Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 19, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 19, 1908
Page 3
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. —'L. '..4 A., .^J 'i'-::" •-'^i mmuL S OF LA HARPE jsuroxn FOOT HALL TKAM CAXXOT (JET Tlli: (a ^lKS OKSIRKO. THEPUYkRS ARE PRACTICING rUKNTIS IHINU.O OK K. I. KKH BAMJKAMK. IS IN TOW.V. W«-iidaU rhilli|.> Vi>l«rila} AIKTIIOOII I)M>)i(c<! ./"Ill) M;i«I)«iiJilil • ii» .SHr»>ii«ri) V. 1;. Kill jr. l^ist cvi'iiin;; iln- K. 1'. A. crilci In rhi.s filA'siiiiMiscii A. E. Kiii^-. sfci<*- t;iry nf ihc DnJcr. H>' wii! ic.-tvc for hi.; iif.v lnii!". Thir'.y im-tnb.r.; incUiilini; ;fvi 'nil iin-iiilicrs nf llii- Inia j)rd<>r woi-o lUf /ciJl iiiulu. Iir. and Mrs. ('. !'. (Nn-c |ii<?s.-iii ('<l Mr. Kinj^ wifli (^ (lii) .-!I-VIT.I) iiljj <-r iin'tiitit'rs. Was a Sin"c»'<s. I Tin* ic-i- of.ini s<ifi;i! .uivon 'ly r.if-ni br-rs (if ilii- .Mis.^idiiary sm-ifiy af the Kiii.«c<>i-il <lii:rc!i w;is n snr -"tv'.^s ill t'V .-iy |i:iil!viil;u- TIK- .K <ii-ial was wt-!l aifi'iidf'l. [-.WHHKM.VS. The -nnesi Uno oi I'iiiuv ('...Id and Pear) }Iaadie i:iiihrenas and ParasDls ever shown in ilio <'!iy ;nt* now nn dlsiday III UaJcrs A l>;iiif"r(l(. lirims it .liw-lrv. I'n'nti .v l >4 »iinl<l Ih-m Prpnii.-i I)<)jiiiliLK'>!" Kansa.-i I'liivi-r- slty foni hall fain<\ii.-; cxiit'cioil in ilii..; «»Vt >ulut; fmni \vt v .<'vn Kansas WIKT.- bo has lit?i-ii uork/iiv' fnv ihi- / st^v- erarnnmrh..;. Krniii IHT.- lio will :;<> !:> l.,a\vrf HOC uhvrc hi> wilt lak' a ',i liis duties in IIM! >iiiivcr.«it>. AII'KIMSII h>- has;playt'd ihrtr vt -.u..^ and v. ii! m.; l .i- ill The liiiHii/i this fa';'. wil' a.<.-:i.-i Kansas as innch a.< pos-siiilc hj ((laon- inp.| I'ronlis \vill iiradnau- iliis vivir. Spent Social Kwniinr. The niembprs 01 Uip local ordor ff Kelieoas .sppnt a social c-vpiiir.^ lust nishi. Rpfre.'^hinpn!.^ wprpiservp.l. CrtiiT Uet (JanicsL The manager of ihe second city fimt ball ie:im wliicli wa.s ornanizod .4pvefal oveninss aso. .says that np'io date ho has faik-d to i;<'t, liainos, alt hoi i;!) n« •ha.s written to a nninhtr of loiyiis whei^ there :u">' foot ball i»ain>: However/the nieinbers of rhe.loca team are! working every afternoon lipttin.e; into; condition for saine.s shonld they be scheduled. jThe manaspr woJild like to schedule '^-aines for October and 9. the days of the Kaniier's Hxliibit here. - OSTEOPATHY— DR. AV .H. ALBRKillT. Registered iOsteopathic Phy.sician. State Hank; Hldp. Phone nr.. - Onlv Osteoi>ath in La Uari>o. For Collar (liuni|iiiiiiNlii|i. In a tenni.s f;ain» for the vcflar chanipionJrtiiji Wendail Phillips yt-sti^r- day afternoon dofeatr -ij .(ol.ii .MacOui!- ald two out; of three sets. TIK- .-«-OIV follows: C—:!. f.—4 and I—<; MediodNt E|iisc-«ipiil. Scrvlceii (it the .Methodist Ki>>[i;i! chiilvll Suiidaj. ai-: Sahhath schoo: at I'reai bin;; at' II a. ni. Sijbjeci. •Our iliuh ^'alliny ' Junior Kpw'orih Leaun*' .'it in. woriTi lA'apK- 7 \i. 111. Pi>>a«b<ni: :>i 8. Htlbjeol, "I'liriM. Ih.