Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 19, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 19, 1908
Page 2
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imittvj lir Ski Diiil Stitii Stati#Iaiu " miiGiiily 1. b BtOMBAUCnt'CMliH; 1^ li'ABnGi. •ILTDT FBO] 200, ilr. ami Rive a: .rFor ^Unei» Joe." ihin^ o^ the. table decorations —>-.wlilch ilr. and Mrs. E. *,«»te for their friend MrJ jx.'iCAtiiioi), speaker of tbc of- rtipresentaifTeB, at thelij sh Governor's square last night rinihlatare caiinon about 2*f <oa« which with the American 'thtt* it rested fornw -d tin- til^ table held end bo 1/ white land blue ostersJ ./ Included Mr. Cannon' u.^ocretary, Mr, Busby, Govprn-j lllrt. I&ch. Mr. and Mrs. n. \VJ n'dt Mr. and Mrs. Prank P. Mac^,,Mr. and Mrs. John F. Nor- zititi John B. Bartholoniow. .Mrs. Ikl^oel and Mr. Cprnoliiis ITolt. .iT idiore, Md,—Topeka .. . , ^ ^ 1 ' '{.MK and Mr«. Balllet Home. I : JttK^and-Mrs. C. J. RalliPt r«>(iirii-: -edjj^eaterdajr from n vfopk's trip toi. 4iV«ril ^Kanaas <own8 wheitf^ ih«y' jthe KuestB of frieiids. A ' • • i VHt Mrs. Cuib«rt«on. KMrs. W.' B. Haskins and d ^ijuKlttors^ otlPort S^tt are ^tipsts of Mrs. C. Si'Culbertson. For Mlw HJHea. T .^Mlss Marguerite Wolfe will iihjh Ufelght for Miss Marj- _ -tliB ^icaestB: wtU be members of the ir "Vive dub of the Preisbyterian; Srch. ; * * * I rv •. Leave for Tennessee. ri'iMr. afad Mrs.. George KllUan and tlito- .slater. Miss Helen LAtham are i^avlnic. today for their new home ncari tinbdjla, Tennessee. Mr. and 'KttUtm have been' exceedingly Jt^'aiobng many jfrienils here, es- dl^ in church circles. * • • •• , -f^ll Millinery Openinp. Prlday. S «^^i ^fi. all day and evening.— Ml8.«i DngKctt's. succe<wor to Miss Pribom. > "i-,: •• * • • - 'jlfo. and Mrs. J. L. Frlsbee. of ,\mar -rino. Teicas.. left this afternoon for St. tkiols and Litchfield^ 111., after a few 'dit:riV T ^'t^ ^5th Mr. and Mrs. Geo. .6.?iJ»rr4r.,.- In Humboldt t-M1i)3 Little Tholen has gone to Hddiboldt to spend la few days with Iftt-; parents. • • — . .In Gariiett. t ^Carda sent from Gamctt say that tn.d taotor. trip which the Misses 0^ BlUgertld. Mr. Bert Pitzger. ;.ild;i«re ttUns U proving a deltght- til'me. The tourisu expect to spend m^xytetk 4ad In OtUwa. ' J., ; ParevnII Dinner. ;;>tMa Berttia Swigart gave a charm- Ink kar^WeU dinner last night for sev- i <i ,twt<:klrla who are leaving Iota soon irah 4ti steaded absence. The honor jjiKAUi 1r«t« Mils Gladys Northrup. HUii Mary: HiUeji. .Miss Mary North- llKmnd Mlas |1orene<? Wittenberg, r^t Iioula, who has beon her« as M. Sohpenhrun's Kuest for ih9 iwr. Tbr t|lbl(» hoM trlromlngs litftx and lottK stmmrd pink roa- plaeaa Ibr th *a* yoirng la(U<^: or^nce Vl1tt <>hb4>rg. ;Mtm Mar,;, Mlas OIad)*a Northrup. Mtss 'Korthrnp,' Miss I^olji Holmes, jjerthidc Holmes. Miss EUEB- ,B6<ier. JMiBs Ethel liorton and Siritart , lJMrB .iplnney Returnsi- i «. |D. W.; Finney of Neosho Falls DCillioBie yesterday after a visit wjin, Mr. and Mrs.- Glenn Plnnej ami iiJiMble neelfings with friends here. • t '-y. • + + * I Tt 6 L Louis. Mary. Nbrtnrup goes t^ St. on !the Approaching Mo)]day ..