The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 14, 1946 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 14, 1946
Page 3
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irie Past _ '-REDWOOD-CITY, 'Dec." 14.0B—A midnight iJeaflJiiie,'to. leav.e, town ov be hangedf-tlireiHeneiJ 'it. -,a red- Btained note signed -"KKK','—passed \vithout incident today tor-'-a 22-year- old Negro war veteran whose home \ra$ burned last .night. Police guarded- the -NegKO, John T. Walker, here while his wife and two children' remained out of-town es a precautionary measure. Chief-Deputy Sheriff Walter IT. Moore said he believed a "crank" •wrote the note to Walker and an- 01 her to. Mrs.' R. A. Isenberg 6£ Palo Alto, chairman of a fair play committee handling the race problem and aiding Walker ia obtaining I donations to rebuild his house. The ^Tiotes, the anonymous author said, were "signed in human blood from a "Nigger' who lias just been hung,," "Sirs. Iseuberg was warned she would be tarred and •feathered if she did not stop helping Walker.' The note, threatening Walker with hanging "on a fiery cross" if he did not- leave town, said: "The Klan Is on the march. We burned your house to let" you know that your presence is not wanted among white people. Ton should knew we mean business." Asks Eyes of Santa PHOEXIXVIZ,I<E, 'Pa.., '-Dee. 14. tff> — Corporal „ Chester, <R.-~ Perkins, hopelessly blinded by a lajnf mine iri* German^. , and a Forge -Hospital- for 21 months, has fereriti.' written.' Claus — patient -in Valley find beneatt-my^&rlst'maiBi-Aree two ,r 21 ™«nfi,. »». bright,-'«ws-jr "tluVllilK^imrifln'g- Tony'- <5oraero,Stralla Vaa'.free to- his first letter to,' Santa New Disease Bureau to Tackle Cancer SACRAMENTO, Bee. 14. (U.PJ—A jsew state-bureau of.chronic diseases, established, to combat all chronic diseases of adult life, will first attack cancer, the department of public health announced Thursday. Cancel' was chosen as the new bureau's "starting point," the an nouncement said, because it is the most feasible disease at present for the application of public health principles. • Twenty-five per cent of the deaths resulting -from cancer—3000 a year in" the state of California—could be prevented, the bureau stated, if full knowledge concerning .the disease now at the disposal of health au, thorlties were applied. Tie' bureau's first project will be a couhty-b'y-county survey of cancer diagnosis^ and treatment - facil Ities ia the state. "Jr God chooses, let me find beneath my % Christmas tree two bright, shiny blue eyes—so that the jnera- ory of the last Christmas I saw-may be blotted forever from my mind." "Never See Again" After many examinations, a doctor asked: "Soldier, do you want it straight?" ''That's the way I want it,"., Perkins replied. *"" "You'll never see again." That was early-in the'21-year-old corporal's _ stay here. "I.-cried Jong and hard." he said, "then developed the philosophy that here Is a situation, admittedly not the best, but one to be coped with and.whipped." Encloses Letter Perkins, "a fornier Indianapolis high school athlete, wrote to the Indianapolis Xews that he planned to study journalism at Butler University, and enclosed the following letter, which the Xews copyrighted: over with r goodiheaith<«attdl'4KJe^vis- ~ "' ion. t- :e head, then let me look out'through the window at 'the snow lying-"deep and crisp and even, as far.'as 'thoSe beautiful eyes ' can" see- drink in -the> looks of }dy~?