Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 17, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 17, 1908
Page 3
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L, »JIfjl4l «P TH£ A. II. T. A. fliLD AXJfUAL ELECTION OF^ JIFFICEKS, TURNED TO STATE METING THE CITY IS REl'AmiXi UATEK MAIXS 0.\ MAIN STHEET. 3faiif PcH )i »le from I ,;i liarpc an <i Siir- • . 1 rounding routitn Are Toiliij' AJ(ending th«> Bi^ >liow iit lola. Tra .loa lUtik. Aidcal was^io^:oll yosfonlay xvlipri*- by F. A. Qiiintard comes into posses- sloii of the sorond hand stock ol" furniture which he traded to .A. C. Cathe;-WOCK I several weokb ago. Mr. Quintard will; take active juaua'gcnieni of the store. ; EleoJiMl ^H1i^<•r^. At the last ineeiir..ii of th.- .\ If T. A. the aiiliii.'i! election \v,is heUl. Pole Jury wa.s elected prc'^ido:!!; Pr; V. V. Slapletoii. vi<e inesiili'ii!: K K.iUani- iltoii. secrotary. ;inil S .M.ilcolni. treasurer. AVilliaiii Turner was tianied as the delepatv Ivutn il.e inr;>; jonier to attend the .--la;!; ine.nm in S.iilna the tlihd week in October j -t- ;*> I: nuiouDinf B ncBoiT iTwnrg, agmoBB it, vm Aipolliejh Big 1^ dnd urea^r Itiii^aipft 4tim Ever ai-^M H^H^^ 4:i 117-119 West Mreet lola, Kansas New goods! arriving daily. Qet in on the good iibings; We sell them for NOTICE TO TARMCRS: th^ same as cash with us big store. Buy Dry Goods. Shoes. Clothing in any departmem of our or Groceries, W JIp: OSTEOPATIIY- 1)K. W .11, AI.HHUiJIT. Ueplstefed O.sifupathic rh>.-ic|.iii S.iaie Hank lildu. Phone 1 i:-. • Only 0.-it .M >i'ath in I-i llai|e. .Man) Adeiid show. "X laiKc timi\l.«'i ironi !hi> < it\ .nid btirriMiiidin.i: onntrv aii- iiid.i.> atten.l- iHB ;ihe XA-a cncMs ;u l'>;.i .Phe lola iKlectric u- iiiuniiiu lai;- li>l;t cvcr.^' twent.> iiiitiiiie.s in ord.^r ti> ;n - cohnutxiate the larue criuvils. ,\ --nil larger "niiniher is .'\pec!<>l lo attend th«> evcninp peifonnance. S. Krrctlnir ( orii ( rih. I K . Forney Is today eifciiins a large! corn eri'> tifav hi* n\iU in the uest ipari of the ci;» li i> nioihiii in everji respect; : Kr|»iiiriii>r Water .Maiii>. The city hecan yester(1a\ Vfjiair;:)!; the water mains on .Main si reft. rii>- pipe broke some time yesterday morning making it necessary to lep.iir it a; once. I : 1 I:MBBELI.A.S. The! finest lino of Fancy (;old and Pearl iHandle I'mbrellas and Parasols ever shown in the city are now on display at "Waters A Panfortli. Drugs & Jewelry. \o Quomiii. Becaluse there was no r)iiornin evening, the regular council mei night, ^nothing was done. la.-t Irinc • Penionals. I 1 iir. iind Mrs. James lloli returned yesterday from FIsmore ivhi:e : ie.> have been visiting for the i,as; siv. r.i! days, j '• Mrs. iWilliani Pona'd !. ii >es;rf -d:i> for Aicadia. Kl^. where >he wilt it relatjives for the iie\t !«<• vve «>k>. ^ Mrs. |M. .V. (n-nililinu. oi' n Si-oc •was lh> gup.'l at the Hr. \ M KctU- Jmtrick honie >i-.-!frda.\ Frank Fairchlld. nf XWw .\:..Mn,i. vaahe 'VO yeslerd:iy with a i,t • tpiiles. J ' 1 (leori^e Molli -nki 'pf wi-ni In M<iiaii yesterdiiy t(i vivi; tils hmtli.'! ii\-Uu\ D. H. niiwrnnnj Sam Marian." of -Ninia. w.i> h -'tc .i.-.- tcrd.^y i>n hn^il )e^^. j .Mi?8 Fl«e Iio'iSl.i.^ left y,-.;fiil,i> fpr Pa sons. Kas . wliei> h;i> a ^Ofi'iiOB in a dr> COM O S ^'dio : L. n] Howfll IS vi.-itii!i; in .Moran this iceick. i Mrs. Henry .Vdanis went I ';.M »an- ton.'KaB.. for a few (l;)>s visit ' Mrs. A. P. Dye Mil leavo thi.- fveii- fng for her home in \\>;i -fi >r(!. Ka.s ^he has been heio anendini; li-i >oi\. Sam Djje. who has lie<'n sori'nuly i!' for the jpast seveial week.-;. MEX'S SCSPE>DEUS. Mens T."ic Suspenders going at ..<0c Mens .M^c Suspenders going at... 30c •Mens I'Cc Suspenders going ai ...l .'ic MEVS HOSE. 50 dozi'u .Men's Cotton Hose worth for •i'.c. on sale at per pair U M" Men's ?.ric Hose at I"!ir .Mens i:.c Hose at i «C MEX'S SHIUTS. .Men's .">i'c and tl'k- Work .Shiits going at ^Oc •J .'o .