Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 17, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 17, 1908
Page 6
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mnr rati gJAiLT MCB»^ BtgxBp IE&12.1M& Than we have Known for O UR garment buyer has surpassed himself. Never have we shown such a galaxy of garment styles, so much of originality, of new ideas, of fabric variety. The influence of the "Directoire" is plainly evident in the suit and skirt styles—the long graceful swing of their clinging; the tight fitting long sleeves, the elongated collar effects. Truly the "Dire|toire period" has left the fall styles many charming |nd pleasing innovations. You must see the new garments. Gonlie, glean the new style ideas. It is time to consider the fall wardrobe, time to plan your purchases. You wjll find this a money saving opportunity. Our buyer secured some big bargains in Ready-tojWear Garments. In fact you will find every one marked at tempting prices. Children's Bearskin Coots An dpportunity to save 50c to $7."5 on cxeryi coat "you buy, |i\ Infaifs and Children's- Bear Skin . Coats, jsize 2 years to S years, wliitc, red. grey and brown, ever.v one wortli $2.50 to $3.00; special price for this • big Garinent»3ale 81.95 bonit delay, come early. Here's another value you don't want to overlook. Children' Bear Skin ciats, well trim mei and lined throughout, all sizes, sizes. Coats worth $3.50, every one: during liig Garment Sale for 58^.49 Still ianother one—better than ever— in a few weeks we cannot offer you Buch tiempting values. jThis was an early Wrchase and we were lucky in gettlnjg such a big reduction. . Bear Skin Coa s trimmed with silk braid brass buttoris, all colors, regular pride $3.75, but they go in the • big Garment Salej at ... .| $3.19 Bear! Skin Coats iu light shades of blue and tan. al^o brown and white, heavy jauilted lining, evefry one worth $5.50, sale Children's specially ' priced ! i • for this Ji;4.50 Buster Brown; Coats, made of red twilled cloaking, trimmed •with black velvet and belt to match: pirlco each $3.50 SUITS, SKIRTS AND OTHER] WEAR READY-TO- Blue und Tan Striped i3ui (,b. manish rut. Coat, satin lined, four piece Fkirt, strap trimmed; jirice ,810.00 Young ladies' Suit in blaek ind red mixturp. serge lining, trimhi !d with velvet aud brass buttons, ))leited skirt price IS15 .<KI Fancy Cheviot and Worstekl rinished Cloth Suits in brown, blue anti green, gored or pleated skirts", jacke s lined with satin, trimmed «vith brajds and buttons, a dozen stvles to seject from. S'^0.00 price The new Empire Mousse green suit made of fancy striped Droadqioth. trim med with satin and buttons, Ibigh satin l>and collar, pointed lapels, jacket satin lined, gored with 6-inch bias fo'd satin buttons, full length of skirt: price i ,Sa4 .50 XEW BELTS. New Belts in fancy embroidered i patterns In all colors, price ' 50^ TO $3.50 FUKSES. •New NovellieB in Fancy Bursts and Bags. alUgator coin purses ,....49<^ Rt *i Alligator Bags, father lined, at . .. ... i JWJ.50. »8.50. «13.50 I VEILIXCJS. Fancy Nejt Veilings inllbe leading colors,! 18 inches wide, priced at per yard .[...: 350! to 65e . XXX Quality chiffon Auto Veilings in' tan, brown and blue, pricis per yard .: 50<t YOUR GOWN'S LIFE Depends upon. proper Sponpng and Shrioking— INSURE; IT The Duplex Spotless Steam Sponiier Docs It... Neither Wet nor Wear can Fease the Gown that's Shrunk by it. THE L-MFOBH WCE IS! G Only 5 Cents a Ya^..') Women's lx)ns BJack ^lolton fnafo trimmed with velvet an«l braid, a roat that is well worth $6.50. but .vou'M find them itriccd at ijt.'l.OO Lung .semi-fitted Coat in Castor 5nd brown, black aud navy blue, triiunieci with velvet and braid, y«ike lined with satiiii siicflal price 5i»T..10 Long Semi-fitted, Melton Coats trim med with braids and velvet lined with satin: price S1O.0O Fancy Rubberized Silk .\uio or nility Coats in il;nk grry .stripe.s; special price S5 .<K> , .Mis -sies Knblierizpil Storm Caiies with howl atlache'I. all ^•i /•:es. irOin H to 12. ii cape woriii J '.iMt; snecii-l price .SS.O."