The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 5, 1986 · Page 35
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 35

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 5, 1986
Page 35
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The Salina Journal Entertainment Sunday* January 5,1986 Page 3 Try to maintain harmony with your bridge partner By ALFRED SHEINWOLD Los Angeles Times The first Sunday of the year is an appropriate time for a good resolution: "I will be a good partner." " Easier said than done. Good NORTH + K7642 "9Q1075 ONone 4K1063 partnership is the sum of your attitude, yoi acts. Bridge ir words and your WEST *None <5>J832 OAQ104 +AQ972 EAST •>AQ8 <99 OJ96532 *J84 The easiest step toward good partnership is the simple matter of discipline. You must train yourself never to say a harsh word. At the end of a hand, say something like "Bad luck" or even "Nice try." If you can't manage that, just say nothing. Smile if you can. If you can't, try not to scowl. As your bridge guru, I'm not trying to prepare you for sainthood. As a practical matter, you get much better results if you end a hand with a smile and a pleasant word than if you give your partner a piece of your mind. Not only will your partner play better if you refrain from flaying him alive, you also will play better. If you start dishing out venom, some of it will stay in your mind or on your conscience and you'll play below your normal level for the next few hands. If you exude sunshine, your consciousness of virtue will buoy you up to your normal level of skill, or perhaps even -higher. I admit it's easier said than done. Take it one hand at a time, just as though you were learning to SOUTH 4J10953 OK87 45 South Weft North East 1* Dbl 4* Dbl All Pass Opening lead --^72 South dealer; East-West vulnerable count all 52 cards or to bid according to your system rather than according to your whim of the moment. None of these disciplines is easy; all are essential. While you're training yourself to maintain the right attitude, try thinking with your partner's mind. Put yourself in the East seat of today's hand and see what you can learn from the multiple failure of the actual East player when the hand was played in a recent tournament. You may not agree with East's double of four spades (I certainly don't). The double would be a horrendous decision if South rather than North had the king of spades. If East bid five diamonds, South would almost surely lead the king of hearts and East, with an easy entry to his hand for the diamond finesse, would then easily make five diamonds. Another advantage of bidding five diamonds is that North may go on to five spades and then East has the pleasure of doubling South at five rather than at four. But accept the double of four spades and go on with the hand. Reluctant to lead from either ace-queen, West opened the deuce of hearts. South played low from dummy and won with the king. South then led the jack of spades, and West signalled with the seven of clubs. East won the first spade with the queen and returned the four of Dallas' album hits airwaves NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP)—The Ewing clan — J.R., Jock, Sue Ellen, Lucy and Miss Ellie and even rival Cliff Barnes — has hit the airwaves. Those popular characters and others from TV's "Dallas" are in songs on the new album, "Dallas — The Music Story." Howard Keel, who portrays Clayton Farlow on "Dallas," sings "J.R.! Who Do You Think You Are?" Jenilee Harrison, who plays Jamie Ewing, sings "I'm a Survivor (From the Women of Dallas)." And Steve Kanaly, Ray Krebbs on the popular show, sings "Who Killed Jock Ewing? " Another cut on the album, "Makin 1 Up for Lost Time (The Dallas Lovers' Song)," is already a hit for Crystal Gayle and Gary Morris on the country music charts. One song that drips with irony is "The Loneliness in Lucy's Eyes (The Life Sue Ellen Is Living.)" It is sung by country star Johnny Lee, who was once married to Charlene Tilton, who played Lucy on "Dallas." Three members of the "Dallas" cast and some top country music singers combined to record the album, which was five years in the making. "Leaves grow overnight, but giant oaks take a while longer," Artie Ripp, the album's executive producer, said about the time he spent on the project. He tried to get "Dallas" stars Larry Ragman and Victoria Principal to sing on the album. But they wouldn't. "They are not singers and not foolish enough to pretend they are," Ripp said. "Larry had a very uncomfortable experience making a record about five years ago," he said. "No matter what we did, he didn't want to hear about it or discuss it." Kanaly and Harrison also had no musical experience, but Ripp said their songs worked out well. "These two people never sang in their lif e except for the shower but it turned out terrific," he said. "It's not easy to get up there in front of a microphone with the musicians. They are not pretending to be anybody except who they are." Hundreds of readers check the classified ads every day. Phone 823-6363 and an ad-taker will help with your ad. clubs to the ace. West thought things over and returned a club. East turned an unbecoming shade of purple as South gave up a second spade trick, drew the last trump and cashed the ace of hearts. When West followed suit, South claimed his contract. "Why couldn't you lead a heart instead of that idiotic club?" East demanded bitterly as he wrote 590 in the minus column of his scorecard. "How could I tell whether you had no more clubs or no more hearts?" West asked. "I was looking at nine clubs and only eight hearts. Why couldn't you bid five diamonds instead of making that idiotic double? And if you had to double four spades, why couldn't you defend properly? The purple in East's face faded to a dull white. "What's the proper defense?" he asked. "If you think with my mind," West pointed out quietly, "you'd see that a club return gives me a problem that I'll surely fail to solve. "You should return a diamond instead of a club. When you get in with the ace of spades, you then lead a club. I'd know that you weren't dying for a club return since if you were, you'd have led the club at once. I'd have to switch to hearts as the only hope ... and you'd get your ruff." East nodded silently, realizing that he had failed to find the right defense and had also failed to maintain partnership harmony. It wouldn't be accurate to say that East played up to his normal level for the next few hands. Pouncing on your partner is always a mistake, but it's a blunder when the fault is your own. >.Vj" S«'ii to- less • Wai-Man Sell* lo- IPSS • Wa'-Ma'i Sells "or Less • Wal-M«rt Sails lo' Less • W«l-M«i WAL-MART Auto Center I LOW Prices Every Day—That's "THE WAL-MART WAYI ' ^honeAhead For Appointment 825-1915 —I Sale Dates: Jan. 5 thru Jan. 11,19BB . 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