Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 19, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 19, 1908
Page 4
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I liny lEilSIEl OHl&P.SCOTT. Matured at lola, Kansas. Postofflca, as !!-! Second-Class Matter. ^<hriwtl8ljif iRates Mad« |Cnown on V AppUeation. I'i griBSCBIPnON BATES. /f C$nku In lonL Gas Citj, Lanjoi> ii [Title «r IsiUarpe. )a« WMk.... 10 eenU Jaa Month......!. 44 eenta Oap Year. i. >5.00 : f By Mall. Om reari inside conntj ;I2.00 %w rear ontside connlr .$1.00 fhrM Mbntbs. In advance tl -00 One iMon'th, in advance 44 "ICIAL PAPER. CITY OF BASSET. Tel^bonei Business Office - - - - - - If Editorial Boom - 222 BILLV SUNDAY AT WICHITA. He May'Help in tht. Kansas Porward Movement. I |t begins to appear as if Rev. Billy Sunday jwill fill more than- the two epgagements at Tola and Pittsburff next year, as the following dispatch indicates: Wichita, Kan.. Sept. 1".— The ICan- sas Forjward Movcmentv plans for which were begun last year, ami diir- Jng which evangelistic meetincs are to be held throngiout the state, began the jfirst of September. The opening meeting Is being held at Clay Renter. Rev. Williaiu IC. Riciierwolf is at tb^ head of the movotnent, and : ajfter the meetinss at Clay Center, : Ti[hich will continue through this • njonth, lie will aid in other meetings in all of, the larger ciiies ofnhe .state. ! If • present plans are carried . out. the mo\;ement will reach ^Yich]ta 2 !bout Februaiy, and it is expected iiat Rok'. Hill.v Sunilny. the famous ejvangolist will have »liais<' of thr meetings here. 1 JThe n^'ovement i.< an iriterdenomina t|onat one and all the cliurc.'ies will linite foj- the cami)aign. In Wichita aj big ti^bernacle which will s <'!U ^l^ousanc^s is to bo orecit'd. in which to condji,ct the servict'."*. iJBesldpB the meeiiiiy.s in the I .irger tQwns, ^I 'hich will he under th/' personal direction' of livangelisi Mioiler- Wolfe, other evangelists, aiiled by tin- ri^gular Wstors. will bold similiar iijieetJnss in all of the .smaller towns. T]ho heqdquaricrs of the movement af^ Topeka. w|i«>re Uev. \V. .McKloiy. field seclretary. is directing the woiis. The, st }ate movement is not expected to t^ke place of local meoilng.s \»^hich w|ll be conducted by tlu> pa.s tors of the different churches, as in trie past, but it is/for the of conductiiig a canipaign throtighout , tlie_entlrt? state, as it is believed that better re'sidts obtained wher - tlje ^movement is a^ widespread one. Wait Uritil STJLL AFTER THE FLY. Eggs Flies Deposit Plant Wheat. to J The experimenial station of the s^ate agricultural college is urging the farnjers to dflay tlie sowing of wjbeat at|d rye until a late date in order: to ayoid. the increase of the Hes. sisin fly and injury to, tr.o coming crop by the pjest that has now cotton well established in many places in the _stat!e.j|Cli^ the blnk of the crop is sown "Sifter thi? flies have deposited their eggs iittie injury will result from the wo^k of [the pest. It is said this time varies to some extent and depends 'upoih tht' season, but this variation of time is not great. ': i jThe xeperiments made in the past yjear have istaown that wheat