Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 17, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 17, 1908
Page 4
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T THE lOIA JMLT MOnWEB. THOiSDAT ETEyPfft :8ggggKBgBJ?.-lltSL-: ^Wwlc..«•••>• •lO c6Bta ItoaeTcM..... 16 .00 fOMVw^ tisMe eomtr t3.00 h»f:^ MtaMe eoantj.. MM ItarM Months, in adtranc*; $1.00 pntTkaitli. 14 advance ...........44 BEP^UCAX EXTRATAUAS'CE. The average Democratic orator, baling conEtitutiolnally incapable of dig ^^ig uii anytbing neWj always devotes ,i«4oiig |poirtlon|or his. speech to a de- li^nnciatlon tif Republicau extrara- inee. i It hasj; been-a part of every locratic sj; _ Irtng the Ii &I893-96 when ifl»iaining about f^ppened thei the tradil Ucnijm" w^:^ appeared as Ipbby- pietK^r tbiftt raoasnre before Congress hHve admitted that it wouid cost many ,hi>n*lred mlDioo dollars. Today a very PMtoffleak asi"^'*^'^ propairanda is being pustacd to ' 'force Congress to uialie an appropxia- tionjfor the maiutaineucc of H^ricui- turaj schools ail over the country, wiiicii would coit at the very least ten million dollars a year. And so it goes. If Congress were as liberal In actually appropriating money as the people are in demanding appropriations there would indeed bo -ground for fear that tlic Treasury might not stand the strain. The trutli of the matter is that great as were the appropriations of t|ie last session they were $86,000,000 less than ..the heads of the Depart- nient.s. Members • of the President's Cabinet, had themselves estimated would be absolutely necessary for carrying forward the work of tlie Government. In Washington instead of being denounced for extravagance the Congress was attaclced for pinching; cheese-paring economy- Hut there is one thing fnrfher which shoji^d be borne in mi^d. Xo matter haw :iiuch a Rejniblican Congress may, appropriate, it always tnanagps somehow to find the money to pay the bills. Snppse you suggest that to your Dem- ucniUc orator. Suppose the ai)proprI- atioiis wf-re several million dollars since 1872. excej)t lented period from iey were too busy cx certain things which to have any time left jnal attadJt. Hut fn«s IT they are back in full force Oay t^pit along the "Aence | which old trail and every au they address is called ^cipon to believe that the Republican party ought to l »e driven from jiower beranse. the appropriations of the last :j4 :>ongress amouhted to a billion dollars, more or less. .Bat have you beard any one of thcse'l ^orator$ give |a bill of iiarttculars? i ^Have yo« heard them specify any of ilhe =item »-*in the twelve great appro- |:^'^priBtroii bills jwhich make up liie ag- g 'gnsgat^ of one billion dollars which Jpe 'woifld strike out? if not. suppose time b 'onr orator starts iuon lathis'lUe you rise and ask bim a few ;0.^aestions.' • '5We. are spendlngvfrom thirty to fifty li^iniUion dollars a y^r on the Panama " nal how wl|ich was not in the bud- ten yearii ago. Ask iiini if he inks! that ought to have been cut PQt We are.kiiending fifteen millions for the promotion of agriculture, now .u againstrtwo milHons when the Deni o^ratsiwere iii power. Ask him if ihjit (Is'tooimuch. j We are spending thirly- V%ye nullions^ yeair for jural free ae- Uvery)now. wihrch the Ucwocrutic adiDlnlstratlon refused to undertake. Ask'him ir that should be cut out. \Vr are Epcndlngj something like Hve utti- >"Jl|Dns a year to protect the forests and 'keep ^hcm from being. robl>ed and btimed. As)^ him if that is