Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 19, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 19, 1908
Page 8
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"OvttlhattA -Wnitiihes : Toa an benefited at the'seikBhore "I , AT. Sirlus Barker. M one of. those saiidy p^plc Ire tbeai' .MHViek out Inj veekreiid bolldajrs. When .^7 «>bted at tlief place jroutcU sor- for ;the people .and vtaen you \6ok.- «d lajt''ihe iteople you felt sorry for 1.41*;j4lace."-4-W«sWngton Star. 1 (' lirBaiiy'a Tooth at Souvenir. : Tsfb women met {at ,the bridge 'ta *You Vul pardon me," said one. ••buk 1 havi'. often admired one ;of . - rings. I am supposed to be an l:«ipfrt on'stones, biit I can not place i4Jat me." " IMW^ off the rlne In, question, j aftdl oreaentibg it for a closer inspcc- i:tlon' he oth^r said: ! ii "I. hink li would puzzl^ vou a Ilt- tl*.l frhe faht is that it is my first [l>aby's first ijooth, and I had it set in i idlamt nds-as a souvenir of some of ]iny hjipplest days."—New Yorlt Sim. A ^llp-Up in Letters. "A' New Yorker, while fvisitingr in iPaxiB this simmer, had qcqasion to isammm a cab man whom he desired -itrflarie him kith dispatch jto the Rue -UHton. the! cabman drove a lonj; distance?. fiAl ihen deposited his farej who. upon aJJIghtins fouiid to his grekt indignation that he) was in the Rue Byron —iat'tjle other-end of the city. He tlterei^n launched into a dcnuucia- tfon cjf the Stupidity of cab men in j;ener{[l, and Jthose of the r ?rench cajv Ital in particular. j "Pardon me. sir." lnteriH ).-?eil Die cab man meekly, "just a take In the poet, sir, that's all!" liltlc Hiis- Books in Maine, lAst sumdier, while sojourning; at ft larce hote!l in Maine ajprouttnent Nisw ToTker decided to give a dinner ]t6 seireral fhends in honor of his Witt's ibirthday. Making inquiries he disoovered that no 'wines of any des- .%HptIon would be furnished by tho management, j Maine facing ' a i)rohibl- tion state. { , He Was told however, that should lie succeed in{ having the desired wine delivered from outside sources cdre would |be talcen to have it properly Iced and served. , The' »host-to-he set abont to procure the necessary beverages and evidently succeed, for about tbrec days later a sturdy countrypian strode up to the desic in a voice loud enough for alli to hear, demanded of the clerls: I 'Ta Mr. X anywa'r's round? Tell hjm to hurry up down] f the dock. There's a box (of books down thar for Min, an' It's leakin.'" 117-119 West Street loBoy Kansas n. A. Jones, Manager i Perhaps a Little Cow. JJoctor—"Tpu must let the haPiy h^ve one cow's, iilk to drink every iflay.' i " .Young Mother—"Very well, if you say BO, doctoir, ,but I really don't see how he is going to hold it all."—Kan-: s ^B 'City JournaL., New goods arjriving daily. Get in on the goc^d things. We sell th^m f oi* less |^AT|#^p TA F A DVIFIB^« ^^^^ produciel is the same as cash with us in any department of our i^lFfi l^l. • /l^iCrlLICO* big store. Buy Dry Goods, Shoes. Clothing or Groderies- Read on: MEX^ SrSPE>DER.S. Men's 7."ic Suspenders going at ..40c Men's fiOc Sus])enders going at...SOc Men's 2Cc Suspenders going at...1.'»i* 31E\*.S HOSE. .'•0 dozen Men's Cotton Hose worth ^ I for '2'<c. on sale at per pair •'ir MMI'S I'.'ic Hose at IT^ir Mon's l."io Hose at lOr .ME\'.s.sunn's. Jlcn's ."itir and tUV Work Shirts go- ins :it 40c •J.'