* Women".s Tan Auto Coat with leather trintmeil cuffs, collar and pockct.s. A new n<»ve;iy in the coat line; special price ti?r.5(» Huliberi/pil Silk Autn ij I'lility Coats in all colors, either plain or VM' a I ..... 10. Jg 13., »0. .SI 5 Fancy Striped (5ro}- and Ifliick Unli berized Silk Auto Coals, reinforced shoulder straps, turned bJck cuffs. Priced .-It $:2.1.00 K'evcu tiorcd .\avy Bl le Serge Skirls, from opeiiinp button and open full front length, trimmec with self bands and Taffeta, price $8.50 Swell iJlack Voile Direct )ire Skirt trininjed with taffeta, front left side pleated sore, om- of the richest black iikirts (IU the iiiarkct. price ..JHI 7..'>0 Semi-.Madc atid Ready .Macie Dresses for afternoon atirt evening venr. Fancy Net Scaii-niade Dresses in white and colors, skirts or* finished except one seam and there s enough material for the waist with irimmlngs complete.; price $7 ..?0 to S25 itatiste. Ca.'^bmere ami Mes^^aline Iteadj -niade Dresses in blue, brown and sreen. all are richly trinmied, priced at SS13..">0 to S47.50 Kl'-ven Gored Black Serge trimmed with Taffeta bands ami buttons. Price »7.rii) Skiits in blue, brown and black, in all weaves imaginable, gored and pleated, trimmed with straps, taffeta and satin. Priced at ..... I . JS3.95 to $1 7..10 Ileatherbloom Petticoats have the riLstle; colors, blue, brown, green and black: price StJ.oO Fancy Taffeta finished Petticoats in black only: ' Priced at.. JSl.OO, S1.25. SL.IO Great Sale of Ladies' Waists One lot: of Fancy Silk! Waists in' Piaids and solid colors, 'worth $5.00 and $6.00; special price, while they h'st S3.39 New white and Araoian Xet Waists tieatiy trimmed with lace and ipser^ - tion. priced .• ^i. S3.75; $5 One lot of Rich Arabian Net Waists |. tiiiumed with lace edges, insertion audi medallions, worth $5.. .Inst a few in the lot: special price, while they hi-t «2.49 Fancy Silk MeseaiJne Waists in brown, blue and black, all sizes: Price $4.00 Fancy Silk .Messaline Waists in light bine and maize, richly trimmed with lace and insertion, ji -ice each $5.00 White Linen Tailo.-ed Waists tucked front, plain back, special price $1,50; IV .'hite Linen Herringbone Stripe Tailored Waists, eyelet tailored, collar ?j to'inatch; price $3.35 White Linen Tailored Waists tucked front, plain back, price $3.50 Colored Taffeta Siik Tailored Waists in red. brown and blue, high choker.] collars: price $5.50:| Have you seen the swell '"Direc-ij toire" Gown with its rich draped folds j and side pleating? .ft— I! Gilt Neck Girdles with knottnl enil.s. 2J inches long, price eaih ;*,•»<• Flat Tiiisil half nub wble. knotted fringe. uO Inches lojig. price each ,"iO<^ Fancy Braided GiU Neck Girdles, knotted ends. 24 inches long. Price «5<- Fancy Neqkwear Gilt Rope .Nrck tJirdles, fijince ends. 27 inches long; price ::•; iin-bes ."^liiral Rope Gilt Girdles, loiig. hi'ovv fringe ends. Price each $1.00 jo .S3.(M» Wa.sli SliK-k Collars with |ie attaeh- I 'll ill white and colors, pricf 3.'»C UM* Ptttsbm^g and AtcMson, Kan., C^iirie, Qkla. and Carthage, Mp. Fancy Uice Stock Collars in white atid folors. with riiiiioii trimming, pricf. each 50f Itlack Silk Tasusels and Pendants for iiiiiimiiiR piiri)oses. Price each H)C and I5C ABT >EEDLE IVUKK. .\ bii; shipment of Fancy Art Needle. Work just received. Stamped • hand* k^'rcbiefs. towel and scarf paterns. priced a 35tf lo 65^ Wallachean Embroidery stamped sU-arfs. ^ize 22x46. in natural Uoeo.- prK--' m.oo Pillow Tops ZixZi. natural color linen, white and three shades of blue. nri';e each '. ;... 65^ f \\Tiile and Green Coronation Cord; creenis priced at 3^ yard: white [ lOc and iiit bunch. 6 yds. in bunch..; TALCLM POnOEIL Sana Dermal Talcum Powder, aj Japanese Talcum, highly .scented;^ 1; price per box j HOC Read the DELINEATOR, on sale 1^1.00 per year. here. BALL GOSSIP Sprint^ld i Want* Broke Even.-^roggins ^eleaae*—Kratzburg With Lincoln. . on nsfield broke eves with joplin day, vJEnntnc: ttie second of a header. In the first game Tam- ...jyr .