Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 18, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 18, 1908
Page 5
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•THE lOLA D4n.T BEGISTER. FRIDATJ ETF.MW. KEPTEJrBER IsS. IWW. A Thousand RobbBries Every Day of the Yeair Persons wlio fail to put their money iu the bank are the victims of these robbers. Honest men and women by keeping their money out of banks, fatten thieves. j If you are a customer of THE STATE SAVINJGS BANK, your mone3' is safe from loss hy thievery and jrour, credit at the bank is worth a great deal more to you in the way of helping you to make more moneT|'. To be able to comiuand n^ady money at JUST the right time is to open the door to financial success. Let us be your'baukcr and friend to help you on the road to prosperity. State Savings Bank lo!a, Kansas \ Opcu from 7 to 8 p. ni. Saturdays and l\iy Nights THE lOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. Manofactarers, Wholesale «IK1 Ret<ul Dealers CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Water Ketr'CoM Storoee Rr««!r ttz Ktsincss. Phuae lit. FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. Short StoriesJ - " — o r — ••• ' —* lola Happenings | —Dr. J. i:. r«iii»pr. nrnllst. PAiine 163. F>lc Eight Deeds. (•;:.:• .'..••!'. \\'V til-il ill til-' r<- rT,.ii IMV":- M''.I> . 2 Thorps & Hoagh f»iiln!c»or «i, Kii:;ir .t >rr<. Sur >i 'r'>r<. Molrcrncy HcT. I" ; • ' .1 > M.lTi.r:> •. t><rni'"lv . v: oi :!•.(• (•.T!!«i!ii- fi'.'irrii of tjiis \\\. WA. !v>;t;oiu Hniul'ol'ii tot.iy. Kii!!.v eouipT'"'! f"' 3'' '"^ "f sarvoyini;, e.-iinip.;inv:. i>;'.'er;t il-.i.v- intr. blue prints, mnp^, siiiow aik-^. curbing, and f;irr.i <!ra:aa?;e. - V.-^\ 0..-'j>.- ". ]:.•- iiark.i.:«i a? Oilice OUT "Fan-•>«,«.'' J Dr. Duncan Here. Pr ll .irr;. I "^iinr-aii. fornu rly "f this •i'l \v:.- in! from Hi:iiiboi«lt toilay Jo v.- Tc See Bin G-isscr. - Si Man in. <-am'' OV.T •liaiia S'Vi'ral ntzn to %\-z iras on-bis farm, r- ii .'c-.1 : irni- Tii"S';a> —HiiiuhoM*. Evans Bros. P*btl», Stationery, Ollm Bi»nk Boakm an^Olmmm School Suppltom Tyttawrttor SupiilUa. MrshUmst aapfUlom Ot/laa Sapfillma Where quality !• mala con«W- eratlon we b'ly tha hezt. Wliott dfmandf will Ju^T.fy. wo curry all r^tdea and [prices. ft«itk RUe Sqitre, UU, Kaxi. —11. M. Canninsbam, 6 per cent To Get Ted Sparks. .) K \Va'..i:irIii was in K; «"ily M<:i.!.i.v .i'l i Ttn'.silay rlosine a con- train v.iThtiif ?parUs Auiiisoiupnt ("o. '- -I !<i'."- <;a>s" >!an'i lioro next week. •Hillli'n-.!:t H><rai(l. Ti'.'' tir .'st aii'i fr.-s sf line of can• i;.s in t!)»:; is at .MiKiilis's. tOLO.MST U \Tf S <'nlif"rnia. AriVon.i. Vtr. KailT 31, I'.ms. ^ ir<.m 1«\A. Liberal ^i'lpowr _•• . Jonally .conut;c r^il ro:!-;: .-.. .; T. acc;i:ed i:; tour:-,'' >'i-'3if-:i 'in ii:'"ni of PTi!::-.!a:! r a:iii r.i ear. No I'e-ier v,ay rf !..