\Ien's $1 .0(1 Shirts on sale at .jOr .Mens fancy ilress shirts, worth $ll <'<i to on sa> at Tic .MEN-.S (JVEUAI.LS. .Men's Overalls as Bi>od as any you can (•tiy for '.'Oc and $1 on sale at TSf Mens $1 01) Ki Ki Pants on sale at "Ar One Lot of Men's Hili Overals' Boiiig at 4i.- I >lt.>*S TAPS. ! ii \n.\ f.ii> In the hotisc at factory pi ices. \xy ns and see. .MEX'S SHOES. .Men.- $|Oii Phtcher stylo W.*.'. Men's $;0i» patent loather. all styles In liiee ;uid litiftons lK.i>*i .Mens $|oo Hun .Metal. 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Occn- J winJpped built snic 1^ ptes its „ inSjOII. signed, an „ „ „ X taU Information free 'I'lo- i:i;j;)o"ia C.azettc says; Front il'!i :ilM >Iiit comes a story which |iioin- i.-i s to rival the (luniie.-s story. .\<it i.<! -,.ui:; of Iluntl.olilt is a creek, near .1 l .i nd of wiiich IS a sinaH knoT. A it;if,i. (o hold a l.iixe l.e.-<-i vlUr of I ! '"1 c <i :iitnrrc!;ii purpose., j,, hcilig I 'lii: .11 lilt-, point I'he operations .'ire. 1 • ;Mg .-oiKhK •••(I !.;. !iu- Monarch Poit l.iiid Ciim:!! c'liiip.uiy. of which colii- \V <• \li>Mp. of Viniporia, i.< an . :i. !i>;. .Mr .Mlsiip returneil 10 i ;!nr'in.i > .-st.-iday, and tells ihe story nl the tiiidhm ol -.Welei-ons in the 11.:;: -. ol Ihe excavations. Oiii' I'l 111'' skeletons •ippear> to t..; lUi: III .III !uiU,r.\ It , w,\s !• ;'i 111 II- Mil 'fix-: of a tree :iu a .,iiM pi.»iiii.- Noiliini; liiil the ^kele- i"i >»,i.- toiind ami tin.- i.s. of coiirsc. i'! :\ stale of pre.-.ervatlo!i and cri;:i!Mes at ilie touch- of the hand. Tilt- '::her is |i ainl.v the skt-ieion of a r;!:!i'f! S!aie- iiif;intrynian. for not only is the tke'etvh in a fair st^iu- <'f pn'.-ervai ;i ;ii. but I there are ot.'ier evi- dt:ir -is liia; the Jiian was a soldier in liie fnitt.d Stati-s army. The skull found atnl lifis a Nullet hoiein the s:d'^-. which no doubt, was the rkme of ill'- death. Most- of the clothes wete (.''•i -:-.w,i. and onfv such I'arts of the •.i:.:i..rni us are impervious to the ac- ticii Hi ih>- water and cheiiiical decomposition are preserved. Two old l.iinioiis from t-he hat were found, al.-o ,1 li( it hiivkU- a:id .some .-ariridgeE Mr .\!l.-,i:i took possession of the i-'jld:ers ski.>ton arid brought it to lC.^)po^iil wiih him It is liis init-niion tf) p a'l-e ;i in a store winuow in town (for e.xhiiijiion I -\> T" how the Vivf'Ieions came to l.p I in :h;.- i-.lace, tlierf- a poss;i;)le ex- jpianaiion fiom an oliservaiion of tlie j place where they were found. It is jan extremely favorable spot for camping, and it is more than likely that the Inilian xioiuau's skeleton was from a wanderiuK catup of Aborigines, who ratuped there, and buried the woman where she <3ieii .\s f 'lr Ib^ >;)!i |ie>. jt v> ill be leniem- l -ered flK't this pat; of the country, '''annte Han Arridealallt .Halie« I was oveiru'.i by pro-slavery men in the Uisfinrrj on rnfre«|nented Koart t early da.»s in hen Kan.s.-is was fiahtln.s^i Sfur Slarli. ! for ftee soil. Humboldt is not far tn.m Fort Scott, around . atwl near which piaci^ occurred man> siriij.'gles j which !ni to make np Kansas history. I Fort Scott, ifjnot a pro-s avery town jiiiiea:; the point from which wetit on' jiiimh i)f the oppor-iiinii and iiritation j <-:<jii-.taui ly exin-rien, ed by tlu- free- •st.iie si-itlers ill that poriem of iii'' jteiritorv. becan.e in l>;."it>. thi- center of the ?-triigple acalnst sliverv. Over t)i.' country arotitid Fort Scott roved al V il! tin. niai.iudins band.-, of pro- siav.<ry men, ilie most noted of whom was couimunded by Captain Charles .\, Hamilton. Hamilton was ill c'jiiniand of the raid which resulted in the Marais dos ('values massacre in is.