The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 14, 1946 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
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Saturday, December 14, 1946
Page 6
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u'Personn^l Listed; f or Gbricert Moriday'NigHt Presenting Its annual symphonic „ concert, Bakersfield High School and Junior College orchestra Trill appear under the "direction of Harold Burt on Monday in East Bakers£ield audi- ^tbrium. Featured soloist for the ev&- ^ring 1 will-be-Robert Haas; pianist. Opening-the program will be the Bach Choral and Fugue in G Minor ~ after Trtiich the ^lenuetta from the ballet suite; "Les Nymphes de Diane," by Gregory, will be heard, "followed by Serenade Espagnole, by Glazanow, Rossini's overture to La Gaz?a Ladra {the Thieving Magpie) concludes the first half o£ the program. ' Jbhann Strauss' Tales Prom the (Vienna "Woods will open the second portion of the program. Robert Haag will follow, playing the Symphonic Variations by Cesar Franck, Concluding the evening of music will be JTorton Gould's orchestra setting of Tankee Doodle. Personnel of the orchestra, includes Miss Kaney Rosenthal, concertmis- tress; the first violin section, Daniel Burnett, Claude TYiesen, Joyce Heinrichs, Ken Kreyenhagen, Lurine i Rice, Barbara Sawyer and Fifi Weder. SeconcLviolins, are'Mary An-" derson, Euth Blocher, Barbara/Clarlt, Boreen Elrich, Robert HarreH,' -fear-, bara Kline," Billy Plummer; Patricia Ringele, Lois Welsh, - Mary >'Welsh', and Jlilton -Younger.'» u , ; ; %' Violinists, Jfaney Can'nan, .Marilyri Flurn, Adeline ' Irwin, YenttaTjen-- nings, Joan Luke and Nellie Martinez; cellists?, Dona Arnett, Blanche' Baker, Elizabeth Hoisington, Marcia, McKee,-Merle Wilhite and Blanche Patton; basses, Jo Ann Baines, Joyce Cans, Ethel Thompson and Virginia'. Wix; flutes, Donna Clanin, Elling Sagen and Patrice Kelley; piccolo,Patrice Kelley; oboes, Thomas Hershey and Verna_"Vandam; clarinets," Ted McGoey, Norman Miller, Charles Pierson, Harold Rainey, Mickey Sarad and Byron Wiegand; bassoon, Edna Rasmussen; saxophones, Byron Wiegand, Mickey Sarad, Charles Pierson and Norman Miller; French horn, Dick; Clark; trumpets, Jpe Guthries, Pat Epp and- Dale Kinney: trombones, Grant Clayton, James Bowers and "Dulcie Perkins; percussion, Jelsey Actis, Joe De La Ossa, Carolyn Gibson, Lois GoodseeU Bob Smith and Bob Brooks, and jiiano, Carolyn Gibson and Lois Goodsell. , Missionary to Tell Biblical Background Chinese Experiences A returned missionary from China, the Reverend William Dixon, will relate some of his experiences in China at M. a. m. Sunday at the North Park Church of the Nazarene. The Reverend Mr. Dixon narrowly pacaped burning to death by hiding in a well when the Japs set fire to Changteh. Pictures of the famine-stricken areas and of war-ravaged China will be shown by the missionary. WHISKY FLOWS FREEST - LOS AXGELES Dec. 14. UP)— The liquor shortage is far from over, but whisky ran in the gutters when a truck, overturning at an interjection Friday, spilled out 775 cases. Film to Bejhown A sound film, "The Ancient Stones Cry Out," will be shown at St. John's Lutheran Church, Twentieth and C streets, Sunday at 7:29'p. m. The film is based on 100 years of excavations made by leading universities and museums, and features findings unearthed' in Bible lands which substantiate -the historical background of the Bible. Beginning with creation, the,fipic- ture follows through to the end of the Old Testament history and also includes instances from the Kew Testament record. The public is cordially invited to attend. .-.. < v •*«•«•Ice,, 10:SO _.o'<jloefc, '. <X. Ji Goulter. mis- " ilonarv- r^ ^hS-T' > 1™'^ -, -' ™' s ^ ^S--" O'clocK. r the Reverend Samuel Klein£?£^, t,, <» rna * 5ll! ?teri««f for, several -sas^er preachUur. Sermon subject. "Arise. >ears by-JapaaeEe during.