Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 19, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 19, 1908
Page 6
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i I m roiAiPinT »EBIBT««.8ATPBDAr EYBSnCi m TO ELSMBREi A. D«leeation of Republicans Leavt This Evonina to Attend the Big RafJy. - Two hig automobile loadk of Be- ^ puUlcans will gb down to Elsmore tchj' all^t to iXiA rally vUcli Is to be addressed by Congressman Clias. F. Soott. The rally has been well ad- vertlsed and it Is expected that ther^ Witt be leering tnm the soutb psit of tbe connty. The Elsmore band wl^ fornlsb music for the occasion. In the party going down from lola are R. EL C^bertac^ county clerk; Frank li l^vls, candidate for senator; C. ci AnAemuui, candidate for couitty treasurer; Probate Judge J. B. Smith, C. B. Adams; clerk of the court; R.' It. Thompson, register of deeds; H. A- Bwlngv' candidate for county attorney; B X Culley and Congressman Chas, F. Scott o 6 o o o o o o o o o o o o o o; o ^IDDmOSAL SHOKT STORIES. * O O obobooooooooooodo \. • ladge Lease TVon'In Burlington. . I . John Seeley of this city drove Judge Lease to victory in tlic 2:13 pace in Bttilingtoni last week. The Judge was . up^ against; a speedy bunfch, too. the tutest heat being made in 2 :H% and the lowest |in 2:17.— Chamito Trjbunv. m m I A Son.Born. A son was bom this morning to W!r. and Mrs. i Forrest villains, of £25 South Third street. Have: PIniched Excavating. The Srorlqiiien this morning llni^bcd oxcavatlBf fen South Sycamore street. They >fll finish laying the brids by thr o£ the week. Hwp to Tcetlfj. . .Mi.«. S. Ji Jackson went to lola this * jiiKTuoon. She" is a witness-in tlie «-ivs*> against Sain ^\^lIt^ow. charged viih perjury. "Whitlow, It will be re- lueinbered. w«s tried for the murder of Miss May Sapp of Moran. and acquitted. Then Miss Sapp's father started another prosecution against blm, alleging that be perjured himself Jn testifjirig at the coroner's inquest to inquire into the girl's death.—Cha- Jiute Tribune. Only Flew Once.. The Strdebel airship only flew .once during the entire time of the Etate fair at Hutchinson. Wants His Money. Leslie Lehman went up to Trc» ton. Mo., Gils week to try and collect a debt of ^5 the ball game management of that place owe him,—Humr t>oIdt Union. TO,BELi:iLS£ BED XORBISON. Frlsoijia Brliigg Habeas Corpus Pijo> ce^fngs Today. Ani action Was brought In district court! thla attwnoon to securo- the re- leaaoiof J. A. Morrison fi-oni jnll on a writ of habeas corpus. Morrlxon WHS paroled by the dty some tiiw^ nnf*. \>«t, was returned io Jail .ve»UTdii.v. iho rlly. olaimlnif that be biul not iil>ii!i>d by tho terms of the piirole.. VorrlBon's littlnmoyN cinim tlini lli city ban no rli^ht to pitrole n prltionrr an dwhen \w \ IK OIH-O niloHHod it IH finals "Tlu* hi'juInK IK m>i, for OCUIIHT 8rd. Bond Is flx«vt iit 1200. MAY ARREST BOTH .I'atter and Son In SlinHs Family Are I ". Tnder Snsptclon. \Xip to pre^s hour this aftpriioou nothing defluite has developed in the connection with the death of tiie infant In the Shults family west of town, which was called to the atten- - tion x>£ the coroner yesterday. A six; teen-year-old girl in tlie Shults family K jte aald to be tlie mother of the dead iLjcliliai Suspicion points to both the t. Xallier and eon as to the responsibility K^dt tie girl's condition and arrests b^y h xolloir soon. i j Tlie Inquest will probably- bo held IMoiday but the date has not been jdeSaitely decided u^n. (First Published Sept. 16. 