^Jd the w n^r at Hosmer House. *111 be accompanied by Miss'Flor- a' Wlttenbefg, who will be return- •ito her, hojiqe after an extended [RYBODY SKATES O.N TUESOAYNIflin When The Auditorium opens for the seaso .i 4,r 1908-0. Open Every Eveninjj at 7 o'clock UiXKC liand than t-vcr. llcHl I l «K>r in KaiiScS. TfiE AUiilTORlUA •The White PaUce" W. R. C. Meeting. , I J, I Jhe meeting of the Woman's SelleC tf Cprps yesterday afternoon was' JTea-. turcd by the report of the' national convention at Toledo, by Mrs. <}. W. Apple. Having been at one time department president for thia state and r >os3essinK a thorough knowledge of corps work Mrs. .Apple was able to make her address extremely Inter- I 'sting. The entire afternoon with thf exception of the time devoted'to" I *• ofipnibg exercise was occupied by .Mrs. App e's descriptive talk. + * * Have Vacation. ! .Miss .Myrtle Newman wi'l o^Joy :i vacntioii next week from the office of Campbell and Go.shorn. + V i Visit Siste.-. .Mis .-4 Miwf Ranliin is here to vi.<!it li <'4- .sl.s-tor. .Mi.^s Kleanor Kaokin who is ••'(lulociiiK ihtf library. T .1e former will leavo loiuormw for Chanute xvliir*^ sill' will flll a position in tlu' ciiy srhonl.-; ilurliit; the approaching «inr«'r. I Mrs. Oewey Coming. TfOOlig women ire often ipvat ; Mrs. W. F. Dewey is wiiecied to t F »fferers for \r:uit of proper advice arrive oii Wtiiiiosilay on Thm.^iloy «rf at jast tlie risfht titne. next week from Toledo. O. .She ha.-; 5lrs.I'iiikliani,at I->'nil,]Wa ."!S .,haS ,«!«>pnt .s .'Vi 'ral months in th*" Kast. fthvay.** is.sued to yoiiug girls a special invitatiou tw write to her about their siclcnes.s. Slie is a lunther, and fully iniilerstiiiids. In nine cliaiufs out of ten your iv In: liaHarpe. ; Mr. Fanu^ Here. .Mrs. M. F. Sickly an.l Miss Bertha* Mr Will Fague of Kan.'«»-. t'iiy Sickly were j gues's of IjiHarpe hero for a few days' visit, friends yesterday. •:• + • To Chicago. , MI .SS Gladys Northnip will li-ave lo -Vr of Humboldt wi-ri' iencKf.s of morrow for Chicago. wheri> she will I.mi- .Stov «T on \V«'>. spend the winter. ! •:• <- •:• <' ^ •> Mrs. Hendricks Home. -I -F'all .Millinery Or .«'nin>,'. Friday. Fri <'nrtS|Of .Mrs. .11. .1. HcnUrick.«; of Sept. 2-".. all day and evealnsr.—Miss Cherryvale will Mrs. Fisher Here. Mrs. Fisher and Miss Nanni.- S .ov- Mr. will be just the .same as tho^ of 1 theyoungladie -v whose lettorsfolluw. LYDIAE-PINKHAM'S VEGETABLE COMPOUND , is what you ii«H><l to restore health. Mi.<s .\liliy K. I5arro\vs,of XeLnon- DobRPtiV, snoc'pRsnr to .Miss I'lilioth. ^- A •. I Picnic Today. Th«i pupils of the United Brcihern Siinday school are today enjoying a picnic at RivtTsidi' parli. Tho event was arranged soni<' weeljs apo but was postponed unavoidably. There was a picnic spread at noon and the customary amusements for the suesta. Deteots oi Vision refects of vision, although slight, may c i^se much annoyance and it usually 'appears in the form of a Difti Hmmtimoh0 or AoHlmg Eyom Now, i( ynr\ are suffering from strained vision, our scientific te>t o1 the eyes will reveal the cause and a pair uf our "Rigkify MM §»" Lon90B WUieiwo RolM I be interesti'U in ; villc, Ohio, writes to 3lra. Pinkliaiu: pleasant va<a:io.. sl.