- tin. ivari eusst Tnt« th<f r-hiw " -v,,»«««. —; ._ /_., -U.'D. C.:»IG>fITAR!Eg^.Distfnguisherl'b.T the presence of "the state . president, a.past 1 present-and "other guests,' and-featured bv the ' exchange df yuietidi .gifts, a, luncheon of'Mildred'Lee Chapter" tinted Dangliterstof-4;he Confederacy, Wednesday, was one of-the , loveliest events of the pre-Oiristmas season. It was'held at Srockdale -Golf and Country Clubv-rCPrineipals included- (left to right) Mrs Dudley TBppan^Jjoai^fstate'president: Mis. Mary Alice Roach, president-of Mildred Lee' Mrs. A. R. Bullock. Santa Monica, past state ,presid,ent*,AIrs-^Tappau reviewed a "-national convention at Jackson,-Miss, £ °-f!7"j,"-'r'" - Lovett-Hottle Local friends have learned of the _e,ve- -wedding Miss.Myra Brook Lovett*ana.Geprge. L. .fiottle, 'Jr., at the'lfioniia'of rfbe t bride's parents in-Los~ Altos."" Mrs. Hottle is the daughter or Mr. .and 1 Mrs. E. R. Lovett and h'er> husband i is-the son of Mr. and Mrs. George L. i formed by the Reverend E. Marvin j Stuart of the Methodist Church be- ifore a small company of relatives and close friends." j The jbride is a' graduate"' o? . Palo I Alto Hifli School and is now attend- jing California College of Arts and Champlins laving Here -.Residing at 1504 Haldon street are Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Everett Camplin, whose marriage was solemnized in First Congregational Church, _Eugene, Ore., November 15. Officiating was,.the Reverend Wesley Nicholson. The^bride • is the former , ,, _t»« >'ears by. Japaaese during:- Oia, wir>" gusst speaker,. Eight. .Christian. ^Endeavor "socl^- ties meet at,Si34 n^^w.^fJEtfeiiine sen-ice. 7:30 o'clock. Serw(ttiJby-Mi-,.iliUer, "Con- jecratinr Our -..Compromises:.'.; '• Mbpdiuv baiJteOiall. , Pull. JJogM I, vpreHs Christian, 8:30 p. »,, «t,:East'.ja£h. Juesdaj-.'Touth- BaUderx jChrfetma* «i>arfy. 7:20 p. m.. Bethany .,iraaL,W«diHisday. Loyal 'Leaders Christina* party, 1;30 p. m., Bethany- halt Kray^t. njeetSne' in' women's parlor. 7:30 P. m. .East_£Ide .prayer meeting- at. 5621 Paclffo D.tLve, ,7:30,n. TO, " XortU-of-Rivsr prayer meetjns,', S2i Highland Drive. Slefli- tation aiid/^aejij-^Baut/for youth In junior <*»*•«, 4 af + ]£&, „», ^.jn. ' : , , Tlju nsda y. , Kaom i Circle, Christmas" sartv at Mrs. 'JR. A, HasHn-'e. ,1-43? Eak'-fiieljteenUi 'street. -S P. m. - Chancel choir at 7:30>in chajicel- Boy Scouts In Bethany hall at 7:30 T>. mi Friday, Christian MerT* Club, installation dinner at 6:."!p in Belhauy hall.- • , - , ST. JOSEPH'S CATHOEIC -'• i, 3515 Baker Street " " Sunday masses, 7. S, 9. ]n:30 a. ra. anfl, noon. 'Weekday maRKe?. T:1S anil S.-30 a. in. Tne«day Mother of Perpetual Help Xovcna, 7:30 p. m." Friday. Holy hr.ur. 7-SO p. rn. Saturday, confessions. 4 to 6 ana 7 to 9 p. m. FIRST BAPTIST t Truitun Avenue Between L and it Streets i.,pandas sr&aal. 3JO,a'.,m. Slornms serv- lcs,-ll o'clock. r the Reverend Samuel Klein. . . UMf, Child." ^araery care >a provided for babies^ dqrins the- movmnr -wotphip. Evtnew service. J;SO o'clock. Fourteenth annual -pi-esauaUon of "The Messiah." Susaay. t v- m., i>rga'a'Vesper hour. 6:30 B. 3p-.,BapUst yoa'.h lel!on-«hip; S:-tr, p. m., B. r,_I\ .singspiratipn ^ad social hr.ur, Monday. J7t30 Ji. m., -pe)dea CircK 19.11 verae;, Ann.Judson' Ciri;ie» 207 Harding. Tuesday, 4 p. ja . junior in.>truction class; ":30 p. m.. cific: X p. presentation. ,-FjRsr T^xrrr TKMPLK- I ST. PAfi/s "EPISCOPAL Sunday Morning Scn'ices at'"W. Or Wi . "Seventeenth and-I Streets Auditorium. 17:0 I Street ' I Holy i-ommunion. S a: m. Church »rhool Sunday Bchool. 9:4^ t a. m. International j and children's sprvnti. 5 -t.> a. m Cla?.*es Bible-lesKon. Classes for ail <t£ec. .Morn- i for all aEes. Mornme j-enne. 11 a. m. ins servit.'e. 11 o"clot.k. Sermnn subject, j Sermon h\ the rector. Processional. "Stand "Spiritual Power Harmomres Living Cori- f up, Stand l,'p. for* Jcsu?." VcniJe-.Kxult»- .ditions."i Headquarter.--. S-0-^21 Brnwer mt!9 : Domino ((^O'.td.