Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 18, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 18, 1908
Page 6
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6 THE lOIt Diar HEOIgrBJ^ FRIDAY ETEJfnfG, SEPTE3IIBEB 18, The Egg-O'See CerealCompany^s famous E'C Process makes positively superior to all other kinds. •E-C quality—the highest quality ever attained in a flaked corn food — gives E-C Corn Flakes an unequaled popularity in millions of American homes. ylli the Nnlnral Flavor of. the Corn is In this All-American Food At Your Grocer's, 10c. Egg-O-See Cereal Company, CHICAGO Lar<«it Manufacturrr* of Flaked Cereal Food* In the World. HE HONORS FRIENDS C.E. NEWTON SCOUT Residents Near Roosevelt Summer lo!a I.iiuiidrjiimn Ui\ This .Mornini: Home Guests at a Farewell ^Virliita lor llu> HoMsIrr Reception. Cliik Oystor Ray, .^^ont. IT.—A vroivM ion of vohii-l«"s .Till p>\!osiii :ins \viiuiiim over the !\>;».t from Ovstyr U:iv to tl-.v Preslrtont's homo at H.«'-:anuiiv hill today oonstltuto<\ n vorttu'.Uo ij 'H::vini- •»w of rt 'siiicnis of Ovstcr Ha.v. ov. i> o' -vVoui was i ;'.v!!<\J to allrtit tUo f. ,o.-t>tiot^ wS;oh riv .-ii .l< tu r;^ -t* •.<-»5 >vo' tV.v.n on his r.-- . .... \v.,< •i!-.!!ou .T^o nvoption XI- 'i"'t'\J 'o «t ~o',>'i' ^^{ i'>>stor Uny. -ofroshrr.ovts wcro SO:AOJ O;I "•p lawn. I '. K Nrwion. iii'''i''"iotoi' of Iho loI;i :;;ii.y :,|'! morning for WicU- K::; .i aJiiI oihor Katis-a< iioitits lisi- ;hi; irii' l:o .'Xpocts to iiru-r • ; the i'arii«'> whi^ aro iii.ikitxi; i\v •• 1 r. .viliui.isro run tor tli v>as ("it) .S'ar on;' aisd asorrtai' 't •; . i ;;<--i aro tliitiu in tlit- liiit ... , • •< •uiv-T for tl;o v;ii;oii« \\ . • 1 v »r'i ;;;i homo .N!ouda> • •'>" ::tju> tuaki* a ropo; \ I. ~ -..r't io :l!o Uoostor f';il> . ."• 1 -.o uivi- thom tUt> nvcosyaiy t> : > fakf t>r>';>arations for ilio on• of th>» v.~-.tors whi'.o iii " MUCH HOG CHOLERA IN KANSAS A • ; FEEDING THE SHOW. The Daily Grorerv Bill of the Ringling Circus. It requires .«:om >'t !iii)j to frfil t .'"0 people with a bi? .show lil;o iho Hiiis- Ilng circus. A commissary an.I nfrig- erator car accomiianios tli<> show which is tised to carry .<:uch < atablos as fruit, meats, butter, etc. Bread cannot l)o carrioil. howovrr. in the refrigerator car because it would draw damp from the melt ins ice and soon be iinfit to eat. but the meats are not so easily spoiled and wl'l keep In the refrigerator car for a week at a time.! Buy in Wholesale Lots. The meat and butter is houcM in wholesale lots from packing i houses and shinpcd to the show at intervals, but If the meat supply- should jiecome exhausted orders are .«eiit ahead to local butchers in the town where the «how will need the moat. Tlis can •be arrived at to a nicety liy the steward of the show, who is an e.spcrleiic- ed inan and has had the oxperionee the Bame. as the steward of a hotel who can tell honrK uhoad Just how much of a supply will bo jiiod .-d dally. ThP above explanation of the eul- Intry departmeni in mado by I'ti -ss AfeJlt Steely who has ".i.'on In lln- thow hnKinet>H (or yiars and Uiio «s all of tho InH and OIIIN of Die show 1lu ^i• new. Here's the Grocery BUI. The dally wnpply iiood >d for tho Rhow which iuuf-l bo supjdii'd liy the local dealers at tl ;e various towns the Bhow visits Is as follows: Six tons of hay. Three tons of straw. 