^ -When I wrot.- to you I was verv ring t:..- snuim.r. -Mrs- nervou.s. had dull headaches, backache, ricks wa .5 a dol.pat.! fnwi lu.- ^nd waa verv irr.gular. Doctors did me to the national \V. It. C. convi-n ' ^od. l.vtlia I-:. I'inkham's VegeUble knowing of a has eiiJoVi.'d during Hendricks wa.s a dol.}:at<! fnun the state to the national W. It. tlon nt Toledo. O.. and after a vi.^lt, (-..^p^juyj-and your advice made in«f thnr.- sh.' went i<i St. .loe iW'ntoii • i.,.j,uiar. wrll and strong. 1 am now in Hart .or. .Mich., where she visit..I. j U-tter iiealtb than ever Ujfore.' !i .Miss Elsie I. Hook, of Chelsea, i Vt>, wrile.s to .Mrs. Piiikham: spending a few d .iys with Mrs. Pierro onl.v Mxteen years old. bnt • „r Lydia & i 'lDkliama Vegetable Com- Miss Elder Here. Clara Dee Elder of Ottaw.-i is I Elder who is Mrs. Sallee. tomorrow. of sideache.'periodic pains, and a ner- ... ... ... ] von.<. irrit.ible i -ondition after ererv- in New Home. thing had faiI..L Mr. and Mrs. Millard Teats .ire oc-> FACTS FOR SICK WOMEN. ciipying their new residence at 224 For thirtv vears J vdia E. Miik North Cottonwood street, the old llil- Vw.fMl .I. <'„V„w.,,„^ 2a!tl home with .Mrs. Glenn •— — , , „ . standanl reiiie<ly for female ills, her dep.-,rture n«i week for bapulpa. ^nd haspashivt-l.v curedthoUJMUidsof Return Home 1 ^^<»»l><'" ^^••"«' '"'^^'^ trotibletl with «d Mrs. N. Parrish. Mr. au.l disphoeineiit.<^.inHammatioh uloeru- Buhalt. Mr. ami Mrs. R. L. tlon, mmon;, irre^ihiiitie.s. and Mr. H. Schadv of Yates pefiodio psiuis, Uekache, that liear- have returned home, T: ey iufr -<l()\vti fet-Iiiisj, tlataleIM•y,iIldiKe.s- Return Home ! ^^"'I'**" Mr .lod Mrs. N. Parrish. Mr. au.l disphoeineiit.<^.inHammatioh uloeru- Mrs. H. Buhalt.Mr. ami Mrs. R. I., tlon, hhrfud mmon;, irre?uhintie .s. <Sregg Center .... . . wer.' iuists of .Mri and .Mis. F. .\ tloii,d>z;aiies.<,oniervi>nspri»stnition. Wagner for two da.vs. . t Why «ii>;i"t you try if * * •> Mr. and Mrs. Funk Home. Friends of Mr. and .Mrs. Roy FnnU'a -.iiicst of her annt ami UHclo. .Mr. and will l .e Khtd to know ih.y have n- ,;rani Hil 'l.e. Miss W.-lseh lived tium-d to lola. They wll!,le and sit.ce ' th.n bus sp.'iit ?^onie lime hi're at inter* lis *> •> 'i- In Cherryvale. Mis W .\ M.'ii .l .ison an.l chiMivn HD' In riiiTrwal.' for a short tim«'. * + + , Horseback Ride. A gnun> of .vouiv« women a-e i \ ) pvH 'tiu^ to enjoy an earl.v luoinliis ria.' tomornuv. The fad of bot^ebaoU ! ridluR Is rapidly l»<'o«»mlnp iHipnlar, h.-ie iw\ th.'s.' slrls an- est»>rial1v ilovnt^'d. •:• •:• • Call and let our Graduate Opticiau examine your eyes tioQS FRFvB. To Pittsburg. Miss Klizabeth llarbier and Miss All examina-' Marie Harbier are spendiug Saturday, and .Sunday with friends in Pitrshnrp. i Ho. Pae., Santa Fc and K. & Watch Insftectors. T. To Topeka. , .Mr. T. .