Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 18, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 18, 1908
Page 8
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IM8L FRIDAV EVEXIXJ. SEITE.MBEE IX. IWIS. Irtiportant Annual SeiitemherS^e! At The MEW YORK STORE Full of Money-Saving Opportiinities FOR SATURDAY AND MONDAY ' . • • i Reasons abundant why you should spend your money here. It's the new fashion "kinksf- that's maknn^ the public hungry for our merchandise. ; rt's the new prices that are forcing upon us an eariy fall trade. It's the way we do things—the magnitude of our buying—our selling—that makes this store the headquarters lor all wise buyers, who depend on our ability to guage in advance the trend of popular taste and are never disappointed? Rousing, tempting bargains in every department. 1 Handsome Tailored Suits • MadCjof plain and fancy colored novelty suit­ ings, in the lonp; empire s^tyle, French cut?\vay or pointed front and back styles, smartly tailored and hand^oiuely- triniinHd. Skirts arc the latest models for fall and trimmed to match Coals. Prices$15.00. $18.00. $20.00. S22.50> $25.00 $30.00. $35.00, $40.00 New FaU Skirts In endless variety, high art tailored efTects, modified Directoirc ciTcctS) gored and clinging sheath nicdels. In plain and fancy worsteds. Prices range frcni \ $3.98 to $20 loo New Net Waists In white, ecru and black, made over a silk body lining; lace yoke in front and back. Has the Dew Gibson collar, and long mous(juetaire sleeves. Piice^ range $2.98, $3.98, $4.98' $5.98 i 1^ yV 1 S ItiHI ¥ fl^Fl^V^^/ Fall Mats arc now in, and morejto com^. Attractive and correct shapes, :made and trimmed JP Jt^B^iti^ ITUL^L^AI^ JIUIV I as only experts know h:uv, and at prices that positively cannot be duplicated Jelsowhtri A great variety of Misses' and Children's School Hats are now ready for your inspection. The New Dress Goods Make Their Debut. These are "comming out" days for the new Autumn weaves and they are receiving a most cordial reception. It's a Ipn^ step forward we've taken this season in the gathering of Driss Goods. It's a peerless exhibition, covering the widesf scope, as some of the choicest fabrics come only in limited quantities, an early selection is advisable. S*;! inch fancy Wool Suitings, i ^nitablc for 4 Oft suits and skirts, Saturdiy ar.d Mor.diiy, yard.. . TUU .'JSjinch extra fine Serges find Batistes, any .shade you mri}- want. An exce])liunal .Ine line, per (CHn yard: \.. . .] ; . -3uu 14: inch Wool Taik-tas—'Botony Mills"-j-a beautiful soft material for drcsi^cs .ind waists, in alj 7 (1 n shades; ppedial Saturday aud Monday per yard . . | ^Jb 44i inch new fancy stripe Suitings, in brown, blue, red and gre <y3. You m'ubt sec it to appreciate QQft it. Per yaVd ! -01111 A great variety of new stripe ,'suitings, 11 inches wide,in navj', brown, green, Loudon smoke and garnet. Special for Saturday aud Monday, per ^| nO yard OllUU 52 inch Herringbone kripe Suitings,, in navy, brown, green 3nd Loudon snioke, special for 01 OC' Saturday and Monday, per yard wliZu 02 inch fancy stripe Broadcloths, the very thing for a swell tailored suit, in all the new fall ^ j; r n, shades;; per yard • vliuU A full line of fine Broadcloths for street 00 Crt evdning wear. From Obc yard to. New Silks--'A Most Invitihg Display While the occosion Is primarily one for seeing the advance ideas for aritumn, yet you should not overlook the special prices which we have made to incite immediate I purchase. More especially do we call attention to the soft | new satin materials—the plain and fancy messalines. satin lib.erty, satin duchesse, in both street and evenini; shades. 