Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 19, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 19, 1908
Page 7
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''I' - .or THIS PASTICIPAJITS IX K. C. STAB Cl'P ! ftACE LEFT TODAY. TOSTOPATIOLA OVER NI£HT hy THE 900 MILE TllIP TO OK -HOMA CITY A>» RETl'RV. A- FoH)'«»ni» Tars Wt-rt- .\ssi)>n<>tl Vhives \a ibv Hip Itiiii- Miinj M«r<' Will Join. T'ho jiiiolor «'ais tii IIH' into-fur iho KuiiiMS Oily iSiir rail h-li KniisMs Cliy fills tiilkriiiiii; on tlii> <MIII ml In til|i to Oklahninu i'ii,v mid ri'inni. Knil.v- on* ^ur.s wi'ic nssifiiiivl places lii IIH' lour niu) |ir<>li:ilily uo i >r l.'iii IUTSMUS will rrav.'l in iliii-;». cars. I'rolialily ton or niDii* wonn'ii will no. Two ihpro, Mrs. I'anl.iu C. H.lok.>\ and H. 13. Klrliiand, an- lo di:iv.> rarn. Th»* nifwliors of ihc Konoia! coni- ni»»re, having the tour:In rliarj;.'. (old of tht arrai>8i»nuMits this UKirniiij;. •WuO. Counibi'. rhalrnian- r {«'p(.rl;: nt jn.y offlof aro lo iiio ••ffcci ilijn ih.' roads! iill a:t.n>i ilii> nmif havoi bwn " put. Ill Jini' condition ; Atiln- siopiiin.; plari>.s rifc't j)tions. j-in'ik.-r.s and vai- j ions <kli«'r forms of ontcviaJMiiiont air I tn be i)rnvjded. Frank P. Ewins—TII.MV will bo houd acoominodaliuus for ail. At liuch til • the night stonjiin;; jilacfs the oron- pant^ ef tin' varion.*; <'ars will fitid • their roonis=all load.v fur ilinii wlu-n • 1h«y arrivi'. : Ur Gordon A. li.'cdl.- -I-Nir Karage ' Inforn^atjon jioc mi» ai tin- varions ; stop.s. i I will .vi'c iliMi fViT.v t 'lilraiil has qiiiok sorvice' auil is not ov.>r- chargeU. H- (i. niakPl.'v—The r.cords of wuli day'.s run will bo niad'o iii> J^ai'li iiii-ht so that. oach oonio.-rnni tnny kn <i \v hi^w his oar stands tUn.nKii .iiu. ihe tour. jThp roiHjri cards iiinst bo iiini- ed In |o nio caob nlRhi. Some With Motw rann' Uoroi The joiir ha.s bron.uhi to Kansas City a number of cclel)riips in profcssion- 41 motoring as well as several oars that have intefeslinj; histories. The Premier six-cylinder car that is to be kuuwn las the olhciai car. has traveled 50.000 nriles .sinc.i it was bnill in i:niT. Itwenj over the tJIiddon tour route twico tills year—once as the Dathtiiid- er wheii the roi<!o -.vns laid oni and ag.aln at; the pilot car in ilio tour. II.. T. Mc.Maniara dr<>vo ilie car oii.lKitb occasions. He is hero to drive it ' througli The Star cup tour. .\lc.Ma- miara said this morniiit;. tbi~ car is in as giW| condition as when it lirst wa.'^ put on the road. A Rep touring car which went througlii the IWS i^lidden tour with a perfect score is hero. too. with K. .V. McDougal. the driver who t <H >k it over the eastjern tour. Hal Sheridan, win• ner of khe Howor iroidiy for riiiia- l»puts in the (.'ilidilen tour of liViT. lis here with a White steamer wbicb in will, drive in the toar, Sli<Midaii i> tlu holder df many trojihies won in i:.js! ern molbring events. .Vatsen to (•« in a (orliin. ; ".loe" JMal.son is aimtlior driVt-i- win- f» wide reputalioii who i> lieio to laki [pan in jilVe lotir. Ilt> i.~ ou'iplo.vod !•>• ihe Corbin maiuifaottircrs and wi!! iiisi in tukin.c: Fletcher (•<iwliord"s ii;try ovei' ihe route. Matxin ca:ii;i>: drive because of a brokeii aim lie i;.In a •sjiiU" ai St. I'aui a month aco. MaJ.