The Courier-News from Bridgewater, New Jersey on December 12, 1933 · Page 14
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The Courier-News from Bridgewater, New Jersey · Page 14

Bridgewater, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1933
Page 14
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Telephone Plalnfleld 6-c JPAGE FOURTEEN By Norman Marsh THE TUTTS By Crawford Young DAN DUNN Secret Operative 48 5rgLV twe cmef of POLICE OF LEADECWILL A.NO BANNISTER, REPORTER. FOR THE EXPRESS. KNOW THAT DAN DUNN, SECRET OPERATIVE 45 '13 ON THE FRICK KIDNAPING CASE By A CLEVER RUSE. DAN SUCCEEDS IN GETTING HIMSELF arrested wrm PAGAN, AND THEREBY GAINS FA.GAN'3 CONFIDENCE. FA6AN HAS JUST MET MOPEV. WHO IS ONE OF DORIS FRICKS CAPTORS. AND DAN -LISTENS TO THEIR CONVERSATION . AT TVC FRICK HOME. A LETTER HAS JUST BEEN RECEIVED BE CAREFUL NOW. MOPEV- DONT LET A.NVTT-IINQ EXCEPT WHEN I'M INSTRUCTED 1U. HEAR FROM THEM AGAIN IN A FEW DAYS IF 1 GO TO THE POLICE. THEY THREATEN TO KILL HER OH. MY OH.MV WHAT HAVE I EVER DONE THAT my Daughter should eE TREATED THIS WAV ? WHAT SHALL I DO ? ? ? ci if rv-i-r .Ann rA.GAN . WE A NT OVER LOOK IN" NOTWN', DAD STuBBV 1 GO IN T' BEAT IT Ok IT T TUF JOINT NOW -fH K!DS LEARMEp tHiS TQCtf A, Cc?UPJ-E CT NEIGHBORS PLAINFIELD, N. J., COURIER-NEWS, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1933 I fS I HOPE I CAN J r2 I NOW. MOPEY- I 1 i 11 I V SEE 4 J THrr car ? I V FOLLOW fxxNV , I K..i l I r-iuj-l i 1 mrr I I v.t-n 11 i-r I I II W I I kWSm-IIMQ J V I Br,Kr. I I Li7-- t! . ft I it v ' ID I ' J 1, , I boss. ) . I LET'S V GO J S n .i II- -Kmxr- 1 11 V Conynrlit. 19S;. by Ontral Pis Association. Inc. I FLICKERS By M. D. R. Life's Utile Agonies The young man who had inherited money rang the bell on the door of the "School of Deportment." He had uecided to learn how to carry himself in society. A bowing Frenchman begged him to enter. "You give lessors in deportment, don't you?" inquired the young man. "The beat, m'siur," gushed the proprietor. "My system it ese perfect. Two weeks ago a yourvr man like you, m'sieur, he take only three of my lessons in deportment and yesterday, he was deported." When water becomes ice There is chemical action. But the greatest change That takes place Is in the price. Jim's Wisdom Jim Oims says this is the season when the goose pimples come north for the winter. Before the days of the depression "a grand" used to be a piano, but now it's a $1,000. The authorities Keep saying The gangster must go, And he does He goes places And does wicked things. How rapidly the seasons are changing. Now we have only two the baseball and football seasons. A -ollywog is one thing that can wish it were something eke and get away with it. About the best thin,j