The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 14, 1946 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
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Saturday, December 14, 1946
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_7 "^^tw" j«^i™ *^*f—!<• ^^ |ipilinf"Dnits on Rental Market - •WASHINGTON, Dec. 14. t®—Key agency heads whittled away at the nation'* housing policy today amid 9fgns they may make non-veterans eligible for new home priorities. *'If this is done^ housing men re, ported privately»;thos£ permitted to build will be release their c^d apartments or houses for rental to veterans. ' Veterans' organizations opposed the idea when it was put forth by former Housing- Expediter Wilson But they have reconsidered, it was stated, on the theory that it „ may open up"shelter to many veterans who cannot themselves atford to buy new houses at present inflated prices. This and other proposals, including the raising of the present $10,000 limit on the "sales' price of new homes, were being weighed by Presidential Assistant John R. Steelman, 3Iajor-Generaf Phtlt^B. Fleming, director of the "Office of Temporary • "Controls, and Wyatt's successors, AH- ijiinistrator Raymond Poley of the National Housing Administration and Housing Expediter Frank R. •*- Creed on. This group, along with surplus and_fecleral lending officials, scheduled new conferences after two days of meeting behind closed doors at the White Hou&e with President Truman "looking in." He suggested new top sale price for new houses is $12,000, at least j in large« cities where^ building costs are Wgh, officials said. The ?80-a- month rental limit may aiso be changed, It has "been proposed that this figure be made the average, in- stead of the maximum ceiling in any rental project. Thus the guilder of a housing development might be permitted to charge as much as $100 rent for some'accommodations if he provided an equal number at ?60. Another "possible change, said persons £»«niliar with the trend of the -u>utinaiui-N. TENEMENT CRUSHED—Dotted line (left) sliow0 r hpw J Vihl-of1ce- lioiise snapped off after fire iu New lorfc CltjvArrow (right) out-Hues large section of tenement building which Jnj-rin Tuins- while firemen searched debris for victims. Only shell of after fire gutted building-into'collapse. • Tenement Tragedy : /Toll Rises to 37 NEW TQRK, Dec. 14. (JB—Workers extricated five more bodies Irom the rums of a collapsed Manhattan tenement house by noon today, bringing the total dead to 37, and returned to hunt for at least one more person believed missing. . Three bodies were identified as conferences^ is the elimination of those °5 Mrs " Serafi "a de Vico, be the individual sales ceiling set on tween 70 and 80 years old, Frank each home by the Federal Housing | Mazzini, 37, and Mrs. Catherine Administration before 'the building ] Gaetani, 29- The bodies of two S0-ahea4 is given. j women were unidentified. Preparelor More Flood Torrents By'United Prcs? Washington^ and "Oregon- residents in flood 1 areas which already had reported four livesfjost, at least 130 homes uninhabitable and stalled train traffic, ,braced themselves today for weather greater bureau torrents as' this week.end after completing five, minor peace- treaties and among themselves ' the friendliest atniospbere t that has prevailed in a -year for the startrof German. pea£e,treaty negotiations. ~ Behind- theni were 15 months of argugjehts >that, eventuallj- il?