Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 18, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 18, 1908
Page 4
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THE lOLA nXHY BEGISTEB. FETOAY ETEXiyfi, SEPTEMyEK 18, im The lOU DilLT lEiUSTEl oma, p. SCOTT. •ntered at Tola, Kiinsas. Postofflca, u 8ecoad *ClaM Hatter. AdTertlalns Rates Made Known on Application. SUBSCBIPTIOX BATES. /r Carrier In loin, Gaa City, Lanyea* ! Tllle or LaUarpe. Week ...10 cenU dA» Month. .44 cenU Une Tear.... 15.00 ByMalL O B « yeari Inside connty fSLOO »ae year ontslde eonnty 14 .00 Ilirae Months, In adrance 11.00 On*'Month, In advance ....44 •FFICIAL PAFEB, CI7X OF BAS SET. Telephones Business • OOce ------ II •dltorlar Boom i. - - - - - 22; SOME MORE QUESTIONS. The Register has already called at lention to the failure oi" Mr. Bryan . to answer questions touching various phases of the race urohlem, a failure which Is attracting very general attention. JJut now comtfs Mr. Taft Avith sonic further questions which It will be still -more imporrant for Mr. Bryan to answer—or to keep silent upon. Judge Taft wants to know whether it he were President and an exigency should arise in which he would be called to e.xcrcisc his discretion af- firniatively to maintaining the parly between gold and silver, ho would ex erclse that discretion. He waijts to know whether ho still believes in the free coinage of silver, at the ratio of lt> to 1 and would rec ommend its adoption if a favorable occasion offered winle ho was Fros- idcnt. : He wants to know whether ho still entertains the same view.s on inipor- iallsm that ho uiado the paramount issue In moo. i 'He wants to know wliothor ho still holds the • o))lninn he expressed in 1S96 thnt the railroads could not be regulated because the railroads would own tV.e reiulators and thorefore ho was in favor of govoniniont ownership. . j He want.s to know how it. happens that since Mr. Bryan claims to have been the father and now to bo llio heir of the Roosevelt policies In the last three campaigns he did not make them the paramount Issue. He wants to know how .Mr. Bryan can claim to be a great friend of labor in face of the fact that ho was one of. the chief supporters of the Oor- man-Wilson bill that made labor helpless for four years. Mr. Bryan can of «'ourso ignore questions that are put to him by the newspapers but ho can hardly afford to treat with silent contempt interrogations like these from his most eon-, splcuous competitor. The answer to . these questions goes to the ver>- fun- dicmentals of our Nation 's life and tiic people will demand an answer. That have the style, fit and workmanship. A unique showing of Men' s and Vouns: Chaps' ready-to-wear clothes for fall. Made by th|; best skilled tailors «f the east^to retail at the same prices that inferior makes sell for. * See our showing of the new "Browns"—the new alive shades—they are simply swell. All the newest cuts and patterns. Oui] exclusive line for the Young Men made and tailored to their taste. Come and see our Clothes before you i ' ^- • make your purchase. Prices ranging $975,$l2.5i),$l4.75,$l8.00,$22J0 and $25.00 Popolar Price Clotfahrs KAUFMAN GARMENTS Monarch and Cluctt Shirts.$|. 00 to $|,50 W. L. Douglas Shoes, ^lair $3.50 Kalston Health Shoes, pair $4,00 Hole Proof Hose, six pair in box. Guaranteed for six months -$2.00 Stetson Hats $3,50 News of di^ County o T o WESLEY CHAPEL. 1 O Mr. Voung has commenced the erection of a new liarn that will be ttie third on Wesley Chapel section. Hr. Talley and two of the children started for Stafford county. Kas.. Tuesday. Mrs. Talley will go later with the other little Ones. Fred and liissie stay on the farm this winter. .Misses .Maude and .Minnie drive. to their schools. Kdna Is staying with } .Mrs. H. r. K<iwler and attendtaM> (. srhotil in .Moran. " / Lola ihinting is staving with Ml*' Inmaii. .Mary lingers visited Salurday oigjiit and Sunday at .Mr. I'ruinply .Mr. C'liitwaoii made a liuaineM to lola Krida.v. .Mr. .Mathow.