sown - after October 15 in southern Kansajs. that sown after the first week of 0< tpb^r In,'the central part of the state and that sown after Soptembcr ::f» in northern Kansas has been ontiroly frc^ frokn infection from the fly. - ' Iij plajccs the trai)c;op has succeed DperORS MISTAKES ' ^&rejsald often to bo burled six font nnd «gr groiUKL But many times women cull on ' thelir fai iily physicians, suffering, as they Itna^ne onefromdyspepsla, another from -heartdisease, another from liver or kidney !disea^ another from nervous prostration, Lnothcrwitb pain here ami tbure, I andl'in lEls way they present alike to theinselves and their easy-going or o\-er- bosy dodlor.'scparate dlscas«^s, for which he, assttialnc tbcm to bo such. preH*rlbcs bis pills md potions. In reality, iliey are all only« mptijmt caused by some u terlne aiseiise. Tiie'inH;slclan,XDO''ant of tbe ccittM of sufTerlnp, R«'ps upm<trcatinent nntillar re bills are ni^e. J^u>>uirerinK patient geu no bette\lMJnfttJbii >fvtbe >vron7 treatment, but probably worSCT JA by {usptiumg an tnose oisiressing jiymp- toms, aqd.Instltuttns comfort: instead of prolonged misery. It has been wvil said, that "a disease known is half cured." : •I Dr. Place's Favorite Prescription is a SclenUllit'medlcine, carefully devised by ' an exp^nced and skfllfol physician, andadapted to woman^s delicate svstein. It Is made of native American mcaicinU od well. This trap crop iu a atrip oi early wheat that is sown wheat. Before the main crop Is sown this strip! is • iilowed tmder verj- deepl,v. Tnisy method of destroying the I>^st| has also been vc-ry successful. The agricultural department urges] all wheat growers to plow under the' volint^er wheat as it will alwa}-s be fotiud fill of eggs of the Hessian fly. A change of wheal laud la another practice that will assist in getting rid of the fly. The practice of late sowing i.s the best plan to avoild trouble with the insect, it is said, and It should lie as unlver.'snl ai iiosslble. AT ELECTRIC PARK Artists Who Have Delighted Patrons of Orpheum Circuit Houses Here—Special Car Service.' An evening of unalloypd pleasure and entertainment is to be given the l)eopIe at Elee cning when Hal ric park tomorrow ev- kes jin.l Hart, the prem iers of the O^phcnm .Vaudeville cir cuit assisted 1 y a dozen others will „ive a program of advanced vaudeville which has del;i:htcd the patrons of the better in the largest cities. Musical comedy sketches, monologues, ballads by artists of the highest el;»ss. The seals have been replaced in the |)ark auditorinrii and tlie jileasaiit park with its vaudeville ehtertaiiiinent' will be an ideal plare to spend the evening. Admi.s.<ion will be as usual 10 and 2Q cents. ;This vaudeville program has been selected w lb care and will be sure to please. ' . • (First Published liT. IfirtS.) (First Piibli.shed August 24. IflOS.) xoTicK «u' FiN.Vii. SI:TTLK.MKNT. The State of Kansas, .Mien Couniy. ss. In the Probate Court in and fur said County. In the matter of the estate of .lolin lleider, deceased. Creditors and all other persons in- (eresti-d in the aforesaid estate are hereby notified that 1 shall apply to tlie Probate Court, in and for said County, sitting at the court house. In lo!a. Cimniy of .Mien. State of Kansas, on tbe Sth day of October, A. I). 