Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 17, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 17, 1908
Page 5
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f, - ; ^mwLA Ulnar nssisnM, •nammAr grcnyg. Every Pay of Me Year Persons who fail to put their money iu the bank are the victims of the£e robbers. Honest me^ and women by keeping their money out of banks, fatten thieves. ! ! If you are a customer of THE STATE SAVING3 BANK, your money is safe from loss by thievery and your cl'edlt at the bank is worth a great deal more to you in the way of hielping you to make more money. j To be able to command ready money at JUST the right time is to open the door to financial success. Let us be your banker and friend to help you on the road tp prosperity. State Savings Bank Ma, Kanmam Opcu from 7 to S p| m. Saturdays and Pay Nights lOLA 1C£ AND STORAGE CO. WhoUsalc ' :aa4 Retaa Dealers CRYSTAL ICE AiirDistilled Wat^r 'ifinb^cM. Fhoae 111. FRANK RIDDLE, Mgr. ThipS Bongh L'ontractorx, Englnrrr?, Sarrryors, Fully enalppe'd for all kinds, of snrveying, estimating, patent drawing, blue printjsv maps, sidewalks, cnrbing, and talrra draiiiase. ; Office Om •famous." THE , - Gblden West. Land Co I . * 'ttTcrs jdii Iiettor i>|i(ii)orniiii- tios II) bt -n or fxrhaiijn' >our f;ir;n or l>iisitie.>~ ihroui:!! it? co- Oiliif (hrr Iowa Ston- lola, KaD!>as. %fe«r« qaallty-te saMim conitt- •Mtlon w» bra thm bwt Wbar* iaBanda wUl Jaattty. V« fxa IM and pttoML K^Mutt tide SqVKM, Mi, Kuft. • - 4 tOLOXIST KATES i iD#Uf«n]a, Ar2x«Ba, ^'tr. I>ailt miHl UeykerSl, 19<lS.i:)W.OO^ from l»la, Ktis. Ijipeni stopover i-i ivi'ozes. I'er- soni»l(Iy.conducted ex< ^irsions. TW .kels irieaMOfJPuIInian r«'c. and in <-hair car. jiK^ better way r.f hcciniinq: ac- quaiatedj:-wiUi the r;:|eat S'.ii'bvvr .-i'- Where* sna*!! farms jielji a C"rnpe^rr.',e. than ftJT jiraveling over .Let send yon > vmat California, Ariz W. ErRALSTON, A=ent.. 1 ; " :'Io!a. Ka:i>a~. ime l !'"ia'-i .T >Hia. >•<>:. ; -It - Wujyer Bros, JVHOLE^OME O ^I ^OCERIES M *!at».a?'« s^Id HM rhf n:.-i:iS|<if •heir hUt^ »t4 :id .t ;vjl i.. Kaeki,...,j *IJW JIST Sl.HiHTLY l.\ EltKOiC Maurlt l<.izcUc Criticixni on l.wal Fair Is lujusJ- hr.:t had P|><)ii (lisi.i.ty,, ,,fi fyriu ;'iij 'i:n:.> aiidisom.? !:vc itotk' Tij.- :;iu".iud-- wore crowded wisli (^o:ir*— >'u>r.< such as cane ra.-k.-. iiisioiia'Jo, and sniail side >ii(iw.- Tin.- .-'l''fak> band fii: ;ii»lH-il iiii:-:( ot- <!iy. hu: tlu- on!^ !';a; erif!- rain:ii«iif iiirni^iRii u, ;hf tli'^i.-and.- of i.eojile wh'. aueiidi."! liic f.iir »a- :h» iiojv-f lacins TJif much icii^r- liMid airili:!) wii:r a j;rf-aT di.-aiiix"!::!- Tij'^ ri;;,ir .-.'lain.'! U,i'.'i,i>v, njrli a i>a.-kft i::i(leriit"aili rtt<. i;«::;h- of ihe : r» <• .