^gftcm6nt*her?L on treaties f or' Italy, "HmSfary? Rumania, Bulgaria and Jfinland. . i Ahead of threm is the far more difficult task t , of ' writing peace treaties for Germany and Austria, and-eventually one -for Japan.- Most optimistic estimates count on several years, of, peacemaking ahead. " ' -"British 1 .Secretary Ernest Bevin and ,Sovietl Foreign Minister V," M. -Molotov -were scheduled to sail, to, Europe on. the Queen Elizabeth. Secretary of State James F. Byrnes will fly baok^ to Washington and,' Fi-ench.. Deputj r Foreign Minister .Maul-ice Couve/-de Murville fly to Paris. ^ '^ The four accomplished here everything "they "set out to do, and agreed • on an arduous schedule _for the months ahead, to proceed with unfinished business." As a-,result of T decisions made here: • "" • Deputies Busy; - 1. The.Big Four deputies will continue working' here until the satellite treaties are'in final legal form for signing, hoping to have them ready for distribution to the future signatories for checking by, mid- January. « - '2.,/rhe five satellite treaties will be signe^ in Paris February 10. 3. The new Big Four deputies lor Germany and Austria will .meet in London on January, 14 to begin' hearing the Little United Nations express their views on . the ^ German and Austrian trades. 4. The Big Four themselves will meet for their fifth councl meeting in Moscow on March 10 to begin work on an agenda which was agreed to here for the German and Austrian treaties - " • Arms-Slashing Plan Gets Final Assembly Approval Continued From Page One n the arms slash program, Molotov charged that America's stockpile of atomic hombs' had" been built up for urge the Big Five to use their special voting privileges more sparingly. Byrnes, making his first platform ~ t'nlitoimim-.SKA Telepboio LOOKS CONFUSING—Sirs. Annette Llsewski Heft) and Miss Ber- mce Xedrowski (right), boib. witnesses in a C.'hicaso divon-e cu^e against Paul l,i».ew<ki, sire such icfrnticni twin M-ter.s that Mrs Lisewski's attorney put Miss Xadrowski on tht- stand instead of Mrs Ijsew-ki. Divorce was granted on grounds of crnt-lty. Valley Cattle Sales Stronger for Week Services Conducted Oil-Field Machinist use against foreign territory and not appearance Defore the assembly ior detente. j i iere> surprised the delegates by Molotovs- declaration was onel naming the countries ^here Arneri- highlight of a-pace-setting assembly j ean soldiers were billeted and'then session that included these decisive« set dcnvn tne exact figures on all steps along the road toward peace units outs id e former Axis territory. J*7in ciw»Mi*1rT." In giving the troop count, the .see- and security: ol State Byrnes disclosed to the world the of thus backed UP what oF all American troops ******* of his government repeat- outside United States borders, set-1 *%*.**% ™ld tne jirorld assembly- .ing ttie figure "at less than 550,000," , ?, he ,, Lmtea States has nothing to and thus become the first major hide/ 1 power- to meet Russia's original de-l Byrnes announced first that most would continue to rise. mand for such data. • 2. i British Foreign, Secretary Er- predicted rivers I nest Bevin said his country was [ready to w sujjly any information de- of the^American troops abroad were in ex-enemy territory—Germany, Japan, the'Japaneae^islands, Korea, Austria and Trieste./ ' He then gave these specific figures POINSETTIAS for Christmas Rotted and Cut Also Potted Azalea.?, "Cyclamen and Good Assortment of Other Blooming Plants Cut Flowers and Corsages for Every Occasion ^r ? ^ Prices for Every Pursue ORDER NOW TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT PIONEER NURSERY 715 L Street Phone 2-4748 WE WILL BE OPEN CHRISTMAS DAY Greatest damage was reported laired, reported that Britain had I from the Puget Sound area after the r slashed'its forces from "over 6,000,-! Green river swept over its banks to(000 to -well below a 1,000,000" and' _ ^, inundate ^ongacres Racetrack and 1 observed that after occupation com-! personnel including 30,000 combat J swirl through the,town of Earllng-1 mitments had, been discharged the tioops. on others: The Philippines—86 000 military .ton Flats, 14 miles soutg oS Seattle.' _ Emergency Homes Tied Crdss officials setr up emergency shelters in -North Renton, Wash., and in the Cedar River Park housing project to care for homeless families. At least .130 -homes rin Earlington Flats -R-ere (uninhabitable. t The water, in some cases, 'was up to j the eaves of 'the louildings. Heavy rains and melting snow in the Cascades tume'd^many ""streams into torrents. In the White river valley area, where flood "waters already covered 15 scfuaije' mile* Aid endangered 1000 families. -higher" water was forecast -for -teday;- •> • IA Red r Cross niobile Mtchen was fiei-vingfe 200 ia-sons at each" meal in Whlte^iv * 'figure^ WouKl -go" down even further. 3. By a vote of 36 to G, with Russia dissenting,' the assembly adopted a -watered-down resolution on the controversial security-council veto which does little -more than China—19,000 troops with 15,000 of them combat men. Pariama—loQfl. Bjrnes declared that the United States had ho combat units in-any other country of the world". Mt Rainier Plane Hunt Underlay JIT. RAIXIEK NATIONAL. PARK. Wash., Dec. 14. (U.PJ—Veteran mountain .climbers began a new attempt today to scale Jit. Ranier in search of a missing; marine transport'•plane believed to have crashed Tuesday I two miles up on snow-covered I slopes. Eight. men equipped with ski?, snow-shoes and a walkie-talkie sot turned buck yesterday after heavy fog dimmed visibility to a few yards on the. 14,40S-foot mountain. Coast CUiar-1 Lieutenant Commander E- 5L Finley. who is in charge of the party, said it was ."almost certain" the two-motored transport: with 32 persons aboard had crashed on the rugged slopes ! somewhere abo\ e 9.000 leet. Fourteen search planes were grounded Friday by storms which piled six feet of new-.snow, on the mountain and dimmed hopes that any of. the marines, who left San Diego Tuesday for Seattle, would be found alive. No Auto Strike News .Dps Stocks. (UPJ—A The farm bureau i_attlp markets in Funeral serviies for O ban Joaqum vallej were stronger i vid iaster, 52, vlvj 'lied \Vean«silny ; newspaper report that the C. I. O. Good readily to choice cahes moved at' $20 to $24. and a few A. Jr., assisted by the C. M. Ward. Interment was in Union Cemeteiy "nion won't strike 1947 oxcppt as resort- helped the up late in to- s two hour hesslon. " . . Reverend ( The x^v.York Times tie. la red that, "a major strike this winter in the autornutive industry over the .odd head of choice 200-pound animals brought $2S. ileauim grades were ?15 to $18.50, and common ?J4.50 down. Only a few heifeis were offered this week with good animals bringing $1825 to $19.25, and medium $15.25 to $16.25. Good sausage bulls were scarce at Visalia but a few at Madera sold medium -.I common muu i T ., .,, down to SD.50. x °' al years he Wlls ' a member, „, . , , Top grade butcher hosjs sold at• o£ Sunflower 7.odge Xo. 86, F. and , „ R<ull ' oad sluiros WOIP Pallbearers wete It is nephews, Uon- alcl