190S. lor a full and llnal setilemcnt of said estate. I Mils. CIlRIS-pXA IlIiilDRR. Administratrix of the estate of John Heider, deceased. \ R-2l-:;i-7-14 AFTER AUTO TIRES. A Couple of Pounds of Tacks Distrib- uteri on Concordia's Streets. Ka.=.. S<pt. Thi> amo owuiMS or tjiiis city would like to get llieir haiid;^ on the person who liis- trilKued altOiii two pounds of- large tacks on the crossing at Seventh and Matliow stroi'ts whoro tho turn is n!ado to -JO to the fair groiinds. The pi^ \va.4 evidi'iitly to puncture auto tires ami put the machines out of btifiui'ss. Bo.vs were put to work T'ick- ing up t;-o tacks when they wore discovered and all that could IK- fouml v.-ere removed. Tlie tacks have large, heavy hr-atls and long poinl.=; and when scattered fo!l point upward. Xol only would they puncture an auto tir-. hut wonlrt inflict painful burls if sif;iped on iby ped( striaiis. or would speedily lame a horse. (AN K;\T SKA WKKI). Sanra><n Can .Sappl.v Hie Morld Food lis \eeessary. WlUi Waiike.-li:!. Wis.. Sept. III.-Thsit the piT .cc.-^ of iU-l>>!d!aiii>u may .sulv.- ib< food iiriiblcni i.f III.' wiii-:d wtii-ii ilic uiil'iikii.iiiu ^liall liavc rxeeodi d ilir food prodi'iciivi;y of ihc i';ii'lll. Ii.v liir;: !lg ilio M -awccd of llii- iin-al Sa;jiassi. -,ia into :i valiialili- food prodiu'l. wa:-i !n> iliniiy itdvaiiccd liy .luilge M. S. 'liswold at a "ilctiydro" liaunuei. The 'jauiiufi. wiiicb was iln- Ili-.-^i of Uic kind cv r .-iT \:'il ill liic woiid. w;; prepared l>v Miss C. \ l.yford. a ilo- uie.-'iic K -ii-iu.> <'\.|ii'r; of th.' Siai.' .V<;i •nal univi -i -.-i!y ai IV.oomiiiuioii.i 111. ,\<Ulrcs.>-os • were made li.v 'l.miis .Muench, Pitsldfiii A- 1 Frame of the Waukesha .Vatioual bank. Dr. {llugo Phcller. Piof. F. H. Huichius of Carroll college and others. That have the style, fit and workmanship, of Men's and Made by the best same prices tha^ See our showing of the new "Browns"—the new alive shades—they arelsimply swell. All the newest cuts and • • i i terns. Our exclusive line for the Young Men made and ored to their taste> Come and see our Clothes before! make your purchase. Prices ranging; $9.75, SlisO, $14.75, $l8m$22i50 and $25.00 K.AUFMAN •PRE-SHRUNK' i GARMENTS Monarch and Cliiett Shirts. $|.00 to $1.50 W. L. Douglas Shoes, pair ..... $3.50 f Ralston Health Shoes, pair:..... .'S4 .t )0 Hole Proof Hose, six pair in box. Guar • anteed for six months S2.00 Stetson Hats i $3.50 CQL. CONOVER HERE Reunion of EiqJ'.th Kansas Infantry He!'-: c,t Ef*. Cain Heme Today. IT WAS FAST GAME \ Good Basket Ball Contest at the Y. M. C. A. Last Night. Uist meniui; at ill" V. .M. <". \- builiiin.- about persons v.itn.v^s.-.I the lirsi teal'y ,sood liasket ball lUine of the :»t\ison. Tie two teams vre chosen from the members of the ;yiu- nasium classes. Nelson and loot lUl jJanie ATTACKED A BABYCITY GETS SLEUTHS Kaule •M" \lii-m|<l«d (O'iurry Anuy Child New Jersey Itcsidenf—KIrd « aplured. were <Ii'cti>d captains of the teaiu.