_oij -'the faces of .those who <Iove^nie,''rwhp have seen me groping and-stumblmg in 'the dark for s'o long; -Let-me hold those eyes aloft to the Christmas star "that I might "not "''forget the true meaning- of Christmas." me see all these things" so \\ memory of] the last'Christnjas,ul saw might Be blotted forever -from my mind. Replace the screaming"of shells,-the rumbling of-tanks, the sound of tired marching feet with the "singing of Tiymns, the laughter of little sisters, and the /voiced of thankful people. Replace th'e "filthy, smelly mud of batfle and th& drawn faces of dying men -with' the - cool- feeling of fresh, clean sheets" and" the hopeful faces of men born anew; < * "" "Brinf me those eyes for, thi?se v purposes, and 'i will be grateful fbr- , -. - ever to him who once gave them" Dear Santa Claus: - to me. If, on Christmas -morn, I • Aren't we all children? Can't all should not find them there, I won't LA/s Worst Fog Accidents LOS AXGELES, Dec. 14. CR— Hundred of automobiles were in- Tolved in, minor collisions, train, and . plane schedules were snarled, and shipping was _at a standstill today as the worst fog blanket of the sea- eon enveloped the Los Angeles area. Few injuries were reported. Vehicles were able to travel at little more" than snail-pace. Continued 1'og was forecast by the weather bureau. with the "MAGIC KEY" to DOUBLE omfort Here's anall-in-one Sonotone with every great hearing advance built-in—no sacrifice to novel size! Includes the famous Bi-Focal noise suppressor and'all the many personal adjustments of former Sonotones. i Wear it with batteries inside l—no ^battery cords. And at ;any time; ADD LONG- LASTING EXTRA POWER and. SAVE UP TO % IN BATTERY COSTS! •Now at: SONGTOSE OF BAKERSFJELB PheneS-OITi 2318 First Street . C, C. IRVIK, Oensoltant-Manager „" Free - Demonstration r 'Phone for;^ppflifitment-^flr.:: write for fullIniormatioj® of us, though some of us are adult in mind, ask for the things which we want most in life? I can't remember ever writing to you before, but I have found it so increasingly difficult.* to obtain this thing which I want^ that I thought perhaps you , could help. "As a small child, I can remember wanting plaything? and candy; as a teen-aged youth I wanted smart clothing and athletic equipment; really mind, and I will still be grateful to God, for haven't I still a good mind, a- strong body, friends "who love me, and a desire to justify'the reason for, my existence. After all. aren't these the important things-~in life? - - ; "So, Santa, there it is. That's what I want for Christmas. Please try, won't you." From a grown-up little boy, Corporal Chester Tt. Perkins. barge Bunker," Hill^ last sumnier, but "fie jLasirio, barge "to operate.* 1 : -..The "jjoyernraent" has 1'Itr _Tlie Blinker^ Hill was-seized- September. jlT'-cb.y" th.e"- coast guard; u theri forfeited Lto. tjifi "gojre'rcmejn..;by- a 'ied- ejal-' courts-decision ~holdirig r it was "used"-, for A a ..gambling' -'enterprise in- s'teaci\of coastwise trading for .which it -'was' licensed.". -" - -".But Friday jf|upertor * Judge Wil"Ham"' It. McKay found "Stralla and three associates,. George^ Garvin, Einier,Perry and-_Ernie'Judd, 'innocent . of <conspiring to violate California gambling IOAVS and of violaj;- i^g Long'" Beach municipal ordinances: -. Judge- McKay said the. state is •without 'jurisdiction over gambling t on the high seas, adding there were .htCjTfederal laws prohibiting it, either. - . / * "Stralla's attorneys indicates they might appeal the federal court ruling to efforts to ge't back his boat. Shaw,. Newest 1 Bride, Buy Eastern Estate JSTORWALK," Conn;, Dec. "l4.' UP)— Reginald.N. Webster, Kew York in- cUistrialist, announced today ,the sale, | of his six-acre estate here to Artie Shaw, much-married "band leader, j- and his 1ate,s"f bride, Kathleen TVin- 1 sor, author of "Forever Amber," Webster said the/ couple would take possession of the»J>roperty, on I •which is located a 5-room house, in ! February. The purchase price, he said, was $58,000. " PRESTO_COOKER-Model'40' --. It cost from special, extra durable, flneir quality Simalloy. - « Holds 3 pint jars for canning. - . PRESTO COOKER Model "'60' ' fa pressed from finest aluminum. _ Holds-3~ pint jars for^canning., This year give her the giffof gifts!.,. a PRESTO COOKER/ ' PRESTO Cooking saves ujp to 300 kitchen hours in atsingle year ... saves vitamins' and'minerals v .. saves food colors and flavors and saves cooking fuel. Homemakers"fortunate enough to own a BEESIO COOKER can have delicious/ meals ready to serve in an amazingly short time., And a PEESTO COOKER is,mighty easy to use, too. The exclusive HOMEC seal makes closing the cooker simple, and safe. The Lidicator-WeightfWniclf clearly shows 5,10; and 15 pounds pressure, makes possible safe, efficient canning as well as hi-speed cooking; * ' - r „ Give a COOKER Gift Bond you^ve satisfaction for many years to come when you give a PRESTO COOKER, and the easiest way to give this remarkable cooking utensil is to give one of our PRESTO COOKER Gpi BONDS. It's the surest way of securing' quickest possible deliveryof this best-of-aE kitchen helpers. „ Get Yours NOW in Our Housewares Department, or Use the Convenient Mail Order Form A copy of your purchase goes right iii to the factory.^ Gift .Bonds may . .•be given to anyone. Thev-are redeemable by us,mimerically. in-accord- . ance with quantities of Hie particular model;delVere"a;us from'the-factory,' ; There-can be no slip-up. The-purchascr'of/Gift'Bonds. w ili be, notified '-. by us immediately their Presto arrives. ,The : facl6ryCai>a we wilLdo all'/'. toward effecting delivery within the shortest possiljle,timer "'*"'£j-v--, • __ „-„-.- t!%e jpafctt^BTCallforman Soturdoy, December 14,1946 3 WHAT COULD BE BETTER THAN A PRESTOL GIFT BOND! y^hs World'* Urgett Drug Co FOUNTAIN HELP Male and Female i . .. Good bale pay Paid vacations . Fre» mnalj— uniformt Opportuniti»t for «dv to Fountain Mgrs. and Astit UNITED^EXAll DRUG CO. -"Apply at Your'Meafest" ,' Qwl-Sontag Drug Store MALCOLM BROCK COMPANY, BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA Please send me Presto Gift Bonds, redeemable for Presto" Cookers specified -111 accordance with deliveries as received by you from the factory. ' •*•-, Quantity , ~ - . llodel'-JO (With "O'ood Handle "r® §14.37 each" including tax Model 60 (Plastic Handle) , (g $14.37 eacli including tai D -Charge '5Iy Account Q Cbeek,-or 1 3I^Q.-EMlpsed . "- " Sorry II Xo'C.' ' ' J " V'- . ^ • See HARRY f-r Expert ('Guaranteed Witch BROCKS HOUSEWARES DEPARTMENT OPEN TONIGHT UNTIL NINE BEGINNING AT 3 P. M.-END1NG AT 9 P.M. $3.98 - $4.98 SWEATERS Crew nei-k slipovers, long and short sleeves, 'fine gauge, all wool. In melon, powder, green, auua, black, peach and navy. Also long sleeve turtle neck: sweaters iii yellow, green, aqua, brown and red. Sizes 34 to 40. ."- • $^ CQ Saturday Evening Special 1 Ai«O%7 $7.93 - $8.98 SWEATERS Xubhy knit, boxy slipovers with icmg» sleeves. In gray and maize; also Jacquard slipovers with Jong sleeves, in 'navy, - red, green and black. Sizes 34 to 40. ~ •Saturday Evening Special. _ „ BROCK'S—FASHION FLOOR it $2.75 BED JACKETS GROUP OF $22.95 DRESSES ; also a fe §4 E Jf«3i Pastel ravon. crepes with black sequin tops; also a few pastel prints. In pink, powder and aqua. Sizes 10 to 16. Saturday Evening Special..