Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 19, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 19, 1908
Page 1
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The ReyMer Hmmlihe Lartfemi CfrauMSan In AUealCeumiy of Aay ^ewm^per PuUisheaia the County. YOLrME X. M 'MHKK SKS.i EIOIIT PAfiES. lOLA, KANSAS. SKI'TEHIIKR la. !!Mis,— SATmilAT ETEMXC EHillT PAGES. BE) TRIED THIS TERM orsTEit sriT v«ai\sT ( OMMI ^J- S10>E»S \<MV IU:AI»Y F<Ut TUIAl.. DEMURRER OVERRULED!TODAY Tins CtEAns AWAY ALL THE PIfE LI.MIXAKY SKIK3ILSIIES. Altornoy Oeii* nil Frt'd S. Jiirk'soii Will j i Be Hfrr to Try ( SIM'— .1: K. ".Millc'i in <°li:ir:ri'. The ouster suit broiiiJlu jaRainst Commission<• IS I'aul Klein. Gcorgo Iteynolds and T. .1. Amlt^rson; liy Attorney Genr-ral Kred S. Jackson will be tried at this term of eourt. This action, roadors of the Resistor will remember, was l>roiif:ht somo time ago but ha.-i lieen deiayed by motions and dehmrrers. \\^!Pn, .lnd?;C' Fonst overruled the demurrer of ihe defendants this afternoon, inactieally ov- orj'thinK cleared away that mi^ht prevent a trial this term. The originTtl action wiis a suit to oust oil the srounds that", ihc commissioners had been allowing salaries il- legall.v. Since then the" state has amended its petition niakiiiq: 22" caused of action, any one of which, if proven, constitutes cronmis for ouster. The 220 causes of action, in the; amend ed petition are for allowinfi liills il- lepally. The last step of tin- def.tise'was to file a demurrer to tin- ain^'uded petition. This came up for the cnusiilera- tlon of the ciui-t this ariiM -uoou and Jud.ce Kousi overruled it. The .liefeuse sive.ii d:>y-; to answer a!nd the state o days to reply. The case has created a sreaf deal ! THE WEATIIEU. KoiKjuM tor Kansas: Fair tonitrUI iiiii] Sutiilay; »aiiir«-r in »wsi |iurl!ou tiuiluht. WAS HARD CIDER. Peddler at Hutchinson Fair Arrested For Violating Law. MARK TWAIN ROBBED. Burglars are Captured After a Despen ate Fight. ilc'ltiiii.n. Ciuin.. Sept. Ui.—Ttto bur .ir lars who liroUe into thi" residence of Saiii'ie). I.. Clenimeiis. (Mark Twain) ill Keddin;; late la.-^l ui?;ht. were captured early today on a Xew Haven i ii-ailroaVl train bevx.en Bethel and Uediling. after a de«-)->,•>"iit,. fighi in which Deputy SClierif! Ilaulis of Ited- din .E: was shot in 'he leir. The prisoners are believed to be professional crooks who came here from New York for Ihe express purpose- of rnieriiiir the Clemens villa. Topeka. j?e|ii i 1. .[. fruniiiiiie. secretu!.' of the st:.t;' iieard of healih.'T.Kiy rect'ive.I word from .lohn Kliitihau.--. on<' of his iusp.'ctor.^ uiio is atte..dii!g the' Hutchii.sou fair, f: af he had arrrst«d .1. T. Tiiompsoii. a cid'-r p>d-!li'-. TiK .uipson had a ci'Ie:- pr'-ss on 111.' ^rouiuis ami had sev- eriil tiii; piles uf appl's :iro :tud but it «as ail a blulf. The eider he was selliii.s. wliicli he called •'sweet cider' was maile from hard cider mixed with water citric acid. TUe fine for the offen.