Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 19, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 19, 1908
Page 5
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THE TOLA PAILT BEOISTEB. SATTHDAY ETESTffi. SEPtEXBER ?!>. 1 A ThousiBnil Robherios Every Dsiy of the Year Persons who fail jto put their money iu ihv are ithe victims of these robbers," i Honest men and women by keeping their money out I of banks, fatten thieves. If you ai-e a customer of THE STATE SAVINGS 'BANK, your money is safe from loss by thievery and your : crbdit at the bank is wotth a great deal rnore to 3'oa in the jway of helping you to make more money. •' f . To be able to command ready money at JUST the right time is to open the door to financial success. / Let us be ypur banker and friend to help you on the /road to prosperity. Sfsiie Savings Bank foSa, Kaessaa ()pcii fio'u V In S p. ni. Saturdays and Pay NJglils [lasaatasmm THE !OLA ICE ANX) COLD STORAGE CO. Manufacturers, VVhoIcsalo hnd Kctail Dcalcn I CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Water Krtf Cold gtonirf Knij f«r KHiiinrsK. Vboav ill FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. Short Stories or: lola Happenings Thafp2 & HoBgh (.'oulractnrs, EiiEhiotr?. Sur^cjors. j Fully Cfniijiped for all kinds of s'Jrvcyin:;, c'-Uniathig. ])at«iii draw-•- curMnr, f :iT :n driiiuage; B Oi1k(> <htT "F:imiins." Evans Bros. —Dr. .1. K. IVpjirr. I><-nlisL Phone 1«3. Wo'it Elect Another M.i .Mir l{()l'i;i>on sa\s ii'' dnc.s imi tliiu!- it will In' iKCi'Ssary Ui •Irct a V siiu-iiiiiaii in Hi.- jilarv of K. \V. 1. ir;!>iv|s wim is in I'ittilMti aUi ii'I- iii:; iiiaiinal tiaiiii'm siliool. Mr. iJrlniisoii .^a>s liiai S \v. L'-iiiasf.Ts ! MO' ri -irnvi'ii Irniii inwn is ;~::i'!.lv - ani -niliiiir s • I KUI I. —Our. Oysters. Way. Best Horse Not Here. Otit' of the iT -st ring liorses of the IkiiiKiiUK Brothors oircus; was left at Pitlsburjr V .'.uliu 'S 'lay ul?jht for medi- <:U tria'ni'iu "jui -.T a veterindry sur gtbii. Till' • ; i; people are reported lo pi ' !iie of J2500 on the aiijimaK i; ; . ; ailing for several days . : : believed was Injur oil or straa.ij in a high' leip in one of the ring performances: The horse was in a serious condition and its lif<' was almost despaired of for a time. After forty -eight hours of almost constant attention the animal is o!!r of danger and will be shij^ped to I In- rirciis people Sunday, jmul«>s." said Mr. Harlcness, "but as a matter of j fact thp "show me" state has to give . it to Kansas when, it comes to marlcetiug mules.