The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 5, 1986 · Page 37
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 37

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 5, 1986
Page 37
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The Salina Journal Entertainment Sunday»January 5,1986 Page 5 Soap opera summaries for Dec. 30-Jan. 3 Tune in tomorrow By JON-MICHAEL REED United Features ALL MY CHILDREN: During a struggle with an intruder he recognized, Gilles fell over a balcony to his death. Tad and Robin vowed to keep their past secrets. Natalie contemplated an abortion. Robin's imprisoned brother, Wade, warned his cellmate not to try to contact Robin (a.k.a. Robbie). Alex came on hot and heavy with Erica after luring her to his cabin in Canada with the promise of an interview with business tycoon, R.L. Payton. Ellen is suspicious of Ross's secret dealings with Lucy. Cliff and Dr. Amy Stone brought Nina to Cortlandt Manor, but her return didn't trigger Nina's memory. Palmer told Andrew he's secure in his Cortlandt job even though Daisy doesn't want him taking over Nina's former job. Greg gave Tad a job in his photo shop. A drunken Tom threatened to kill Gilles. Spiros wants Solange back. ANOTHER WORLD: Brittany slept with Peter, then fumed when he told her he's not ready for a commitment to marriage. The poisoned amphora dust caused Mac to become disoriented while everyone assumed he has the flu. Neal and Fayez stole the Egyptian treasure after Rachel arranged for it to go on exhibit at a local art gallery. Victoria secretly stole a necklace from the treasure before Neal and Fayez ripped off the rest of the gems. Kathleen told Cass she's thinking of going to Hollywood with Edward, who wants her to be his writing partner. Donna hired a man to impersonate Marley's father, Michael, but the impostor was thrown Tele-puzzle for a loop by Marley's questions about Michael's past. Felicia announced her engagement to Zane. Sally and Catlin saw a marriage counselor. AS THE WORLD TURNS: John was jealous to learn that Sierra and Craig are engaged. Kim identified Dr. Strauss as her stalker after he was killed in a hit-and-run accident. Marsha admitted she'd once been a patient of Dr. Strauss, who worked at the Houston hospital. Before his death, Dr. Strauss perused newspaper clippings and photos of Kim from her days as a cabaret singer. Marsha told the police her employee, Will Pratt, had been stealing from her before he disappeared. Frannie was nearly run down by a speeding car. Lily was jealous to see Holden kissing her friend, Wendy. Lucinda showed her detective cohort, Ambrose, a secret file she keeps in her safe. Det. Munson began investigating the cards and gifts from Kim's secret admirer. Lily realized she's attracted to Holden. Shannon vowed not to be jealous of Barbara's attentions to Brian. CAPITOL: Sherry kept Len from raping Julie, who temporarily escaped but was recaptured by Sandy. Sloane followed Tyler, who's looking for Sandy's hideout. Jenny freaked to see a photo of her and Zed on the desk in his office. Jenny had nightmares that someone is trying to kill her. Sloane didn't tell Tyler that she thinks Julie shot Mark, Myrna didn't believe Paula, who told her that Jarrett is really Myrna's old Dame, Baxter. Sandy drugged Julie, who had a reaction to the tranquilizer. DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Victor saved Shawn from death when a boat exploded on the waterfront. Bo is convinced that Victor somehow caused the explosion. Shane and Kimberly celebrated the new year and their expected child. Bo and Shane concocted a plan to break into the I.S.A. office to get a peek at Shane's supposed espionage records. Eugene and Calliope were married in an elaborate outdoor ceremony in the park. The Pawn roamed the streets of Salem after walking out of .Patch's pad. Ian returned and told Melissa that he divorced his wife. Alex