The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 20, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 20, 1949
Page 11
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Any more than it matters that she isn't pretty " Gaynel put the glasses down 'to look at Barry now. "What is there about her then?" she asked. She was simply dumbfounded at Barry's defense of thi* woman. He must have been taken in, too. "You've beard at that indescribable something, haven't you?" B«rry returned. There's BO word *, really. Unless it might be and that poor word ha. been so overdone and misused' 'It certainly has," Gaynel said She put the glasses to her eyes again; then put them down as ab ™ptly. "Have 1 got H. Barry? she asked. "Glamour, I mean." • • • J-JE regarded her gravely, * though giving the matter hi most serious attention. H« shook his head, "No, but you don't need it. my dear. You have youth and beauty, joy and gayety—oh, lots of other things." 'Thank you," Gaynel said "Bu I believe I'd rather have that indescribable something." She knew what it was. Fritz had it Besides youth and good looks and laughter and fun. It was what made him irresistible. Disarming. Barry with all his dark, lean attractiveness, with all his fabulous wealth did not possess it At least not for her. "Maybe that's it," she said aloud Olamour is that something that one person has for certain people- that something that does not exist tor anyone else." "That's a good definition, m a way," Barry said. "Only in that :ase. my dear, you should have it or me, since you're the one-and- only girl, you know." "You know me too well!" Gaynel put in nuickly. Perhaps that was why Barry did not have it for >er. "Glamour means uncertainty he call to adventure that lies in he heart of all of us ... mystery. That is the word for it." Perhaps he was not really the one-and- nly girl (or Barry, as he thought. She was no mystery to him. He had taken her pretty much for granted for a long time. Now n* was more eager because he was not sure of her. It might not be so ifficult DOW to tell him about Fritz. He would get over it, even though e might think be would not. Sarry would find someone else who pouessed that indescribable omethinc for him. The whistle blew far »e Mvt of the second half and Caynel om-, more became part at the ihoutini and slightly hysterical crowd Time lo«t its meaning (or her, and il was with a start that she suddenly Vcame conscious of Barry'i voke making it«lf heard above the roar of the crowd. There's only one more minutf to jo. Don't you think we'd better get a head start and beat the mob?" He was not the onJy one to think of UiaL Already people were beginning to leave their seata. The first big flaky drops of snow melted as soon as they found a resting Place. By the time Gaynel and Barry had located the car, which was no easy task with row after row of cars packed as tightly as the proverbial sardine, it was raining a fine, steady drizzle. By the time they got onto the main road it was necessary to practically creep .long, as the long line again formed a sort of procession. QAYNEL thought, I'd better Ret it over and done. Be/ore we get out of this parade and hit It up a bit Before this opportunity lips through my fingers. But, oh dear! how lo begin. She had a ort of letdown feeling, anyway, after so much excitement She doubted if her vocal cords could ever be the same. "It was grand, wasn't It,- she ighed, whipping off her hat and baking the drops from it; slump- ng down so that she could rest ler head against the back of the eather cushion. Barry was pretty much occupied with his driving. The cars in back were honking impatiently for more speed ahead. The rain, which was coming down in sheets now did not help any. "Talking about glamour," Gaynel went on, -I think it's some- ling one person must feel for another— to be really in Jove. What mean is, you can be awfully fond or a person—as I am of you, Barry, ind you are of me—hut unless >ere'i that glamour, too. it's just ondneas, at least it's not the real hmg. 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