Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 18, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 18, 1908
Page 7
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THE lOLA DAILY BEOTSTEH. FKIPAY EYKSTSG, SEFTEMBER 18. 1808. COME TOMORRO\y FRTIUITS An- Inrwl t« AUfml TliJs i(i|r Kvcry papur In Alien, lloiirboii. Woodson, Neosho, Anderson _and Coi- fey counties has made urgcui appeal 10 the farmers to attend the institute meeting In Ida tomorrow, The practical benefits result Inp ' from the study of advanced methods has been such as to make thf most backward farmer acknowleilge tliat there is inuch to learn. The institute will place within n-.uh oi" every farmer such infunnaiioit as will enable him to keep ahnvisi ol' liie linios. The fact that its ci )^i>i nmhtni; III lie'.onir is no evidcni-i' I'l'.ai ii is nol wnrih v,onuMliinR. Indiiecily (lie larnn'is .ii IIICM- six (•(unities have paid ilic slmic i>\ iiiain- lenance of Ihe Rrcai iifjiiciiliiiial Ce- liarlmenis nf both state and iiaiion.' and tills in their oppiirtunity (o .secure their (piDta of iho benefits. Let every fanner eonic ID lohi tn- nuiirow and tli<- uood wxrk will ha\c been stalled, and otiei- under way all will fe (<l the belU 'IKial I'lli 'i!;- i.i such an extent that tlie.i will feel «••)! le- puid for the fiine spent MADE GRAVE CHARGES. Remarkable Pay Day Selling Begins Totnomny $1 Corsets 29c One big lot of odd Corsets, formerly sold at Si.oo, white <^ Q_ and drab, choice eacb .-"C 50c Cashmeres 39c Regular 42 irch new fall Cashmeres in red, biuc. black, 5a fast colors, yard 40c Damask 25c (yo iiich.fall bleached Table Damasks, splendid patterns, i^while 3 pieces last, yard.... School Hose, 15c 40 dozen boys' and ghW school Hose, dotible knee, -'s^ ijp values, palir , A Sli-anqer Told Police Judge Collins That Officials Take Bribes. .\boiit 'Z (>"ol(>('K tlii< .•(ftcrtii>i>ti .1 i.ithcr ii )Ii'lll_'i>nt looking Indiviilnal. (Iiessed in a pair of blue overalls .nnlj .( work shirt, with a daiK coat liaiv- j iiij; on bis arm. apptDaebcil .Imlu- .1 ^ .M. <"<)Ilins at the west door of tli" court hous<> ami bc -jati harr .iii^iim -liim about llse joints ninnim; in lola j and aceusine the city aiitninist rai ion | of aoc'iitini; bribes While in tlif j iiiiilat of his speech a (inart bdttle of red fluid, .said t<i be wliisliey. slip! ped from the straiitier 's coat pucUet ' and fell to tln' cement walk with a Clash. The ebKptejit speech iiii mediali'I> cut sliort ••iiid the .ii|il:;e v. as spated tl :e nc<issit,\ of m ;il,iim a pii!i lie address. TIIOKMO.V n lOUW. Srruecs for Kast lola \(iiim; l.adt llehl Today. I'liMi-ia 'i scicices iiV •]• •.