< and wifo> visited I'Mr^' •loo Uoad and family Sunday. / Wo had a spb-iidid Kpworth l^igne sorvioe Sunday ni?;bt led by Mrs/. Joe Yiiung who gave us a very iutercstios talk i>n I be lesson. "The Chrlfitiaii's Uoad to Fanio." She also addejd aoiiie words, of rnoiiuragcntent as /to our ioaguo inicios^i. Mr. Ui>;;;in out corn for Mrf. Flack. Mi and .Mrs.l Vermillion/attend^ • -•ivic.-, at the rhapeJ Sunday aftcl-- ItlMM MADE FINE RECORD S.-W. Sturdlvan and H. S. West Organize New Lodge With 100 Members in 7 Weeks. With a daily interchange of interviews in the newspapers between the two candidates for the Presidency the campaign promises to lose something of the dull gray tone that has heretofore characterized it. Mr. Taft and Mr. Bryan will really bocoma a little personal if they don't watch out.' It is announced front Cincinnati that Representative Theodore K. Burton of Cleveland is to spend a week in Kansas during the campaign. Tbo people of this State are certainly t< be congratulated in the opportunity they "will ha% e to hear one of the very preatest men in the nation. Theodon 15. Burton is of Presidential size. H< Is a statesman in the full sense of that term. No man in the House of Hepresentativess more fully commands the entire respect of that body than he does and he Is one of the few men to A-hora the alwa.vs lisfons Mth, absolute attention. Kansas is fortunate to hare him even for only a •week Aside frjom the shanio it brings upon a cit|y a race riot is oxponsivo in a flnancial way. Already claims have been filed against the City of .''pringfleld. Illinois, growing out of the race riot there a few weeks .\go aggregating $264.fl(i5. HU(.' ('HOLKR.\. The greatest drawback to the hos. Industry which breeders In this i-oun- try have to contend wH'i is wbnt is known .TS "hog rliolera" and "swinp placue." Hog cholera is a liiuhlv (•..••u.-ious disease and «n'es.e checked <'•• !!!•'•'•• t" carry oft a great numlier of hogs in a very short time. : Mr. A. P. Williams, of Murnctts Creek. Ind.. tells of an experience •kbl6)i he had with some hogs that had tnc cholera. "Five .vears ago." s;iys Mr. Willianis. "I was in the employ of Mr. .1. D. Richardson, Ivafayctte. Ind.. as his,barn foretiian. Sonie fine hogs lhajt I was feeding took the cholera. I ga\'clthem Sloan's Liniment and did potl lose <• ho^. Some were =o bad they would not drink sweet milk and I; was compelled to drench them. I have tried' it at every opportunity sinM and always find itiO. K." [Sloan's Liniment Is the great cure fOr; Sw^ine Plague land ; Hog Cholera and can be obtained froni any druggist dea'ier. Pull directions with ever.v and SI.00 bottle. Write for Dr. Sloafa'sifree book on tap treatmetit of horses, cattle, bogs. <and ponltr7J\ AiMress: Dr. E^t S. fiifnn. eiSAlbany Street Boston Kass. .Vftor making a rcniarkablo record! hero as a lodge organizer. S. W. Stur- livan who has boon in' Inia for seven weeks in the interest of the Fraternal j Bankers Reserve Society left today \ for Concordia whore he will work tip an order there. He was assisted here by Henry S. West, who will join him at Cimcordia In a few days. In seven weeks Mr. Sturdlvan and Mr. West secured a membership of (H) for the IVinkers society, wh{cli is one of the best reconls ever made hero. Last night the order held a meeting, at which a box siippor was the feature. There was an open meeting at nine o'clock which was atten.1- ed by many friends of the order. H. S. West made some iremarks for- the sood of the order. During tne ev ing there was a danctj by a number t'.