=on jwas dr^vin^ a. I'orhiir iir race mejet ihi-rt. Tlio car fwoivoi, turned tivf'v throe iii:n-s and .Mat .'-oi. emerged from ;lie wrockase wiili h.^ jrlghf arm broken ,h\ sevoial plao.-r Ilis likinx for motor r.iciiiK is iin; u: rilnished. he .~ays. •J. li. Slicknoy. who dune a niers-netmit tlitjiuuli iii<- rocoiii (\>- lumhiis. Ohio, ondiiranco ^viiJi ; perfe<;'it score is hero ^(» drivel? simiiai car ill tills loiir. .Iiisl reoently Siick- liey hiislboon driving a t halmers-l)e- troit Mil miles ovor.v day lieiwoon Po- ttoit !uid Pontiac, .Mich., in an endurance test of I'KO mi.'os a da.v lor I'tio cbnsecntlive days. Ciancj With a Packard. •John <^'h.iney who has b<-on a d'.iv- ei' of Packard cars ever since lio laii remember, is bore to got-another perfect scoiie for thai car. I>wi.i:lii H. Hus.< caiiio to drive iho lirnsh nina- bout. Dliring the Portland oxpusitio! Uuss drove a car fnuii .\ov\ Vork I. Portlandl He won an «'i.i;bt-day i.nn ing cosji^st h» Knglaud in lOn:: and r. centl.\-ld:;ove a Uriish through the Obii enudrjinee run with a perfect score - ^•'reOcric^l A. llarri.-^. also of tlio I'.nit^l: factory, is here to boliji Huss U, II. |jobiiston, tuiblicity agent of the Wliiiie steamer coiici-rn. caiiio sili the way jfrom New York city to lat.;o l^itrt in liiel tour. -The plj!..! car earring \V C. loiintt'O ehainnan of the touring coinnuttee. left this Iniivrning at i". oVloik. intending lo ktjep an bout ahead ot the ilrsi rontPstatit The lirst car in the eon- \tpsf will; got tho -.tarting ,<ignal a: ^r»H"lse.,v 7 oVl.i.-k. The others w W fflillow at Intervals of two ininates niu' run<iing sclvedu.'e for the llist <la' Win .•wetage nftoon miles an , hou; • TJho schMule for eacl diiyV run af tqr leaviiig Kansas t'it\{ will lo po^te ( h the i .ulletln: board, av. the bead <,inirler.s,hotel each night. The Twwns They'll Uv Throuirli. The Siar cup tonr touches eighty- ni 'c Kankns and Oklahfmtti towiis. The siKiwIiig hihch stations aiw^ night st^ps. ts as follows: Shawnoo. Kas.. Lenexa. Ploasaii' yiptt;, 6lathe. t;ardnc-r. ICdgerton U'elisviUe. Ottawa, t lun<-liotui.l - '•Wlliamsbiirg. Agfieola. Waverl.' EJmporiaWnight stovi). i Satlordville. ICIinor.j rot'.cmwooc! Fklls, Eimdale. Cleniehts. Floro:ice Peabody.-Elbing. Newton (Inndieon.). I 'jft'ichita. Hayesville.'Peek Wellington (night 'Stop). South j Haven. - Caldwell. Renfrow Medford^ Okla.. Pond Creek Krem'.ln North Enid, ENID (luncheon and rifcln ; stop). .1 i " WaukoimiB. Bison, Hennessyl, Dover RemdriuiMe P^y Day S^Uing Now Going On $1 Corsets 29c One big lot of othl Corsets, formerly sold at Ji .oo. white >%a and drab, choice cacti j ^VC 50c Cashmeres 39c Regular inch new fall Cashmeres m red, h »«e, tilack, cii'.orii. yaril * 40c Damask 25c '.o inch Itill lileached T.ible Damasks, spletidid palleruls, ^while 3 pieces last, yardJ ...