••IHMIC- iif Miss KMtUlie Therilliill we;., cill. .ducted f 1 (1 )11 till' iosideiice. ''l.". Suiuli Third sirec; at HI ociocic tl-.l iiH .niliii: UiV It II l -;i!ei! of tile C'.ii i • 1 iii cbiircb bad cbaiiieof tlv eeuiuniiu- Inieriiieiit was luaile ili ilie In!:; e.-m.- tcry. The pupils .(vf :|ie :-ei ,e.i: were her ( l.o siiialcs sen .i Uf i|ili't iif llciwels .-I- .1 'like;, i; bi^h estei 111 ; I'iled :i Leas'- I 'oda.t. .1 \' Tri-mi aiMl wile .e.i il the I 'lM llaliil (l .i> .V •I 'i|.e l.!:ie > .>! .-i.e the ca^l hair >>> M>',II 1 UM I if . 'i . -•' .'d -i;'. ce;;taiiiUii; so arir- 'I'.i. • i-i wa:, lih'd tiida.\ One Week Of Bargain Demonstrating FRISHNAN'S THE STORE tHAT HAS THE GOODS Seven Days Of Proving fhat Frishraan's sell for less A Graiad Showing of jLadies* and Children's ^«lew Fall Outer Garjnents Yoiir.s ot oxperionco iiiis tiiuglit us. iind more than ever CG»iivinced are we that the "recoiler;tion ol qualitiy remaius long after price is forgotten —therefore we hafi'je used even more than usual care in the selectiug ol our fall lines of Ladies', Misse.s' and Children s garnients. A. look through this enlarged ready- to-wear^section will readily convince you that frpm a standpoinit of excellence of finish, qualities of materials used and the style, fit and workmanship ol each garment, and at the extremely low prices we have placed on them, "Frishmans" really merit; the increased volume ol business they are receiving in this department- Ladies' Suits are now on sale |rom $10.95 to $40.00 Over 400 Ladies' Skirts on sale. From $2.50 to $20 00 f 100 j (iocs ui.u- Citij^hiiiirv IViraU-s. Mulras Cloth. Hhhi' iirj;-. clc, tur tliildrcii'.s .selm >1 \V (, c Ivu'cc per yuii], 'Miljy (f tlic entire 1(1,; EXTRA PAY DAY SPECIALS lOc iiitic iic«- ,SltirtJif ;,'S, hcytlicd anil IUI ')1 C.K 1 IH (1 iiiuf- llii;-, I 'LT yani, only A Your clioicc of about 25 T.adics'Walkinir Skirts, worth SI TiO, yoiir choicj iu this .spec- cial sale, only pieces new jap Silks China SliUf, Uncy .-ilk VVaisl- tr.tji:, i'Xc.., wDrlli iij) Id yric per 3'ard, your rhciic in iliis .va!e, per yani, nnlv 50c We have m(»re Rus^s and Carpets for our f^all Opening, Sale than wc tvcr h id b f re DEMOCKATIC HOPE SIDETKACKZD I^oom Sized Ingrain ^[igs '.)x'.> up to r2xh"i feet from. . $2,5S uj. Tapestry Brussels ".)x 1 1 feet .. S10.90 up to $22.50 Great Bargains in Hearth l^ugs Double faced Smyruaj, reds, ^r»'cn .s-, blues, 30x()0 inchci;, sale jirice only 9Bc Beautiful Axminsters Floral and Persian Paiterns, size 27xt>:; inchcP, sale price (mly $1.93 lAxminster and Wilton Velvet Carpet Made With Border As a large si/cd rii{j or to Lovei the whole ruoiu from $1M0 to St,73 per yard. Tliis iuclndcs njnliini:, .si/in;^ and laying- Axminster Rugs '.