^e can he run up as high as -5^00 liiif it i? not likel.v thai Thouip- snii will he qiven llie limit. H RY IN WIIIT^LOW CASE WEXf IIO.ME TO jipEXD SUXDAr. " 200 WERE THERE MR. DOLLY IS MAD Miftrntr 01* Fnimcrs Will This AftcrniMin. Allendcil of int of the ^rest over the r^t'ntv. o\vinc <<•,' the vast sum involved. T'.ie amount bills ?'hich. it i.- elaiinel. were illeprdlly aHowed. not ineludln.s those which it is charired. v.eiv tioi itemiT:- ed .approximate ov.';- S^n.fiiin. .1. Tl. Miller. wJi.i is really in char?;e of the pro.secutikir. si.ite.i today that in the ease of alimii I'^^i 'i eausec of action in'the auieiid'-d petinnu no oral testliponj- wo'iM h" iiitrohiced. I'ne prosecntion simply prest-titinij t.jie records of the connnissionei-s" proceedings in the county clerk's oflire to substantiate their claims. Mf. Miner stated today that if the prosecution won the action proceedings! would be hestiu to recover hills • is now charued. were idejiaJ- l.v allowed. The importance <)f \\\<\ ease is seen at once. Wlten the case conies tip foi- tria Attorney iCeneral Fred S. .lackson wil be here ito assist .Mr. Miller ill thrf prosecution. : f'onslderiu.u the <-oiidiiii>n (u' ihe weather. ilu' fact that ne;irly every farmer i:i the eoniity vi.-;iied loia Thiir.^d .iy and the cnurlitioa of lite ,, uiicid erinvd iii I '.iiaier.^, eaiUe to Itda .lida.v to talk abmii iiislittce work, li is e.~;:nia!ed ea :^i !y two imuiied .gathered at the park this af- ernc .dU anil at the time of -.loiu'.; to |ir< s.= ihey w .'ie listeiiiif.; to a;i ad- iress liv (•oMj::i '>s:;iaii Seiwi. .>Jevei:il da.^;- a.un .Mr. S,-o'.i un't Mr. Wilsiia nf jlie Stati- :;-;ill ura! Col- leui- titid .Mr,- Wilson ha.- pvtuilised to ^ciid men iiele to till lither a two d.i.\s irnmani or a .-^Ix da.v.-i program. Ow- in.u to the varly hour of uoiau in lu'css Till" lvev :isli-r is unable uive a full leport of ihi- pi oei 'fdiuu.-- ;iud il is not ktl <;v>:i wiieihi r a iv.c; oi days' iiirei i!!u wiM l»' ledd. This nieetiii:; v. ill . il .1 itie I iii !)•,•< ciuber. Siviii's aiii!r>-ss v.;!s .• tall; mi 'll 'v lN:iii!> i>f ii-uUU!i-. Me expjaini'd at leu:-:ib ih.' wnrkiuus of ] Ihe dilVi i -.^tii departii :i :i s. li '.e we .iiht' li-irean. ilK- l :uie:,;i i .f hidns jy .i!ld till', liiii .MU of I'lai:. Iiidn .-Hy Sajs Ilemuriuts .Vre Trjiti;; to Injet-f KeUt.'ion Into PelMits— An Attack on Taft'" Views'. TotieK.-.; .Sepi. —("li;!!riii.i;i i>f>;;ey of the Ileniibiicnn :::fe coii'iiiittee has ili.-covered a p'ol oi' ;he !i.-inucratic rri!iipai;;i! maiumers to dra^ religion into the it:itiru>ai politiiiil c-oairs;. '\\\c plan involves an attack tip'.n the re- i!'.:;oiis 'viev.s of .Ihd '.'e Tafi v.iih a view of weak '-iiiiej: \\\\\; with ilic i-liurih people. "This .-.heme i.s aiihorri-i!" :o rvrry litiiiciple lit' our free trovf rnii;e:ii.' ('Iialrinaii Hollev.' in disciissiu.:: • I'T^ iu;ii;cv. "Oitr I'iiurii.i I'athers imi from ICiirope tinil i-anie to America to siahlisii a .uove'.-iiiiieiii wlieiv ev.-ry- iiody cin:Id wnr.-Iiio accordit!;; to the dirr;ii<-.- I i' i-is own conscience. That idc.i \v:-.