Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 18, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 18, 1908
Page 1
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c 5 The Reyimter Ham the Lartfemt CIreulmilou In Aiiea_Cfauniy of Any Newapnpe^ PubllBhed In ihn Cnuniy. VOLUME X f rMBEK EI^ HT PAGES. lOLA, KANSAS. SEI*TEMBEK IS. 1!N>N.-FKI1»AY EVKMXJ. KK.IIT PAGES. PBICE TfTO CENTS. WHITLOW TRIAL OH I EVIUENJ'K IX PKIUntY TASK WILL IllUnX TIMS AFTEnNUON. I THE;JURY SECURED AT NOON HAY AM) A HALF COXSl Mill* I> SELECTION OF .11 KOKS. In Opi-uini; Stutoiiu-nt for Stulc. tom«'.v OjIiT Objciis to ihv • Iulroduc(!oii of Evidciffc. At- Albert Hawkinson, Clarence Mauk. Harry Boeken. E. W. Shufford, Alfred Barnett, George Harris, Fred Gerbitz, James G. Edmonds, Clint Hackett, J. H. Willenberg, J. H. Chilcote. Henry Gerkens. » V * * » « « IIAXD COXEKT TOXIGIIT. This .Mil} Itr llillor lh«ar Ihp La>l So You Had II—East SIdr S<|uan*. NVluit limy I'lf the last Dposi air con- coTt liv ilu> W. (). \V. hand will be jciv- ••11 ou ilii' cait sidi' of thc! sfiiuue m- IIIKIU. .Mr. iLt'llcr. ilio joadcr. ha.s lipfu ctmi|)i'!l«)d by ill bi'alt(i to «Ive up his |M)sitioii a,; Haiusiiys anil briii^ unable (o spcujc work which ho lould stand, will return to his lioiuo in ^lary land. The oi en air concerts have been much enjoycjd by the pet>vle of lola and it is Jioj>ed that some arrauKe- nients may hi? made whereby they will lie continued; The following is tlie inoBiain which will lif rondeied tonislit: , 1.—March, "r. D. C." —Overture. "Plantation SoiiKS." "..—March. "The Caitland." ».—Serenade. "Ixncs Dream." —Two-step. "The I-ovc Letter." I'.. —W^iltz. "Valesco." v. —.March, ".Advance Cuard-s." S.—Overture. "Little Cein." !•.—March. "Royal .MaKnei." in.—.March. ".Vincrican Chevalier." TO SEND BODY HERE RUN DOWN BY' BIKE A GRAVE OFFENSE? .MA.STKK I'EAIJL I)E>TOX hXH KEI> IMMVN NEAi: CUM IS <.KOIM»S. COJH>:SKit TO l.\VE.*iTH.ATK OEATII I.V SIHLTS FA.MIL\. rA.Mi'.ijn;.\ OPENED I> Fi{\.\hLi.\. i ' — Cuuere.«sm]in C. F.» Srolt Spoke at Wjliefi School lloii>e .\iirl.t Heforr L:i>t. LEFT LIMB WAS BROKEN StLME niTXESSES SAV IU( Y- CLISTS »KKE liOMX; A KA( E. IT IS A STARTLING STORY Scorchcr> tail Cpon Falh<T of HOT. Airrce to .Make .\iueiid> and K'de Slowly Herftiflcr. CIIII.OS .MOTHEl! Kini OlKl. t»F IjS A> J >.MAIC- |SIXTEK>. >o rh}-iciau Called in Atteii »hiine— Sen>:!tional iN -ielopHient* Are Hinted. A!. * * * « « FUNERAL OF MRS. PEARL MANN PEARSPN TOMORROW. .Nla'-Tvr I'-y.ii l>riitoii. I he MV .-:i -.M i>'I .'Oil rl .Mr. .iriil .Mi.^. Wi.i. .\. l»C:i- tmi. ii!" Vii;; .Vi.uli SycaiiK.ri' ssrcct. i.-^ sufftiiiij; r:(;m the rlToct< i.f a biokt'li lei; :i.s tin- M --iilt of ;•. (Icui ulli<li ocelli ie.l ;i' \Va>liiiisii>ii :'..>!iiuv:iml r.r.'ck.:iri"L'.' i,, warrant an investigation, sin-els yrri .Tili 'v aftr: pi;i.:i. Ynim.:;! Xl„. starllinp story (coniis froin l>i')it">li tt;i'^ walkiiic U'.isilili^- t(i:i avi'iini- li'-.>a:ii i!ic circis :;:ii;irid>- ' .\i I lie .<aiiie liii".' two wiii known Cmiii'laiiil was iiia-ie lo ('4iri >iu-r 1i. \V K-id today that the <irc!iuistan |«'.-i siinoandiiiR the death of an alleged illefiiiiniati' child in the family of;.f. i .icyc'<- acci- :shults livin- on a farm two and que III" ciunc:- <:f ihalf miles west of lolia. were siu-h as The ()'.!;twa Ke;.al)lie s;:>Ii.' Ki- piihlican caniii :'.ii:n in Kr-mklia o.nn:- o|,e:i(d la;.l lii ::lit b> Ke;.r.--iMi!i:- tive f. P. Sroii. who >|Hike .i: \V\ki!fi' jselii:oiI.".u.