** -Dn. Xathrop, Osteopaths, Fbone 4C8. Good Concert Last Night. The band concert last night by the W. O. W. band on the eaSt side of the square drew the usual good crowd. A fine program was rendered. —Fall Millinery Opening, Friday, Sppf. -T>. all day and evening.—.Miss I.)<>ggetiV, successor to .Miss I'riboth. '*,Slr»w Vole" liy Tniuips. .\ "straw vote" taken among a Imnch of tranijis in the niilroad yards at .Vewiun .<lio\vs tliat Henry <)e<irge l.vids ill ilic prfsidontial race, with ("llri^l^lphl•r ("ohiniliti.*. Hr. 'I'aniuT. Wild IHU, llciiiy Ward no,-(!i.r and I'ra/y . Siial'i' in the order Mann'd — .Vciulr.-ilia l.'iu'isier. " I'api-r Ilangini;. riK.ii.-.l IL"^, i -'icd U(i\\d>>n. —Always time to eat at Our Way. No Oyster Supper Now. .\t a business meeting of the W. O. W. last night, the proposed oyster suppor for next week was deferred for the present. —Board, room. :'.lti South St. |3.50. Helped Mildred Lodge. W. T. Steele, organizer for the W. O. \V. lias been working at Mildred this w<'»-k. He add»>d ten members to tlie onler then-. Mr. Steele orsan- iz«-d the .Mildred camii. —Dr. P. E. Waogh. Denlkt, Phone 42L of .1 a' -Hiiard, rnoni. ;U'.i Sotiiii St. $;:..'.it. ,liiili ;e A' \V I'l 'iiHOM. accdinpaiili'i! I K ' Mr^ I 'ouMiii. ti'fi >.''ici-dav afii'i- imiMi till' Tupi'Ua. wliiTf tln-y wl'l •'iiiMiil 111"' wliitKv with iJH'li- daimlucr. .Mrs ll >v\aid I'a::r -Ottawa Herald. —.Into Gurairc nnd Itrpair SUop for nil kinds of rrpnirlm;. Antonioblle "Tery. Phone SJfcl. — I'iill :.!illiiicry Opciiiir.r. Friday. .<t pi. 'S'. all day ami ov.Miing. —Miss ^^ll(•((•.-s(>r lo .Mih~ i'rilpnUl. Frank Robinson Worse. Kraiik Roliinsnn suflor.d what ap- ;.< ars 'ii l.f a ri-latiso yi-.sti-rday ami : is friiiiiis arc soiin'wliat .-ilarnHMl r hi.-; <'oi;>.lition. .Mr. Koilill^:on lias ])..•)! (I '.lWll will] f .'Vr I 'M- SOVTJlfl wrk-;. May Locate Here. Kin>n»l<* Hnnt'-r and wif.- rci'-nily vlsitfil riianutf aiil lola. .Mr. Hiiiil- i-r is li:;tiriiig i>ii going into-business for liimsi 'ir. We would liate to los'- ilie<c ciiizcn.q and hope Hint lie will liiid a suitablo Inisiufss opport'inity hen- - Savonbiirg Record. Threw Boy Off. Hat r>. Ilif It'll yi-ar ol.' - \daiiison til'' dairyman, iiail siiralii of an arm .'. f'-w :. ago by ln-iiii; thrown Troiii a WHS driiliig .SOW'- <-.'i(il'' mill. • ^ lili; tlieni up. Ills hrivs'' stop: 'l.'iilx, pitching the yoiiili ow bead. .Mall Caril'-r lohnson liapp. :> '•il aloii^; and li<'li"'d l .akc can' ol the' boy iiniil his parents rani''. I OPEN Wc have more Ruqs and Carpet* for car Pall OJiening Sale than we ever had before i —Be a Booster—Ifome indijstry— Veosho Uivtr Cat at Our Wa.v. —Oysters any style .