< iiiadi- a par: of o :r.- fanda- ni 'lltal I::vv.. .Vow come iIi- Denio- '•nitii- !nana.:;er.- wi:h. a si!ii-m<- iliat IT MAY BE I A LONG TRIAL I LOOKS LIKE ETIDEXCEDI EXTIBE -MrRDER TRIAt WILL BE OFEXED. Lawyers Entrapoj in 3Linf Discussions - J —Defense OlijfPts to OpenberL^p Old kvidenec!. •tier aii'l spirir bit! the priucii."?' l';:-.-riui fathpr;: •. Th.' (i woik i .f all iwi 1: itpo;i ..;:ife to s-iy .(diirfss ilii.-i lime .-iioiit. !Ter> III will k. i \\ i iie liiiTi-: (•:;! i. iv at soaie ha* no on :. 1 :,<.n:i r i.;;iiile:il I 'l-. w.-re i<v.:ii .i:id il is I wlio l ;i:ir .l 'Il NOlflN.W FOR I»LA1> OFHt KR. tiaiij.itf the Army .Viin at Fort I.iii.- :inuirlhe Knciv the Aeronaut. I, REPUBLICAN CLUBS TO BE; OR i: OANIZED IN EVERY PRECINCT. K Will be Launched ftie Day Madison Soeaks Here to Open Head­ quarter*. • I ' , I 'I Republican clubs iire to he or:^an- Jzcd Iti every votiui^ lu'ecinct in the county September 2nh. or the day Congressman E<1 Mai|ison speaks in loia. The executive committee of the county central cosnmittee is nowpii- ' feeling the jilans for organizing tliese 'clubs. It is thoiipl'.t tiiat sini-e Madison Day will be a niitable evein in Republican circles in! this county it would be the most stiitable time to launch the clubs; The officers of ti;e Republican county central committee ! are now looking for a room in the| city in which to open headquarters, i A .irentleman stenographer will be sbcured to have charge of the correspondence an-l literature at the heaSquarters under the direction of the county committee. A stenographer, capable of doing the work, can secure a' giood temporary job by calling on the committee. L. U XorthTup is chairman land G. H. Card, secretaty. . j I air. Nortiinip has received 200 Tatt I'oll 1..: IVellWol I il l\;;s . Se"]!!. lit.— The dci'tii iif l.iciiieiiaiit Tiionias K. Se!frid.::e ' b.v an aeroplane aicideiu .au.-.ed mtich ii .:;iei. aiiioii;; the miii- j.iry olljccfs ilie po^i jini'. This wa:-. v';^|iecially the case v.iili the oMicer.s connected with the .signal MIIOO). all of whom are deeply •inteicsied in :u ronaiiii.-s. Lieiilenan: Ki Ifridne is known lo a iiiimlier of tiie yoaiiuer or- ficivs v.ho aileiiued the luiliiary jicad- ;j!n.v when he wa.s a cad't. J.ieiiieaaui .Selfi id^e never In station at Fort l.cavenv.onli. iie wa.- ts.>f.:;iied i!i the FiTih arlilleiy and the batallion at litis post w liiii prouiolr-d !!om MM'oiid to Iii>t li.-iiii-:iani. lie remained in lli<- e:i.-l on ex|ieriinenlal iMirk and l;:ler was 11aiisfiTed to (•irsl arlillery and did no! join ihl> (1 iiiniaiid. I.ieittenau! Selfi i;Ij;e expelled to atlelid the iiiilaaiy l.ourii.i niiMit at SI. .Iiiscpli in \1 week and he •voiiM have undoliutediy vi-ited heir :iud he ee.nic we.-l. lutunt Ilcaii. The iiifaiii child of .Mr, and Mrs S .1. Allen.'of .N'oiih Walitu: street, died !oriay. The little one has lieeii ill i>f clio'era ir.faiittiui. . TO BOY A PAPER THEY SELL WATERlTORNEO THE TIDE Draft f/lentioni»d in Letter to Forakerj Never Used Because Paper Could i Not Be Purchased. i K VI) OF ri ;N>SVLVAM \ FAitMS. i, VKIiKTARI.ES FRO'JI Caiiuon^ Sprech i:i rojieka iCoiiuter. aclvil EiYi-rf oi" W. J. Rrtiiii's J Statements, Cineinnaii. O.. Sfjit. Ift. —.