<••):!::; •^uainred with the t.;;."at Si:;'! where iniaii fiirnij yit-'.d a rii!:;:i.- than by trav*:! <|Vtr tiie S.mta Le- n :c i-e.-yi yvi .-onie iitf: ^"Mt CaiirVtrr.:,;. .\ri/n:ia. <tr. •»v. i: KAi.stu.v. until . Kas, J'.-r- '.• k.ts i -i:-'- riiair i' ar- Fryer Bros, WHOLESOME GROCERIES ' O'lr i:it.' •: of r,T"r.r-- • .-.r -l •Meals art- .->':i o^ •>!.• •!:•:;;,- «.!' tbeir h.Ah .-tanii.iiil :•. I'l i;iri,- .'•y Tht-y nr.1 ;";'•«. v.' • ••••ir-' and a!v.-;i.i.. i-e ti;:"! 1 r\ II sai k of .No T Kii»ur pi^r sack ilM frnprr;al nr •Iiiiipow- <i( r Tea. r'r t '-'i'; 1 I'tr fl The b»-dt i:! town inr ilni nii-.;iey. Fryer Bros. Fboncs SOS^tOL To Agricu'turil College. . .1 !a'-''' •:::r:'>r of yoMi!^ men •A. • II;:t:!''«:,!t ff Tuesday :i;;li-''it :in M :i*t.-!i.l tli'> State ("or.^-e. T'li.-.',- w!lo went ti: ijiav w.'r.- Ililiiii-r. Mart an'I !t a;; i Charl.'S Archibtlld. ; t!..Me;:.:; ii'.i II Kloyil Nieh- ! .Mr>-< r:. 'a .I.tT.TSOu of the I ••i'.-!t I'Tbdn I win io atso.—Hum \h'::\\i\. — S'r Ti"- em: Tr .'nry: no pntntnls- -ior.: tin de^av —S;nit)i & Travis. Gi'fillan Lands Ag.iin. Tl.- N'-vn-ia !'".-' s:t>> of a r'"''nf < I'liiei! mp^'tilis: •I S. oilfillaii'an'i .-on of tnJa. Ks . i id JI.'.C tier \ari| ii.-itic Pitts- h';rz lifi'Iv- and Portlatiil <"ni"!i» ae- <ririUir.r to j'tan.- and s;ii-(itirariof,.^. C'ouneilnian So'.niati-'rly niovfd and it -vas rarrii'd V at 'h>' oid of H. S, C.i^f .r .an it Son bi- aer-ptoit an! the 'otiTarr award»'d. T'.;-' r"a".s a!id siieeiticati'i;).-; read ,vo-;< is 'o ' •• rrnninenrod '•v::;,:-: lU'.-.fror.i t'.io <lat«> of tUe r.-A-.irt);:-;; of ^h-- enntra^' ami siia!! t>" Oil ; I .T- d within fo^ir iiinnti;.-: and th>> fontraetor 2-iarant'to maintain in •-•nod ord- r -jra.d'-s an.I snrfao. :< 'if .-i'! !;•••• -ivoik. X--'.v !'0.-",.oard-^. M'lie.Iis driiir ;;tor". More Town Lots. .' It iIiirdn'T and Dr. Wolff- ^re !i i. u lU'.r.r land so'jt.'j of 'own '•;';:'.!:••(! ;!-•! this wook pn-jiara^'ory to s.-.ri• •. i:r_' if into mv.n lot.^ for tho tra ; • t. Ti "v have thr piere of land : II • • •; •-.-i l\"oFf"i'c:.»,t''i^t''ro and tiie' •A !) r'lx Jan.l for sale. The lots • mil i..- vry c<uiveni'>nt to tii'- two e't: ' lit plants aini will be in ilouianrl • —Ffuinooldt Hera/d. I r :..h ' Cyst ?r>—Our Way. U^ifhita I»..ii't Want It. ' ::|..|';':i i.I .! eonimissiri furiu .•' V i". P 'l' be Mibn !itt«-d ••I !• .- \ -ei - ' i: Wirliiia at the fall ' •>•:. T.. >''it. .• pi ::ii<in- <al>iiii; fur a • 'Ill' •i"--ii;j.n .havt" b.-eu eireu- 1:',!. d. but lb." iitrsoii.- iTiter»»sti'd in the !11<A "i:.i •!! h '.Vii derided Pol to a .^k for tlie .>pee:a! ve;.—WicliUa Eagle. TIIK Go den West Lai^d Co "OffeiB you better ippportuni- ties id, sell or escljatige your farm o • business thrbugh its cooperative agencies, ij Office Orcrloiff Store i —Always time to eat at Our Way. Stubbs Pasted Threat-.. W. R. StubbS; pa<?