-if Oiir-Way. Took Hurlock 'R "Smokin." " ^ Satiiri|;i> nigbl was one ol wliob-- -alf robl'ciy. TI K - .Mis.souri i'acifie di pot was brok''!! inio '.v Leaking a glass III til'' Tron' olli'•' wiii'low and erawlint: tliroii:;b tbi- iron barsi acroiJj. lU>' win'low indb "iriiC:: that the robl)!'- Was a person of small stature. Tip' only missing article was about half a packace of A^'ni HiirlocKs smoking t ')bacco. Thf robbery was rc |.ort''il to bcailiiuartcrs aiiil tli" null" acciit was sont here to «-!-Tk up ti:<' oftiec to S'-'' if anytiiiiig ••Is.,- ua.-; missing but con'ii ii'it liml any- tiling—.Moran ll"raid. 'rnati<-.n= ami roses at for «-vt 'rybod\. Phone Mr«:. H. J. Hendricks Home. Mis. ilonicr .:. lleii'Irirks arrivcil iiou'c ibis morning from a niontirs! —I'lcaty of visit ill t!<^ I '^isT. She att'-ii'lod th" "rinirn-r';- now (i. A. li. ''nramnment at Toledo. O., as ''^1. • a dclcgaic at lar-J" for the state of Kansas, r'pr'sciitinc the \V. it. ('. Mrs. Crow at Moran. Froni th'-:'' sli'' went to riiii -airo. to .Mr-~. Diirljin who has f^<(-n visiting b'.-r moilu'r. and to Detroit, tojin lola. r''t'ir:'"il to Moran Monday visit a brother. Also soing on ajfor another vis-t with b«'r son. Diir- iioiiej. 31. Cnnnincrham,. 0 per cent Druga, Palntu. Of/m «nif almmu Oooka, tlailanoi-y, Dlitnk Oookm School OupftHttm Off torn 8upall*m Wher« nuRllty la muln. eoniM- erutlon we buy tli« bo«t. 'WTiere demiiod* will Juftlfy, W|i ctrrj (II gmUct nnd iirl(!»«. \ ( OLOMST nATLS| i ( uliiomia. \riznna. l.U: Kail* nnlil Orlobir :{1. l'.:'.t-. .-i^tiutO from |lo|a. Has. /.ilieraJ s:o;ji>. er. prjviii-:;!". I'cr- 5.!it !a1ly cmdiKieri exc -irrsioiifi. Tickets accpted in ta '|.''i .-i sif-^-pers; on pa.v- niont ff I'ii!!inaii laie. atidj ^ii cliair car. . Xi; I:i.--tei- «^ty (.[ bc-c{)iii;i)g ac- ru;'.;'.itc!l v .itii !l;e .(lic^:!; ' S^ J U I I IWM:-!. Wherr sru .ri I'arnis yi-..),} a ciiuipoicnce, than liv waveHrig 'r-'V ih'- .iai.r:! V'-. Let me send y-i son ;e iiN.-raniif ^t .bdiil C ;;iiiorniH. .\:-;/on.-. ' \V. i: R M.'-fO.-.. Ai-<-i;. ' I ';h;, K'lii.-r:-. Fryer Bros. WHOLHSOME 1 III! • 'O' .M' .1! " tin II 'l Uh il , > •I 1 >. a :...'U . . I. !•! t .1 IK I I ir . aid -•I'il 'lU liiC ll.r ot : '.I.ill, ml a - VI c|ital- <,MJ| 1.1 I' I i: If r..,liHll' 1 I'll lljiOll. I 'lein I p''r '1 lie ipi'^i ,.,..rl..! • jiDiimi t'ltt-li II or < iiipow- .|.-.e till' !!!lil |cy. Fryer Bros. Piiuuiu SOS-301. State NeeHcd Some Money, '!'•."• si •'d^yslev,!.! V <|!->W Slil 1."^ of .- n (iiie.