\ dr.ift 1 To;.eka. K;|s.. Sei.t. m .—The speech for filiy ihonsaiid dollars uieiitione.i . QpgyQ^f p/^§J Qp |^Qyf^J^||l^§ oi Sj.eaker .Ijosei;!. i;. Caniion in To­ ne! iiiiiy vioUites the of our eiii!Si:tiilio:i estabij.-hed I-y tl'.- >vhen tb!\v landrd ai i'lyti:oi:ili itock. For ;;ou. V.Mrs now— :t!ii: ih :M iiiea!:. fro;;: lb.- very be.uiniiini: of .\!iie: ;i;,!. .^iviiiza; i 'lli-—reliuio!! has IK.-II a*>:-i- 'ii' -"y li'vorii d fioni naiioa:>l j.oMi'cs T'l-' >a <Ted riMup:;.-! annotiiici .i !,.. ine I'l'^rini.--'atui ali.rward inadi- a ;>art ;•;' oiir ;'i ;:idatn"-niai law li:is In:-.-:) ob-I rvetl it: ail iia'i' conieris. tip ti:'.- i! this >ear. .\nd I w\\\ \,\\>- niy .:;;;e.-.ii' til'- p. op'e—chtirdi -iioin.u: p.poplc 1'. no: ..d '.-iinisirr a rebuke to ihf Ili^ni'd-rais for vie .'.ai i'.m tl;:> sacn ,\inerie:iit prin: ip!e no party will itti '-.'ipi to 'uise it i!:.raiii for aiioihe r.'iO years, if ever. Within the p ;is forty years some politicians would oi •.i-iOii::!ly t :y to mix ii '.iu 'ion with li.cii; .^oinesis aiid woiiul jil •.'.••I.s s.itTer in ilir e;i(l. I',!!! ihis is Ii;c I'lsl tiiiie !i party has .>vei' tri.-d to ii!al :i> it a "paiautoiitii' issue in (he li ;iMo -ial caeipalicn aiid I aiii sure (h' era!:, v.ill r«crii.- a riuliieoiis re- The Whitlow iitial was adjourned to-, U!iy noon until .Mioriday that the jarors might, go liome lover Sunday. Thus " far nothing of especial interest has 'A been developed, iji good part of the- " -i?^ time being consumed by the attorneys . ^.^S in objections to certain 'tvidence and .: the arguments up^ the objections. f i,^ in th.' .loliti I;. .\ri;libold Iilt.i ina'I.- public la»i niiiht in .Si. I.ouis hy Wiit. | U. ilearsl. was ° r.^ceived b.- .S.-iiator Foraki.'r a piiri of the pnr.lias' u'oitey in ,iii tinsnecessfnl deal for tl".e nwn^'rrship of tV.e t )iiio Siale .louriial at Cbluipbus. au'i op failtir.^ o." th.- ; pe!::i 'Ihiirsd:!/ iiiiilii did :i ^'re;ii deal jbak. " R\i\ II \S FALLEN- l\ TWO MONTHS THERE. tempt to Itily t!ie- p returned and the aecol 'diilg III .•! .'tJiP .\ssociated I 'rrss li lod ;i\. ! per. il;.' dr;iti \va ueiili lit |ori;oti.'ll, liieiit ::lv.-ii lo ill.' 111.- s. iial.ii^ !..!•. Mr. Foote is Hurt. Mr. I-'oote. one of tin- leading hoioc- n^en of the state and who brought a nninberiof horses to the .Mb-n county fair. wa.'s serioi'isly injured in a sulky breakdo'wn at the stai.' fair at IIiii- ciiin .sonl Kruger to Needesha. Julius Kruger returned lo his home in Neodesha today after a short visit wiili his parents in this city. (iol Twenly-oix **t hiclicns. • <)i is lliin.i:ate. feiiii -'ilv <»- a!- tf.rn.'V of !>hawii--e louiity. wlio ii.;.- beeii visiting his iiicihei^-in-law. (' Uolin.iier. w.-nt to Colony xcsi-'i i!a.\ ;icce;n|i:ini< d le his wit.- and .Mi- H i- linner. where wiiii V\iii. W.;'.