Gilstrap, Robert, Paul, Calvin and Charles Laster and Jamet, Eply. -Mr. Laster was born in Panama, Mo., on May 17, 1894, and came to California in 193fl. He was employed as an oilfield machinist by Oliver ' Mining as much question of new wage demands will be a measure of last resort." Automotive shares, however. moved only moderately on the news. Chrysler- gained 1% .points but General'.Motors- had only a "fractional rise. In the steel shares the effect was more pronounced, the, group points in hogs $25.50 with a few at $26. Light ! A - Jr -> °f Wichita, Kan. sows brought $21 and heaw sows 1 World War IT he isas an auxilUr - If you're short of cash and haven't finished your shopping the best solution may be to sea "Personal," the company that likes to say YES to loan requests—no matter how small the amount (?25. $50, $500 or more) nor how quickly it's needed. . We don't waste time in deciding to make the loan—it's YES 4 times out of 5. Loans made on salary only, auto, truck or furniture. Outsiders not involved JSverybodywel- come—men and women, married or single. Come in or phone—today. FINANCE CO. BakeVsfield Room 340 Sill Building 1508 Eighteenth Street „ Under the Big Coca-Cola Sign Phone 6-6595 WALT VERHAAG; Manager BEVERLY TRACT LOTS AT REASONABLE PRICES WATER — LIGHTS — GAS AVAILABLE Beautifully Located Four Miles South on 99 Highway SAM BAUMAN and ED. COMBS Licensed Real Estate Brokers ' Pliones 3-0283 and 6-6733 * Trains JlaNedl tTnion Pacific ti-ains ^n Oregon were halted as flood waters covered rails. ' -• *'; -•» * « «*o — Kent, T?ash., one ""0% '^nef'-fHifte river valley communities,, was almost cut off from the outside world with bridges washed out and roads under -water, Flood* waters also threatened Auburn, in the same area. Green River A'alley, TVagh.; ' also was hard hit. „ Army amphibious ducks were -being used to evacuate a number of families. V California, meanw^iSej j' enced more normal weather today after dense fog lifted Friday after- n|on -which had grounded airplanes and slowed up train vand* steamship schedules, ,The - fog covered the coastline from Kureka'to San Diego and extended inland" to, Bakersfield and Kedding. * The passenger Ji (CAPITOL TO HAVE YULE TREE DESPITE REFUSAL OF FUNDS ' SACRAMENTO, Dee. 14. (U.S) A 25-foot Christmas trbe was being set Tip 'in tlie' rotunda of the Capitol building otday, although last year's tree still isn't paid for. The"" state controller's office for tlie "decoration last year and tm'ued down as illegal a ?40 claim ,,,the Legislature will be asked to approve'it to keep the state books straight Governor Warren personally asked that thd tree be set up this year, sajing it ''would be inhos- •pitable to "fay the least not to hare a Christmas tree to welcome • the public to the Capitol." " v - ^This fyear's tree will be' paid for from department of finance funds, "Finance Director James fcj. Dean said. . etaluma School Get Hearing into Los Angeles harbor late FridayV after being marooned outside the ', breakwater ~by the fog. PETALTJJIA, Dec. 14. <UPJ—Strife- ing "Petaluma High School students and many of theit\parents will nave a chance tonight at a public meet- j ing to tell the board of education j why they think Miss Ellen Trueblood should be -removed as principal. The board was to consider a petition-for her removal 1'riday night but-canceled the meeting when about 700 'Uninvited students and then- parents overflowed the high school auditorium. Ralph JBorden, board president, adjourned the meeting when they refused to leave and set a public hearing tonight. mocks, Allied G Alllr-CH Growth of Profits Termed "Amazing" CHICAGO, Dec. :14. (UPJ—Xeon Henderson, former^ ,OPA director, charged Friday night that C. B.'WJl-, son, president' of^General Motors Corporation, was* "guilty of ecoiiofliic heresy' 1 when he s>aid that prop.ose.d wage increases would mean corresponding price Increases. 