\ ironi the V. MI T taxes. T!i<' 1 .7 HM.Mi'y 111' :-;:'i'- is j!ot y-' ]',: it^nwv (>i;t. p'e-isiire trip into Canada, to St. ,loi' aii'l Benton Harbor, Mi<-h.. and other );-!;!f( s of int'-rcst.—C'.ii.rryviile Uepiib- licati. —It—Our Way Soda Water, The (i :iesf i^lM] i' s in town is fj -.'S 'i 'si line of canal Miiiulij':;, Cert ''•:":t: Pe.liii W. ilu i:-\fii oil'', r. Arc in Joilin. t'' .-iii'l .liihii l''i'' 'M > lor a |i •luliic.; post llle i'OI"'l!i , Willi III «• ila>s' c;iril.^ to i.l the Hov I R This, Old Settler? •*Iait Tye. wiio Iiv »'S soiiliiwest of tiie (i!-,-. .-i.lils .,o ::iethillg r .i'W to t!'e •Hsi'iission • wliirh is now going on as to whether the Nepsho river '•v>r had • -s w.ii.-r in if than it has at the p:-. iJi'iit time. The ri".< r Ibis week 1. .••.i-'i''i| th<> lowe-f st ;'.'--e i( ! .as ever -t 'lol :;i sine tlie government began I • • pjiii- Mill en It. M"-. Tye. who has il'" ;i i 'l Kansas lir'>oiie years, s'i> < 1 in. She was accompanied by Mrs. Crow of tola.—.Monin HeniM. -..Sly t'*''' ''f' <lon: no ilf ^lay.- I,,•Kiev .••^I 'li : ora'mls- .vls. 1 Chance (• Cl '.aiic''. w.; • in'T from Mil !iii .;ii 'i ss. Wni Krre. po.>i oilk''' itiK|i'''elor. i'oll .'^l-elt ', e.-te'lhlV ,'tll.ll III'- iri '.''r 1:'.! 'Ml its ll< III)' liii'l :iliv tlii'l T .'e o.p ill' CO a 'vy y . (if it—f] yar —Merrbanfs l.inuh at Our Wa;. Bought Nc'// Auto, U'riiiaii lliM'liraie!. an vii '.; fill f':e I'ditbiinl. lias i <'Hi'-m''l fre! I l']iilai|eliiiii;i witli a iiev.- aniono-". •T: rards. Munui.s iling .«toro yff'T lie call!'' i: f''. tl:" il' V I !iat one coabl .|ri\ '• ;,i I, Me to its soiir<''' and III I •ii.-ii;;i to ;:ive him • •••.Ii in l'>."«^. .Mr. " : llilllle olllce solilc (lis p:''lI V good for ^ ! ^•••-lll V Dv acres . I iliiiii''. —Soda Wafer, the Oar Wav kind- Kaly Depot Proqressing. Til-' Work on the in-w Kaiy d''liot is !:!''ssiiig vry raindly. 1 lie frame is all nil and jiarlitil'v enclosed. 'The 'ii*«ti>ncieii..- -ir,- (ii-'%.'»| 'wif*i |he waiting room "lx2S- olTic'^ ISx^s. bajgago .-oolfi 1L'\L'I. f -"'i :;::t room 2^x17. It is two wi -eks since work beu'an an'i if •••111 'eii'iire ,'iI;oi!t four week: >.'t 'o !:i.i-.;' — .\|"iaii II. raid. Room Sized Ingrain Rugs Uxi) up to 12x10 feet from.. .$2^3S up Axminster Ru£(s '.1x12 feet SSi>,30, S^7.3^, S30 sniS S.9Bm Tapestry Brussels Dx 12 fect. .. Si0.90 up to S22.SO Wilton and Wilton Vclvd Rugs •.'.xl2 feet . .S$B,SO fo SlSO Great Bargains in Hearth Rugs 1 'ouble faced ;Sm\ma, red-=, i;r»*ens, "'lues, oOxOU inches, .