-oii- ,ia;i Mojffd th.» f-'iirrur c. fair for a f--v iiiintite; jri 'Uiid thr- ::MI!.II'!,-. Thr aliovt» riijijiii.'- 'i^Ut-n froni lin- W'.iv.r^v lUi/.f'Af '.> ;i:,ir-i<ai;> litn-ini • if a> citii Iff Tt.'-i:?ii'd !.> • (I 't; "f jMupif « lio a't.'iided r.'i.' \'.\'.'u r>iuiil> fuir Tlu.—' .-anif> iit-o[«!c .i .M r<-Mf\ 'hA> fhf <ijr;-i ;'U-> lia.'- !i. . !!•'.•!.T :tif siiidatiri- uf Cap-aia .f:ick I'ai:;!.-. tloativ] ir^iii '.Jb-- fair :;ri .a:i <l> <>\'r th>' !it!<;ntf>? <:ii .-':.i" <•'. 'i:,' <!ty and rt'iiriiod :<>'.•'.• -'.ir:;!!: priin: Tiv.T- pvrtMi ;nai;o' r »'|i. arid ,-v \fIj; Till!!-,- Tijei!- «•<•.>• nuii'.ti.'r o: fit'v t ':.:fr!,i;ini.<•••••• or. ;;r». ;:i<i,s Tii^ farm iroiiiu:-. fii:.-> and iv.> >;oik d ;>,N.(?> \\»Mt'- aiii'iiic (.'!.• !.v«: «x<r vXlli^ir -.i il! III).- <..;.:;•; TIIK MHillTV I'OMEI! OK >H-»-\\. .Mi -o -!:;t. Tiiat t ^xiranrdiiiar;-! r- .-la ia : .v >-i;'V -four hours. | , I- u. c-.,.- ir.i:.'. -d tr ;«•:•.•:- !: A ••• ••'•.ni- • 1- ..: 1.. 1 • !} , ; i'ifu: •>a.-v- or d> :f T .-.K -'t: a'<';'!;a:; r-i iij,''-( 'i'.';;.Mi -o -na tal.."-- ;.o- i,;.'-. <-m*- i!>-;i -ia. ijir lu '-h •'.'.-•<:r::tnri-< >n'h as vonut;T;p ••f j.:t'::iM:ii >. ::-a oi i -ar >;:;r -r":i;a'-h .-;<-k- M :-o -:i ,i <••,.•- :i ::'.'ier;::ii: .i.-i'i invi;:o:;i'•ht- t'a'.''.> sr:i!iiar:li wa''- and a:r.-!- .-. .<.ii:—• of M.-'-.-ia r-f-a:- : o :p ^;:;1«I :o:.. if iii-;" aio'. wji Head ;his trotu ^tI»•^ ii; of a N^-i V'-.rk '-ori f>;.!•.'n. " 1 !•; r .f- ••(•(>'i ;( -t -rribif - K R'v. fi"iii <;•• ?.;ir ,•^;a ;it,<! ;:a-;ri'!- !•>;• ; A o •..•a,-. 'rn<' luosi "iii.i!'-;'? ^.!l:•^:fi .^;l.- iit»'7-<-i-h <'i :oi III' V. ijo fff.-c:. I liavf lipr-ii .'.!)> i'll'tl. iM'.-t'd U; vour Ml-o-lia •it.'i I'- I'r,-' '.;!•• ~it\p'n,'- a r»- i;:<-vcdi*ji'-."—iifib"-.-: H ;T.,:;'.I, v.-^-ri i r: sv ->-r N-w ; :-.-.-::a iiiO.-' <-co:!oiii!ca! ir -a^- nifji'—•! !io\ of talilPIJ onI> •'(•'-fs "T.:- Cii.i- f; Sii.;:c< r \' Icf'- a!.<i.'Hi- ii\six^i.; rn'r\ous o; ill.'; t«;>f »ti" d'l 's n-t •-•jvp ih^in .i ina'., i> ".o>.:!U \iV. o;i;io-, r lUil'> !•> I'.'- j:a;ii Jfa.rli MARTHA IS HAPPY Bros. Colored Woman Pleased That Jury Did Not Find Her Guilty of a More Seriou» Offense. I 'ills Noil. I aili >'!!»• litliihtN fi.t|i- IH >aid MvJrt .liM Williams w: i u ^&«) lilt' J!irx hmi Idiiiid lit-r JKMttiv of maiisUiiK'lii*'.' 1(1 il )i> loiiiiii 'd «>Kr>'.' ill till- dt -.illl «>f Itud S .ipto iM .inlo tiunl.,s nhi'' stiiMiW I M> wid! ^af. • ivHoii iiui' t!i<- Jiu> dill tn>' find ^<i-r 'cvltu i)f HrM <lo"iJtv«' iii'irdrr D U H I T R ih«' trial sh<-, s» iniH'd iin<H<nr «Mn <''d I'lit ln'r ffrltiitil .