exirava- SJuice. We are spending perhaps fifteen millions a year in the reclama- ' tiob service to build reservoirs and . rmaiin desert lands niton which the pistqtle can mrite homes. Ask him if thatpughi to he turned down. \^e are - spending three mitllon dollars t^ en. tOroe |the ine^t ln^)ection law and two liniidired thousand dollars to enforce tlie;iinre foi^ law and five hundred ttionsand dollars to enforce ihe auti- 4ni8t{law aiid two hundred thousand jdollars to lirosecute public land thieves,-none .of which sums were expended for tjbese several purposes un- dei- a Democratic administration. .\sk him if that is superfluous.- We arc appropriating twice as much money now from;the Federal Treasury every year -to the various state agricultural col­ leges'and eptperiment stations as we appropriated under Democratic rule. Ask him if lite disbelieves in that. The increaae in wages to the enlisted men in thie armyj: and navy authorized by • this year's law added something lixe twelve mOlibn' dollars to the budget. Jisk him if te thinks thai v.-^s a-mistake.)-The plassage of the .serSrice pen- Bibh and the-widow's equali-z.atiou pension (laws added tihirfy mjllion doltarh this jyear to the!pension rolls. Ask bim U that was a blunder. "Mn short, jask hjm for a bill of particulars. AJman who is so sure ihafagii ^.great party ought to be turned out^lic- >cause of its criminal extravagance onght at least to be able tu point (uii a.few of th|'e items wliich constitute a part of thej crime. i r . It is trae..or course, that the annual ' app: oprlatlons to defray the cxiicnsos Of 1 he government are very hiuch ^QH let than thej^ were ten or twelve jq^icjigo. llBut i^ Is also true iliat the - hgiaiJBeiw ojl the: government has lusly, tu keep pace with on of private buslncsb the couJitry, Ten yPHi> receipts from the 2.000,000. UiKi year thi'> ,00ti. Is It not perfiH -Cy that it luust c<»Ki uyire nn>n- take |c «re of n buxinoM of IIS;:.- .It990/MHI. thin of a hu« 4ir '.OOOJOtkl? Then again, in resjMiuM' tu an nBtstcnl demand, as iusJsi eat fnun : theDemocrata as from anylmdy cUo. -the! activities of the J-Vdoral govern• nleht havts been extended far beyond i. whi ^t they were a few years ago. We IttVe passed meat inspection laws and 1 Ijiire food |Iaws and railroad, rate law:- r -anti -rebate Jaws, and it cost^ aey to put them into clTect. Wr .t >een| doing an immense amount <!f internal. Improvement also, which the country was never able to do uu- 1; der a Democratic admiuistratlpn. Aainelrom the Ffanama Capal. which cj .:lia6 up to {date absorbed about $150 - <N>0;<iOO.''WIP are spending betW |Ccu foi" ar. ion im- iis. And even with all tl^ese fan thei lere came ttefore the Cjom-. A^ricultiire alohei at the of -tTongress; ^Is cai lingi atloos WbidL.-amounte 1 in I to -over I §mjm boo. ^ thMdrbiUs %a9 b ick- " l^^.^it lou^f 7he:GojlDmrt ^ twenty an^ thirty millions a year pabUc-buildings, sometbfng like eqaaj amount .'for ljuilding irrigaj In ithe arid regions and a im for river and harbor ^jBXwidltu ^^QingreBB has fallen l^/jpi^f *^iBettng the demands of pB bills migbt less/ during the last I>eniocratic administration: even so. they were obliged ro liorrpw $266,000,000 to meet the^i. Voudonot accuse a man of ex- trayagaacp as long as his income shows a comfortable surplus over his expenses. Under Republican rnle the United States has s])ent a good deal of money these past eleven years.'but it sti)l has a balance of sometliiug like $200,000.0(^0 on hand. .