The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on September 29, 1996 · Page 19
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 19

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 29, 1996
Page 19
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THE SALINA JOURNAL LIFE SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 1996 B7 THE SUNDAY CROSSWORD V HOUSEHOLD HINTS 85 Growing outward 86 Position a nail 87 Hombre's home 89 Seasoning for poulet 90 Hoppyday? 91 Graceful steed 92 Nocturnal nightjar 95 Exist 96 — Mae fund 98 Praise 99 Japanese dog breed 101 Art Deco designer 103 Make batik 106 Ancient yarn 110 Williams or Ernie Ford 115 111, to 124 Across 116 Mosaic glass 117 Undocumented person 118 Curbside cry 120 Bean grinder 123 Parson's house 124 The Art of Love" poet 125 Caesar, early on 126 Flattened circle 127 Reduced 128 Family favorites 129 Admit to 130 Mtg. DOWN 1 Newsman Pressman et al. 2 Go stag 3 Hand warmer 4 Inuit 5 Jury member 6 Can 7 Young seal 8 Well-versed 9 Letter stroke 10 USA rank 11 Punchline reaction 12 "—It My Way" 13 'The Prisoner of—" "THREE-PEAT" fey THOMAS W. SCHIER ACROSS 1 Token of ~~ defiance 5. Fathers, Informally ,o10 Kisser :,14,."—a loss for ?" words" c -18 "—fairin < , «- .love ..;" '<}$& Leak out Ji-w,: slowly pO Golf shot |5*1' Place of one's f<i! ,pwn £23 Collector of *£ " novels? •§5' .Facial feature 26 Helena's rival 27 More like the UJ "green-eyed '-'• monster ? S8 Photo n 30' Certified mail recipient ;32> "Come up and i" , — sometime" ^33:. Imitative ? 86- Autobahn auto i37 Puccini <j« . production 39 Start from scratch again 42 Low down voices 1 -'4s' Uproar • f 49- In a fortunate manner i53' A few ;34 Charitable *+•, sale ,•66. Big Band, e.g. a §7; Uproar y§8' Eyelashes ,'59."Like—": Chevy '<,". motto ,£0 Pacific archipelago ..62., Quarry sites , J |,4; Sitter's site, "'. sometimes r $5' Put in position '66 Prez's choice •'67 Arboretum "c"-' specimen 68 Like some bills ij/ia Plenty mad , 76. Parlor piece ^761 "So long, ;• ~ f Senor" ii 7<s£.— Cain jjjo 1 — a bang: Jjj: finishes big «C4 Rounded & mound ANSWERS TO TODAY'S PUZZLE ARE ON PAGE B2 14 "—Lover": Cougar song 15 Biloxi brethren 16 Play parts 17 "Of—I Sing" 22 Ample shoe width 24 Party favor 29 Mean mutts 31 Anniversary stone 33 Firecracker path 34 Grape juice acid 35 Grove or Gomez 38 Part of EEC 40 Twosome 41 Detroit product 43 Arias, e.g. 44 Leave unmentioned 45 Geographical seven 46 Toward the stem 47 Challenger 48 Earth's layer 50 Poetry muse 51 Hawthorne's hometown 52 Bakery units 55 State of availability 58 B-F connection 61 Jingle writer 63 Bom as 65 Pluck 68 "—Ruled the World" 69 "—declare" 70 Floor coverer 71 Road designation 73 Dogie catcher 74 Ethyl acetate 75 Plowman 77 PartofBYOB 79 Computer age word 80 Hellenic Hs 81 Writer Ephron 82 Give a hand 83 Flag down 84 Down the drain 88 Dream factory? 90 Bulldog 92 Soaks 93 Like Pindar's work 94 Mamie's man 97 Dancing Castle etal. 100 Los — 102 Impede, at law 104 Go one better 105 Radio part 107 "As —and breathe!" 108 Earth beaver 109 Barbie and her buddies 110 Cap for Scotty 111 Israeli airline 112 Number on a field 113 Homeowner's hangover? 114 Outlet 116 Observed 119 Proofs of age 121 Correspond to 122 Olympian — -Jo Alarm 'cat' wakes up owner ©1996 Los Angeles Times Syndicate Story / Tell family anecdotes FROM PAGE B7 2* "It's hard to look way down the road because we're so new," Benson said. "But they could perform in museums and hospitals. The kinds of outreach that we could do Are all out there if we think of a way." i'=A new art form for the ages ~' -joe McKenzie, library director, •also wants the members to act out 'their stories in the children's department, especially when its renovation is complete. "It's an excellent match for the "•Children's library," he said. "We nhope to give them a place to meet, i« place to practice, and eventually ^a place to perform." Bette Sue Wachholz, who occasionally attends guild meetings, mses storytelling in her lesson -plans as a second-grade teacher at rMeadowlark Elementary School. 