•(ii> iinrfstrj »tti>'it now — O>.vtors any style at Onr-Way. iTIn' <iiiis;a -,1 uiiaw of Tows^r nias'i- I awM> tlio narije,-t SIDUI'. ! Thp oonsumt knaw of Towser m:tMi- I <ai(s the to'iphi'st Iwup. TliP constant wOoing lover larrits ' away the bluthing maid. And the Coni>tant Adverd^er is man who GETS the trade. the , F M tke biect mui qakkest malto \iTf-^ Kcsi«t«*» Wait jC«^uuu jbr. Hfriih) Disappointed. Or. ly. H. Hlrah regrets that he was calledfl out of town yesterday on husi- he was very desirous of meeting Joe Cannon. The doctor and the >peaker were intimate friends back |n Illinois and it is a source of much; disappointment to the former that he was not able 10 shalse "'Uncle Jcie's" hand again. -Mgy Jy »i P5^ ypv.., "Remi/lesible Progress. Contractor GilBUan. irho Is macad amising N'attqnsl avenue, and farickinfc East Wall street, is nisbin;; tlie work as much as (lossible. as he desires to have all ot his present contracts fill cd before cold weather sets in. The brick work Is now almoat completed on East Wull strdeet. and within a few days that roadway will be turned over to the city as completed. Remarkable time has been made in the paving. a|< it was expected that it would, require a much greater time.— Ft. Scott ^Republican. —.Merchant"? Lunch at Our Way. —Hji M. CBBninghmm, ft per none}'. cent On the Oiher Side—But There. J. «. Uoshorn. rock ribbed tKuuo- ciat. was an inif-rested listener to tKe Cannon rear end speech at the Santa Fe diepoti, .Mr. Goshorn heard .Mr. Cannon niake a political sju't'ch just :;t". years rago near Danville. III., and ho hid not since seen him. Th<^ finfst and fresi-ost lin.^ of ran­ dies in town is at Muudiss. t.rain toOiC : )\V Wi •i"ook "Uncle Joe's"' Picture. llrul parlies who wot'" at thi» Ijesterday noon had kodaks and inap shots of "Tnrlf Joe" while li^ making hi:< addres.s. —SfK pT rent rti.ine.v: no mtntnifsion: no delay.—Smith & Travis. [' ____ si. M. Cooi^er Brought Suit. T! <(• S. .M. Coop.-r I .Mmli <'r ('«ni|>;iii.\ iiroii:pt .siii; In district conn y<'ater- dav jijsainst H. .\: .al. to recover {Jii:'.:'. and to for."'clo.«.- on a nip- '•hani^'V lien. Tlu- property ;-'volved li'S i i the Hankin.-. ad'^ition. New'. i»o.>t card.s. Miindis d.-tig etorc. Iliii Prow*' of lUinois. ii>lsans wor>^ proud of t!i«'ir na!iv.- .skate yo.storday when -Mr Cannon clrt^w snrh an iminens'' rrowil to th'- 'Itipot with only an hours adver- ti.sins.l — Hoard, room. ::i:' South Jjf ji; ."ii Mri=. Burton to Come. .Mrs. Klla G. Bnnon. candidate for stntt' i sni)''rinr<'r'!«>nt on tlie [V-rno- ( ratio! lirki't. is to niak»^ two address. s in I .Mlf-n county n^xt woek. one at Humboi'lT anri onf her.>. -DrsJ lathrop, O-iteopslh*. Phone iKi. Bryan Club to Meet..' Til.- i Br.van clti!> is 10 hold a nif iiiu at!the <-.l'.il> room tomorrow night- — It-irO"r,\Vav Soda Water.. I Marlti^n Will Come. r. r.|; .Vortt-iip. chairman of the Rc- ;iiiidicaii connt.v centra' coniinittoc. nilfivo;! word from Coiieressman Kd M :l 'di.son that h*- will fill his en- i :a:;ero'^tit her>-> September :;lth. Con- sre»sii>Hii .Madison is one of the fine.ct o-a'; in Kansas. ..