- World est MaKUt J ••— itev lor. tirci! lia i:.-nhatii, l-a.- 1 ^ I Clirivtiiiii Cliiircli. Sorvict'S lit jtlie Chriiitian obui>-h 1..morrow ar*;: i're.iohinu a^ 11 a ni. Jtiiiior Kndoayiir society at p. ni. . Y. P. S., C. K. at IT p. in. fte.ioliiii:^ at .S SuUjfct of niorniiii: sertii.m. -A poN dier Ve.-iierday." Snlijt -i>, i V even-j ing sennon, .A Soldici of T «Kiay • Text taken from 1 li; - It.iWt II. CoiK'iand, pastor. I'roslijtcrian CUim-h. The services at tho Presbyterian church tomorrow are as fi>l!o\vs: Sab hath schoo? at 20 .1. in. J'n^acbina at 11 aim. f. K. .s(>(i.-ty at <;M.'> |I. ni. Preachini; :it,7:::0 Sulij-'ct of tlie moi^ninf; sermon will be -The Wibb-i- ness Tcmpiiation of (Mirist K«--v H. Bright. /)as<or. 1 J. I'lTsonals. Dr. O. W. Si:ii'!fi'>" ''f' ^esleiday for hi.s hoiiu in Alhai.y. Mo., after spending severa' day.s here vi.-itinK his son. Dr. I?. P Sbipleton. Mrs. WiilSuni Donald and sister yes- Li Full of Money-Saving Opportunities FOR SATURDAY AND Reasons abundant why you should spend your money here. It's the new fashion *'kinks'' that's maknng the public hungry fpr our mercfian* disc. It's the new prices that are forcinig: upon us an early fall trade. It's thcMray we do things—the magnitude of our buying-^lir selllng^that makes this store the headquarters .or all wise buyers, who depend on our ability to guage in advance the trend of popular taste and are never dis* appointed. Rousing, tempting bargains in every department. ^ • Handsome Tailored Suits ^lade of plain and fancy colored novMlty suit- iuj(s, in tJie long empiri t^tyle, French cnlPway or pointed front and back stylesj smartly tailored and liaudBomelv trinim«d. Skirts are the latest models for fall and trimmed to match Coals. Prices— SI5.00.SI8.00.S20.00.S22,50. $25.00 S30.00. S3S'.00. S40iOO New Fall Skirts In endless variety, high art tailored effects, modified Directoire fffeot-s, gored and clinging sheath models. In plain and fancy wor- .steil.«. Prices range from $3.98 to S2Q.00 New Net In white, ecru and black, made over a sijUt body lining; lace yoke in front and back. at& the new Gibson collar, and long motisqnetalriK .sleeves. Prices range S2.98.S3.98, S4.9B. S5S Fall Hats are now in, and more to com»». Attractive and correct shapes, made and trimmed as only experts know how, and at prices that positively cannot be duplicated 'elsowliere NEW FALL MILLINERY A great variety of Misses' and Children's School Hat^ are now ready for ypur inspection. The New bress Goods Make Their Debut. , - ! •, • . j''' ' are "comming out" days for the new Autumn v.« and thiey are rectjving a most cordial reception. It's a lonjg step forward we've taken this season in the gathering of Dress Goods. It's a peerless exhibition, covering tlie widest scope, as some of the choicest fabrics come only in limitt:d quantities, an early selection is advisably. 