1 . ( 'I always tell stories about Paul •ifiunyan," Wachholz said. "I'm al- jiways trying to get kids to tell sto- 4ries. I always tell them they're all storytellers." Yti -Barbara Marshall, professor of theater at Kansas Wesleyan University, said the structure wasn't earnestly studied in academic circles until about 10 years ago. She was at September's meeting to give a storytelling demonstration. "We knew it wasn't something new," she said. "But we just began to take a look at it as a serious art form. I think it's important for people to be aware of this because it's dying out. There aren't many people besides grandparents who are willing to tell stories anymore. It's going away." Marshall seems determined to keep it alive. More animated than Woody Woodpecker, she wove tales of her family at the meeting. Beginning the anecdotes about her grandfather with a cliche — "It was a dark and stormy night" — she scrunched her face, waved her arms and strained her voice to imitate his scratchy characteristics. Afterward, Marshall told those attending her demonstration that family stories could be the most effective. "Look at the times of history or of family," she said. "There will be good memories there that everyone will see. Are some of them politically correct? No. Will be you be able to offer the same perspective? No. Things change. "But you will be able to see the values your family holds so dear, and they (your audience) will reach an understanding. That's what makes storytelling so unique." Goebel Available for One Day Only! Fascination is a new Limited Edition figurine honoring the 125th Anniversary of Goebel, the company that creates M.I. Hummel* works of art. Only 15,000 people in the U.S. will have the privilege of owning it. You can be one of them, but only if you visit us during Goebel's National Open House, Saturday, October 5th. See you then! Fasclnat/on, Hum #649/0, Size: 4 3/4". Produced In a worldwide limited edition of 25,000. Saturday, October 5, 1996 10 am-8 pm Refreshments & Drawings Carol's Decor Holidome Gifts Holiday Inn 1616 W. Crawford Salina, 913-823-1739 'OMEN'SHEALTH Presented by MEDICAL SERVICE PARTNERSHIP Dr. George Marshall and Dr. Joel Parriott MYOMECTOMY For women of childbearing age, undergoing a hysterectomy may be an unacceptable solution to ridding themselves of fibroids, benign growths that are present in 30 to 50 percent of the female population between the ages of 40 and 50. When symptoms stemming from uterine fibroids are present, they generally consist of more painful periods with heavier flow, as well as an abnormal pattern of bleeding. While the removal of the uterus by way of a hysterectomy serves to remove fibroids and their associated symptoms, women who wish to have children may not deem it to be an option. If so, there is the myomectomy, which is a surgical procedure by which the fibroids are removed and the remainder of the uterus is preserved and reconstructed. With a myomectomy, a woman can "buy time" during which she can complete her family and reach menopause, at which time the fibroids are likely to recede and her symptoms lessen. If it's been more than nine months since your last gynecology exam, or if you have painful, excessive, or irregular periods, call MEDICAL SERVICE PARTNERSHIP at 825-9024 to schedule a consultation. Don't ignore signs of ill health; waiting for symptoms to disappear won't result in improved health, and can deprive you of options that may only be available in the early stages of a condition. Our staff will take the time to address all of your concerns in a friendly professional mannor. Our offices are conveniently located at 655 South Santa Fe. P.S. A woman's symptoms may have no direct bearing on the number or size of fibroids present in her uterus. Dear Heloise: My daughter needs no alarm clock in the mornings because she has Felix, her cat. He hops on the bed in the morning, walks up her body and sits on her chest. When she opens her eyes a slit, she sees him staring at her. If she pretends to still be asleep, he'll gently rub her cheek with his paw. If she still ig- "" nores him, he'll rub a little harder. When she says, "I'm awake, Felix," he hops off the bed and stalks off. He's done his job for the day. He's been doing this for several months. — Barbara Perritte, Gary, Texas Dear Barbara: What's better than a loving wake-up call? Your T MEDICINE HELOISE King Features daughter's cat sounds