•xl2 feci S22.50, S2b, S27a^i0, $30 and S35. Wilton ard Wilton Velvet Ru £<s •'.xrj f . $t9.50 ^<KS6a Animal Rugs ;>i)x<>') lies of flu- nc-l extra IM -r.y all wool Sinyrna ru^.s, these jui^.s aie the same on HMIII .sides and the aninull;; h )-.v just as well nu one side as the otlicr. vSa-e ...S2.6S piiee only Ingrain Carpet If yon want an Iii;Maiii C-irpit u- i tii .'.nrcly please yon in priee and p:u- terti. We h.ivc ni<Mc than ^evcnl•y•fi\•c ])Htiot ns ]>ri( e<l from 2f90 t" SSo per yard. Wc hnvc o)K' (il I'lO lale.^l laipil nnkiii;; IUHI hi:i'':. and M\tr,i ••.,,,.1 ^ trpel I.e. -and can Kn ''*r^"'<-"<-* ••'<di-''f'"niakin;^ and layiii;; yiut ( upit. Tnfi diid F<^rak «r 'SIioiilti«r to Blioul- il»r for Ritpubllcau Prlnciplr*. A :i->tln>r l>>>uiu<->';.U>- lu'l'* h»N luvn »!(li-trni-U<'<I • niMl vils lli.ll \ ii'.-.l ."<t:iii"4 .•<."<nl..r Kor!i;;«T w .-uM i ;-..r; lin- Titil oniiiluti- . :(...! U'-r'.* ti^.l^ ii: Ins < lia;i>.r> ..f Hi.>':.(;;• ..r (((i.. Til"' iwiiiiiii ()liin .->ii< 'ii-»t «i III'" (; .\. I; D-tiiiivii lit il.mill riil'.'i. ..V .if:ii •_'v.>.I iiaturi'ili.v uli.K idiffcrvii..... jiiji.v UJV«. l«.>;\v ..i -u them If. 111.. :iir .M" l":irr"« < .1111 rll.iif It 'll ;.• Ili'- ti'ify (if JrMi ^M \\\\< ;is f«»ilort !4; I "Ir IK I j.;..n«iir>' f.>r ai.- !i> \>- her* with s<-:i:ii(.r fonUor. '.(•••;n!>.' r h'-n K.'^'r!"'f <if !«>llig IK* i )i.- iin (;.-st i iiiiii.-c r.ii.i |ti">k n c.ciil KW-.V. •>( r'.-'.« in piiliiiii: :i iiiitii i >T L'y .111 t!i«- 1..-I1I II «if llu- SiJixTl'it. (.".iiirf -if <'inijiwiati We ar'^ al..>;;t t(. r -i.:.-!- -..r mtliii— hnvo f-n- tci.Hl .-( L-rf.-ii '/! .•;iiiii..ii:;n. It \* II |i:.'M -i:j.- f.> tliinU in this jri -.'-fii.-.' that .ij.. c.iin:; In .vt.-iiuj in tii<» " .i:iil>:i;!i to .^li'-ulil^T. nifh the full sti|f!i;iJi I 'f thp irfV 'Ublirnn p.irt.r." ; In rpsjxMJ.'p .''ftiator K..f:i !;'T iloiii«>il that iTiiiiiij h.nd pxi»;<>>J h''fv\»^n Mr. 'I'lifl :iml jiiiii.Mplf. iifjrl s.tirt: ••ri .n|. r til.. . ji.-.iinstam-cs I li.ijM' I n >»y 111- iia!|ili >iii.(! If t .say in thii rrcMTiri' ;ji.' fir.^t liiiu- I hav«» liml ('['/ II. say it tliat tlnTf U imt riiu aial S'i far as I Unmv .IIUM •• iicvt-r lia> iM'.'ii tlic sllcliii'si il! f.fliiir -if any l.i .-id ;»ivv>.ni .Mr. 'rjift imtl iii.\>.«;f "I' lli.i .'j IS aiiytliiiiK I liavo ii rlirlit to ''liiJiij |...>.in (l auntl^iT. it is t!i:i: I ntii |{.|.iililJMti ilirc.' Iiuiiilriil aii.I ^!\l.v- rt»i.ila\s'|i 111., yfar. I liavi< my ;>rcf- orr'u I's s."ii|i.i.tniii's as t'> \vli.> >tiiiu!it ri" <•.'(»• ilifj 111. Mors i»f ft" |>iiriy. Mint P\cryl "'<l .i ijciKTHllT niiir* mil vvlin' tli".» HUMBOLDT'S FAIR. _ I Ii A Bib Time Plaimc<1 for Jicptcinbcr 2;th .md CSth. i.Vlliirnii s. ,\. lianl Muilt- Vriij'rtvss In lliisllH-vs { iiltiur TtMlin. I :u lllilliM .Mt l "i.' iiiii.ii.ili< . i: IS )il.ii;ni :i^ •.>!.•• ;i 'itii . I,, h.i.- Il .ral .l liir la. a uitotl li:.; fill'.' \'.\\.itf^, Cat. I •lira I a i.i;; iTiiuii iv .