^on'. Olnria Patri iGo"d- buildlngr. Fenedale: Sunday, Prosperity, 4 ! sonX Bened-« tu^ e 1 * Domine (Lawson). Ju- Colden Glea^n Circle. 60S Pa- .. u . ucl . ^.j.^^w.v. _jui,i.r,., i lujiiicl JU.» f ^ . .,-. .... ,.,.,. -v..- . • —- — P, m. Monday. Bible study. : p. rn. Tuea- ; hllate Deo (Harris^. Sermon Hymn. "H» day. healing class. 2 p. m.; Mysteries of ! L»adeth Me." Offertory Hymn. "1.1.ov« i.eneaia. S p. m. Wednesday, C-pnter i Thy Kmsiiorn. I on!." Recessional. AVorkerj*. ;: p. »7ii.: I.ea^ons Jn Truth, p. m, Thur.-dii-, "How I rsed Truth,' Bu?mes<i CSub. Hotel Bak»r»field silent p. ra. Teion, . Unity noon. Wednesday. T p. "m.. m d•e.- 'Thursday. 1-30 mmusiry. 12.-15 To II 43. (3a ( l.v. six treeK nrayer" „. ,. 1= , x..u liv .n. P.' m.. dries 2 and-3 meet with 31-rs R. E. Hotfman. Sr.: ;;30 p. in., chancel . ho.r rahearsar. Friday, 1 n. m. s Circle 4 Christmas luncheon at haras .if Mr*. A. H. Karpe; 4 p. in , janinr inMruct'oti slass^ 7:30 j». m.. chnrth school Christro;!*, party. Saturday. 10 B.'m.. junior rholr n'hearsal; ^130 P- m , south chyir jeheaisal. . TRIXITV METHODIST niVRCII T:« Street , Sunday sehool. S:45 a m,; '-la^es for all area, "Mommff servjre. 13 o'clock Fer- 'mon Mlhjert, 'Oh I.iltle Town nt TVthle- hem," Fel'.owshtj, rronps, e-;« r m Kv«>- nlnp service, T-.^'J o'tlodc Sermon s.ib-ect "Beljefs -Make Ua Cou.-aceous." S El ..-.j.nB days. I3RST PEBSBYTKRIAX Corner Seventeenth and H Streets SHAFTEK FIRST' BAPTIST Shatter Sunday school, 9:45- ~a. m. (Branch school- at Kern- Homer. 9:30 a. nO Morn- ase- Morning ing service. 11 o'cloC'fc -Pastor speaks on J0;4:i a m K, "One Stopped to Help." Adult choir will I ficntion.' (if a FBCITVALE rXIOX CHrRCH 3<9:» Ilosedala Hishnay Sunday whool. 0:45 a. m. C'lat,s,es far all . and ommunon . , ISvenine service. 7:30 o'clock-, ax- tor speaks on "Herein IK Loie," At C .".0 P. m. Sunday the ft.' Y. V. will meet for their reuiUar hour ot e.xpr«-R5jonaI activity. i^ , Bndeavor fot ul! a^e K. Sfi- K FlllfHied" ™.~:- •—-"------."- -^^.v.-^^u..^* «^.ivitj. in c,ti, vvnat i j ioor"" ThurMlm 7 ^u p m iS~^?Hs"?S't »•- . t< nstian crnups, . mon .subj«-(H. "Is Proph«c> Hf- If So, \Vhat Pi oof" ThurMl;j.\ / Sunday sr-hoof. 9:45 a, m : inornmK sen'- ; ice. 11 n'ciocfe. Theme: "A Prfmaiy Con- i rein." Xursejry playroom for small chi!- , dreti at worahl» hor.i. Junior cbun*n. J juniors unii ir.termprtiates. .Westminster youth Fettnw^hip. T p. m.; Monday, 7:js p. ni.. basketball Kame «t Kast Brkpis- field Hirt School: \\ pdn».dav. 10 a. ra.. women's morning prayer meolinsr in rhmoh studr: Thursday. I-.1u i>. m.. Simret Circle nwts at Sill Oleander. 1-asun.t Circle jut .-(ft AUsrnoiia. Alta Vista fin I,- at f f H Jefferson "tie^t. Clioir reh»arial ; 7:SO p. m. "Friday. 7:"fl p m,. simija\ school restoration Onisimas rfosrram at the church. CA1TARV BAPTIST t i TCijA.t i-iryeL at Krm Sunday school, S-!5 n m : i>re-sctvice SChOOl >Oll(h SlOllpS. 6:3li p ni ; pe»,Inr B. 1" J". adBlls RlblB i-Uiv 7.15, service prftler pencil. e\pnirff seiMie n'< lork. Roy 7^. Brown :n hi? c Bible than rehearsal. Tuesday 7 r praser period. 10-5(1 a m : mnrnlni ice. 11 o'rlooX Hoy J. Frown. \\ Kible chai t message. Junior hiph. joulh choir rehear sah Wednesday, 7-af r . m * i 11 ^ study anil ptsver Strvut- r'rldav, 7:30 p. ni., adult choir reluur«al; t^atuida-^. 7 p. m . de.unn's praNer v^riod ^ 'Jeru-' salem the Golden." CIH RCH OF THK VMVKRSE ISJS F Street .7 ' Sunday pc-hco!. 10 a. m, Morninir service. 11 o'clock. Holy T'omnnmlon. Sermon sulijectl "Freedom in Christ.',' !iy the Reverend Nioba PinkMun. Kveninff service. T 30 o'cloik Sprmon subject. "Who Ar» Your" hy the Reverend Nitui T^ee. Tatter- so;i. Th-> siltn- e is he'.d every week day\vp?n 11 a m. and noon. Prayer, meditation, and (-onsnltat.Uin. UVdnesdny eve- ninic meeting. 7:30 p. m. Sjnsfest, and prayer find healintf svrvure. NORTH PARK riH'RCH OF THK X.V/ARKXK Warren and Wistaria. . Ninth oC the River .Sunday school. >:•!? a. m. Morniiiir S.TV- •ce. It o'clock. i:«e.