\nd it hasn't taxed aii.\;body so hard thai they felt It either, publican seem to 1: Kansas! fective si Also in t-pitc of all this Re- extravag;ince the people lave gotten along at least as well as ihey did during the Democratic economy jterlpd of lsn :;-7. And that after all is the real test. TAFTT TURNS ON BRYAN. City Star: The most ef- i^atement yet made in the present campaign is that of Mr. Taft. in reply jto Mr. Bryan's criticism of tlie Roosevelt letter relating to the Republican nominee. This statement marks a new turn in the canvass. It may be said that Mr. Taft has finally struck his gait. From this time on there will be something doing when KIT. Taft discusses M«^. Bryan. i There is no possibility that the ptjesetit campaign will be marked by unseemly personalities. Both candidates are men of clean characters. But in the absence of great, dominating Issuesthe personalities of the two ctjndidates. and especially their rec- oj;ds—the one as a perfonnej- and the oljher as a theorist—^will play an unusually imitortant part in the campaign. LMr. Bryan has forced the~-fighting fri>m the start. He has done his ut- R>iost to discredit the record and the pledges of the Republican candidate. Ho has gone out of his way to belittle what others have said of the achievements of Mr. Taft. Finally .Mr. Taft has replied with a broadside that will give Mr. Bryan something to think about for a few days. All this was both interestim: and il- Ipminating. The people like a spirit- Presidential canvass. They ,.ke %ooA fighters. Mr. Taft is a good fighter and he is an honest fighter. In this particular encounter Jlr. Brj'- an. not '.Mr. Taft. will be put on tlic defensive. • Mr. Taffs life has l)ecn full of la- ijor and accomplishment. He has a i. GOLDEX TAIiLET. Of THE COUNTY Our commui^ty hasi had quite a change. ! Mrs. Black and two children John .and Virgfe have i gone to; Leavenworth. Kans., where tho children will enter school. .Mr. jIUack will foi low later. We hate to seo them gu. Hull ifardin started to California with his car SiiturdayJ We feel assured; that there is a vacancy in otir community that will be hard to' filT. They were good neighlM^rs and we an' sure that wherever their lot is cast they will make fricndsj and our loss will be others' gain, i Mrs. Jlercer and .Mrs! Wawley were at the Hall to preachiiigj last Sunday evening. -, Mr. Page and Jliss .Vrd f>t fillsniore attended churc^h services ;il the Hall. We hear the diphtheria is abating at Ulsniorc. \i was like all other ru­ mors—esaggenit^ed. Mr. Means ccirttnenceil his .school on Monday. He ai>pears to be a man of tact—one who pan mHirage a school. We bade^ Hurt liardlu go« ^ast Sunday afternoon. It may he years before we meet again as he has moved to California. Mrs: Rumbarger has had a stable built on one of her tenant farms, the one on which the Troxell boys farm. The stable is 14 by 28^ and she will erect a new live room house soon on the same farm. I .Mr. Herald is building a barn for .1. WAV. Gitilett 20.\.{2. Joc'Crifflth and Tip Williams arc helping bim. .Mrs. .1.^ P. Kohler was out ami staid a feiv days with .Mrs. Tip Williams. .Mrs. Tip Williams entertained in hotior of some folks who were g«iing awa.v. Ice cream and cake were the refreshments served. Mrs. Florence Hedges has gone to her school work at K. 1". ir.d other points in Colorado. The Catholic oi)ciied Monday with .Miss Szunderman as teacher. John Smith, of Parsons, arrived last week for a visit with relatives. Mrs. 1.. C. Neitnau. .Miss Frances and .Master Kdward have reinriK -d from a visit in Kansjis City. A number from here exiiect to nt- tend tho Towa iiiciiic at Leitoy S»-p- tember 2l-2.'