-Mi.Tl .'ft • mi S<'j)t.'ml>.i L" II !i a:i.| : liiltli. II. If uili 1>.- a .-lOiK .sh'>«. aui ii-iiti HI al I far aiiil ol.l ..-.'ItliTs" i'>'iiiiin;i. Tliiirs-: (i.ii .•••I.I F.'-i'l.iy. .s;i.|ii.iiibi'r "It!, aiiilj L'.'.tli. a l.i^ parail''. cimii sm-aliiim.] . (it..- .s'd.'lc. iMii' aiiil vc:;c'talil''.s. .tj ' i;ni>.l (iM fashidii.'d tiiii'^. .M! tli'-l l'><i:;.-.s ai'» iijvit>"(l ti> laki: pal- and help. Ti 'i 'tc "ir )><• all Mii'ls of nmu'-ic-] •\\ov,t^ an.I a <i <>taili-'l iir»i::rani will h.. f.iir in a f"u- (la.v.s. P-iflriwini; i.s; '•.t j.artial list (if tin- pri /.O -s ;<j I>c Rivii I away: ! In thi* paraiii^: ! I Hf.-t farm f^-aiii. lir-^t i', ;.-«r(»iifi! I R'-si (iiiviricr I'arii. s'coii'i [ ?-•".''• Si 'Cdlld n<-si I l«, tiiiinhor fif any illii". tir.-'t Sill: .sfcoml $.".. ^ w a • •Ii..,i^!i I'.c'W IV.; w .1.-. , lii.-n;. 11! a 1.; Jl! t* a> 111' ^ :i w . an .'It; j .'ov 01' lis .. i ;.( i..' 1 1- ^ l..l|r| . ' li ..,i l!u ;.i .11 < il a <•'• 111' linn 111 :iii^ liiorniin: :iii"-> fullici- • n rxi-r .v II'- ; : I h,, iriti!!. 'i ! His talk. ;iii' n'liiiiri'- ;!...-.- I'.iLopo Krailii- ! 1 1 ni "li" \ ;r\v|iiiint ot i;i' MIIII'':I< .. sliowfil :: !i\ l:vf|ii>'!ir ap- Directors Met. Tii.-i'' was a iiici'tiui; of ttii' dirijct 'lis of th" Southern Klcctrin IJajIway comiiaiiy ycstorday. Nothing of iniiioriaiic" ontsi'lo of lh<r regular I'U.-iiif'.s.s via.s iran.sactcd. lady liorN"l);w[i r;:!<'/, .' ?-'..".i' siiml'- ilrhi-r. lir.-> .s^'conl I'lilC'' in I'.i-st (Ifcorafivt turnout, -sin;;!'' oil fir.-' Itii: Idoiilik'. first $!": 'second j -Kiiiiiiicst tnriioiit. siiic'i- nr (loiiM'- ! first $10; second. '• I .areest family in afteii'laiirc ! $.".011. i H .-st ; %".'>'>• '. Rf^t '•-••-•I Itl 'Sl llllll',' fill' ] i:. s...'i>iiii $2:." I I at ".i'.-t p'ini|il.iii , *l"" i«.'iit\ .-Ml.-, iif I 'lini. Jl pirk of U|i|i |.s. (li-il .second 1 I ilMl lllli- of tlni'>l' i.'l f IK .'l- Irtlii il III |.iil''.'..iii'< w li.i tfll!*' cv.-; y mi-'h r /Jll.'»l|i.ll 111 11 ,1. r.i|tVl<|ll|ii|| U'hi'll tln» riilr .i .'ii I .'1 I I'liiii 'ii lii>liiliiiil <-i| Mr I 'lifl III III' II,r I I'l.iil'li .Mii eniiillilNti' l .ir tlia I l 'n'^ii{.'iii '5 till" .witr. llllll ln»iiinl Im Ivi 'miie nil li'inli*!' • II* lirti« ln«i 'n IOT ' iTdtif riri ulliiv. nt\tt hi» wlil l># llf ^ >iiili >t' lh» tHiiU fliiiiA (III the hliht of tde I 11 loll " for l««T follow*!! with JIII esti. ran to of .hidsp Tnffn QfttrM f-ir thu ottl''»> he wi k.H ^y rTeHtlnif wlj«f B'sh'ti Fallows III d will lH>for(> lilro. Ilisl ,"('OI:,l iind II n .'Ht Ilent .sprine colt, first s: .••arllii;^ coiil. first ; secimd i.iiidir oil" M'ar. (ir^t Ill's! .'.ei 'lUld til si S'J: IV )l It. • Fi;.-.; I''il<:i.-i:r.d .'^ei.; ?i;. Ilms .i riBMi ATHi.N >j»ri ("K. y'.i 'e of Kiin.'a-. .Midi I'li'in'v, .ss. In till- P )i;-tri('t ('1:^? fur said fouiity. .