-e in Lincoln low -Vewiiuiii U'arini;. who atieiidi ;' il;.- nieetini; wiUi .NIr. Scott, .said t.iila.v; ••.\ iKiwd Ml a^Miiit lif;> lifuri i:ie .-l>eech wliieli was a .^..od one • I iviiiuiily ren'ivfd. Tiie >«.;•.<•.•! irn.-«- jtec!- dec ined to iieniiit ns m n--' iiie seh::ol lioiiy. say in;: thai a! :!;.• !;:s{ po iitica! nieeiiiis he!d there the ti.en had spii iiibaeeo juice on tile Ilnor anil walls and they pro |M )sed ii> kee|> tiie Lars ii;i ayainst all coiners. Of course we jiidn'ti (-are when we fmiud tlui! they lilt |lliai way aHoiii ii It was liSe.isaiKer. aiiywa.v. meeiinrr •.:iiifi)(>r"s. V.".' Iiad ti'lir or t;ve laiiti r:;- >.;:inr aii'iind lo ::ive lii:lii and iv i--\'lihi-.; iv.-!>l siii<;e;:il.\. We w;iii.l : liad u lii'-":er cii.uil if tile in.; jl't . ;i ad", eriised iml a.'i i; war. ii \.a.- i ' hue iiiee' ill^.'" FIGHTING FOR LIFE OUVn.LE niSlt.UT TRYI.XU TO KE-, t IIVEK FIMLM IXJIKIES. THE AIRSHIP FELL YESTERDAY the Tie abovi- is the jury that \vill hear the evidence in the case of.llie «ta^e vs. Samuel Whitlow who is chaiBed I with perjury-on live counts. The jury | was .secured after a third special ven- j ire of 21 men had nearly been ex- hailsteil. The work of .sehctillR a jury heRaii .. yestinlay inoriiiii.'; and eontftined until a few minutes before noon today when the twelfth man waK clio.^en. When ;lie case ealbil Ibis afier- iioijn the coiiii riiiiiii' bad but ver.v Ill- tie of lis appearaiii ii ilie opeDliiK day of I lie trial of Whitlow on the ehar(;c if the niiirder of .Miss .May Haiip.' Instead'of ilio ruoni belni: jani- ined'io lis iituHiiit eapiieliy with eafier speelH 'ois. Iirl a li .ililiril' i :f people were (iieseiit n hell Ih.e :-Iieriff cnlleti Harry Parker, Suspected of ibc Mur- dcr. Not Yet Found.—A Suspect ' Released. .Mrs. C. C. J.iiccocl: reeeived a wire 'from her biothcr-in-law Marry Pearson lodav statinj: lliai thc body of iher sistei'-. .Mrs. Pearl .Mann Pearsiui iwlio was murdered at Oklahoma Ciiy|,i,.-. dav before yesterday, will arrive on the '.Mio Santa Fe tomorrow. The df.wn till- SIi I 'll on I.iix.'es. iidiiiu at a hitili r.iie ef s|'ei d. olie of :I;e wliff Is jsiiik'-m yoMii-.: li"i;ip:i i ;ii nv. iii-^ him !ii> III.' ;i.i\iii'i MI uiib rMiis!(ier.:'>!e •fi.ic-. ;;id iMi.ikii':: Ui.- l-'l lilllb be- I'W 111,' ! .• .\ (•i!;-iei:iii uas; siiie- I : I " ill' : ' . ;!ie 111' i limb and no .iiimis ie'iil'~ iK- .i;!!vii'aled l'nl|e~ ••. i;:ie-'.il ili.- ,t rid. j .lill'.T ,1. „ 111 V, ;is ;ii liu;: .Sine' |IM " Pit* e*. :• ".j.Ji :*s -r-^.-r" Mi :M ibe hti'..; Wire r; ri..^; ::'!d i .jai li', in;.- <v !irp :ii)(k .;n •: \.;;s p;;'i!i ;4 im remains will be taken at onie lo the hoipe of her parents. Mr. and .Mr». .1. I). Mann ,at -.'ns West slleet. wl:ele the funerjil services will be condiiet-||,iiaiil;e ie.| liv Ile\. .1. .M. Mason, pastor of the ,i,i,u:.. .\o . M elu rcli. b'"-lnnim: at •'• o'clock, w;! be take. • in Highland j will lake iiljici- coiirl to order. t Kpbrimu and Alon/.ol AVhlilow broth crs iiT the drreiidaiit. .iiu ._ii-iLh bl;ii ai5 did al.«o his rmi"- :i;-d hi.; br„!lier- in-luw. Jim Armstronir. K. .1. Oyler. Intern" 111 ccineter.N. M .S. Luc.coek s.aled that no addl- Jtioiial information as to the details of 'the ninrdih- had been reeeived lodiiy. \li effort was made to Ret Into phone in-law. Jim Armstronir K .1 Oyler. ;.„„„..^;|„„ with Oklahoma Citv today ! ^ . , ^:«^'^.!^.^'f^'''!: ""i'."-i."t coimecuons wee such that the,^-'"^;;;;.^^ „^ ^„..