-I !o, ird. room. .".If Poijtn .-^r A Brotherhood Meeting. (•x<'ciitiv,. s.-ssion of M. K Broth'-rhooil nish: hefore last ro::it;'it; es »»»r>' r':;j>s>'n for year. .Mr. C.'K I ^Hns: is c airman of the loti 'aiitte.^ on re!;ajo!!s an ^i s.>cia: st-r- H.> , i- ass:sr.-.i 'i\ !4 coiumi'- •.11.!. Cii.i>. Flip"-; is chairman pt 'h- tlih'-' -.ou'. niirsiofi stniy .1. E. P.-,A .1I is chair !ua:i of the f-Mows'.tip oii'.ini:'-f This comniltte.- is com­ ix s-ii of nvniliers K W >jT>ler is ' ii:>; of th" n>eni'><rshi;> commit- ce. Returned Home. J. R. f;arrison. of lola. brother "Of (i. Carrison. of this city, returned home ti;is morning. He came here to attend the funeral of the late Ptarl Garrison.—Ft. Scott Tribune. —Before Imylag your fall and winter mlllincrv. see ny e'egant line.— .Mr.«. Pefiy. lO.Su E. .Madison. Sal ina Expects Us. lola is an.\ious to secure the next annual state meeting of the Antl- fiors" Thief association. This year's annual n"iting will l)e helj in Sa- Hna about "he middle of October and during its moetinc here lola will seiid I'> members of her commercial club I'osides ahont 2.-> members of the association to Saliiia for the purpo;«e of pnliin'.: the next meeting to Tola. .The Salina commercial club wilt probably make special arransements for re- •eiving the metuNrs of t);e visiting club.—Salina .lonnial. Mundis now has the agency l.owne>"!-- chocolates. for Plat i« Filed. The i>lat of the Brooks and Ifos- foril aildiMon to Humboldt was filed in the recister of dee<ls office jrs- terday. The lots in the addition arc meeting with a good saic. —Soda Water, the Our Way kind. 1 Com"; to Circus. Mrs. .1 W. Brumlde and daughter. Wilnia. expect to go to lola tonight to visit friends and he there- for Ringling Bros, cii-cus.—Garnctt News. —Frank S. Pe.iftlp V. S. Phone 133. Humboldt Man Married. Ill the list of tnairiage Ucenseji In last nislifs Kansas City Star appears 'he foIiowln-.r:: Henry pebrick. Hnm- i-oldf la., ageiil "J.". Kathtrinc Neil. Paola. Ks.. ag'jd 2:".. —Our. Oysters. Way. Lanyon Bouoht Team. f)r :i- of the pricvs paid for a te.iiii of lior .4 '^s ill r'llis .section ijj a long time wUs paid i)y .\lvjn Ijn- yon. a PittsVutrc hanker, for a carriage team H- pa,'id for the team.— Pittsburg Headlight. -~ If >oii uant the late.i' and ni«-est po.-r .car'ls on the market, -.rer them at M'indis druK store. Mr. Srott at Greeley. Til-re wil! he a hi*: Snmla;. .-M -hrujI •.icni<- ar Gr.—l-> the la.-r Sa'nrday in S-pt-niNM- Consressnian Chas. F Scott will l.e The i.riiicipal sp-ak-r— Garn-tt .News. —rt»' a Booster—Home Indu.stry— Nco.'ho River C D" :.t Our ^lay. \ Passenner Traffic Good. Th- t-aiiis a' this time of the year are fsH-'! wi''. passcncers. peo;«' who ar- lefirnins hom- from vacations NearU cVfrv train through lola Is crowded of late —Kiil -i- rei!dencp ;«. trade for •'. p!I '.'i -er;• <".o<:d ho>i-e wiih harn 'o Ti: •tti (.;>Vf! .:re.