1908.) ; ' PUBLICAXIOX NOTICE. I : State of Kansas, Allen County, ss. i In tiie District Court for said County, i ' Njpllle Galney, Plaintiff, vs. Charles ,:M. Oalney, Defendant Bald defendant. Charles M. Gainey. I >irUItake notice that he has been sned ijn the above nanied Court for divorce isnd -iln ber petition, plaintiff alleges 'stiM tiKa.w for dlvorce, gross neglect of tduty, extreme cro elty, habitual drunk- ,.«ui^ and abanlonment lor more jChan one year, a id must answer the ..yjetiUoii.filed tbeiein by said plaintiff ^(oa or before the 28th day of October, lA. P. 1908. or said peUtion will be Ibikenias true, andiudgment for plaln- ^ In said.action! for divorce will be .iieodered accordli^Iy. t^' ' • .mnsQ. OAm> & GABD. Attorneys for Plaintift. attest: C. G. ADAMS, fi4S«28*Stt ; Ctlerk ol Said Ck>urt Why YoaShonldBuy Your Floor CovoHukgs aKd Draperies Hiere and NoW! There a-e several good reawnt why you shouU buy Rigt, Lace Curtains and Draperies NOW—HERE—because you can save good dollars on every purchase, i. -;- ' •;• •;- BECAUSE —We know where and when to secure our stocks, and we watch the market and boucht at the right time-rduring a decline in prices, that means ECONOMY for you. BECAUSE —We buy our Rugs, Lace Curtains and Draperies direct from the makers—been doing so for years-rand they know better than to try to sell us'the doubtful kinds. We demand their BEST invariably. That means SATISFACTION for you.- BECAUSE —Our stocks are as large and varied as. those found in many large city Department Stores. No need to go farther and Eire worse. BECAUSE— To be brief, you can do better here. Room Size Rugs 9x11' Ingrnin Rugs, worth $ti.OU:color.s groen,| red and Uiowii; SIHTIUI for Monday SH4.JK1 Pro.Krusscls Hugs, size 9x13 foot, moon fiorai and oriental iiallcrn^. ruKs worth $12.50; on sale for SD.S,! »Kll Tapobtry Rugs in rich floral pattovns.U-olors VIMI , luown and groon: price ij$l:^.5(> 9.\rJ Tapestry Rugs In floral or orionlal iiatlornj* Rioon. rod and brown coniblnations; price $15 .(M) axl2 Seaniloss Rugs In floral and oriental patterns; price .. .5H*30.(M> !>.\12 A.\iulnster Rugs in rich floral and oreinial imtlcrus: . price $'.>.').<)<) :»iul jfi.'tO.MO Body Rrusscls Rugs, size S feet 3 inclie.-; liy 10 fet>i <! inohe.^;: siuxial PricH ip.'i'i.rtO 9x12 tan. greon and brown Orienfal Body Hrnssols Itnss:; |ir4ri> JH ;}t) 3x12 Wilton Velvet Rugs in tan and maroon small design.';; prin- stained glass effects; price per yard^ to ^Ot" DRAPERIES »'•. nil ami rioral and Fanvy Whiti' fnriajn Swibt-cs in iloi .s. « ro.«.s siri |K'.s. liar.-j and flora patterns: pvico \>fr yard l ***s<*. Llf and I'tMf Lace Curtains Wiite or Arabian Lace Curtains In new fall dcHijzn.s. size Inrlifs by 3 yards; special values at pair J ^LOl) Mat Bobbiuet sill length Lace Curtains. 2Vi yanl.s IOUK. i .Hi- .iml insertion trimmed; price pair SI.O.l :»»i-ln(li fiini-y ^|^i |l.•tI ^>no\vflal«- DritpiTifs in Krci-n. Ii inai /.v; iiviif >anl , .''l-lncli i 'riiiiiMJ ('ii .-i -iiicDi Cloiliin \ral >j.'in Kronml wiilij Nluiiiod Kla>s ^•;{^•c(^; (irivo IHT >anl !.•><* ami 1»?3C Kamy Kisii in .Vral'ian r<Ml. ;;rfi 'n anil ivor.x 'M m li' inclic.-* wide; puc»> (»vr yard I3c J»0<* :>t;-iucli Trrnch Drain -rx .Mu.slin in vvliiu- urouud wiili pink niai/.c and Iiinc floral iiallcrns; prlrc per yard I .."iC and floral Wliiic .Matlras and Crenadinc anil inclu-s wiilo. priro per yard JJOC'. tU<- anil 4 ."»C Isinry fo'ori'ii Siolcli .