3c> inch fancy Wool Suitings, euitabic for AQn suits and skirts, Saturday aud Monday, yard.. . T O W' inch extra fine Serges and Batistes, any shade you^may want. An exceptional fine line, per |U inch Wool TafTetas—"Botony Mill-s"—a beautiful soft oaterial lor dre.sses and waists, in all TQ A shades, special Saturday and Monday perj'ard .. | |||| •U inch new fancy slripc Suiiings, in brown, blue, red and green. You must scb it to appreciate QQn it. Per yard ,.4 I OuU A great variety of new s^tripe [suitings, -14 inches wide,in navy, brown, green, London smoke and gar- nut. Special for Saturday and Monday, per i^i fill yard ••. dllUU 52 inch Herringbone stripe Suitings, in nav,y, brown, gfreen ind Loudon smoke, special for 01 QC Saturday and Monday, per yard VllZv r)2 inch fancy stripe Broadcloths, the very thing for a swell tailored suit, in all the new fall Cll shad«H, per yard wIlvU A full liuc of fine Broadcloths for htreet and eveiMug wtan From ^Hc yard to...... $3.50 New Silks--A Most Inviting Display While the occos^ion is plimarily one for seeinil the advance ideas for anturnn, ytt you should not overlook the special prices which we have mad^ to incite immediate purr chase. More especially do we call attenlion to the soft new satin materials—the plain and fancy messalines. satin h'berty. satin duchesse, in both street and evening shades.. I'.l inch Satin Messalines, in all the new TKft shades, special for Safr.'lay and Monday, yard.. | (||| r.> inch fancy Taffeta Silkss, suitab'e for ilDfl suits and waists, Saturday aud Monday, yard . . .TUU 1J> inch fancy Mesf'alines, in all the new QCll fall shade.^, Saturday and Monnay, yard OwU 27 inch Satin Dauhcsse in blown, navy, 01 AC green, retl. Saturday and Moudar, yard OIlZu ::(; inch black Taffeta Silk, regular $1.00 AQn value, special for Saturday and Monday, yard . •DuU oU inch black Taffeta, regular $1.25 quality, QD A .•special for Saturday and Monday, yard uOu .36 inch black Satin Duchesse, for Skiks, O j QC waists and costumes. Sp^ial per yard vliZv 3(5 inch black Peau de Soie, regular QQ $1 75 quality, special, per yard OliOw' A Plrst-Class Sponging and Shrinking Machine At your service; Brlag in your it properly sponged and shrank. dress goods- and have Big Special Sale AH TbHi Wedi Gintihams. Shirtings. Outings, fancy Flannelettes. AUis- lin<. Sheetings and Calicoes. Lay in a supply and do your sewing now. Fancy dark and light Outinge,.special for C|| Saturday and Monday, per yard . y||| .le 4 Plain white Outing, special for this week, per yard i Plain and fancy Outings, special price, per yard 7 Fancy and plain Outings, 100 new patterns to select from, per yard A gre it variety of fleeced Outings infdark and light color."!, suitable forkimona<», wrapper laod drtis- ing saqnep, at j iOc. 12 l%?G* tSM8G Our Ptock of b'.ack Yoilee and WoolensVhasneyer been so complete. A look thr.:ngh our stock will convince you tha!: we carry the best lind of black wobleofi in this section of the country, from the cheapest to the; very best. ItM-day ri'tnrned froiii a visit in Art-a- tlja. Kas. j Carl Hcraiil. of Tiil.'