\. Joyr.' will spen.l Sunday j I in Topeka with Mrs. .loyce who is ill 'at Christ's hospital. Friends of t'.e family will ho glad to know that Mrs. .loyi-e is improving rapidly.' •:• • •> ; Miss Welsh Here. Miss Claudia Welsh of London .Mills Illinois, is among those who are spending vacations in lola. i?he Is, MIIHnoryOponlng ^ At lom t'2 Emtimmi/lmom. OU Oomt MotMO Blook To yon, every leader oi this announcement-^ and your peis^nal friends—Mre. PeSy extends a cordial invitation to attend their pneuing of Fall and Winter MilUnery, on FrUmy, Sept 20 <• •> •:• To Argonia. .Mrs A. W. It .Mk l.'fi t«».fay for Argonia where she will spend a w >M "k with r.-lativ.s. • • * Returns to Savonburg. .Miss .Marl.' Wisbiirg wlio spent several .lays her.' with .Mr. and .Mrs. .Tas. MoMiirray has return.'.l to I er home ill Snvonbiiri? \ •!• -r- -T- Birth. /yir. and Mrs. A. R. Conley who lor- 'inerly lived in lola. but who are now residents of Topeka. have annonnc e.I the birth of a danchter on Sepl.-m- ber flovcnth. ^ ••- •:- •:• In Topeka. MIs.^ .losephine Conroy who lias spi'nt the past few months with her sister. Mis. H. 1). Mc(7laiii. has pone tot Topeka winter. wlii-re sh.' will. SIMMUI the Visit Mr. and Mrs. Bollinger. Mr. and Mrs. Otis Iliingaie of To- pj'ka are gnests in the home of .Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Rollinger. Mr. Ilun- •^ats was formerly eoiinfy attorney of Shawn.-e (>oiinty. • •:• •:• •:• Entertaining Guests. Mr. and .Mrs Walte- Davis. f'U .N'flllh Walnut stivet. have as their guests. Mrs. A. j. Ourtiett of Jefferson City. .Mo. MJss Mary .V. Barton, of Vltt.'slnirK and|Ml .«8 Willie Wirth. also of Kansas. Goinn to Colorado. Mrs. A. J. Ctiltend.-n. who las iH -en her.' with h^r .Iallg^t«•^. Mrs. W. T. Waf.<on f<»r some time intends lea>?Ing next week for I.aJunta. Colorado to remain durin-.- the winter. She will be acrompanied by Mrs. G. Derby who is also Mrs. Watson's guest now. Back From Europe. L. Perrenoud and daughter. Miss I^uise. arrived home Wednesday from an extended visit to Switzerland and other countr ;es across the "pond." Mr. Perrenoud says they had a reryj pleasant time while absent.—Hum-! boldt Ualiai. : ' ; Prcsbjrterlaa Cbnreh. First Church—Rev. S. S. Hilschcr, the pakor. will preach at II a. m. ou "The livaugelistlc Christ " and at 8 p. m. on ^'The L:tw of the of IJfe." This last will be one in a scries on the Ten Commandments and wi;i t>o very practical and timely in i-har- acfer. j Kverybody is invited to ihe.-:e ser\-lcipjs. V. K., meeting is held at 7 p. m. |)^th School at SM.'i p. ni. Ballden.* C 'lwprl -r-Mrs. R. .\ superintendeui. {.'. Sabballi school at 2 p. m. regular .school at :: p. ni. ! ThH Saltl iiitt Jones, Hoy The t. Oe ling -service at 7 p. ni. Ka.<i!H1 C-fcapcI— NVilliam D.ivi.s. Sii- perint {^Indent. Sahltath scbiiol at Fhs| The usual The ed am) esily make Sun normal this Masnid the sn of thej preaei which of .Noit sro desire •'venit llrnth sided .serv P.roib cial thes» I.+. att«ni! )-erv to all meet .Vrlhodlst K|ii<iropai Ihurrb. services r,f this church an- as, jroucHiii.e time. J'uniur League ba .s beea ri'-oi .en lihe deae«».ie:-a leads. We earn-^ 1 f<iuesi the children t.) come and hisi a goo«l vervlce. ia.v school ii? now a.ssuming its i size and interest and we trust njoy ciiniliiii.'