1" Heriderson said the country Avas realizing the most amazing growth in profits the American economy has ever known,' and that the United Automobile Workers' (C. I. O.) demands for a 23.3 per cent wage boost are "valid.'* Even conservative economists agree, he said, that prices are out of line with consumer purchasing power. Henderson ^predicted that 1947 would see ''pretty serious tests of strength" between management and Canadi labor, and added "it would be a wise thing to recognize that there has been a decrease, in consumer pvtr- chasing power of 23 per cent since January, 1945." $27,50. at ?20. Feeder pigs brought ry VISITS QAVAJI TEHRAN. Dec. 33. (Delayed)- MP) Ivan Sadchikov, Soviet ambassador io Iran, visited Premier Ahmed Qavam Friday night sind spent about two hours Tilth him. .The natuie of their discussion was not rev ea'.ed. member of Culiturnia Highway Patrol. by gains of a point or more in such lendfis as Santa Fe and Xortolk and Western. ENe\\ here pi it PS were featured Surviving aie his widow, Mis slle -° Lila Slay Laster. his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George A. La«ter of H«ik- ersfielci; a daughter, Mis. Virginia L. Powers: a brother, Robert of B.ik- Gilslrap of Fresno, three grandchil- dicn, "Xorvm, Lawtoe and Jov Powers, all of Bnkersfield, u\o nieces and se\en nephews. largely by strength In individual is- NEW YORK STOCK CLOSE Dec. 14. UP;— Xew Yoik , 'mical and D\e-.. !? cay and i'oundrj _' ^ American Unll'mx 3111 -American Smelting and Kef _. Arnenian Tel. and T?! _ American Tobacco ' B ' A met i fan Vistose Aimom and Comp,ins AUhisun, Topeka 4, Sdnl.i I e Ati.xntic Jlefm njj Avi.illo*! <Joipoi.tlion . ,„ B.ilduin Jjouimome „. . .. ^BenOlv- Aviation . Bethlehem >steel ... Boeing Airjilane Boj den „ Brij.K's Malmf.n tui ing . . . CAlitn'ma J'arking . t'aluniet & Hei.ld _. ~. 35'J . 51'* .It.8 - SI . 31, '4 •U\ ' LiMiy-Ow ens-Ford Glaa!,. „ 53 Locn'a, Inc. ---- ., ___ .... .,„..'." sfs = ilaiuji (G. L,)...,. ,._.. ._.,r fc-JRobbi'n l (ft ..... __ Wontgomerj- Wind _ , ______ .... . _ (ft JSasli K"lvlnatoi' ... . w> "TJ' Natlanal J3i:,rmt " ~''~J. .\i ''"' ' " National ... y X'locliuls __ ,. f "" X.itloiiHl Lead .. . . w -~" f ~~ New 1'ork Central Voith AmeniMn .Wurlnn ._. .'1 .Ximb Ami'iitMii Coiuimnj . . Northern FjolCIc Ohio Oil _ ~ '."_"_ " Pdckaid .Motois' "."„." Pan Ampiir.m .\JTUMJS Paramount Pict'jies!a Ha.iro.ui . '. l'i> t I" Notices (jiTTKAlT AT PK1VATK SALE No. 8S-IU In the Supcum Co.iu nf Iha Plato of Cal.ioinM ,1, ..nd for the Omnly ol Kern. DRI-HV i" U ' ?' lha Estate o£ w - K - iJ>U It ' nf i ft ho ' . ASbtXIA'UOX, '" f l '" 11 " " and "'si-'nent oje n,, OHM debased, Hill » e |i Kt ' bi-lilei upon '" thl? '.n""?" "p"' 1 "" I(li: '»"» J i antl S " 1>J «'. '" confli manor, ( ,i pult " Cuu "' °" i'ecsmber 2s1 JLL * 110 " r ot 10 - 0() o'«l<wk A. it. T1l y ',° r thf '' Mr <«' 1 within th. timo • Uw at lhe ° rrira ° r Korton. 