{, neighbors that about ^wo months auo a child waa liorn to a It; year i)ld , . . . d:oi ;:liter in tie Shiilts family. Every -.I'.UA n .e:i ..; ihis III, eon-in.u ,.fr„„ , made to keep the commuH- ity isnorant of the girl's delicate condition, ir is said, the family Roinir so j far as to keep lier hidden about ijhu p !;ie,-. au'I .wnen any qiiestimi w '.i.'; L rais.ii liy visitors at th<' house as in I the seeliision of the ^irl tb'-y st:it.>d that ^he was invalid. ] l.;ist iii!;hf. after returning from i> !• cireiis. Mrs. C. Shusier, who lives near the Shiilts farm, was called to the 1 Sbii|:s lioine l>y one of the clijhlren • who said a baby was dyins there. Mr::. Shiisiffr Went to the home, the baby ' d >iim a fi-w moments after lier arrival . The aiipenrince of the cori 'Si- was sMeh. she said, as lo her sli i piejoiis and she ealled the attention of I'l.- otlicers t.o the matter tod :iy. Xo di 'cio" bail been called by th-- f :im- ii\ to alteiid the child. It is said a iiieiiiiier OI the family st:ited tli:it tli.> did not lave faith in pb\sje.i.-iiik 'vT -eii i^sled whv no medical assistance was c:ille/i for. The Shults, family cniiie from ii.'ar Piiiiii' lo th'- farm on which they are now livlii;; Uist spriuji. .V son jT' now wiM -V'nt: oil the railroad near Piqu>. The olhcers stated tflis after.eio., lii.Tf siispicion was pointed to members of ^GRANTS NEW TRIAL i . • i j« ASK «>F I•MT^;l:s^l^ v.s. >ii>. ! I'\(. i«» UK TK!t;i> Si:\\\. i •lodte I'li'isl Kinds Iteiemiaiii lv Vn- ! t.illeil io Nev. •I'M-oailm t iif .Inr^ .' I.IKI r. SEI.FKIIHiK kILLEli AM» KAItlU'LAMST SKVEKELY HIRT, ••1 !' U lU . ;:lt', .:ti.i:; >. isii villi:::-. V .eli 1 •; ••. .1, .M;- Deiiiiili -1:: \ I r a II Aii .re he w.ts I :lr.i i^e .111 iirdii>:ii;. i:i''' '1 : ti l!.-;;i.-r r. ' lb II (be i<'>\ e;'l.. rl M-...:I lii'ii i till:-- liieiilin;.- ai.d .n-'- ' ••• ni.ik.- aim iids tor ili- :irei .ii:d ^av.-. mil ti. do a;i> ini; •• •':=' e|..- :n' .lid \>i I '-e .lijoll OFF FOR MANILA .Mr. low nittcr that the It was Whitlow's attorneys. .^Ir.s. '.,,^.,,.,,1 tad to'be piven up. | w:ts not present '-Hiay <>""1""" learned bowi-ver. that the oflicers .ire Frank Forrest, who bave ,|':-?|-Vj;-.;^^ pn,,,.avc.r to locr.te ' V>iHcr> of Vii'.tniHa - In Karl> in October. Hitter and rraiiK rmi.-^i. nu,.., . been employed by Joiin Sapp.father of »» earnest endeavor to locate j _ . . • ....... . May. are assisting Co.n.y Attorney ! H«ny J'arke". wlH ,m Mr. Jearsot, „ * • , Peterson in the proseemion. Both «'=>tement said had luted he, ^ ,„„i, „.n„.i- Mr. and Mrs. John Sapp are in a ..c :.d- ,and j--- -i,.. ..,,.m,|,y planned on i-s io::-^ tili-ee times. .\ nian was arrest-j'" el at Fteiio yesterday, but he prov-"' "' ••(1 to be soiue one other than Parker, and was released. . ' jVifj.;:, ,„,,,,u -v of tlu Fleet lla- Left ; ,i„.';^i,„i,.; family as to the responsi- ! bility of lie sir!'." condition. I Claude Ciilliertson went out to the limits place afteniooii lo briiiK ;i'e |>o]:- to t!ie mor.ctie. Coroner Keid said this aftiTiioon that an investiu'a- is. —; li...-e 1 ilso t'lei) ance at the trial as >s daughter. .Mrs. Ue.\ I'li^wlnj^- ciirio Ritter made the opeuins statement for the stare. He stilted tlio nature of the char.ce asrainst Wiitlow ; .Maiiii.i. >vli"re it dm m ilie :;.d I ri it: ar .\:lt ;;i! ;! .Sneerv. the coniniand..r-i.i-:-h:ef. ludriy n'feivd the loilov.-itur teVi^ra;:: fK'iii tion as to the catise of the child's i'.. ash woi. d be made. The peo|i'.' livin-^ i:i ib:ii vji -iniiy are em -sill, rably aioiis.