-,i;. 11- wa.- ,1 noted guerilla anil ua> e!n>el.> watdied and badly wantol b> the free-state men. His band and a free-state band, under the coniniaud of .lames .Monlsomery. called the "Osages." kept up a reiicn of lawless- liie Chanute Sun says: On an nn- fieiiuented road between Chanute and Stark there is an unpainted. dclapl- ilated house iiartial.y c«mcealed by :'.eres upon acres of lu.sci'oiis -bMiki .ug sunktssed grapes. This of itself Is no* a suspicious circumstance, although aii.v \er> great i|uautity of sri.iuid devoted to Krape culture is un- ii.-.iial in thi^ part of .\ Chanute nian. however, on a recent trip past tlie house, alb-ccs to bavc seen a serits of incriuiliiatidg fe.-is which indicates that the <dd cellar concea s a still illcitl.i niaiiulncturing liitoxt- caiits. Itesides ten acres of carefully tended urajies. he claims tir-have count ed ittenty-seven kegs tilled with fermented wine, ami eight lioxes eight full ipiait size. bearUm the i>aintcd address ot a Chanute drug store which has been long suspected of shady trans actions in the handling of liquor. He nes.M in and al>out Fort Scott for two sampled several varieties of the wine, or three >e3rs Montgomery was a some of it of a vintage five years past, preacher and a te.^cher before his and hnally purchased a quart of the Kansas life l-eaan and was an ii'iuor for l<i cents. leader. He was [irompt and decisive.' Whether the dweller «>n the o'd farm is violating the federal law or whether he is in iiossession of a federal license and is merely bucking the state slaMites' can only be conjectured. He sold the quart of liquor to the companion of the Chanute man. i ..A Trafiafar evidently an old customer, and repeai- I -FItegerald Stor««re and Transfer . ^^,„j„„^ ,3„^, Co. Houseli«M P'"' "VettV anything about'the circumstances or ! lareest Md be* store room li tke city. -^.^^^^ ^.^^ .^^^ j,^^^,^ „^ Phone Sa6. ^ . coo! and inave. a praj ing fighter, and therefore a dangerous enemy It was i)arj:e!\ throiji::. his effort.s that the !southeast pai i of the state was won 'over to the free-state side. FOR EXCHANGE ri 105 acre farm in Douglasj Co. Mo., well improved: price $1400. Want a 4 or 5 room house in lola. Chanute or Parsons. ! A livery barn and stock and a good business, in Franklin ; Co.. kas.: iirice $.1000. Want 80 or ISO acres land of ential valiie. )>u acres land in Linn coiinty, K.ns.. miles of a good ti^wn: ::o acres cultivation, baliince pasture; all goixl land, except about 1.' acres; price $1600; line, for $KOu. Want cottage lu tola for equity. J. T. .MILE.S. Boom 10, Old Court Hoa<ie. lOLA. K.V .\'SAS. I SISTER «; KE<;OKY A> AUTHOR. ri»in|iik-s Kpurrani^ From Addre>s of Bi»hop Spalding. I I I Fpr Dry Cioods, Shoes, Furnisnin^ Goods, Ladles' ind Children's Coats, Hosiery, Notions and Groceries, call on is. MALCOM (&C0. A f^all H HQ and prices right. LaHarp«, Kansas Parmars' Exhibit COME Octol>ar 8 and 9 Sister Gregory, wlm left here abotit .twelve months ago after having been in charge of St. John's hospital about a year and a half, has compiled a iKKjk of epigrams and short saying.<: from the addresses of Rt. Rev. J. !>. S|<alding. P. tJ- bishop of Peoria III., which Is exciting much favorable com- The I General Demand of the Well-Informed of the World haa alwjiys been for a simple, pleasant and efficient liquid laxative remetljr of known value; a laxative which pfajsiciana could bauction for family ose because its com. {lonent parts are known to them to be mem over the state. Recently the 'rf»o>«ome tndy beneficial in effect. Wchlta Kasic contained a very flat- accepUWe to the system and gentle, yet lerinc notice of the book. The work prompt, in action. is made up of beautiful thoughts, beau , „,^,j,.