«t st>e«:«er, tho' Revfv- Chitin. <!, 6:30 . Young" pr p. in, Kve:* pEo'f onmp iip MTVVICP, ! 11 es 'I* ni . : •" 0 prayer mcet- pro- ! 7 3ft i . n. Friday, youns . . 7:~0 p. m. CEXTRAr>.nu-Rrif or CHRIST fl:;Q Cft!i£oi'iu;i Avenue " lu 1 '« ici . . ajul II n. m. ,. hiuh "Bf ':4S Ohiistruas cantata. "Catol of tho "Bells. will de presented Sunday evening. Decem bcr £2. ->• COMJirXITY BAPTIST First and Lux Streets. Buttonwlllow Sunday .'ChooJ, 10 a. m. Mornmff serv- pra>vr I ^ laa Helene' Frances Grove, the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. F. W. Grove qf Brighton, polo. Shejis a member ot Kappa Delta, social sorority, and of Delta Omicron, honorary music organization at Colorado'State College of Education. She obtained her master of music degree from Uni-. Crafts, Oakland. For. her wedding she wore a blue-and gold ensemble, j varsity of California VhVe" she was I ?*?_ °i'?i d _ c °rf aso :, The J= ou P le ^?» »'. member' ot Phi Kappa Phi , ppr&onal cvanee'ism cru>ade. X. meeting th s \\tft-k. FIRST UNITY TKMI'I.E 131 Xonh Pirpct. Taft Woman'* Imwovpment t'luh BuiMinc . .]uim<i;> .-uiisju!, j,y a. m. Jiurn ins serv- t Sunday *-ihonl, 9:-(5 a. in. lnr"i iMtjnna.! i.«S ii c e 11 o'clock. Evening service. 8 o'clock, i Bible lps"-on. ("la.'=sp t ' for alt :tt:e« 1,-ster Young p'Ntple's meeting 7,13. Adult Bible 'JT 1 . Tayloj, ^uppruitfnder.T.' Kwn-nc t-t;i\- clajss, T;Lf» p', m. The Christmas canuita ; v tr*. 8 o'rlnck. Sermon subject ' S;»utua! wilt be^ffiven by choii Sunday. I>pcemt>er ! Power Harmonuf>s K:\ins I'oiulition.'-," -• -' 22 at 11 a. m. The Chmtmas~ program • M»nday, S j>. m., Lp-.-nn« in Tiuth tlaCp, - ?HtUJ(ia -' xviH be griTen. Punriay evening, J3ecembpr ' *" Ti^i--nr-criat^ IT;^,^..,,. ji««. i.... 2C. at 5 p, m. Prayer meeting and Bible siudy WednesUay evening at S p. m. Chnir practice Tuesday and Thursday evenings. COMm'MTY CONGRllGATIONAL , Lincoln at California. Oildale FlRST CONTiRRGATIONAL ^eventeenili at G Street Sumlay tchon], y 45 a. m. Yuunsr PCM- * plti'iS t lass, it) a, in. Hibl? Hru»b. lu ,i m } Mornnic service, 13 oVlutk Special Clir-i-!- (The musicv, 'Vf. 4J II I. Hit K ->Pe^l ilfs.. lianili] Bun. uttritn is', Touth choir i»hear>-al. Keltow«hfp. 7 p. m. iv m.. Ftd?!i.i Cm IP at ? ' Flip til,:.-' than c p. m, 1'ilsiim Monrip> (i p. 111., HKJ Seoul-: 7 l!0 ! s r- ire. BIBL X E PROPHECY JRAWIMG- ASlDETliE CURTAIN What Will Be the Final Outcome of the War Between CAPITAL and LABOR? the Two Sides of This Controversy Are Definitely Mentioned in the Bible and the Result Clearly Foretold HEAR A Striking Prediction * 8 P. M., Sunday, December 15 Woman's Club Auditorium Eighteenth and D Streets in Bakersfield V = A Free Book on "Startling Trends in Europe and Asia" Will Be Given to Those Present This Sunday Evening. The Author of This Interesting Book Has Spent Many ' " Years in These Countries. At 7:30 Motion Picture News Review of 1946 L. H. Christian attended by Miss Nacy'Lovett, the bride's sister, -who wore .a verniillion frock. Another sister, Miss' Alice Lovett, played the weddingxmarches. Arthur Harper of Bakersfield, a Stanford student, was best man. ,_ _ , ..„„. Hwr .. ....... -•*_> i uo v.liai41]Jliri, OI JL3U4 J-ia The bridegrooni was a first lieuten- street. He received his A. B -r,^,.^ ., „ . ^ from Stanford'! attended gint'v.-ith the Eighth Air Corps in Ihe last war andjivas stationed most of the time at "Peterborough, • England. He piloted B17s over'Germany and is now in the reserve officers scholastic honorary society. She was supervisor of music 'in the Claremont school previous to joining the marine corps. Mr. Champlin Is the snn of Mrs. ' Myrtle Champlin," of 1504 Haldon de- Sunday echool, 9:45 school .for. Christian Classes for all aces, inrludlnp i. m. A training lifp and service, i. anrt 132 Bafecrsfield Hishway (Tn>lor ,r.-.