1 onioii 4. norton, 304 Piu'es^. ° State G. 1. OJraced tor-Double Onsjatight SAXTA CRUZ, Dec. 14. -(#)— Strategy 'to combat an expected onslaught on labor by both 1 ' management and the government was outlined today in the annual conven- Uion of California's ,'C.,I^,O., unions. | Harry Bridges, longshoreman chief I (I. L. W. IT.) and JTpfthei;n Califor( nia C. I. O. director,- tirged the 4500 . delegates to cling to theiy 'wartime Students who quit classes ' Thurs! eains, and later saw ""the conven- flay after a football player was ex- j vegetable canning, apparel and tin j tion Incorporate his -demands 'for pelfed contended Miss Truebiood j can industries. j f I.) . ..-. ( Ti.iuoi . . femurs Corporation . Chesapi-ake & Ohiu C'hrjeler Cohr.ito-Pnlinoli-ie Cnlumhla Oj« and EIrcliK Common tul I'leeiit Cummenial Solvents Commonwealth Southern Oon^olitkitid VulLpe ...... Continental Oil i>el.. Manufacturing Firms Use More Employes SACRAMENTO, Dec. H. (U.PJ—[ California's si-owing manufacturing t Industrie:; employed 61,000 more per-'} sons, last month than in November] of 1945, the state department of in~j coodyeir dustrial relations reported today, i Oient Northcm Haiiro.ui i Paul Scharrenberg, department di- Greyhound Cnrnni.mou rector, added that last month's; ji»ITa Hei*--- n ' nB ' ' manufacturing employment was up j internal n i.', T)u J'ont De Xfmo Kaslern Alrhnpt . Klecti u A«to I^ite Electric Boat . Flei tin, j/oufi & L (leneial J^lettilu I'oods . 65 per cent from 19S9 and 100 per; cent . from 1935. Employment] dropped 22.000, however, from <5c-1 tober to .November, primarily be- ! Kenng< ". seasonal layoff in fruit and > I Xlckei Can Int^inaiiomxl J'dprr .International Tel. A. Tt.1 _ Philip Morris . Phillips Cviiuleum J'uhlu SriMte of \ J I' . " ~ Itatito f'orpoiati"n ot Amtnia j llaiho-K-iih-Omhfum I Republic'steel'.I .„ ... i liesnoWs Tobacio C _ I Hii,h/It.M Oil f Wr lien If 3 J^i^tHleiy Sea U. Roebuck . ... Shell Union Vai utini .Sfitiiliern ^allfom.a IMi'-on Southern Pat'ifit—. Southetn ltallv.\ij» . . _ Sn»u> roiDoraHon Stantiald BraniH Stanrtaiil <>,ti= & ICff ? 4 nfo Kiand.iitl Oil of CahtmnU .. Stand.ud Oil of Indiana Srand.uii Oil of >.v\\ Jei-iy. Tetas Cnmpanj Tide "tt a.tei Askoi latmi Oil Ti m<Lon, i V(f-H"n An t mon Carbide * _. t'nion Oi 1 . . Tnlter' AirHi,»«"...". . 1'nitPd Airtiaft . - Tnifd Oa.*. Inn) Tiut'd States RuMi«: . . T'nitcd htateM Pteel WiMtenn 1'nion ,. „ . „ ,. Wnnlw urtfc , Toons-toi\n Ph^ft 47 , •T. '. I.S", -11^8 09 lit' HH fa i eel I 1. 1 an.) j m jjiocic ; 0 ( Altn 1. «a per map ro Pace 8 of i!a\>s in ' unity .Recorder of T.ot Mena Turt ,N, corded in Bunk the Offiic u[ Hi Ivtrn Counts, t uil 11 the Kast quaite .u,nn, u£ •,„,,„„ .t. Township : ' " C.ommui ing and to a" heme lunntiti, houth » de- Krtti ..U tnuiutti L aht JH 60 feet lo m,m""V h " h! '" " 0^""»«<^ »•• tie Point ol begiui,,,,,. j (; , vutDom (lt d ,,! fc. rHunit Ls n.etes, an.l l,, JU nii a the , M r. i.l «f land hcinii and heieby Erjiitrd San Francisco Stocks - j higher wages Into a nine-point policy i program. Congress. the maritime labor leader went on, cannot be expected to roll back prices^'tiut-is likely to do all In its power to reduce "wages. Looks^Like a Big Time Is Coming to El Morocco! Plan to Be There! forbade dances, in the high school In a } l < -575,000 -poi-.sons Poultry, Butter, Eggs T.OS A^GKl^KSi. r— 14. u^ u o mini',.! thence uinn'nt" h,.uth -ind su. h other wid s-uW.Msions ip source lcj;« Jid «ui,»lied irom f nuin<cn gymnasium, tolerated use of con- [ work in manufacturing industries f demned sawmill equipment in the ! Jast nionth, compared \vith school workshop and insisted the a J' ear a* 0 football tteain -^ear khaki pants m-i stead of purple satin ones students ' wanted. Ben. Bilbo Denies Getting $25,000 Continued From Page One d!a*ate : for 'the.