-d oi . T the affair and are asl ;iii|;; for a tiuuonsh inves- ItJL'atioa. ; nature ,of the cliai-.ce asainst Wiutiow j —thai he was charsed with perjurv on -\rkai!.sas Cit.^-. K;LS.. Sep). VS.—Har-'"'""' • five count:; in his testimonv and" at- 'J Parker, the man Who yesterday or-= fidavits with reference to the death of -'•"iiot <•""' l<'"'^d Mr.s. Pearson at i " ni .-iiow yen u-.\.- \ i .-raha ai- May Sapp.. He said Uiat the evidence :"'''«f'oina City, was today tracked to,'"' • /'I "ncm-.^ Ib.c. I inisi i,a\e been would discloi^e that at the co---. '-'tV- Ho is now supposed to be T.''i'f'iee oner's inquest over 'be rem.iins ofi''n hi.linu: in the Santa Fe yards and I'' ' "* <"i";ni.!ivM -:.,ni. i be ..(h.-ers May Sapp. Whitlow testified in snb-'a posse of state and city omeials are>";"" stance that he did not know how Miss ! sf^archiiic the ears there. Sheriff Car-j'"""'" 4'^ V"'":'' ^ ;rnMy aad^ .':„Sapp came to her death and that hci'i'^on a"d a deputy came here todav. p''''•• , '•' •::i--'.was not present at her death. Mr.j'xH later returned to Xewkirk. ' The••" - i'• nn-.e; <.'.tiK:ii ions u. • • . „,.„„.!vardR will be surrounded and thor-' i''-'-'''- ••'•^ 'I'- .^'eii for- and Ritter said the evidence would ..«how | >ards will be surrounded that at a later coroner's inquest Whit-; ""Khly searel :ed. Parker is a low te.stified that he did know how ••w'''<'"t of Arkansa.^; City the pill came to her death and that '^"'d to have friends here, he was present at the time. ARain. I-«'e today his capture bad not b<-..n Mr. Ritter said, one of the written j''••''*•'•'''•'• statements of WHiitlow showed that he intended to commit snieiile. while on tlie witness stand Whitlow had said; that the wonil aleoh(d he drank on his way to jail after his confession WHS for rleiimatlsm and not for thc purpose of self destruction. .Mr. Hitter also said that liv an application for H eonjllnii<inee .Mr. Whitlow had made attldavll, as one of the Kroitnds for"M eonllnnaMce, that two wItnesKes, .Mlriii .M IS IN LEAVENWORTH SI'K.VKEIC t A>Xt»X S tilV.Sl (IF I». IW 'tiOl- if i-i- Willi •;• I in il:>s frt:'i, .•::rdi:'! ;.:<,:.:•> '•ill ri -1: ; . .1.. I,.,., :;,)•.•. .••iir:;(:T !••:• :|i 'Visit .Miii'inrli \'er j been shi'l I ' " 1 • i'.ie 'a'" ii|i|ii;'e;:.'• K.'i i I re-h tli !! • I :'ti<';i • • . :.-."lii •• ;ie'>• .r-ti 11< i |lli'' sjiir.- 11 .idiiiiili . ;-l'-.'":. |>eii. (: i-- ' IK - Md.-r.i lei] .• i 'citiznis the f• :.';dsl>ip le tlie lliil .-It 'I'lliire ;'|;i| lb.- .\li, re|iiiblle (••• . I: I II. •! aiid « III .\.i: ir.'i.'i li> IwiVe .Men es \NTIIOXV S\\\\ Lola Htid .MIsH Lnln .Mllby. who wojild teKt" fy thai .May Sapp had told tliein she loved Ham Whitlow and If he did not marry her he would be xorry for It. eoiilil not he.found. .Mi', Ritter H«ld the evidence would din- e'lme that Wliltlow well knew where Ibe wIliieHMeH eonhl be found and that they would no'. IcNlIfy HM he bad xabl. Till- delelise linuoillieeil that they had III) openinK Mlaletiteut to make. C. I{. AdniiiH was calbvl to the Htand. At this point Mr. Oyler for the defense objected to the liilrodtietlon of any evjdejice on the Krouiids that the slate htid failed to stale In the Information the nature (if the case In;"'""' which Whitlow was <barBedi with per " Jury as to whetli«"r It was a civil oi inniAY. Leave for OilnwIle, llliuoN I ViNlled Xiillonal liiHtilit- lloili. I.e.M ellH (II III. , ,si l\ .'