«alc price on\y 9QG Beautiful Axminsters Floral and Persian Paltcriir^, si/.c27xrio inche-', sale price only ........St»93 Animal Rugs ;i()x*>l) inches of the extra heavy all wool Smyrna nigs, thfi»e rugs are the same on botii si;!<.'s and t!:,- i::::'r.:its shr>w just as well ou one si 1: .is the H 'u'-r. Sale price only .. $2*63 Axminster and Wi'ton Velvet; Carpet Made With Border As a large sized rug or to cover the whole room from $t OQ to $1.7S per, yard. This includtcs making', sizing aud laying. . ingrain Carpet If you want an lu^^rain wc can surely p]eas>; you in bch ^ri j aiid pattern. We have mor. tiiaii .-^..veJi'Cy-five patterns priced from 2^G v\ 85G pt :r yard. ^ v \'e have oi-.e ;if th- latent carpet making m-icliines an.i extra -.^o —and can cmrantee sati-.f icti'-n in making and la\ in^- ymr ;-ur- .-t HI V —Sir !i plioii'- 11:: p.lMl'ilCJ I 'li 'l K M'.' V:!. ' r'or III •! llie Ifr'.'i-^tcr ll'i'l iittlrKcsJ rcMlltl Wiml <'oltiinii<i. use Ran Nail in Hii Foot- Hany .'^h-i per linii.iug :oia:.. lb stepp'd on a nail ai tUe s ;or'- .\ester (!:.-.•. Tiie wo;):,.I is not serious puins him cniisi 'ierabiy. but —Fitzgerald Storaire iind Transfer Co. Houseliold and piano nioTintr; bireest nnd best store room ia the cltj-. PJione 356. Backr. Uo Or. Hirsh. [ \ I'iM:!'!!':; l -oy \\ ho l;:is: !)'•• ii i.tiiijy f |i^ l )ij ;;.M '''::y. .••l.res iii;il t !ie tiiy ria .is o! jSIpall bu -s "iiieii iiifesleil I'ittsU'l'i: Miimkiy n -giii nc:-- n aliy j yoinig ur :iss''U)i 'P ''is. II'- v\ as fiirtlier aiitlior- p\ fr}f the stal'Illelll tl 'laf tlt-y live (,|t III' iiiro''-.— I 'ii i:-liiiri; Headliuli' — ri ".<h 0-::t?rs—Our Way. * To Joplin by Aoto',11 ••:i(r<iiii'/Jjib- pa/l'i eo)j..i~f jng of I' \'. I an.'. '111. Maiiib-'j- l,aii\'i'i, irM-;,i'" Wi'dli- r, u;i|! i'l-riy Cob' ;is eJiaiill'iir. bit ) esi ei ii:i\. inr .joplin wliere tl'ey speiif the i/.iy on liii.-.i ;ji '.'..s-. JC V |.;iii. von wfiil to look iilti'!' bii.-iiiiiss iii:it ii rs aiiil III'- li.-ilnjice viiii a^; com pahv. - I'lnsli'irg I l''ailli'.:|il. - IrauU S. I'etittle. V, S, T'lionc J3'J. J. a. THOM PalaiBr and Papar Haaget 'IMiutM cbeeitouy girea cm all woil PteMtiti mem m MaAn^ Oil Road Yearn. Til.' Kiii;-lliiit ilicn,. tias turn on I':.- I'liiil in ^l 'iri V '-ai't'. Til' . .n-- llvi- • it Ml. l;ini ',llii« bnilli' IS, iili<r lli-'V r' I'.-iuali'io. Wli Thev have .,,1 111 , .11 r.aialioo ami It'Mueporl. Con- lec ,ir 1 ,iiid aiso at Stok .'ii 'Tr''iiil, K'v.. 1,111 ,1.' .MniKlis li'iw iia,-; Ko',v 11' -y <'lioi'olat OS. til'; ag< lity for Covered Wide Territory. That swarm of bii.