^. Xelsoifs team d'h'.'ated Root's by a score of 1 to UM. Tin- was fast and cons,id<!riu;.; the fact that the season is early tin' iioal liirowiu.i; was above the avera.vie.. The ^'aniej was played in 2" miniiie lialv.;s. Field j?oals were made as follows: A. Xel- son. .">; Hei:;cle. t".: .lonr-.^. :;; Hoot. :;: Osborne. 7: I.. .X'.'lsou. In; .\;ean?:. i: Four soals: A X.'lson. 1: I.. Xr-l- son. 1. .\.'w Voik. .^•••pi I-.i.—While nianclie Ciiliirr. :: ..c.ii-.- (lid. liie dai::;hlei i .f i-'r.-d <'iil::-j-. :. .•Miiiii.T re.-id-'iii of H'In I 11.1. .\ .1.. v.ii.s a! |.!.iy tit-rir her home :' -.WA'- '-.-1" .-v.-i .I'.ed down utttl ;'i:.-'.i|,led lo e.;:-iy ii:.- i-liild ,!\..:iy l!i i!^ .; ..: k':!:.: ni-.i: \'\ and IIM- d;.iiul;!< r ii 'laele.i lii.^ .•i:;li: off iln- liird. a;..I ro tlv ,-nv;iy tiis litiiili- !!!.•• u:) Willi a r^iio.i.:i,:i M-l ; .- It a:i!';!;ioii. !|.- er. Ill) ii;;.! i. <"olii!-i! .John CoiK>vi-r of tile Uich- a; i >.'Ce !.o-. . r 1 co'npany. of iCai:v;'- i'y.y. <-.i!in- this inornin to a't.-:i,i a r- tinioii -li tii.- *.i'a Kan."•.is Infantry v.iiieh Ix'iii;- ihei-i at l!l>' lioir.e of I -M. C ;;iii tlire.' :|nd on>?::;.lf Utile: llori:! of 'iiis city. Color. ••! (;oi :i>\ i-r • was eolon--! of t!:( ' .-iulnh Ki'iisas ilMiiiis the ci war. F'.d Ofiitoii. eoloi.-d. was this and a f.-w of 'h.- ii,.-;nl:<-r.^Of tl!c old iiloriiiiiir foiind ;;Mil !y' in i !o !ie.- coart re;;in:>'ii! ar.- siiil- Mvjrii: in t'.iis eiiy. oil rha-;;.' of IiootI'-^'^in'.r and fiti.'.I Tn .l ;iy is liv I'irst tini.- tli.- eolon.-l Sl 'io and ••lists and given a s.-i'ieiic iiiis IM.-II in loia Itir a jf. i iod of j O.-.e Conyiclion in Police Court for Bootlegginn on Evidence of Oe-. tectives. lii i-d :;i:d v. tint- W .I.- llle Tlie I Itiid iiidi .1 ine i -:!-J:<' ; .1:1 .-asy IM:I!! IW :i- fiMllnl !o It.- ca;i l>e TO ri.i: All "SIIOHT IJI! VSS~ TITI.KS 1 .iiired eMfOI for ;i leu ratehe.-; . a.^ie .i!ioii-.ih [..'i-ier .-.l wiili j ^he llive. .lilil ill.- flil.ilileiid 111 1. . II III a <-a'J'!.- Ti) :. will k .-eii, An Effort Will He Made in the Next Kansas LcirislaJare to Stop IMJ-piil^-s. Topeka. I-Ci;s... Sti.t. l!i.-I'|.iii.s to MO]t liii.^atioii and .~eiili- thi- (pieslioii f the laiiil liilc-s in western Kaiisa.-: are lii-iiii; luaile and I he iu-\; le^;.^;;.- uie will lie :i.-^k"'d lo pass sonie icms- alioii on this sulijec!. .Much of the sch<:oI land in ;he western part of the state has li<»eu I'oifeiled as tile ti;-i:;i|ial settlers aliaiidoiie.l ilie propi-ri".. Then ,-aiii.' liie r.-iival of pr .l^IleI- it.v aiiil ihe ':.iid lieeani.' v.iiiiri 'iie Speeiilaio!!ioU"|.; ii|i lIi.. till.'s of III- •iri;;iiia! owiier> .iiid ih. i -i' is a i |iie<- ;ioii <iv <-r 111- l >-a;iliiy .if ihe forlei- itne.r Ther.' are nlau\- suits in ilie cmiils o\er this ijm .-^iioii. .\n .•(Toil is lo lie made !•> have ilie ;e .i ;i .>-iaMi:i' pass law.; cleai in:; :|ie !;r|r>. of iniich !if thi.. land. K.-eii/ MOVE REFORMATORY Kansas liounl of Conlrol Wituld llavr liic Htij . Sent lo I'lare Karlher Wol. BOTKINS BROTHER AGAINST HIM roott Derfeotlv harmless in its iUjTMSixit'iUWiMnmimmrnnTiu- . _ .jpptverful Inviiforating tonic "Fv Torite Prescription" Imparts strength to the tt'bolesystem and to tiie oreans dis- tiocily fomnine in particular, t or over^ irorked, i"wora-put," run-down.