th«» s!re»'t .ami alley commltieo at tho nioetinR of the ooiincil last Saturday nijjht and since th«?y have decided to make the exper _|me;it. P. V. Crouch, nresident of the Kan- R.T.S Southern Eiectrle Rallw.ay com pany who has lieen agitating tho ques' tlon of oJllus the streets litre api;ear- ed before the council Saturday evi-ti UiK and told them of tho ndvantapes of such imviUK and referred them t<» some of tl'ie prenicsi <ities in th<' Fiiiieil Stales where oil lias been siu' eejssfuUy used as juivinR. Strt>et Commissioner .1. S. Walker . wlio has l.eartlly indorsed the efforts ofi.Mr. Crouch and othi>r eltiz 'Mis in >'et|tlnK till' council to tak<' some action with regard to this pavluK stared tills murninR that as soon as pos Klhle work would lie starlod. The two blocks between Cottonwood and .lef ferson stri'<'i.s on JliicU sir .>el has been .«elec (i -d for th<> liiakiiiK of the test. The oil for the paviii.ii of the street will be fiirnislied the pity free of chnnse by Howlos and Wool. The only I expense to the city wi'l be crad- liip ihe street and haulinn oil. Cowplaiiit was made to tlie city coiinlcil at the meeting Saturday ev- enins about the noist> mad«» by the enpine used by C. C. McCarty & Son In their carriace repair shop on So. .lefferSon street. No action was taken except to refer the nintter to the judiciary committee with power to art XJ.- Ct. Farrell Saturday ni.cht wre- ^scnjed a proposilion to the etiuncil of- *^jf r^fllia $.^0 por-flcre for tin' twelve and "ohe-balf aero tract imniodiately northeast of tin- city. However, he w.ints to pay the ajrfount liy working it out on ihe str.'ets with hi.<; team and waaon. 11 roferred to the Public t'tility committi 'o who are to iuvipstigate and report to the mayor and city cl«-rk. If the roi>orf is favorable the mayor niid cVik will close th" deal at once. The city elerk .Salunlay f veuius r'--- ported to the council thru l'nit»»d Zinc &• Chemical company objectoil to • Ihe'raising of water ratfs to si.v cents per- thousand gallons. The company offers as a reason for its objection that tlie spelter inark't was off and "that tho ponor.Tl liusiticss of thi- plant !wJS not the liest at this liinf^. IS ROBBER CAUGHT? CHAS. FOX UNDER ARREST AT PAWNEE, OKLA. "EVERY I.ITTI.E HIT HELPS." Jolin (•oHhorn ('unlriliute« Five (Viits lu ih« IttiiultlM-an Ctiuve. fi .l. .1. It. .Mehlsiiii. UipubJieaii niiiteenian friiiii the Third !w;trd. was today sdlicitini; funds for maintaining a Kcpublican lii-adqiiartei^s diirin:; the ciHuiUK ••auipai^ii. In the cour .-e of his rounds h«' encounter »*d ..Ino. V. Gosborn. chairiuan of the DeniocriUic county cenmil comniiit«'e.' The colonel statrd his bus.ine.s.< to Mr. orn and asked if be ft»)i like helping a sood cau.'-e alou;?. Wiibout further :'(>r« lui.iiy .Mr. Co.^-horir took . a tivf i-eiit piece from his piickel :ind band- id ii to Col. Aicbisdn who iiiriied it over to X: {,. Xorthrup. chairmai: of ilu' Ucpublieaii ceiitval vuiiiiilitee. Kirry lliili' liit h.-lps. FIRE SWEEPS CITY A\ ACRE (H- WOf|l>E.\ mjLDIXfiS I\ CIIEI.SEA, MA.S.S, niRN, Second CdnllaaTalion In Tew .UoiiUis —The Loss Is ThrM- liiindrtNl ThtiUNjind Ilolhirx. Clii '!>-i 'a, Mas.-.. Sfju. L'l.