«^d t ;..-oagh lolal yesterday, from Indepead-i ence. where he went Wednosd.iy for, the big Cannoa meeting. Mr. stubbs; was on his waj- to Baldwin, where he_ spoke yesterds y at the laying of the; corner-stone orV the new gymnasium of j BaKer University. -<rhe gymnasium isi to bo a handsome new stone Ptruc-j fure, and takes tlie place of the build- i ing which w-as destroved by fire about a year and a half ago. —Board, room. Sl9 South St. $3..'0. Married at Chanute. Itev. Cn,rroU. of the U. B. church, married W. A. Youne. of. Nevada. Mo., and Miss Lilli R. Glover, of this city, at T:t5i' o'clock last evening, at the home of the bride's parent.^. Mrs*. "V'ounj: is the dauiihter of Mr. a^d •Mrs. Eli Clover. Sm South avenue. The groom is a laborer em- vloyed in Bartlesville. Okla.. where the yonns: couple will make thfir home aft '>r a week's visit hero.—Chanute Sui). The younc couple secured their license here. —Drs. Lathrop, Ostcopathii, Fhonc idS. Kaney Gets Gasser. W W. .\IerkI'> r'turn-'l from tliinv boMt last nii ;h'. wberi- lio diilied in a M'! Ka >s. r for W. W. Kan. y Tb' , W '-li is lorati'! oti .1 \V Wilson fa-m. and will i.n-'!i:o . ;i'..;iit n n-:!!ii >n.—(''..'.•nito Sun. — I,'- O^'r Way S.'da W,.i*or. Ptart^d on Tour. irai 'iv Mii'-r-. i'h ir :i:'i f;>".-\ ;iiv- oni'o sk:'t.r. I- il thi • Uioniiii.: l<>r (>-;a- watoa;i'' «'•• r'' 1i" wi.'l n.ii.o hi.-- ti::;- ial •xhtV'tio;; of the soason. Yo'i!!-- Moon- has iji' ,.;,vp,.,i s„tii-* !!• w st'int.s diiritiS tho ^•Inlnl••|. aiu! will i.iv.- nianv ii.w f.i;>tiir> 'is wiiir. r I-iter ill tlf soason will probably civ" • •xhii'itio'iv. a; lif Ioi-;tI rinks.—C.'ia- .)<•:;...• !:,,-.- I,. ;i Ci...,. K. U. Enrolln-.cnt OOP. T'.- ri :ti.-n If :ofi at I'li- I'!u'.'-rs.:t-.- of Kansas yost.-rl.,\ aiied tii'- tiif;'' bt!n.I:-.-il marl-. T':'T -' has bf-n a con- tinn.'.l striim <if stu'• t'^s itironitis to ila;.. Th.' lotU .ii:ol!aen' y.-T, •.vas ITii. Toilay is th-- r. iiaiar ila;. for r>-istlatidii. An i:,cr"as>i| iiuti'. i • r of stibji iits arriv.'d iliori- -..•>•.;-- iA\. w!:ib^ to,ia.\ y will pour in by iTi>' hundreds. Y OU never saw a naore attractive lot of good clothes than we're ready to shcj^w you right now for fall wear. They're Hart, Marx clothes, and the new colors, new weaves and fabrics are as rich and varied and attractive as i clothes can be. In addition to xh^ new I browns, tans and animal colors which have been so attractivje a featurejof this fine line, we'll i • • ' show you some fine blue serge.«,. black cheviots and thibets, such as every man ought to have. — no I ]','•. -,Tv_H"f.i-- i!;:':-:ry- Vei'i.-^ht. U v.r t'.:-at Our W.iy. Used Four Engines. I 'niir •;'-.::iii's w^r-- si -nt mit of tiv ouud liouso from h <re to l'itisbt:r;r r.'-st 'Vi '.av to i;et the "ni^ circTis. Th'-y pull-"! I'lo train thrna-rh 'u-yi- Ia?t litsht iMironi'' to lol.i wiiort' tb. y show tiis .itt.'rnoon and tcuiiitht. Ti>- en- cin.'