Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 17, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 17, 1908
Page 2
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1 FJ A. KOBIHBDF, Tk^ndUofc ^ D.^.XOr ooaooooo1)o "o Mbtaimgjtttbe skatiug O AfjOO^OOOOOOOO SAFEJK^AY- is not amis9. ^feM- to'sorrow; this: Bteit;'aWss'is not amiss, v&y bbepmq. a. ttaicf of bliss, " "u.can simply borrow? ii.,'ki88'i8 not amlBB, may load to sorrow. 4-September Llppliicott's. ^autlful bunch of pink'and'whi(e{ carnations us a center garniture. PI; tees wcri» laid for Miss Bertha Swl gak. Miss .Mury Hilles, Miss Ethel H< rton. Miss l^la Holmes; Miss Flor- eii C6 !',^kVittenberg. Miss Certrude Hi ImeSpMIss Dorothy Poust, Miss Ha- zlo Dingman, .Miss Jennie Doggett Miss Mary Nortbriip, Miss ElUabctb Boicr and Miss Nortbnip. For Mlsa HUles. ~ kliss Marguerite Wolfe, has issued invitations to girls of the Qui Viv club for iin informal party on Saturday evening, The occasion is a farewell for Miss Mary Hilles. * V * Home From Humboldt. Miss CiJ'rtruUe Kit/.ncrnld has re turned from a visit with .Miss Carrie cnkiiis of riumboldt. •. I To Lawrence. .Miss <;rac<' lUuloll, .Miss Florcuco pcdoll and Miss .Mildred Mnnicy hav JiHe SneikiBi: Cannou Is in Toi)o- ione to Lawri-mc wluro fhiy will ifiWlH ^M^ Thiirs-littciid Kansas University. bWhlog fcy hl» personal friends. I i * • •»• mud Mrt.fBSdwIn Austin In Oov-j «I?t2:_k—i ~>At this dinner CSov-' 1. l^OCh will bo spoclal ^i-rtalniiic .Mr. and Mrs. U W. Tar- Vl'lt Mr. anc" Mcfc Wagner. Mr. iiixl .Mrs. V. .\. Wagner arc en this gy"noon a luncheon ilnU. }>\r. and Mrs. Robert Cregg. Mr. Mr Cannon by Mr. ind Mrs. Henry lluhnll and Mr. Her_ Lennan at Godarcrest. liirl Slianle all of Yates Center today, iuiwhion will bo tho Govern-, * * .t • 'Sng. a majority of the Postponed Meeting. SSmoii. Chairman Dol-| The nuetlng of the city entertain sixteen In- all.— To -jnie^it oommlltee to prepare for tho convention of federated clubs did not nd Mra. Finney. Howland entertained dinner last night: Mr. Plnney of Neosho ifrs.tGlcnn D. Finney, :,;P. Sickly: The table I'a centerpiece of nas- jtthy arranged with their \loi' glasa IxiwL , .:••[•• • Mn<; SCQtt Here. jjl^.-A:-d'8cotl-of Oklahoma City 'atrlted I y ^Bt6f &.r for a- visit at the tStii-ot^er parents.-Mr. and Mrs. D. >..-!.^-; ,?-:\4,-4. ^ - ''Trf'Eld(or«do Springs, f Hiss Uat1e ''-S«ans lias gone to Eldo- ndd'Btfii^, iMo.. for a visit with relatives -'ti, h-^' •,. • 4 -iTo VUlt Grainifparents. ••' Hisses'Ruth -and ^XJrace- McDowell of BafUes^IIel are here for a visit iwltb^theirgrand^rcnts, Dr. and Mrs. ]*•* • From Iowa. Miss Elva McCall. of Prairie City, iis a guest) of friends in tbc city. •V/,..-: >• + Birtljiday Party. Mr.' an^ Mm.! I^. F. Wilson gave a nrab^pleiisaat birthday party last ev- —infFjipnor of their son. Marvin. ift.' m*«l*'''»'io """cro present w6ro Mplftiljr] entertajinod- with games and "*!