- denc"). Tatt Sunday i" h"ol will ]oir. with BakersCield Sunday firhunl for ''husimas proerram Dfcpmber 22 at 5 i". a in . W. i\ -\V. auditorium, 17^0 I stifet. nBKerBf.eld. CHCRCn OF CHKIST Fellows Sunday school, 9 45 a m -Mourns Sfrv- • i Ice, 10:45 o'clock. Favontp hvmns or faith j l! the Lord'-- Supppi. Sermon mhject. : i hearsal. a. rn., Pljmouth Mneeis re- riRsr MK^HODIST 1701; Truxtini Avenue SCntlay m-hool. 9 TO a :n : mninmt Rcrv- !<•», 11 o clocl,. tyrmon suhjw.i, "One Step at a Time." llle I!pv:p;icl ll.inal,! H i Wljte. pastor First Melhod'sl r'huuh of serv- : Delano. wiH be pulpit BUPS' Tl'ere will be no evenmfr unrvue, Il-sh M hool'and -..».,...i n cci..^c. *i w vn,i w. oeiuiuu sub- "/A" l ' 1TZ ^"'" - .^u 4 ,pvi. .-riuittu *.UI»JPCI.. . junior rollppre felloirshipa ir.e^t nt *:-30 3eot, "Seping Jesus." a pre-Christm-is mea- i "The Victory That O\ercomcs the World." p. m. Sunday: south i imii ^ednesdai. ease. Piigrim Fellowship for youth. 6:SO (Christian Kndeavor. B:31 u. m., for all age 7i30 i>. m; Thursday, Dnemher 15. cn.le p ra. Christmas pollack supper, Recpmher Srou 5 8 ' Bvenms frvve. 7 SO o'clock. raeetir.Es t'han.-el choir r e h»an-al, % 7 'io 2(1. Saturday. December 21 Christmas I rhe ' xlrcl - 11 Supper seived for tho'-e unnhle I p m., Friday. Decf-mhor :o. Final voiitli party for urimary department and parents. Io a ttpud the inorhinK service. Sprmon cub- choir ieh»arsal, 7.3" n m . in the mm: . - iject. "Leadership In the rhunh of Chn«t. FIRST SOUTHERN BAPTIST. OIT.DALE > AI Uweek m«.tine ot p rrfl ei .ind Bill Hasten Drne and Taft Ssreet. . K. houi" . 8 Cnlversity of Califonya Law School for two - years and LL.B.- gree " from obtained his Southeastern University in "Washington, D. C. He Sunday school, SMS a. ra. ilorninjr serv- ,i. Jicc. 11 o'cloclc. Sermon suUfa. "Seek ule TRose Things Which Above." B. T. r.. 1 6:30 p. HI. EvenliiK «erv!ve.-T:3u. Sermon subject, "Sold L'mlet: Sin.V" Slate planning metting Monday and Tuesday, Kast Bakersfield Church. AVednpj=day.-teacher»' '•4r. p. ':30 p. , Carrnel, the couple will live in Oak :* » * * Mrs. Ross Honored CHTRCK OTT CHRIST =LIK -Nrnrt-io -Rna.,1 T Sunday school. »:« J. ^fmornin^en- i u Young people's service. 6.30 p. in. »emnp service, 7:in n't loek. Sermon subjG'i, I "Does Cod rare'."' Bible sturtv ant 1 , pra:-ei j mppnr.T Wednesday. 7.3(1 p. m ; choir re- t ice. 11 oVKuk. Pennon .-,: hearsal. Thursday, 7:30 p. m.; junioi choir j 3lK the Way nf the Lord." rehearsal. Saturday, 4 p. m. icp, 7 SO o'clock. rHTRCH or GOD OildAlo Drive and El Tejon Sunday school. 9:45 a. m.; morning service. 10:45 o'clock, junior church. Sennon — — —- -—-* — —~>~» • .* v....-....*.. .jiii>dC.H.Y ni v>a,sningLOn u corps while attending^ Armstrong's i is affiliated with'Phi Alpha Delia Business Colleger in Berkeley law fraternity and was a member A reception was-held_at the bride's of Stanford var.sity debate team He home after, the\ceremony. - ' r has Been admitted to practice before Following, ji short honeymoon at the Rnited States Supreme Court. armsl t>,« muni* xv,n iu-. i n n,t. j tn Champlin was'an assistant iri the staff of the judge advocate of Atlantic division, Air Transport «.j. »u,?o juuiiwi^u j Commaiid, l!Cow "STorlc Citv this -"-ear Elaborate decorations and „ enter-1 until his discharge- as a" first lieu- tainment in the layette motif char-; tenant in the air forces in Xovem- acterized a gift shower honoring; ber. Mrs. Clifford I. Ross given by Mrs. j « * * J. B. Hammond, 287S North Inyo : , GoldgiL Crust C'lub street, recently. Mrs.' Hammond I ^ves of Golden Crust;Eread sales- was assisted by Mesdames . Louise, men have formed a cl«b and «fe Moore John. Stevenson, Jr., and ,- name -Goiden Crust Social Club 5 JuneAlford. L 'has been decidea upon as its official A mituature cradle was used as,assignation., A Xew Year's party is ' p " centerpiece, with pink and;, blue- lp l a nr,ed for the night of Decembe? atreamera reaching to the corners 131 at Universal Hotel. The last! of the table anc} to an old fashioned! meeting was held at thp home of ' rocker in which »the honoree F was | Mrs. Reno Pierucci, 210 Eighth! seated for'the -receiving!, of * gifts, i street, where mystery friends' names'! -— ^-^.