^s that visite<lj lol.i -Monday nigit must have COVLT- iii a large scope of country. lU'iiorts from as far north as Topek.i and as far sotitli is Bartlesville, Oklaljoma, tell of a s\Varm at the same time. —Uefore buying your fall and winter millinery, siee my elegant line.— Mrs. PeHy, 108% E. Madteon. Went Th'-u to St. Louis. .\. <;<'-ik'" Weill liiroiish h'l'- ys- t' I'lav to >i. l,o.;is lo sell a rar lo :iil *.i Kat:.-as t 'lules .gather"'! to.geiher by il"'er;: fro:;' aboiil Cliaii'ite. Tln-y w'-.-e tw'Tiiy -foiir ill th'' bunch am! 'ii'y coi; :ui ::vi 'i-;! u-e of JIs .'i i:ich. He ' Xeecls lo S 'ii tji'-iii ell tii'' I.onis niarlvet an! ni<j-o tiari break even. Cliarl's Ilarl aess. the weU known Cl-ainife .ttoci, buyer, says that Kan;;:i.< iiiiil 's iiring more moiie .v in th" St. I.o-iis ii.:',vUet than Missouri niii''s. •'Mispnuri brags much about h 'T I u o from com- Two Bii| Boilers. K ,i 'i .-..i riii».i.-il> lia , r'-'''i>' lu'f,'' I. "ill b"fs'' power boilers |iie K'iiiib"iti Wa'er Hottener paii.». ;i' Cliie.iyo, the (irsi insi:'IIm'.'nt of tip' .M;i/'liinl:y to be plan i| In tin- iie-.v jiowi'r .•iinl l"-aiinir plant on Mt. f>iea(l. The I wo new boilers wre 'i';in 'inotli ;ift:iirs. eaeh weiclilni; nine tons ;iiiil 1 ;!!ii r''p)iiirijj ;iii eiflln' c'lr fo tr.'iiisport I 'ji -ai fioiii t'.e far 'ory to l .awreiic'" T.'i-y v. ii! be ' n up fhe !iii! on trnek^ I'lii 'orrov,- and placid ill the II. « |i(iw<r plant. W.\.\"ri:n- Clean.cot'on r.itcd at !hi,^ ofKce. MK Stubbs Big Vote. ClMrb'sJ .'-'rotl. of lola. nieiilb' v of •••iii;;ri'.-s ( Ironi tii'' S'-eomi liisiri-.t. .-.II.: ''aiijll'l.-iie .>>ti!li!i.." will r-i-.-ive a unat'-r hiajoriiy nf votes than lias ever 'it eji tixiri to a Kaii-^as eaf!*- dafe lor any ollice on .my tb-kot.—.Vt- '•liisoii <. ...iiiipion. FOR EXCHANGE!. liir, :i.i e ''irili in li..;r ;i;i : . Mo . \\>-'.l iiiipr .'V .-.l: prlre *; ;r i \V ::nt .: I .'. ri'iiiu ho'i-i ;;! 111!;-. ( h .ii I'.i- .,n-. .\ ii\< I'.ir!! .•iii'l >;o. k .•;i;il a llio I.Ill Th' Iliiiiithy Wet,r kali Iv.'iue havi- ;i p!< nil' on Saiiiniay :ii Klerire paik. Th<. orr :!.-iion is to <-i!ib'.aii' ii','' iifty -.-^e\e!i 'li ;!iiiiiver>arv of ihe oii;:!!: :'';iiion of ijii !o (I::e and ;• proL ' of •i ei'clie-; wiM lollo '.v ilie pitnie siin- r. Th" nr.r-t.i \vi:i le ive |i,ia ,,ti !!;•> three o 'l -loek «:ir. New Fa!" SUITS .Vre Voii tl Tie Kater. If iio. ynii a;-'' niissiai,' h:i!f i.iet'.ure of life. If rr'.t.v :>i,T yei ' K '.lie. .Iii-,t order iMiTli ymir L rnce;- ;; f ''W |. .ekii::'--; of -Orrt -PIF:" ;!-id e.iMi how ra. > it i:-. tr },:i;.i !:e I.enii.!). (.'iioco- '.!'e and (" H .-!, ' •! pfo.-. i!:.-!- are .sarc l,l.