^3C School Hose, 15c 40 dozen boys' and girls' school Ho-s*. doable knee, 25c i j_ values, pair One Week Borgain Demonstrating Seven Days Of Proving that Frishman's sell for less THE STORE THAT HAS THE GOODS A Gran<^ Showing of Ladies* and Children's New Fall Outer Garments Yoars of experience lias taught UG , and more than ever convinced are wo that the "recollection ot quality remains long after price is forgotten" -therefore we have used even more than usual care in the selecting of ouv fall lines oi Ladies', Misses' and Children's garments. A. look through this enlarged ready- toi-wear section will readily convince you that from a standpoint of excellence of finish, qualities of materials used and the style, tit and workmanship ot each garment, and at the extremely low prices we have placed on them, "Frishman'a" really merit the increased .volume ot business they are receiving in this department. Ladies'Suits are now on sale Irom $10.95 to $40.00 Over 400 Ladies' Skirts on sale From $2.50 to $20.00 100 pieces new Gingliam.s, Percales Madras Cloth, Shirt- iug--, etc, for children's sch<ol wear, cltoicc of the entire lot, per yard, only lOc EXTRA PAY DAY SPECIALS Tr, pit'ces new Sliirtitig.s, Gingham.--, Percales, Outiugs, bleached and nnblcacliHil muK- iins, per y.ird, only .1 Your choice; of about 25 Ladies' Walkine Skirts, worth 54 r)0, 3'our choice iu thia spec- cial .sale, only $1.95 50 pieces new Jap Silks' China Silks, fancy silk Waist- ing."?, etc., worth up to 7oc per yard, 3 'our choice in this sale, per yard, only 50c HFFtiS A RELATIVE.*; AND STATE AFTOI MURDERER OF PEARL M/kUHi' Think Parker Will be Appr«fieiide4i —Officers Say Woman Made struggle for Life. I Kinslisli 'T. Ok.iirhe. )•;!. IJJ-A'O 1,!ii 'U lli'iiii». Yi!k"ii. «^kl;ilui!!i.i I'i;}. .-.iiii) Piiltiiil. NaiiiKi. i;;;!: 'i>]i '. M;i li.ill. 0;:..(;i.)i>. P. i! v. r,;,- i'.:-"I I IlIIU !lii>I! 1. I 'onou City. K:''i :i'..- .Viwkiik ("1; • llacknoy. \\ iiifu'..l iniuln !-;<•:•! Alniiu, r '.iii..:i;i>.--. S;IIIM. \>;st:i. Kll'oi:ii'.('. l{(i>;ilif. Kif.k.i NIMI . Qui !ii\v. V :i ;i'.< ri :i ;i-v. \Vi^!i1:i. (;;iini'li. (;f..'.x. :.i>:n'. '.» :i\ (ill'ii" r ;i"lM i :ll!nlh'iilJ I. Oiailif. .\l;irl:ii Cii). K;in<:i> 'il \\ "Volin.:; 111:111." I'll' rc 'iliir in i! new rfimi'ti'i". "you ^lack i-ainiii'i. Vi liiiisJ leaiii iifvcr in >.!ar(- a Uiir.u ;i- : facr until, il lias lii'..n pnncii a fa.-i art' ai'l ID }zci 11.- iniu lilu-' sn;i> Do not i^a.v: TIiP ca^Iiifr ^tul.- •!• fnmis': .<;iV •The who is al leged 10 ha,v.> stolMi 'th.^ fmiJs.' Thai" all—Oh pefsoniPihini; alifmt (hat Kirs ward tjocial toiii.shi." I h<> tu'M «lay lialf w.iv ilnwii ih' •iicial (1111111111. Uif t""!!!!!.! Ihr fi.I iiK AI.I,I:<;FJI> IT VI.I.. T\,f \.« l.'.jioiJ«r \Vtiiil«i Slal.- \..lh. .lowiii:; can;inn.-; i<ata::ra|>li: I |: i> :iini<-:t'il !!;.:! ;•. v::vt[ (Mii.v .v.a^ iM-iiiui; \>\ a 11.1:1. v\ ' . . ,:.|;. / .1 111. I" :i>: M;-, .U' ..'.p .-:(>•. ^\a^ til.- iin^'fss I'v -1 ivi!-;,-.-. to .'I <>it ;tiiii -'l iltid; I I ;:" 4.'! r!ti' i\iiiiti-:; ,•!');.• ail>-v,.'il lH .si '.>-i is ••• t'.u- V '.fc 111 .I.iiiv. Si-.'.il':. 111!' •••ci •«'. : "l.:.:li |i; iifil" •' iniKV. iniv.i} XT no .Miv iiY NEW i AKsoi !iTio\ .MJ^iriion. i If Villi .v; IIrCiT njiiin iiloi'iliiiii. iffhiiii;. i lilinl or iirotrinlins [lilfs. SCIKI ir..-> iyoiir aililrrss. ami 1! rtll .MHI U-.