- Ki .ti;- r-orii fhr .-ale. fur $>.'•• \Mv:takrr Kr^H .ne: : j'riisturbed Hi«; Sleep. cji »ir ,i<' <'o 'Tr-il was arr -vti,! yes- T'lax (i;: loiiioiaiii' of .Mrs .Symore wli.) <-li.;:iw -'la: li- assa'iiu>I her while S:|M and iyr ]r<\- son ^ver- pidl- in;; a wtason ovei- jh- sidewalk l{e •.vorl.s :it nisht aii'l sl -ejis in th- day tin;-, .iiid comi>'aiiis trat the ii»)gh- .oi.>. ,!isti:l( his slunih'-rs. c 0060000000000000 o o O UalHi jiMir wife jou nill O O di.-r<y«er that O C 1': O. O she !nants to Icam l» ndlcr O »kat.l O O I O 000 oio 000000000000 Auditors Are Here. Mr Feet and J J Hair.i. auditors of !;,.• l.aii.>on Company, came in ye.s. t- riav ou h-isinefis for the company .Mr Peet won the tennis championship in this eonntv last fall - Voujl art ih>' l'e>t ' ' drlis; s'orv -pl- es a' liiir- Want Youno Veterans. V 'h -i' nieet;iiK of the .•<»Il!ia Com- mcic'al jliii' i.tst litftht it WHS \ole*l •11 l«rl;;i; the x.terHiis of 'tie Sl»<«nl»h- .\Mi«.Micwi!. «m h« r<> n. Vt Si -ptember. St the s£in.- ili'.ie thai the T«en!l«'th K ^ns.ts I'eifrans m.—t 'n S .-»Un« — S«- lliia Ji>;: tiiii. To Cure Oy««rtw4l4ciMl«n O M M I iBfuuumlUlc* WMEFIELD'S Blackberry {Balsam Whit* it u,k quick xr.d posi^ve cure fojr D 'urrhoea. Pyser.t«ry and Gboielra Infar^ trnn. it does not csnstipatej. h'62 years A — \ntn Garage sn«l Repair Shop for «ll kirid^ of repairing. .(Intomobile lirery. rhone ^9S. Bollinncr at Chanule.- .Sh-riff C O. Bollinser ram- < from lola this niornins to .serve suV i.oerias In an .Mien countv criminal case. • » • Parks M.-lmick went fn lola liiis nioriiiiiu^ —«'han'ite Snii. —Insist on harlne "I'. .S." noar. Few Chickens Here. Not niiic-h attention wa.s paiil her" to t!i- openinc of the prairie ehiek-n .season, which hc-san Monday Nim- roiJs say that tl'-re are not many cliickens in this loca'irv. - l''':.:v <i( e:^rnatioll^ anil ro.-'cs at I'riniiiie: .... iio-A fo;- .-v.-n I K.I I V. I'lioti.- I'X. Elsmore to Circus. '"liff Hnff. th.. as.,essor of Elsmore. hea^i—1 a partv of Elsmore p-ojile here to'lay to attenfj the circ'is. — Fresh Oysters—Onr Way. Saw Circus Unload. .V lasce i;iimher of vtVHi; iipople cot iiii ••arh this morninc anil wcyt to 111.- tl-iK>t to s«-- the circiw tiuh^td. Postmaster Mi^y Have to Instruct the School ChiJdren on Postoffice Business. The Kansas Postmasteu convention which conven spring atloptelfi mending that ineht lake the school ckiidreii Is an ordeal ^Kicii aSimmda^iH^ ^ nothing comiMre»to,t***»-^'^ . <rf,chad-birtJi .