•'piMl. er .loM 'idl Ii Ciililinii I'lllVed lieie lbl> fnieliiMiii IJM|ii 'r .iprki III' >'a> a KHesI lieie liiil'iN iif U'pi e.,en';il ive ;i It. Aiilhiiii.v. edliiM il Ibe Leavenworth Tillies .Mr. CaiiiKUi visit.d the li .'iiiotiar Siddiers Hnliie anil tie- t 'liiti-d States iie :iiieiitlai ^ at Fnri L'Mven- !!•• iias pl."|i'ed lo leave 'a'" tbi.. afler;'i .i -:i fur Kaiisi-.s C:i\ a;T:\- i-'iiii; tiiere. in litiie c.ike th.' eve:i :i |ti criminal aclioij as to whether itj""'" f'^r I.anviU.. (/lis was a misdemeanor or a felony, nun; KH-IIIIIMMV •• iiic txtiyi for the furtfcpr reason the infor-, >. HOI IIX HM- KAKv. .nation jdld not « „ A Srdu'uirk Co„„|, Fa.'.a.r E, cause of action to constitute a pub-, j. j- i,„ Lone lie offense, and that the charges were, ,,.,,,,1"';^^.;^ Si" ^'x Siiiarsb : in;.'.•i !•!• •Ilia!! :ii lis I iw ;.!.d iiiTsiiiial llvi-heil wiiiill wi- triisi will i:idin-- :ii:<l Ileiii i.--ii "Y. iir l!:i-r. \iii:r lleei •<.::! siii.s- \e.i' <•'• i-at : • tl"- • d ;\ i l'>- • .\i| ••i.:'m •' "he > M M.ONLV t;iKI. IS Y'KFF. Mill: Uhoiu yitn •'^irrv .'iaii She Flopcd. ' !:•• "i.i:. '". :i;. r A-;.. ..ii.' . I . J:; lee. !"i 1.-;;:ial..» rri:ib-i. >! !r-! ;>i '. .'•.d I;;... iiiasr. ,1 a i •-ti\::l :.. i - 'e .\;:>~i.i!ii !';ii ii.e l£.iii«a> (I'-r. .'>> ' \'.'lit. I-".!' I. . -i.a w.i-i av.i;;d.-! J'iTsu ;•!:,:.lati-- ! :!:.• I:^:lti!.- nl liie r; • ''i -:ii ''i'i, • '.iiiiisli ben^ i.i v 'i.eii I jl't --ill!. Iii: i:.i'. ii:;-.i Ki'se i!i|iia;; ii;r| ; * !•.;:>•, 1 I i:ei„ I:MI: j I .laii.e l-'iia: : •;!;!:.;> liie ;i .n tf., it'll' Ji .illii'i- lliat ill.' lui'I'ili .i:r.'.i'd lin- aiiiMiiii; ef d :it :i,'. .i-.; le . ,ii'i '»>ii;ari\ ;i!"imii. w;:^ .:i!.'. T'O- , w. r: | iitidO'l I",I 'M.; ; ::d ::. • • .,:•.' ii:' I di'.ideir !.'. : J a:'-t iii . ';;: ; !i. i i Il II 'tiiii;'I - • a.iii I-;-.!.- .!• ;:MI.:.: i-i:;:-! ••• :. • . .n!:ii:.'l a. tli.'rj ".iirio i.- i;isis el jdeiiii.-ai .e 'i .'I! ! have i'iea II vi-r:-rd b\ liie S.;'in.. i-j ,ei(iiii. aie! .ial:.- FimsT I :i .::i'.;!i: it j •.i:iii 'hml i lieapi r-ii;r all •••):i<—riM"l. j ,!nr lliiij to i.'Hi'W a Il^v.• niy! iiiiiire'f. j !t!iil.~ savi'm tlie ;in;e and co : ro i,<i;ii ; '1:1; iir.- of the fi'.:. I \S e bfs •• laai v. ii! be ;• i .'S.-ni; ;ti> 111!' jiiiiiis ,!i" i!;;.~ e.itiui- a: b-asi. ;a:iii Tiere;;!/!'" ti:::: il-.-. I'" ii-- il'i>rni"d bi'fiire l!i.-;. :•••..' i:i .1 vev.-Jjei Ii':l:e atm i ;!ii i.i' •!:'.i:!;'t-e'^. that j ••a: li e'i:ii;iiir.: iin aiiimiiii wiil j !::i.t i'l:i:;d liie fe t i.f i -,v.\ Ti is ••:i.-'' ba.- ail.aiiv l.-e:! :. • \pi:isi\" ''!;'• :iiid lae i'i'.:l is i:iil >i't it -.vjll emiie ire f"r ;e-tii;.; '•>' <''»• .^1*v .(i !l'ii' i .iiii el'tie- ;'!-:ii<r >.:,-;\:. I .'.I' •:r..l I !i: ! ;> le;; N.'. Vi.ik. Sepi. !v_-.\l M'li .;i>. d.iMi'.tvir i.r "ilaitit! \;''i:ey i-r rii!l:ii'e!| !;; 1. vas in-i.-y ^riii^ed a • It I *• av:!a'iiT'. ; in i j:."ir!"';;-*' to .\iib':r lliil'r: ( 1 in 1 ::f> ef ibi- r:..-r iliviilved vet;, tiiii'ur'-j ,,r,ilit liiiibr Ibe d-'niiirrate l:.-.v. it j • I 'l'^ b'-e:i v-:ileli 'i wi:ii li;-.-ib 'at. re' li.MT i!:e -t .ite. 1 I.I iilie: •I .v:is a:a!iii"l • ee'; :• . el .'.ilH 'Ili i. b'-' I ir. -i: r'l.;-!';; H :*l: I ai!a. ;: i ' III l';e-;'iiid l.l-'i.'it bis .sad -I lie ;if: .Mi>^ .X |:;:n! i'> !er rial I ia".;e I'l I >.•' "i 'b:-: i: w; - •!.\ -ii' f IS- Isl i( e lif liie iie: I .' Ill .111)1 • u II • •• : 1 '. a':". I'l. I ;'i'lii:.i|!'''l :it i'"e|i' -.vll ill I'll-'"-! "Ildli.l :illti: -lie .~:iit.-!.| 1: Cl'il- iiii I'l 1 n I'.:! •• r , .. ":ii" « eiil ! • ! iiiMnviil and 'laii:;b:'T i.'il. wi:!. l;i!i;. .'