—Near:v' an acre nf wo(id<»ii buildings on the north side of the IIOSKUI :III)1 .Main ttack^ tU' ibis <i!y, whi;Ii ei.capi'd the'ciuill:i;:ra- •liin i >f .Xpril f.:ili. wi-ri» swt>i>t away inlay liy aiioilur disasirnus tire eniatl- inK a loss of., aliiiiii ibri'e hiiuilred thousand dollars. The principal bni'd iliss desiruyvd wen* a ho\ fai-lory. a liiiulior yard and slioc factory, a >boe- jirlnu fa<-iory. a !ioiillii;r fa<'i<ii,.- aii<l seVfineen te:i .-linMiI house':. MORE THAN IN WAR Dr. Hilscher Sa^rs . Men Who Died in Wars are Outnuiwbered by Murders and Suicides of 20 Years. Had a Hat With Malcolm & 'stamp on It.—Was Captured Act of Robbery. Son \ K man Klvin« his name .as Clia.'*. II. Foxi. is uiid'^r airosi at Piiwiifc. okla.. wh<> "inuy liuow soinvtUlut; tiboui tU<* robberies nf l.nllnrpe and (Jns City SalurditfcV, Sain .Malcolm, of the llrni of Malcoini & Son, of L.aHarpe, re- celyed a letter from the sheriff at Pa\^nee In which he stated that h»* had) in custody a insm siving his name as Chas. Fox who had in his posses.s- lon n hat which bore the name of .Malcolm firm with the address ].,aHarpe, Kaias. Among other goods found were some shirts like those stolen from the Malcolm store. Fo.x was caught in the ,ict of robbing' a stole twenty miles from Pawnee.: Two other stores had already been entered that night at that place. The sheriff at Pawnee says that Fox admits his having come frdrn this section of the country. lie says he passed through a town near LaHarpo, but did not stop there. .Jtr. Malcolm left yesterdav for Pawnee to work on the case. This morning 3Ir. Bollinger received word that • they expected to prosecute Fox at Pawnee so that the only thing that is left for Jlr.' Malcolm to do at Pawnee Is to gel a confession from the sujspect. In case Mr. Malcolm identifies his gopds, which seems very probable, the officers will then beliex-e that F'\is! in some way connected with ih< robbery. !A week ago Stinday morning seven stores at Gas City and LaHarpe were entered and quite a lot of goods taken, together with some cash left in the money drawers. ! • "v I. • • ' . • , THE IfYKATHEB. .FiorcMSt for Ksnfiast F»Ir tonlirhti mid Taecdai-; coBtlnafd .warm.' ' .\t the Presbyterian church last ev<>ni;ig Dr. Hilscher preached an flo- ou'>nt and inter «»stinK sermon on the coinn»andropiit. "Thou Shalt Xoi Kill." Dr. IJil.schi'r discussed the pure food lijw with reference to the deaths catis- e<I from eatinsr food iniprnperly coni- noiindcii and laltcl .'-d. "if a person 'w ;tiii.': (o eat saw diis' be ina.v do .so. but hi\ should know whether he is eai- ins S!iw dust or soinetbtng else." said Dr; Hilscher. He continund with th'-s,. remarks ndativp to sulciilfs and rimr Troip IN 'SI to inoi there were near- Iv i:;ri.firtfi murders in the Unite*. ?;ato;; and more liian R2 .0fir> fiuicides. Tlif rate of I ho of murder niav \v seen by this .comparison: lu 1SS1 were n?nr. murders, in I.*;!';! there were .SOT*! murders and In ^.*^''|•. tliere wctp"i2. In the Revolutionary war thero were about Id.ono WilliM, assuniine th.if another in.dfirt •iicd <if tlicir wounds, we see that we have enough murders and suicides nearly every year to inak<» another siieli war. 2,'""ii) were killed in the Mexiraii v;ar. <!oul )liiic: litis for those .w.'io iL-ay have died of wounds, we .see that we have more than two such wars fvery year frosn murders alone. 10 irake no accounls of suicides. •\.U\1 wire kille.l at the battle of .Shi- If one died of wounds for each ni >f kil'c'I we would have about 7 ,"'i(i t'illeii in tliat sreai battli«. yet in ISfi:* there were ihi.