<n4 »iWrt8htaont»-wcre served, f thoSOpteaont woro Miss Flof- M, LiMJo Itosslor. .noz Nigh- 'JfUrphy of Iowa, Clcono ,: Haul, T<onor9 and Clella I, t Mdnra lAwranc'c' MoClnud. Barkbr,; Mr, and Mrs. C. K. Visit Rtlatlvat. V^Uki M. U Wtkor. and children ot Ktimworth arclharc for a few weeks Bitirlth Mr. and Mrs. M. U Decker, G. Balllct and ntlier Mr*. Bider Here. "^Jlrs. Pierre Elder of Ottawa. Is hern yitelt tier mother, Mrs. F. 15. Salloo. . Kmrn»»Vi at Cards. Mrs. iV(Si ^Ba4ict was at home with Bmii»'''8ulee yesterdaj- after- tor la jcu«4)re part)-. The card .was nlayed progressively at tlie tabl^ and the prize for suc- Mrsl Seward Blxby. The I'jwereDeautlfully dec- g«>idjen- rod and daisies. a-«ol6r scheme of wltite dining- room wa.s at- _.e'-'«TOi';»fliCj «im6 blossoms and €itte;j1i^l'd:afhuge moond of gol- _ Tod-;OB'a linen service ornament- wIR^'needlewbi4c in daisy design. siifi«Bhmeiits-wcre white and yel- l^i^wereiservedi in courses.'Mrs. r^Mei^ dt OtJtava was among ' A' if> ' ' |f : ^ ' Dinner-ffarty. >Miss-Gladys K^rlhnip was hostess f «a >groap bf- girl friends at dinner [ -*0TqUng.Tlife "honor guests were !8,twho^ is leaving soon i'Mlsa Florence WJt- iLpnls; who has been (T&-M. Seboenb'nm fbr.sev- meijt yesterday. The members will probably meet on next Tuesday at the hoiie of Mrs. John Foust. When Memory Failed. This Ktory looks quite like the us ual newspaper paragrajih at the first glance but this moral is in invisible print between the lines: Don't stand before display windows and admire g09ds when in the company of a gentleman friend. The other night a girl an«. a .voung man paused in a walk about town to admire some modish millinery in store window. Shelwjis pointing out the tasteful combinations of colors and material and he with tho densc- ness of masculinity jcohcerning "fasli Ion" was tryi»xg TO aippear comprehen sire of her description. It seems that the merchant before! whose door they had stopped had observed their dis cnssion of n;s stock and thinking to say I a few. words to 'encourage a prospective buyer ho- stepped out to speak to them. That was of course quite proper but munipry played a prank— and.he mixed the names. Her name he applied to hotli and called the youris won».-»n ".Mrs." To the man lie said: complimentary things without number concerning "Mrs. J—"s" ap- licarance in the hat under inspection and lit was plain to be seen that ho thou |;ht they w <Me married, bt course the girl with hi>r usual chariji lug hmlablllly ronsidered it a huge Jokof but the boys nbnul town at-n nuvhig lots of tun with the man In tho case. Aid Society Meeting. The Aid society of the First Unp list church held a meeting yesterday Hriei'nuou In the church parlors. The occasion was the annual business meeting and olecllon of officers and these ladles were chosen: Prt^sldent—Mrs. 0. W. Apple. Vice President—Mrs. J. D. Mundls. Secrotar.v—.Mrs. W. II. (Jarneld. Treasurer—Mrs. Mather. Thero were two outlines of work mentioned, thi' "dollar social" In Oc lobor and the series of teas which Is a feaiure of the winter of each socl et.v*8 diversions will he conducted. * * +, Cheerful Circle. Mrs. C. -M. Cole entertained iiifor- malljn veaterday afternoon the mem here 6f hef Sewing circle. The afternoon jn-as spent Informally and there was ai 5 o'clock tea for these guests: Mrs. J. W. McCall. Mrs. C. E. Wcn- dorff, j.Mrs. C. E. Remsberg. Mrs. O. T. {^Grange. Mrs. C. F. Hlldner. Mrs. John |r>cvlin. Mrs. A. V. I^emasters and Miss Mary Remsberg. ;' , •- <§• •^ . Many Officers Will Come. It is proliable that in connection with the club convention here this fall there wiH be a meeting of the executive board of the state federa tlOn. i In a letter to Mrs. Wolfe re cently