.- wil! r.'turn to rh -inife a:;a!u toniciit. l;-i!:t;ii;i: with tlieni the bii: si ;o -.v.— Cnaiu!'.^ ?nn. —Auto Rnntu'c and Ucptiir S';< ti far ill! Jiind'i et rcpajrii;'.'. .tufie.ii.bjli- livrry. I'limir ^-^I. Haywood at C>— IV H:A'. ••.•!. it v'niiira.iii. will ;i.|dr."ss so'-i;di-;s of <;i!;d siirroiindim; f-rriie-ry .u li'.- Sta- rink Saturdav ni;;hi a' . l-:;' o'ldoe!;. ![.' Witt rfiso tnaki- a sii^T' i-uW on t'f stre.'t to tiu- far::ii -.s -.r :t |>. m. Ma;- woo.l is .'•.-rat.,'.-! • as rii>- :i;ati who U 'ade tht" liois.- j.ui famous, ami will ::iv.' till' rias'ias wliy i!;.- -n lein.'t is p.-rser^it-d ii;> t'-,.' w.'st.-ri! a'ti!.' owi'-;-. I:.' was f'-d and ne- piirr.|ii <if t'.\<- tii'ifl-T. of I <i'or:ido's ::ov.rnor.- .^'un. Nettleton, and Sno For the Ale Fiorihcim, w Sh'*s n who Care Jibn B. Stetson and Imperial Hats Fir Fall ai\p n.-iw in ^ i ; .n Mill (HI. T.' ; • \ n .-i :• : '.I .-a K,. . 'ii 'A :'' b',- ii: id .;i (• (• Kineaid'.o!;.> oi'lnrk ."r. iw ir ^'<':•k mil •_,.'./::r-- :ii.-. VMI di:.<;e;.. wi:c :ee.!ii!y add. I. tuak- li"^ a i.ii.ii iiieni;ier>!':;. .1 t:;'." tn w. - K :n-:i> <'iry r-' = id.;;'' • to Trad-- iMrJ I 'l '.i projerty. .(JoDil hoii'" with barn tn j I. tit. <•!; paved str.'et. Four roi'tli i 1 1 Th.' a. w ntiiiii-eis adb d I'i.I..--..!.. — (n-.r. O-.-.-f-r,-:. W.y -v iif "-i-rfi:;- r> aad :.. and .• .\. (.• .:':;a. i-t - a" J'ii la-- Fiupxriii Vittr Hait f.'ialri-. Kiiii.iTi.i l '.a.-» '•••;!••! w.-.r "•! iruu -isty at"! ai: --tit^T- sii'. ar." s.'liiti;; n;.i.' .\''. "::di • b'^"^:ii: fivaf^.''! pi "''.ibi::!;". ti>*- - . tnai! .'•••.« .pt for n --dtc!l;a: -• I- : l.adii > .Ma«!«' Miinev. 'ihr i.i-ile of t!.c ' ('hri?tv'i- < imreh .', ! -.• '.'...'••d :i •• -^'ifi N'e--i' v.iay fn'm thr dhii • r ..i:'il r .-.rv.-d in tl^.' P.,":;:•:(!;!;•- < v. 'k'- i;'i''n -:-b- of —Frank S. Keatrio. V. S. f'honi. I'>lia«».' We If.Id Jf To... Ilu'< iiii.-nri til !i:iv,. .i S';i':i-1 air- :-h:ii. .-liV-ii as wa- h >ri- ci'itini- iw i.'W. tP'i il.t- Ni'ws (lrv.>:.-s '1,;:- ifjii-:,!, -r^a." •<> t«>ilim i'.- ,.-.ii!-rs ;r t'.i. only ai:.-liip r\- :• -i.;! ir. Ka:'.-> .-. —Insist on liaTln:: -I . S." flnnr. .lud'Z"' .lohn-on iti tl< r. '"li:-!' .iii.-'i'-. .bih;:'i:i. <>i nil') is kt;"»!: :i. \, \-: '.•;:\' - '.<•••. — 0;;-'.r .\:iy .-tyie at Our-'»V,iy. Iluniboldr <'»ts Bn>y. .\r a .•:i^-"i;r~ of t^'ie Huniboid- .\ 11. T A -i:•• loliowilli: de|--.:at.-s -i'.e f(.! •.-::ti<:n to he h'':<' it'. Sq'ina in ru -,'-',i :• Wf-r- elected: .lohn Wilieiu b- r::, A U Max -y. .1 iV Wiliutf. .1. C l(i.-''<.- tb fo"" h-i:.Inz ^'••ir f.''! a-!d win- 'Mr.; Pcf y. t..^t_. K .M;.il!.-on. II.-lnii«-k wil- Thirc. l;..;.;.-''n';."iv<' .\I I' H-iia.' t- r,.- .•,,!i,.'d .•if'.-rnii"!i f-om In-i'-p-^n,( ub'.-v. he «.t.