^;;1^ of the ^ufFerihg in ^ore K her robs the expectant mpti^j: , '^ofi pleasant antidpofioiil^f -."v -o -.idsjo^women have Found the use of ll <rtber.'tjFri{eM;n:$s cbniinenient of much pain and ins ires safety to nfe*|of n{>ther'and child. This liniment is a God-send : y women at the critical.^e. ' Npt Book, of ^ gUaatle i&tanaa- Cioneuilrdfrtr. - TBSBSADnELDREGin .ATORCO. Atlanta. Ga. •s-^nvr ^11:.- eriy and plain! That there i.- the kipil is sir iiiisiiies -i iransai office. I hiring pieces of mail Itecaiise thi to read the a.liress...! t;ec--Ssitv io ai tioti of. iwa i.v th- \i>l iin- o' -t--! Ii\ !il- .i -a -i letter 'lie year }".. IT:: uatt.r wi :•• s.-n: I'.-.'rii |t»stnffice> v.. re una!) e ilii ectlons. t»F I .tll "^iime People We Know, iiiid U«- it ill Profit lij liiaring Ahoiil / ::i m. That i~ a';iiirr!' local i-\i- • It iv^ik |.,are in Ifi'a. . .Vof N:i M'lffaio or .Ve» Vm ^ . Yon ar- askid 'o iine-ti .:i'' ;i • A-k'-i! !fi helitie a citire. , vxiril; To -•-ilii:,, a r'Tizen- .-:,i:etu->!ir .\:.- .-.rriei,. il-nr j. rIII I OTM •! at lion:. I> taoie 'hv (f -in!'.:'...-r Thili on -.w •ikri' " Fmi'ir-eil 1; nnk'io-.rn •.. : • M. F. Sa- V .r. - f ::i i S • •S: lola. Ka-; . Fi ore "1 — I have [toaii .- l |:idiie:. Pi;i- . ::, f-ii- of -^rf-r 'v M\ = with "her.i da'(•.^ iiarS< -.r .r-- \t tha* Ti:>!(- .-iH we' '•" • .-. '-r.---i- si'iii since, ihel v:i!ii--^ ef r:...- r -rne1- for re": levillTi'•ar.-.:-' !>'•• deran^eiiien" -f kidt .e^^- v. prompt at 'd ]< -»";•• '" urovr-; 'o n T (iroriire 'l iJoai:-, r:;'i;-.> I'll;. .'" " ••y, Sjien—•.' A: 'j'" - drnc .-••^r- i giad'y Cive ti '-.-ji i |i> eiii|rir.— 'n-r,: '" led at Cbantue ihis| th/^i^";offi°e depart-1 only does Motherfs Friend carry wjmeni safely througln^e perjlsrof| lecessary steps to give* child-binh, but It prepares""^' some definite know-i the system for the cbming ledge as to th.i manner in which the event, relieves -moming btisiness of tl e i>osto(bces through- .j^..^' „„.her dit out the united-States is carried on. A Slckne^. sj-!'.!. -iSft 'stte dispatch from Washmuton sa:.s: COmtOnS. Postmaster •General .Mey,-r has made an order which promise.- beneficent results. The postmasters of^ the country tav.^ be.-n iMrected to confer with their local school r>"ihor-. itlcs as to the pnicticahilifv and de-1 sirability of deliverins to the school j children snort iaiks on thr- postal st-r-1 vice. The dt-sign i--. to inform the -m- pils of the soo|>e of it's oi>eralions. the methoils of il-IiviTiiu t.e mails, classification of mail matt-i. and registry and moii.-\ on!, r Incidentally . th -i at- 'O make known plans for l>.-'t.-nieiit .-.iich a.> the estaldishni'iiit ot vesta! -avints banks and the -xt-i:-.o:. of the imr- .cel fKist Wll-rever : to tv he ir.;- practica!>le for postnia^ters to .l.-Iii.-r lectures tlie; ar.- to fiirnis 'i »!..- 1 • i- essar.v 'nformatioir t,» rh-- s-! ervisors so as to .iiui:. th- r»: teaeh-rs It is th.' pos'ina.-!