>. Miss l><jttle .Myers, landidate tin r-ounty superintendent, and sister. .Mls.>« Olive, of Yate.< Center. wer" 5Ue ¥ts of .Mrs. H. F. Sicka lietwei>n trains Saturday. They were on their way to ICniiioria where. -Miss Olive wil! enter the state noriuaf. Miss Unlh Kclley of Tonuito. was :• i-uest of Lillian Ferris l»ei«een imms St;nday. .Mis.s Kelley was on her wjiy !(i .Neosho Kails to take charse of Iter .-.T.-hool ai that pla<-e. ^ O >EOSIIO VALLKV. Irew llaukins of Oklahoina was^ •s. K«-becea I'urdom's all day last, I 6- PKAIKIE ROSE O r.lanche Ford and .\da Minor arc at tending high x-hool iii .Moran. Fait Sloan left Tuesday moriiiiig to attend the state lair. Ueo. liaeim is caring for lhiiiKi« during his absence. Mr. W(KM1 fmind a lady's jiiicket in the road Moniday morning. The owner can have thei same by calling for it^ Mr. Knapp has built au addiiinn to his barn whii-h adds much to it.<. liMiks as well as ctjmveuiejice. The Kflln I fatnlltes are enjoyin.a visit fnun tjieir brother. Pearl, and family of NejW Sharon, towa. " .Mrs. Vara, Rogert^ spent Thnrsiia.v with her sistlfr. Mrs.j .Matto<-k. Mrs. WtKMl and .Me|dora spent Satur- daj" at Charley Sylvester's. Jim Rogers and famlLy were very pleasantly enlertaiuejd Sunday at .lolin Sigler's south of Rnlnson. Mr.. Brown was o tr fnun tola la.-i week iielpjng .Mr. Knipp with the work on his barn. I Prairie Rose school r«jnimenced .Monday with .Mr. Coljley as trnrher. Uo boards at Mr. lUirins'.s. Sadie I>owry is tJ >aehinR at Urant. She boards at hoiup. Olive Branch srhijio! was put off a week on aecintnt olj diphtherl.-t seare ii' Elsmore. .Mrs. Horing and ' Bessie returned last iveek from fJamett where they visited the former's sister. .Mrs. Keaton. And at Mrs week. Deer & f;eery of lola. began work on a new for .1. W. Bale the first part of the week. -The school bell announced Monday that school in Neosho Valley is in progress. The rity now has two drills at work on the Servey farm, where they have strong hope of getting two good gas wclis. -Mrs. i:. B. Butler joineii with neighliors ai:d friends in getting up a surprise on Mr. E. B. Butler on last Thursday evening. She shared with .Mr. Butlnr in Ihe honors of the affair, as it was their seventeenth wedding annlversar.v. Ice- cream was ser\'ed and those present tarried until late in the night. .Mrs. Frank Arnold of Toronto, has been visitini; her parents.' Mr. and .Mrs. W. B. Bolin. I^ist week J. S. T.iylor received orders from a distance for two pairs' of his Jerseys, and on Monday he' and Mrs. Taylor went to Lawrence { wn^re they pnrcliased eight head of Jerseys from a herd at tliat place which have an excellent reconl. I.,at er on we will try to give more ex tended mention of Mr. Taylor's transaction in fine cattle. The city is having a gas line built across the river onto the Ewing farm. i!ecord that he may confidently submit, jj ^.s. itorini; entertained hei mother, to tho^people. Ordinarily a man who ^j^^. Robinson, her brother and litt.e has no official record is at an advant- „i<.pe Sylviu Kcaton, the iafttr i>ar: a!ge in a political contest, provided he.