Mrs. Eustace H. Brown, the state president, says that many of the state officers have expressed a desire to come to lola and that in respect to their wisehs she will probably name this city as the meeting place. There is an executive session twice each year and the first of 'mm. ma lirtti iL L. 9B0MBlUfiH. Caaklir. On .liToaDtof Hot leather Uie (Hyiu- A>Ut I'caple WiU Pnt on .Shows at Summer HOUM*. Symptoms of Wohnf This condition ezista mneltinore Kenerally than most parenia arc wflUnf toa^mit. And yet it ia per> hapi the most insidiously dangerous diBorde^l of childhood. Watch m flui'ied cheeks,i|asM. tude. lack o^appetlte, pickfngof the n 3 «e by gro^ring children, and-have DR. i JAYNE'S TONIC VERMIFUGE alwaj^rcadj[|:n ihe house, is not Manly a .wo|!tn.i«spcUing agent—it ia the most efficient general tonic ever preacriiwd, and has been since thi^ years before the Civili War.. Sold by an first'class druggists in SOc. and sj^ botUca. { Jayae'e Ba|^octmatiatb«el«ett and moat reUaUenmcdy known for (^ough 'i CroiiPiWhoeplticCoucii.ColdliitheChest, Btoocliitis,Pleiitfisy and simitar ailments. call in a few uu>s and should lola be selected it wil!j mean that tl|e prominent club wouk>ii of Kansas ilio hold state offices will spend two days here. •!• •:• •> Luncheon Today. Miss Tressa Uce gave aluncheou to day in compliment to her cuosts. .Miss Ella Burgess and .Miss ."JCcll Moore of Kansas Cit>. Places were marked b}' small pninial crackers and the ta ble trimmingS' were to represent a miniature circus. •> * * Miss iSickly Home. .Miss lliTtha 1 Sickly returned Imliiy from II visit Of several mnntlis in New York. AlikH Sickly was arcoiu ])anied by Miss I .Maltle Eagle who wjll visit here. <> + + Somebody Lied. Ordinarily tliji sorlnl events which occur In lola are cnnHnetl {n lunch rons. dinners or tinrtlet<—oiice In ouK lime there Is a reception, tiie qtilet and lnfni[mal kind but usuall> the participant^ meet In parlors of the homes of the city—rarel.y ever In the streets and not often Is then such a "wnrini' time as featured a mall parly which was held In an Im promptu rashlnii lust nl-.:ht. There has been a small fend Inew lug for some lime among a set of oung people and the cause of it all Is two young men. T*vo girls recent ly were Introduced to the boys In question who forg'^ • they had steadies" nski'd I hem to call. Of course realizing they would be ni-r entertained the boys accepted the invitation hut It senms ncltiier the hostesses nor RUests were willing to tell tht? "steadies" who took the initiative in planning-the evening. Even the Imys parted 1 company in the discussion and last! night all the parties "oncerned met on aj down tow-n street. The "steadies" aihd one Ijoy were pitted against the'i hostesses and the other .cnest—and they had a scrap. It wasn't a halnnilllng but a bystander is authority^ for the statement that for comedy and pluck the Incident cannot be equalled. "Somebody lied." that's what caused it all. During ihc hot weather the 0!ynipia Opera company which is ]ila.\lng an engagement at ihe Majestic theater, will put on their bills at the Airdome. The weather has been so very hot this week that an enclosed room is un- conifortabie. however Kood tlie play may be. I>esiring to make it as pleas ant as jmsslblc for tlie patrons, the Ol.vmpia p(<ople have decided to use the .