!' a >.r' v.a- bi':ii:.:bi b.i liil:ii:elil :if l:.;i . I;.,. L*|l .:|Ild 'I'l"' nil 'i'lh to IBROKE HIS PAROLE i • 1 j JCHARGE ON WHICH RCO MORRI­ SON GOES TO JAIL AGAIN. a 111 all THE CROPS SHORTER Europe Facci Short.vtc of Wheal This Ycir.—The Harve^tr. Completed. i!>..k.- 11' .11 ••111 ii t-: i'l'-':!' '•v.'ii:.-il ill li'is uii I'.'u 111 •• )• a'll' if 1 '' ill' "I' d ." a I : ,'.! 1 -'. >l.iai:.i ' t: • • (ill I .MIl! > ili.'lM : I"- I lll'll'-e 1 > decree •.^:ll^ aiMi •fan: I It ,. \r .'d 111 d'l •" Polide Judge Says He Did Not Make F .lymcnts on His Fine ns He A'oced To. I'hi^iehins Think n risht Hill lUxoter in Six M'ifks—!Jclat;»es (.oin:; . lo Him. ^i'.;-iiiii-j.ii:. Si-ii' Is in th,. Ki'. . •' i.-.T b:is,iiia! 'Aiili a fraeliiieil ibi'-Ii ;i;id lii.-. Or-.ile Wjmlir, the : I iiiii.iiii. V. 111. le.l ujilr Lieutenant .'^••'ir"!:;e iti y, s:eiday'.- in riiiilatu* ae: ids:!;, is iiiakiu:; a luaiiiy tijiiit for lieiiv. r> Tile aiielidiil^- S'.irseou sliiirtl.> alier e::.l!l •.cineli atiiiiiiinced \\'iij;Iil v.,-Is ibdti;; vei'> well. It is believi'i fr'::i! the doctors rejiorls :.'ia: Uri:.;lit mir a;.M!n within I'T'iii'. six v.eck.-. .Miss Katiicriiie *.';!;.'br. sister of Wilinir and Or- v'.i'i. v. i:i ii-aeii i:eie i>\er Ibe Peiiii- ..••.a::.. rain..iil fruiii D.iyloii. Obio. :h's ;ifii'ri:iii'ii. '".\iii;; drawn tin- atieaiinu of ill 111 bi .s a«'('ii:»l.-iii.' tli:iliis iii :!• d ba\i:i;; rsialilisbid :;r.- ; ei.ids f.-r li- iviii-ibaii- M'!• hiia-Ortiile Wriclit irau^ial mi: I'ap « bile iniik •iiiiM ri;:!ii. .1 : iii'",::t;s' ua-. .ie:'i>in;;.iiiii'<l 1 a.lilt 'ill "iii:i.-: K Self! id'.:r of 11 .if I.i;.. IIIU iJeil- -1H:-';!^! '.'.a- -;al:i !i .v illiiireil. ;.• ^: I 1 e'elnek iii:;lil. .Mr '.va . t'i'iini '-i> iiijai'i'il Iinl i:111 1.1 .ivi-r 1 lie i;;ai li .i :;e ••^ .1 • i":i'.: i- ia;i I '.'I ii:i:ii|.- ' jii uiieliir blade 11:1 d liiMiii:; suliie iiiliei lie i.i: rii ..ti' iiieeluinUiii i; ii. iviiiiiiu ill lb" ail- and •iiiiilid. eir. I 'liipiir; ibe two I'l I'i.' liijliris :i:id ..! .'I 'l.'.tiu s '.lii ail"--' . n ;:i le i|:i' ; . :.i|':ai.i- li:iil a-.: -..1 ill liliiic; .Mr. :i:- ;iiid ! .it ntili.;:i; Se'lridite friiin 1 I'll' iaimlnl Ill's - 111 111 ''•biiier>, ri;-- :i:i dslnnis if nlll^l^I| .Mr. •.-.IS eo.iseiiiiis and sai.l; li::!-r-. a:i;l life trie ini..i'.r." • :'..ii:' Se fr;'!'-:i» was iiiir;iii- ; i'is bi!.::l wa.'; eiiveied with ' i:iil be v.-as elii Kiim \\h:-ti the • ">..-• ir:i;ei! ii:i:i .-reni iiiiiler liiiie. Uiieii il'.'ii- wciitids had I'.'iii i-;!iiii:iired. .Mr. Wri;;bl and l.ien- ;.'nai;: Se ;'rid:.-e ' were taken to the I'm: Mir hi'spital ai l!ie oilier e::-] of Ille til 'd. Lie:; e-i.iiit .'^eifrid'.'e did lu'i re.^aiii lie was siiflerini; from :i fiair'H" a' Ilie base i>r ibe sknli. was in .• eritii-al Cfiiiditi'iii .Mr. \'.'ii^!i: was i;i't daii-eioiisiy iii'jiired. HI i.- sj-neriui; from a fraetiilj* of his l.-rr thi-.:!i. and s.-vera! ribs on llieri::!!' siife : II- iiaet'ired. Ciiili men received del :i :il;ii!rt the jiead • a n't 'i'i Insnr.tnee. On!., ti:;. ii.'irni:!;; "Ii. Wi ::;iii bad |.e.'!i ;'-k':i viiai il'i, :•:;!! wmild >•'• i' iini' li bis |;ii:|:"ller.'. l.roki- .vliili- 'l!''Tiii-e'iiiii- v.a-. in fli^hl -The otleT ' -Al;:!:!! iii;d I'l I'irn iti''.ni:i- i;ii::d. ' -••.i'l. ' ;ii:t I wmild na.rii; and '<> tli" •' ir'li • iia>> i'-'i an a.niiii:'-r nf rbi' i'Miilii-r.i 111 '(!'• appiieaiiiiii I'l :i'-!;iiiL-iiin iiisniaii -i; aiienl for a ir.\ ::i favi.i of Oivill.- V.'ii^ht till- ai;e;it rei-t^ived ;i letter il." >'.: ! :i;. 