wonderful. Cats are great family pets, and if you're thinking of getting one, I have a pamphlet full of hints and information for cat owners. For those interested in getting a pamphlet, please send $2 and a self-addressed, stamped (55 cents) long envelope to: Heloise-Cats, PO Box 795001, San Antonio TX 782795001. — Heloise Dear Heloise: This is a safety tip for your readers. I tried this after a near accident while getting out of the tub. My arm was wet, and while lifting myself out of the tub, my arm slid and I almost fell. Now, I put a wet washcloth over the ledge of the tub to safely get out without slipping. — Delores, Eastpointe, Mich. Dear Delores: A securely attached grab bar is the best hint, but a damp washcloth does help a little. — Heloise Dear Heloise: I have a clutter- busting tip that has really worked for our family. In our coat closet, which is just inside the front door, we have an inexpensive over-the-door shoe rack that provides not only a place to put our yard shoes, but also is great for hanging umbrellas, dog leashes and caps. There are no rails or drilling required that will damage the door. It is a simple solution to our clutter problem, maximizes our precious closet space and keeps things off the floor or in a pile in our closet. — Michele Bennett- Parker, Salisbury, Md. Dear Heloise: A garlic press makes a good vegetable and grain grinder for babies who are starting to eat solids. It is compact and washes off fairly easily. It's good to take to restaurants too! — Johanna Porter, Jacksonville, Fla. Chicken pox vaccine may stop shingles Dear Dr. Donohue: When chickenpox immunization becomes available, will it protect senior citizens against shingles? As I understand it, the same virus is involved. — B.E. Dear B.E.: Your » perceptive question is on many minds. There is no definite answer. With shingles, we are dealing with a reawakening of the old chickenpox virus, which went into nerve-cell seclusion after the childhood illness. In its later awakening, the reinvigorated virus retraces its path down the infected nerve to the skin, causing the rash we call "shingles." For many, that's a troublesome event, lasting a long time and producing much pain. The chickenpox vaccine provides a way to disarm the virus in early childhood, before chickenpox occurs. The answer to the jackpot question — yours — is uncertain. Some say the answer is no, reasoning that the latent and isolated virus is out of reach of the defenses generated by the vaccine. Others say yes, reasoning that the virus would have but a brief lapse at most in its defenses upon leaving its nerve-cell lair, and that it would be rendered helpless against the vaccine. Others suggest that the vaccine might even keep the virus safely secluded. For now, we have drugs to treat the miserable experience shingles can be. Good ones are acyclovir, famciclovir and valacyclovir. Dr. Donohue regrets that he is unable to answer individual letters, but he will incorporate them in his column whenever possible. Write to Dr. Donohue at PO Box 5539, Riverton NJ 08077. DR. PAUL DONOHUE North America Syndicate * "I'll wait until I have more money to spend." The fact is, waiting will cost you more money. The increasing costs of today's funerals will not wait for your savings to grow. Fortunately, there is a way to protect your resources from rising funeral costs by pre-funding at today's prices. This guarantees that adequate funds will be available at time of need at no additional cost. Contact Robert Frobenius at Roselawn Mortuary. Call 825-8231 for further information or to set up an appointment. Robert Frooenius -* ROSELAWN MORTUARY a representative of Homesteaders Life Co. and other financial institutions, 1920 E. Crawford • 1307 S. Santa Fe CHARGE IT! HANES'HOSIERY 25% OFF ENTIRE STOCK Stock up now on Silk Reflections*, Fitting Pretty*, Alive*, Resilience", Hones Too* and Profiles" in all your favorite shades. Reg. 2.95-7.50, now 2.21-5.63. Hurry, sale only runs September 29 thru October 14. BONUS GIFT! Receive a free pair of Profiles "Silky Sheer pantyhose. A 3.95-4.50 value, yours FREE with any 12-pair hosiery purchase from Hanes*. CENTRALHALL STAGE Mon.-Sat. 10-9 Sun. 12-6

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