\|ailra.> lo. » imlnw or iliMir ilraji <M-|,i -.s in niaizp srci-n. lan. niariion. rii ,>.i' and lirnuii; prici-il ai. jd lO^' >'> $ I ..'»(JI .\i \v Uiili Tapi.-iry I'urlii rs in all colors at. pair.. to S20 Fancy Kopp I'nrlicrs in red anil r -reen; .-pi 'ciali .i priieil Ji»l.,l() lo 5f?;j Window ."^liades in li«lit oi dark ;;rofn. ."i; inchp.< uidt- liy i; fpci lon^i. i-riie oaiii ' 2rie Oil.' Ml' of flnrnl paiK-rn .-^aniple Unj;.-*. nii>.<ll.v «ri-eii. .-f/e J7.\ |.V incli- e.-^: sp .-fial prire JSI.W Itras.s Sa.-^li Cnriain Knil.-^. lonip .ere wiili fixtnr.-s; |irice iili .. ..><'• Fancy Cnriain Itoil.-j wiili brislii fi.vinre.s. price ea .h I()<^ and i^c Acorn Knd Urass I'nrtaiii Korts extend to 4r> inches; price each ^iTtf I Baby Shoes New Fall Dress Goods Ilalij'o Soft Sole Shoe.-, in ."^izi-.s n lo 4. worth TiOc; s:|iecial sale price ;{!)P Raby's Turn Sole Shoe.-, sizes I lo .1. in black and tan: price |iair .( Umi>rellas I'n'piiro for rHliij weullicr. We \m\v- JMM rm-heU n birito xlilpnuMil of rinliretlao HIMI hate H Npprlul talnc to offer in H '.>fi-lnch Inp nl »l .(H> Ail WiHil llaiL^le Inrliex wide In Itiouii. meeli. ilaik and liulll blue. rod and iilaek; |>rlee per xiinl .*»<)<* Wool I'Mliallia 'M lliehei. wide In lilip- brown ;ind IdaCk. prin- i >t >i" >"rd . . • • .lOc* l'°aiii'V Stripe I 'arliiiM-ii! \h-> IIMII-N ::•> iiiilieh wide. In blue .-Kill bl:iek price per yani IWc Wide Wale .SiMKe Ifi niiv% bine and brouii I- inilie> wide. |irie<. per >ard :. ^lAM MnreMe .stripe Srrte in nav\ bliii' .iiui bio«ii 1." iiieln-s wjrir. priie |ier jard 5j» I .'<H> SUITS, SKIRTS AND OTHER READY-TO-WEAR. GARMENTS Blue and.Tan Striped Suits, maiilsh cut (Joat, uatin lined, four piece skirt, strap trimmed; price ; $10.00 Yonng Ladies^' Suit iii black and red jui.\ture, serge lining,, trimmed -with velvet and brass buttons, pleated skirt, price i 815.W) Fancy Cheviot and Worsted finished Cloth Suits in brown, blue and green, gored or pleated skirts, jackets lined with satin, trimmed with braids and buttons, a dozen styles to select from, price 830.00 The new Empire Mousse green, suit made of fancy striped broadcloth, trim mod with satin and buttons, high satin band collar, pointed lapels. Jacket satin lined, gored withj 6-inch bias fold satin bnttous, full length of skin: price I.... 837.50 Long S«>TOi-titt«>d Mellon t'oats irini ni.'d nitli biKiidh alid velvet lined with satin: price 8I(MN» Long M 'ini-fitted Coat in Ca.slor and brown, biack and navy blue, trimmed with velvet and braid, yoke lined with .salln, bpecial price 87..lO Woniens l^jiig HIack .Melton Coals trimmed wilh velvet and braid, a eo;ii that i.s well worth $6.50, but you'll find them priced at 85.4N) Fancy Rubljorized Silk Auto or lUillty Coals in dark grey stripes: special price 8.'>.<H> Mis.scs Rubberized Storm Caiios with hood attached, all sizes, from i> to 12, a cape worth $.'>.nO; • special price «3.!)."> Women's Tan .\niii Coat with leather trlniuied ciilfs, collar and pockci.s. A new novelty in the ioai line: spe-: cial priee ST-.'iO liiibberi /i d Silk .\nti> or it liln.v Coat.s in all I-OIIM !^. either pUiti or IMieedai .... 810. 8ri ,.">OJ: Fancy Striped tircy and IJlaek IJiib berizcd Silk Aiito Coats, reinforced shoulder straps, inrncd back iciiff.- I'riieil al .S'^.l -tM) B'cveii Cored .