-. BROCK'S — FASHION FLOOR $12.98 BRUNCH COATS Cotton quilted coats, in blue, green arid brown polka dot. Sixes 32 to 20. Saturday Evening Special „ .; BROCK'S—CALIFORNIA SHOP GIRLS' $4.25 HOUSECOATS 3iade of cotton prints in assorted colors and patterns. Sizes S, 10 and 12. ' Saturday Evening Special INFANTS' $4.50 ROBES Made of cheuillp, pink or blue. Sizes 2 "to" 6 Saturday Evening Special. £. $3,00 BEACON ROBES Hrtle Princess Robes, in pink, blue and white. $ « Sizes 1 to 3. Saturday Evening Special , A i BROCK'S—SECOND FLOOR $12.98 TABLE LAMPS China embossed bases, complete with-rayon shade, fir ivory, rose or blue. 3 A £|g» Saturday Evening Special „ vi«7O BROCK'S—SECOND FLOOR HANDBAGS REDUCED Hard plastic bags with zipper top, Special for Saturday Evening $5.98 Bags . . $3.45—$3.50 Bags . . $2.45 Plus 20 & PederalJBxctee Tax BROCK'S—MAIN FLOOR REGULAR $10.00 GIRDLES Mabs, all elastic girdles and pantie girdles. $•» QC Saturday Evening Special .; / «<£?23 BROCK'S—SECOND FLOOR Downstairs Store , TOY DEPARTMENT $3.95 adjustable life-time Christmas tree bolder. Saturday Xight Only. .. BROCK'S—DOWNSTAIRS STORE uslied raymi, tea rose and blue, small $« ' medium aiid large. Saturday Evening StKvial.".. Jk i - BROCK'S—THRIFT SHOP SLIPOVER SWEATERS $1.98 Many famous makes, pastel colors. Sizes 34 to 40. Regularlv ?3.9s to $5.88. - • - Saturday. Evening Special...- ; BROCK'S—THRIFT SHOP $2.49 SEWING BOXES Very beautiful, made of flowered chintz Saturday Evening Special BROCK'S—MAIN FLOOR $10.50 DOESKIN GLOVES 6-hutton (shorty) length, .hand stitched, black § and brown. Saturday Evening Special LOVELY $8.50 BLOUSETTES Dressy type for suits. Saturday Evening Special $2.85 SILK STOCKINGS Sheer perfection in two-thread hosiery, reiiiforrrd foot for extra wear—buy them for Christmas gifts. $•*> *5C Saturday Evening Special a*t&<& BROCK'S—MAIN FLOOR BOYS' $6.00 JACKETS Made of all-wool Mellon cloth, with adjustable'straps, two pockets,'zipper fastener. Blue and maroon $*j fitE plaids. Sizes 12.--14,16. Saturday Evening Si>ennl<9awd BROCK'S—MEZZANINE FLOOR BEDSPREADS—Values to $12.95 Chenille spreads,'colored ground with multicolor tufttdg.""Saturday Evening Special $2.95 CANNON TOWELS Six fancy dish towels in gift box. Saturda y Evening Special. , ,„ $, $22.95 BEDSPREADS Full bed size, made of glazed chintz in floral design. Saturday. Evening Special , $22.50 - $25.80 RUGS All cotton hedrom rugs in pastel shades.' $4 f Size 4 by 6 feet., Saturday Evening Special.... A /. i BROCK'S—THIRD FLOOR 9Sc MEN'S UNDERWEAR Cotton knit shirts or shorts Saturday Evening Special „ MEN'S SLIPPERS Made of corduroy, brown and beige. 1'latform leather Sizes fi to 10. Saturday Evening Only.. ........................ . ..................... Also may be Tiad in real pigskir/ at the same price. BROCK'S — MAIN FLOOR JPure Dye SILK PRINTS Our entire stock'of beautiful pure dye silk prints—floral and geometric, designs— 39 inches wide. Regularly $9.95 and $10.95 yard. Saturday evening . $ a special _. Yard / BROCK'S—MAIN FLOOR HOUSEWARES SPECSAL Tom and Jerry Sets ; $3.95 One-Burner Electric Hot Plate $1.98 Gas Heaters—Ideal for bath or bedroom $8.95 Electric Toasters—Flip open type, two-slice „ $2.69 - Brock's—Downstairs Store 1 rt- SANTA AT BROCK'S Today From 2 to 4:30 P. 31. '- Tonight Frt>m,.8 to 9lP. M. * Bring the Children" & BAKERSFIELD ATTENTION POTATO GROWERS Choice Porierville Seed State or County Certified From Large Variety of Parent ared Foundation Stocks IMMEDIATE DELIVERY i ^.»-J' ^ ' i Fertilizer Available for Alii Orders 3' £ * "• • For Information Call Bakersfieid 2-0232 orZack Keck at Lindsay 4529 (Coliect) Christmas-Packed ORANGES We Do the Shipping for You PHONE YOUR ADDRESa (or Better Still) COME TO RANCH AND SEE THEM PACKED Our Oranges Are the • Talk of the Town SGHERTZ Orange Ranch Phone 3-2221 or 2-4337 East on jifilei "Street 6 Sliles—Right at Siga on Morning Drive ••*"-"-- Signs to Packing Shed on Ranch

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