\irdome beginning tonight. Despite tlie weather, the Olympiii com|)any has lieen drawing good crowds III the Majeslii- this week. .V liig licuse was on liiiiid last liight In witness Ihe pre .'-etitaliiin of •'Fran DiavaUi." This liill will I.e repealed at the .Midvm*^ i<iiii!;ht THEY BEAT THE ELEPHANT. The Janitor of the Court House Caries Water to Visitors. •-| have curried waii -r to the elephant Ininy lio>ho<)i| days, but this don't coinpaii' wlili li." said Jiuiitor .McPliee of the court linns"'. today as with KweatiiiK lii -ow and short breallis he carried a bucket of wati -r froin the sink to a tank in tli<- court house while a thirsty crowd jostled about him to: Kct the first cup. TI H! couBt ionse is the restiuji place for people from the country and surrounding towns who came to the sJiow today and a tank full of water ajiout jus loni; as a Ilcpiiblicaii date in Te .nas. The Janitor did nolh ing tills morning but carry water. HELTDf FBDNK, iiVt Cilfeln OPEN TUESDAY NIGHT Date >'«n .Set for OpenlDg of the .Skat ing Rlnk—OiuA Mghts Only. The management of tl'he .-Vudituriuui this morning decided tiV open tlie skating rink next Tuesday night. September 22. For the present the rink will be n<K>ns open only at nlghtk as the after- JV^a^^hio^ * ,..ns will be too hot fur comfort. .Mr: f^l ii^J^^^^^LlJ'^?' Kli Wharton will be manager of the, L", o 0 h. ^t-n,„™.> ''b*' m'" ^'o!!'; rink this Kcason and fill be in comJ |'th ZJ^if^ Plet.-, charge of evcryt^^iiug. bjcamore street. HE PUNNfcIf A REST t\ A.NTED—Men to take orders for Ott; wa nursery. Call al Cottage Hotel, or address 1-:. E. Ilothcl. Wichita. Kas \\|A.NTI-:f)—To rent 5 or t'. room , .„., ^. .house, cloke in. nio<lern. Address H. Lanrcnce ( illsrns Suy l» II. Perkins G.. this offlob. la., f^t.^ V^,.^4t.^^ a *^ I ^ Was to Take Varatlon—t'untinac Trial of Ca .xe. \\ .\.\'T1C1)—A first cla.sssalisiiiaii m sell inir leas, colfees and spicialties l)epii.siti(nis|dircpt tt> the consiinier in ami aiouiid .\ good iKiying business lo rJKht Wriie or call on the Crand 'i'opeka. Kas.. Sept. IT. were taken in Topeka .*esterday in the I"'*' Mill til^d by Ihe .Mutual Mfe liisur- parlies, aiue company of .New York to cancel I'ninn Tea Co.. '»i KaiiMis Aveinir. Ihe JliKUMlO policy on the life of l.. II. "I'oi)-ka. Kas. Perkins., will) illed in Uiwrence eich- "TT .. , tr .-ii nionlbs aKo. Thei insurance cm ^^A.\^I •J) lO I.I ^-Low on.-MMI.'. I panx savs !l,«t Pcrk ns conimhied ''•"'"""i -V it. Tbornt-.n It.ali.x t -iiicid.- I.v ^toing 10 liie roof of his '• ^•""••t House, home and <hen^ taking niorpliiiie. whi.h daiised hinrto I^il. PfcRSO.NS WA.N'TI.\(.; boy or gill to The deiKititlons takeil were iliose of work for board while attending schfii >l I). A. Valentine, clerk i >f the Kani;as app^y at lola Business College. Phone •uprenie court, and Ji 1) .McKarlanu. Oii. ON COMPULSORY VACATION. Sunday: Picnic Puts Will Long, Tailor, to the Bad. the RINGLINGS GET BIG MAIL. , tjiese business meetings was teld In .-^ffee table vas handsome- Manhattan In May. Mrs. Brown ex ii^th^oilaxjaid there'.vaa pects to decide definitely as to the Blgin or,W«ltliam, hunting or open face, mlcrometlc rcgalator, stink Oar price— 250 Piece!