-^ iiianv murdered In tlie C S. and nenrly L'udo ruore. In tin battle of (lettysbiirii fi:'.^! were killfd. niuildiii:; this iiuinlier so as to in chide ruie d.yiui; of Wound (or ejieh ruie Ijibd. wi' lind thai l *'e niurileis and suicides of ilicyear is'ir, far ev ceede.i ilie cariiaue of ihis awful b :ii lie. lUie of tlie Idoodiesl ballleR of liistdiy. IlirliiM till' Itist twenty live vi'ars of ))i-iiei» uKiie i.ersotis Itave luei violent death bv inurder ;!iid suicide. lll.TIl were lillled in tile entire civil war. n'Jdinr; one deaOi from woiiml to e:icli one killed ill battle, and the civil war was one of the Jiloodiest in history. We have had nnnroxi- niateiy twentv yea"s of war durin-z our national life, but durini the last twenty years of our history more have been killed by murder and suicide than fell in all of these wars, doublins: the number killed in battle so as to include those dying of wound. All of the above figures include the slain in bot hside.s of the oonflirt." NO ARRESTS MADE SPEAKERS FOR TAFT OUrtERS OEEEK .UliOX I\ THE ROOSKVELT ASKS Til AT IHSIXTER Sliri .TS CtsE IXTII. INQIEST. E.Sl ED CITIZENS VOTE FOR IIIH, BODY WAS VIEWED TODAY:WRITES LEHER TO OFFICIAL (ORONEirs JIRV Wil.I. IIE\R THE EVIIIEME niMORROM MORMMi. Members i>i .ShulN Family Summonnl a*. Milnev.c>i - Xeiffhitnrs \San\ luvest!i£ati«in. .\fter .^oiug out to the home of .Tobn Shiibs. two and one half i:;::.-s TEI.I.S .>I'K|.\LEV OF tOM.MITTEE. «IIV HE IS FAVORKII. i\iM K\i-ciili«e .Says a Rcpiililicun lOligK and l're«.idcnt i- Ntcded (ti (')MlUltUe Wurk. Oyster Ray. Sept. Ul.—President Shiibs. two and one half i:;...-s • • • .,-,,•„.„ i> Of town and fully investigating th.' n -'-vH. •!';!...::: - '"J'"^f^hH: circumstances surrounding the death of an infant which occurred iherP .Mcinby. obainnan' of the Republican cousressional committee made oi an iniain wnicn occiirr«-ci m.-n- •—• — j:,:„,„r«ctnrt Fridav. Deputv County .Attorney C. toda.v. to d.s uteres ed .Vpt decided that there was not suffic|citizens to join w.Ih t^,'^ ie„ evidence ,« warraiVt an arrest! publican committee and ™"Sr^««either as to the death of the child "r j ;-nl^.,mmiMee tn^i mo.^^ .OS to who was re.sponsible for the con-i - -•• . dition of the sixteen year ol.l Shults K.-P«bl.can congress to s. .or him. .irl who gave birth to the child." |-Xt"'- .1''"l^Ji ^r^ There iiKiy he developments in the MUtop.'^y helii over the remains ofthe j'liild this afternoon which will jiistif.v an iiKiiieht :iud arrests. The Sliulis fatiply claims that ihi- child died of s.tninier complaint but no doctor was ill atti 'iiilance. 'lie- iieigliliors of the Sbults* tl .ai Ihe death of ihe <-hild .should ho can fully invesiiuated. Denuty County .\itoniey C. U. .\pi and ITndersher- iff \. I,. lUiatright spent Saturday afternoon interviewing the neighbors <iii the case.• .\ c<u'iiner'.~ iiirv viewed the n<ai!!s of the •.•any this aflcrnoon. Tlie jiii .x was then excused until !• o'clock Tuesday, tomorrow, morning, when testinioii.x will be receivi -d. ccrn in iiolitics is to have the right kiiul of a man carry out tlie right kind of |>olicy. will join in backlog up yimr coniiuitte.' as well :is the national coiiiniiilee in this inovemeni. .Vo ;.ervi «'e is as effij 'tive. as valuable. :is tlie disinterested service giv- eii in such manner by men whose one concern is for the triumph of the riucib-s in which ti.ey helieve; and I appeal with :ill tb«' strength tiiere is in me to give such support, .