\"avy I tine ;Scrs;e Skirts, front opening: liniton atid open full front length, irlminod wit;|i hclf l»ands and Taffeta, price 8S..10 Swell HIack Voile birecloire Skii: trimmed wiih taffeta, front left side pleated gore, one of the richest black skirts on the market, price . .81:7.>10 Semi-.Made and Ready .Made Dresses for {ifternoon and evening wear; . Fancy Net Semi-made L)rcs.<c.-* in white and colors, sl-irts are finiffhid except one seam »nd there in ptiiin;:li iHiiterial for ihe waist with, irimniincs lolnplete. price 8T ..'iO to S^.l FMU TO QUALIFY DliuU^ He PontoM Nevor GOBM I QIPOSITE IS AIWAT8 TBVB. Gold Standard Soea V«k BUj, HM Does Zl Wrlto Tntara In Blood. As a prophet WUllam Ttnnlngt BirT> an has nevar bMB 8 snccets. The oa- lamities wbicb he has foretold would have brought unlimltea dissRter to the coiintrr If they had ever been realised. But the/ terer came to pass, .^he harrowing pictures wbi<^ lie painted were merely figments of his Imagination, based on ftbsolutely no foundation wh.Ttever. It Is well to hare Americans remember that prophecieo" uttered t>y th« orator of the Platte mii.<tt be discounted fnlSy IWii per cent, for all signs Indl- jhe feels the fate? ouce more and is about, to t>egin prophesyins CKalu. A male Cassandra. -Mr. Bryan ml^'ht bj this time have lonmed that tlie forcaat of. evil will never bo believe«l by those who have found that in the past bis Tatidnations have been but empty air. "Driving Country to Buin." Tor Inatanco. when Mr. Bryan was a member of the House of Represent* ti\es in 1802 he was ab.«olutely li'rtaln that protection was driving the IMUIV trv'headlong to railt and ruin, and in bin apecch delivered March IB of that year he dre*r the following agonising picture*: •Trotectloa baa been our cannibal tre«.. and as one after another of our farmerti has been driven by the force of clrcumstancen upon that tree and has been cnwheil within its folds .'us companions have stood around and shouted.'Great l.s protection." <- - Ibus in every State. »» far a» th«w Btatiatb-s have been collated, the pro- IKtrtlon of home owning farmers i.« de- crea."!lng ami that of tenant farnicn iacreoslng. TbUt menna but one thins. It means a land of landlord." and tenants, and. b.ncked by the history of every nation that has gone ilown. I "a.^ to you that no iieopie can eimtin.if n free people under a free government when the great majority of its iUlz->:!.» are tenants of a small minority. Your system fprotectlve tarij» has^ drirei! thi farm owner fn»m his labd and. fubstltutetl the farm tenant." * IldW far this pictiire portrays tht America of to-day or the Auieri'-a of any year since he made that sjiv^eh my .\merlc :«n can answer. Even Jn Mr. Bryan'!» own State he i-au find an a '..iwer -rii;lit at his di»ors. for th«» farai lajds- of Nebraska have doubled in value. "Murderous Qold Standard. B;it during the four year.t snn-eeitlu;: th.-.t s|H>«'<li .Mr. Bryan's nicltatlon i:r«w m. less nor did the demon «lii.h be hail rMlx>4l In hi.i own iinauinatinn hide with dliniul'iliiNl head, for In IS'.x; he as.iUi aaw dextllnilon threatenitij the Ci inilry. lie had a retniily for It. a pamK'411, a fetb-h which he hold up for H'THhIp—,fri««« »llver. Here nre t^oinf of the thing* Mr. Bryan wild winild liiip|,en If- the gold standard were eot» tbiiiiHl: "I reply tiist If protection h.t« Mia It It* thouMindJi the gold (HMndHrd has •lain Ita teits of tb»u<«an<ti>."—From a.'ieei'b at fieinocrafIc Nathmnl Cnnven- tloD. July. !