>nd Afty Wilson were the lUdcetawbo could connect with er. >KuaUe made one error In jOOOtMi In the kecond game - «nd!Mwedltih .were the -i Ito ^iltr safely »T error la hard tn [lia^ promised a release lo Outfielder Arlo Scroggins; Scroggins wouldn't play for what' the Mets offered him and hence remained out of the game for a season. He is free to sign any.; wbere he wishes for next season, and If he should display Irts old form Arlo would make a mighty good man for some W. A. Team.—State Journal. Kratzburg With Lincoln, you' remember Kratzberg—Krau, we called him He came down from the farm at Greeley two years ago last spring to pitch tor Fred Hobart's team. He was a big, tall, awkward, homely fellow and many were Inclined to call hiifi '''green," X^ven some of his team mates were ashamed to aa- .fwcUt ^B with tbe "reobm."; iCr«tx did, pntty .w «n j Swe^ hoa ^var .'aiid op^d wonderfully and last [spring £>ale Gear offered him a Job wltjh tbe Montgomery' team In the Sonthem lea- gn^. But his bid manager, Fred Ho- -ba it, got to him first and he Joined Ho part's Oklahoma Indian team whicn tot red Kansas, Missouri and other stikes this y^ar. He was JKuown as th(| Big Chief and with his dark skin locked veo' much like an Indian. He pit thed sixteen shut out' games for Hobart this season and has signed wilh Lincoln In the Western league forjncxt season. It CALLED. LADY L^AR. ho9% a Circv* iNan Five Dollara In Pellc* Court. , , (Plttabnrs qeMU^U ^ \ :Wbrd|^f» mrB^^ Itar. Mtf you were In the city yesterday checking up on lithos and other preliminary work, the sum of %o. lie probably did not think about it, but the lady to whom ttie words were addressed did, and at once called a policeman. The check man entered the ll'rlsco restaiuraut where there were supposed to be lithos hanging in the windows in consideration of complimentary tickets. He foiiiMl a lady washing tbe windows and tbe lithos lying on the counter. He asked her for the order for com- pllmenUry tickets and when Ic was handed to blm be tore it up and told her that she ought to have left the lithos in the windows aa agreed. She toU him th«t she had Juat talt en Ithem'down for»w momentac -tii> ey when Officer Lawler took him before Police Judge Holden on the charge of pjeace disturbing. He plead iguilty aud paid up. ALL State issues ABOUT ALFALFA. New Book, Which is Free to Farmers, A unique publication has Just been issued b;- the Agricultural Expert ment Sti lioW at Manhattan, Kansas. It is a lulletlu on alfalfa to which nine me nb^rs of tbe station staff have con rflnitcd. each In reference to that phase of the subject with which he la mo^t familiar. The bulletin con- taina sommarixed reatatementa bf the contenta lot bnrloaa. boIletlaK w the sohieei .tamfed:>y sthei^ ' '^o|#hi4!la.e]dmttai(^ia^ suits obtained by other experiment stations. One hundred sixty-five pages, including sixty 'illustrations, are r^uired for the slibject. which is! treated in fourteen" distinct articles. | The bulletin. No. 155, will be sent free] to all farmers who i;equest it. can nbt afford to miss, llie queatioii will be brought up Saiiardajr ni^t and it is possible tliat changei-iwilL be made. ' ' I • UYMXASIUJI CLASS AHEAB. FOR FEEBLE "SLD BOYS. Leads Other Contestants tor Xeatber-' ship ia Y. Jl. C» A. - i- I The G. A. R. Meetings May be Held in th* Day Time. A matter of Importance to come up before the meeting of the G." A.' R. Saturday night is; that of changing the time of tbe meeting from nigbt to day time:' Many of the old aol- dlera'cannoC comei out lat night be- a.^'Qeaire In the battle for meiinbershlp between the gymnasium an«J Bible class- - ---^j es of the local Young Men's Christlaa ]\ Association the gymnasium class gain- ew quite an advantage Ubt;4$«iiin4 byt.- < adding fourteen new mtanltirs, W&1 I«>: T,I the Bible class only total for the two cla la 140,for th» wm «l|*»ii-. 'th*'Bllde.:cl«p(':^prar':^iii^ ithlr'

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