-,c younger people.. No Question as to the Superiority^ of CALJUIMET Baking Powder RectmJ Hkk«t Awai4 Wsril'* Pm7oe4 EiyMibw Oicai*. 1907. K. U, IS NOW Ip EN J KeiLislmlion at End of First, Lanrcnre rollnce Wa.s IJMiK liirrruM* tMer l .)i >t Year. -Day at a Big IS 212 YEARS OLD -rOLOXEL" JOINS UnCLIMiS. W. .V. Whitder S<-lls Fine Saddler lo riirus r «><>i>li'. .\ Sure>enoneh Knocker. J. C. Goodwin, oif Beidsville. X. uiys: "Bucklen's Aiiiica Salve jis '.a anre-cnough knocker \ for nlcersj bad one came on my leg last sumniej but lhat wonderful salve Unpicked out in a few rounds. Not even a scA- remained." tJuaranfeed for pi'es. sore» burns, etc. 2 ."ic at all dr 'Jtigifts. \ «r.Ml'Kl) ISTU VOST. I'rof. Iloldrn in His Slide fur .Meets With Arrldent. - l.ifr TheCbanute Sun .says: llud it not boon for a siran .ce freak of luck an- (ill)«>r iif the srn.sntional fcHt actors would'have boon nu mure. Such was the CH.'-f when Prof. Ilolden aiienipted o make Iho daring .slide for life yesterday oveiiing from the top of the Helriok IhoHipr to the front rtf the .Virdonie. The wire- s-eenis !«i have leen weak, and when the weight t ;f the pnifost'ir dopondofl on it. It stretched to such ai: extent'that it did not clear lb*- electric 'ighl. .•H?iT .-ice wires which extend across the street. Thus, when coming down the incline, hanging by the .strength of his teeth on the wire, the professiir c(d,ided with a wliicb supinut.'- the elej-iri • wins. As lur-U would liavi" i: ilic rrossa:ni.< were we.vk j'tid tlio actor, when roHiding Willi theui. broke ihoni near'y off and beii ni ;ina ;;od to cxtrj ^cl blnisrlf and do the rest of iho slid<» nnhinden-d. .\co(irding lo ibo staiciiton! of lb" ir <!«>f .-;.'-or. if flic arms An the poi-i had not given way be would bavr been thrriwn i<) the ground.> or olsi- v.ould have suffrrod some brnken II'IIIIK. .\S it was. however, he CTD'O OUI < ' ii "i'l ijiiod ."^haiio and wa .s' uilliiirt. .N'lbougii !:o oti" liiis bc ^-n soriouslx burl in »•- templitig danuvrou..: foiiis in Cbani'H-. .^^OUM- of thoni liavo had very rurio :,s freaks of luck.] .\ bail (M)ni .=i who was he .ro some yi "ar¥ ago fell from u ht -ight of about fifteen feet arid was liuhnrt- .V I'xiy who atleinjitcd !a feat similar to the one last night was violently Mir' wn lo the grouu«l and w-.s tin- huit. i- .A. Wheelor. mounlod on bis faii- Denniark saddior "('•ilnnil." stood a vacant IDI at ibo iKirtn end of 'ashingttm strooi yi-titorilay nitirning. of iRingling 's ci^;rns parade was gtiitis: by 'Suddenly tjie iiiur.-'bal oi" iho parade rode his lir(rse over Iho sidewalk ic where .Mr. Wlieelor and his high step ping saddler stcH >d. "Win you sell ibal hoist-'.'" iiirpiirod the circiia man. "Oh I might, if I i m> pr;oo " wa the answer. "What is .«iiui price'.•" wa.> ilio in quiry. .Mr. Whoolor loiii liiui his priro. few mibules lai<M ••Colonel" had join l^d Kiniiling'K Worbl's Croatosi shows. I >^lr. Wheeler is imi making puhiic ih» pnrc |)ase price of ibo borso. got enough." i.< bis answer to this question. ••Colonel" i- lb'- bin bay .inima which .Mr. Wliool .T lia.s bron riding in lula for the past two .\oars. lie eight years old. wi-il bred and h:is proud carriage, it is siip|Kis<-il that the animal will lii> iraiiicd fiu a cake walker. STKAW H\T U) THE ASH HK.U'. Tiii>daj Wii> the Last l»a» oi' JJrare for it. FOG OVER CHICAGO TJOiMS IJraeeand Gerbade Fitsser- ;inoi Several ColHsionii Keporied and Traffic DelajrM Weather In Lake Citv: Chicago. Sept. 17.