« Receives at Local Office for! Circus. The mall which' was received at the local postofflce toda.v for the parties connected with RIngling Bros, circus was greater in amount than, is usual- l.v receivpd in the majority of the smaller, towns. The first mail received nitmbercd about 225 pieces and the postal clerks say that in all probability this number will be, ini:rcased to 25Q or 273 pieces by sunset WMeh H. S. CRflUan UBdy. Contractor IL I S. t;ilfll.bu arrived hemic Tuesday night from .N'uvada. where he bid on and secured the contract for the pavitig with brick of fojur streets.of that cHy. - Fort Scott brick will be used exclusively In the work, which will mean a large order. At the present timo there is only one street in Nevada paved with brick. Four Btrccls are now to be Improved, /and.] exlcuslnns'of the (lavlug are now^ being considered.—Ft. Scott Kepubllcan. —Egg-O-Sce 5 cents per package at Jonci" grocery. East lo'a. Phone'7,13. Becomes a Circue Aerlllst. .Aflss Martha .Mofelahd. aged 1G. who has been employed as domestic at the home of H. A. Marr. 605 Sergeant avenue, joined Rincling Brothers' circus and is to aiipear with the Jordan acrobatic troupe; She has endeavored to join several circuses, but failed.—Joplin Herald. ; Will i.onc has for tin- past threr or four: days born takiii!: a coinpiil .sory vacation as the result of a picnic in the. woods lust Sunday. Some time during the day he shook hands with .Miss Poison ivy very much to Ills own n>sret. His right arm and hand are :iboiil lioiible their ixirmai size and liis fare ri'senililes a box of strawberrirs after a trip across the' continent. Tli<> family physi'-iaii has a.ssiired him that within a week he wl'l III' able to rettirn to work. •IPU .S SAM I 'AK.tBK. (Ilj SrliiMih UisniNseil to See Ihe riephiuil. Till' ••il.^ ^•l•llools weri- dlsiiiissi-it a ^llorl tiiiH" liefori' dliilP 'r llial the toarlieo oh! In-:: pardon- tli» pni>il;> nilKht ^'ee the HiiiKllliK parade. The tuiplls are not Inrllned to eoncenlnite their niiiids on ^iililrarlioii and syntax while lbe\ bi-ai tin- s<-ir.jinliij! calliope and jiitlliolie lialid lii'lisli-. Iieiice •10 lliiif Is lo .st by allowluK Iheiii to hee the elcrli'iDl. Best Meetinn Ever In East lola. The revival at the Trinity Methodist cliiiich Kti !l goes forward with much Inteii'st. Almost every nlRht there lire some conversions. The pastor. Rev. S. R. Kiiowles. does the preaehinu ami presents the Kospel in a simple, forceful w-ay. The church Is beliiK wondi<r[ullv helped ami the cnm- iiiiiiilly Is thinking more on religion than ever before. This is Indeed the greatest meeting ever known in East lola. Come tonight. a member of Kansas Uiard of law ex- ,«.x.».c.t» n-n miv u> _ «„- auiiMei .s. The deposliionk were lo show ^V^ANTED -TO BUY-Four «r five •I lont. VI acres, improved or unlmp.wcd. close ^ to dood town. Address W. E. K.. 702 Souih Washington, lola, Kas. •j;j^,g'lhai Perkins was planuins a long va- caiidi-1''''' 'I'ed. Val- ....ih !f"t'"t' and sMcKarland had received 60 iWabash Ave., lelers frcmi Perkins wh«j was secretary S A LESMEN & AGEi"^TS—$ % $ $50.00 of the lK >ard of law examiners, lelllu); pgr teek and over can lie made sclUng ihiiii that all details had been ariaiig- xeJ CampalglJ Novelties from: now ed for ah examination t6 be held short until election. Sells 16 Stores. County afterj he left. The letters also ex- ty pijirs. Picnics and F^-ivate Families p ained ihe conditions «Jf nrrairs of tni. r.