married Emma. Jennifer's hospitalized friend, Kristie, was attacked by the hospital rapist. Ivy still has feelings for Pete. Pete was jealous to see Ian with Melissa. Even though the evidence points to him, Mike insisted that he's not the hospital rapist. Savannah fumed over Chris and Marlena's New Year's Eve kiss. GENERAL HOSPITAL: Anna learned the mysterious glass eye had belonged to Kevin's and Patrick's uncle, Earl Moody, who disappeared from their hometown, Laurelton, three years ago. Bobbi went to Laurelton after realizing that the date written in Terry's hymnal coincides with the date Earl disappeared. Mike moved in with Ruby after Rick, Derek and Ginny admitted that Mike is Derek's son. Terry and Kevin announced their engagement while Jennifer pushed them to wed as soon as possible. After kissing Terry, who responded, Patrick insisted that she's not ready for marriage. Monica told the Quartermaines that she's getting cozy with Sean so she can spy on him. Monica told Sean that she'll spy on the Quartermaines for him. Buzz took Terry on as a patient. Patrick caught Frisco searching his room. GUIDING LIGHT: Alex didn't believe Simon, who said that he's Brandon Spaulding's illegitimate son, and thus Alex's brother. Roxie and Hawk rescued Reva, who had gotten to shore 1,5 Shown, Fallen on "Dynasty II: The Colbys" 10 She's Jessica Fletcher 12 Mother of 1 Across 14 Japanese drama 15 Proceeded 16 CBS anchorman 17 ID for a Thomas 18 Pecan, e.g. 20 Living quarters 22 Collection 23 In the past 24 Fish eggs 25 Range of knowledge 26 Dan Blocker role 29 Dismal ACROSS 31 Sign-off for Stanley 32 That is: abbr. 33 Played Maj. Houlihan 35 Brother of 1 Across 38 "One Day Time" 39 Rodent 42 Rend 44 Gender 45 Helen — 47 carte 48 Neon symbol 49 "— Galahad" 50 Played Yemana 52 Football pos. 53 Horror flick hostess 55 "— Strip" 57 Carl or Rob 58 Linville or Hagman DOWN 1 Plentiful 2 Magnesium symbol 3 Pharmaceutical term tor honey 4 Sir Guinness 5 "Rain" role 6 Wolfhound 7 Males 8 Controversial missile 9 "Love, —" 10 "King and I" role 11 Hebrew month 13 Baseball's Musial 19 Also 21 Actor Hopkins 22 "— Pablo" 27 Enjoy the slopes 28 Concorde 29 Actress Scala 30 Cerise 33 Pierce Brosnan role 34 "The — Museum" 36 Mr. Parseghian 37 "Barney —" 38 Edward — 39 Detector 40 ID for a Young 41 Hardy heroine 43 Actress Duke 45 "Spenser: For —" 46 Essence 49 — Shriner 51 "Boy Dolphin" 54 Roman six 56 Upperclassman: abbr. Puzzle solution on Page 9 after she jumped into the river. Reva had a vision that she was rescued by a mysterious man. Maeve and Kyle romped in the sack and planned their honeymoon. Fletcher quizzed members of a circus troup after their train derailed during a snow storm. Beth con sidered Jackson's request that she move to New York City with him. Philip is consumed by his romantic thoughts of Beth. India realized that she wants to be with Simon, not Philip. Rick felt guilty that he's ignored Roxie while he's been studying for his medical exams with a friend, Amber. Billy freaked out when H.B. admitted that Sally is Billy's real mother. (Correction from last week: Bea went to live with Tony and Annabelle, who are expecting their first child.) LOVING: Curtis walked out on Ava because she refused to divorce Jack. Jack hopes to get a divorce by using Ava's affair with Curtis against her in court. Keith rebuffed Gwyneth's sexual advances in favor of Dolly's love for him. Spider beat Steve until he passed out. Rebeka and Zona celebrated the fact that Zona's pregnancy will surely bring Link back to Zona. Curtis insisted to a disbelieving Lorna that Link isn't the right man for her. ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Larry accused Ivan of killing Laurel, who died when her car went over the cliff. Rob split up with Cassie, who refused to believe that Ivan caused Laurel's death. Andre's big boss, Mr. Han over, sent thug, Chip, to kill Bo in order to teach the O'Neill family a lesson. Bo and Pete learned that Connie is working for an escort agency that eventually forces its girls into prostitution. Niki (Viki) renewed acquaintances with Tracy, who she had met while both were in a sanitarium. Ivan gave Cassie his research notes and insisted that he didn't murder Laurel. Tracy was jealous to note Mimi's friendship with Larry. While spying on Tina, Dorian and Asa learned that she's not really pregnant. Chip was smitten with Joy, but remembered Hanover's orders that he romantically pursue Connie. Clint kept Tina in the dark that he knows Viki is still Niki. RYAN'S HOPE: Jill regained her memory while Frank and Dakota engaged in fisticuffs over her. Dakota was wounded by a police bullet as he dove off his boat. Rick brought newcomer, Melinda, to Ryan's New Year's Eve party. Later a destitute Melinda camped out on Rick's doorstep. Jill was shocked to realize that she'd slept with Dakota. Jill remembered that Dakota is Johnny's illegitimate son. Rick's friend Treat paid an orderly to come on to Ryan and then Treat heroically "rescued" her. SANTA BARBARA: Brick was in shock after Minx admitted that he's really Sophia's illegitimate son, who was fathered by Lionel. Vowing her grandchild, Brick, wouldn't be raised as a Capwell, Minx had Brick and Channing Jr. switched when they were newborn babies. Janice remembered how she had perjured herself to save her husband, Mark's, medical career when he was charged with malpractice. Janice told Mark that she'll give him a divorce. Eden and Kirk slept together for the first time since their marriage. Mary didn't believe Janice, who said that Mason is really head-over-heels in love with Mary. Nick rescued Kelly and Dylan from the oil rig, but then became suspicious of Dylan's and Kelly's feelings for each other. Kirk continued to secretly send Eden blackmail notes. Santana and Cruz tracked Gina into Mexico. Augusta resisted Lionel's'at- tempts to make up to her. SEARCH FOR TOMORROW: Jo's daughter, Patti Whiting, returned to town vowing to find out who killed Patti's daughter, Sarah. Cagney and Suzi suspect Bela's withholding information on why Wendy split town. Rivera reminded Lloyd that he helped bail Toumeur Instruments out of financial trouble. Rivera later bought Liza's share of Stephanie's TV station. Estelle told Rivera she wants no part of his plot to kill Hogan. Patti begged Hogan to help her find Sarah's killer. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Lauren had a fantasy in which she secretly met with Paul, but he was later killed by an assassin's bullets. Ashley was shocked when she and Victor met Nikki and Jack at the New Year's Eve party in New York City. Victor later admitted to Ashley that he knew Nikki and Jack would be at the party. Nikki rejected Jack's theory that Victor wants Nikki to leave him. Lauren told Shawn that he can't force her to love him. Victor encouraged Matt to take Nikki out on the town. Kay fumed at Jill, who gloated that the blackmail photos are gone forever. Esther still hasn't told anyone that she has the photos. Turk told Lauren that he won't go behind Shawn's back to meet with her. Paul arranged to secretly meet with Lauren because he's convinced that she doesn't love Shawn. Curtis to tackle another big project LOS ANGELES (AP) - Producer-director Dan Curtis, who said at the end of the 18-hour television mini-series "Winds of War" that he would never make another, leaves for Europe this month to begin the sequel "War and Remembrance." 'NO COST TO YOU 7 ' lor equipment & services approved by Medicare and/or other carriers LOCAL SERVICES IN YOUR AREA OMGtNUAKlMKW HOMt»AUTO MOUC AUTOUOMJ OASfOUf WtUUTOK TOLL FREE 1-800-362-2385 LOCAL 913-827-9646 OR 913-825-1123 REGIONAL RESPIRATORY OIV. Of OAVIEf ttf O. CO, PHIL KRUG 7=? f, M 1 -&=i SLJRORS AWD NVESTORS.INC. 2178. Santa Fe 825-0280 Salina

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