—Two men were run down and killed by railroad Iraltis and the en^neer and Sremen were in Jured when the engine and three cars were ditfled. An \ Inienir^an car from Aarora crasl>ed inio an elevated train on the Oak PailCrfndine.'in jar- ins Beverml paaaengeira. Three mioor crossing acddanti 'ocean ;ed ^is morp tag as the r^^t ofjja Tuesday was tbo lasi day of Krace for wearing straw hais. and the season in now ofticla;iy ojo .-cd. .Many lola men sllli cling lo tlx- split braid head gear, but they are iiabb- to assault at my lime. A .\'"\v York dispaicb says thai Ihero was a lii;; siiia;4i on Wall strccr Tuesday, full.i. I.'ioo .^^naws going down (o ruin. Soiiteiiilxr IT. is the date bet l.v ilif jiiiancial distri;-? lor (ho end of suninior lif:id*.;oar. and Tinmoroqs brokers, who vonturod I'lt ihe region of tb>- biiH- ami bears in detiance of the riiii-. soon saw iln-ir •straws^' U.'.V. like naval practice target. Althoupb I'lL -ro was '••*.- <'.<'mollsliing )f hats on l!ic Sti.r;. Kx; b;!i:;;c than in formci .tears tbo mib markis and Coiisoildaled Sio<k i:x(iiai!go. as wc.l js ih« lower coiyidcr of tin- Produce Uxcbaiise. ke:>< o:. ibo proccdoni ,in ifood shape. In Chicago. .Mayor i;ii=^.-e issued an jflicial prociHUMiion. <-xt <-ndiim the ciniR for wearing straws from September 1 to Septeiiibor I.'.. DREW FROM COUNTIES. Treasurer Mark Tolley Collecting the , States' Money. Topeka. Sept. |1S.—Stale Treasurer Mark Tiilley yetiterday drew on the county treasurers for the amount of state's money iti. their hands which will be needed for running ^x\wnae8 for the month of October. The total amonot of the "draw was $267,679. This la alxHit the average amount required for each month's expenses. Tbe^jnoney is in the bands of the oolitlty traaanrersi'as a part, of the l.iiwrcnco. Kas.. Sept. IS.—Wednesday was Ihe opening dtiy at Ihe university. The registrar's odiro was Hooked with students ali day waiting in line llioir liirii lo enndl. The total number of students enrolbHl at .I 4»rl «ck was I.lot).,which, wiih the ad- jdotl snmnior schiHil regi:.! rations made Ihe total for the year I..".Ol). Last year at this time there was only alHJiit l.22n. making the increase for l!H)S lietwe <>ii •Jr.« and ::«i>. The registrar's odlco has been open ali summer to Register stndoiiis but the first day was ihe time deHignated by the regents for the official oi)ening of the enrollment. The students athletic ticket and the hospital fre 'ack. considerabio of keep Ing up with the enrollment. Close to :;60 have paid the alhleteic fj-e. and 170 the hospital'fee. The Watklnii-Treco IVrdd inir. Old Baldy the Largest Elephant in Ringlings' Herd.—May Live to 500. "Uid Balily." the largest olopliunt in the Ringling circus henl. cololirated his birthday while in Pittsburu day before yo.storday. bein.i: 212 years old. Ho is still cheerful 'in spirit and halo and hi-arty—that is for an eli-- piiant. BaMy is the largest of Ringling Brothers* henl: not so tall as Jumbo, but much heavier. The lirst known of Italdy is that while G«>orgc Washington was still President of the United States, he was brought from somewhere in the wilds of India to become a member of the zoological gardens at Ixindon. Eng. That was on September Vi. 1796. The big fellow's age was tl^ep estimated at 10 years. Just after the war of 1812 Baldy was brought to Amcrici by Old John Storm, who operated a small wagon show. We hoar of him ai:ain in IS.'.O as a part of the famous Dan Rice sTitw pons .Mr.-^. l.i/./io .lonos and clUildren who hail bofii visiing roi.