—n_- il_ baord so Uiat there ' NOVELTY CO., One of the strongest argiinieiits used^ Chicago. by Ixiwrence citizens that Perkins didi • noi commit suicide was that he was ffUt Clf if", WMtmttmUmmmnun planning a vacation and that he want- ^gmm^wmfmmmaammmma ed 10 see that his house wa.s in good g-^ijj 0^ l-^'XCHANGE-A shape iiefore he left. A year aijo the good clean hardware stock, only stock body of Perkins was^ exiiiinied and ,, i,, ^,,3,^ .-^.xeral grains of morphine were found ,,„,„^„ i,„sincss. Want to sell •asli. or on easy imyriients: might in the stomach. The insurance ctim-ifj,,. paiiy lias alwajs contqsled that 'hejgjjj.j poisiiii <^iid not the fall, caused 'hej^^Hgi leatJi. i TAFT IN TOPKEKA |ange. for good smooth land in 1. Woodson, .Neosho, Wilson, f^a- l)ett^ or adjoining counties. Addross. Alien County Invcstineiit Co.. l.,ong- ton. I Kansas. Bfisiaess Directory. • DR. MILDRED CCRTIS • Fhjslcian and Sargcou. * • Office over Bu-rell's Dnig Storo • • Office Phone 554. • » Rasidence 21-1 E. Jackson • • Phone r.69. • • • • • DRS. REID k REID, • • Physicians and Sorgcoai. * • X-Ray and Electrical Appllancea. • • Eye. Ear, Nose and Throat. • • Opice Phone 357; Res. 396. • • • • • DU. McUlLLKN. Special attenlion given to the treatment of all Chronic Diseas* ea and Diseases of Children.: Telephones: Office .32. Res. 232. Office over Ourreil's Drug Store West Madison. •••••••••••••••••• • • • Phone fiS7. Rea. 761. • DH. O. I/i COX, Eye. Ear. j and Throat • Spectacles Properly Fitted.; • Office A. O. U. W. BIdg. • • • • • • • « • • • • • • Offlc? Tel. 1083. Night Tel. 406 • i DR. R. 0. CIIBISTIAN • Physician and Snrgeoa * Rooms 7 and ?J Evans BIdg. • • J. i .'riMibilran Candidate tYill Re in Kansas Capital on October Third. 1 FOR S .VLK— Sixteen head hti-e L. jyiamson. phone Wl—W. n)\\ SALIi-Soii.c Jt 'll liorMv: and jniares and drivers All .liro|<f. .1. V. Howell. La ITarpe. Kas. • R ^R'S ALK -Short Horn" 1.1111" t «o F. H. MARTIN, Surgery and Diseases ot • * Women. • Office and Residence Phone 576 • Office 7 North Jcffersoa. • I JHWELRS. it. V. Pancoasf, old reliable jeweler, no (Cast StreeL Lodge Ditectory lopeUa. Kas., Sept.; 17.—William l>e»rh cdd, very gentle. J. V. Howe Howard Tiift, Itcpiiblicaiij ii'imlnee lor| Ihe pre !<ilileiie.\, will speak In Topeka ut Ihe .Niidiiorluni on Saturday night. Oclolier :;. lie will ulsii speak al l .e :ivenw(irtli on October Atchison. October li. and will make speeches from Ihe rear end of his, train clear across Ihe Mtate. via the Santa Fe. Chairman J. .N. Dolley returned al niMMi yesterday from Chicago, w-here l-'OU SAI.K- llousebi.ld liirnltiinv .Mrs. tieortsit Klillou. ::t8 S. Coiliorn. FOR SAI.K—Two nillcb i^ws. Inquiry .'iii:! .N'ortli street 01 phone liiii.'i. Kor Sale. One Rood .Mason £ .Manilln orcan. hlKh top. walnut case, ten stops, ivory l "e"weiiriast"'s \iu 'da7^«Va\7eud a'sj.e- *'"•*' fancy, $2;!.00; $5.00 down, rial meeting of tlie Re|)ubllcan state l -'MIO per month. If you wish this In- chairmaii of Indiana. Wisconsin. Colo- striiiiieiil. act al once, lado. the Dakotas. Nebraska and Kan- jo„>; y itoMKRTS PIA.\(J liOi:SE. .sa.