(,[ week. dan make the people believe his prom- j , L ikes'! I But the majority has, never be- ©_ lieved in Mr. Bryan's proinises, atid | | (ihe exnlosion and abandonnient of his Q_ several i>aramo«nt issues of the past, . i osborti'e are not calculated to increase public' *"^'^' '^""^ Ostiort.e confidence. I, Osbonie m tils beginning of the real Taft-^"" 1^''^°"^" Brvan contest the first tliii.K that Mr.' '"^'^ at- O I o of lola .'•iieiit .Monday at ihe hotne: of Mr. and Mii- iTaft has done has been to call the] tcntion of the spectators to Mr. Br.v- an's methods. It is to In- hoped that in the future .Mr. BO'an will be. as fair,. ^ . ^ as .Mr. Taft has Iwen. The public; ^_ likes ail. honest observance of thei*"^ rules of the game. In Deniier jvisiied friend \ateK Center Thursday. Mlfis .Maggie I'il /.i'ialriek w;is th- gupst of .Mrs. .lanie.-sJHiley Sunday. ^'iMiriee 'l/jiig expeels to leave ili- Are Yon a Pie Kaler. If iii't you are missing half tife t.;o:mi'e of life, it may not yet Iw ii-»> laio. JM>-» order from your grocer a few packages of 'OCR-PIE" and '?earn bow easy it Is to make I.<emon. Chocolate and Custard pies that are sure to I»leai:e all who taste them. Kach in ce-it p::ckase contains the pro|ier •(uintity of tho choicest pie in.sredi- enlf* ready for instant use. Has pleased IthousandTJ a:ul will surely please you. If your prorer won't stipidy .vou. CO to o'le who will. !»I:KI1 i liKKK. —O O— O Il'-iT <'ief'n- ;-ch<Hil <-(iiiiiiifn<-ed .Mon day with .Mi.-^s Flook as ti>:irber. .Miss Iiflna (Irifvc SIM-III l"rida.\ iiiclil aiiii .'^aiiinlay with .M)>. F. .\. Long.sirelli. .Mr.<. S. K. Cant I vi.siied in loia .Sat- iiiday nicht and Sunday. .Mrs. Claude iM-anklJn wi-nl to ('IKI- iinio Sunday. .Mr. Hen C.rievi- aiid Miss lIocRiit Snndayed .it .Mr J. T. .loiu-s. .Mr. I,<iti;;!-»ii til and family vi.-ited .Mr. Cha.^!. Uoliipstms Sutiday. kriiridge and rh:ld- III . visited ,il .Mr. Mrs. litTi lira reii of .SprinKliel Cilitl the fti -st llie woea. O I soiTii UM;AN. I'orklns f'.i- .Ii-liii .lark-on I- I'iopie Charlie .\rr!iil.;<ld l«-fi y.-.tcrila.v. for iWHY DON'T MR. Bf^AN ANSWER? Mr. Br.van is fond lof imttlng ques-i-^ Ions to Republican candidates but be |(s murveloiisly shy about answering '(inestlotiH that are put to him, ,\ few weeks ago this paper mod<'st-i ly ventured to Itiquirie what the real 1 iteiiilmenis of the Democratic eandl-* pVERYBODY CAN HAVE BEAUTIFUL l«tt> for Presld.'ut are on the varloMs, U HAIRi NOW. and iKry Wnn'i lo phases of the Nwgro uuestlon. If e|. xv«aki wid monll.. for tmnli, rtUr. ected President what position would You will Boliee marfced !.npr«r„wn. .brr take on lite Brownsville matter?;,|„,,,^.firt,l,„,i„„ Would be retain colored mett Iti such I j-Vdoriil ofllces as they ttow hold?, Danderlna i. quirllv...I VMitjt woul, lie »«« «««l"d.. l",«h<;',Kor«.gMr.fc«.rUl.,,.-,l,. natter of the dlsfranlt;his«>ment of .L i L i ,\c.:.ti vtitdrs In the southern States? T Ther." are all fair <iue-stlons. 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[ Guaranteed pure, M 'holci^omc, and tlie Tjio .>it iicrfecl in aetioii. CtMU- plics with all Pure Food X ,aws. Xi> "Trust" priees. V I .\Ianhattan where Inj- will atifiiil the .Xurienlliiral college. .!.>'. Young is sowiii:: wheat w! .Miirris refused J:..<I"MI fur lii. fnrtn. .Mrs. V.'. A .Mil'fr, of ChaniiK;. i<; visiiius :;i •'. S. MilU -r 's. I SILVKK LE.\F. O I o .\Ir. Itiril. of lola. was out calling on lii.-i friend. .Xieh .Montpo'nieri. last Week. .Mi.^,s Di-nni.s eiiiiini<-iM-f<l leaehiiig liei scliMil at Silvi^r L«-ai" Monday iiiiirnitiu. Wi- wish her sin-«fs>- .Mr.-. Viiorbees' nian.i friends wilt tie ;:lad tu learn sb<' is ennvaIf.--<-iii-.; iif'.'r a siek s |>fll. Kai-i I.nsi and fi'-rdia .