-!»ivos heriTrelarn- ed to her bono: m-ar Mount Hope, Kas. Saturday. .lobn I'.rouuhioii and family vlaMM'- at ,Iohn Bouriiscs on Ury Ridge day. AI iUirris anil mother and S,. fi. ••Braiidonbur.c and wifi- and Hlja|ejr'> Sarah, spout Sunday at .M. F. Brair denbiirg's. The sale n-asoii is rommcncing ear- :, ly this fall. There is a sale nearly er- er.v ila.i.. It is so dry ii makes it difficult to gel wheat' ;:round in giwiil sbajic for sowing. Stony Poi|ut school opened np Mon- good attendance. Miss' is. of Chanirte is teacher. t ;ia Broughton did iiot com ob <H >i at Olive Brandi on some of the pupils being bo diphtheria. Jones and sister. Elfie. of ith home day jwith Kmnia Tenij .Miss tjeoi 'l inenco her aoconnt of ••xposed to Mil Willii' I'aistins. s|i|i'nt Sunday folk^. ..Mrs. Myri fi Irr keeping wook. .Mrs. turned from| .Mr. Sctiit dio county. S. l>. Bran wore going o .Moon- and cbHdren left Itheir home tn Parsons at- honso for her father JI S. t>. itrandenburs has rc- ber visit In the west, iind wife, of Thayer. Xeo- stopped orvcr night with ilenburg Tuesday. They o Bates county. Missouri. to visit a biother of Mr. Scott's. HoW to Crt Slronjr. P. J. Dal) . jshow. Then Ba'dy again traveled .\i the Cbristuin parsonage (his at-; with a circus which at the close of ternoon at 4::;o o'clock n ver.v quiet Ithe civil war sold him to the Rich wedding occurred when Rev.l F. W.'ford. III., park association. Collins- united in marriage .Misd Xelhe; In ls72 Charles Andrea.s. then Watklns of this city, and Mr. Fd Tre-'successful circus owner, but now liv- gb. of HunilHJidt. The cereiuo ly was; ing in retirement in Chicago, tioiight simple but very Impressive aid was-the bie fellow and wn» his master un witnessed l>y .Miss May Slack .>r and;til IS86. when bo sold tbo animal to Rjilph Whit .stm. friends of th< bride Ringling Brother.^. • It is not likely his and groom of Huniboldt .i / iiros^nt owners will over part with Immediately affjr the cereim iiy the him. I as he is a groat favorite around young iieopie went to the bride)* home,the f>ig circus. Baldy Is still in his prime, for ele- phatits have been known to j live i>On years: so it is more than likely he on Wst Fifth avenue where heij mother. Mrs. I ..enH Watkin.s. served {supper in their honor. .Miss Watkins is tlie daugiltor of lij-jji |||ve to eat peanuts ^rom' the Mrs. Uan Watkins. who recenHy re- hands of children whose great grand moved here fntin I!uinlif>ldi and'is ihetpm-ents are yet unborn. niece of .Mrs. T. 11. Knight and .\. J.j 1 1 Coppagc of this city. Carneti lias bc-n her home oa.y a sliort iliijie but she has visited here several, times and j Man Slips While Feeding Logs has many friends among our iyoung. Cut i„ Two. people. .Mr. Trego Is a snan|;er to' BODY SPLIT BY BUZZ SAW. and is nearly all Carnett iKH -pb- L"'' tho.^e!^,.^'^j-^''"r-\K^' . , , Who do know him speak of h m.y in l^-^ J']J:^\!r'^,;:Z^ J;^^ near Cato. 1.S miles north of here. Wlliard Wagnei;. aged ."io. slipped and 17.—While the highest terms. .Mr. and .Mrs. Tregos rflaliv^s and friends here extend their con|gr^;u- laiions and best wishes. They went jo Huniboldt ibis >'\ on the plug where they will ' their homo.—Carnett Xows. FUNERAL OF MRS LYONS. S. S. Hilscher. Ti «• funeral over the rfiiiai .Mrs. .Maggie Lyons, who died resilience at :j o'clock this aft« Rev. S. S. Hilscher had cliargo service. Interment was made Highland cemetery. ening make feU headlong on the saw. and his body was split in two. The accident occur- rod so cpiickly that the bystanders !who saw the man fall were unable to [assist I'im. He did not even scream, j Wagner was lifting a heavy timber ;in. front of thf bi.g buzz saw. His , j foot slipned and ho was seen to fttll Was Conducted Tfii« Afternoon Dr. onto the saw In an instant the saw I had rippeJ its way through his body. "f. He Moves Here. t hor! Kiir] Osbison went to lola Mondav home. .S:::; South Second stnot last on H<> and his family left Wednesday, were conducted fro ii tbo Ht,.r in the week for Ransom, where noon, they will spend a few weeks visiting >f the i<Jatives before settling in lola. Ill the where Earl, has a (losition with the street car company.