<. Chairiiian Hitchcock of the iia- liii-ial commiitte presided at this meet One line Story & Clark organ, wal- ui. the object tf which was to at- ,„„ ,.3x0. i,igl, (op. nickle plated Iwr, aiise for siieakers and dat'o for the mentioned. It was linally de- Contributed to Tag Day Funds. The assistants at the Orphans Home contributed to the proceeds of fSK day. -Miss Reap, matron of the home, save a week's work and the nurse and household assistant con-, tribiiteil work in the laundry, thus de crcasiuR the wooks exiienscs at the home. The Story of A Medicine. Ita n &iBe -*OoldeD Medical Discovery* was suggested by one of Ita moet Important and ralnaUe Ingredients — Golden Seal roci. Kearly forty years ago. Dr. Pierce dla- coTered that he could, by the use ot pure, triple-refined glycerine, aided by a certain degree of constantly maintained heat and with the aid ot apparatus and appliances designed f ^r that, purpose, extract from our most valuable native me- dlcjaal' roots their cnratlTo propertlea mnieh better than by the use of alcobot, ao'genarally employed. So the now world- lamed "Golden Medical Discovery," for the cure of weak stomach, lodigaation. or d^pepula. tarpM liver, orhillouaoess ixiA luoared d^aageisf nta waa lim madi Burlington Auto; Hera. An auto party compoaed of youngj ^people from Burlington came In thisj riming to attend tho Ringling cir-j cus. . V. « Jt e*er of alcoL-., A gianca' valnatda aedletaar In made, aa withoatapartiela It of iu Ingredl* bottla-wrappoj - froBi the neat jound growing o - — Pierce, of ,—.. . y., and will ha mailed fnt to ^"^•SSaSThatela-a^ fvm these (ndpnements, copied froiB ttudMd medical books of all Sie dlffer- Mt ichools.of ncacUce, it will be found thama iticndlentaeompcMog the'Gold- eo MadlearDlaeorerT -areadTised net only for the cnre of the ttova nunUoned diieaaea, bnt also for the cnre ot all ca- SSSSfia,^«*^taffi*.ffiSS hoarameas, mre tbroa^ lingering, or ssg ^nT^^rnSSTpTiia property treated ayre liable to tcrminata In consnmpUon. Take Dr. Pferce's Die. "'^Iff'^ '"i'"",.*^, penevere hi Ita nte unOl y<m BlTe It a fair trial ahd it la not dliappolnt ,Too much most not be azpeeted oT It. It win not perfwm 'ninfiS. It wni not cure ^amnptiSp in fte advanced aUgca. Not ^^MwOL a ts<tt cure the afTeettona thatlMd iw to m I' "• '•i'-^ mm* l.-.iate.s mentioned. It was linally On- Heven slop;;.'tone round and full, On- Icided that Judge Tafl should start out I.v $:!2.00. $5.00 down 5:;.00 per month, on his speaking tour of the west in a This extraordinary value, will mean spicial train September 25. speaking ,,„(pi£ ^alc. Come at once.-^Tohn V. fuhi in Indiana, then in \nscousin. „„,•,.,.,. „..,_„ „„,,(.Ihe Uakotas and Colorado. He wjil ""'"^l'" take the Santa Fe at Denver and eij- K6R SALE—Phonograph and rcc- tcr Kansas from the west on October orjg for sale cheap; 318 North Cotton- Z. and make rear platform speeches wood, on Ihe route to Topeka that day. He will .stop here and make a; lengthy ad- FOR S.\LE—Good rubber tired road dicss at the Auditorium that night and wagon. Inquire 409 North First street. proceed lo Kansas Cit.v. .Mo., to spend -7—r ' ., .... — :—'Sunday, speaking thereto the railway bALB—Fine upright ptano, a cniidoyccs. re.'ialilc make, seven and one-third oc: tavcs. Bostou fall board, full swing At,o .t ..^C.°E"Be"nton.'of ?ort Scott Regnlar price $350.00. Our nji:i al tiie court house today, wa.s here on legal business. KNIOHTS OF PTTHIA9.