>l ^•e -,. .m i,: .;e tii ";ii. Ka'ii I 'l '•'•'it paika'-'i (-.If r,..'is th'' p.oper ittiaiifily of the <hiiie'.-f pi' irifiredi- e'lts r:>art;.- f'lr i'i>'aut iis" !!:<.-; plea?:. <i tbonsiinils a::ii will s irely i>'e-,;-e yn:: If yo'ir u:erer v.nn'' .-aijp'y yon, •.St) lo (ii :e « ho \\ i'l. PLAV RAMBLERS TOMORPOV/, r.ooil Piisia Kas.: pi ie. I>;i' aere. . S 'l ;ier. s Ka-^.. .-.J l; ::ii a,•:•'••; . p:::-;!!:-; a a>...-ii ::. .: for. *':"i. V for ••'pu;.. .1. r. :ii!i.Ks. i;<iom UI. ( (Mirt Iloulse. •r--. i;; !'':.i:ik ;r: Ci.',, \V;.n^ >:r a. I of '•ijIMJ V.lilie. .i:. 1 ill l .iiui e ,n ;;i;'.-, - ni' a L-.-ii.! a. .K :,'.,r :'i;i, t' ' :•• <•.; i .md. rve. ;.t ;.;k,- S-'-"..; i:;,-. eui • in , i 'l a li'lerstali- Ii.iln-fri.l E -i :i>nsit!nn and >en .<i<'\i '» (1 ri-itnritjl Fo/r' \ .A!bL'qut:.'Qu^'. jN. M. str Ceni.. i'.- til Of?. Ill Fast Colored T*;ams to Play tfi'- P3'"k- at Elcc- The V,{^ . n.l 'iK lieviN will • l ;.i :.-lii' :.- :i> a V th til'- fPile- • Kb'fri'' par. Wc ni'' 1" .'•I KMI JOII Ibc nio-j i'i>iiiiilel<* line "f f'ini' ( billiin'.; <-i"r >lio\in ill llii- pari «f I In- rnnntrt. The »ui(K (ire tbr iit'«<'»i niiidels am! ••!:(• (i'ni«. ior i.tH H/id ninler iruile. TI M> are tl Ilinlc'j" make anl "l',«iliii IU>"." t.ialii ; nn- iJuinl .Mudi' and fndd llieir '^liatM- al iil! tillII^. > "llrnli.^" •lolhi-s are iili «olnlel) all noiil nil dare \«illioUt donbl the ti :ie <>t mude eluthlnif in Aini'rir:i tnday. The man liiut liii" bon liu.tin:.' his .•>u!l.o tniide is Ihf iiiun that njll iip|irert)ite llie>e rliithe... Qie Bartlaij Shields -TUE HOUSE OF QUAIITI." rnfiiiils tiinitti—'iw affe'-iioon ar .•'•••ri; Wri'^llt V. ill prob . • Ii«';i! f.-am. A.^ t le' ;4limi ;'.i: la'e tlii;; siiav I.'; t;"(^.| r 'lilie Hi" tl;e ye;ir her'', ib'.s have a' Strom; aii^n 2a- ai;.'; ev -T' t'-atli ll:i'.-L i'-is ;:oli.^ ..,inist fill' (loll, vils I .III say Ih 'e sane.(.if Tiiem, liene>- :i live!.- cmlest is 'X- p. eied. I .iist ,Siiniiii.i 1 1:.- fJoD 'Vil.-; )ie;ii the I'ar .iii 'S InviaeiMe.; in ;\ fa,sf uaiii'- h '-re. l ^.•ln Of.r Stove nepartnicnt now COD t,iii:s the finest iiue ot Oook Stoves ever e.xhibiied in so'itlieastei it Kan- Ka.s. Vow are invited to s't -p in and look them over. lis atrciit to the eve, to .-iay the ^ A fine line of healers, too, in a few days. •.ml -•'•^ I S i".;a K" • .•• \v<'-i Ci ' for--' w:i'er ; V Tiio f C •. • -pf-ndinu niiliii :i# U'e: ;i pennaiient lor t-l!-' st ;in;-a:'iil V." •i'-i'S.ierous • where 2.\\ rado to Cal:- . • 'II.;!!: 1:. now ')f dtiUars to water supply lands. it uieiin.- iniiiicns made ii':a!::e WAIVED HIS HEARING. Pittrenbcrn'r is ^200 Under Now. a Bond of III |i-t:t!.