^ i.f ili,.' city li<" liasgcii •_'<; |i ';iiri.- i-'.ii k. ••The nio.-i of the p:'i:\ i.-:i,;i. I l.i-; nisihi with "the c-ods on th. "n '' I lo CoiiDIerai'l ?.p>'e."h la To i\. Itryati i , To |..ka and ;was ::ri'ei«-d i .Sini:.' ilii-ii i!.' Now !,!„. ^v:|^ of a 1.1 i'~'i i'. iiaiii t';i:;l....i Th.- i.i ulv.- I'.i > :i:i •>i.iera!i :i I I '.I. .S-'p; I'l —I 'riiitic- i!ii>.nii- .'ilu- .-in:.-^if re;i:isyl.aiii;'. '.i.iis.^'. i |.r '.. .t.v;i!.,ii,s \.- >>\i lion lo s.ill. 11 III.- \...:si di'i>ii.:ht in ei,:.- p ;ul> no r..i;: ili.tli two iiio.iili .o. •••;:,;; •.• :irMi in>.:,.i, the i-rreet of Ihc Hryan •.•k;.. and Shawn.coiin- :i personal f.ivori'e in .1.11 "..'ad'.;.- T.ifi is jus! .1..; d Clir'.-iian a.- .Mr. Itryaa. ;:!ilii,imh ;bc ;'i:f .^-ri tiaiini it for iioliiiral elT.-ci,' SiiM:neii,niJ'.ji Ri\cr Is Loner lli:in !! I!:is lire:' for .M»r,< Iii;::. ;i I ; iilui v. .1. •I.-. ......... f of of a .-.•i'..-.;~ .liili !'i.rii-:il .i • . i :..,i . 1 1! • : u lo. ' i--lil ifee: p. !',ine;.!io :i 11. .ir' iiit.' :li I I ui'lii .pi!;! II II, r ;i.' iivi-r IS ; ;e ilian : OPENS CAMPAIGN RL'ISlon roVMiEAlTO TRIP, Herbert S. Iladley n,"li»eteil .Specrli' (;;.,!;.!:> fo- S<-,r:»!or Will Vi»it "Rall- t'o Regiu Repnlilicau Work in .MissoiirL i'uii.lli <.s" t'ounCes. his iiceni speech here .•^^iii ChaiVnian Dolb-y. He has due with sieiii enihusiasir... cou.-iderattou for the piinci|di s on '.CI.- has lieeli nothing in wliirli the .Xincricau i:ov,-ri:u;eai (ii'.litan i:!eeiin,g lo off- fot.n.'.Ml. , H>' is a I'nit.'rian and Iii'; lie il of Speaker V. !f. is an ^K|iisco|i.:!i.i!i. l!.-.*li chiiich- 'a:in"':ii >pe.<l: v>-as juol • 1'. iiev;- iti thi- diviiiily of fliri.-t. It let!. II.'did not :itleinpi v..ii:d bt as iriiihru. to aceiise V Cliarlis \\. Slieldoii. or lti.--ho| ^<ii.i..'(• or any oiii .T noted divine'of li.-ini,-. an iahdel ;js to .nrcase .lititgf T;:!: I.f li.-iii^ o:n>. The only surprise i.- thai ihi- r )eniocrats didn't u.'i' i:;iti! liie l:i^: ue.k of the i-ain- jiaii;:! ill >;.i:i>.:; rlieli :i -!igioii.s is,-ii.'. It woiiM ill.11 have i.,'en ioo lat.':to .•li'.ier.M I i;. FortTiiiately wc ii<.w :a'..- p !• ii.» if iiiii.' to r.'aeli ail liie :iiit. = -;ers v. ho h.iv.- Peen uii.sinfornMd. \\.- the f .'ir .Ii to fUein. And .i;:i': ui.-i'as '.h.' endiof the Iie!i.-.icr.i.i.s" :;-•'•. 3iai-i;r.:oiiut i...i.aiic. .Mini.-ters of .h'^ piispc! do not like to P.' iiia.le la-.s of. and the niali or e-pec:a|ly tlif- political par:y. ih'«t ti ie-; lo mislead iheni and use ih.-iii to acconipli.-.h lome stifish puri-o.-e ;s sii.-e lo suffer t.i ."i e end." iitli-i :ii:ci-~ .seri.iiis ••on :|.i;li,'r. ii.r ri.licui.'.I hij .-•p.'aker I.f il'.' inilioiuil seiii.tiiv.-,- is in w \\<-.\\\ !.::ii'i.-i Ki the jKi -jl'i i.i siiliin> it I ;:ii(|i.l.:te.- ;iiul hi^ arrai-^n- i.;I- i:;,-;ii i..' Mr. r.rVan was \eiy ••Tective— •II.' I ii .'i II'..' Iihiti! if it had consisted :iii.ieur. The .' iu iTi .iieka ir.. .iilir:. i.j! iceahTe I TO FLY SHIP AGAIN iRi:ldniii Ualloiin Will K< Trii-il at St. Joseph. .