-a. Okla is h .MO , on bnsint'ss. I Mrs. H. .\. Coiivtnoy left yp^ic-nlay' for a finy days visit i:i Kort i^ioii. Kar. i \V. V. Houscr.i state <l «»iiii)> foi ihi' K. P. .v.. was hfiiv >cv.<ti't.rt!iy 1 .Mr. and Mrs. D. Phillips art- visiting in YiSK'.s CiMittr. Kas I Ij Pi'iiv Ma 'li 'o!i (i it 'inriii'd vrsicnlav | fruM. Kan .SiiV <"ii\ wlic-ri- In- folj his''"""*"" wUi' .''iviia! wcfk.s auo lor an op. ra- j;„l fii .iv 111' sa\s ili.n ^^u• is dolir; a-* v.dl a-- < Milil I •• I 'xOt 'vifd ERLOFF'S HOME RUN •s WAKEFrELD'S WAKEFIELD'S Blackberry Balsam Wlill* it ii », quick tnd.-potitfv* our* .for DUirrhoM. DyMntory and Chul«r» . Inltkntum. it i»| untiko other reinodie* in «.,,. nic.i in ihi thtfcrtUhti ^inlsrtiinddoosnot conttlipatp. oillrr Mst .nia.v tor ih«' fn M y »»r|i Uwutatvd* of livttft of men. i.ln^- <Mni'punv. Tho (<• women and b&bies tuvo bo «n saved by ^ontlivaMt of Ktsin<>i'>' nnd sutithi-a8t of wild IIIKW COS h «!f |lnff W«keli«td'a BiWcJtlwrry Huiuboldl. and InHtid**^ sovrral hun, runs r.ray nia. (ATI HKi: <;0T .VI.I. OK: SIMIIX;- H!;i.US HITS YKSTKIUIW. Iltiid l.iiik i:in<ir.t ONiiu ttii lliinif Itiiii*. ilta^r Filed E even Le»»tt. with Kiinklo. Crady and Tamer Gray has s''ciired nioiv home runs according to the Kami's they have prayed in thf Western .Association than any oth- ff playi-r;.. JolMioonV Hard i.nek. Thai was hard link yesterday for \\all>r .Iohli><'n whili he let ChlcaRV ilowii with threi- scatti-u-d hits and lost ilif boMt I 10 II. Ill; oiiiplti'hi'd: \>b ihi- Kti-.ii .Salh.i slant arli.-o In i'V«.i.k but KreeinallV er- 101 > lii-i ilu- •anir .lobnsoii UIMI liot iiiii' more ihlis .sea.^on. while Uoles will |(rol»abl >j leave for Fort Worth In a few diiy:|. wht-re he will take ihe Texas htuije lliar e.xuintnation and hani; hi» Ehins'e. S 'aKel will wait until the team teturnU jfliomc and will luirticipate In the e.xhil>iiiou Kame.s. it was fMck'.s In ti-niion lo work tiiin diiriiiK the season. Iiiitl the petinuni i .>i still hantjing Old I'iraiidpa" llolTiM. oiief .1 iwlit- Porlbind Pipe lj.lne Company TaUet -r a our. :-ldi- oi Anio. Uu-nt and Hill Some More Land. ivlih two hii Kl .-M -ii K .iiM-s on nn.l oil lixnUbotb of whbh Jlieili-n.'<iitii. Ifi lia*«l"'ii's iij.itn down • Remitter'Want Ads. BrlDK Kesnlte. III!) iwo. |,-^i,riia. \>ere MMMUi'j) li\ V.I- HeUlMli-r of IIIM'UH |off and one of whirji wasj roi four 'ui 'tlund Pipi! Hai 'kc, A.- a ii'>nit (Oklahoma won 'H «i 's are l«ti<t [>y a .-lotf. <ii I to Tmu .^nilth's t lluydi'ti bi ;i.\.- three |i' one erior but i> did Tliese are thejliot llpnre iit the srorini-v | KrlulT'« home run. Is not tirM he )ias secnred sfnw JcdnlnR] tlhj> .Spr/ns- 1:. Ohuu ({(it Tmu H<iiuer>. I'lan-H ()l^oll. tin- .Sa\oiibiir»; b(>.\. Kill IWO boiiii' iiin^ till 'Popekii yeftter- I'ai Th<- .