-r..:e.d tb- b'- fC- Trnnihold N Here. <:.;!!-••• Ti'nil'o.'d. <!it.-nii-" .' i-ii (•;.-.•.• I.iiae and p.-r't.'V nii'.;i <ei:.iiat:;.".- I'Ta!!".. n.ti" ''.'':e>.:;;.\ ;'.;'!•: n<;-;:i o:\ IMI.-JI.>•-:-- i:i't'e Tr:'.'i;i.'. I. /la Cha- — K-i;-(;-S,- '. ;•<•;• ii,irk:mf .ft j :>.c^' -Kxri--:. Ka>' I'l i. l'l'<:i" 'T.'.t' . lot'.C .Mi.*-' Anna Tliom'ojt n:-d :--i;i:t t-r- fore ,.is' at ii'-r honi" .-n .^'-'uli Th'id .1 viCnu! of 'a'ie-it!i'.!.-is S!{.' was a .-;.-:Hr oT Mr.- V.>.;;ei! who kiibi. so a jury said, bi h- r h'tsiar.j i. K:>!; Vaiici:. a: I.:iv.: .•;:(.- !;;sr wi:it.}r ^t:-• Th!.:'!-oii "mfc ra:-. . f .• >isr.-:-':- eh- V'" ait - 'hiir n-o-b.-v's -U-^tn .•wh:it' and <ot!tra'"'-d 'r-^ ^ rk:;.-; ; V. ill--;; r .->u!'--d in ii'-- d-dTli, | 1.- a-.d !!.. !•;••. •••;:fi^ 1 r: tiL't li. b-d !"• .. .- ' I '• "i! _.rir. r. r. Waurh, Hentbf. Thone St., office. O O O O O O O O O O O O C ? ."iO « o - i O Watch Tonr wife and yiiu •.••ii v. O discover that ^ C O O she wants to learn (o ruller ".t O >kat<'. '"O O OB OOOOOGOOOOOOOOOOiol Here Kroin Tornnt". M:-. and .Mr.- -v- Car't-r at:dnr..-. .Siidth an.l 'r'.aiik. .Mrs .V. rma:- .-^ •;«[:but. .Mrs ' M i'lir ".Wbl> wer.- aa.-ih:: ;'l;n.d -h:;: -Xfl'- Wi 'lll.'.-fi ly •v.aitici'" a:'.!:d ihe I;-...-. ; h'.n ^a: lola ,^-Ti-ronf.> U.-pai. If ..-i whiill ;•>' :-e.d.i«. horiita' '11 '•>-• S:';:di •ID!) V...- to I- '-.v.. k.-; ••• i><";-:^-b' * ' .;i;''1.1'i'.:.- u '.r. • 'i'' :.:!!:• :i-:b -l.r - li.'^ > il 'V • )• I • MOW b .\-•• •• ^' hv.: . :• i:; b.. n.pi.; —T-:- !. 1 WANTED—Clean tottoa ra-^s at thia' '1' I r^ ;ii —S'"'! W ;:Tr. f;;*» f>:;r W.r, k :t ;i, To SM- N . r. SI.TP. K H .;v-Jdli:i. r ;!:t-. ••• ..: • f !i fu.'iri'.- e p( -i -i-- ;.-.-'-» j.; i:;!, K j ihe ell. >.'sr.-rd.r. (• a f';:::. v.'^: K. S -OI1-". !f >ou want I 'l-- l.nto.jt ? i -..s' pns' ej; HI! t!'- r '.i .iri* '. f I tip :!i It "i ^'.tidis driii; .s ('i "o. I .dittT Maa Htrf. •i Re« FV:str; • fii: loia Mr. F( . ; - I'nbl •f: ;b in--. • -nis ind wiM -o .-::..t ^•.-•T t;::".>-iirj!: .-\v.:\" ' "ni; .:iy.— Mi;t'iis now ha trie ar-niy tt,r i.. and Frtmi riianiilr.. Mu...' BH :!.. MeKiernat! ha> r..Tiirned to lola af.^r a visit w!'h 1I>T br.rher. l\Ti! McKi.rnan. • * ' -Mr- W. R. S; .k.>; anriv.d-frimi I.da Tii'>?dav .Tf- r.'iiooii to visit her s-ister.s. .Mrs Sidie r .--er> i I "i'.ann '•\iilt It insP»•-•*-. T.and. ( 'M- iV:;...-. i''>i;..-;\ of 'in^ i-:-. !.li\.;i! -Ai-b til - r. ,iui \•^ \'<\'i~^'~-'• i .: - \ —M • 11, 11. ». ••••ri! V. li' A I, f ' towii ii;. o I i\ .• : Jfines' :'itr'-r.-. V.i:-- li, it;-);. • l -i-r .n iwiih Here Fro.i! Wuodso!), Riiigling i :r6s. \ i: .-^hows wii! dr w the usual crowd at Fo!a today, but a' thev show at Chanute tomorrow, Frl-; day^ Sejptember ISih. jniny of our, Of tlie.soa.tlwafit,coniej- of in and .Mrs. C|iuunrty (', over — .. Tribune. rcbanf* Lunfh at Our Way. \ ts't at flJrrrjiale. \V A llendcpop and tW'« <hiid- i>.