230 bushels-of oafs. 2.000 pounds of bran. 600 loaves rif bread. Seventy bushels "of jiotatoos. 200 dozens of ppps. •This amount is in'ven by Mr. Steely and he nlaces tho amount of nieat at a /hout 120n pounds a day for-the tables In the eafinj^ fent alone and some days it will run over that. The eatine alone without the other expenses is quite an item in the B *'OW business where an array of men like that one with Ringtinsr Brothers' are fed. \ Heavy Rains Early in the :-Season Spread the Disease. M.anhaltan. Sept. !>:.—The hop.s on buudr-ds of farms in Kansas have become infected with cholera in the past fow nionjhs. This is the stal'-nioiit of Walter K. Kini;.. bacterioloeist. 'of tl;< Asricultiiral experiment station herf who says, that tlie increased preval ence of till- dist.aso diiriuf: th<' pres i-r.t .va.^on may be attributed to the ixcessivo rainfall during the past spring and sti.nmer. I'ndcr such con ditions tho hog cholera virus has boon washed from infected pens and farms into rivers and small stream.s, iluse tributaries having, omptii'd into lar:;er streams and flooded districts t! IIS sweeping the infection over large areas. Other means of dh^seminatidn such as dogs, birds and the boots <{>f stock buyers have doubtless contributed their share toward the wide distri l)uti(in of tho di.seasc. .\ iiress bulletin hais been ls.<;ued giving prorautinus against the dis ease. It .-^ays that the cholera vac- ciiK- recently perfected by the Hureaii of Animal Industry at Wa.shiiiRton Is elllcient. but if is too expensive for general ii.*". Prof. King is making t 'xperlnieiits to cheapen and Improve the vareine by passing it through the blooil of alMM >e. Tln'p- b:ivi' been more rep<u 'iK tlian .usual of ihf pro .,eMce of the dlseasi In .Mb^soiirl as well as in Kaiisart. KEEP WALKS CLEAR. Dr. Crlimbinc Warn* Grocers to Tiike I VenetAbles Innlde. To|i >!l>a. Sipl. IS - Thi' iiuuieillute jnrre.v:! of gn .eer .unen who persist In 'displaxiiii; fruits and ve ^etnbles on the silew.ilKs in front of their places of liuslmss in imminent UUICKB these same crocervnien mend their ways. jTlie pure food I»w «'Xi>res8ly protlb its the ojien exhibition of such foods [and Dr. S. .1. C'rumbine. secretary of the st.ite Hoanl of lli-alth. thinks he has given fair waniinp. i Th" law nodiM'S that all fruits and vegetables froni which the peel is not taken befoio liviui: served as fond be covered in such way thai t! ey wilV not become comtaminated on the streets. Most grocerymen are obeyInK the law in this particular, but there are a rood maiiv who persist in violating it. It is likelv that a few arrests will be made by the inspectors immediately and e.xainples will be made Of some of the violators of the law. ! TEST BAUIWIN SHIP WAR BALLOON WILt BE GIVEN FIRST TRY OUT AT ST. JOE. Weather Favorable to Trial.