-W 11(1 curt' yoiirsi' f lat hoiiic liy i!ii>. ii -'w ; a)).?nr|i|l<>ii ir(»ait,iifiit; and will also |:; soiiio of itii;^ hnni«> In-a'tupal fn-c I lor iria.. >• r^'fi-n'tu'i''.-." from yoi:r j.iwn loialin if vp.imslnr HiiiiK^iliaio I ri-Iii'f aii:i |iiT 'ii :nn -iii <iiri» ar.^ii 11 'li. I Si'tid no iii .-iao.i.. Imt t.-'l OUIITS of ;hi.- offi-r. Writi- loilav to .Mr/. M. ;"i;iii- iili 'r:'. I;i).\ I' Soiitli r.i'iiil. I mi. Ill ill ilii riicl. 'i .:;ini - I hi r.'s >lo^Mi•..• Ml.- malii 1 Il ;Ii • i;i 1 .• pan:-. 1 l-al .\!ar.^ W.:!. tti,r .lo.!-; f,- I .il- I.*!;-.:]., r idaili.i l.i!. r. •(':;:iiir—>ii'.' I"!;'ina;- 1 .• .1 li;:;-^ li.uhl ai-ro.--- -«'t—1 lifr •- !.in w.- «aii ri -iiiiMl;. til.II. - 'I"!:.' t'ailiiili.- St.imlir.l .llill I'itlHS liftri.sfcr >Vmil A«N. Hrinir lioiitt:-. Gem CIfy ^ Business College QUUiCt, ILL. ri f":i«'hi'r» -•^lu'li-rii.'- ir.»in ri.ii..rii.v i.f riat.—. uc*-u- aOOfl mstcl. .-1:11! muiri-.l batl'tini;. rOSinOnS . •iir-.» m Short- liaott, TytM-wrllirie, llitokkr^pjac. Ar. lusi lluMnrM I'mt'tlrt'. !'• nnutnsbjii 3:1a Mathrmfttlr!«. \Vr:I*'(.-r «Mlr l-*>auti {il iilUN- irau.-«l ciialo^-ui* civiuir lull iu;>>ruarifiD4rre, 1- - Quinry. IlliooUl ^ REVENUE GROWING (••nrrsiTrcnl |{<'r< ipN for Thi-- \r«' Lara IT Than ii>r Mouir A Simple Remedy I Cardui is a purely vegetable oxtnu-t,. a simple, non-iutoxiratinsj ivmody. nM'on>iui'iKled to girls and women, of all atjos. for womanly pains, irroijulai'ify, falliiiir IVi'liiiirs. iiorYon>^.Moss, Avonknoss, ami aiiy ctlier form of siclaiess, peculiar to females. W • S. I'l i;< - 111.- ••oMia ia<-ai (.•..•ii'l .I'l-ml'.-i' I <|!'-'>'. . :l a ma I ki- I ov. M.iil. f\-i\ 1 .1—cl ufj. 111.- u-iiij.: lot i -.irii-M^ruliii i-.i'i-.l \:i Siiit'i'111 .-:. I'm'; rtliiiii ua.7 im.- V.---. k ; |.. for.- ilifi'- '.v.-ri' ::ii> (11- .1:.-nil.lis o! a momi ilistmliaiuf. I'or 111.- In>t M-\.T;|II;I iia;.> of tin- i-ri iiioiiMi ilif- r»-.-<.i).i.- asrj :ri 'i ;au* *:.'7.!'i:;.- i'll of .* I I.7J l."i:r. canii- froin 1 .-'om-. »II .I'.'i i "> Iri-:ii 'irriial nvt- i:i!f aiii! $ 1 .:it;ii."17 r.oiii niti .r ..'inr.--; ri.i- loiai sluovs a naia ovt-r ihi- rr- I-. :i!l< tor Ilii- <-oiri .-|i(.iul !ii;: il;..\s in 'il Mil lli'C 01 $i'.l.o>'>o ri,.- i|i>i.i !r >.Tii'-iii-^ I'oi II;.- j.i>? -.n- t vJ.'i'ii il.-.y > au-;i ,*:."N.7.:" •)"''• a-.i:ii-r f'.'.'. 7 !i'.'""i t .-r tli - i -oi 1 i-~;'.'a>l- THE Ki C. MARKETS Supplies and Prices of Live Stock in Kansas City Market for Week Just Ending. Kansas Cit\. Siock Yaril.^. S.-itt. 10. -CaJt!.-. this wt-ok S:'.."": i kist weik s2..-.i>'tV sanu' wfi-iv last yj-ar :»l.;t<"\ Prifis ii:ivt> (Ictlliifd si-^J. tly oach wa;. this w^-.-k till yostcrday, when III - ipis f'll off. and tluri- was some imiui:.''' 1i>r \V>-.-ti-riis. which sluiwfd aitiii- stri-ii;;lli and thi- saan- is triii> • liiiay. Ht-si |i-d si»^i'rs an- probahly •.(I lo/.i-r. ? mt-diiiin fiil sf^ers l-( i4> lowi-r. $."..7.'i to Ji'i.iMi, ?rass sf — IS Jii to 2.". lowor. at S.i.Si) to $r..Oi). •ows >^i ally to Ki lowor. $-.:.7ri to $:'..r.i>. lop rows chnifi! Iii'ifi^rs $t'..'Mi. .solvo.s aiv iT. f-i-'iits lower this wfok. ton vi-nis ?<• -jr., iiiiii.