^„„ ,t,., -. tifullv expressed, and is Pntitle <i •Brii- ' ^" supplying that d-mand w,th its ex- lUntb ' It is now on s^le Evans rellent combination of Syrup of Figs and Pros, and the many friend* of Slater Elixir of Senna, the California Fig Syrup Gregory in this city will no doubt Hv-all themselves of ihe inii>k. The proceeds from the sale of the work will be given to an oriihan's inslitu- tlon of the Catholic church. Sister Giopory is now in Wichita. . , , .... . . . , . .>yrup of Fig^ and Elixir of Senna u given The Dorothy Rebekah. lo»Jge will the preference by the Welt-Infonnid. have a picnic on Saturday at KleotHc ^^ jt, beneficial efifects always buy park. The occasion Is to celebrate the ^. " i . . ~ fifty -seventh annlTersary of the organ- •he genuine-manufactured by the Cali- Ixation of the 16dge and a program of fomia Fig Syrup Co., only, and for sale .speeches will follow the i>lenlc MUV- i,y all I «M I 'II>C druggLsu. Price fifty eeoU per. The guests will leave lola on the ' three oclodt car. •P*' Co. proceeds along ethical lines and relies on the merits of th able success. That is One of Iaxati\-e for ita remark- many reasons wl went so far as lo point slguilicanfly toward tvo wicked-looking gijns of heavj «alibre resting conveuietitly in a coiner, with'the remark that he "tvould get anyone who became Uni curious." ' By possessing a federal license and paying internal revenue a. maker of intoxicants is allowed to ply his trade undisturbed liy the government authorities. He still has to make his peace with the slate officials, i however, and the statutes providing a manner for doing this have been rendered invalid in Neosho county by the recent order of the probate judge re- vokiir^ all dniggists's permit in the count.*. According to the Kansas statute.-!, a grower of api»les or grapes may convert the latter into fermented cider or wine for his own use.; only. If he desires to sell if for scientific medicinal or mechanical purposes, he must present a petition to the probate judge and secure a certificate from the seciretary of state. If granted permission to sell the fermented \ product, he must keep a register of his sales aiid sell only to druggists having a liquor permit. There Is no provision under the Kansas laws whereby wine can be manufactured in large quantities and sold to prtvate individuals. Violation of this act Is punishab|e in the same manner as bootlegging: The county autboritieb disclaim any knowledge of the alleged still or of an.^ illegal selling of wine. That wine of a raVe quality Is sold ubottt half the usual price and that P.UOO pounds of grai>es. capable of prtiduc- ing about 4U0 gallons of wine, were distilled this year the Chanute niiin If wining;to vouch. No still was viable In the cask-tilled cellar, but several tubes, used to convey away gases jdur- Ing certain stages In the procesH of fermentation, could be seen adjusted to; the bunghole of the casks. -Shbuld a [revenue officer quietly drop N«;osho county and Investigate might uncover a moonshine stil) proportions surprising to the average Kansas prohibitionist. Bicycle Secreury Crumbln'e Would Make and sundries. Ottr bfcyi Goods Sold to Large Pure. Crowds lute he of tal is the most com^We Jofi^ est established in] tola.' when yoorbike needs fizinC f.^BU Topeka. Sept. 16.