.O Alon's $1.00 Shirts on sali' at .Iftr Moil's fanoy dross sliirls. wnriU $l.t>o t «i $l.:.'.">. on sale at ''tv .MK^'^f OVEH.VI.i.S. 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Fancy ' Press "Coods; strictly j all wool and fancy stripes, worth 7."»cj on sale atj •. ; ."iOc Fancy Serge in stripes and pljain, all woo!, r.4 inches wide, worth up to r.l .".o. noi .MS at. a yard $1.00 I^ROCEKV ITEMS. I2 ?.jc grade canned Peas at.. 10c l .'iC high grade canned Tomatoes 12r ^ 12*- high grade canned Tomatoe.i.. IOc' l "r hi :;h grade canned Tomatoes.. 8c iL'c h :Jh ?;i :ide caiuK 'd Coriv at Sc ir .c lii^h grade ca ^;ned Corn at 12c s liiirs Silk Sdapi for L2 .'»C Trility Soao tioiiii; a: i .8c i:ig F.iiir Soap s .'/irm at per box ,.8c Cflyeerlntt .Morniiii; Sn:»p gfiing at,.jSc Tar Soap going ai 1 ."Ic Fairy Soap goin^ at I. .4e I'iii'io Soap goin.s a: ...^ , .4c l ^ivn Soap goin:i ar .. . . : i .4c K. ('. 2.'.<- cans going nr 120« K. C. l-'c cans going a* |12e Ca iinio! 2."c cnns going at 120 «J Caiiiiiiei F.e cans gohig .T' il2c Cuinniel Hi.: cans .coing at ,Sc Tea Rose 10c cans going at »c So:,() Ve .7e l.^,vi.=; Lye going at Sc P,ei Lye .coing at Sc liiigle Lye going at 8c 'I 'he above and thousands of other hargains till our grocery- department with anxious buyers. .\ll phone orders wij] receive prompt attention and delivery. Kiib .\'o ?>Iore at While Lino Powder rtt .\ine O'clock Tea at .... Scouring. Powder . ...Ic . ...41! ' ....8c ; I ! End llustlfies the Means. .Tudce— "\M\y did you steal tho Bi: bles'J" Mr. Dooley on .Vnfnniohlles. Do i think the autymohn ha.s come "TlieKf are ;;ood chickens." declared llie ih-ali-r. "If that's true." replied tymobill will stay till If :;eis cheap enoii.tth f'r iveryliody to have wan. I to .stay? Sure. I'll niver tell .ve. Fve i Whin ih' little, oasor niessenbor b.iys Mi^; l !i;iis .keepcr. '"tiiere's no truth Shifty Shank—"I wanted ter start a seen all th' wurniid but me on roller ,ls da.shin' up th' :-ilir<'rt in a eiphi.v- , in tli/' old .sijyin.:::." What old sa.v- •' The";Wrong Data. Snndaj'^ school.'^—Kansas City .lour- -irnie?:. , I've seen iverybody ridr.r a liorse-power demon Ttrror th' rich in:;?' • The sood die yonnt. •—Phila- V| "Ah,^' said I the candidate, "this is nah bicycle but n'e. Tin yonr.= a^o. whin wi" hP l.^i"" itite.s or r-rnnuin' bal- d-Iphi.i. Pt .ss. ' Stener WBiiffletree's'place, I hjlieve. j .ve'er .^^on was holdin'n ;i to .ve 'er .ir-nis ; 1 "0"». an' they'll be a purachiit.foic : (ASjl-youhave 'ijUBt celebrated your gol- Si>ldoiu. j:« .ve reeM up tb' s ;reer on » wheel.; ivpoliseinen to clni .M- ihijii acroM iir ...r,,,.,.,. „„,.^ friend IK d^-'vedding, |I understand." ) "I see in the papers wliere 'iian •'j -Golden weddln* nuthin,'" wa:^ the who was jilted kept silent thirty y vs. response. "Tye just been sued for "Von seldom hear of a jilted ( !i- tlO.MOi wtith lof breach of promise, date pulling off a stunt like that."— You's got you card Index mijced." Hirmiugham Age-lTcrnld. sayin" ye'er prayers wan minyii an root -Tool." th' revarse another, yo to" me that th' iiycicle had come to stay bet-iinse it ! was uicissry to get aroii;id nnick. To-; d.iy ye l.