-i to $;i .r .it. Ti-n tlioiisainl <iiiarantinfs wt-i-i- iii- o'lirli-.l this W(-ik. stfi-rs Jii to I.', tow- i-r. $:!.ir. to tl.ild, cows shadt- lowi-r. i" M to i'i.iti. StockiTs an.I fot-dt-rs ijcniand is incn-asing. niov«-nit-nt to I 111- country Rroatest of ttf season this \\<-ok. prices uneven, steady to 2.'. Idwer.. Stoeker.s ransf- from $:;.7'.. to ?».2r,. feeders lo $1.7:;. Ho.c.-J this week. fiS."!!": Irjst We.-k •J^l.S'i'':' -sainft week last year ::r..r .iiii. Ho::s reached the high point at I7.-0 for Io|is on Tiiesilay. The market was lowi-r Wednesday and yesterday liut' clo.sed stron.c yesterday, and is to 1ft higher today, top today, $T;10. liiilk $i;.7.1 to $7.0.-,. Pis!,!i are hiajier , than] a week at $^..'.0 to $t;.25. ' High prices hronahi in the liberal ^iin. indiniting a -.lood reserve supply: in tie country, and aliso that owners are wiIlinR to turn loose on the $7.'iO basis. SI |> this week 47.6'Kt: last week .-..•>..-."i»: .«!aine wt-ek last year 4I.7i">. I^ambs sold stronger Monday on account of the licht supply, but heavy receipts here and els«^whore depress prlce.=; on lambs, middle of the week 5 to cents. Pheep remained steady, and lambs are stronger. today, ton Iambs $.-> Ill today, sheep and .veaif linjis to %\.'^i>. Tountry deman^ is stroiis. and prices steady with last week. Iambs $4.2.'> to $I.S.'.. wether aird yearlings J.l.^fi to $L1". breeding ewes up to $L.=in. Packers', pnrehnises: Cattle Hoes Shoen 412.VI p (-.I., i:::::: «»Sii| r ..•^I7 ^-•^\ Total . A D. U. Armour Cii-iahy Fowler .Morris Rii.ldy S. & Swift . .'.iitn'i ix.'.r,7 .-,<i:!>; 11 1»- !»12ft .•il2l.'. f.p,.-s 2SS7 2761 4isl2 7 nr. —Kansas City residence to trade for fola property. Good house with barn to rent, on paved stroet. Four room for .sale, for $ir.ti. Whitaker & Donnell. |i. no.i :.i I 1 . 'ullUll . I'll'- I au'l II: j\> 1''. I'll! jiii.'-.* !>' "v'l. I J'., ! Ill \\ 1 1 1. 1-...; •1 ! Il- ji.-m> 1 I ilii- n..>iiili V,>;io%' llll'l.ll^ J'-.l v'l.i'.^'. 11. i\-'. *ti|i'.i iiau. tl; •. ioii>. J'« '.<"..i oii.i .iit.i If .v .ui want 111.- ta!.-:-t and iiU'eRl |... t cauls oil t!..- market, C.-t llietll ai MUM.lis .liiii; store. A WOMAN AMONG THEM. Mrs. H. G. Kirkl.ind ic in the Star I Cup Race. It Wm Help You Jt» Mrs. !A. C. Beaver, of Uuicoi, Route 2Co. 1, ^far- jbleton, Tenn., wiites: "I suft 't -red with bearing- down pains, feet swelled, pain iu right side, headache, paius in shoulders, uervous jjalpitation, and other troubles I cannot mention, but I took Wine of Cardui and have found it the best medicine I ever used, for female troubles." Try Cardui. AT ALL DBixG ST0BE8 I Kansa- <it.>. M <i . .Sept. i;>.— Aiiioni: it In- niotoi ca- drhers nassini: 'lela on We.lji.-.-d.i.v will It.- .Mrs H. 0. KirKIand. known as the' be la iy ii -ororisf ill Kaij'-.-t.s Cil;. .Mrs. Kirk-j !-nd Is oii.> of ilir .i- women enti-re-l: ill tic contest am! wi!l be the only' ;wniiiaii who can dt'ive. repair and! n'aaaae her car alone. The others l!:ij\e assis'.-int drivers accompanying .'trill. .Mrs. Kirklarid \vi;i be accom- l /M lie.I on the tour bv her husband, wl o will (five a lirn.'sli runabout. .Mr.s. , l-"ii1.1au(l viii'iiiive nn Overland nin- a 'lo 'if. a ihirfy hnrs'-Jiower inn.-Jiiiie. .ci -v. i-ns -Iriveii f is machine around KM'i ^as City th'- la .