1 ! : I I'i' ; -"li ta j I .' .':i ' III.- •iit-- ..;i:i ;'i-ii.-. '•. '.\ I'i.-lU ••(!'.• I.;.-- 1 :i..' ! s.;!i!i.' Ill- ;iii:[;e: c i |:i-:.-,i :!:• i'.;bi I' 11' Some Important Business. Mi liieiiibi Is of til'- U' (t W af •1- ipl.'sti'd 111 111' |>|-el.. lit al the ri'ltll- 1 .1, I ili.i |i.;ili:bt In ile^ K i >r P. ball as befiiiis-i "f viliil lli.l'ielaiie • ,« ;ll em: I'i'fiiie lb' mi' 1 iiii; I \\ .e.IillU'.t"" ^'••1'' po-li< lb'' :U|i.'rilili eiiltiiie si'^ llial tl'-' over the . leaK-r par' of lea'U i -i ei.ii'pb't'd I" s- I 'iiiMiji. an '•• tidetit of ai:it « lii'.ii liar\ 1 -I Knropi- al j '. 'Till < ii'lll I tri .'s ^•atiiim was liin 'li'f-d and tb'cm: s si -iioiisly daicii;*!! b; rain. i Piosi >ect.» piiint to a s;ii;ilb'r bar- vi'.iJt than last year iji lii I'liit'd • Kin;:'loiii. tin- Netbii laml-. Il-l'ii'iii!;. F-ance. It.-'l .v. and Portii;raI. B;i;;twnr'l of these ci'ittitrii's a nie ler.ii'- in- creaiie in tlie jiebj is ev|ipcted. TUBERS ARE SCARCE I iiiin I'v I iral I'll- liipii l;i'" l\H hi'. Ill .\ .Miirii"iii u .is l.isi I veil III'.; I 'llli'l III jail Iiir l.iilllii; In li'il'le le ai:"''i tiii'l .is of Ills p;iio|i Sev liiiiiillis :i.;ii b'- iili'iid'-'l i ;iiUt> to jeliar;;'' of s>^!lilii; liitii\li'atiii'; iiH and w.'is :;iveii a tin.' In po- colli t iif «;;iiii ji'n 1 a senii'ia'. m da>s in jail. He 1 ml M i\"d oii; Ixil .-enteiu'i .iiid bad wnrl.el nii: •f bis line wbi^ii the eoiineil par- him leonu with oilier prfsntieis • tiMnis .!iii| Prire Id" y,i I rr< l:el llirirasi' in p.ilulnes iMiriuT Ilic W r. ; who were in jail for tie- same <dfen:.e Aiicoi-.l'in- 1" tb- parob- a-.Teeuii <j' .Merlison was to en..:a---e in l"i;itimaTf Ciiniii'is.-)' MiM I'.' h'ub 1 'I ib-~ SO Indefinite and uncertain that in case of a conviction by a jury the court-would not pass sentence. I .Itidge Fouat said, when Mr. Oyler had finished, that he had considered : tJiese matters on the motion to quash. Mr. Oyler ask^d to be heard, however, on his objection, and at three o'clock was still talking. A Baby Boy. A son was born this moniing to Mr. and Mrs. Martin Overmeyer of 503 South First street. C.T. rfcwby Home. C. T. Newty, superintendent of the city ;Brater dfepaitment came in last evening: from Btwood. Ind.. xrtiere tfe hsslti^n rJnspcMsUDg gas pipe-wlildi ace. FUNERAL OF EMMA HARLESS. Viiehiia. Kas.. Sept. has 80 acres of r '»rir thet will m -ike 8.") bUflieis to the aire. The field ol giant ears is iieaij .Maize and tivi- and'bo oue -liaf miles nortliwe .st of Wichita, j Jn? Mr Snian-h took a lon.^ ttriiis of |.;niinB wheat. T; is will eonseqneui- prlzes at the'frsir 0:1 pi^odu.-is from his'iv lie the third year of serious .short- farm. He lihd si .v ears v( corn today' — that would make a cart load. Some of —pro 14 inches long. :One with the shuck on was 2i inches lone. in the potato line Mr. -Sniarsh iia.s some that wll! make a meal for the largest faiui|.v. They are said to be so large they must be iiuartered before peeling. tHE WEATHEH; Forecast for JCatisas: Partly cloudy with: possiiila. shawtrs In southeast 'I t •';m.; : :'i'j. I wnr; • -s i-vt. i:; : i:ii -v.- iii'i.T.- are liini ef the iai'r'e de 1!iii;' ijiiotili'.; |!i. a .-lii'ii-i" Russia lirobahty will reaji a sli:;hil.^ ii-, i:l ir ;. .i!. • : \\:-^.- Iie '.vi -r eroii of tliaii last .^ea^.l;|:l; , . .\'.^;':v:\ th- and a materially la"-er rye ernp. but !:j;;|ie, ij;:':i n-ieil at i!:;^ tliere is no doub* 'ba' the result.s.'.vill ; and 'iie a;:(i below avera:.'