«»«. ••I>o not let the Repitblie:u\i« Ix^cuiie Tci; about the future. The futiire Is •written tn blood crushed out of you by ltol»l."~From >|)ecch at Erie. I'a.. \\i gunt. . "Ah. my friends, there Is another rea8/«n why people have gone into the cities and left the farms. It Is be- caiisr your legislation has t»»>en cana. Ing the foreclosure of mortgage.i upon the farms. • • • Mark my words: If the gold standard goes on and people ••••ntiniie to complain, the gold stau- dani advorates Instead of trying to Improve the condition of the people will lie rei-omniending that you rli»se your schools so that the people-wiU not realize how much they are suffering, apeet-h at Monmouth; llj., October. liiSW. But whom has the gold standard •lain? What future did It \vrlfe In blood? What district schools did It done? Again the condition of the eonntry make* a calm reply confatlng the Impassioned orator. Campaigning again in 1900 Mr. Bryan decided that Imperialism waa another danger to the country. If it wer» (wntlnued the Fourth of July would be forsoften by all Americans and the "spirit of '70" would become a thing nf the past. Speaking at Lincoln. Mr. Bryan said: Sees Death of Patriotlcm. •The flgbt thl* year will be to earry ont the sentiment of that aoag we have BO often repeated. 'My Country. Tla of Thee.' If we loeew our children and our children's children yr\\\ not succeed to t*ie spirit of that song, and eelebra- tion.<>^ of the Fourth of July will paaa away, for the spirit of the empire wiu be upon us." Is there any spot In tteM United V)rf^th»rl<Mb»*n ••n(r<>r»rrrnm (lekbeidaehaT lor:th« iMl twentT -av9 jrnr* »n»l nv^r fuiiii*! any Rifttt ttnlll h« hr-2tm iakinE 7i»>T Cmiemlfi. Sine* H«|iM l,v(an tAktne Ca-«car«t« li^ 'tiwi ii«r«r b«J th» ha»^tac1i«. Tbvy hnrt •nWtnif cnrctl him. CucMTU do wbikt JOB rrrnmm^iwl Ihrm In Jo. I will cif« jon th* prirllecff of nRinc hi* nam*.** t:.n. Dieji^oo, 1U« KesioerSt.. W.ItMianaoolO.lnd. Best For ' The Bowels •nil] On I>few....t. Pa, tahlr.t ,enl.Ta«wGoofl.t>oGood. Sr ^icKen, Vrak^n of Gripe 1^, ^.htr. KeTai in bulk. 'fUn |;*tiairtf» »alfl*t n?Kmp«d COG. ranteed to rure or your nM .n.y bark. Ste.-'ing Remedy Co.. Chic«KO or N.Y. sqt ARiiUALSALE, TEN MILLION BOXES LEGALS* . ><»TH'K OF KKfEIVKK'S .SALE. Notice is hereby given that the un- densigncd. Receiver of the |>ro|ieriy and effects of The Webster Retltting Company, a corporation with its principal place of business at Humboldt. Allen County; Kansa.s. will, on the 28th day of September, 190S. at 'i o 'clock p. m., at the South front door of the Court House at tola. .\IIcn County. Kansas. oITcr for sale and sell to tnc higliest bidder for cash in hand, (he following described property, tp -wit; llie Refining plant of the saitl The Webster Refining Company, which \ri- cludcs blocks Xinctecn Twei ty 120). Thirty-three c;:!). and Thlrlv- fonr (::n of West Humboldt Addition to the City of llninlM >Idt. Allen County. Kiui .sas. being ail one tract of land; together with all hnildings. structures .)r other iniprovenients. tanks, tank cars, tank wason. pipes, pipe lines. nuu :hinery. fools, oflicd furnlnire. supplies other than raw or manufactiirtMi material on hand tor manufacture of sale, and nl! other apparatus or property being ur forminK a p;irt of tho said retinif.ij plant and used in con* uection therewith; together with a certain pipe line connecting said Refinery with certain oil and gas leases tn the vicinity of Humboldt, Kansas. Said sale to be held pursuant to the order of the nistricl Court of Allen County, Kansas, made la an action therein pending wherein The North- ftp Sattonal Bank, a corporation, is I tintlft and The Webster Refining company, a corjioration. is defendant, being civil action'No. 81.34. oh June ieth. 130S; which order is on file in the said cause and to which reference Is made for further information con- cerntog the terms of said sale. Dated this 3rd day of July. 1908. G. R. G.