>i''o|. Ttiday If Wcallu-r Permits. I IVIr. Billbp Will Talk. Prof. Grant Bilihe will talk at t ;:e boys' meeting in the Y. M .C. K. at 2::!<> tomorrow afternoon. Springlield. .Mo., .s.'pt. i:> —!!• large crowd. Ilei^beri S.!.;.. .•a;:- dldaie for governor o:i the iii 'pir.r.te.'; j ticket, delivered Ihe keynote sitceeli at an iiifiirnial oiening for ilie Ue,..:!.- iican campaiLMi in .Missouri at ('.' Park thi.< afternoon. Senator William Warner introduced the speaker uad jiesided at the meeting. Seiiaior i:» and speak in Kiowa. .Meade, nier .1. Muiketi. of .Vehias-ka. will be v.iis .'si-wa;.!, .Morton. Sianio!,. ^lo. Sopi. At four I leriioon 'j' all i;oc.-i well I!t -.1, I.. |{,';s:.ev. the • Si. I'..- " ii<';i i,ir ;iiilat" f<..- t'tiil. d .Slates : o 'lj .^ck thisaf'i • 1.' ' i VI ; I...'!-;.- .1 iiiivel caiu|iai^n j Willi ibe niiscljinery and Ihe weather M vf.i- • ' wif'. \i:.!i all tiie "rail-;c<in.|itions leriW'n. Flenjamin D M -.eir.- ;^:<-..-of th"'r'a'e ;.!id will ' I'cnloi-f wil! iiJake the second a.^cen- .n.iipt ill make two cou.nii.'s a day by i^iim m' South %\. .b seph in the Ilald- TOOK 2300 .VOLTS ON A DARE. I Chicago Girl Who Touched a Live Wire Still Lives. f'hicago. Sept. i :i.— .Mollie Frank. Xl a.i:..ii.o''i:.' .V 'l landidiie has ever vi^i' d iiie,-i' ^olul!w^•.•.! coiiiuics aiut i! :- .-.iiiict'ii;;--: i.f an exi.erinieal. lie and Sherman buttons which he is tribatfag. . : » idiS' BegMer Waat^Ais. Brteff Beutlt*. Ketjurned ,to lolii. 1 Mrs. Ed Fulton returned to lola today after a vist with her parents. Mr. an'd Mrs. J. F. Balthus. Mrs. oklthns acoompanled her to lola.—emanate Tril the principal fi.eaker toniuht. — • ' 1 Quarantine Raised. i The quarantine was raised toi!ay^ wJnUirigible balii..m. the property of "'•'' 2fi2;: Emerabl avenue. ; is the ir.iiied States army. Yesterda.v'.s. a"*"" af'*""- •'•^ceiving into rtiighl demensit -ated the possibility of "er body 2:500 volts of electricity. 500 re .-eM «blishing the huge liag and ar- volts more than is administered to tiM-hpnents without delay are in a fol- condemned iK-rsons it. the iM-nal iusti- iCi .i::'. Ib'.-K.ll an .i Hedgeni.u conn- 1 lowing siiipment. A try for a bmger '"tlon-J of N>w York and Ohio. •flight will be made tmlay. , Several comt>anions last eventn;? j i dared her to clinib an electris light Back From Hutchinson, | Back From the Fair. pole and touch a wire. She made the from the Nicholson home at SIC l-Zuju' .\ir. and -Mrs. Frank rcfurn-j and Mrs. T. J. Anderson return- ascent, touched the live wire and fell jackspn. The home was quarantined ed from Hutchinson thiis morning af'-ed ^his morning from Hntchinsoa unconscious to the ground. The girl because of diphtheria being In tlie ter a week's visit wltl] Mr. FrMe'sj whepe they have been attendtag the was later rorlTed and she will recoT- fan^If. state fair. \er, docton say. The first witnesses were called yesterday afternoon shortly before press lime. Tlic defeDs:e objected to the : innodnction of any evidence for the ri':i.-ons stated in'^ last evening's Reg- 1 isiei". The afiornej-.