- liiorniim. Pitlf • > ebari:!'! w .VI r T'lf' of o;'. note. ' \« ',1 a; III- aiid }j.i,. II • '.•..i. Il,ir:i'' !iroii':li .1 )bi ilM-M C(,.!. r.hMJM V i!a\ '< K«'i, lo nil •on; I ai I.alCarp'- this iili'-r'.:' r. tie man who 111 lori:iii '4 tli<; nam'' of Cas Ci'v III 11 pronii.^ii ii\ . i! lii> pri'llnilnary III- lioiul »:is llx<-'l a' 1.' -.1.1. d by ,r I.. \ \:\ I'll t 111..' i .T .1 Iro'ii Co '''r . -v. I. Ilo.'ilriulii a f'W V. r lo l'l'> eti.iii:'-. TOlCOLORADO BY AUTO. Dr. Dresbach and A. C, Hunnicutt ii'.e Pack From Fine Trip. MiitliTtn:; .Hoaej. |)..^ :.ii,-.:r- I I ' .. ! l' 11' !o:- • I,,. the 'II' Pr.itt n C I! !: - .III'. ;i-l> ;am:.i! l !i. Ii . w.ikili.: • 11 ! « n i!' 1 -• 1,- . Cao'lii! i .It: '111 -II 111' .«\. 'l! I. Kill.. w r> H in 1 • I 'll- •il w It!; '.Ill !.' V 1- :.'..tei I ,-. 11', .' .lll\ •Il .l- • Il ••.III;!' i.!|i... • 1 liK .1 •(• Or eiif I tril Till f)re .-^!i .'e: am! A . M'lnni- urr'-il l.i.-^i eveiiiiiL- from a to H''.>stern Kan-sa,< and Colorailo. tri • was bemin in the 'lector's .-into Inijt owinc to a .serious breakdown ai SH^ott Citv tli<-y were eompel! erf to fiEi .-sb tiie trip by rail. The |!oc- tor sayB jthat after a trip Xan&as ini an auto he thinks I than erer before and it is unnecessary to look fartheri either a. fiarm or city tiome. thro'uph more of THK Golden WesL Lond Co ('.it' Sjerter oiipjii T"IIH;!- i;es 'o T .W or exohari'^e -otr farm or I 'Uiine.-^i. ihrousli i^s eo -j. operative asencips, i Odice Over I«ma Store lola, £an5as. of acres ind bt for homes. .\ na "tioi::i! even', worth cross» eoritirient to see. Foreign (iir-lonnts. Ibivrnnient officials, il :i :--ar ;;in e.\port.s and Captains of iaiins'.ry will attend. "• .\ creat exposition of Soutb- wi-;" iar.>;s. r'lnelu 'S, mines and ' iii'l i.-^tri. s. Indian.s. too; and eoweoys—C. S. Cavalry. Ticket^ on sa e Sept. 25 to Oct final r.tiirn limitOct. 31.: i;>'is. if desi!s-<l an application (.1 airent .\:l.:ti!iitri|iie, tickets wiii lie h'jr.or.^'I for return via Ciovis. .\. M. and Ainirill.o. Tex. .Vttraetiie slde-trins to U. S. Re- rtutnution rro .ieets and /lirand fan Jim of \T'\%v(aVL, s Santa Fe -V'jren!. A ^k I'er IrrlKJi IIVL.STO.N, luUi, Kitnt*. iiflon liooklet. Oeneral I'outractor. ' Flagstone and Cement Slde,waiKs ai,.j- Curbing a Siiecialty Offlc* Hi i-ast Jaeksou A»«v Pbone 39L Ciive your Snb3cri|>tipns foi^ MAfiAZIXES .iM» PEIHODICAJLS TO . J. E. nenderson who deals with' the piibl shers and \ furnishes them at the lowest possible. Fhone 98. i 414

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