—Bronson Pilot. ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ Swollen glands about the running sores and ulcers, skin u.sual ways in which Scrofula THE CURE FOB SCROFULA {ncckt weak eyes, pals, \va.xy complexiona disea^. and general poor health, are th is manifested. The disease being deepl intrenched in the Dlood often att icks t}ie bones, resulting in White Swelling, or hip disease, and the scrbft Ions and tubercular matter so thoroughly destroys the healthful properties of the blood that Scrofula sometimh terminates in consumption, an incurable disease. The entire circulation being contaminated, the only iray to cure the trouble is to fhoroughl.^ purify the blood and restore t le circulation to a strong, healthy state S. S. S. is the verj' best treatiient for Scrofula; it renovates the entirt blood supply ana driven out the scrofulous and tubercular deposits. S. S. S. is the gr^test of all blood puiif exs. and it not onH- goes right down I > thi ^Kery bottom of the tionble and i emoves the cause, bat it supplies the weak, diseased blood with the holthfn I'ptopdties it is in need of, and in this wiij S. S. S.U a gentle,' A large n the fair at exhibits gooi Fergus reco . of ,1247 W. Congress SL. Chicago, tells of. a way to become ? strong: H< says: ".My mother, who is old and w[as very feeble. Is deriving so much benefit from Klectric Bitters, that I feel I's my duty to' te'l those who need si tonic and strengthening medicine aloul it. In my mother's case a marked gain in has resulted, insnmnii has been overcome, and she Is steadily growing stronger." Electric Bit ers quickly remedy stomach, liver at d kidney complaints. Sold under guarantee at all drug stores. .50c, BFLFRT i limber froii; here attended Moran. Th'ey reportfthe . H. E. Wynns and J. B. .vcd preminihs on frulL . Rotha Co<jn is staying with Mrs. E.. .Miller and nttending school here. J. B. Fergus and family spent Sun- dav at Davt Nicholson's. •Mrs. .Max kcll of St. Joe. Mo., was the guest 6 her sister, Mrs. Millard Heath last •Jock. H. K. Wy m returned Sunday from . a trip to Western Kansas. Grant She ckey an* wife went to lola Thursday. Miss Carre Xadter was calling in this neighborhood Saturday. Blanche Shockey and Mary have returned to{ Kincaid to attend high school and Barl Fergus to '.Ailoran. Dave Bibeps will go to Kansas City Tuesday to attend a veterinary college. Panny Fe-n Fergus received first premium for best loaf Of bread baked by ohild at t ic .ttoran fair. . Bight thousand dollars has been voted by the Lieurante school districc »>iiild a tew school house at MIT- Aaron Hall and wlfcTisU^^S^S? Ater's Sunday attemoon. Walt Miller has rented the "Willis ' farm for the coining year. Ivah and Donald Gttsdale are vlsit- ~ rhoir brother Earl and wife. Willie Zorens •visited Louie Hyder Sun lay. There was. an Ice cream social at -Mildred Tuesday night tor the bcneut of the church. •Mrs. U. B.l.May^s mother Is.-rlsitlng her. ; - .. There will jbe a :H )litical meeting at .Mildred Wednesday evening. Speeches of Taft arid Bryan will he given on the graphaphone. Vernon May and £rma Zorens are out of school on account of being Hi. in ADOPT OKPHA> BABY. jscrafnloiis b«nbm tbem strong and haittliy .MrPbeniOB iiome Send Baby UM.Ut Xr. and Mrs. .Spragne. .Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Spraguc. of 403 North E!m street, have received a fine five-months-old baby girl from the Orphan's hone of the Church of the Brethren at HcPherson. The baby was brought here by Re*v. X. D. Mobler. supeiinte adent of the home. Tbe instltatibn A< a [which taahar eomes j flhdinfJioiJMS tatmeleisv

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