—Only Slight Accident to Machinery. —Has Been Remedied. St. .loseph, '^io.. Sept. l.S-—The pre- liiuiiiaiy test of the Baldwin dirii;ible war balloon will bo made this afternoon lit South St. Joseph If IJeuten- ant Ucnajmin Fouloix. of Ft. Meyer is successful in putthis the machinery In order by that time. Tho test will be under the direction of Foiiloix and hi« assistant. Sergeant Edward Ward. Some trouble was experienced with the hydrogen plant but the lieutenant expressed the belief that everytliing would be in shipshape for a trial this afternoon. Atmospheric conditions were favorable this morning. V CARRIE SEES TAFT Kun>aN W. C. T. I'. Woman Swv Ki publican Cundldutv at Chuiu- , niilf. CHILDREN'S ILLS IN SUMMER The b^dest period of a child's life is during the heated term. It is then tlut the little men and women becotrie so subject to stomach and bowel tsoablesi With one it manifests itself in the form of obstinate constipation. USE another the very reverse—diarrhea. One Witk f^SI niMPI I ftf is as bad and as dao&erous as tlie other. ConiHpation Wfla VlftkUirbLiL^ mskes the rhild lose appetite and sleep, makes it lanrnid 'ttVRIIP PPPCIM and sickl )--1ookmi:. Diarrhea weaUms it and dettroys ^ nppetlte and enersrr- Piles, pimples, emprioiu. itch. worai .etc .foDow In the train until m.iny a mother leels that her child Is indeed very ill. Bot these are all troables tliat can be easily CHT «1. Tlie chiid needs a few doses of a ymtar like Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin, the crand lnxati\-c and ionic. In fact, if a child is «U Indisposed during the hot weather the parents can make no po««tWe| ml-itske by .Civioc it Synip Pepsin. >& (he chances are always in tavcr ol t!if chiH necdinc a laxative. You wilt and l>r. Caldwell's Kynip Pepsin th..- vrry it-mody for y<,ur rertiuretnents. and »htcB uiB relieve the trouble over nii;l!!. It is s"Id in t»vo iizes. 50 Cf ats and SIJM, aod any dnnfist can (upply yon. It cannot b^ mentioned too sttouKly that parent* should look dOMly after tb« welfare of the children dunnc the hot months. Becarefulof theirdiel. but If tber S«t ni be sure to give them Dr. Caldwell's .Syrup Pepsin. It is especially well adacted tedndrcn becAnseol its pleasant taste, eentle action, absolute purity and freedom from car- eeties, and thonaanda of families keep it in tba house for the little m* o( th ^chitdreo. If yes wenld like to try it Jbefore bayiac sendjrour address (or a FtE£ SAMTtC BOIttE to i PEPSIN SYRUP CO., Monticello. OL , ' Cituiniiali. () . Sept With ih. strenuous s|ie.'iking itinerary of .liulgi T.-ift decided upon, the liiiM- ititoiven iiig before he leaves here on jil., lir.- Iriji will be devoted I.irC'dy to tlie pii| ar:iiion of numerous speeelie.^ In- i.-. to deliver through ilii- west. Ilial thi work may be done the most <\|Mdi ti<iiisly. .\Ir. Tafi will spend the grr -al- er pan of eaeh d.iy at tiie I'jke sinvt residenei' of hi.- brotlier. wlii're he wil lie ab!e to avoid the inaiiy .•.iiiei;. who Constantly throng iiie li .-atli|iiarler .i in Ilie lloltd Sinlon. There may lie dele'.;ation or two wlii.-h wiil tonit from t)hit» ptdiits. bur tnc nvent porch feature of the eampaign seems to Iia\i been eempleiidy eclipsed by the inon ini|>ortaiii iir<>gram of travel Mr.-i, Carrie .\ation. wiilioiii h>-r liaichei. dropped iu;o town VM\\ TO day and wt -ni ilireet to the Tike siieei ad -'re -s ,.r .I"..!::- T.,;:. TUo .ntdi ;e hitu self admitted .Mrs Nation to tiu- spa• i;ai;. •'You know ni'"'" she de ;v..i;i<b d WiTh out pi > . :!i;in,i; ie> Thi- e:r .:did .iti' a>li:;i;:rd tr<-::- •l>( ;.'ili '.!c ,irm;> U«' kl'.