—NeoRha (,ndRo No. 43 moots every Monday night at K. of P. Mall. Vlsltlog brothers Invited. W. 8^ Thompaon, B. C. Chris RItter. K. ofR. nnd^SL KNIOHTM OF"- .MACCABEES.-^. Knights of Mnccnhoos of the World; meets In P. Hall, second and fourth Saturday nights of each month. J. W. Postw.alt. commander; R. B. Porter. record' keeper. \\. 0. W.—Camp No. 101 meeta ID K. of P. Hall every Friday night W. T. Steele. C. C. A. \\. Davia, Clerk .Visitors cordially Invited. M. W. A The M. W. A. Lodge meets every Friday- night in M. W. A. WTX. Visiting brotlicrs invited. F. C. Cotticld. V. C. W: A. Cowan. Clerk. BOVAL 5E1GITB0RS.—loia '^amp No. 365. Royal Neighbors, meets second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oracla. Mrs. Mary Hutton. 413 West Street. Recorder. FRATERN.\L BROTHERHOOD,— Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meets st 'Cond and fourth'Thursday of. each month in A- O U. W. Hall, yiaittng members cordially invited. W. H.^ An- jdorson. precidcnt; Golda Elam, aecre- tary. Joi {je quick sale price $238.00; $10.00 down $C.OO per month. Your opportunity to get an excellent piano at a low figure. -KKS-O-See 5 cents per package at xionX let it pass.—John V. ItolK-rts' ;e.s' >;rocery. East lo.a. Phone p.^^^^ j^^^^ Court House Park Filled. SALE-Good horse. The court house park was filled gQg jj^j^,, ^^^^ with farmers today noon who came In Inquire to the circus and ate their lunches in gjm ifgrgff^ Mimo^tt the shade. I - urn Walrons In Ft. .Scnit. TOR RENT—A soo«l 7 room house , ,at .508 East Neosho. Intinirc first door .lolin Watrous. deputy revenue in-j^-cy, spei-tor for this district, was in Fort Scoli yesterday on official business. FOR RB.\T—.N'ice riirnislic<l riKjins .Mr. Watrous make frcrnient trips to in new. modern house, with or wlih- FcMt Scott and each of the cities in his out board: 419 East Jackson. dl.-.irict.—Ft. Scott Republican. " .-^r.~» FOR RE.\T—Three room house 212 Kgg-O-Seo 5 cents per'package at South Third. Inquire of Mrs. John Jores" grocery. East lo^a. Phone 7r,9. Smith on premises. • .Kat} BasinoN (,ood. 1 here were two sections Of the Kaiy flytr through this city yesterday morn inc. the increased business bcluK caii .s- - , , _ , vornnn Cn M,. r ,.r «v cd by the homeseekcrs who were tak- \^Tam Co.. Mo., for ex- Ing advantage of the cheap i-ates south, change for lola property. Grace E. roR ExoHJUtee WELL IMPROVED SIXTY near —Ft. Scott Republican. Arnold, old conrt house. OUR TELEPHONE £057 miHt FOUtm I IA)S-r—Sept 8. on Spruce street. ea :if of First street, a large gray shawl Willi light gray stripe and one corner is constantlr ringlifg thbseHays. Sep- torn. Return to-.Mrs. J. W. Kile. CH temher. you know. Is the time to have East Spruce or Gates- store, qorner the summer dust cleaned int of car- Secondand Spruce, pets. , We arc busy, but your order will r.ivc .vour Subscriptions for eceive prompt and careful attention. MAGAZi>ES A>D PEBIODil'ALS Phone us today. lOU RUG FACTORY n «M lie J. E. UeadersoB who deals with the publishers and furnishes them at the lowest price ptlssible. RATES CALkFORNIA OLD MEXICO THE NORTHWEST AND BRITISH COLUMBIA VIA iPhone 98. ': i^,J,•••':'^•^i':':.^' -.-if;- 414 N. Buckeye ON SALE Sept. 1st to Oct. 31st At^k for Full InforoiatioB. C. p. Hale, AfgL.

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