^incerelv vours. TlIEOmRK ROOSKVRI.T. lion. Win. n. .McKiiiley. chairman Re piibliean contre.s.sional committee. St .lames Building. .\ew York. .V. V THEY LIKE NEW PLAN FARMERS AGREE THAT INSTI TUTE WILL BE OF BENEFIT Liked Mr. Scott's Address Concern­ ing Workings of Department of Agriculture. ant lesislation of the past seven years the President tieclares that .Mr. Tafuj and the ll«>publican caudi.iates for con seek election on ir platform wbh-h si.e<uncall.v pledges the PartT toll eonliuiie and develope the I-oj -'-f^ ^^^'^'^ i^^^^^^^ ,.. adjourn t. whieh have been acted upon for-sev.|_j^^_ ^^-^^^^ ^..„.,V,„eud . The iiueiiii.:; on .Satunbiy for tin jniipo.>^e cf .seeiirin.^- a lariin-i.-.' ins^ti tule at i'lla was ::Ueiide<| by many Othe leading lariuer:;. The ilay u:is in tensely uariii and Imtli I'.i.u.-^ier lial •llld the .\irdonii- proved to he Veril J>le hot lion upon en years past. .Ml the aid ti'al can be ;;iven to per pTiiial- the iiolicy of ihe gov.'rnmejit .•IS now can led on. the Pn'sident says, shoi'.bl be given liy every giM >d citizen as it is far uioie tliaii a partisan mailer. Sa.u.iniore Hill. Oyster Ra.\. X. Y. Sepienilx r irtps My n<-ar Sir: — 1 have re<-eivetl your letter of .Xug- ii .st 2Mh. 1 a-in-e with, all ihat you The fol'owimr witnesses will be say as to the ,e suinmoiud to ap).ear in the morning: av.l eousiructive I'.'t-''* ^'^^ Ethel and l-Milh Shult^s. .Mrs. Shults: social and economic l*''''^"* "f. and Mrs. Shustcr. The jurv is coiuiHis.Ml of t'.'.e follow, in:;: C. .\. KronU. \V. H.McCbire, O. Hunter. .\. N- Swigari and Wiliiam Ohenloif. EXPECT BIG CROWD Emancipation Day Exercises Tomorrow at Biverside.—Judge Foust to Speak. PROGRAM IS READY Lawyers' .Vnnouncr Speakers for Animal n »ii<|U «'t Odulirr .'lUi. The program is now ready for the annual lunquet of the lawyers on the evening of October ."iib. The loUow- Ing is the program: Annual address by the president. John F. Ooshoni. 'Origin of the Law.'" •The Lawyer's Life."' \V. D. Cope. "The Kvoliition of .lury Trials ' .1. L.. Barnes. •'.Mistqkes of a Young Lawyer.*' J. Marshal !-anier. "Lawyers and the Ciovernmeut." S. A : Card. "I.ioves of the Law.vers.' \V. II. An Idersoii. ' John F. Goehorn, toasftuaster. FOR RKNT—Seven room house, modern. Inquire 301 South Biickeye. The colored people are anticipating .-X big crowd at Ihe Emanciiiaiion Day celeljration at Riverside park tomorrow. Delesalions are exjieeted from all of tiie surrounding towns. \ grand parade from the square to the park is planned for ll:::<i in the morning in whicli ail of ihe colored lodges will be in line. Congressman Scoir was invited to make an address. Iiet owing to his having i)reviousI- iiromised to speaU a; a political meeting in the northern tiart of his dis- Jrici was unable lo accept. Dr. S. S. Hilsclier will li!l his placi' on the program. The followin.g is ihe program: l:.'i .'i (I. 111. —•America." W. O. W. band 1:4.". p. 111. —Invocation. Ri -v. H. Shepherd, pastor First .\. M. E. church. 1 :."..". p. in.—Rea>ling Emancipation Proclamation. .Mrs. .1. \Y. tJordon. 2 :tir, p. ni.—.\ddress. Hon. C. 11. A |>1. assistant county attorney. 2 :L'."> p. ni.— .Miisii- by thi- band. l':;!.'> )). in.—.Aildress. .liidge Foust. 2 p. tn.—.Address. Pr. S. S. Ililsclirr .Music by the baud. .•!:lii II. ni.-^.\ildre>s. Hon. .1. I.. Ilarne.^ :;:."..'> p. 111. —.