. The pastor. J. .Mi j will preach in the morning on Ibferf "PenJaeost." This is a part 'cruiiinited plan of the iia.slor to ; preparatory for the revival ihe holies ;n» open alwut the first einber. The Kpworth League is at each service and it Is the of all that this be kept up. Tlie ^ servlc» in the hands of the ^rhc4Ml of the Church to be pre- bver Jiy Judge Foiist. In this rhe objef r and workings of the •/hood will be ontlineil with s|ie ifiusic interspersed. To all of (iorvlce.^ a cordial iuviiatinn is extenijeil to ever.vI>ody who desires i«i We endeavor to make our I's iiiierosting as well ris beliifn] who 'oine. Give us a eli;.ii<»- to juoii at the close.. wiHg i4i I Timothy's Episcopal Church. Thore will be services and sermon tomoijrow morning at 11 o'clock. Subject. I "The; Truth." There will be sjiecial music for the offertor.^. Sunday pchool at 9:45. Holy corhmunlon at 7:30 a. ra. A'llare cordially invited. REV. J. D. KRUMM; D. D. SutI Mo •The 11. Baptist Chnrrta. iday school at J «:t ."i a. ni. -ning service at 11 a. in. Sermon Command to Follow Je.sus." P. V. at 7 p. m. leader. .Mr Starke.v. Kvening .service at .S p. m Serhion •The Call to Repent." W. H. GARFIELD. Pastor. Flijst Cbareh of ChrLst. .Srientlst. Saaduy school at 10 a. m. Church service at 11 a. m. Subject. ••-Maimer. T4>!)timoiiial meeting Wcdnesd.nv at s Seitvires held in Christian Sjieace W lltl K:»jn Jnt'kson. Th.- hall Is as a reudinu rtnun fnun to I each week day. The pul.lie is hall: usp <i p. rh rtmililly Invited to attend theserviies .tnd MRS fo visit the readlme riwmi K.MMA K. ADAMS Ursl U.-ader, The Christian Church. , nille school at 10. Subject of sermort at 11. Peetecosi. Jut lor meeting at .1:00. . Y. P, S. C. E. meeting at 6:."Si). Siilject of sermon at Every Man'ii Chance. Excellent music at both services. R. H. EL|.ETT Minister. St. John's Church. First at S:ii|i a. m .j Setjond. a high mass at in::Ni. SnOday s.-'ool at 2::!0 |i. m. Vespers and Benediction ar 7:"0. the Thoni Second BaplLsl rhurcli. Sntiday school at Ht a. m. Prfja'cliing at 11:1". a. ni; Thjre will he special servireK for ifiernnon. Revs. Shepherd and las with their eongregaiioiis will wrr.ship with us at :: o'clock p. m. It. k'. P. r. at 7 |i. in. i'rraching at .S:lft p. in. Vol cnnnf>i afford to miss these .services. Come and bring your ' Uiiiles with jvon that we might reason to- Kiithei-. You arc cordially invited. J. W. GORDON. Pasf .T. NEKMON FOR nill.DKKN. KeihiUs at Trlaily Chnrrh Are Sljll Interrsttng. Thfi ser\ice at the Trinity .Metho.||.-«i church last night was indeed an Interesting one. The pa.stor was sick. ;«nd Rev. Mason, of the bTrst church, preached the sermon, i tt was a strong convit-tlng sermon alid broai;ht results.! There were four conversions i.-st night. Thrr*- wil. lie no porvices tonight hut HI 1«::!