-'vv \v I'.o .M;,- •^".it'iin uas Vx'vU. I have eotue h.v.- 'o i'>e!is.-.ioa .'..'•! on the ;iioi ijUi- :io:\ ' ». I '.'i Ilexi ii'V .'.ul;. "\-iu uiil have lo exeu--' ii!> I'l'iii iT.'erUv- •ai'« a any Ui>cus >i>in v. •.•n >i.!i." w;'.-: .\!r T .i:t"> smiltni; re:il>. \Vhere\tiHm .Mrs. N.iliou In ..ii-.i i;V.; 'f h'r charaeie: istic >i.iech^ s a-a:n.-i ;he drink evi . \w •oVevSooUiim a i -on- •emnaiion of all thore wlio did not go vaiiintiy lo the work of reform a> .-he •elieved it should be .••arried on. '.ludge Tail was mode.-iily 1 .ickin^ w.-iy. atid Mrs. Nation. .«ermiaL-!> lUiiewhal awed with what ••he was d>i ug. baeked her way on; of the dotjr ind the interview was enie -d. —Ladi"s. have your sewing maehlne ^called .-ind repair«-d wbie- u>- I.ive in expert machiiiis; with u.-; .•'•.<n\ ime only: work guaranteed, rii -'ne '.'.•l.! Singer Sewing Machino t'o , Ho iasi .Madison Avenue. lo!a. Kas. NOT HELD AS SLAVE Colored Girl in Kansas City Case Says Life With Mrs. Belle Kays Was Voluntary. Kansas City. .Mo.. Sept. 1^.- Aft a lirief i'.eariiig this moriiitr-:. Cniled States CoiiiiuiRsioiior .lohn .M. .\iiek- ols discharged .Mrs. Belle Ka.^ >. who was arrested in Mf. U'onaid. .\Io.. tui last Tuesday, I charged with iivona-e The complaint was lib-il at tlio inriti Ration of Mix. .Martha A. IJoln ri son. e»dnri-d who elnjmod IHT ni <ei- Maty Kavs. was h>-ld as a slave. On the stand the allegeil slave ii>siili>'d thai she llvcil with Mrs. Ilello Kny.s because s!'e was well eai;ed lor llwre iitiil i |eiiii-il Iho f<ireo of co <Tcifiii had evor bi-en used lo hoi.I her th '-re WILL MEET SOON Judge Taft and W. J. Bryan Will be Guests of Chicago Merchants. —Maybe Sooner. Ciiicaco. Srpl. IS.—Taft and Hryan will m<-et at the Chicago .Association of Commerce banquet in this city on October .seventh after all. accordin,^ to an annoiineement made today by Chairman r >ixon of the fto|,ii(,iirn(i »peak<'rs' bureau. It Is possiid<'^ that the presidential candidates will nuet even earlier in the »lay as .lui'.ge Taft ha.s accepted _ an invitation to speak at fjalesbiirg. 111., on Octtdxr seventh In the afternoon and a eom- mlttee of Ga'^shure citizens have been appointed to invite W. J. fir;, an. L. E. HORTILL^ President. I. TT. BECK, i Vice-Presltlcnt. Directors: : L. E. Hon-Ille. A. W.Beck. J. |A. Robinson. Geo. E. Nicholson, II. \^ Hendersoni I-Yank niddle, J, H. Campbell. IMEBEST V\in \ OX TIJiE DEPOSITS Safety Depoi«it Boxes for rent. i IJ. II. CAWPBELL, Cashier. I..' r. BOBIN.SOX, Ass't Cashier. Storklnddcrs. \U. K. Uorviie. i A. W. Peck. 'Frank Kiddle, i 11. L. Henderson, :J. .-V. Rohinsf>n, ; U 1.. f 'onsler. Geo. K. Nicholson, 1 C. IJobiason. 1;. A. Uobinsoti. i H. T. Evaii=. John T. Watkiaa, ; Frank Wood. J. 1,1. Campbell. 18,000 WERE THERE f:i .N <;i.l ><.'S' ( IR( I .S i .IIAPK (.IIOD TO iiii; (ittAvn. Hull) \vw and Oa.rzliiig IcalHrc; This Year —l.ifl for riianiile Todaj. j "ll ealie-.' I ••We xiu.^' ! ••|l ueni' -to (•|i;r|iiiti\ Ye --terda .v via~ <ir <u.-^ jl .iv ;rid IIM.I-- aiids of vi >;iior.- froiii the sinrojWidiiiu. town.- , It 'll i-oiin^iev W( le hi r<; to wi;- nesr :lie iierlormancis ol ile- Ih ^iT ^.linc UioilnM-s rre .i!e-^i ot a!