\dilte,;j. fir. .1 .M, ll:!ss. M. n. Music by i!ie hand. •Ill' \i. Ill— \dlifss. Rev A. Fairf.ix. I). U.. I'lirsous. Kas. Ttii 're uill lie :i uraiicl lliusieal eu- lei laiiiiiieiit ai iil.'hl in (1. \. It. bail MRS. BARTELS DEAD Htfc of T. yi. Hartley, the >Vcn Knonn .1{< rciiiiiit, I>l»> .ViUT Years ui lllltCNS. y.r>. T . M. f..ii(Hs. wile of T. .M. Itaiites v.ii.j ha.-, l .eea protiilitiiii it; lola I »ii .~!:i<;-.-- circles aJmos? since the founding of the ci;.!, died at ihc I 'ani- V.y tesitience. .'>2-'' '.\*ni)\ Wa^hinctou. a; .'i :;;u o'clock !.i>r t-ve:iing. .Mr.s. Ilart'e.^ had bei ri an invaliil for :i i .Tiuiber of :.e:ii -..i pr ;i>;- tn her ileaih and loi- lite pa.-i ihr. or four days ii ;.d iieiJhcr opetit .| lier i >yes nor taken tany nouri^hnient. The liincral ser- vici s v.'iil li.- coi.dui 'ej rriMii ihc residence toiiii-miw aiiu.nioiiii at 2::'0 o^cIock. Rev. S. S. Hil'.cber oHiciaiing. luii^'iiieiii wi'ii be iii in lie- old lola cemetery. .Mrs. Itanles was for a iiuiuber of years pnuninent in both busines.s and social circles in tliis cii.y and by her kindly manner and sweet disposition, won lor I'.erself the high estctiii of all who knew her. Tiie Register Joins the emire cctii II! unity in extending its Isynipailiy to the bereaved relatives. peopli^ which has been accomplished by t;i. ronuress liiiring the last seven y.Tii<. The l.-»w establishing a national s.'siem of irri;:ation was of vital importance, and siands in its line as second only to the home.'^tead law. The .'ntt rstate commerce ilaw has been an>end -d so as to makk" it a new law. wii!i ^^Ibree-fold the 'efficiency of the old law. The enactment Of the pure mod law was of almost or quite equal importance. The creation of the De- panivnt of Commerce and' fJibor. to•.tether with llie creation of a Bureau of Corporaiioii.s. which marks the beginning of federal control over the bilge corporations doing an interstate business, the employers' liability law. till- safety appliaitce taw. the law lira- i '.iiig the working hours of railway eu<ployees, the mcii inspection law. iiie ..leeatiire.l alcohol law. the anti- retiaie -law. i:ie laws increasing the Diiv.ers of the Department of .lu.stice in dealing with those, recardless of we :i !th and power, who infract the law. I lie law making the government liable for injuries to its employees, tie- laws under which the Panama canal was acnulrPd and is being built, ilie f'hilipninos adiiiinisiered. and the n ;uy develoued. the laws creating a !iern>anenf Censu.n nureati. and reforming i':e.consular service and the svsieie of ualurali /ti .fioii. the law for- hiildiiig cjliild labor fn the District of <'olunii>ial the law providing a com- iiiissioii liiider v.hich our cu:'renc.v svstem can be put on a thoroughly sat- isfaciorv'liasis. thejlaws for the prop- tr :<.diiiinisiia 'ii >ii of the forest ser>-ice, the laws iiu- ilie admission of Ok- laiioiiia and the di-velopnieiit of .\las- i.a, ihe ^re .'ii appropriations for 1l;e develoiuneiil of a-^riciiliiire^ the, legal • •..ihihiiioii of cauipaien coniribuiions 1 ciiriiorali .iii: —.til llii -se repre.seiit Inn :i iioi 'iiou lit wliai has ln'iiii done i; I rlllL-le .Illll fill III 11 leCOld of iibsiatillal P'. i.-lalive achieveuteiii hi haniMiiiy Willi the liesi and niosi pro vr .