~. .->«,..« .„-,.,«. temall cradles were used-as* favors, were dfawn and three new members I 7:45 ° viock ' '!"" Reverend L. T. Edwards, Games were played,'and each guest i welcomed. The newcomers were selected a name and birthi datejtor j Mrs. Dan Kyle. Mrs. Ivan Klarich tha, new baby. Mrs. Charlene Stev- i and Mrs. Barrel Carlyon making a — f ,..^ ....,_— __. total of 12 members Kext meeting will be a Christmas party at which 'mystery friends will be remembered. This will be held at the home of Mrs. Henry Young, 9ifi MUdy, "\Vpdnp«day, 7, p. ni. I.p«son sub-; ' Je< t.l 'Abraham a Type nC the Kai'hful " j , I'lR'iT CftPRCH OF THKIST, SCirXTlST ' f R15 Kern Ktieet. T3ft I A branch of the ^lother ('huri-h. the Fust ! Church of" Christ. Scientist, in Boston. I Mass. Sunday school. S ;n. fur pupil's up , tuary Young adult S p, m. ' feljousiiip fun night. pveninR i)iP«uttK', S o\'!c» k Tli* room. Iixafd m the flnirch ert'fii e on Tupsflav, ThurMsv am! Satu MorxrAiN VIKU- MKTHO.UST Corner of Weed ra:th llighwas .uid Panama Road Sunday <°i/nool. 9. -15 a. m. MTO'IT «fi t t . P:\ per\, SO o'clock. Sermon c ulijf < i. "The Nativirv." Youth Fellowship, t: .'ft p. in. CHl'RfH OF THK BRETHREN , 505 Second Street, JIcFnrlaml Sunday «cho;>!, 9:4S a. m. JioriiniE «erv- 1 o'flmh- The P.«vei,'ii,l 1'nul FIRST SOTTHKHN BAPTIST Columbus and Baker Streets Sunday school.- 9:4;", n. in.; morning service, 11 it-'clo-k. yeinwn ^'tbjp-1 "r'p.-xp and (.Jood Will Tpwnid Men." Ttair.ins union. 6:15 p. m.. .Mrs. Jlinn.a Cn!lin'< director Evening: sei\up 7 "n 0*1 lot k Sei inc.n subjet t, 'Somo Hip<:'!!ni:s of tli« Bel.ever." Wednesday. C 4". r. m. ir?< hers' meeiinp: prayer and Ilible stuciv, 7 ;o p m. *'hoir pradiie. Fridav 7.^0 p m Statp. planninK nun-imp for \s«iw intmnal Snndav school orfi«pia meets at the chinch December 16 and 17. GOSPEL GLEANERS ASSEMBLY OP l.OK X:les and \'i!ffinia Str-'pt 4 : Sundav school. S-I.T a m. llornirc service, II o'clock. Bob Rou'inan and ,Jobr, c. BrfiEPr oT the F. K. K (".. KUPSI speaker" , Kvpninc seiMto. 7 3H uMnrk. Kiilio bioa-1- i«Ft. S .1. rn., KP.Mi' Tiir-..d rt y. ~ V< p m.. Bib!" Mud}. Thtirs.jaj. 7 ?.n p. pi., Chi'ct- ! mas pros ram: play. "The Search for the Child." Duels of ihs Word." Sunday, p. m.. nuiilt Bihli- cliiss. younK peo- nieeling, children's c!ns<5. Tuesday, p. ill., 1'au! .M(Xtre delivers the tei- ii. Thuis.l.iy. 10;3I> a. m., Indies' tHbls s^. Tlnir.stiay, 7:4y p. in., dumb school. ST. JOHN'S LITHERAX rlU'RrH I'liurrh^of ihp Lutheran Hour) Txvinuielli Had t' tHrecls I Sunday s'-lioul, ii;4=i H. ir..: morninjc serv- | ice, ll'ii'ctm-k. Sernu.n subject, "Search ; the Keriimiivf." John S, 3!>. KvvnlnK i service. 7:;10 o'clock. Film. "The Ancient ' atones Cry Out." Sundays. :>;:!(} n. ni.. . 1 l.ulhvriin Hciur nver KI'JIi': TlU'Silsy, S p.m.. Men's t.'1-.ili. WednrMuy, S p. in.. l-Mariha -Society; Thursday. 4 p. na., conj firmitlion class, CAIN A, >r. K. CHlifornla A\enne and o Street Sunday schonl. 5:"o ;\. in. Morninr fi«rv- ico. 11 o't Inck. Sermon sub.ip'-t. "Tbf Who Answers Prayers " The A. C fi:r>n p. in. Tounc people's of topical riia. ua^ron. Kveiunir service o'clnck, Siip'-i;! 1 ?<e! \-iies by th p ladies the missionary society. Tnps?lny at S p. : meeiinsr of ^tewanl board. A\'ednenday p. ni,. Bible insLruction. • CHt'HCH OK THK nRRI'HRtiN ' Pultn and A ytreotfl Sunday scliool, 0:4.1 a. ni.^Morninj? service. 11 o'clock. Sfrnion sub.isct, "His Xiime ••' Is .fuhn." Kvenhisr service, fi o'clock. At B o'clock the La Verne. ColleKQ field men will pre.sf-nt eAimnsion program of rollPKc. . Tb' 1 reKtilnr 7 p. ni, servi, a «'!! be susp'-nd-d in order thfit flll intiy ?.:i^nd the pi ess-illation of""The ilessiah," 7.30 p. in. CHVRrn of C-HKIST. KAST WAKKKSF1EI.11 Kein and Lnky S.freft* X : ^ble . c c!i'c.f,l, 10 n. in. C!as.