-senatorial nomination -in 1942. , Chairman ^Mead (D-N. V.) of tlfe -war ^investigating" 'subpommittee •Which is probing "the reports of gratuities by war contractors to Sen- atoft-Bilbo, announced as the session Leonpard Claws Boy .at New York Zoo NEW YOTIK, Dec. 14. C2B—Three- year-old John Stearns -was clawed & .' Southern. FRANCISCO Hunk, 3 34 OP;—And A i ia s !>ma]1 S' a!i9 A -10Sf4J(., Uigc siade B Doernbather, Vji'Kmiwi um f. pwe!!, ."ii>. State. ,!i! 3 ^: OoMen Sta(» IDS. Honolulu. 35; Ku-fe. i-Fiafaci. S l . . 1-aiKen- minutes then minute* IxIFl Corttla. ..T 3 *, Transjamencii Air. 22H. UnllsTert. Al'»sh.un, 4>i; American Powei. 14'»: Blair & Companv. "" : Columbia Gas, ll-S,. Commonnealth Park zoo. The leopard reached through the bats of its cage and gashed the left side of his faqe. • His mother, ifrs. Anna. Stearns, screamed and snatched her child, opened .that a.stibpoena had been 1 fr ° m i le °P ard ' s reach, served 'on Edward Terry, former sec- ) ^ R °oseve!t Hospital physician retary aria' political aide o£ Bilbo iT. attende<J th « child said his'con- jiow in a liospital at Quitman, Miss. ' ° lt1011 ' lras "good." He was taken ^ trat Kallioad. 39: Oaha Sutrar. 17'«: Park rtah Jlmltie. 4>j: RivtrEide Cement 16. Southern California Edisor fl pfrt . " Imited Corporation, . . Wp^tates Petro- -, that Jie Beared for hisi life ( and safety otjhis wife>nd daughter, f •will'''appear here forthwith," Chair- •manjSIead-said: " IProm his hospital bed in Quitman,' Terry "said he -expects to leave for' Washingtoii'-tonight or Sunday. » ' Jo-Affect Career- _ >j Asserting bis testimony TVill have "a deOnite effect on Bilbo's political 'f-uture," Terry said; "I'll appear before the-committee if J have to go by ambulance." He said -he was,suffering from a , , ™.~^ rundown condition and a recent heart j group's Christmas ~T«trtv at-Hotel attack. „ - r s fii ' ^ El Tejon -were S. Lee" Tribble -of - '—^Tfl'r—-^ - Wasco, .^Ice-president- Frank L Lous- PALACE FOB, ELLIOT - talol of Weed Patctu 'secretary-WARSAW, Dec. 14., UB—Elliot treasurer, and Jack Allison ,of De- Rosevelt'-and bis -wife, will "stay iai lano ' ser &eant-ar-arm?. ' ^-, Wilanow palace-'as "guests "of the' ^-~ "'' Polish sovernment/Jt \vas learned' . CAB IS STRIPPED to •Justice Association Justice of tiie Peace Elmer X.obre of. Dejano W^ednesday was installed as presideaj^ of the" Kern county unit, Justice&iaad Constable^'Association, it xvas announced 1 today; Other ^ officers,_installeri during, th,e leuro, .30: Westasei Petio!»nm pfd . .. „, "Western Union, 19»«; WeslmghouEe Electric, 25. Los Angeles Livestock I.OS AJCGBLES De<- 14. C4P)—Caltle ral- able- for -week 8100: compared iasr Fr.daj' steera &fl to 75 cents higher he.fers su-onfe to 50 cents higher, co^ 1 - aO ccms to 51 higher, ijulla 50 cents hishT, j Stockers and feedeii* stea'lv v m^dinm to JBooii steprs S21O24: medium nrn* S16 M j ft39: medium to pood heifer*. I17@21, hiilk j medium to snofl cowi Jja-SO^ 15 73; several j lots to J17.50 Cutters and cann^rs $9 T5® 13 25; »anneri, down to $3; to gnod oulls tlJ.r.O'SlT 50. nwdmm to Rood ulrrfk- erir and fpederj; S15617.40, common to me- disrn stock coivs Iletall pricti to {n'atia A.\ 77tfls;.c, g>-ad» A S3'<i77o. amnt! 4S&50C, \siyf Riado B :4S= > -r-. Poultry change- Jtabinu i Ibs,. and'un- der i5fe26c. ' Cotton.Futures KEW YORK, Det. H. (ip,—Cotton futurfM were strong totiay win, p M <i~i adwnclns nearly $4 «i t),ilc Ilenvy tfade demand uncovpred a scarcity of nfreungs Futm»s closde J3 Oj to J3 <«> feet to a;' point- runnins South 76 dectees 40 \Vc- «r, :o r. et to a "int .xnd Ihf^. i.innms So-ijh 3 diiecii -0 n,,nii.,.