^^^h a» 1 miniio.r " Th' ;u-i the Register AYant Columns. TaiiUii|i. I'll lil;e to see jiim get homo M)>-i'ore dayligiit." _ , ^ , . •Tlieti keep out of liis sishr. and For hot and iinickcst results use ,i.,„i KJVO him a chance to start an |aigiimi-nt on the subject." Saloon and Salon. •Plunkville oushter get an ambassador of some kind." "Have you a who has ever backed ont of a throne room?" So; but we have plenty of men who iiave be.-ii thrown r.ut of a bacii room." When a iu;'n want.- to •woik" a rejKirter he ix t::!!.-. b.v leiiin.i: bin; liow many y<a!-s be iias heen taking the pjiier.—.^icliisoii Clobe. THE NEWLYWEDSi -THEIR BABY BY GEORGE McN4NL» Better Still. Mr.s. Bloodblud—Uill tho Neuroxi lack the hall mark of ancient lineage. .Mrs Wiserly—Tnie: but they hava the riollar mark of modem success.—^ Chicago Xcws. emu I).- s lion A "Polite Doctor. . When a baby came to Afarj's home s:ie was told that the iloctor brought it. She il-.ought ho kept an unlimited supply. Alary had been taught that j.olittiies.^ was one of the greatest ciiarnis a person could possess. Olio .lay tile d.ittor calleil. and said: "Maty, we have a iiew^ b.abi at our iiiiiiM-; would yon like to go down with: me ami see it?" i.Mary was delighted. The habj was very tiny, only weighing thro* and otieiialf pounds. When .Mary saw tbis/frail bir of hiim.-.nity she turned !ier ;f ;ic- lip to tin- do<-tor and said: • 1 tbinic .von art> very polite, to i.ikej the smallest for .\ourself."—De- ineiitor. i An Edilor's;Diary. Ail etliior".'~ Hfe is not a'.way.-; one miiiiis loiiiid of pleasure a.s ;niay •en fiiii.i ilie lollowingf capitula- iof a iliary kept liy a certain Texts editor, for. icn years of his active life. I.M'ter a close inspection of his diar.v|. the editor wrote the followiniT/ siiniinary. which perhaps embraced the naore imimrtani jrvenrs in his editorial life for' ten year§. Peen iiublishing the (laper ten years. Politics—Republican, Democrat, also in f.ici everythin.g known to da.'e. . - liiiie of Liff—"no ii unto the other 'ellow before he can do it unto yoti." ne «jn accused'of 'yinf: !.7."(> times. jiialiy lied on'y I7.'l lime.s. W;!K lied on .two tii'nes. n cnsseil sotne 2'i ,i>i»0 times. Cursed the other fellow, three times the lonK distance phone. Been asked to drink I.47S times. Drr nk I.47S time.= Xniuber of tnen who threatened Jo wliii» me. t^l2. .\uiiiber of men who aciually did the \^ork. Whijiix-d the other fellow two times. Sjienr for churches and charitable insfit itions, .17 cent-s. Si»»jnt on bull-fights and baseball, $i ;r,.-...-Jo. Ca4h <>n hand. $1 .00. Only .-lu Esre. ix\:'a b'.cody. gory shame that such .I cimiposition as this should have to drift nameless from press -to press— about one of our liest Kansas citizens, too: Tenderl.v she laid the silent white form beside that had. gone before. She made no outcry, she did not weep. Such a moment was tod pr« clous to he spent in Idle tewrs. But soon there came a time when it 8e ««med as if nature niurt glTB; way. She ]M >r voice and cried loud and Her crJ«i were taken up by who wei« near and it echoed and . r ^-edioed over th* grounds. Then suddealr all was atill. What was the It all? She would lay another egJE t^OiTOW.—^li 'nneapolis Messenger.?, " •WShijn^a girl's dearest friend ^ets ' * and she des'cribes the %us- you. take off one quarter for ksm. and then a quarter for ig- If she! says the brideeroom rich 'Uian. it means that be ibly $83 a month.—Atchison

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