<« rook considerable •.iuii- in arguing the iwinr, .Indge Poust . :iiially overriilin.g the objection. it now appears as if a good part of . liie evidence introduced in the trial If Wliitlow for murder would be In-, trodiiced in this ! ease. ' At least on : l>ractically every objection raised •by the defen-:.e the court has ruled in favor oi the state. This means that he e:He will consume more time than was ex)iected. it being the inipressioa Iipl 'ore the trial began that it would'be • - tinished in a couple of days. It looks ike a .:;ood jiart of next week would h.'. taken tip by the case. ^ i This mornrng a discussion arose , imt.ii.g the attorni -ys over the-admis- ir.n as evidence of the'affidavit presented in :the former trial in '.vhieh he .stated ii.s grounds forcon- iniiance that Litlii and Lota. Milby, wo witnesses who would testify in lis defease, could noL be located. The >ta:e is claiming that WTiitlow is gull7 •y of pr-rjiiry in that he "^vell knew ihat the could, be found and if found would nrit testify as he aafd iiiey would. The defense Claimed that his.iiffidavit should not bk admitted IS evidence for ihe reason that the in- forniation .said that Mr. AVliltlov*^ swore' in the affidavit that he "well jk^ew".; , ;he witnesses could be found and well, knew tiiat they would not testify as le look oath they would, while as •• uaiter of fact, the affidavit saild that le was informed and believed" that luy wotihl >o testify. They claimed :!iai :;in.-e .Mr. Wliitlow didn't! make he p<isitive statement in the'afOdavtt ,- lui.t the wtinesses would testify to cer- ::in things but ihtit he only believed HI infortnatioii that they would so tea- ify. it should not;, be introduced as • vidence. i , . Shortly before noon the defense ob- ieered ;o expert's testifying as4o their pittiou as to whether or not the yonnds on Mi .<«s Sapprs throat were si 'lf-inllictert saying that such opinions .vere incompetent lin this case. 1^9 otiri .said he wuiild hear arguments ~ n the objection .Mbuduy morning. Drs. ijimbeth. t)elons and Held, esiified practic.iliy as ihey had in the irial. I \ 17 DIED OF CHOLERA Thirty-eisht Cases| of Chelm |a K*. niki—.Vntborities iSay Disease fan Be clontroUed. cas- .\Iaaila. Sept. 19.|—Thirty-eight es of cholera and seventeen d^ths ara reiiorted in the past eleven hoursL T)>a ^ luithorities are noit discouraged| and are confident the outbreak will speefr be controlled.! Two- American*, have died of cholera. . Robt>ed HutnUodt Mav. .Monday's Kansais City p^rs iff- ported the arrest cjf three of the cans which held up Armour Booe on We^ i nesday night of tjhe week pre'vIojWr One ^of the three jconfessed anfl toltl.. who the others; were-.' They rqbbe^C^ Mr. Booe as he was on his waj'lKnia; where he had to ^alk- a-Uoek.attar- getting off the stJeet car, Thejr «o ^J". ~ 145 wat(h. 142 in 4»ulk^and<a iU&>''- v-.^ mond stick pin- yal led at fSS.^.... is a foiineii m fl]imb6Idt bo;; had a hard streak of luck.- Union.. 6?^

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