« in the morning the pa.stor wIM I reach to the children and a; 11 a. ni. and S p. m. the set vices will be evangeristlc. Everybody invited. A Small Gasser. , Toiii Gardner and J. Saas retiimed last week from Council Grove. They had ^en assisting Jackson t Eastham in drilling a gas well near that town. A small flow of gas was found —probably a million foot well, and the-people rejoiced greatly over the resnlti They may do better the next tlme.-UHiuaboldt Union. •4 '.«.»t,iL,\ WJUtTED~ ^m^ooUmmom WANTI5I)—.Man and wife to w«>rk on farm. Address X this oiRre. WA.\TKI>—Dining riMim .Kirl at iihe Pennsylvania, at once. \VANTEa>—.\ quick buyer for a bargain, a desirable S room house, good location. TTust front, city water. Pric $12r .O in payment.s. S. ll.Uer. •-•'•» South Sycamore street. Btfsiness Directory. • • • • • • * • i» . JJfK. MILDRED CUKTIS • • Pbysleian and Hurgeon. • • Office over Bu-rell's Drug Store • |» Office Phone r.54. • :• Residence 214 K. Jackson • j*j Phone r;69. T •; • «••••••• 9[m •••••• • • • • • • WA.NTED—To i^-r.i .•. ,.r f, r .K .ni house, close in. niodini A.lilre-.-. I! i:.. this office. W.ANTKD—A i.rsl el:i.>s .-.:il.'-in:iii i.i sell our teas, coffees an.l ^il•'^•iaIJie-•; direct to the eonsninei- in and arrniMiI lola. .\ gcKMl iiaying ^llIsi«^s^- t.i ri-jln liarties. Write or cal! .m !lii» t'.i.iiid |, I'uion Tea Co.. 704 Kansas Av.iiiif. ', ToiM-lta. Kas. , WANTKI) 'I'D l !rY -l >.w ..|je--->.-:ii.-i! pbaoton. A. It. Tb.MiUcii lt.l.•lll^ < IttHim 7. Od Court House. DRS. HEID A REID, • • Pbysiriaus and! Snr^eoai. • • X-Ray and Electrical Appliances. • • Kve. Ear, :."ode 'and Throat • • blllce Pboue Rea. 396J ? DH. McMILLES. • Special attention I given to the •. treatment of all Chronic Dlsens- • t es and Disexses of Children. • Telephones: Office 32. Res. 232. • Office over Burrell's Drug Store • West Madison PEJtSOXS W.AXTIXG boy or pirl to; work for li.iard wbile attendin^cx-juxi! j apply at lola I'.iisiness Coil>^s ;e. i'U"iie ; WA.NTED TO BUY—Four ..r li..) acres, iicproved or uniju|:/.'<ved, cli.s.V to good town. .Address V.'. E. K.. 7'i:.* South Washington, iola, Kas. SAI.ES.MEN & AGENTS—$ i % %'M w\ per week and over can be made seilii.j; .Xew Campaign .Xovelfie.s fr.ii.i i.i.wi iinltl election. Sells to foiin- fy I''^irs, Picnics and Private Fjiuilies. Complete line of samples, charges tire- paid for .Wc. Order today. CHICAGO NOVELTY CO.. 60 Wabas!> Ave., Chicago. , Phone 6S7. Ref 701. UK. O. Li COX,. • Eye. Ear, .Nose .and -Throat. • S[iecta<:les Properly Pitied. • Office A. O. tJ. W. BIdg. • FOR SAL£-M§»omllnm9oua FOR SALE—Sixteen bead stet rs. J. L. .\damson. phone &;i7—II. FOR SALE—Son.c Ir-'J' bor.-ie.> and mare.-; and drivers. .All broKH. .1. V. Howel!. l-i llarpe, Kas. ^ For .Sale. One g.HHl Mason & .Mamlin orj;:in. high top, walnut case, ten stops, ivory keys, very fancy. $2;!.0O: 15.00 down. $3.00. per month. If you wish this instrument, act at once. JOHN V. ROBERT^ PJAXO HOISE. One tin« Story & Clark organ, walnut case, high top. uickie plate«l bar, eleven stops, tone rouitd and full. Only |a2.00. Ji.OO down »3A>0 per mon h. This extraordinary vattie will mekn nulck snlc; Ciune at ou>-e—^ohu V. Roberts" Piano Himse. yon SALE -Phiin<»graph an.l records