| sllo^•\•^' Tie- :h 'iw in all 11^ entirety, i imitidltm'till- -ide.-iiows. l-he red iipioiiad'-. atid lh>' ':i .u!''t-io::i;ed linmp-iMs'l-ed i'eanut-;. «as be;e III 'lie I'l.iin tin- shov v .:i.< ; r.<C!le;i ;'v thi '.lUH' a^ 111 pM-VluUS .vears \v :th th; eMept.'.-n i \ w new 1 111.res addi d "l!.i- 'J .'it \ it eim- -laTitix addiii.; '! ti w tiMtin"^ to ht • ••'rf.i'.'.-.e. < \ia:- (-'.iiVd • ts« >l 1 • •: I I'M ; p..!: • ta , j '.ot'i^ ;*'.1.1>1.- i :i: ijv. held of r .,:r:' e:-,V!- ;.! .iri- " a aei and li'. • 1 ;1-.- •r -.II:-.I .l I .i' ;!f:i \\i ' ;e ••;vw ;i: - .-.'i r.::- 11 .11 le.i; a ni.;:: w.'i;i;;ii'.; i^iv.; f . '•I'.l : 1?1«>",1 h:: hflil i II is i-.-tiri:aIeiI ; Iii: y ;lio,;..and;,!,. aiTendeli !• lOill p'tfi riiia :<•• aii 1 •y.-.nn .~.'VeT; "iiou -i .-itid at tlv 1-. •iiit,;; p.] !• i iiia;ii <. ')i :i' of I lie most no:ic»alile tlrir-.- in fii :;i '(!io:i wiih th" .hov. v..; - l':-- i'>i -liee i.t lii.- ariii ;i if ::r .;i'' iv iiieli .i: iial'.y fi .lii.w .lit; aeiior.s :of l-.itid >o ;i-i j-an tie (••;'.rn. d; fi"'!!!! p'.ljce ;.rci(s there ri'^' a f .-i:'! ; wirh - anw. !.. ; even a ^l:• M '-aiiie l;i.!'i r :; '^hur' ehaagi " ;iriis!i The a.^si:! .11' d:\i-ii'a • api-i inteadeijit. th- ei;;ef .•• 'lie se-.-rei M-rvi<-e lieicrnie'ii! and 'WO jiiNus Of the S;iii;a i l-"e ni •iM re here to siipc! intf iid i the :)r the lour i-aru'c trains wbccii are ii^ed 'o tians|iori tiii.~ :ii;;!;uii(."|i ;-!-.ow. Save Your oney! \.oii can secure the .st .iinlard iii.iga/iiics at less cost lo yoii dutiiiR SciitetuIuT, l)->ili tti single stilisc ij>tt <>:is aiivi in cl'.:bs than cvtr again. Ri;a<l the Icllowitij;: fO\ el .\ i'lOtl •. tl J .tl' ?| ..ll t lloll I U 'ijii'alor iei:i : i . ,< | MI , Mr World".-. V>oik. I.;*.,;! :> ' uii \;: .-. ,,,,v^ III . ,.! 11 s-pi ::i'. #:i.,-,0 i:v.T.\ ill d;. •-. I'. • .UMI >t.'' d •^•.'.l'.."",, ;Mu-r •! $-J.IMI !:v. i\'.,'d\"-. Wn. \\,.: \ .iii.l .'.S ('•!. •,. ^\.\», afHT Sept. Ittl. SUW. |;\ 1 r^ iiiiih's. Wo- d'. Wurk. .Viaii 11.1:1 ai: 1 S'liHe s, in 'W S'l.I.'i Mier S, -.:•> ; $J.|1I M.iiii;.-. Wor.!'- \\..ih at:.! I >. : 1 ru 1 • 1 T m •« j :!.|ll». a I 'e r .•-'ep' #:U.'» M.i';iir.- and Woiii.ii/. II. .in.- I'..itij..imi.!i ?l .(l.\| .ilii r S\-\ti. si ^.lO i':...e,i !:.^e« :' 1 •. - j:: • • . iioi... \i,d.ui„K. 1 M i.-.i' ' "'^ • \': r.i •; Ki-\ : ^. t < ; , ;.1 si ^1 M.•:!.-?1': :n:',' \ ; \ . • v.: . -^X 'L-iir -• W:.: :,l. I M : • • '• O: .• I '.l" •!'.:••' I i ( •• ij-i..:.-. ft.:--. Ml I \r. • • 1 ;.. i:. \ o: i;. \ .1 . - i .< \ 1;. •. .1 Ki \ 1 ^1 ~ i-..! 'I . l.;jl.:'u ll-'",- .i!-.! I ::• . ^ .I 'l e.i.. 1 1 li 1 .. . • ' .1. I. iii;M:i:i:>t>N. #Lat» ra;e> ON ^at. Sept 19 FRUIT SAUCER V.II.I. B1-; THIi Vc-ilcrdaj's 'lra :i>tiTs. Wahr: Mr^s (.1 .Mrs. :UU\<' Ku-li ton. i"'.- 7 .-ilid •• lil.iek _'T, )1 IIIII1M.;IP !'oa-id.: atior J!'-' .lolin A. l-'rii k it al to ITrank ii.i- -011. srt i ;iiai;er .^-.'I i : Ciei.-idii;!- lion $si'>. Iliiis of |-';ii;.;ii:; lo llaraii T.iyloi. lids .•; J. ;. Iii 'oeii I'l. .Mmaii. Con.'idi'i.iiioii $;;."io .Sanih .\. Williiciliaiii fo Ilidiii .Vieli- ols, lol 7 and \ve.>t luilf lo! .N. Idnek !•!'. Uiiiiibold: Ciiiir-ider.'tioii $MIII .lohn .XiehoU and wifn ip l-".;inili \ WTIIinyli .iMi. lol <;. .