-;.;ive tlioiiuhi of nitr peojd-' . Ii ;•: iirg'-iitlv iiecessnry. ffjom tU> s'andi.oliit iif lie- nuldic iiileresi. lo • iict Mr. Tafi. and a Republican conriress which will siipiiort i ii«: and thev sei-U election, on a platform which specillca 'ly id.'fge.s the party alike in iis . executive and legi.slafive branches, to (oniinue and develope the nolicies wlijch have been not ir .etelv profess'. i but ,ncied upon during these seven -.ears. Tjhese policies can be siiccessf.ill.v carried through only by t:;e he .irly co-operation of the Presiilent and the Congress in both it.' iuanches. and it is Ibf'refore peculiarly imnortiMit that there should obtain such harnioiiv Iietw.^en them. To fail to elect .Mr. Taft woii 'd be a cal- a.miiv to the cotintrv, and it would be folly wl ile electing him, yet at the sanfc time to elect a congress hoa- tiie i« I ini. a congre .'.s which under 'he iufluonre of partisan leadership would be certain to thwart, and baffle hint- nil every jiossible occasion. To elect Mr. Tsrft and at the aame tfnw* e'ect a congress pledged to support bini. is the onlv way in which to per-. Iietiiate the policy of the govemmeiiin ^ Riding Yesterday. These young women enjoyed horse- 'back riding yesterday iiiorning: I Misses Jennie Newman, -\ddie Edgar, |.iulia Zimmenuan, Carrie Relmert, Pearl LowTy, and Mvrtle Newman. ——«Visit riilf f i :alM. Miss Hope Wliite, of Chicago, is expected tc arrive Thursday lo visit her unc'e, H 'm. Cat«s. : aid that can be given to his policy »•* everv good citizen should be glveiJ; zens generally. I most heartily join iii .t •• - . urging the importance of Buch coH>T>i volunteers here who -are eligible to tw eratlon. I hope that, every disinter medals and can get them upon appll ested private citizen, wliose sole con- cation to the department. ..j.uice of interested iiieii and wimiei Li .-,ieucil lo an addre.-.s bv (•has. {• Scot;, cliairniaii i.i the hoti-e 111111111:1 tee of .\vricillliire. Aciiiit; as lenipniary cliairuiaii. .Mi liihti l.taxley. of .\!leii coiiliiy. «alle-. iin .Ml' l.yriii. of Wcuids 'oii county, ti ;ii-i ii< periuaiieui chairman. On t.:kiiig Ihe jliaii .M:. I.y:iti ex pressed great idcasiue iu seeing si much iniercsi laki-ii hy ilit i.iriuert He staled thai ihe lilovemetll was nni '.iiai knew lui hacVv.aid step am hoped lti:il tlie ii>.!ili!ii. 10 he he 'd ii Uila at :. later date v.oiild have largt ittendanre. Throughout •.li.; addr-s.- Mr. Scot' carried bis hearers s;ep by .-lep alon. the path of progress ii:ade ii> ihe .\g ricultural Deparimem in developing aiding ami promoting ilie iuier>'s:s r agriculture iu all the states and |ios sessions of the entile Cniied SMvte--- Each sub deparinient has it-: specia work to {lerforni. The con.servation of our great fores reserve, the growing of giaiu ant farm produce in regions heiciofon considered inipos-sibie. i;je ."onibalin- of pests and parasites that if lef alone would de ;-troy our cnonnous an inial in'.iusiry and .••eriously reduce ou u;it|>iii of ccttoii and llrain. were de iaili d by ihe speaker. II w:is noticeab'e that (wo thirds (jf his beiirers had to sian during Ihe hour and ii lKi)f ihui .Mt Scoit Kpf >ke. no; a man seen to leav his iiUue anil wiieii he iniliuatcd tha owing lo ihe di.'^coiufort of ilie an i» uc !• i'l b.uin .g to siaiiii so long, h' v.-<juld CUT bis addre>s shnrt. ihe.- jskei! hiTii 10 ci -iili.-iiie. •".\iy piirpo .-e in liwejiin^ <;ii wha has dtjiir," said ilie speaki.'. "i 10 show .M>i! Ill wl'.ai cMenr .