\RD. Receiver, Ai>; r 'ved: OSCAR FOUST, Judge. 7 I ; I :.;-L'.';-l -8-15-22-29-5-12-19-26 'First Published Sept. 12. 1 !»08.) NCT.CE OF APPLICATION FOB WIDOW 'S ALLOTMENT. Slate of Kansas, county of Allen, ss. In the Probat- Court of Allen County, Kan ^^as. In the matter of the estate of Ctirl Ohifest. deceased. Dt -ila .M. Ohifest. petitioner, vs. .Minic Ohifest. executrix of the estate of (^arl Qhlfest. deceased:. John J. Ohifest: Otto Ohifest; Albert Ohifest: Flmma Hooper, formerly Krama :Oh'fe.sf: Frank Davis: .Mable Davis: Carl Boriiliolt: Henry Bomholt: Katharine Heaie.v. formerly Katharine Bomholt: Katharine Reeder. formerly Katharine Ohlft'^t: Abbie KuKic formerly .-Ibble Ohifest: Charles Ohifest: John Ohlfi'si: I Aiuia Cibson. formerly .\nna OhlfeM: .Mary .McDonald, formerly Mary Olilfest: .Mapcaret Myers, formerly .Margaret Ohieiia; Carl Ohlenu: Hans Ohieiis: Anna Kurvaiek: Elsa- liea l,\urvab'k: and the children of WnpUae I'elper. whose naiues arc u'n- knowji. their nitknown heirs. dovlsocH, uilmlitlstrarors. executors und friii«- tee.s; and Minnie Ohifest. heirs at law of Carl O.'Ifcst. deceased. Defendants. Notice of Application for Wldow'4 Allotment. Yoii and each of ynu arc hereby notiled: That I dill on the -JOtU day of June. r .ii'X. apply to the Probate Court of Alb 'ii County. to set off and allot to fee slniplt>, one-half lii vahic of ull .the real estate In which my late husband. Carl OhlfesL dc- eeaseil. had a legal or equltiablc interest at the lime of his death and not ii»?ccssary ' for the payjnent of debts and that .-iaid Probate Court did on the r.:ili day of Septeihb ^r. 1908. [order and. apiioint as commi.<;sioners to urH(ke such allotment H. Henderson. J. .\. Robinson. J. C. AVoodin. And! -the said Court at the same time, ifiirther ordered that such allotment ihe made by said Commission ers oil the "i<th day of September. I'.ins, |aud that such commissioners make In reiiort thereof to the said Court on or Ijefore the 6th day of October. |l9ii.S. and that notict of this I»roceeiiings be given to you and each of yoii and all parties irtterested thereiii by publishine a notice thereof in Thi^ lola Daily Register, a daily newspaper of Keneral circulation in .Mien Connt.w for tiirec con- secntiv ^e weeks, before the 2^th day of Septcmfxr. 190S. i ' D1CI.I.^V .M. OHI.FE:3T. Petitioner. Attest:! J. B. Smith. Probate Judge. C. L. Kvans and Bwhig. Card & Card. Attorneys for the Petitioner. 9-12-l9 -£t;. ROBINSON IN SERIOUS CONDITION Friends are Miich Alarmed.—Has Ty- I phoid Fever. Mr. I'.. F • Uobin.son. who has been seriously ill with tyi>hoid fever for some tjime. is reported to Ix* in a very critieai condition today. A physician was in attendance practically all of last night. .Mr. Robin.son has Ijeen confined to his home for many weeks and wasIniprovini: of late until yesterday when what appears to be a relapse took place. His friends are hoping for a tfcange in his couditinn t«»ward rtcoyerr. ^

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