\liiJi (cotiiiTy, Kiib.x and lUniin .MrWilliain.-. att<nd .school al| (i4s. Mr. .'^kinner of <;.-».•.. >v;is »iu hailing liiiv for Me! I'.iirlry jmd Weiizi'l. .Mrs. \Veir /»-l i-vpro.^sed licrs'.?lf it.. I>i-iim very |>ji<i ;il of lln' li>l:> IVwist^ rr< at uld bettli r.5 tiii'fting at Neo-^ •.Im I'alls. 0 O-^ fOTT.\IiE laiOVE O o qualitiac It is pleaaant and •aay lo u»e—jsimply apply it lo the ^ajp '">''' oblaioed. ial claim to the Negrrf vole this year. Have not the men whose votes he is , , asking, a right to know what his po- onta « day miil tli« ' sitlon will be on questions which vit- hair bejina grow, ally concern them? then two or three If only the lola Register, an ob- tiines a w«ck till scure country newspaper, had asked ^red rcs>jit« are these questions it would not IK: surprising that ^r. Bryan has not answered them for unfortunately this, paper is, not on the ,Commoner's exchange list But the questions have been takien up by much more promin-j ent newspapers, that he cannot bare, failed to see and Us aoawer bas been Insisted upon from quarters be can hardly afford to disregard. Nevertheless, he remains silent. Can it be possible that this bold champion of the "peepul," this fearless advocate of publicity is afnOd to express bis opinions on these questions'? Is it possible be is kept silent by the reflection that If he answers the quesUons one. way be will lose the Negro vote them the otb^r way l^e iWiU lose support in the ISoutii andj in t^e boiuwr States? . it poa- a^lJB ftbat tiia leilide A la<^ (roin California writes in substance as (ollo%vs: I liiTa bean lulof jour wuader- fiil batr loaic fortcvcral montlii aadattau Ikm nuwblewedwttb a wonaartul intiof tiairtliai meat- area over 4^ Incliea In leaEiii: ttie braid la 'orar 8 lucbM aroand. Another Iram New Jersey: After oalaK •lull bottte I aiB kappy to tar lliat I hare ai alea a a cad of lialr aa aayune In VewJerwy.: Tfab Great Hair-Grow lot Itamad^ can now bo bkt at all dfUuista in three nxea. af«. 50c and 91 .00 pmr l»^ttla. 1 WW Oaadartea acisjn fteo .Mr.-<. Davi^ aiitt ;;i -nnds6ii, 'iarry .SifwaMJof I'hainiie. \i*ited Sunday at .Myliew Strwarfs Veliir.t Krandon U very siek with in.ilariiil fever .Mr.'<. Kdwiii .Maislcr K-iiiini-d to h) biime ill Pursons Sunday. I Sebool brgan Moiidii.x with Mi.-..-^ Ina j. Maxwell oi'cupying the teachers ebatr. iShe is JHwrilitig ut .Mr. DIekerson's. .Mr! (!ial and family from t'hatmte s[iei,j Sunday .-it .M.vbew Slrwari 's. .Mrs. Ilelle rxpects tu "leave 'I'hnr day {«ir a visit in .Xeliraska. .Mrs. Krtie >t Yoiitit sju-iit last TliMr,-- da> with her mother. .Mrs. Stew.irf. ilartnoii Hohart a «<l f;>iii>.v anil Iraiik .\'lgh of lola visi 'eil Sundiiv jif Ir.i Noyes. .Vl .Vo .ves who ha.s .«pf:ii ih*- siiMiiin -r with bis sister. .Mrs. I.yncb. bar. rc- iiirne«l lo his home a« .M >h <ni .Stewart's. , .Mr.-. .Mm D.ivis and daijKhter Pansy, (Visittd at .Mr. Oiy 's 'ast Wednesday. Mrs Stewart wnd Iloss-Van lloiiu-n visited at Will Stewart's of Harmony, Wednesday. I la/el Nove.s ai>d .Mearl Weavrr are attending M-hool In lliimlxildt. I Mrs. Eitrl Hranrion who is viViting .her mother north of llnmlMtldt. is re- j ported (iniie ill. • .Mr. Stewart and .\Ir. .Itihn .-^on 'j young folks sfien: Tuesday evening at J. T. Krniises. ; Mrs. Baxley la. Dead. .Mrs. David Baxley died Monday at her home south of town. She returned from New Mexico recently where she went in the hopes of improi'ing her condition. She leaves a husband and tliree children. MAKES UP THE LIST 'Taffo Itinerary Ready for His proval—Completed' by Hitchcock's Staff. Ap- I 00000000000000000 O O O II. C. WE.VB. O : O Wichita. Kansas. O I O WKSTKH.N L.VMIS Sc K.VNCHES O O For Sale or Trade. O O $:..