\gr: :'uli;iral (leparinieni is v, iiliiig and an ious to go 10 .isjist in tlie fiiriheranc nf ihe tilings that w:!! make land iiior.. prolitable and more productive. Itrin the ihings .voii ihink need aiieniitin t.' llie notic.' of the di'|»aruiieiii aiirl lite, will liave proni[.i. niteiiiou.' lie iiiueii Ibe firmer., to 'nigani? inslituies a>^ iu Ibis way ihi -ir want und i.bas couhl he best asrertaineii. .\ vole of ihrinks w;ts iiii:iii :niousl leiiilered .Mr. Scon. Secri -i :ir.v .XeWiou and Pre.^iden l -^irneaux of ibe .\!len f'ouiiiv I';irn! er'.^ hlt-til.tli- i -.iade ^-huil ;:di'.r '-s >e> Moih ci .ilipliilU lited il .e lohl I'.Oi. ter iind coniiasied ih- in;<i'-:.i ial :e ;i nov and a l< sv ye :irs a-.o "We are coiiilii-; here wilb Oil lexi in. iiiule," s ...i:i .Mr. .Vr..ioii. "ail' if ihe ItiHisier-t keep up llie uood v.'orl we "will have a iiee :itig Uial will d gr>at •,:'<od to lola and Allen coiiiiU.' CHOLERA IS RAGING SL J'c!rr«.biirg Snept Uj Kpiilemir- Cas«'> ai:d l.Vi HeaUis Report eu. SI. I'eieisburg. Sept. 21. —Choler: continue.- to increa.«e rajiidly in St Petersburg. Between nt.on Sunday am 3o <m loday the niiiaicipal h(>s'i>ilals re ported liiiee hiindied et;;hty cases .-ini one liuiiilred fifty-five deatlus. and a: dddition of statistics front-lite niilitar: sub h'ispiiats will swell the total n foiniidahle proportions. < l!l< Iv UKTS \ .MLI»AI- For ,»»eninir in.the IMiiFippinc> Aitei tlie War Was Mo>«d. X". B. Crick of the lola posiollice ^orce. has received one of the goli petuate the policy o. uie KOV.:...u..M,,niedais give:, by the department to th. as now carried on. I feel that ail th^ volunteer .soldiers 11. me spanisl^ STATE IS CLOSING UIIITLOfl f ASE l.< PROfiRE.^SD'fl RAI'IPI.Y TODAY. MRS. SAPP ON THE STAND llEi: TESTIMONY SI'BSTAXTIAtLY THE S\>IE tS AT MFRDER TRIAL. American war who staye<l iu the Phil Ippines after the close of the war everv good citizen S .OHIO 01- BI.«I«.|IIJIIIIUC» ....r. ...v .—^ ,-'„\yri., for this is far more than a merely pafc helped put down the iiis.irrection.VTb. lor una 1 10 \l „,„Hoi,: .jro iire .ented as an ercTlres tisan matter. ei|ieu 1110 .11.., 1, — liQiedals are presented as an e:;ftres r .oth yonr committee and the nat- sioh of the appreciation of the ser ional committee of which Mr. Htlch-I vices of the .soJdicr.s who served ufie cock Is chairman, arjx endeavoring tt^ their terms really expired. .Mr. Crid secure the active c-o-oneration on the served in the First Ctdorado infaintrv stump of Senators and Congressmen, Walter Hull was the »rs; lola soldie- narty leaders and independent citi- to get •oiich a modal, liaving receiver X .- ^„,_ . ggyg^l ^vecks ago. There are othei E.\peft Teslimony as l« Whether ot Not Wunnils Were SclMoilieted Kuleti Out. The state will close its evidence ia the Wliitlow this afternoon about four o'clock. It' appeared Saturday ihat the case w'ould consume a biff pa|t of this week but the present indi- •ation.'* are tliat it will be over in two ir three days. One of fr.e important matters ot he cas<' came this morning when ludge Foust riib'd that expert testimony as to whether or not the wounds ju .Miss Sapii's throat were self-In- fli<-ted was not .adini.ssable. Whitlow estilie<I in the inurier trial that. Miss -app conunitfed suicide in his pres- •nce. The state was attempting to irove by expert testimony that tho wounds were not self-inflicted and lierefore that Wliitlow was guilty of lerjury. The defense objected to ipening up this part of the