1'.) inch Satin Messalines, in all the new "/Cn shades, special for Saturday and Monday, yard. . | ull 111 inch fancy Taffeta Silks, suitable for i suits and waists, Saturday aud Monday, yard '... .TDU !'•• i:icl: fancy Mesfaliues, in all the new QCfl fall shades, Saturday' and-Moutiiiy, yprd . ..Qub 27 inch Sitin Dmdicsse in bi(»wii, uav3', Q| QC grceu, red. {Saturday .-lud Monddr, yard. . . . -OlifcU :!C. inch hla^k Taff-ta SiJk, regular $1.00 ^Q-, value, t »j.e<.'ial for Saturday and Monday, yard . .QwU .'>(3 incli black Taffeta, regular $1.23 quality, . QQ A special fjjr Saturday and Muuday, yard uDu oO inch black Satin Duchesse, for Skfrts, ^| HC waists aud costumes, ^picial per yard vIlZu Zi\ inch black Peau de Sole, regular 0i QQ $':.75 quality, special, per yard .OllUU A First-Class Sponging and Shrinking Machine At your service. Bring in your dress jjoods and liaye it properly sponged aud shrunk. Big Special Sale All Week Ginghams. Shirtings. Outings, fancy Flannelettes, Muslins, Sheetings and Calicoes. Lay in a supply and do your sewing now. Fancy dark and light Outings, special for rL Saturday and Monday, per 3'ard Plain white Outing, fpecial for this week, per yard JO Plain and fancy Outings, sjjscial price, T l -Ofl per yard I \'l\t Fancy and plain Outings, 100 new patterns it\fi to select from, per yard |U|| A great variet}^ of fleeced Outings iu dark and light colors, suitable for kimonag, wrappers and dressing saqnee, at lOc, 12 I5C. 18c Our Ftock of black V'oilee aud Woolens has never been so complete. A look through our stock will con- viuce you that we carry the best line of black woolens in this section of the country, from the cheapest to the very best. OQOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO o , o O ADDITIO.VAI. fiUmir STUKIIIfS. o o o ooqoooooooooooooo Visited ^. M. Kruwi). Cliaf. Helle catiic iip'ti'mi i.'iiijilioUJt today tfi vi&ji a .sijort liniM v.itli lii:-, te.r, Mrs. J. .M. Hiown. IW <\ii.ii5. i<i iPHve tonioriovv i-or his IKIIIU' in Clii- f.igo.—Garnett .\i(\v.-;. iiii 't-.: Tli«-y M ;;iit'd fnmi pi'awa al d'ci'ick ycstfiday nioriiiii;^. driviiii; ll:c )!(ii.-'>'i f;iiiiily h<ii»i'.—Ottawa H«I imblir. — • ^ Id iiiiil IVoiii Yates ('pit1»r. Great (>ranilinolli«>r Kf.v.-C. W. Hai^oy lias just riccivcd { <ii -rt (liMl Ms irivitiiini .ll 111"? Mr.';. Mark word that his g:raiiiinuith« Uulley. "f Lancasjer. Wis.: day. and : the diiu-ral sH lipid this afttTiioon bi'twerin the hi>ni;t; l )<'a «l. NVis. WHV Testers ami Lriii*. <'f Ii)li<. vi:iiiod -Mrs innihor. MIS S. ('. <;o;iiy. a ili«> lirsi vf tli«- woek. Ida '.iphtor. Tectt^rs" ft'w days Misis l<i;» Siiiiil Kft Salmday iiiorniiip fur a two w.'t k.<' visit «hh ri 'latii's at lola and Mildu'd—Valf-.s Ct'iuer .N't-w,--. 1 of one aud two orock. was in her niuetioih yt>ar at iho tliui of her death.—liarneit ^I'ws. .Mrs. Hailey was tho ;;|Pat trraBdiiiothor of i i Major H. W. Pond Dying. .Major H. W. POIKI, who si-rved as ! iiostuiastor hero many years aso. and j who has? lain ill at the soldiers" honii- Mil) al rt. Leavenworth, seems to he .\lr.-i. HaileAjiii a dyintr eoiidlUon. NVord receiv- .Mr--. .Mark died Tues- rviees were ahoiit ten yoiir.s, having moved from here to IX'nver a deeade stfio. Uela- tives here have known all along iliat he was in a critical rondition. Ties- ister of Deeds U<.'nry Drum is a relative of the Ponds. ' i)ealh is liable to claim Major Pond at any Hime now. —Ft. Scolt Trih'une. .roiildni .stand il any longer. r-'> \KH-k;ed II]! and toiiowed them. He jis look 'in.:; line and ha.-! many friends hen "who will be niishiv glad to s.f.