. even aftii-r inaU-le:s ;:ti' V. i> eaiiiiuiis ab liberal allowance for the rejtort ofj;.r;ii'i tor fiimre di liver'- Some sect'ens. laitabl;. lii. K.iw \at- !ey. siitTei';! ar.;ely tbioii^a Ib.Kih and exres.^ive rains. I'.iit in ilie iiortil- erii slates where ninst i.f ;fi.- i:>^tat"i!s •or the wi :i'i-r trade .-i-e ;;iirAn. the ,:iiir .iti> eioii has -afffred severely diir- Servlces ToWav Ove.- Little Girl Killed jiiif; the present rnor.tli as a result <;r I.iisl iiion n as ode t at tiiH liess and was to pay .?l'> i.-rl ih nnti! the ri-nraind'^ of bis fiii'-| paid. Polie:' Jiidsie I'.dlii". w'M.i •ed biiii i-omniitteil to jail, sa.s i he has only fiaid toward his I althoimh b" has been at libertyi. ! - .-vrral niontbs .Morrison was ar- F. 4 By Street Car. the early and severe frosts which e.\. ,tended thioi :,i ?h the northern of F ^ii .eral services over the remains [ the Cniied Si.irts during the e:jrly part of Emir.a Harless who was killed injof the present month. These frosts the street car-accident on tfe Con- creto switch last Tuesday aCternoon were conducted from the Concreto Chanel at 10 o'clock this rooming. Her. tInteniilBot: waa injured the tojis of the plants and tn many districts are estimated to have cut. down the yield as much as twea- ty per cent. As a-iresult. the. supply will,>R.jeut.,.4owa .and., the :prlce I 1 , 1. -,l.;e ; :.i;;'i |i » li. iitbiials of Ihi' e';tii|,any s:iy- u e I 'tiiiniii i :M ;e a jai'ii y in Mr \S riubl i.r aiivone el.-e i!i i'n Ui-eriaslder the lia-/.- ^•.reai at this linie. jiiit it is ilial :n ilie fiin'ie le't-ial iiav- will ii'.iili a ilev.'itii'iiieM li '11.!» I b'ti-'^ Ibis vl.'tt • Ri-|ire-1 ;r.t '\'es el .u'i'ii!''^ii lie-niaiM.- eiiin- iiaiiii'- v ii;i it iiiil •<,i-;i iiilisiibr a pul- e\ ;il e -SI d Ii\ a si'f'' em |i. ;ll:al lb" in I n- ii'lil" r.'d wi'h IHi- liii! lI'L-. is liii|i|'jb- n!ae|iii;e b'ld IH'III bile a' the I"!' •ji'V !i! his •riw .•'III ".!•, ",,!l' ' ' •"'• ".1:11.1' a. ;.ail l'"''li v.,.11- 'i 1 11- !'.t;''il ...l I" i,. I '..-i' lie 1 . ' ;t ii;i p ili 'l V WILL CIRCLE WORLD Thomas A. Edison Makes Prejdiction Concerning Use of Airship. id M '.:aiii ys'erday on tl"; «-hrir'.:e iait;tivii.::;- a iiiTlHaiie.'. STATE FAIR V/AS O. K. Smith Returned From Trip to Hutchinson Yesterday. F. E. Siuith returned yesterday from Huichiu.son whtrC he has oeen iu attendance at the Kansas State fair. Mr. Smith says the races were e.xce itionally good, the live stock e.\- hihtts above the averase. the farm exhibits good, and the directors are well' pleased with the attendance. The I Stra )bel airship which was on exhibition here is at th4 State Fair tbis weeu^ .-'a'r. l.ak- City. I'lab, .Septi. 17-— "Within five- years airshins will be e.iri vill'.;"ii*:ers aeios.^ the ocean in IS lumrs. two hundred .miles an boar .Verial tiii ;bt will be commer- ciaii-.-.'^ t in that time. •Tlie north i:o'e can and will be •ea:'-lied in a 4>>-hoiir trip. The peril eted b'-licotiter will be able to encircle t'e clobe in a week." Thesi- .<itat»iments were made by Tlioieas .\. Edison, the inventor, in the course of a talk on aerial navigation. ••.\'eitb"r the aeroplanes now owned bv thc Wright Brotners .nor any air- sbip built' aiong that principle nor along the' idea of a dirgibfc balloon will ever jbe of practical use or success commercially," he said. Married Blue Mbund Couple. Probate Judge J. B. Smith yesterday united in marriage Arthur R. Yoaosiimil.JBrace. I. j Holmes, both of

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