«p« f.>r all. • "tnfcutnion. Sermon sntijct t. "\Vbiih Church D:d Cbi-i-st yiui'.'i " BiMp i=tu«l.v. l>:"M p. nl. 'Kvcnhii; sr-i \-icp. 7::iO o'clock. Sermon subject. "God's reiniX" Ladiew' Bii.> s:ud,v. Wf<ines<]ay, 11 o'cloik, FIRST CHl'RCH Of THK NA7.ARENK Chester A\-rnue kt f'ouith Street Suudiiy'sclinol. !l:l."> ;i. in. Mornine service-. !1 o'clock. Dr. Floy V. Smee. iltslnct supprivHenrifiit of t!i>. norliiern (.'altforiiitL 'iiKtriit. will I>p K-UCST. sp^.-ikr-r. Yomh sroujis inf-et at fi:^Iu P. in. Kv^nink" servic'-, 7 "M o'clock. Sciolinl *;ubjf, I. "The M;in Who H.ITI .\\vny." Mii'ivrck prayer niect- inK on ^ r edne?dny at 7:CO p. in. H'THKRAN CHrltCir OF THK MKSSl.MI Woman's Chih nuiMiner, Kichteetuh and D m. , 1'REE METHODIST STIXK CHAPEL'' Cot per of Wilson and Pttne Roads Sunday school. 10 a. m. Mornmp £erv- 8, 11 o'clock, t^he "Reverend T ' . . , Wednesday ' 7 ' 30 "' m " ens won the two first prizes and Miss Lodelia Gunter, the ^draw award. Consolation prizes went to .Mrs. Amanda Riggins and Mrs. Agnes Escallier. . j e o rs. enry oung, 92K At the refreshments hour daintj' j Height street, December IS at' 7-30 refreshments, Including a stork- j p. m. deqorated cake, were' served. Forty-six guests \vere-present. |JBrvin-Runyon AVedduig ' , Announcement has just been, made <bf the mari-iage of-Miss Shirley Er- j vin to Orlaiid Runyon, Jr. -~Both I young people are residents of Oildale. The couple was married November 30, in Las Vegas, Xev., where they were accompanied by JVTr. "and Mrs. Edward Imhoff of Santa Monica. They are alumni _of Bokersfield's schools. The bridegroom recently was discharged from the navy after spending 19 months in overseas duty. He participated in~four major bat- I ties. Mr. and Mrs. Runyon are at i home at 1100 Flower street. * ' » * JBeta Sigma Phi Beta Sigma Phi sorority will hold Its annual Christmas party at Bakersfield Inn December 19, it was decided at a recent meeting held at the home of Mrs. Prances Shaw, 2926 Elmwood. The sorority also plans a Christmas-party at the old folk's home at Kern General Hospital. After a cultural program by Mrs. Paul Richmond and Mrs. Shaw, refreshments were served. * * * Home for Holidays Miss Irene Graves, junior student at Stanford University, is home for the holidays with her parents, Mr and Mrs. J. W. Graves of McKittrick. She will return to the university January 8. =Those present were: Mesdames— - Jack Cieriey Virgri! kowry PiOy Anthis .Ivan Klnrich Henry Tnuns: Barrel Carlyon Reno Fieruccl I>ons PT. Piper Carl Adams Stanley Kpv,ta Jack Wilson Don Kyis THE CHl'RCH OF CHRIST 612 Sharon Way. Ruervieiv. EakersfieH Mormnff service, 10.30 o'clock. Lesson. CJaleations. si\th chapter. KveninK seir- Ice. 7..10 o'clock. A friendly invitation is extended you to attend a friendly church with a gospel message. ROSEDALK COHMCXITY C1ICPRCH Rosedale Highway Sunday school, 10 a. m.: morning service. 11 o'clock: evening service. 7:31 o'clock. Wednesday, 7:30 p. m., prayer meetmir. KKOROANIZED CHrRCH AT .JESI'S CHRIST OF LATTKR-DAV SAIXTS ripitha KHots. Hall. O.Ma'e, H. JFi. Hampton. rre. v id«-nt Chinch «chool. " p. m. Afternoon ?erv- JCP, 3 p. m. Browns., Visit Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Rrown of Coronadd 'were recent guests in the home pf Mr. and Mrs. Blase D. Guzzard. 