-e down fr^im lola th:.-« affer- t<> spend II Iweok or. te:*. davs, lir. Hendersdn. wh«» i.s workir,;; Ihene n the interest of the .\nnuiry Associatiob. —Cherrj-vale Re- publitjan. I .! .Visit at tarnctl. ' FrJink He-.-' a:;d wife, of K:-.'.-ii;a- 2(io. Mieh.. •'•ho hav.' i.-eti vi.iiiar r-1 ativts uf.'! ir'>nd--at M-.iniiroi.J nil icday tir a visi" wIh Iu- .•* Mrs. .1 M. Hr.^^v:; atil i.tni:;. —»;.;rii N.WS T'.e Dor-thy tt--'-^k ih ie.d-- w.i'.! have a pimic on Satiitday at Kiectrie park, Thf occn?iou is <• eelebrate Ithe fifiv -.sevenib anniversary i.if the orefan-; ilution of the bdse ati'I a proeranl of speeches will follow the pic;.lc >j;n>- por. The itucsts wi'.I bavo lola onithe tliree o'clock car. •. yin;'r In knn«a> fJt^. W« imderftand .Mr. atd Mrs H;u:-.- luiclt who r«rentf,v rtn;ov-d. he: e it.^tii U »!3 .\and he'••aca^fd in 1 !iiin."ss with .'6th National IRRIGATION CONGRESS Interstate ir.dD^trial Exposition and >ew Mexico Tcrritoinal Fair AM, .-VT Albuquerque, N. M. SEP. to m T. 1« Come an'! .-"e t^le prosperous .Sat.-'a I-V Sonthwe.-r—wht -.i -e all t'r.e way from Colorado to Call:'i -:;..;i \vr."'-r i= kini. Z"p- V. S (iovnrnment now >-:-::.:::>.: r::::;',ris of d'jll^irs to ,z.' i: ;-,:-:;:tr..-'':'.' W:>t"r bupply'' :•..:• t> .-^: -rbl lands. • .• • >.r.- of acres ' . ,.<. an 'I TT for h'>mes. •.':':i' ev'-rj-. -v.-'.-rh cross- eo:;;in'^::t tr. .Foreign- •!r..;t-. Covi-rnn 'Mt ofRciais, • ... :-.':'.-;on "XTiert^ and Captains of :::d;is:r:- w;!; att^t.d. .\ zreat f:<p'isit|':a 'if S-^uth- v <n-*. farms, i.nehes. liilti's and ' i."du:-trie> It::i:, i..-. ti and • cviW "t>o>"-—T*. C.i\a!r-.. Tiek--s o:i ? i <r ;'t. t:> to Oct ••: tina: - -am :;t:;.; ')e-. 31. v.- 'f '!.: •• i at; :;;.: ::ca'ioa r , ;^-^rit .\ r ; • . "inkers ^. . , " ":;':''M-.i f' :• r-.-ura via <•:• ^i:-. N. :.I a:.'! A:::!ri;;o. Tex. AttraetlTP side -trips to r. S. Re-^ clafBatioo lYoJect^ and ('rand t".uijn;i of 'trizona. Santa Fe W. E. K.U.STOX,. .Vrent. Inia, Kans. .\sk fer Irrii.;u' l'.o->kIet. LEARN AUCTIONEERIHG I .\nd make from $10 to Sort per day. We . teaeh yon Auctloneerlne in four weeks' Kd k. Pmit^. »'\p.T' to ii :ov. -'•) Kan-jtime so yoa can step at once into one &as City in a .-hort ti !,e to nsake their hottie.—Oarn»'lt .News. €ea BeasehM oil 1 mii;^ AtfPRilon .St*Id !en«. .\n members of .McC<«iK Post N ..i. T.V. C. A. R- art> ur!;cti to turn out tq the resu ar meeting on Saturday xilght. September istb^ at 8 o'clocit sharp, as special husijaess wilt be presented for id' • of tlie l)est paying ocupations In the land and that without capital. We only require one-half of tuition down, the other after you have become a suc- cesaful Auctioneer. 1'.>0S illustrat^ catalogue now ready. Nest, term Aus *.:st 3. . MI^OURI AUCTIOH SCHOOil

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