* deblll- bers,! milliners, 'dressmakers, js, "shop-girls." house-keepers, others, and feeble women gca- . Pierce's Favorite Preseripiidn atest earthly boon, being mi- ran appetizing cordial and ro- ftonlc. bothing and strengthening nerv- orite Prescription " is uneqoalcd aTaluable in allaying and sub- TOUS exclta)i)iilty. teitability, iiaustion, nervous prostration, hysteria, spasms.- St "Vitus's ' :jother Idistre^g,' ncryous 'attendant lipon Stump 'Speeches to he Made by the Candidate's Republican Kinsman. Topeka. Sept. i:i.—-W. T. Hot kin. assistant secretary of state, is ?oing on the :;tump a.i;ainst his brother. .1. D. Botkin. Democratic candidate for jrov- ernor. , W. T. Botkin went to the Republican headquarters today and offered his servic?s as a stump speaker and plans are being m.ide to send him out on the road next month. Trtith and Quality in every The constant dropping water wears away tbe baraest stone. The constant gnaw of Towser niasti- cates the tougiiesc bone. Thfe constant wooing lover carries away the blushing maid. Vnd the Constant Advertiser is -the man wbo GETS the trade. appeal to tlie WVII-Infonuetl walk of life and are es .scntial to permanent success and cretlitable standing.: Accor- ingly, it is not claimwl that .Syrup -'f Figs ] , and Oi .xir of .^cnna L« the only niinrdy of known value, but one of many reason-s why it i.s the Ijcit of |>ersonal and family laxatives \i the fiwt lliat it cleanses, sweetens anil n'liev«-s the internal organs on which it acts without any debilitating after efifects and witiiout having Xo increase tbe quantity from time to time. ; ' It acts.pleasantly and naturally apil truly as a laxntivc, and its component parts are known to and approval by physicians, .^is it is free front all objectionable sulKtanceS. To get its lyeneficial effects alwaj's purcliasc the gemiinc— mamifactured by tbe California Fig Syrup C6., only, and for sale by all leading drug- T.ipeka. Kas.. S.'i>i, ):»—The Ka !i .-:'.s lioaid of (-oiitiol. in lis auntia! report to IIK " uoMTuo; and the Itjsjislalure. will ask ili.ii tile i -'diislr!al .School for lioys- in Tojii-ka i ili;ove ;l' m soiue we -:i !ii iow:i iii K.iii-a-. ;ii it Ite' i^e.^- eni liiliiiiilius <'<<!i\ei li <l iii'o ;i li;':- |i;l ;i I l .iiv ineiiraMi- iii.-a:i.'. or thai a new lii ->;>!la) l )i- hiiiii ill ilie western Kin I .f Iln- stale I tider the pre.seiit law iiieiir;!).;.- insane are ii -iiinied to ilii- eoniiM.-.-. wliu ii s .-iii tliein. In luost (•.t >f- lie- «-ii <i(iiie> have IH» w.-.y of '.uovidii'- f..i- tins.. i.MJeui.-. ami ilii- hoard lieliev.'s iliai .tin- law oiiylii lo '!"' aiiieiidiil l.t -.^i'..- Ihe ^tale cori 'rol ovi-r i|ie .-e |iaiie:;'> Til • elii. f td'-:i ill lit ili/.iiii; the l>.r >7.' >-.lii:..! lor ,1 I;..-;..or iaeiiiali!.- iii.}}'.<• i< ilitii ii i> (-;.•>-<' lo th.- To >i .-ka ii.-i;: '.!!.. :i Mil"! i- i-. .1 tin.- liiea;:..ii 1.1, -:nli M ; i ;--rilli;io!i. l..-illd i.- so liiiili II: t'ii< i -oiii-.;'. ihai not eiiou .i;!i is etoviiled f<.. f.iMllili;; toi the !!-.>.- I.:;!iil ii Ihe we .-i .in |i:tr ;i <,i lite, slat.' is <llv;iii-- .iii -i :i hiu taltn could be irVo \;.li-d 'i ii.. .-ard !sl>t> a>ks for >o!ili- li. w ;:iv..- 1 fi:;ii di Ii; ilivoK'."