215 La Colima Drive. Mrs. Brown is the former Miss Maxine Guzzard. The_couple also spent some time with Mr. Brown's parents and other, relatives here. They left Sun- clay for Coronado where Mr. Brown is stationed at tre navy base. * * * Birthday Party A birthday party honoring Miss Carolyn Lee Wilson 011 her thirteenth birthday was heter—recentlv at her home. 617 Pig street. After a chicken dinner, served by Mrs.' Paul Wilson, games and records were played. Those attending were Toni Garcia, Donna Woodside Mar- Sa Qa d r o- Vn , Kob 4 l : itS ° n '! evrn^c7l^WS«^' lntt ^ Une0U ^ Luella Holkmay and Carolyn Wilson, j wee k-. They were Dale Bethel!, First Baptist Church Youth Group to Meet Lowell Fail-ley, president of the College Age B. T. F., will speak en "How the World Mission Crusade Can Help This; Generation," at 6:30 p. m. Sunday at the First "Baptibt Church at a meeting of the. High School B. Y. F. The High School B. T. F. will dis- , cuss "The Meaning of the B. T. F." j according to Jessie Poteete, chairman of the evangelism committee. I Eight young people, representing ' church youth groups, attended an Trip to Texas Mr. and Mrs, Cecil T. Roberts, 908 Jeffery street, returned recently from a two-week visit to Fort Worth, Texas. The journey was in the nature of a deferred wedding trip, the , couple having been married at First Christian Church-here August 31.-1 Mrs. Roberts is, the former Miss • Gretchen Williams'of Oildale. , Emma Allen, Carol Elledg-e, Harold Johnstone, Carol JPoteete, Clydene Holland and Bruce JIcDaniel. YOUR LAST CHANCE TO- HEAR THe 12-Year-Old Wonder Boy Preacher Tomorrow December 15 COMMUNITY CHAPEL 2400 Block, East California: Avenue Special Service SUNDAY AFTERNOON AT S.o'CLOCK \ - tf ^ Bfingilhe Sick—Through Prayers Many Haye_ , ' . Been Healed .- ?. " . ' REV. JOHX and E. 51. STEEL, Pastors " " -; ,* ORVJLLE MOSES CHRIST to the world by radio! It can and WILL be done! Bob Bowman and John C. Broger Will Tell How It WilLBe Done Bv Sunday Morning at 11:0a 0 ;.Clock _ u -,, . Dial to 1560 '(Sta. 'KPMC) Bob Bowman, John C. Broger- 8 AMI., '-Gospel.Gleaners" • Sunday School,',9:45 . •Evening Service, 7:30 • TUESDAY, 7:30 R M., Bible Study • THURSDAY, 7:30 P. M., Annual Christmas Program. Play, "THE SEARCH FOR THE CHRIST, CHILD." GOSPEL OF GOD & :Nfles and -Virginia ' - * <* G. D. SPEXCEK, Pastor- - - i.-U. KRADSE, Associate Pastor 11:00 A. M. 2:30 P. M. 7:45 P. M. WITH Dr. Dan Gilbert .Washington, D C. MORNING "How Prophecy Sets the Date for the Outbreak of World War HI." AFTERNOON "The U. N. 0.—Its Origin, Career and Destiny as Described in Bible Prophecy." EVENING "The Conflict Between the U. S.-S. R. (and) the U. S. A. That Will Lead to War." BROADCAST 'SERVICES Thursday—7:13 P. M.—KAFT—THE TABERNACLE TRIO Sunday—7 :4r. A. M.—KPMC—T1IE ASSEMBLIES OK GOP Sunday—9:00 A. M.—KAiT—THE CHURCH BY THE SIDE OF-THE ROAD Sunday—30:00 P.M— KAF5T—TH'E VICTORY HOUR Don't Forget Tonight Saturday Night! After an hour's shopping down to-srn, drop into the Tabernacle tomcht at S o'cioc-k an<i hpar Doctnr Gilbert -peak on the Mih¥••"••, V? i ' c ?, w .»'-£ er Hollywood—the Shorkinc Truth About >I<nieland's Red = ," Brine th« whole family. This Is that.the boys and girls ought to hear: a sermon ' Seventeenth and 0 Streets C. M. Ward, Pastor Affiliated With the Assemblies of God 527 By UBS, AXX3 CABOT ; A pin^^pple motif crocheted chair set •which has a chair-back piece which is big, a?) than ordinary and practically gaaran- tees that your newly uphcristered best lounsfDE chair won't become soiled, 'iteas- uiins la .nche^ in diameter, the good- looKrag piete -,s matched by interesttRB chair-arm "pineappie"~pieces. To- obtain compSpte crocheting SnBtroc- uonn for the lound pir.pappie chair set (pattern Xo. 52TSI seni 15 cents in coin Plnar ; j cent postage. .vo'jr_ name, ad<ire.«» and the pattern number to Anne Cabot The BakerafieM Calrfornian. TOS ilission street, San Francisco 3, CaJil. WINTER-IZE YOUR HOME With Reek Woo! insulation Weather Stripping Be aure your price is right ... do not buy anywhere without first getting a free est;mate from CHAMBERLIN CO. Phone 3-4333 NothiBg Down Monthly Payments FOURTEENTH SEASON TWO PERFORMANCES SUNDAY TUESDAY l-ecember 15, 7:30 P. il. December IT, 8:00 P. M. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Welcome Truxhin at L Wekomp

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