-iiiiiii ;ii:!ir ioi 7. Iliiliiliolii: < •iiio .:i|i»iaiiii !i ,'!7<"t I ilea' V\ 1 ti -ra 1 'i-: :' I'llalil lo 11 l ,li "!i.iiiee ol., ;i and ;•, liiocli .Mildred I'l'^: Addition ( oio JdiT .l' mu $ 1 . I i 1 1* 11 \\ !• -Ii; II (•i-Iiii-til l.oiuli.r.d. lol I,; r*; addiUoii (' 1 ai ii )ii l<i" • leo A Me.Xdanis lo I.iniia S We .1. olv 1: .ind |v. hloek !«. Kiifr addKI'iii Mildr>'d Coi;..idi-raiieii JS:!;:". SOUVENIR I(!.lll' lo I' (11, .Mlldn-d si.i:s HM; I\FT VU t«n:\. HAK>IO>V. Mr. Milford Booe and faiuiiv. H.rt Booe and Jlonroe Hixie. of Cliaiin''-. and llildred Hamilton vijitnl -.vjth Mrs. Ij .J. fV)oe Sunday Harrv. Arehie and .Margie liirbv. ot VatesCent'T vi.-ited witii tli'-jr viand Oareiits. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Conn;' from Friday until Sunday Mi I" 1.-^- sie Cornell returned with tlniii for a few days' vj.^it. Grandma Cloud and .Mrs Kila Cloud •ire still improving. ; Mr. Lex nooe returned from western itansas Wednesday where lie In-: lie...! the three months worki'ig in the wheat fields. Mr. Will Cornell and family came down from lola last Saturday for a few weeks visit with ihelr parenis. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Cornell. Will haw been busy cutting corn over since be came. HiM'h rndieU ltr>an \\\\\ Be W»r>e llcatcn Tlian V.wr Itefore. To|.-ka. K.I-. >i-|ii. IS—likr.- i.< the ir< dieijoii >oi leilieriior V. ;W llocli. who ha-, dniiiii: iln' \>.:~' .-|-%'\ laveli-d ovi 1 Illiii'ii.-. I;.'li;jlia. Ohio. Nebr;--k;'.'U'i. ' onsjii .Hi 'i .'^ii!|!ii--ot;: • V'.ii (111 iiii! ill;: «io«ii .i:. my po- iticai pill) lirev and Iio .v! far I .1111 fK .iii rig.'ii tth':i l!:'- voii--^ aif coiiiiird piedic' lhai WiUiiini .( I '.;;y;;ii will he a v.orsi- beari^n iiiaii in tljf eniiilag leeijiiii ihaii he evi r \va- before. He wil ;:er a h>s iiii..ilii-r ofi i-;er -lor;ii v< I -v- than he e,(r did In lori;- \W will rtii to laiiy stall'.- 'h:ii lie j has ear- ietl 111 lore. Taft wiil eatrv e.-i.'-tly; he wiil iioi havi- i^iiih a big m .ljojity Ueosevi'i; did, _liiji he will havi ;i cnat p!<-iilv ' IN .MiDITI'i.V 10 I .-t'.Vl. illl.CK.s NVirit SPICES. EXTRACTS. COCOA. CHOCOLATE. TEA. COf FEE \^ SUGARS l{elinir*> I'rives THE MIDGETS WOM OUT. rhey Played Errorless Ball and Hit Some Too. Hr hanl hitting Sprihijtii Id )•• at Oklahoma City y.: terdav t to Th. foriin-r lola boys played erritiless ball and wi re in tli<- hitting lo'oi Harry B'lis got two hit.s wiiile Tauiir. Cray, .•^flfy Wilson and Kunklo each', got oie' swat. .lack Root was landf>d on at Wieh- iia yisterday. th.- TopeUii fitani his- iiig II' to 2. We carry a complete .'itock of Bicycle Supplies ' and sundries. Our hicycic hcspi-- tal is the most con'plelc aii 'l losij;-; est estal>lisbed in lola. Try usj when your bike nctds fixin'. Hi-i cycles too, cheip. Dorothy Rebekahs to Meet. The Dorothy Rebecca lodse; will meet in their hall tongiht. - Drill practice will be the siiecla) feajmnj of tbe sessioQ. • Alt - i... . it. .^•.•/.'iCV'J.^'^. fpneral < "ntri'cdir. Flag.=;tone and <"eiiierif ."^idi walk;; and Ctirhiiig a j;;ir'ia!fy. Oi'fico 11.". Ijis-t .IsieksiiD Ate, rhann .-:i>l. 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