tor sale cheap; .".Ls North CoMon- wood. • • • • • • • Office Tel. 1083. Night Tel. 406 • DR. K. <». CilRISTIAN • *, Pbysicbin and Sargean * • Rooms 7 and 8J Evans Bl^ • • F. H. MABTiK, • • Surgery and Diseases of • • • Womien. • • OfBce and Residence Phone 5t« • • Office 7 North Jelfersoa. • • • • • • • • • JEWELR3. . B. F. Pancoast. old reliable jeweler, no East Street. Lodge Djirectory KKIGniS OF IfTTniAS^-^eoalw Lodge No. 43 me«jt3 every Monday night at K. of P. H<ill. ViatUtic br^ Ihers Invited.' W. ^. ThompaoB, B. C Chris Ritter. K. of R. »ad S. 'r fX)R SALE- nne nprisbt piano, a reMabIc uiaKi'. seven ami .<!io -ibinl tv- taves; Boston fall iKiar.l. full swin;: music desk. Regular price $:*..".».uo. Our <iuick sale price $2:tS.OO: $10.m» down $6.00 per month. Your opi.ortiinity to gel an excellent pl.ano at a low tisiire. Don"l let it—J.ihii V.' Piano' IIon<;e. FOR SALE—Good horse. Inq-.iire at .106 North First. i FOR REm~ miMooUmmooua FOR RENT—To small family, lower IliKir in ni.iiiern house S<iiilli Colliorn. KMOIITS OF I MArCAlBISo^ Knights of Maccabires of the WorM meets In K. V. Ita^.i sttcood and fourth Saturday ntshts ot each month. J. W. Poatwalt. commander: R. B. l*or» ter, record kee|>er. i " ^ • W. t». W.-Can«piNo. 101 n>»ta tl K. of P. Hall everyl Friday nlitht. W. T. Steele. C. C., Ai 51. Davis. Clerk Visitors cordially lijvited. M. \V. A!--rhe I M. W. A . Lodft meets every Friday;night In M. W. A. Hall. Visiting brothers Invited. F. C Coffield. V. C. W. A. Cowan. Clerk. ROYAL NEIGURORS ^Iola Camp No. 3G5. Royal Neighbors, meets kee- ond and fourth Tuesdays of fiA month. Mrs. F. A; Wagner, oraeta Mrs. .Mary Hutton .j 413 West Street Recorder., FOR RE.\T—.\ goo<l 7 room house at .'u.S East .Xeo.-^ho. In.inire first iliK .r west. FOR RE.\T—.Nice fiirnisbe.i rooms in new. modem house, with or wlih- oiil Iioard: 4ir* Kasi. Jackson. FRATERNAL BROTHEBHOOD^ Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meets stcond and fourth Thursday of eseh month in ». O U. W. HalL Vfalttog members curdially invited. W. H. Anderson, president: Golda Elam. aeere-' tary. FOR RENT—Three rrMini house 212 South Third. In.piire of .Mrs. John Smith on premises. FOR EXQHARBB WtlLL IMPROVteD SlXrV near good town in Vernon C.i .Mo., for exchange for lola pnn^T y. Grace .E: Arnold. oUl court bouse. OUR TELEPHONE Is constantly ringing these days. September, you know. Is the time to have the summer dust cleane<! nit of c:ir- |iets. We are btisy. but your order will receive iirompt and careful atieaii.-n. Phone us today. lOU RUG FACTORY Pk*a« n «L ooooooooooooooooo o o O H. C. WEAR, O O iWlehita, Kaasa.s. O O WESTERN LANDS & RANCHES O O For Sale or Trade. ! O O 13.00 an Acre. Up. i O O : . O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Volley Ball Game. The- business men's volley teams will play on the Y. .M. C court this evening. hall A. LOW COLONIST RATES TO CALIFORNIA OLD MEXICO THE. NORTHWEST AND BRITISH COLURiBIA VIA O.X SALE Sept. 1st to Oct. 3 Ist Ask for Fail Information.. CP. Ilak,Agt. 1

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