murder rial iiiiii was stistniined. The elimin- • lion of Ibis pan of the testimony will diorleu Ihe case considerably. .Mrs. Sapp went on the stand this iftiriioon. She told of tho night of the tragedy, of her hearing screams, if her .going out in the dark anrt <tunibling over the body of the dead ;irl. substantially as she did in the uurder trial. During her recital of he events surrounding the scene ot he tragedy, she broke down and wept or several minutes. Mrs. Sapp's story )f the llnding of May the night of the 'racedy does not favor the suicide story. Lola and Lulu Milby followed Mrs. ^app. They closed the evidence of »he state. Their testimony was lis- encii to closely by the few specta- ors in the ci;nrt room. Whitlow made tn affidavit for a continuance at tho '"ormer trial in whfceh he said he was nfornied the .Milby girls would swear :hat .Miss Sapp had told them she oved.WJiitlow and if he did not mar•y her she 4 -ould do something he voiild he sorry for. but that they •oub! not be found and for him to go o tr:;;; wiihout having their testi- nony would be unjust to him. The :tate claims that he.perjured himself n the affidavit in that he well knew hat theyj would not testify aa he had .worn and that he could have found hem had be wanted to. ! The Milby girls in ibeir testimony his afternoon testified that Miss Sapp ?ad never told them what WTiitlow wore he believed they would testify o. They aI.=o testified that thev had ev'-r bi-en sunmioned by the defend- nt to testify iu bis behalf. However in •ross examination one 0/ the girls ad- •litted that liie sheriff of Kingman otiiitv, where they now live, in com>any with .Mr. Ganl of lola, had come o their home to get service upon, them 'nit that iliey were noi then at home. WHO GOT CONTRACT? ")i8patch Savs lola Portland GeU Con• tract from Government, but Officers Don't Know. Thr following was taken ..from tho Vashiiigton. n. C, news iti yester- hiy's Kansas City .lournal : A contract has heeu awarded to the 'ohi PoribuKi Cement company, of ola. Kansas., furnishing 40,000 par- •cls of ceiii.'iit for iir connection 'itli the Hho.shon'e irrigation project. Vyoniiiig. This cement is to bo de- ibered f. o. b cars at lold at 61 cents • barrel. This is the lowest price at •••hich the service has ever Dcen able o obtain Portland cement. .T. A. Wheeler, of the Tola Portland, vas called up by a reporter for The le.nister this afternoon and asked con- •erning the above dispatch. He said ie knew ilothing" of it and suggested hat there might he a mistake as to vhich lola plant had secured the con- ract. Mr. W. S. Good in of the United <ansas Portland was then communicated with and ho stated that he did '.ot think the company had secured aich a contract unless it was throngh he Kansas City offices. PAYNE'S BAND TO PLAY. Will Go With Good Crowd to Ft. Scott Celebration. .A. crowd of about sevtmtyrflve color- id people from here will attend' the Mancipation celebration which will be held in Fort Scott tomorrow. The .Missouri Pacific railway company has made special arrang^nicnts to accom­ odate the large crowds. Payne's military band of this city Aill furn'sh the music for the celebra- ion. Tln^^band and crowd will leave lere on the morning eastbound. Aid Society Meeting. The Aid society of the Christian church will have the usual meeting ill Thursday in the,church parlors.!

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