A fellow who talks In his sleep can do Is nothing that he shouldn't. Someone just 'phoned that the proper way to buy a dachshund is to "g-'t a long little doggie." You can't fool the Big Bad Wolf at the door by trying to tiptoe out the cellar entrance. The fellow with an ancient flivver in a down-hill town never hits any of the high places. CROSS-WORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1 Spreads new-mown grass for drying 5 Interweave .,8 Old 12 Great Lake 13 Resentment 11 Cleopatra (fam.) 15 Slayers 18 Dry. said of wine 19 Baser metal 10 Grain 21 Sound heard in ausculation of the lungs 23 Greek spirituous liquor 23 Arranged hi lin 27 Stem of weapon (pi.) 50 Reputation 51 A tree (pi.) 32 Quavers 85 Valued 27 Man's name 88 Girl's name (var.) 39 Turkish governor A 1 Assistants 43 Couple 46 Resolve 49 Afresh 50 Consume 51 Cavity 52 Ancient Aryan tZ Cunning: 54 Finishes - DOWN 1 Beverase (pi.) 5 Irish Gaelic 3 Selected from others 4 Ocean 6 Guided into error Peculiar covering of the seed of some plants ! Singers 1 Vaudeville terra V Masnification 10 Weird 11 Portion of medicine 16 Exchange of a commodity for a sum 17 Native Indian waiting maid 22 Anoint with oil 24 Native of S. E. Africa 25 Part of ship 26 Etruscan deity 28 Thrice (suffix) 29 Sanctissimus dominua (Most Holy Lord papal title) 33 Prevaricator, quibbler 34 Glutinous mud (pi.) 35 Enoush 36 Italian girVs name 39 First man' 10 Mr. Tunney 42 Graduated circular plate 41 Open tract of country 45 Individuals 47 Sheep 48 Article Answer to previout puzzle S. s C J A X 1U C m p n liiii&is LJh s a i l :i ' TS PMA TE.BF. ! u l. u me & ft j sJzz T A! x j t s. 1 z & a s. si gSF m n a a a. iTU. a s. s, x i. !, IT 2. 3 A- gmse oast mmat ajaMEHzan JTs 16 " 17 26 mm Q 23 1 33 1 35"" J - ; bs zza hbibLbbu vLmm mmm mom &mm mm mm mm Boil Out and Clean Radiator Before Using Anti-Freeze By doing this you will have better circulation during the long winter months of driving, and the motor will function much better, aa the radiator is a very vital part of the automobile. MADTMAAUT0 radiator & lUftlUllUMETAL WORKS, Inc. SOMERVIIXE PLAINFIELD TeL Som. 1150 TeL flfd. 6-3732 MTJGGS McGINNIS They All Fall By Waliy Bishop jA VT'S "IRE. UL' GIRL WITH "We BL0E So eeAJJtlRJL-'H-x usve. HER So! oM. whatLlx tjo? FobsSTI 5 2-2 Copyright. 1933, by Central Press Association, Inc. -nit TilUtfiT L i 1 rA l IT" 1 11 UV IM THE HELP IT'. ID SraI&- lM LOVE1. X pruAY AJEL UF r-AUT BEUEA&- TfSclti WHffi EARS j V J1 LAKE. "RAT! r MUlll T Ni XAA I K C1U 1 C )t BALL GAMfLWm TRE SOSRH WlNTTH INNMC3 ruK 1 MS.V6R 1 cv y 1- v cvr 1 1 1 TSK '.TSK.1, TSVC ! WELL, ' SodO LUCK.OL PAL V VbU WAS A. MtttKTV V L A3THD ' ) a 1 XAVAOlMEj SofTVI FRANK MERRI WELL 'S SCHOOLDAYS OF ToivA law:e, STVRLlMG 15 TAKE M TO HS leooNs. A,NP MA HAVE OEPAvRTEC CONCH ANl A tOCToO jENVAlM. vAf-VAmF.eE ANA. )HOAA...SAfe AhJPALWE, MclcKI U) U ME iiAVEP VOO1 EMEM9eL! 1 WAS CEAWUNGf OUT up xn'o CA(o wfe-M rv 1 CHEAP PUNVC 0UAVEP eAWO STAMC? 