—Secretary Cnim-; cycles tOO, cheapi i»' bine. wl:o has inspectors in attend-' ' • ance at. tho'Leavenworth and Hutchinson fairs this week to enforce the' pur*' food and sanitary laws of the' stato today received,a letter from Inspector .lohn Klelnhaiis. In which the latter states that he has had no trou-| 4* ble at nil in enforcing the mandates taOors.assert, sigtitfis^^ of tl:e I)oard of health regardln/r the tloti Is realizing that tint iuMf^ character of the goods^ dispensed by man follows the styles aetMWtatr^ Ihn lunch and soft drink stands and Chicago. .t ^ "*< the sanitary arrangements of the fair) . One of the-noticeable "sbeatlui." atas grounds. The fair officials show a dis- an exhibit from Pitt «>arg .u < Ifet.irase'ji position to promptly do the right business ct>at. Cut ekmnr^abottt' :tlM thing on advice of the Inspector. Four hips and fastened by two -cote elcitlt of the larrest stands on the grounds buttons, it slopes tn^raTd tn-m doU: are conducted bv churches of that cate curve fining sntikly ^atthi ^Blialf city, and of course, there wa.<< no trou-^der and cut low in Ironi.' thi^ Viable with them over selling spoiled or. visible braid'-' mnninet 'iatoag t)ie:edge adulterated food-stuffs and drinks.'of the Upels and.caffs wa* declared The Inspector had garbage barrels, "very proper." • - ^-.-.r-- placed all over the grounds at Leav-j Another "sheath" eoat was tOsdoyed euworth. Inspector G. M. Pike is sta- In "the honeymoon.^ This ooct »dl8 tinned at Hutchinson and he has sent donblebreasted and bu^oii»aIiaoatiinr no complaint in as yet to Secretary'•*— >.._ (^rumblne. The secretary, in speaking of the Innovation started this year to force state and county fairs to live up to the letter of the health and sanitary regulations, declared that this work was most Important and still closer attention would be paid to it next year. "It is the most practical and needed work in our line," said the sees retary today. "Great crowds of people gather on a picnic gronnds In bot weaiher and usually they will bay wfthotft question anything offered them in the food and drink line when they would be more particular anywhere else. Where 'the food from stands is placed on display on coun ters In sncb profusion the most rigid regulations should beobkerved regard fng closets and all sanitary regulations on account of the t»rtlcular dan- eer of infection from fliles." SHEATH COAT NEXT They Are Declared ti> Be the "Preper TUnfT This Season by tke Style and Fashion Show. Far best >ad qaiekest rMolts (the Begiatier iraat, Cstaus. Chicago. Sept. Jfi.—Sheath effects bave Invaded the male wardrobe.' Narrow, clinging coats, guaranteed to adhere closefy tu th^ form of man and Impart the same svelte appear-r ance affected by the other sex. will be "the thing" this fail. The fact Is shown at the opening ot the American Style and; t'^Bblon show at 18o Dearborn street.'; Nameroas ex amples of the sheatb style In men's I apparel, were on di>;play. They Vftre - saat from all partit of the coanuy for tlk» ex&ibitioo. which, maiiy-Chica{pl der the sleeve on the Ipft side- 'Aa-.tbe. wallet, pocket is on-t^iiglitv^^faridit it is declared to be almost, imp08BiM& to reach it -. -.4 .jt.-:^ • Overcoats for'this pill and 'Wistfr. seem to follow the sa^e linei.' .jfciio-. ticeable departure from tbS; nsaalfis' the style; of having tiie overcoats > creased in the back Instead sf -^»l sides. Extra flares in the sUrt'-eftliej overcoat are alsa new .l - -t.i mber 10. laos:)' issoed Jerentb .tor,Al- (First Published Sep SH£S ]£E% ^ ^ The State of JUoMaalJmeuJCaaai^, ss. In the Mstrlct Cemrt, Il|I^-Seir': enth Judicial District. T"'' ' ' for Allenr Coonty^ State |i The Nortbxup'NatlQna poratlon. Plaintiff, ^TnL ^iBaiS and Anna li. Bfeans, . By virtue an Orde^Mi by the Clerk: of the.; Judldal Distrfct^.Coart.-jfik;iti len County. "State o*-.! " above entitled <ian8C!k4ntI.;4o :m'er directed and delivered.-! will on October: I2tb. A. D.. 1908. atXflKo'dDcl: a ^m. of said day. »t tht.juMbmwJd'Vie court house In tbeKiCim^f AU^n. County. SUte of ""-^^^^f^^^ iind sell to thokiili In band, the 'Estate, tfrrwlt:- No.Two;(»). _ haa to Tbe GttsMifel Kansas.- ac plat tbereot. i.s^ll be sold satisfy said.i

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