- Iiinil for a visit with friends., He is pleas' 'if I with lis work. of a district then; and is installing ni-w. orders and building up the old one.s. He came In a few days ago Rev. K. M. Hailey. ftirmerly Bcatwn ila^ Some Horse. Mrs. A. W. Uedpou received & telephone message this'momi^g from ber (l &ug^r.'fi(r^.'H. Ward Patee. that she of till.-i city. Ill here from his bedside this after- nooti siatt'd that tho major was paralyzed and helpless and was growing weaker each day. He cannot iK )sslbly recover, the report states.! and his death is only a question of a short time. Major Pond is & b-other of Capt George; Pond, of Pecjjt's Villa and is about 70 jeara of age.' He.Tla- Or. Murphy at Butlington. H'v.; S. S. .Miirpliv left tH.s morn itig for Burlington. Kans.. where le- will attend lh<- Itftii^th anniversary iiieetinc of the itn riiliors of the .Metli- olistclllireh at that idaee.' He wjll speak loni:;ht. -I'ar.son.'. Sun. To See Cirrus. Knaineer Hurse and wife of Yate.»; ('••liter a;nl Con^iiietor and .Mrs. Baker al.-*o of Yates Center, wer^ here to attend the circus yestcriiay. Barr Pitched in New Mexico. Lawrence Barr who has lifeii play- in-.^ bas.'hall in New .Mexico fhr sev- • •lal months, arrived home veMerday| all- rnoou. -rt. Scott Ueimldieah. Triple lie .Meetinz. I •!<,,. Tiiiili- Tie coiincil will an j i( e ceani social at the cl(i.«e tif their • re.;;nlar session tonight. I • lien. .Wettalf in ToWii. : <;t<ir ;;e Metc.ilf. of «"<>!on>. ; cfiliie il<..v!i yi .^teiday to ati-tid the big show L«u CiHYIeid n«'re. I.ou Coffield, an old lola Imy who has been in San Francisco for several years, came in this morning and wi.1! spend some time here visiting his wife and baby ibd parenu. Mr.'and Mrs. J. Secretary Starl<ey to Pupils. 1 ri.'cretary Starkey of the Y. .M. C. A. Iw.nt to fJas City this morning where he win deliver an address to the niembers of the Gas City high ^chool.. J. 1^ Harbaugh to Return. J. L.^rbaugh will eave in days for Missouri wbere he la as an. or|uilaar>,tdf a few work- V/ho is de Name? Here is one on an ' lola business men. He was in a crowd of men the other day when the subject of plol- jtif.i came U |i as it is likely to do when two or more i»eople get together. A eandiitate for a county oflice was soon . under discussion. The business man • turned in and gave the candidate a teriible arraignnient. He repeated a niinib«r of reatsonx. none of which were iu the least comiilimentary. why he !would not vote for the candidate. One man in the crowd who was a stranger to the business man. remained very silent. The business mian turned to him and said. "Well, now do you know of any reason why you should vote to"- him?" "Well." said the man. slighUy hesitating, "He is a close reiaUv^: of mine." Stevenson with a handsome gold headed cane. Mr. Stevenson celebrated a birthday several days ago and the gift was an expressioii of the esteem which occupants of the building have for .Mr. Stevenson. Says Labels Were Not Off. Ell .McHugb, one of the nun arrested yesterday charged with selling intoxicating liquor, ;sa.T8 that the statement made by a local patier that the labels were washHl off is a mistake. Mr. McHugh snysjtljat all of the stuff which he sold was labeled "A Malt" and guaranteed by- the mauufacturers to be non-intoxicating. ' He has rented at room' at 302% North Washington and will put in a restaurant Rooms Were Full. Cvery room In the Y. M. C. A. was occupied last night and a nmnber of persons who camb in late were com- peUed to look elsewhere for lodging. A Basket Ball Game. A basket ball gajme has been ai^ nunKed tor this evening an the T. M. — Iw ^dio*"

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