-^ fr.iiti ii !>aiie |.a;..-i!i-: Kansas now lia.~ no law.< on !lii> >iil>je(-t and. ih.- enly a pei>-oii liia> secure a divoin- from an i 'lrani' i-atiiiii in Kansa^. is 10 have L-ooil «aiis ' I <ii- a dixorce li-fore ill.' paiieiii becomes iiisrne .\ refoniir.iory for :;iri}. >im;!.">: 'n Ihe tme for voiinu men in, lluicliiri'-'on, also is ask< d for. .\'. pivse:ii a uiii more ili.iii I'", year:^ old. who li;:- M . en coiivieii-il (if a crime, has to po to tiie stale |'eiii;eiitiar.\ of d.i.\--. in jail, n.-iilo!: \v.,s a" reste.l on ^:.•|.;•-n'^>|•r II. on c-. i l.i.e.- s.eiir.'.l liy Kansa.i Cily .l i .'< s. I;'111011 r. ;ir-' .-ienteil this inoriiia-T iiv .\ttoii.'-. M.'!i<".r.soii. .' foior.-i law. yer froie l\;iir^.l;; Cil.v. and C'-\. .1. !;. .\Te":!:«>:i. .\. !'. Florenc.'' r> pr.s.-u'- • eilv in -iie ai;sene<- of (••!-• .\ttoi>.I* .1 --r who is l.ii-<'.- i;i til.- W illoxv cas.'. >.-ai.^. V.l:!!. eiiy !.y Capi. :-t:;.-l lliat y.-ai.-' auo w.'. 'i»y I.II! oM •;:ov .-r ! V- lo::l 0 ill 'iir .vn o\<r tne 'lis luoniisr.; he of IV .-nty five 1! tr.->ii liis iiK -m \\y lail '-d to liisem • r any of !aii'lniar!;.=. Tod ^y wa^ ehos- • i; a.- til'- .iai.- r,:" ;he r. i:i:i'iii in eom- ri'.-ir-i-.raiion of liic l.".ili ane.iv.-r.-arv o! :1;<- of C!iioauiaii.;;ii.i. Fc- New ICrop. I ^ A Free Swim for Boys. I Next Tli:!r^d;'.y ev.-tiinii all l)o:s in W. It. Cox Still had II..' narili 'lalf liie eiiy Ix-iw.cii The au.s of M anil of their oil ^rriii A.<<V.: >\<:\: trac!; I.'. y.a:s wi'l i^.- .uiv.-ii a fr-e swim in lorn .iowii this v.eeU. ani wil .!<•• Ill" lii-- Y. .M. C. .\. -.wiiuniiii:^ poni. T:ii.- iMivli.-r in t|!ir- ir.eiion of Vw~-- dale i-- iIi.- !;.-i <t;iy liefo!.- tli.- close oii.'o of tie- ii>.-!.il'.-sM ;i eoiuest an.! necre- — KIs- tr.iy Siari:.-y i-; civiii- i!ie l.atis as :ii. ai!v-riis .-iiM!-! K.r the as-.ifi.i'ion. (-oru < ii': vhieii th.-y are i.iiilitiii; t!l.' We.-t »ili.' leoi-.- l..'a.l.'r. of li'.-lr <\i\. Jaques MIg. Co. Chicago. Money back. Is Known Here. .Vitorne • If. lab-'.^on. tl \i> ' coiore.l lawyer from Kansas City, who defended Fred Denton in police court this momin.i?. is Known to several bila lawyers. Tie pra.Iiiated from the Kansas Fniver.'-ity law school about three years ago. His acquaintances here say that he is a close student of the law and has a future. THOS H. BOWliuS, PresldentJ(^ j. F. SCOTT, Cashier. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30,000.00 NEWS OF GAS CIH IS WORKING ON NORTH M'RAE lUKNTITV IS SAIIl TO ME K.NOWX AM) AKKKsrs .MAY HU,I.OW. 'EEPKH„ IS PESTEn. ITl/EN.S AOAIX. . The t Imral ( lub Held Their IteKnlnr .Mi^-lin:; I.iist Eveniuir in the llhrh School Ituildinir—Pi-rsoimls. I'.rjan Club Ton-trbt. Tl;.- I'.ryaii cliil) will meet in regu- "ar w .-i kly session iliis evenin,?. Local siii-ak.-rs wiii make addresses lonigbt. Choral (lub ."der. The Ciloral clnli niei last evening :i;id rehear.'-<il n!iisi(- wliieh will be u.-!ed in ilie eiiieriaiiiineii: to he given ;>y th;* ciiil) ai son..- fmiire liine. The meeti!!:; was weil aiii-uded. Vre Attendimr Instiute. .\l :.!iy i"::.ii..M> froiuih.