-;- eraPs e.\o.>etalio -i t. .it •: -c:-...o! chili|:en will h.- 11.-. fn; to ti- io-;;il service in secjim that \,-\:- -. arv ptoi;- Yoa can secnre the standard magazines at less cost, to jcod during September, both in single sabscriptions and in citibs han ever again. R ^ad the fol lowing: Ever>!M ;<I> s re'ail. . II ..">M l )eiilie:i-nr re';'i- .. $I .>il> World.- Work. r --ai' Bolii in clnti ti«>w .\f;e.- Sep;. :ui .... .\!! •. i:ovi- Sljr.o. aft .er Sept. ^1. tLM <3J0 Kver-. ixxl-. .- fie'.itiea'rrl and .'.IcCiiire. now SpiRj, after Sept. ;iflj.L $$90-: Kv.r^rrii. - Worlds Wr.rk and McCMires: #3.H>. after .Sept »». KJiK*-' Kv-r-.'-stiHs, Wiiriir.- Work. .\iner:can and Success, now .' '..- #1:15 .\f.-c; .-"-pi ::« $tM- U-irhls Work and l>eIinearor now $3-00. after Sept. ;{,<>. iltS*: .MiClnre and Wotuans Home Companion after Sept. 3^^. &.19 Pi.ioria' Review. Z yrs . retail }.; '".o Hoiiie .\ped ework. I > r.. retail f"i<- Two Patterns, reiail "'><• i'icioria! Hev.t w. I >r. reiai! . $1 ^•' .Modern PrisciUa I yr.. retail... $1 J" I-idie.- Worid. I ;• r . rejail . '•"c Or.e Paltern. rern;; IT.c .After Sept. "O Now .\tl now - .After Sept. .•Jo yui'iui'-'.- AinerMan. (•i ;)-niop..;itan. now ^Hi, after Sept. Z't-.^.tSMy Hevi. w lit Reviews and ^t. Nicholas, now r -ISfcftSa Pvfview if R-view.- and Harpers .Monthly .i ^j | I .U .pinct 'tr-.s and .McC^ire's - . Voii lati se.nre all id these or any other magazine at lowest ratesU: caliinu up Phone 'JS. J. E. HE.\DEIVS<)\, 4H North Buckeyes i NEWS OF GAS CITY \TTt.M)VMi: UK Illy MIUMII.S! IM KK.\SKl> :•>» tiil^ WKtK. I IS MUCH URGER THAN 1907] Ilii dealer( 11 For tri n rits Fo.-'-: -.'jtiUiu' li New Y- r!c S'ares i :en •;-.k- t; ;n:..r -h - i [••;re r.' j. ; ll;>n» t.a- < it» P»iii»ir .\rf in l"la Tti- da> Alt^-ndim: Kinslimr Bn».' IJi:' t irru>—IVt >onal.>. t.alii' ..ii-1' VII HiKj» I.NlEKTAIV rijde Miller. tVhii Ma» in Ti>»« Vi»- terda». Pr<»!ipie>ir« Bic Kejin It- lira:! .Kaji>rit}. •; !::•• (>-.<-• t-';:e !r..-!i! nr.- . • i.i- j I'.tny a::d ;i:e; !>;nt.:;;> iH'k i.v-t ^ \ .fii: -.T :i.i-;r.n M Slf-: •n: :i!:n:'-. ;• -1 M '-• . : ir-;i a;":: i;''li 'ic:!; ^i *;-u':o :i W ill Open Kriila.i. Fi^la-- Fr.dik V.<: = 'iti »!•: ".v - jj . r-.-Jaui.iti' "hiih h- I ••, .1 1- Ista.i; t;,> ot. S.-::h M 1 1--;.!!;!.!:.' :- ;i :'i !e ::i i:; • ". r;< i:J .ir 't r*^' .1 • *• •• f 1 .*T ;i, I'. •., i, !;• ; - I'iT tl'"! 1- i-*rr:: .•-ri. ttili Ship T«»nisht. • - . •- .V lfci :'ard 4?f till- . .• tn a; ..,>:-'"• "Utcht T.'i- p :;;c :;ar-i ft - ::i f-trn..:^ T :ie par- \r.- f J- 'inii-':a \tte;idiuir .Show. \ : . .. rv wil fr 'Ull r -ilr r;t> 'i iei:::i: 'r .i' .rhoA a* .l-^;^ '.••:< K.'eT:< r ;.i: WK.^ «o::.;.,,!.> Jd .ii r';t!r.::;:: la:- Iietw-tn h-r. I I'ea t-v. Ti.