'PJE-S CO I MGAAt! Coach Speaks His Mind By Burt L. Standish M riT TlZLFIHRUl AOOT FeANK MOT ;A4G to play nu w rs u 7 . NOW I'M IV) Ttf HOUSE IT'S ALL PULT ' ETTA KETT Back at Ton, Etta! By Paul Robinson GOOD ) f5 ltA5 Our 1 OF 1hlE SHOPPERS J --VJIULNOU PLEASE PICiC Our MOANING. L SEtevtCE -fb FILL ALL MAIL AND SOMETHING SNAPPY FOf2 A jJ (P -ff A PHONE Ot2DE(?S, MlSS KETT.' GlRL FRIEND ? SPARE NO J . (f - hcqe is a Lcrrerz raoM a expense . mail to J S flfl NOUN G MAM NlLLNOU SELECT JOHN BAMPAVL . yy iHEGtrr he' vjant-s.' 1 KNONM fTnb ' j ? ' so he has a nevn date And him alnams1elln3 m i was: the onlm girl IN HIS UTC 7 f If V-Kfc.fc.irlo CHEE5 E tMCtii , fcl I r I WANTED TO SUGPtelSE OU AND LOOKT Af -CHE JUNkM GIFT THAT" Shopping SEtzCE pickted our.' V , -, PHOOET.' fc II I 1 II Ea 3 SOME fi ttV , PHOOET.' I I 1 1 V -SK WANTS. 1 ftT1 U M 5' i i ;g? AGirr " hmM to 71 ffg JUST KIDS "Borrowed" Trouble By Ad Carter dllKE.THE MOOCH. KNOCKED IMP STEBBINS JJOWbJ AUO ESCAPED ItJ A STOLEN CAZ2 , WHILE SEE?6EAyT MAMD-dUFEIU3 SHISSOBBES-FAL, BILL MUSH HLTbTG QV TO THS BACK TIRE TO FIMD OUT WHERE HE WA.S GOING AKTEf &O INTO THE 2SZ3HT-OVE& LONEISV ' COUNTRY V 1 I V IT 1 I t. - V 1 VJfTVlMrTER . f . y V T v Y 1 X AJTH THIS W i S0 J V Vl BLAMED 5 CAME TO A STOP CW THE BACK SOAD- VA.U0RGOT orFAhm H1DBEHIIW A TREE UHR " I'D UKE TO GIT THE VN VN feuNfsUV I STOLE THIS ), 1 C-i GAS- fV PUN1CH HIM M A II X r BET i 7THE MOSE PEC V Y f y3. King tcinirc SnJujir. ik Or tax U i nctu ti NOW YOU KNOW By R. J. Scott UP Ht HlLAFLA MAUKA , A FJLVi SPINS LIQUID, SILK FROM rt"5 rRONf LECS Arrows point lb swELLiNqs on rfl; le5 FROM WHICH HE. SILK 1? POURED OXFORDSHIRE., ECt. THE OLD HOME TOWN By Stanley ABLE -To DANCE FOR. DANS AND NiqHfS wihouY REST, or Travel qREAT distances wririoirr StOPPlNq vFOR, RESTi FOOD . OR. DRINK .Copyright, 1933, by Central Press jipRiation, Inc. ' 12- IS bluepoint ovsTers ARE. Born in cjreat Soufrt BAV, L.l.i DREDGED ANp fRAN$-PORTE.D Q PECONIC 8AYi l.i., amd after -two Years ARE BROUqHr BACK -To REAT SoirTH AV ; A BLUEPOlKf 1 AK ovster That ha been in' i5REA south bay atleast 6O DAYS IMMEDIATELY ' PRIOR -To BEINQ SOLD' IF ... v r N J V 1. AT EM, - ID CHANCRE. "THAT STORY ABOUT RUNNJM INTO A DOOS THE BOYS INSIST IT COULDNT BET DONE VSIITH THAT FACE STICKING ODT w v ,M J r & 1 PSTe BENOEtS SEMI-ANNUAL BLACK- EYE STORY ACAIN FAILED TO CL.ICK WITH THE BOYS, AND MARSHAL- OTEV WALKER STEPPED TO OFFER SOME Ary7trLF? rr dippvpm-t vs. ri-.u-r- 1 1

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