« E.IH m bu fret to a Point, theme iurmn rf ..North 33 de* * i,ui sue feet to » .« n ,,th M de- fii» » I" J'f.i.l lhe,.. herchv Krantwl, th«i<'<. from , a M of beeinniriE-- runnins South , Krecs :o minutei Eavt 2-tO feef t duntf i»lM3t. 33 o7 nominal, up C3. Government Bonds (change. on th e ^ Legal Notices * oilcFTO~ciRFIMTORS~ Xo. S!t i^tucjj, cjo^* A^,t» t i;uiiiuiun uj roe- t T . _ >ck coivs 43W11.25. I s. , r SUDSrior Court nt ;h^ i=!at» o > salable for t\e.;k 010U- arUve. ,' California, in and for the Giu'ity of KCTI highPr. medium to cfaoko alauchter ITI S, matter ot the estate el Veinoi IS 50©21; cullers to medium-SIS® vlwn Oennen, deceased sura to Kood stockeii SU'a 16.50. . ™*l<x is hereby E .i(. n hx- Die unrfer j.i. JB o «aUhle for neek 050. 25 to 50 rents "'S^M JAMES 31ICH.VEL DKXNCX. ad- «er; weeTc's'lop iJ3, pulK good to choice "'nwrator of the estate of the ahove SO-2SS !bs. SZi-@Zi.5'j, irediam to good n ?. med d ecaased, to Ihs creditors, of. and iws 420.50® 22, _good to choice feeder piga 5 Be " ons fe avlng claims aeamit (he « A1 d 7 ''Wreps :o minu'eB Wnt 2% f^ el and ihence nnninc Xorth SO Atrrrr* 1<> mi,iul<.« Ea« 3C1 r^t to the point "f Iwinnng aforesaid, rontaintnr I ',"!S 1 'J nt ! re or 1< " 15 t "»<'lher with on» ' undivided unit merest In water and ' i^-iter distributing »y«oni «nd ftnv • 'Xtenaion or e«^nS,onK thereof, cut ah. or to be established hv » a M ' WRt( , r grantors, for domfit.c a-.*. t,,, ; inr for wi;po«« 10 onnon. nf lot. m Sul»M,k 10 n nt n-Pr-kenndR. No J propo«« f s,,h,l v .-,.,n of BirrkM for h aourrc Sh - »upph»d from *hai-pl5- higher, medium to ch,i calves t!S50©21; cullers to medium ,_, ISu medium to Kood stockeii S14S 16.50. Hogs -saUhle^for jaeeK 950. 25 to 50 rents 180-2 sow?, 420.50 ©22, _good to choice feeder pies 3 & 25. Sheep salable-for "week 2(}0; about steady; fevc good cooled ewes J2i>. good to rhmra quoted to J2i; Tnedum to good wooled eves • 0/ ~- ^~- culls to jnedfum JS67. Dow-Jones Averages „ „,- ! " deceased, to present them with* the necessary Touchers within six months after the firffi: publication of this notice, to said administrator -at the law office of Borton Fetrlm, Coaron and Borton, 304 Profes- «ional Building, In the'city of Bak<T»f,ei«l Kern county, California, whlcii saitl office ,»rkM, t TwrnUeu volume vrasj $180,090 snares sair.e volume Bond tjrDtHT of with >5,SS;,i.>Oi>. of ICf-rn. . 1 ilarci, 1.33 it. Bariej—December. 1.31; j Atoinfetrasor ot the eiiate of JSorton. Fetrin;. Toninn i Bonon. 3D1 Proles«'onal BuiWing. Bakerff'»id. California, Atiorneja for Administrator. £>ec- 7, 14, Zl. IS; Jan. t. Count*, f^nrnrnl, ' —^ "' - >r rffers are m\Ue>l fffi «anl pro-^ H. ,« <» •nngt b, n wr it, ns anti ,'„ c£nmn 2 "Li* 1 " ""'"' nf Bor ton. T'etrlni conron i Borton. r.ttnrn."rs tnr paid executor, or n-av be filod with tha Clerk •ta-ri .rJn'i?" 101 ' " r ,S nr do ''VfrM tc th« fi^w hi . persona at anv *""* after ITJ-C pjptication of thia notice and ba- «ore making- said sale Terms ana t-on-mions of s, ale: f. a , h , n 'awful monev of the United State, o" America, ten ner cent of tne jvtrchaw BAXTv OF \MK71ir \ \\TIdV\I, THTST ' OK A " Orr ^SOV. PT.CU!. a «, „,,, .„,, tf>lam , Rt O j ) tor of ih» i "\V. E Dr-n I ' Bj: I Dec. 13-27. inci. H. C HIXDERLITER. Asaistant Tru«t Officer.

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