«i,iii coiiti" bo« Is Mittie hiM.-.- .\iilMaii. c.lll.t III .•iWUtlillU (irofes.sional ball players In the west. Knicry and Sy.'ve^ter Olson are members of the ro|*ka team, the pennant winner.s in the Western .Association thl-s season. Simon .\lford has just closei) the season with Tulsa who stood at the toj. in the O. K. !eaK"e- The lioys have ^ood records to' their credit and their fast playint; has at- iii thi-i b^itatice and it would he tukini; [trncted widespread attenion and made t(;i) innfl|i of a ri>k—State .lonrnal ;ihem popular thr(ui;;honi the WMt. SavonhurK Record. FIVE lll'NDKED IH)fJ,.\KS, ]linKu|> FullinK Ilown. i.> not hlttini; like hi', did ihi' .Heahoii, He has a liimti I ' • av.-i.t>re. however. for ihc >U'aal«|nt l >N)r .Vr fOf thf RflM I fiot neld team. As a matter, of. (act he, F^irftlled Ihe (imue. riii|illi' (ii.ldlli'l loili-ltrd Ihi to .lojiliu .\r.ii'iday whe.ti Knid ap- |ieaieil on the 1:11.ntid.- vvlih only nim nii'ii i I tinifnitn lljin Mtnnt this luirr)! \i riir(liiitj to the atjiioiinreiiiriit tiiadl* iliirlliK tile tlisl of thi> .season, U'lwveiic • .Milton, the niainiRiM of tiie iWib.b C'ljy tenni will retire fr«iin base jliall at the close of Ihe se.ison. Miltunjer condition for t:,lW. Kamej^^j,, j„ A„. ^,„i,m ,j ,at lu« would m\U\ iSlRUeOJ Wni. McAdanis, From V\W^r For II* years 1 snffereil, with piles. IbroiiRht on by niiv strain or hanI work j .Since nsinit Hem-Hoid eiitht mnnths •icti. I have nnt Had an attack, can do any labor and ctif what I wish without lit cITect. I won!'' not he In my form- \atrl III HI Trlid «»nt. Selhi, Poles atld Sunt-' are not with base hal if he nnildn'l l»eut .lopHsi mil Air I 'he Miners are away ahead • r thf jlTiipletis—Stale .lournal the team thU trip. Se'.by wlM play no jng the i>0\onhHntV Players. Savnplnric has ih« distinction of be- Cook's FaU». S. Y. Sworn to liefore notary Mar. 2$. '08. I>r. Leonhardt's flem-Rojd. an Interi >nl tablet cure for piles. Us sold for t) by Cha.'i. B. Sjienrer ik Co. aiid ful- 1v' ciiaranteed. Dr. Iveonhardt Co.. {home of tbre« of the best Stattou B. Buffalo. K, T.' DRY SPELL IS OVCR. Uev. ifl HtekB. tbe i »|Bather inM|* nosticator. aonoonces th? end of flie present dry spell tbis ji«e «k. sunspou. which appear t^xonch - Rlass to be abont the tbe ot a! head, bat are. aecordInK tp Ranr approximately 200,0001 to 1S0 .(MH> across, are to do thelii^Mk. These spots, whieb w ««0 lint i vfttr lh)« Sunday monilBt aAQWiO rnuui for several days, are MDDaad^lqr ttw 'fe^ lation of the ionth mtfrMtlo Jiot^4<* the Bun 'a equator, to trlUob'tt ta a^ at the smalleat poaaibla~aii|^.. J-'i^ He says they were tkf eAttae Of \V«st India atorm of laat ireeli;: storms from both the nor sniiihweat will reach th|t a few days. The Help Qwatlon. Mistress—Is that the mlHcma^ Sarah? • \ , , MHld—Yea. ma -aiB. . Mistress—How moeh milk <m W'- taker t; ; -fiih>ertfi «Syr?^-n- '

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