- ar .d I6th Nationat lnter$tat« Indastrfnl Expositiwi and >cw Jlexico Terrltoilal Fair ALL AT Albuquerque. N. M. SEP. 29 t« OCT. 10 ,i! . rtiHtv n;in^:'e.-- i:i ord-r to rhe .';-r4-' i-'.-.*^s —Dr. r. 1. VTaiirlu D<«tlst. thnw 33. Di »miM One Barnard C «M. 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Core, of lo'.i. uave hi.- Itlne (•;-.,..,, in tine to rhi' Uiili-.- if "i:- K P .."\ <;f Io:.-i. i .i H irpe ..Tld <i^.-.< i:> I;.'-- -.'s^erda:. afternoon K;ift; iu.l< r W :i.- V..;' rcpl e.-^e;i-crt -^-I'li! r;:---- inu : - I - porte'I • • <i-| •.»M - Hirllt. Iwrn • l:o.;-!i Vtlendance Incria»ed Thirt}. Tiie .i" '.r.lllM'e It cjly 1 II ,i.-d lii- .-a-t v.f^-.% th :r»'- : •.vliui- i'ntms :he n.-ii-i^.; r .'lai:-*' up ot fs' .JI- . I.. • • i -.'l; K-f ••iri in r»«ii. . K-<" w.-; 'Tl -h- •ii.. .. -n-.rr •.. r •ejil,;;. uoot! ."^iie 1> atl- •-:;ii^ Ml- IM" '"i.;:. .Sh- fas — I- .li K- .civil tislii'^ IVr-ouul^ • Wr.ti'ii, I'f 0 «a»nir>liii-. rdr oh i<-a! --',«'.. t»iisinv>s I." W F i ~'-M»i!h IS *ork '.ii.: a.- loitif II.,I.; cairiei (iiiiiiji; "the ot ii'i^l>,im!. tile r-^n-ar f'ome and see the prosperoua ..>anta Fe Southwest—where all the way from Colorado to Call-J fornia water is kini^. • ' The U. S. Oivernment Is nowi| spending millions of dollars tiQ>,5{ ci't a permanent water supply for the seml.rarid lands. it means millions of acres made tirable and fit for homes. -A national event, worth cross- inc a continent to see. Foreign diplomats. Government ofBcEais. irrieation e.rperts and Captains of industry will attend. • jji .\ great exposition Of Southfii wi 'st farm.=. ranches, mines and i::riiislr:es. Indians, loo, and cowiioy.- —F. S. Cavalry. Tickeis on sa^e Sept.. 2.5 toS <Kt :.: final return limit Oct. 31.||; IS 'i* If desired an applicatioajf io •a-i'^nl Alhuquerque.' ticfcetsf will he honored for return Tia,' Ciovis. N. M. and Amirillo. Tex.j| .lttracll»e .^ide-trips to U. S. Be-i^ rlumaiion Projeett and Grmod. r^^i lanyon of Ariioinu .Acent. ' Ask for irrigation BookleL 1 -•'X 1-^ m • .11 V. \h>oI-. ••! Hl '.nsi n, • tile UllesI of .M- .unl .Mis ' "4' ls.i.ic Carl. " • .Mr- Amy l.A-shce. of Jloran. wiw hero >es;erday. .Mrs J .1 Smith who has b««arv0r7 t'i for the imst several days Is Mtld to I"- s'lHe helter todays. - •• , c T .Mi!an i» mavlog- frrmi WMf fleet ft. 3rtl .\ortft .MeRea. j Fir>i; i> Ai!>toi returaei) hoow today :...ii> Topeka where h«> haA b«en aAi lenaiii;; Ihe fnnvral .of .Mrs, ,\IUI i »f!hrr l» F Hopper, of ttwn clU'. "T! YOUK STOMACH'S SAKE TAKE .\rd. lioth of Klstnore. an iv-nnett. «f .Elsmor- and Ala ' Burke, of SnvontcirE. Thf . are welt i-.nown in lola Thr ! are brothers. Continue Breanehan Case. •r The case of the city of loU vs. Clarr eifce Breanehan. who is charged with rh^ violation; of the probibltory law baa been continued for tlie term. ; \

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