«t we..-k. and has til I out .-1 -av' of till' run alreadv. J-'; !• i.-i nn I vp'-rt driver jn high s!» ej iont>si.i havinc- cr .t. re.! several in iPiu? fit> aii 1 r.-o!i trophies. ; Hrr I 03 - Is a gi<ien one. Vou can secure the M.itt .lHri! insgaaines nt less cost to yon ihjtjng September, iKjtU iu slmlc stthsc-iptiou^ nnd iu cli'.bs thjia ever «g.iin. Re «tl the lollowitig: i;\ e;\bod^ "s retail JLTitlt lUil!; In riub now lii-iitieaior ri>i.-«ii Sill .\f!er Sept. :;u World's Work, retail 'lu Vil :! now $.1.:iu. after Sept. ::0. KveryliiHly's OoUtieato.' and Mc 'luve. now i ^Ro, after Sei'L ih' - - Kver.\bcKl.\V. Worlds Work and .McCiiire's. ti.HK after Sept. W. Kverybody's, Wfubl'.-* Work, .Mu <r!can and Success, now .•\fter Setit. :!<» .McCliire. World's Work and L)e r> now .«:i ,(M). after Sept. "O. [Ml ('III re and Woman's Home Cmipatiion. after SepU 30.. •Pictdria; Ueview. 2 yrs, rvluil $:'. ('.H llonii- .Need ework, I .\ r.. re;ni! !i"c Two Paiterns. retail .'I'lc Picio-.ial Kevi»i'\, 1 yr . reta.!. $1 >•> Modern Priscllla. 1 yr.. r.-ia;!. . JI Ladii-' World. 1 yr. lelail <:i»c Oli<- PaTlerti. retail l.'ic After Hept. .'HI Now .*l.5»0 •1.40 #1.7.1 $1.50 All now After Sept. :!0 $1.75 , t.klahoni.i City, Sept. 19.—Htrryj jPenrsoij. hu.tbaud of Mrs. Peiffl ,Pe«r- 'son. who wjs murdered Iqr Hanr.PsT*. i ';e-. nud Sheriff Garrison eaclt'todyy 'orr.-r.'it a $lvtO reward for tbe cspttm, oi Pai-ker. The utate 'Is expected Ito add to tVe reward. Two suspeots irate i under arrest In different places iB ;th.> state today, but neither proved to be Parker. A trail was ciught at Enid i last night, but turtKMl but to be another mail, wanted, however, for another crinie. A man was caught at: Cnah^ ing late this everting answering-the description of Parker. He proved'to be another maUi however. The officers are at a loss Jiut junf. .IS to the direction Parker^took tram. Ark^ihsas City, where be was tracked b.v Sheriff Garrison. It seems-imppn« Ible. accorilin-; to the[^opinlon» of the polii;e. that Parker can remain atttt>* ertv much 1onirer..a8 his descripi^oa,,ie hv this time in the hands ot every, officer for miles around. .1. r». Mann, father ot the dead •wo* tpnii. arrived here this morning^ and this aftemooii accompanied theu-bedy to lola. Kas.. where the burial vol' M: Robbery is the accep^d^ theory of the murder. Parker Is believed- to have been without money. Urs; Peaxv .son had recovered her diamonds'ficem the pawnshop only a fevr weeks^-]be« fore the murder, and was -wearfag them when she went with Parker.,;. Oklahoma City, Setp. 19.-rdlnly 8 few hours ahead of the ofDcers, 'fiianr Parker, who shot and-mortany'^onnd« ed Mrs. Pearl .Pearson yesterday>ev» enlng. has been tracked as tarsia Arkansas City. Sheriff tha\ far at noon today, and fKitb: (here he will determine which dlfee<. tion to go. It is the belief here ttiat Praker must be caotored wl£htn the next few hours. His description has •been sent In all directions. The inquest over the_,dead woman, w-aa. held this afternoon. Her dying statement, given as evidence waa'to the effect that after i;8he and J^Atae got t6 Putnam park he asked her to go to.' New Mexico with him. Wtiea she in!