- country sur- roiiielintiihis ciiy ar;- attending the Fanners liLsiiliite whiili is being held in lola lo.lay. The insu^ute is for the Ijeiieiii of .In- farmers. W. t. T. r. -Hef Yesterday. Th- iii:.iieii of the "Women's Chri.-i'ian T.-wireranre union met yes- •erd;'.y afi.-rniKin u' the home of Mrs. .loe Col.^niaii on Norih McRea street. Several matters of general .interest vveri. discussed. Mithodist ( hnrcli. S.iiiday s<-hool a- :•: l.'. a. iii. I'reach- ini; at II a. ni. Kpworth League at 7 p. III. I'r.-achiii.^ at TrT.o p. ui.—D. M, Caiiipeell. I'astor. Inited Prestijterian Church. •'.ilde schooF. at lo a. in. Freachlng 11 II a. ni. Yoitn.i: Peoples meeting at 7 ii. in. I'reachinu' ar 7:;''.'i p. m.—W. \I. Leeiier. I'asior. A'_-ain Yisit North .HeRea. -lack, the Peeper, who visited North ^icll.'a street several weeks ago is said to lie l.iisy a.aain this week. It is --aid that h" is known and as soon as unicieii" eridp:;ce is secrirc-d arrests will follow. Pi'rsonals. \ Mr. and Mrs. .A. C. Shaffer left yesterday for Kaiisa.* Ciiy for-,a few days vi-ii; wirli friends. CIK'S. r .a;!a!(l i.- rep-iried on the sick WiiHatu Perry and fanii'-y returned yfst.-rdav from Carneti where they' :iave heeii for tl:e jiasr several we"-ks. .\h. and Mrs. O. L. Foster are in Carnei! today attt-ndin.i; their daughr .er's openini;: of fall millinery which is liciim held in that city today. Itr.y Sriniple. of Colony.'Iiur forUl- erly fif this city, was here yesterday on business. inarry .\ash who has been ill with ryjihriid fever is reiKnted as being .^onie better. MONETT SAID SO «.'ov. Haskell .Says Ex-Attorney Geii- enil of tlhloCletored Him of Con- nertiou Standard .Vattrr. * Chicai;o. Sept. !y.—In the face of the assiTtions of Hearst at "St .IJOUIS that the affidavit sis ;ued by F. S. Mon- •-leti. former attorney wneral of Ohio, ;df!itifie<i Coveriior C. .V Haskell. Of Oklahoma as having heeu a party to :he Staiidar.l t>il allewl negotiations. i:«!vt-rnor Haskell io<lay declared the sJaieuotit al.soliuely false. Said Mr. Ila.skell; (bi the day the affidaTlts are said "• liav.r been signed. Septem- IM r IJ. I :'<ts, \(< was in Okla- jotna Cily and made a speech In. whieli 'he e\i.11. -rated ine from all.con leeiion with tlie St.mdard Oil matter." REGULAR MEETING TONIGHT, City Council Will Meet in an Adjourned Session. OIRHCTORS A. W.i-Beck, L. C. Beatty. A. J. Fulton. W. J. Evans. J. O. Rodgei*, I . W. L. Bartles, iThos. H. Bowlus. WE ISSUE ouaowm DKAFTSOH MI uistoPEAm POINTS SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT FROM $2 TO ^ PER VEAR. iNJTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS. Tlie cliy council will meet in an ailjourne.l session this evening. At the time of the regular meeting on Thursday evening, everything jexcept pressini; liusiifess was posti>oned until tonight. There afe several matters of importance to be con.4ldered at the this evening. Burlington Came Too. Mr. and Mrs. Leon A. Mosber and Miss .Myrtle Cummins and C. B. Ford went to lola Thursday in Mosher'S auto to take in tbe circus.—Burling- ' ton Republican. While They Slept. A young couple in Ida who were \ holding hands in the moonlight.stop-.. | ped a preacher and were married be- j fore they awoke.—^alina JoumaL

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