\e .lic C.-iiiK^. I'laiii'ifi'. I.-.. Charges M flainey. Pciindiiit .Said dc-fe;idai (t. 'liar:' M. Oainey. ••'.11! tak" iio'i''»> tiia' i ,e liii:: li- m sued ill III" al'ove n .-i.-ii -'J t 'l .'tr' f'-r divorce aie! in li<r i" 111 :'..ri. |.:a!:it |ff allege:; a , I 'iiM-e for divij .'te. i ;r'i .-.s n»-clert of d'l'... i-xtri'iiie riii'-l". . Iialutnal driink- eiiiii'.ss and aliaiidi.nnicir lor iKore til,1:1 one year, and tiin^t aiii-.wer thr liititinii tiled tiiireji: U: piailltlff on III licfore -li"- J.sth ili:- of (Jctobfir. \ I» Ifi'is, 1 r raid iif .-iiion will bs lak 'ii as triK . .iiid i':d .;;iiieiii for plaiii- ill said action tor divurce'will be tiiiileiid accoidiiii; V. KWi .vr; (;.\ici> \ <;.AItlJ. .\i'o; ii -v - 111! I'ltiilitilT \i'' I (• 1; .\|i.\ MS :.< ii'. .;i' ('t -rU ni s.i;d t'o'iii •|' > a U'^isl'-r Want Ad. of l|l lli'l "l Wllllt to ri'|K?«t It." !«• Mid. ••that bin «'.t|><«rl •II''*' on thi? b«»n«^h. Iu tin rhllippliiJ-^. »» JJ«-r»'tar.r of War. in th^ iviii^fri'-'Ion fit thf Panaro .-t I'ona!, ill all iii<> |Ki!iition« be hn^ fiKt-d. ban lw«n taii'b as tu qijslify .Mr. Tuft iil- iDOxt lifyoiiil e* «T.T other uian for tbe rr *^:dency We nrp piinj to p '.ivt him. »nrt If hf 4li >rs not make a sn.vwss of it. Il wi!i M bis own fniilt."" .*5<»nat(>r ForskT '•I'piivr'vl f.^v »•.>?..., luent witli a n'vlew of Itbi e :irlT ac- quaiDtaaif with Jtidse: Taff. auj the favorable Impression he then galn'.d of loiif of lir.'ad, cal..', II lli'hl I 'Uii of peHchc llcsl cull of lii 'iirn $1 I lli'st cull of appli'ii II He»t Clin of cip -rrli". <l l .nruetllj BWeel |iiilalo. $1 l.nrijiiil IJIKII iioliilo $1 I Niiij Ihirr lire ii iiiiiti'u' Iprl/i'X lo lie Blven nwiiv wldcli are j not niHilo lint \ei Tliev wHJ lip on ,t)e prounilMH lai«'" llainl colircrl ! The (onitiilltee IK hard at work niid litive pU'rily of niniiKetneniR on jliaiid for eveiyone The celobrnlion I'.O!) lie 111 Id lip town Hiid anyone de. •.slfiiis concessions or wishinr to know ^.I'.oilt iirires can .s.'c .1. K. Wakefield, i^ecirtarx of the committee. \ A feafTtre of the celebration 'Arill be ; piililic -ales. \V. S. Palmer ha .s do! nated hi .s service^ and anyone hav- ,in2 stock for sale can hrinR it fo town* •nnrl have the advantafee of a large! crowd in selling it. .All who have: stock t'"<*v wi.<»h to =el) are a.sked toij take advantage of this ODportnnit.v.|| R. X. AVert has donated the nse ofjj the old Humboldt Horse Co. barn forf sale purposes. Tor vdek res«It»—Begister n 'aotsJ EVERYBODY SKiTES ON TUfiSDAVNIfitlT When Iho Auditorium openm for the »raM>.i vl Open Every Evening at 7 Bi^^er Band than ever. Best Floor in Kansas. TBE AUSITOKIUH ••The White P«l«cc"

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