>fuscd he shot her, then nnllfe two expensive diamond rings off.jher fingers, ft Is the opinion of ofltoets who Hxamined the grotmd at the ac¥ile of the shootlnier that two strog^es took place, and after the woman rin Parker followed her and shot te?r twice in the'back. ' ' Mr<j. Pearson's father. Mr. Mann! of fola. Kas.. arrived here-iQitB afternoon and wIH ac»»mpany • the body jto lola where It will be bnrle^jL Parker, it is said, formerly-Uved'in t.«uistme. Kentucky. i Har^ry Pearson, hnsbahd of "the dead woman, declared today that; He I would, never let Parker be tried in ji^ court, hut would kin lilm on si^t.' OF LOCAL OtfiBtST. Some People We Know, and We WHI Profit by Hearlne About Them. That Is a purely local event. It took place in Tola. Not In Buffalo or New York. You are asked to investigate It iAsked to believe a ciUzen^s word; To conlnn a citizen's statement. Any article that is endorsed at home Is more worthy of confidence Than one vou know nothing'about; Kndorsed by unknown people. M. F. Saylor. ot 314 S. Chestnut St, 'ola. Kas.. says: "Prom the evidence ,' have Doan's Kidney Pills are el rem- fiiy of great merit. My expejrienoe -^ith them dates back about two y^rs. \t th2t time, as well as on onelocca-. -ion since, the value ot this remedy 'Mr relieving difficulties arislngi from ; icrangcment of the kidneys ' was iirompi and positively proven to me. I tirocured Doan's Kidney Chas. Spen:-er & Co.'jB druR; store and- ^iad'y sive them my endbrsejpont.'' . For sale by ail dealers. Price 50 ?ent3. Foster-Milbum Ca. .Buffalo.. New York, sole agents for the United States, r • Remember the name—^Doan's-'-and take no other. ' MONEY STILL COMINQ IN. I Lady Pays Admission Pee not Takao Up Fair Week. \\1iUe Secretary Smith of the AI» ten County Pair Association was e^ tendinc tlu> State Pair at Rtatehtasoa a lady called at the ofBce''bt. Smlttt & Travis and stated that she ^HUtteA to leave a n*«erter for the seetetsxy >r the Fair association. In answer to , the iiue^ilon she sad tha^ her Httle daughter had passed through, the- J (ate nt the fair two dars on tte aSme ticket, the gatkeeper falling to tkliO: up the ticket the fltat day. The Htr tle:Mlss said nothing ahotit the mat> ter until after thoi close ot the fair. Mr. Smith says that unlike iireviohs .vears this is one time when there was |somethingi "coming In". after the cloKfj of the fair Instead of allying out. i I Mcriure'.s.' .\mericau, Corinopolitan. now ^i.ti.'i. after Sept. 30 HJM Itevk -w ofilteviews and St. Nicholas, now $UK> Review of Reviews and Har|ier*s .Monthly $4.90 I.iuidncott's anc^ McClures SiCO You can secure all of the^e or any other magazine at lowest rates by railing up Phone fi'-i. 4. K. IIE.\1»KRS0N, • ' 414 North Buckeye. SWAMP FEVER IS ABAT4Nia Moran Horsemen 8ayi Strange Dlseajis Is Dying Out. 'v The epidemic • of'. swamp • lever among the horses: at MOran mabat--.; ing. A Weast, who iiad one hotae ^e L of the disease: was town today^.; antfi.f he said his other ttorses that WeiBj,'"' fected were Irecovefing andi.;i ready, to work! Other horses ^saL tag from.the idtsease at Vora^ improvtng;

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