«ti aii Acre. (p. O :o o ioooopooo, 000000000 Chie.ico, Sept. If..—.Iiid-.- T|i£j s western itinerary, which will oc-'iiiiy tlii.' time between Sejitember il.'.Jaml October 7. has been comiilot«'rt by rhairman Frank H. Hirchcock of; tli<- Kepnhlicati national committee, j am! Senator ,I)ixon. din-cfor t)f th" ,\yest- frn Sepjikers' bitreaii. If will no) l»announced, bowevt-r. until it has lien approved by .Mr. Taft. Mr. Hitcheori: and Senator Dixon will l^ave t'hic;i:;o tonight for Cincinnati to submit IIK- itinerary to the Kejuililiean I'l-esiden tial candidate. It is expected that tin- itiiir-rary for the first trip to he ni.nil- I >y Mr. S!i <r man. Republican etindidate for Vie*' President, will hi' eotnpletcd wit! in a few days and »1ll be annonneed from .New York. -Mr. Shi-rnian will niahi- his first political address in C'iiirago Ijefore the . Hamilton eliib Septcinlx-r 2S. and will then speak in Illinois, liidiann. Ohio and W.•^t Virginia for about ten days. Offlciuls of the iintionnl Ki-i'ii ilii ;an committee have ii<it Ix-eii inforii ed of Ihe ^ssnes that will be -disrussjd by Mr. Taft on his W. st<rn tour. | it is lieliev*-*! that he will i-over prae|teall.\ every pba .<e of the eatnimlgn.l how- .•ver. as be Vkill milk'' one I>IB Hpvch fn each of nine or t<'ii states 'f\ni\ a large number of short speeehe.-j the rear of his special train. Richard V. Oiilalian. direct or literary bnr>'au at the New Vorlj quarters, arrived in Chica?;o to confer witb Victor fvosowate of the Western literary btin-au Taft's Spenkiniir Pates. Cincinnati. Sept. 1«.—.Iiidce wpstern siicaking trii> is tiie hjntii of a final conference today Ivtweni the candidate. National t'h.-iirnian Hitchcock. Senator DIson of .Mtintana. in charge of the western speaker's l-n- reau; National Committeeman (^h:irle^ Xagel of Missouri and .liid ;re It:i!!!!:^fr of Seattle, member of the a -.lvisH .ry committee. Ocnenii f'ontractor. Flagstone and feinent Sidewalks and Curhims a Specialty. Oilirc ll.'> Knsf .Jnrk.son AT«. Phone 3»1. Ke-'I'.trr V.ani Bring KesaKs. from jof th.^ bea.l- todav. . cl i-f Tnfi >awe 1>einarratie ('nndidati-. Hartford Conn.. .Sejit. I« —The Connecticut Democrats in the .-^tate eoii- veiwlon today nominated, by aeelania- tion. Judge A. Heaton I{<(ber{.-.on or New Haven, for governor, and adopted a,platform which makes the candid-u-v on the Republican ti,-ket of (Ico. I. Lilley a leading Issue of ihs e,inn-iii.:i! .ltt<>nti«n Soldiers. -Ml iueml>ers of McCuok Poit Xo .'.I. (S. A. R.. are urged to turn out ^o the regular meeting on- Saturday night. September 19th. at S u^clock sharp, as special business will be presented for COfisideraUon. " > . - J.-W. JOHNSON. Commander.! to Pacififc DailyimtaOcbSI From lola to practically all I'Miits in California. Waahinslon acd Oregon. Similar rates to many imec- mediate pointi. Throuc^h Tourist Sleepers Daily from Kansas City Tbey are thoronshly comfortable and have every convenience of the Palaca sleeper ai iialf the coat. Personally Conducted Excursions Twice a Week if )-ou have never traveled on one of the Burlington's conducted exclusions y<>u can have no idea' of the octra comfort and convenience. Let me tell yoo all abont these i

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